The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 27, 1903, Image 5

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Of Local Interest,
Don't forget
Gould, the new
54 lru.
Robt. Foster, of Myrtle Creek, was in
Roseburg Friday.
Editor A.S. Bleton, of the Medford
3Iail, was in Koseburg Friday.
F. S. Barzee, has returned from a trip
-to Willamette Vally points.
H. S. Gould, the blacksmith,
speciality of l.orse-shoeing.
makes a
54 lm
A new washing machine has been
Added to the Roseburg Steam Laundry.
, Alley returned Thursday even
ing from a business trip to Portland.
Mrs. 0. W. Fox, is visiting at
home of her aunt Mrs. Antenreit.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Y. Allison, are in
Cottage Grove visiting with relatives.
V. L. Cobb und wife went to Oakland
this morning for a short visit with
The timber for the new tiestlo over
Deer Creek is already on tho ground and
work on the same will commence at
W. A. Burr and wife, J. W. Maiden
and wife and son, Maurice, and Sliss
Pluma Chitwood, returned
morning from Coquille, and
very enjoyable trip.
Mrs. B. W. Muddox loft this morning
for Portland, where she will enter the
hospital for treatment. Afterwards she
will go to the seaside where she will
spend the summer.
W. C. T. U. Entertainment.
report a
The highwaymen have gotten as far a9
Drain having held up a young man from
Elkton at that place the other night.
Next thing they will strike Roseburg
and we will all be broke.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
returned from a trip
Kohlhagen have
to Klamath Fall.
H.S. Gould, the blacksmith, guaran
ees all his work. 54 lm.
Rolland Ranip, and J. A. Oneal with
their families have returned from an
-outing at Froga.
Lowell L. Tweedale, of Albany, has
accepted a position as night cook in
31 osiers resturant.
Mrs. Win. Currier and 'little girl left
Sunday for Lebanon, where they will
spend a short time visiting relatives.
Al Kent, F. A. Boyce and Ed Russe
Misses Roda and Madge Calloway, ol
Eugei.e, who have been visiting the
family of their cousin, Marion Calloway,
of this city, left Thursday night for
Medford, where they will spend a short
time before returning home.
Geo. Monteith and J. W. Brown were
found guilty of unlawful trespass by a
jury in Justice Buchanan's court Friday
afternoon, and were each fined f 15.00
which they paid. The offense was cut
ting down a bee tree on the farm of Wm.
And J. L. Boggs, after beinc warned to
Ernest W. Shively, of Glendale, is in
the county jail this week awaiting trial
before the Circuit Court on a chanre of
attempted rape alleeed to have been
left Saturday night for Crater late ted on his 13 year old step-
At the pre-
Glendale his
where they will epend their vacation. ;
Dr. Galbreath, Snpt. of the Oregon j
State Insane Asylum at Salem, was a j
passenger on Thursday's southbound ',
local. !
lane" iter. Alice Maloney.
.lminsrv examination in
Dond as fixed at f 1000.
One of the oldest buildings in Oregon,
the Patterson hotel in Scottsburg, which
was built in 1S50 burned to the ground
last week.
MissRezina Rast returned Thursday
evening much improved in health after
a two weeks outing in the mountains
near Drain.
G. S. Stiriar., agent for the White
machine returned Friday from
a trip through the southern part
Iouglas county.
H. G. Somennann. of Glendale. was in
town Friday completing arrangements
-fnr his new brick buildine. Eoon to be
erected in Glendale.
Key B-ilovrs and Thomas McCarthy
reti.r.xi Friday night from San Fran
cisco, where they have been for the past
year. Thomas has been employed as
General Pacific Coast Advertiser, for
Herbert Hevneman, of the American
Tobacco Company, while Roy is travel
ling for the Penn Tobacco Co., of Reeds
ville, North Carolina. The bovs will
stay in Roseburg for a short time at
Drain Gardiner
At the e ntertainment Riven last Fri
day night by the Womens Christian
Temperance Union the program wft.
carried out as publi-hed with the excap
tion of the male quartet, which was
canceled on account of ?V illness of Mr.
McGowan. Ray Hendertn who won
second place in the oratorical contest at
the Ashland Chatauqua, delivered an ex
cellent oration which was well worthy
of praise. Mrs. G. W. Short, of Wilbur,
sang and as usual her Sois were welj
rendered. Mrs. Barzee in her recitation
No Saloons up There, receive! well
merited applause. In short all the
pieces were well executed, and the
people of Roseburg hope that the . C.
U. will give another entertainment in
the near future.
Commencing with Monday, January 20. '02, we will charge $7.60 for
thefaro from Drain to Cooa B.iy. Baggage allowance with each full fare
50 pounds. Travelling men are allowed 75 pounds baggage when they
have JJOO pound or more. All excess baggage, 3 cts. per pound, and no a
lowance will bo made for round trip. DAILY STAGE.
For further information address
J. R Sawyers,
Proprietor, Drain, Oregon
If you want to buy a farm
if you want furnished rooms
If you want to buy a bouse
If you want to rent a bouse
If you want to build a bouse
If you want to move a house
U ynu don't know PAT
G ill on or ildrcsi . . .
F F. pattern,
tad Builder
Sunday, July 1!, 1003, at the residence '
of A. L. Marsters. "W. L. Shelton and j
Margaret Clarke, Rev. X. J. Harbit
Mr. Shelton is a well known resident
of Garden Vally. Miss Clarke is the
daughter of W. B Clarke, the genial
postmaster at Millwood. The Plais
dealeb joins their many friends in ex
tending the happy coupV best wishes.
ELATER1TE la Mineral Rubber t
or flad It iiccchsho to REPLACE A WORN-OL'T ROOF
Iron, tar nd navel and all prepared rooSnc For flat and
ites me piace oi mingle, tin. iron, tar ana navel ana all pi
step iur!CM, RU'.ten. vml? jt. clc KairloUr. Temwrwi for all climate. Uuuonablti In iou
sota on merit- uuaranireu. II will pay to axle lor price na information.
AVorchter Buildina. POUTJL.A-N'r)
000000CK00Q00 OOOOO
Vice freildeni.
In Roseburg, July 21, 1003, to
and Mrs. D. J. Jarvis. a daughter.
Last Thursday's local was nearly an
hour late. A flat car in a freight train
just ahead broke in two at Boswell
Springs, causing the delay.
Mrs. A. "W. Armstrong, who for the
past two months has been spending her
vacation in Roseburg, left this morning
for her home in California.
Conductor G. F. Bleu and wife and
son Hughie and Miss Myrtle Bogees
left Saturday for West Fork where theys
will camp for a week or ten days.
E. Bender and wife, of Coquille City,
-were passengers on Saturday's south-
Twund local for Phoenix, Arizona, where
they will remain for a short time.
E. A. Wood, J. H. Anderson, E. H.
Otey and son Ray left Friday morning
for the mountains south of Canyonville
where they will spend their vacation.
Mack Smith, of Elkton, was in town
Friday. He states that the surveyors,
who are now surveying the route for the
new railroad, are doing a thorough job
and seem to mean business.
Miss Bertha Sehlbrede, has accepted
a position as manager of the Roseburg
and Cottage ;G rove Music house of T. K.
Richardson, during the absence of Mr.
Richardson in the east.
T. J. Critissr, while wheeling gravel
up a plank over the dam in Deer Creek
just above the bridge last Tuesday, slip-
ped and fell about ieei, auu
very much bruised and shaken up
The official call of the 11th National
Irrigation Congress, which will be held
in Ogden, Utah, September 1 to 8, was
issued today. It calls attention to the
importance of the convention and states
that leading irrigation experts, practical
farmers, Government and noted foresters,
and state engineers willjbe in attendance
and participate in the discussion of sub
jects of importance not only to the West,
which is especially interested, but to
everr state in the Union.
Mrs. Geo. 31. Brown entertained the
W C. T. U. at her home in West Rose-
n Fridav. Music and games ma
the afternoon pass away very quickly
and late in the afternoon refreshments
were served.
Miss Lillian Collier, who for the past
seven years has been head milliner at
m. JoseDhsons, has resigned her
and will remain in Seattle
We understand a young lady from Port
land bas-been engaged to mi me
W. H. Murdock, of Cleveland, brought
to the Plalvdealek office this morning
seven or eight branches cut from his
hazelnut trees. Several years ago he
planted some French hazelnuts and now
he has twenty-four large trees. The
branches were well filled and had more
nuts on them than the writer ever saw
on nut bushes, in either France or Eng
land. There are thousands of opportuni
ties open, for enterprise, grit and gump
tion in Oregon that would give profit
able results, and the hazelnut is one of
them, because the hazelnut is indigenous
to the soil.
McGOWAX. At the McClallen House, ;
Sunday, July 26. 1903, Charles Mc- i
Gowan, of appendicitis, after an ill-,
ness oi four days.
Deceased was a quiet and industrious
young man, and was 23 years of age. ;
He was born atXapanee, Indiana, where '
his parents now reside. He has been in ,
Roseburg about two years, for the past ,
year having been a valued employee of
the firm of Rice Rice, the house fur
He was a member of the local order
of Woodmen of the World, in which
carried a one-thousand dollar insurance
policy ; the Artisans, in which he carried
foOO, insurance; the Royal Arcanum,
1000; and the Lilac Circle, in which he ;
was a social member.
The body will be shipped east on this
evening's local.
Charlie will be sadly missed in Rose
burg. as he was a general favorite with
I Douglas County Bank.
EHtulilirtlied iJSj. Incorporated 1901 O
0 v
g Capital Stock, $50,000.00. $
0 o
SA general banking business tranacted, and customers given every 6
accommodation consistent with safe and conservative banking. O
O Bank open from nine to twelve and from one to three.
: ill 111. HQ II IE SUB
Roseburg Nurseries.
Very choice fruit trees, all leading
varieties. Spitzenberg and Yellow Xew-
town Pippin apples a specialty. For
sale at very reasonable prices by Rose
burg Xurseries, H. Schrotcn, Roseburg,
Oregon. 56tf
LiVefij, Feed and Sale fables
C. P. Barxard, Prop.
Saddle Hores. Sing'e and
Double Rlg at all hours
Transien' Stoc gven
very best of care
Rates always reasonable
Word has been received that Smith
Bailey of this city just had what came
near proving a fatal accident. He had
started for Roseburg with his trotter
and sulky and when going arouni a
curve about two miles from Jefferson, he
ment an automobile. The horee reared
and plunged throwing both over the
grade. Mr. Bailey lay there, ho knows
not how long when a man going by on a
bicycle found him and worked with
him for some time before he recovered.
He was then taken to Jefferson and sent
to Eugene on the train. He is expe:ted
home tonight. Whether he is fatally in
jured or not is not yet known.
On last Thursday our sister town,
Oakland, had a little excitment to break
their monotomy of peaceful sublimity
A timber man by the name of Bestul,
who was carrying a heavy load of fire
water, was charging through the main
streets of Oakland at a pace too furious
to be allowed by law, and was placed
under arrest by City Marehall Hogan
He was taken before the recDrder where
he plead guilty and was set free. Im
bibing more freely than ever, he fol
lowed the marshal all over town and
finally snrane on him. As soon as the
officer could recover himself and draw a
weapon Bestul ran. But City Marshal
Hogan fired with the result tliat Bestul
is now nursing a sore arm and stands a
good chance of facing the charge of re
J. M. Weatherby
Mr. Man, you want facts. We are
going to give you facts. As you read
them over you will know they are facts.
And we can prove they are facts.
It is a fact that McCormick Binders,
Mowers and Rakes are the standard by
which all others are guaged.
It is a fact, Racino Buggies, Hrcks
and Road Wagons are far outstripping
our competitors' lines.
It is a fact that the Bain W agon is the
most successful, durable and ecouiiulcal
wagon on the market.
It is a fact that the above are all in
cluded in the Big 3. You can find them
at S. K. Sykes', Roseburg, Ore.
Letter Ust.
Rem vininc uncalled for at the Rose
burg postoffice.
Barker, Mr CharJes Lerch, Mrs Mollie
Crane, Elias M
McLiggett, Mrs Endora
Eron, Charley Xelson, J A
Fryer, Mr Wall Page, F A
Furner, J L Rice, George
Gibson, Mrs L V Shields, Miss Mary
Oottfried. Henrv Thompson. John S
Gladstone, W S Topkin, Richard
Jrabuit, Gottfried Thompson D P
White LS
Persons calling for these letters will
please state the date on which they arc
advertised, July 27. 1903.
The letters will be charged for at tho
rate of one cent each.
Wm. A. Frater, P. M.
T. A. Bury
D. L. Martin
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Land Bought and Sold
Taxes Paid for Non-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty.
ty with
List your proper-
irT AN
Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, ruebio, Colorado
Springs and Denver, and tne i-amous .KOCKy
Mountain Scenery by daylight
Modern Equipment, Through Pullman and Tourist Sleep
ing Cars and Superb Dining Car Service.
For rates, folders and
W. C. McBRIDE, Gen'I Agent,
134 Third Street, Portland, Ore.
sisting an officer.