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Free Trade's Last Stand.
as the foes, of British free trade that
that policy will soon have to make the
muui "'VTCrthronestion J-
JVW of
" w w .nlm7month9 getting into the bus at the depot in the
the kincdom before many more montns nsv 6 . , .
L,:.,c. ' PK.mKrla5n. mor-ning, Mrs. Moore sprained a knee
pasB ""r";-t: ' Uhich caused her great pain. Mr. Moore
whohasiust stepped down outoltne "" - . ,,,:t
Ibinet. wants a system of tariff dnties UP in the even,n A l8ted 1,16
.iii ..i.. o nrAfronpA to the Dro-
ducts of England's colonies,
though : he
compensation demanded is a
.1 fl.o mlfinwo to iniDOrtS w
ill iiin LJUtt-Ut, a.aj -
from England
Rolfmir wants
a tarriff scheme whereby
duties can be imposed on goods from the
countries which tax the imports of Brit
ish commodities, which means virtually
all the great countries of the world
The difference between the Chamber
lain and Balfour idea may not seem im
portant to the world at large, for each
contemplates the imposition of duties on
eomeor many of the products of the
rest of the creat countries. It is im
portant enough, however, in the opin
ion of Mr. Cnamberlain, to prevent the
two leaders from working in harmony
the colonial secre
,;L nn?nt hoth Balfour
Pt,mu,.!n o, n,mi. Thfiv be-
"uu e 1 i
T4rU!cT, rwmlo not vet ore-
, r . 1 . . 1. : 1. iL.i lnnn mm. I
naicn of education will be necessary to I
r, than, o tflxHon ride, even if
thev ran be won at all.
TnrrtU mnttpr will have to
go to the British electorate for a decis-
r .... . i .i.
ion, ana this will onng upinewnoie
question of protection and free trade in
a more direct way than at any time
since the free-trade basis was reached,
over half a centurv ago. The election
will have a great interest for the people
of the United States, as well as for the
other great countries. The adoption of
a policy of protection would injure
American exportation into England, for
a time at least. The fact, however, that
it would make food dearer in England
will be a strong argument against both
the Balfour and the Chamberlain plan.
This is a point which will be urged with I
great force by the Liberal party, which,
in general, will take ground against the
adoption of great protection. There is a
chance, indeed, for a return of the Lib-
erals to power on this issue. In any case
an element of interest has been injected
into British politics such as it has not
felt since home rule for Ireland was de
Drain Nonpareils.
Mr. Wm. Tarr came up from Gold
Hill Wednesday to visit his family.
A. E. Kent, of Roseburg, was a Drain
visitor yesterday.
Mr. A. Hickethier returned from his
coast trip Sunday evening.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. V. Brown, in
South Drain, Monday, Sept. 21st, 1903,
a daughter.
Mr. Endicott and family, of Myrtle
Point, are guests of Mrs. Endicott's sis
ter, Mrs. Marion Ryan.
Mr. A. Hickethier has just put a third
crop of hav in his barn that was made
from a field of alfalfa this year.
The wire for the Drain & Coast Tele
phone Co. is bt-inz stretched and we
will soon have connections with Elkton
Hon. Joe Lyons and family returned
from Astoria and Portland Wednesday
Mr. John McCal lister arrived from
Portland Tuesday morning to visit rehv
tives and friends for a week.
The Christian Endeavor will meet at
the Christian church next Sunday even
ing at 6:&) o clock to enect a re-organ i-
Mrs. P. Brownell, of Gardiner, passed
through Drain, Friday, going to Rose
burg. She was accompanied by her
niece, who will attend school in that
Thomas Krewson, of Coqnille, stopped
off here on his way back from Salem,
whither he went with a prisoner, to vis
it his father, J. W. Krewson and family.
Mr. D. V. Kuykendall, of the U. 8
Census Dept., arrived here from San
Francisco, Friday, and after a few days'
visit with relatives and friends, went on
to Portland.
The Lorane Shingle mill, property of
Cornell & Whittaker, was burned Sun
day last. The loss is estimated at f 1200,
with no insurance The firm expect to
rebuild in the near future.
Mrs. John Bergman, daughter 'and
son, arrived from the Umpqna Life Sav
ing Station Friday. They went on to
Eugene, where they were guests of Dr.
Kuykendall and family a short time,
then departed to visit relatives iu Port
land. Miss Mary Bergman will enter
school at Albany.
Air. John Medden, the genial and re
spected mayor of Scottsburg, writes:
"We think the railroad is going to be
built. Surveyors are now at Reedsport,
the coming city of Southern Oregon
Lots are worth there now $250 a front
foot, but don't tell the assessor the price
of the above lots."
Advices from different localities are to
the effect that a man calling himself
C. Smith is traveling by soliciting mon
ey for different newspapers and appro
priating it tc his own use. He will call
at a newspaper office and ask for a sam
pie copy ot the paper, ihis he uses as
a sample with which to take orders in
that particular locality, asking for cash
in advance, but the people who pay him
money C. Smith no more.
Tom Young, the thief who stole the
harness at Cottage Grove recently, and
who drew a gun on Deputy Sheriff Bown,
of Lane county, and ordered him to
move on, was captured near Oakland
last Sunday by Sheriffs Fisk and Par
rott, Deputy Bown and two other men,
and taken to Eugene. In the captured
man's wagon were several sets of har
ness and a number of empty grain sacks.
It is thought probable that the team
was stolen property too.
Myrtle Creek Mailings.
Gertrude Hunsaker was bit just above
the ankle by a dog in the street, Tues
day. Dr. Bogue dressed the wound and
she is now out of all danger than might
have resulted from it.
A. J. Thornton and family are new ar
rivals from Menominee, Wis. Mr.
Thornton is a brother of Dave, and is
well pleased with the lumber and log
ging prospects up the creek, where they
will make their home.
Bev. J. T. Cotton has been granted a
year of vacation from ministerial work.
A year's rest will bo very much appre-
cted. a. he has had an t hard yr
Mrs. Robert Christian and Mrs. W
Moore, of Boseburg, were the guests
Mrs. Annie Gabbert last Sunday. In
wl,e home
amlui 1D" .
last account, the deal between A. Fen-
. " v.-.
of the
ana oix. aeiig vju
place - 1De extensive improvement
ana auaiuons io ue piace wm uo utuu
as Boon as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Bice and
f&milv havo returned to their home in
Myrtle Creek to reside. Charles has
been sick with a slight form of typhus
for three weeks, but is better. The damp
atmosphere of the lower valley does not
acree with.their health, and it will be
some time bafore Mr. Bice will be ready
for work. For the present, they will be
at home with Mr. and Mrs. John b
night and day. Lloyd Smith takes one
shiftand Fred Marsh the other, and if
... , tt. :u i i
nouung utnuens tuu uuio m
I .1.. n SW f A - .V..-t- n- St In
UUKlw bUttli a KWU uu V U" "ill
prouutx - u.
The sawmill flume will be about com
PIeted, this week, to me point mat 11 IS
WJ rescu, auuuneu iOMal,UiuiDu.-
ana noiei ana woe tue
in in ho mil nnil M wliirh nniiit the rail-
- r . .
road spur will extend. There is quite a
little workr yet to be done before the
flume is m permanent torm. Wherever
it crosses the stream bed, only tempor-
ary supports were put in unuu.nm
have to be replaced with heavy pining
and strong stays before it isallcom-
The dedication of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church South of this place, took
place Monday evening. The services
were conducted by Presiding Elder
Fitch and assisted in by Bishop H. C.
Morrison who delivered the Dedicatory
sermon, Bev. Cotton, Rev. Haynes who
was presiding elder at the time the
church was built, Rev. Roseer, a former
pastor, Bev. Pogue and Rev. Cook. The
church was filled. Trustees B. F. Willis
and Henry Wiley gave the church in-
to the keeping of the church of
ficials. The building was put up about
ten years ago but was not dedicated be
cause it was not completed tin just
Drain Noma! Notes.
Onr school opens with a good attend
ance an increase ot 40 per cent over
last year's opening. Organization was
completed and good hard class work well
under way the first week. Classes are
organized in physical culture, even to
the training department. The "pig
skin" is in daily use and basket-ball
teams are being organized. We expect
to enjoy ourselves in all kinds of athle
tics. A somewhat new step is being put in
operation whereby the Juniors are to
take work in methods of school manage
ment thereby better fitting them for the
coming year when they are expected to
execute their plans in actual teaching.
We believe it will be much better for a
student to have some of the fundament
al and some observation before being al
lowed to take charge of classes.
Hurrah for basket ball ! Pro. Grant
believes in developing along all line of
physical culture.
Pres. Jos. Safly of the Zamzamian
Literary Society has issued a call for a
meeting Friday September 25th. Thit
Society has accomplished a great deal in
the past and its prospects for the future
are quite promising as is indicated by
the desire among the new students of
becoming members.
The Y. W. and Y. 51. V. A'.s. gave a
reception to the new students and Fac
ulty Saturday evening the 19th. Old
friends met, new acquaintances were
formed. The benefits of such social
gatherings are invaluable.
Capt. B. D. Boswell, Chairman of the
executive committee of the board of re
gents was one of our mOBt welcome vis
itors this week. Mr. Boswell gave us a
short, neat, right-to-the-point1 talk on
"Promptness." We appreciate most
highly those Tisitors who gave thoughts
that endure. Contributed.
There; is more Catarrh in this sec ion
f the country than all other diseases put
together, and until the last few years
wasfenpposed to be incurable. For a
great many years doctors pronounced it
a local disease and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to
cure with local treatment, pronounced
it, incurable. Science has proven catarrh
to be a constitutional disease and there
fore requires constitutional treatment,
Hall's Cattarah Cure, manufactuaed by
F. C. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
the only constitutional cure on the
market. It is taken internally in doses
from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts
directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it failed to
cure. Send for circulats and testimon
Address, F.J. Cheney &CoToledo, O
Sold by Druggists 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Possibly an Extra Session.
A.-grave'discrepancy in the tax laws
of OreeOn-has been discovered which in
all .probability will necessitate a special
session 'fit the legislature before theclose
of the present year, without remedial
legislation, attorneys declare that an
entire year's taxes will be lost to the
state and to every county, city, town
and district in Oregon. The difficulty
arises from the attempt of the legisla
ture pi lyiw- to amend the tax laws so
as to change the date of the annual levy
from January to September. Klamath
Roseburg Nurseries.
Very .choice fruit trees, all leading
varieties. Spitzenberg and Yellow New
town Pjppin apples a specialty. For
sale at very reasonable prices by Rose
burg Nurseries, H. Schroten, Roseburg
Oregon. 56t
D. S. T. West, having accepted soveral
old and reliable fiio insurance compa
nies, is now prepared to do a general
fire insurance business. Insure with
him. Office at tho City Hall. 102-tf.
Wrlteyour FarmExperlence and Send
In 1902 the Southern Pacific Company
published a pamphlet entitled "Cali
fornia Industries". Itcontiuno.1 pnnct
pally tho personal testimonies of experi
enced cultivators, 6:ys the Pacific Home
stead. A short description of the dif
ferent sections was given and following
this tho testimonies of fruit growers,
dairymen, etc, etc., showing tho number
of acres cultivated to oranges, grapes,
olives, alfalfa, etc., tho cost to cultivate
tho yield per acre and price the products
were sold for. This was one of the most
practical pieces of literature that could
be put out. Mr. W. E. Conian, G. P. A
of the Southern Pacific Company, has
written the agents of that company in
Oregon it is the intention to get up
a similar publication for Oregon and
asks that all who are able to givo tho
results from their farms, dairies, fruit
orchards, berry patches, etc., in Oregon
write the results for publication in tho
pamphlet. He says he wants only the
actual results under favoiable conditions
tho same as can be accomplished by
any intelligent grower under normal
conditions; that is, ho wants only honest
representations. Any of our readers in
Oregon who will take the time to give
their experiences will be doing the com
pauy a courtsey and the state justice
You mav send vour statement to Mr
Soman, or to the Plaindeal and it wil
forwarded to hiu
Mr. Man, you want facts. We are
going to give you facts. As you read
them over you will know they are facts
And we can prove they are facts.
Ik is a fact that McCormick Hinders,
Mowers and Rakes are the standard by
which all others are guaged.
It is a fact, Racine Buggies, llpcks
and Raid Wagons are far outstripping
our competitors' lines.
It is a fact that the Bain Wagon is tho
most successful, durable and economical
wagon on the market.
It is a fact that the above are all in
cluded in the Big 3. You can find them
at S. K. Sykes', Roseburg, Ore.
See the Title Guarantee & Loan Co.
for blue prinU and filing papers, ti
For Trade Small farms in Southern
Indiana to trade for Oregon property.
H. L. Ball. 33tf.
Get your abstracts ot title from J. D
Hamilton. He has the only complete
set of abstract books in the county, ti
Cattle tor Sate.
Seven good cows and
seven calves,
nqntre at this otnee.
Fine Farm for Sale.
A good 800 acre farm for sale five
ailes from Myrtle Creek, 100 acres in
cultivation, balance hill, pasture and
timbered land. Small orchard, good
house, barn and other improvements
For price and terms apply to P. T. Mc-
Gee, Myrtle Creek, or D. S. K. Buick,
Roseburg, Oregon. 2-tf
For Sale.
75 lambs and 130 ewes. Merino and
Cots wold sheep. Address Paul V. Cuvil-
lier, Wardton, Oregon. 71 lni.
For Sale.
Gold coin winter wheat, white Rus
sian side oiU, vetch seed, Sibori an oat
yielded 549 bushels per acre 2 years ago,
also pure leghorns and plymouth rock
fowls, and Scotch Collie puppies, the
finest in the land. Address E. A
Kedse, Roseburg, Oregon. C6-lm.
Piano Buyers.
i on will notice that we do not have
to be continually striking out for a new
make of Pianos. The Needham has been
our leader for 14 years and is today
leader among the high grade pianos of
the world. Some cheap pianos are made
high grade simply by getting a boost in
the Oregonien or some other leading
paper, through those big dealers who
think they can, and do make the major
ity of people believe it simply because
they say so. It doesn't take ink, boost
or high commissions to make a good
piano, but instead the very best
mechanics, and tho very best material
such as are always used in Needham
pianos. 29-tf
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Hleta! saw Cam
Fully Guaranteed
For il br
muitnttd Booklet
on request, ibowux
His New England
Wafcli Co.
Wtttrtmry, Cons
Ntw York, Chlrifo,
su rrucuco.
H. Little,
j Oa
Professional Cards.
I Residence 851,
West Koseburg
Otllco : Koora 11 Taylor & Wllso- Block
Examination Free. Office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
2 to & p. m. Graduate HUH College ot Ostoopathv
Court limine
Down stairs
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. 0. Uoskbuko.
'Phono Main 591. Oregon.
Pbyscian & Surgeon.
nfflce Review Bid.
mane. .Main 3i
Rohkhuro Okuoon
Spcclnt attention giren to Diseases of tho Nos
and Tbroat.
Office Main St., one door south of City Hall
rnnne. aiain sti.
KeTle Building,
Telephone No. t.
M. Crawfoud J . 0. Watso.n
Attorneys at Law,
Booms 1 A 3. 11 auk BulUlg., ttOHEBUR!, OH
t.0" Uo-'ncB before th 0 3 Land Office and
ni;uu; v.- - - specialty.
Bi:tlue-bc("re U.S. I-and Office and Piobati-
business a speclsltT.
Offire Abraham Bntldlne.
Vi 11' iir&ctire in all the Stale and Federal Conru
Office In Marks' Rldx.. Hoteburs. Urexou.
omi 1 and 1
vcTicw Building.
J A. BUCHANAN, Notary Public.
Collections a Specialty.
Marstcrs Building.
Attorney at Law.
toozn II.
Tajlor A wtton Block Kohkbcko.
Laud Surveyor.
Oacc, Room 6. Taylor & Wilson Block.
Farmers Attention.
The Prf-ard of Trade desires to make
an exhibit of agricnltnrial and horticul
tural products at the State Fair, and
request the farmers to bring in sici
mens of fruit in Its season, and grain
sampler, not exctediof: 10 pounds of
each variety, up to Sept. 10th send at
our expense, and oblige.
Rosebcrg Board of Trade.
Smith' Dandruff Pomade
Stops itching scalp npon one applies
tion, three to six removes all dandruff
and will stop falling hair. Price 50c.
For salo by Marsters Drug Co. mltf
New and LargcrBuildlnp, New Presses'
New Stereotype Plant, New
and Modern Appliance in
every Department.
The Toledo Blade is now installed in its ne
building, with a modern plant and equipment.
aud facilities equal to any publication between
New York and hlcago. It is the onlr Weekly
newspaper edited exprCfsl y for ever; state and
territory. The News of the World so arranged
that busy people can more easily comprehend
than by reading cumbersome colums of calllea
All current topic maac plain in each Issue by
special cdltoral matter, written from Inception
down to date Tho only paper published cped
ally for i coplowhodoordo not read dally news
paper, and yet thirst for plain facts. Ibat
this kind of a newspaper Is popular, is proven
by the fa t th..t the Weekly Blade now baa over
U0,tW yearly subscribers, and Is circulated Iu
all tart of the L'.S. In addition to the news
the l'.i-i Jc pub'Mics short and serial stories and
manv dvpamacnt of matter suited to every
member of ih.- family. Only one dollar a year
Wrue for ircespeclmm copy. Addresss
Toledo, Ohio.
The Greatest Farra Paper of the North
west. Published weekly at Salem. Ore
gon. Edited by tbe Farmers of the
Northwest. Twenty Tagcs. Illustrated.
5 Papers for $i oo. Less than sets each
Publication began March 1, 1900. Now
has o. loo subscribers. Phenomenal growth
is due to Its being tho best farm puper pub
$2.75 A YEAR.
For a Prompt and Firat-claaa
8haveor Hair-cut. Compe
tent Workmen, Cloan Tow
elo, Toole alwayBin flhape.
Z Baths in Connect 1c n. i
i Hhopon JackeonSt.
1 Q to . ..
Soelety Meetings.
F. A A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
Holds regular meetings on second
and f nrth Wednesdays ol each
month. O. P. Cosiiow, W. M.
N. T.JKWkTr, Secretary.
AO. U. W.-R
Meets the st
i days of end;
Roseburg Lodge No. 16.
second and fourth Mon-
ch month at 7:80 d. m..
In th I. O. O. F. Hall. Members in
good ntandine are invited to attend.
F.M Toziaa M. W.
E. II. Lk.noi Recorder.
D. .8 Wkht, Financier.
P O. ELKS. Roseburg Lod tie No.
320. Holds regular communica
tions at I O. O. F. Hall on second
and fourth Thursdays of each month.
All members requested to attend regu
larlv and all vititing brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
F. B., E. R.
Rov McClallfn, Secretary.
I . N. (i , meets at Armory Hall every
v Thursday evening, at o o clock.
F. B. Hamlik, Capt.
EGREE OF P0N0R. Myetic Lodge
No. 13. Mets 2nd and 4th Thurs
day evenit.o of each month in Na
tive W-.ins' tiail. M?mng members cor
dially lvittd to attend.
Mrs. Mkwt Wkst, C of H.
E. H. LsNNox.Rec.
OF A. Court Dunglas No. 32, For
esters ol America. Meets every
Tupwlay ovunlng in Native sons'
ViMitingb'ntherH always welcome
S. W.VanZiuc 0. R.
E II Liwox R. P.
V. Hoovkb, 1'hruirfan.
O. O. F. Philftarian Lodne No. 8
Met-te in Od1 Fallows' Trmnle, cor
Saturday evening nl mauIi ek Mem
bers of the ordir in ?kx! rmniliiig arr
invited to attend.
J. C Twiichk l, N. U
N.T. JewaTr. Secretary.
ol P. Alpha Lodgr No 47. Mi--
every i"dneedit , in I. O U. r
Hall n'. 7:31 u. m. MwiiIhti tn
good et anding are invited to attend.
Geo. E. Home.
S.V. RampK R. 8.
O.T. M. Protection Tent No. 15.
Holds its regular Reviews the
first and third Friday of each
month in the I. O. O. hall. Visiting
members in good standing are invited to
attend. Geo. W. Persy, Com.
E. E. Blodgett, Record Keeper.
ILAC CIRCLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meeta on Slid and 4th
FridajB of each month at tbe Na
tive Sine, Hall. Vititing member in
rood standing are inriud to attend.
Madok Bcciiaxax, Goardian Neighbor.
Mi.nsu Orav, Scy.
LO. T. SL Roeebom Hive No. 11.
Holds ita rnenlar review npon the
ff ret and third Fridaj a at 2 :39 p tn
of each month in tbe NatiTe Sons' Hall.
Sieterv of other Hiree vinting in me city
are cordially invited tnattend onr re
vIp. Hamr Mokiak L Ox.
Ji lc Kapp.R. K.
E. S Rorebnrs Chaptrr No. 8
Holde their regular meeting; on the
firtt and third ThundVB In each
nonth Vinitinc mmrere in rood
lUndit s art- rwpctfnlly invitrd to t-
und. Me. Nasxis Spkagcb W M.,
Macdk Ra.t Secretary.
KBEKAHS. Rowbars R-bekab
IxmIw No. 41. l.O. O. F.. mi-vis in
Odd F-llow(' Temple every Tadj
evHiilne. tsitins ttra and hrrthren
invited to attend.
Dkixa Brown, K. G.
sembly No. 105 meets every Satur
day erentne. at 8 o'clock in Native
Sons Hall. Visiting Artisans cordially
invited to attend.
Ret. S A. Docqlas, M. A,
Miss. Lcla Brows, Secretary.
Camp No. 125. Meets at the O ld
Cllva' IT1I n Rnudnr. nmrr
Qrst and third Monday evenine. Visit
ing neighbors alway" welcome.
T. Jewett, U. V.
J. A. Rcchanan, Clerk.
Odd Fellow's Temple. Meeta first
and third Thursday evenings each
month. Visitors cordially invited.
J. B. Hamilton, C. P.
J. C. TwrrenrLL, Scribe.
is i repared to wait upon old
and ne w customers anu friends
with a lull and complete
stock of
All fresh and of the very beet
quality. Teas aad coffees are
specialties Your patronage
ao5 Jackson St., Roseburg
Your Watch!
When was it cleaned and oiled?
Is it running like it ouht to? If
is not, it would bo well to havo it ex
amined, I will look it over carefully
.ind tell you just whero the trouble it
land what it will cost to repair it.
1 cuarantee all my work and live
up to tho guarantee.
Homes from $250 to $5000
Write or 'Phono
Wm. M, Porter,
Real Estate Agent and Notary
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Qulde
Camas Valley, Oiegon
25 mile south weat ol Boseburg
Id the Circuit Court ot the State of Omron.
lor Douglas County.
Mollle X. Roblson, Plaintiff.)
O. F. Roblson, Defendant. I
To O. F. Kobison, tbe abore named Defend
In the name ol the State ot Oreron. tnu are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint filed aialnst you in
the above entitled court and cause within six
weeks from tbe date of tbe first publication of
this summons, and If you fall to appear and
answer as herein required, tor want thereof.
the plaintiff will apply to said curt for tbe
relief demanded in her complaint, which Is
for a decree from said court dlssoWlnz tbe
marriage contract exutlnr between plaintiff
ana ueienaam, lor me care ana custody or
the minor child, Brennan Roblson. that she
may resume h'-r former name, Mollle M. Mc
clain, for her costs and disbursements, and
for such other and (uriber relief as to tbe
court may seem meet with equity and good
This Summons Is published once a we k for
at least six successive weeks in the ruisncsb
ir, a teml-wcekly newspaper published at
Koseburg, ureson, riy order ol Hon. M D,
Ibompson, County Judge of Douglas County,
Oregon, made August 21. 1903.
Tbe first publication ot this summons la oa
me zun asy ot August, isuj.
64-7w Attorney for Plaintiff,
In the County Court of tho State of Oregon,
forDouclas county.
In tbe Matter of the Estate ofi
Thomas Dunseatb, Citation.
Deceased. J
To Thomas Dunseatb, father of deceased, and
all others legally lnlmted tn said Estate,
In the name of the Stale of Oregon. You
are hereby cited and require! to snpear In the
County Court of the Utate of Orrgon. fo- the
Conntr of Douglas. In trie courtroom thereof,
at Koseburg, in tbe County of Douglas, on
Monday, the 28th day of Sept., 1003.
at 10 o'olock in the trfrenoon of that day. then
and there to show cause. If any you bare, why
an oraer lor me aaie oi me real property be
longing to said estate, aa prayed for in the peti
tion of E. E. Wflsqn, the administrator, to-wit:
Tbe EViof SV!V of section SO. Tp 32 south, of
range & west, W. M in Douglas county. Ore-
ton, ana containing wj acres, snouia not De
made authorizing E. E. Wilson, tbe adminis
trator of tbe rslste ol Thomas Dunseath. de
ceased, to sell tbe alotessid real property, at
either public or private sle, for the purpose of
paying the indebtedness of the estate and ex
pense ot admlnlttrallon.
Witness the Hon. M D. Thompson. Judge of
the County Court of tbe Stale of Oregon, for
the County of Douglas, with tbe heal of s.ld
Court affixed this 2Mb lay of August, A V,
Attes : D. R, 811X31 BROOK. Cltrk.
riUj a27.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office al tt-rcburg. Orocon. September
Notice Is hert-by glreu that the toll wing
named s ttler bs filrd notice o his Iri'rnil ti
to make final proof in support ot his claim, and
that said proof will be made lfore tbe Kegls
ter and Receiver. U. 8. 1 O. at Boseburg, Ore
gon, on November 7. lScn, vis:
David Comstfk, .
on Ud. X. No. SSIB. lor the "W 8 WW. Sec M. T.
77 S., R. i West. I
lie names the fobowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, tU: Theodore Littrtll. Elmer
Uttreil, George Cox, and Volner Oden, all of
Kotetiurg, Ore-oa.
J. T. BaiDota, Register.
Notice for Publication.
U. 8. Land OfSce, Koseburg. Ore..
Juue Slh, IsCJ
Nolle 1 tsrsfcy gtvaa that la compliance
with Ihs provisions of Its act of Congress of
Jnnsl. iri, saUUtd"Anact for tbs sal of
timber lands tn lb States of California. Ongca
Ksvada .and Washington Territory," as extnd
d to all th ueU land ttaUs by act of Auguat
, ltw.
Oscar Peterson,
of Spokane, eounty ot Hpokane, state of Wash
ingv n, has this aay bled tn this oSr bis
sworn latment No. SOI, for the purchase oi
the NEnf section No. s, townships south, of
range west.
aad will otter proof to show ttat th land sought
is more valoabl for IU timber or aion than
for agricultural purpose, and to establish hit
claim be!or th egisur and Ktcelvtr ol thU
eillc of Roesborg, Oregon.
on Wednceday. tbe llth day of November, 1S31
He names as wltowrs: Andreaw Erickson,
of riandreu. Foolh Dakota. J. W. Gardner. W.
II. McCrosn. and Geo. Taylor, all of &ose-
Knrv. Omflti.
Any and all pe-sons claiming adversely the 1
above described lands are requested Ut file
their rlaiiss In this oOce on or before sai l 11th
day of November, 1901.
J.T. Bainscs, Register.
Notice for Publication.
V S. Land Office. Eiborx,re
lone -J3, 1 Ail
Nolle u litre by gtvan that In conpllsnc
with lh provisions of th act of Congren ot
Jone 3. 1ST, eatlilrd "An act tor the sal ot
Umber lands in tt stales of Callfornia.Oregon
Nevada 3ad Washington Territory." asexsend
4 to all th public land state by act ot August
Archibald K. Wadce.
of Wales, county of Cra!ler. slate ot North
us tola, aas tnis day tliea in tai osice hit
sworn sutetaent No SUb. for the SWJi of sec
tion No i township 3 south, of range a west,
aad will offer proof to show that th land sought
Is more valuabl for lu Umber or stoc tn
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before th Begister aad Bcetvr ct UUs
otflc ot Bonburr.Ores-Qn.
on Thursday, the l?th day of November, 1903.
He names as witoees:
Thomas Wadre. O.
E. Lofihns, both ot fark
Blver. N Uakou.
Brynlolf I'rom. of Milton. N. Dakota, and K-
doi K. Ktone. ot Alexandria, lilnn.
Anr and all terson claiming adverselv the
above d ctrri bed lands are requested to file
th elr claims in this office oa or before said litb
d ay of November. 1901,
J. T. HKIDGXS, Kcguier.
Notice for Publication.
Roa burg Oregon. June 29. WT.
Norlcats hereby given that tn compUane)
with theprovlsiona of the act of Coagro ot
June 2. iJTSj enUUed "An act for th sale of
Umber lands In the States of California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory." as extend
ed to all th public land staus by act ot August
t, lWi
of Milton, county ot Cavalier, state of North
Pakota. ha this dar filed in thisjoffice his
sworn statementTNo. for the purchase of
theSEK of sec No, t.Tp 2S south of range
8 west,
and will offer proof to show that th land sought
ts more valuable for lu timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before th Register and Becelvvr of this
ettlc of RoMbtux, Oregon,
on Friday, the Ulh day of December, 1901. Be
namrs as witnesses: Thomas Wadce. of Park
Hirer, North' Dakota. Archibald K. Wadge.
wale. North Dstota. Kasmu. H. stone. Alex
andria. Minnesota, O. E. Loflhtu, Park River,
North Dakota.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
aooveuescriDed lanas are requcstea to nie inei
claims tn this office on or before said ISth day
of December, 1901.
Notioo for Publication.
Roseburg, Ore,, Jane 29, 1903.
Notlc ts hsrtby given that in complianc)
with th provisions ot th act of Congress of
Junes, )STS,nUtltd "An act for th talof
timber lands In th States ot Calif ornta, Oregon
Navada .and Washington Territory," aaaxtand
d to all Ut pttbll land atat by act ot August
ot Park River, eountr of Walsh. sUta ol North
Dakota, has this day filed in this office his
worn statement No. 4137, for the purchase
ot the .VS ot ine M oi lection .to. iu.
township 's, south of range S west
and will offer proof to show that th land sought
la mora valuable for tta timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim befor th BeglsUr and Kaoslrsr ot this
ettlc ot Roa burg, Oregon,
on Thursday, the tih day ot November, 1903.
He names aa witnesses: Thomas Wadge, t
Park River, North Dakota, Archibald E Wadgr,
Walts, North Dakota, Rasmus M.Stone. Alex
andria, Minnesota, Brynjolf Prom, of Milton,
North Dakota.
Any and all persons claimlngly adversely the
above described landa aro requested to tile their
claims In this office on or before said 19th day
of November, 1903.
City and Mining PropertJ, Home
steads and Timber Claims Located,
the best now vacant. No fees paid
until Filing accepted. Relinquish
ments bought and sold. ; : : ;
Stewart Land Co.,
Rooa 4, Tayler & Wilsoa Bleck
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F F. pattefgon,
f List
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Lands with me. :
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Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, Pueblo, Colorado
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Mountain Scener' by da3light
Modern Equipment, Through Pullman and Tourist Sleep
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For rates, folders and -aer
formation, aildrwm
Notice for Publication
Cnlted States Land Office.
Rjcburg. Oregon. June 22, iscl.
Notlc ts hereby given that tn complianc
with th provisions of the act of Congress ot
Juna 3. iSTS. entitled "An act for the sale ot
Umber lands In the State ot California. Oregon
Nevada. aad Washington Territory," as exund
d to all th publlo land slat by act of Angus
ofOshkosh, county ol Winnebago, State o
W:.,has this day Bled in this office his sworn
statement Nn, S&O. for the purchase ot the
E'i Sh?,'. SWi SEK. SEU SVTX ot sec
tion 4 in Township si South. Range 4 Weat,
and will otter proof to show that th land sought
ts more valuable for Its timber or ston than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before th Register and Kcelrr ot UUi
oUlca of RoMbnrg, Oregon,
oi Monday, the lh day ot September, 1903
He name as witnesses: Roy Brennand.
Frank F. KoplIU, Martin Rasmuven. and
Herman Hartxhelm, ol Oshkosh, Wiscvnsin.
Any and all petsons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file their
claims in this office on or before said SSth day of
September, 1903. JTBRIIX1K-",
JulylCp. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Rosebnrg. Ore , June !9, 1903.
Notice is hereby given tbat tn complianc
with the provisions of the act of Congresa ot
June 3, 1S.S, enUtled "An act for the sale ot
Umber lands In the Slates of California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all th public land states by act ot August
of Park River, county of Walsh, state ot
North Dakota, hat this day filed tn this office
his sworn statement No. &I39, tor the pur
chase of the lota land 2, SV, NK& of section
No. 4, township 23, south of range S west
and will offer proof loshow that the land sought
U more valuable for tit timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver f this
attic ot Roburg, Oregon,
on Wednesday, the 13th day ot November. 19CS.
Ho names ss witnesses: Brynjolf Pmm.of Mil
tun. North Dakota, Archibald E. Wadge, ot
Wales. North Dakota. Rasmus M. Stone, of
Alexandria. Minn.. O. K. Lttauj, ot Patk
River North Dakota.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested t file
their claims in thii office oa or before said lath
day of Nov. 1903.
Notice for Publication.
Roscborg. Ore.. June 29. 1903.
Notlc is hrby given that In complianc
with the provisions of th act of Congress ot
JuneS, )5T8. entitled "An act for the sal ot
Umber lands In th States ot Callfornla,Orgon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all th publlo land slates by act of August
ot Alt-xandrla, county ot Douglas, state
ot Minnesota, has this day filed lu this
office bis sworn statement No. 5t3 frr tliv
purchae of the SVj NWJf, NU swj4ot sec
tion No. H township , south of range $ west,
and will otter proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuabl for It Umber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish ht
claim bafore th Register and Receiver ot this
of f lc ot RoMburg, Oregon,
on WtdiiOMlay, tuo lslu uav ot November, 1901
Ho names as wltui ats: Thomas Wadu-. O. E.
Lolthus, both of Park Klvcr, North Dakota.
Archibald E. U Vc!,ie. ot Wale. North Dakota
Brynjolf Prum.nt Mi. ton North Dafcota.
Auy Hnd all purMins claiming adversely the
above desctirx-d la ds aro requested to file their
i-Ulma In this office nor beloro the said ISth
day of November, 1913.
sad BaMder
7ll Oak St., Opp. Churchill & Woo Key '
If Ifs a WHITE
W. C McBRIDE, Oea'l Ajmk,
la -4 Third Street. Portlaad. Ore
Notice for Publication.
United ?Utes Land OtBce.
Roseburg. Oregon. June U, 1903.
Notice is hereby glvstsx la coapUaae
with the provision of th act ot Coogrta tt
JnneS.l$TS.nUUed"Anact tor th sal c
ttoter lands tn th StaOes of California, Oregess
Nevada Aad aahlngton Territory." as axtassW
d to all th publle land auta by actotAngnsal
ot Roseburg. County ot Dooxiax. Slat of Ore
gon, baslnlsday fied i a thU .office hi rwara
statement No. Mf. for the porchas ot tht
NKHotwUonS, township tJd. range 4 we
aad wOl otter proof to show that thlaad socg4
ts more valuable for tta Umber or atona tfcaa
for agricultural purposes, and to (Stabllah ate
lata before th Keclster and Saealvar of t&M
mot ot Roavbuxz, Ortfua.
on Friday the Stn day ot September, 1903. H
nasui aa witnese; George Keed, H. U
Studley. Margaret J. Brookes, IX. P. Flshr. all
ot Roseburg, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely lh
above described land are requested to fil their
claim in this office on or before the SSth day ot
September. 1903.
JulyHp Reglst
Notice for Publication.
United Sutea Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon. Jnne S. tXS.
Notlc u hereby given that tn eompllanet)
with th provisions of th act ot Oongres W
June3,lS7S,nUUed,Anact for th sal ot
Umber land tn th State ot Calltora!,Oregoas
Nvada .and Washington Territory." atn4
d to all th publl land sts.Ua by act otAuraat
4. 1393.
ot Oshkosh. R. D. Box 1ST, county ot. Wtna
bagj. State ot Wisconsin, has this day. filed tn
this office her sworn statement No. K1, tor
the purchase ot the NWC 8WJ4" NEJC
NWlf SKi of Sec 2, Tp 2S S. R. 4 W, stsd wtli
offer proof to show that the land aongnti mora
valuable for Its Umber or ston than tar agrt
cultural purpose, and to establish her claim to
said land before the Register and Receiver ot
this office at Koseburg. Oregon,
on Monday the 2Sth day jot September. UftJ,
She name as wttneoc: CD ClartctMarUa
Rasmuen, Ue'man Hartibelm, sad Kor
Bnnnad, ot Oshkosh. Wt.eonsin.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tta
above described lands are requested toll lfelr
claims In this otnre on or before taidatth 4iy
ot September, 1903. J.T. BRIBGE8,
Juty Up Register.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land. Office
Rosebarg. Oreeon. JanaJC U0S.
Nolle u hereby gtvaa that la eepUaa
with th provisions ot tha act et Caasres
Juna S, JS7S. enUtlsd "An act tor Ustssal mt
Umber lands ta th States ot Call fore, Oregwa.
Ntvada jmd Washington Tarrltory," saaxUaiV
d to all th yublU land state by set.Anal
4, 139S.
of Glide, county ot Dsiuglaa, f uto at, Oregon,
ha this day fllnl la this offlco hi swsn state
ment, No. 3320, for the purchase ot the lota S
and 4, SWJf, SVt MY SWJX. ol seeUoa
. In towmnlp south, ot ranc 7 west,
and will otter proof to show that th Uad sougkt
la more valuable tor tta Umber or asona thaa
for agricultural purposes, and to nTofTin ala
claim before tc Register asd Rsoslvvc oi 1X1
ottlc of llOMbuxg, Oragoa.
.ti i'ucay tuo ti ua ot Svpteasber, 1931
Heuaturaas witnesses; II. I. Kn,L Jnhn Greenman. and K. J. Walson,
an hi i evi, uirgon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely th
Mve described landa an reonestnl to It thrlr
claim In this office oa or beore aaisb 22nd day
OlStpt, 1903.