The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 27, 1903, Image 8

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... . ri : Vtn rii rt t A it 1 c 1 n r-Vf ftill nf intoi-QPt Tt i. mii i-fi 1 1 t-. f t a n t thnn nnv rtVi or cn 1 o fir it nortainc tn
9 Our flitt-summer Clearance oojc is un mc gu tuu . a iu" "'" " -' " - r
the most generous price reductions of any previous occasion. A timely opportunity. Bara unexcelled. At no time were we more
eager to serve upon the appreciative bargain seeKers and we have prepared for this sale s . v?r aistlnct lote of merchandise, which will
appeal to you as extremely inducive.
Ladies' Silk Waists Cotton Sweaters Another lot of Toilet Soaps at
Boys' 35c- 5c the cake.
Prides were $5.00 and $6.00. Men,s stfc Kirks Un ,.ish balh
New price; 2.75 3.58 3.50 4.W Vy0() 5weaters " Coliseum.
Colors; Tans Pink Blue White no t0 $3m00. Oil of Dandelion.
Sizes; 34 & U 38 U 38 A wide variety of colors to choose Russian Lilies.
from. Balsam Tulu.
Ladies' Oxfords, French Kid,
Flexible Sole. Here's an odd lot of shoes for Organdie Kimonas Light shade
$1.50 per pair. men, women and children at lib- sizes 40 and 42, Less than Cost.
eral reductions. Many at
. 7 cents
Ladies' Patient Leather Ties, Less than Production Price.
with opera heels at $1.75.
. Ladies' Street Hats in great Ladies' Patent Kid Oxfords,
Girls' Wash Dresses. . C1 nn French heels at $2.75.
75c and $1.00
The hot weather will make Summer Silks Seasonable
busy buying among the wash Entire lot of Ladies' Leather shades and designs at
dresses for girls, of 6 to 14 years. Belts reduced to 25c. q
Altogether we present a fine held
to select from, including all sizes. Men's percale Golf Shirts, 35c
Materials are Chambray, Ging- See the Boys' and Men's Straw
ham and white lawn, a variety of Men's fancy hose or Crah Hats we offer at 20c, we
colors and styles, at 30c to $2.00. 2 pair for 25c have them as low as 5c.
Keep dust and sand out of your
shoes when camping by purchas
ing a pair of Golf or Canvas
Leggings. Priced at
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Things that you shouldn't for
get. Little worries are the worst.
Here are things easy to forget in
the buying's. Hard to forget
when forgotten. Things in fact
you can't do without, if you want
them. Shirt waist sets, 25c and
50c. Safety pins 1-2-0, 5c per doz.
Shell hair pics, 5, 10 and 15c.
Hose supporters (side) 10c. Hair
curlers, 5c. Mourning pins, 2
boxes, 15c. Dressing combs, ioc
15c. Hair in cabinets, 5c each.
Tooth brushes, 10c, 15c, 25c.
.C VP ft-t. WW - JC - '
excellence, and in assortments varied and interesting.
Hoots From the Oakland Owl.
Mr. and Mrs. K. S.Taylor are residing
on their homestead on the Upper Cala
pooia. Mr. Taylor is clearing ground
and making the wilderness hlossom as
the rose. He has passed man's allotted
three score and ten, yet does more work
tcan many who have not reached the
quarter century mark.
Miss Lillie V. Bradlev, well and favor
ably known in Oakland and vicinity,
-yras recgnUy married at Payette, Idaho,
0 Benjamin IJeft, Many friends in
Douglas county extend liesrlien con
gratulations. T. T. Miller is busy on the new resi
dence of Postmaster Underwood. The
frame work is practically completed and
the building will receive the hnishmj
touches at the earliest possible mo
ment. David Fleming has returned from Dr.
Coffey's Sanitorum in Portland, where
he had a cataract successfully removed
by Dr. Geary, one of the most eminent
eye specialists on the coast.
Professor Cochran and family and Mrs.
J. R. and Hildred Sutherlin, started to
Cocn creek Wednesday morning. They
will remain several days.
Ben Shambrook returned to Portland
last Friday morning. Mr. Shambrook
and. his partner are building up a nice
L. S. Dimmick, of Cottage Grove, was
in the city a couple of days the first of
the week.
Mrs. Crandall, of Fresno, California,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Roy
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Ross Kine,
Wednesday, July 22, 1P03, a daughter.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Medley,
Tuesday, July 21, 1903, a daughter.
L. K. Roney, the Eugene contractor,
was in the city Wednesday,
Two carloads of rails have arrived for
the new switch to be built into kinhey-ville.
W. J. Langlois and wife, (nee Audrey :
Riddle), were passengers on this morn-
ng's local. ;
Found a pair of gloves. The owner
can obtain the same by describing prop
erty, and paying for this not ice. i
The Plaixdealer force wishes to re
turn thanks for some very delicious !
weddinc cake, from the Langenberg
Lemmer wedding.
F.F. Patterson, besides the contract
received for building the new Gil tank
for the Standard Oil Co.. has received
contracts for a new brick store building
for H. S. Somennann at Glendale and
an addition to the Drugstore of the Oak
land Drug Co., at Yoncalla. i
John Curran, proprietor of the Myrtle
Point Hotel, was in town today en
joute for Portland.
Dora Thomason, returned Friday
jnoming from Marysville, California
where he has been for the past winter.
Walter Gray, went to Cottage Grove
Friday morning, to do some work on
the lines of the Pacific States telephone
and telegraph company.
A merry camping party left Friday
morning forCavitts Creek consisting of:
Frank and Agnes Brown, Myrtle, Polly,
and Cora Campbell, Anna and Bessie
Wharton, Ora Mote. Regina Bast, and
Roy Williams of San Francisco. Thos.
Wharton will follow the party later.
and if our SPRING and SUMMER
Line is not better than any other, don't buy
from us. We are showing this season the
Latest Styles in
Silk Cause Novelties, Soie Jouree, Silk
Zephyr, Corded Chambray, Lawn Caladine
Novelties, fancy Madrass Organdies,
Lawn Sinaloa Novelties, Minerva Dimities,
Leno Applique Lawn, Afton Dimity, Blouse
Linens, Organdies, Linen Batiste, Chal
lies, Sursucker Ginghamst Percale
Cli fc carry the Finest Line of Made-up Skirts in town, and our lin of Underskirts cannot
wlill equaled for quality and price
On Saturday in Philadelphia, in-!
ternal revenue officials seized a large
moonshine whiskey plant from which
mountain dew was being made. I
Secretary of War Root will recom-.
mend to congress that U. S. troops in ,
Alaska be allowed double time allow
ance. Another step has been taken in war
on the mosquito in New Jersey.
Representatives of 21 cities and
towns, at a meeting in Newark, have
formed an organization to be known
as the conference committee on mos
quito extermination. The object as
set forth is to rid New Jersey of the
mosquito, both of the marsh-breeding
and malarial varieties. Practical
work will begin at once and remedial
legislation vigorously pushed.
An head end collision on a street
railroad killed one man and injured
48 passengers at Worcester, Mas3.,
on Saturday night.
The Good Templars of Washington
have by a majority vote decided not
to take wine at communion service
in the various churches of which they
are members.
Our Spring and Summer Line of Clothing
Embodies manv special features that will in
terest you. The clothing that we sell from the
Highest to the Ixnvest prade is in every ease finely tailored and thoroughly dependable. We recommend it
with confidence even thouirh our prices are lower than any other store sell for the same quality. Also a new
and up-to-date line of Indies' and Gent'a Neckwear. OUR SHOES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.
Sole Agents for the W. L. Douglas Shoe
r sj.
$ One Door South of P. O.
The People's Store
He man Hair Rope.
In some Japanese temples may be
seen suspended great colls of rope wo
ven from human hair. Such ropes,
made of hair sacrificed by thousands
of 'women and girls, were used to hoist
steae and timber for the temple and
Sirs preserved as relics.
An Effective Threat.
A youth was engaged as junior clerk
by a firm of lawyers, and by way of
filling In his time and testing his worth
on his first day he was told to write
a letter demanding payment of a debt
from a client who was long In arrears.
To the great surprise of his employers
a check for the amount arrived the
next day. They sent for the young
deck and asked him to produce a copy
of the letter which had had such an
astonishing result The letter ran as
Dear Sir If you do not at ones remit
payment of the amount which you owe ua,
we will take steps that will amaze yoti
More trolley lines are being built In
Ohio than In any other state In the
Railroad men say It costs 10 to 20 per
cent more to operate railroads now
than two years ego.
On account of the great rush of trol
ley line travel passenger cars carrying
100 persons are to bo Introduced on Il
linois lines.
The capital stock of the Pennsylva
nia Railroad company Is now $400,000,
000. The sum of $6,000,000 Is to be ex
pended In Buffalo la elevated roads to
obviate grade crossings.
. riT mn aTn t a
Bring Us Your
J.F. Barker & Co.
7ll Oak St., Opp. Churchill & Woolley's