The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, August 27, 1903, Image 1

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No. 65
The Jewish Daily News, of New
York City, has received the following
dispatch from Jacob De Haas, recre
tary of the American Federation of
Zionists', Congress now in session at
Basle, Switzerland:
"During a discussion Dr. Herd's
statement that the Russian Govern
ment would hereafter lighten the
burden of the Jews and favor
Zionism, and would allow it to be
propagated in Russia, was questioned.
Dr. Herzla thereupon submitted the
following letter dated July 30, from
Russian Minister of the Interior Von
"So long as Zionism evinced the de
sire to create an independent state in
Palestine, and promised to organize
the emigration from Russia of a cer
tain number of its Jewish subjects,
the Russian Government could very
well be favorable to it But from the
moment this principal object of Zion
ism was abandoned, in order to be re
placed by a simple propaganda for
the national concentration of the
Jews in Russia, it is natural that the
Government cannot in anv case tole
rate this new departure of Zionism.
It would not have anv other result
than to create groups of individuals
perfectly strangers to and even hos
tile to the patriotic sentiments which
constitute the strength of each state.
This is why faith could not be placed
in Zionism but on the condition that
it return to its old nroeramme of
action. It could in that case count
on moral and material support for
certain of its practical measures
which would serve to dimmish the
Jewish population in Russia. This
support might consist in protecting
mandatories of the Zionists to the
Ottoman Government, and in facilita
ting the work of the emigration
societies, and even in assisting these
societies, evidently outside the re
sources of the state, by means of con
tributions levied on the Jews'."
Oppose African Proposition.
Chicago, Aug. 26. The following
cable message was sent to Leon Fo-
lotokoff, delegate to the Internationa'
Congress of Zionists at Basle, Switzer
land, last night:
"Urge Congress to leave African
proposition to executive committee
Zion not to be abandoned until al
efforts abandoned.
"Bernard Horwich,
For Chicago Zionists."
The action was the result of a meet
ing of 30 leaders in the local Zionist
movement. It is believed the mes
sage voices the sentiment of a majori
ty, of the orthodox Jews of this city.
At the meeting addresses were made
by Rabbi I. Olek, M. Ginzburger of
the Jewish Courier, Bernard Horwich,
H. Horwich and others.
"If we abandon the Palestine col
onization project, Zionism is dead,"
declared Bernard Horwick. "All our
efforts have been directed toward
re-establishing the Jewish nation
in fcZion. East Africa may be a.
desirable place for colonization, but
it is not in our country." j
The Pulpit and the Press.
"I am surprised that he condescends
to use a newspaper," were words'
spoken to the Editor on Tuesday morn-'
ing. Our reply was: "He can reach 1
ten times as many more people through !
thepress than he can in the pulpit.'' 1
On an a-erage 12,500 persons read ;
every issue of the Plaixdealer. The
average congregation at any of the
Roseburg churches is from 50 to 100
and the condescention, if there is anv
jsin the Editor allowing a preacher to
preach to the readers of the news
When people go to church they
generally go to air their clothes; to
see and be seen; or to attend because
of a self enforced sense of duty to be
good. When any man or woman sets
down quietly at the table at night and
takes up the Plaixdealer they "read.
mark, learn and inwardly digest" all
hat is good in it, and we sincerely
nope escnew tnat wmcn is evil, it
evil there be. There is no power in
the world equal to the power of the
press for good or evil and the Editor
by continually dinning into the brains
of his readers what he believes to be
facts will ultimatelv carrv' conviction
with his readers. We admit that it
is so with the preachers. If they are
strong men mentallv and strong
spiritually they can do much good and j
their words will find a lodgement in
the heart of their congregation and a
brother can be "ribbed up" to give
two bits when he ought to give ten
dollars, but for doing good and for
the upbuildinc of societv and civiliza- i
tion we would not exchange one issue !
of the Plaixdealer for all the pulpits
andjcongregations in Douglas County !
combined. I
Regarding the frog captured by
Mr. Misenheimer and exhibited as a'
real curio and freak of nature dis- ian ges have been handed over to
covered in a weir and so forth; the fire and si;rord' and cornea, children
frog and part of the stone cavity in I and tte aSed have been massacred
which the frog was supposed to have j indiscriminately. Convoys of prison
lived for hundreds, thousands or mil-; ers dispatched to Monastir have been
lions of years was exhibited in
this office. The frog after !
being captured was put in a '
a Mason pint fruit jar and sealed up I
by the top being twisted on. The '
frog had been captured about one !
hour before it was shown to the Plaix- j
dealer, and it was nothing more or
less than a perfectly grown and'
healthy tree frog with brilliant dia-
mond eyes and all the coloring of
emerald and nile
green, ine irog
had recently had a good square meal
of bugs, which no doubt had been
stored up for time in the cavity of
sandstone for hundreds, thousands or
millions of years. Froggie was very
hvely and a perfect specimen of pre-
historic times. This most wonderful
find as recorded by the Review proves
that there is plenty of room in Rose-
burg for the classical three shell
The baby boy recently born to Mrs.
Grover Cleveland at Buzzard's Bay,
Mass., has been christened I rancis that war had already been declared
Grover Cleveland, a name selected by against Bulgaria. It was proved to
the other children, after their father ; be unfounded, but the state of popu
and mother. , lar feeling is said to be such that no
There has been so much rain in the J other issue i3 regarded as possible.
Palouse country, Washington, that It is further stated that although the
all harvest work had to be suspended ' Russian squadron was withdrawn from
and much damage to crops has been Inidia it continues to cruise near the
done. Bosphorus. It is reported that several
An Associated Press dispatch dated
Constantinople, Aug. 26., says:
The government has decided to call to
the colors all the remaining European
reserves belonging to the Second and
Third Army Corps, and a number of
other reserves, which will bring the
total of the Turkish soldiers in Mace
donia up to 350 battalions, or almost
double the force utilized in the Greek.
Turkish War. The enrollment of such
large bodies of troops indicates the
seriousness with which Turkey news
the situation, and her determination
to u$e all the means at her disposal to
repress the rebellion. Ibraham Pasha,
the new commander of the troops, is
a young and capable officer. Seven
battalions have been dispatched to
Fiorina from Monastir. The valis of
Monastir and Salonica telegraphs that
they are now unable to guarantee
the maintenance of order in their res
pective towns.
According to a Sofia telegram to
the London Times of yesterday, the
oppressions in Macedonia have
reached the utmost limits of barbar-
15111 ana 11 13 eviaent inat u is tne m-
tention accomplish by degrees the
t"u" cAiirpauuu ui ice uuiganan
Turbf) Batcher Helpless.
Within the last few days, says the
1111163 correspondent, 12 more Christ-
murdered by their escorts on the way.
A Pirate letter from a foreign resi-
aent m monastir says even tne local
Tarks m are disgusted and meditate
assassinating tne umsuis m order to
P"voke European intervention.
Revenfte of Insurgents.
The insurgents are doubtless taking
a terrible revenge and are executing
flip rpvnlnfinnnrv nrnommmo fn flio
, . . . , ...
of large Turkish forces in the Adria
nople district at Mustafa-Pasha,
Eizylagach and other points on the
Bulgarian frontier is regarded with
Trinnli nnnralionQinn in Snfin a a if. ia
that in case of war an in-
wouW occur f rom this direc.
' .Qn
: '
j ro-wers Take Gloomy views,
1 In the special dispatches from the
i East, published this morning a gloomy
jview is taken of the crisis in the
Balkans. According to reports from
! Constantinople a rumor was current
Italians have been murdered by Turks
at Ismand, a seaport in Asia Minor,
53 miles southeast of Constantinople
Servln HiippresHeH Macedonia.
From Belgrade it is announced that
a big mass meeting of Macedonians
intended to be held August 23 was
postponed to August 30 by order of
the government on account of Turkish
protests. It is also stated from
Monastir that the revolutionary com
mittee are appealing to the Christian
population to refuse to pay taxes and
that their appeal is meeting with
much success.
The insurgents in the Debr district
are said to be destroying the villages
and murdering their inhabitants.
Turkey Acta Under Iotver'
In taking more energetic measures
for the suppression of the revolution
Turkey is acting in accordance with
the advice of the powers. The forth
coming conference of King Edward
with Emperor Francis Joseph and
King George of Greece at Vienna, and
the visits of the Czar and Emperor
William to Vienna, will enable the
monarchs to discuss Balkan affairs
thoroughly, and before the conclusion
of the conference Turkey proposes so
far as possible to restore order, so
that international action will be un
Will Not neclnre Wnr.
An official of the Turkish embassy
here said to a representative of the
Associated Press today:
"The calling out of additional troops
by Turkey is due solely to the decision
to suppress the insurrection at once.
It is not in anticipation of war with
Bulgaria. Turkey has no intention of
declaring war in spite of rumoru to
the contrary, and Bulgaria, warned
by the powers, does not seem at this
moment to contemplate hostilities.
e know what public opinion is in
Bulgaria and how the situation may
change tomorrow, but in the mean
time Turkey proposes to lose no time
in restoring peace."
Tom Johnson for Governor.
At the democratic State Conven
tion held at Columbus, Ohio, Tom
Johnson was nominated for Governor
by acclamation. John H. Clarke, of
Cleveland, prospective candidate for
Senator, presented Johnson's name
for the nomination for Governor.
After Mr. Clarke had concluded,
Judge Hagin announced that Clarke
County, the home of Zimmerman, had
no candidate, and Johnson was nomi
nated by acclamation, and wild en
If the transmigration of the soul
gag is the kind of food that the Rev,
George H. Bennett feeds to the souls
of his church and congregation, is it
any wonder that he has to have brass
brands, string orchestras and waltz
music to induce assimilation and di
At Vancouver, B. C. on Tuesday
night, four men held up the night
watch at the Featherstone mine and
robbed the sluice boxes of $20,000 in
gold, and escaped in safety.
Three young men at Eugene have
been arrested for interfering with a
postman delivering the rural mail. It
is a United States offense and the
young men may have to go to the
The British-American yacht race
at Sandy Hook on Tuesday, resulted
in the American boat beating the
English boat on a 30 mile course 1
minute and 19 seconds.
Small pox in a virulent form has
again broken out at Spokane.
On Wednesday morning about S
o'clock two of the young bloods of
Roseburg had a little dispute and they
were engaged in a regular "gab fest"
duel on a vacant lot in the Waite
Addition. Passers by came to the
conclusion that two Thomas cats were
engaged in a fight to the death for
they heard wrathful notes of sinister
expression ranging from the deep
basso-profondo of the Italian dago-
to the clear soprano voice of the
angelic Adelina Patti, and up to the
clear heaven splitting frenzy notes of
Miss Yaw which are only equalled by
a caterwauler when swatted with a.
boot jack. It seems that each of the
young men wanted a monopoly con
cession on the effections of a Rose
burg belle. The conversation was
animated and one of them became so
excited that he knocked down a hor
nets nest and then the fun commenced.
The first jab of the business end
brought a regular Apache yell and
then the other gallant yelled, and the
yells were so loud and prolonged that,
they could be heared all over the
neighborhood. Those lively little in
sects have forever settled the trouble
and so far as the young men are con
cerned they dont either of them care,
a centjif they see Betsey Jane again.
One of the young gentlemen had seven
punctures to the hornets credit and
the other nine. The hornets were
dead game as four of them left their
stings in one of the participants a
mementos of the little incident, and
the bearer of the'mementos went to-a-Roseburg
barber shop to have them
pulled out and ammonia applied to the
nine puncture holes. For three or
four hours each of the young- mea'a.
faces were badly swollen, but as they
do not like to be joshed about the
scrimmage, we have refrained from
giving the matter notoriety by pub
lishing their names.
The state of Washington has raised
21,000,000 bushels of wheat this,
At Seattle, on Tuesday night, a.
widow with a child shot a man in his
own rooms in the presence of his.
wife. Jealously seems to be the
cause of the tragely.
The Berlin Society for prevention!
of cruelty to animals, has undertaken
to thoroughly organize their humane
principles in Italy. The prevention
of cruelty to any kind of animal has a.
most wonderful effect on the civiliza
tion of any community practicing the
enobling principles.
Lord Brassy, president of the Lon
don Chamber of Commerce, who is now
in Boston, said: "It is only a ques
tion of time when the fleets of
the United States will be raised tothe
first rank. Potentially the United
States is comparatively the greatest
naval power in the worlds She has.
the greatest resources, and it is ordV
a question of. policy, with her."