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"The demand (or snake poison by med
ical men in,' Australia haa created the
new profession. oL, saakecatchiBg and
the collection "of their-veaon; It is a
very profitable "profession, enake venom
being qaoled ia Sydney t $33800 per
pound troy, or $5 per grain.
That British ponsular reports en the
Teceafreartswaafccffia tJie Vilayet f Van
conf irmprevioa? advicesthat 123 villages
were affected, and,wroseswere completely
destroyed; Seven knndred and -eighty-
nve Uvea are Known to nave oeem ion,
and it is feared taatall the killed m the
outlying districts have not yet been
.An qal dispatch to the -war-office
from Bohtle Mgrahat Haji Mdhamtoed
Ben AbdellaSi,' the Mad Mullah Cf
Sotnaiilandj baa "with his whole force
made a flank, march to Kogal byway of
Daaot,-aad3s now-goiag .to.H alia, with
tbeiatentien 'of communication from
Boh tie to fierbera. He has more than
090 snoaated men. The -British -are
etraagtheaing their peate as far as 'pos
TheTitnsora large city hare been
discovered in a reanrte part'of the -state
ofPnebla, by Francisco Rodrigue, an
arcnswSogist, who . has .just made a re
sort ? hia .find VJtbe -government ao-
horities!at.MexkoiOhv. M ex. The citv J
mtMM.larre Drramids and extenrre33n the Old PIanttion you "Rill see the,
iorti&ations. It ia -situated in Hie
sridst-of a dease forest, and a larpe:!
amount -of excavation 'will be necessary)!
to leam its In -extent and importance.,;
Fonthirty-fcmr-rears Samuel D. Hon-! i E&abeth, K. J. He paidjj
his .bills, -waaaaihurch deacon, and was I
respected by all lhis "neighbors. Friday j.
Houston, -a gray-haired man, bent with;
age.-steod- a convicted felon before Jodw.
Xewburger, xa-geaeral sessions, having
-stolen'raore txttn $26000 Irom hi? rrn
.ployers, who vwere old time friends.
Houston ia a Uecendant of the fatuous
Sam Honstoavof Texas. '11 am.guifty;"
ie-eaid toJedge-Newburger; drink and
iiigh living Q-responsible for my down
fall." Flood coalitions prevail throughout
siorthemaad-rentralNew Mexico. Tlif
Bio Grande isflooding the lowland? .nl
eettlera are-taking twthe high grooml-
ior safety. The bridge at Barranc? ? .
-weDtawav. No train from the E.t .
has enteredihe city for the past eevijt .---two
hours. ffheSanta Fe railway in
to-suspend ttaok-laying, aa the-vster n
-the Eataaeia plains ia even witlinhtj
tp of the geade. Rain -is-etiil faliiag,
uod this,'wkh-tke melting enow, will
cause a farther rise of the Rio Grande,
"Chama Peoe.aad otberrirere.
Through :a -series of investigaiioue,
JJr. Joel Steabins, Fellow of the-Lict
Observatory, fcas made the remarkable
.discovery that rt be variable star Omi
cron .Cetix, w'kkh has been. known to
. . . - irn
vary ai.uncenam .miervaia eiocc aiu,t
-MJt.preent .wvaergoing extraorainary-'iirector for thrM yeatrflf encceeded. F.
.fluctuations, and a variation m btighwl B d.a w Tadl district
intensity. Tfais.ii.coverj- ia of unumal
value to the astwnomical world, from
t. K-.;,utD ki
the -atar to be inert. A bulletin an
soundog the discovery has just been
ieeued irom the University.
E.-C Gaddis, of Boseburg, is in Med
ford thie sreek looking after the Mediord
cream ary business, while hie brother,
C. E. Gaddis ia at Boseburg attending
to business matters there Mrs. L.
E. Shea, of Glendale, spent a few hours i
in Mediord Wednesday" on her way
home from attending tie commence
ment exercises at the St. Mary's Acad
emy, at Jacksonville. She was accom
panied by Missis Bessie -Clough and
Irene Plotner, of Glendale, who have
been attending the Academy during the
past year-Med ford Mail.
Judee Hamilton is a very close ob-t
server. While court was in tession the
other day and a jury trial was on it was
observed by the judge that one of the
jurors did not take much interest in the
case, in fact he was too sleepy through
an "anesthetic" to hold his head up.
The judged called a halt in the proceed
ings and said, "I obeerve that juror is
too sleepy to serve on the jury and he is
excused." As the juror left the box
the judge asked, "Are you impaneled
for the term?" the juror replied "yes"
whereupon the court granted him per
manent leave of absence and by this
time he is no doubt duly awake. Eu
gene Register.
The Old Plantation is one of the fun-1
niest and best attractions with the car- J
nJval which appear here next week
original fouthern darkey m "his fanny
sayings, songs and dances. The -darkey
Hoot, Frotn the Oakland Owl.
.-n Harvev, of EnciifhSeltle-
.., . ft , , fr- , . -
the week.
"Mrs. J. R. Medley surd daughters
Lelia and Opal have -returned fro n
Wolf Creek.
Mr. andMr?. F. A. ATchamhean, of
Eucent. are viriliiic Oatiland
and friend.
I. A. "Underwood wa "the jroertof
TJnrle'George Phambrrtok at Umpqua
Ferry, yesterday.
Pert Jforri wa elected rlerk of the1
Nonpareil school district "Monday. "Ko
iirectors were elected.
Mi LnVa'TIa wn. of Oakland if wit-.
"' ' ' ""UnU tourth grades. Xa Bessie i'owell
Monday -!TtmvTn U". A McCartv w
. . . i 1 r- f .1 "
eiti cana . -MWrr. ...Trw
ofClwh Part cl.ool dtnci.
Mesdamea J)r. Lrnle, J. ' Ueardoffl,
Oscar Edwards.-C. H. Medley, aad u.
E. Vernoa attended -the Carnival at
Grants Paw.
Florence, 'daogfetcr of Sir. and
3Irs. C. L-'Hamiltoo, died on -Sunday,
June 14, 1003, at -the diome of her par
ents Srniles'westcf'Oakland.
At the district school meeting 'Monday'
afternoon E. H. Piakton was-elected a
i edar evenmg I . Goung
i Co- P er
cattle and one of sheep to Portland. J.
2. Grubbe and A. J. TJear shipped a
car-of -sheep.
Edgar Miller and wife have arrived
from Raudsburg, California, and will
visit Oakland relative .a few weeks.
Mr. Miller expects to go lo the Bohemia
mines in a few days.
Mre. Matilda F. Page, widow of the
late Rev. G. F. Page, and another of Dr,
page 0f Oakland, died at her home at
Leadvale, Tennessee, at 7 4i'clock, June
18th, 1903, at the age of 87 fears.
J. J. Brown and Mr. Thompson, the
saw mill man near Yoncalla were in the
city Wednesday evening. Mr. Brown
visited the local Odd Fellows' lodge and
gave the boya a very interesting talk.
Phil Beckley passed the junior course
of examination before the state board of
pharmacy at Portland Mr. Beckley is
one of Oakland's brightest young men,
and it is safe to say always succeeds in
every undertaking.
Rev. W. S. Smith haa returned from
Coos Bay, where he has been laboring
as Sunday School Missionary. He will
remain until after the Fop rth of July,
when, accompanied by his family, he
will go to Bandon and remain most of
the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Shambrook, of
Umpqua Ferry, will Boon go to DeB
chutes, Crook county, where they will
remain several months. Mr. Sham-
is the prince of entertainers, and tr
Old Plantation darkey will keep you
laughing frosn the time you enter until
you leave
Roseburf, week commencing Monday,
June 22.
brook will return in prune drying time
and Mrs. Shambroot will pertvaps re
turn feter in the fall.
Mrs. T. G. Ruth and children went
to Oregon Citv Saturday, "where Mr.
Rotti in foreman of the Oregon City
AI'S A. J. Grabbe reTurned from
Beckwaythe firrt of the 'week, where
!e has been at. the .bedside c-lher
aether, Mrs. Rev. A. E. Mott, the past
few da-s. Mrs, Hott sa suffering with
csncerand "we resnft to -State there is
!3ittle hope of twrery.
The school directors hove employed
,'ne luiioHing icacirors-: rnnapj, J.
1 ' - t T-l ' " , T
j'H. Cochran; eventhnd eighth grades,
tiZ.Tf. Acec; fifth atn. sixth mdes. R
Dunham, of Myrtle Creek: third
Virwl-CooB, forn7lv a aalemaa for
,.e ,aw abnl,laia ;nd A Brown
pin - Oakland, bctnow:a leading 'merchant
LatPalsey, passed through "the city Sun
tday afternooa-enroute homcfrom Port
land where be trawled with the caravaa
lo'cr the burning sands of Arabia with
'the nobles of Al Kador Temple Order of
rthe Mystic Shrine. Mr. Conn saya Hon.
9. P. Cosbow is a -careful camel driver.
Than he oasht to be a .good mule
driver. -Ed.
At the school meeting Monday after
noon Hon. A. F. Stearns called for an
opinion of the pataons relative to em
ploying Professor Ajtee for another term.
Several expressed themselves highly
pleased with the school and did not
favor any changes. They were willing
to let good enough alone. If there was
any opposition to retaining the present
corps of teachers no -expression to this
effect was made. Oakland has one of
ihe best public schools in the state and
e believe all the teachers employed
last term should be retained.
Qlendnla News Notes.
Editor Shutt has gone to Heppner for
a brief visit.
H. A. Woodford, one of Galesville's
prominent citizens, 'was in town one
day this week.
Mr. John Seott, an old miner, who
has been mining in the Wolf Creek sec
tion since '51, was in town, Monday, on
business. He still owns some valuable
property in that district.
Our new cornet band is learning very
rapidly under the efficient instruction
of Ed Throne. By July 4th no doubt
they will be able to toot music that will
make the hair stand on your head or
Mrs. A. E. Clough, of Canyonvillc,
visited her relatives in Glendale and on
Cow creek, this week. She is a sister
of Mrs. L. Shea, Mrs. Langenberg and
Mrs. Dewey. Her young daughter,
Bessie, and niece, Irene Plotner, have
just returned from 'Jacksonville, where
they had been attending St. Mary's acad
D. . Johnson, salesman for H. G.
Sonneinann, was a business visitor to
Roeoburg Monday. Mr. -Johnson haa
ust received the aad news. of the serious
illness of his aged father, who resides at
Abilene, Kansas.
Chaa. T. Nail, E. D. Mallery and Rob
ert Anderson are able to be out again,
biter r as Lin raeaslea for several days.
Several children ia town have meaaleej
In a mild form. It la. thought the epi
demic has about ran its course here.
E. M. Shutt, Sheriff of Morrow coon
ty, who resides at Heppner, lost his
home, but his family escaped with .their
lives. He is a brother of the editor of
the News. J. A. Jenkins, of Glendale,
had relatives who were living at Hepp
ner, drowned.
At a regular annual school meeting
held in Glendale last Monday, Ambrose !
Marshall was re-elected school director,
for three years, by a large majority, and ,
W. D. Smith, re-elected clerk, by accla- j
mation. A 4-mill tax was voted, for
the purpose of furnishing the new I
schoolhouse, paying teachers, etc 1
J. D. Johnson arrived hers from the,mott PIeat nomea in Myrtle Creek.
East, the first of the week, to prove up
on his timber claim. He will return, at
once, to his home in E-ie, Penn., where
he and hia father own one of the largest
sash and door factories in that state.
They expect to install a large lumbering
plant in Glendale, within the next two !
H. G. Sonnemann's magnificent new
dwelling house, which ia rapidly n ear
ing completion, under the excellent
workmanship of S. R. Miller and Geo.
M. Grant, is one of the prettiest, best-
arranged aad moat convenient reai-for,
dences in Southern Oregon, and would
be a credit to any large city.
Misa Nora Miaer, who has been visit
ing 'here for some time, with her sister,
Mrs- J. L. Winch ell, expects to leave
within the next few daya for Saa Fran
cisco, where the family will make their
k i ..i tv ...
bright little son, Joseph, expects to ac -
company his aunt to her new home, for
. w -.w , t
ujvuuis act a. tac uj
Myrtle Creek News Notes.
J. A. Rice shipped a car load of shin
gles to Mediord last week.
T. H. Fawcett, of Greenback, waa
visiting in this vicinity Tuesday.
Messrs. John McKane and Lige Hat
field visited and took dinner with Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Drake last Satnrdav.
Contractor Jennie has a crew of bridge
builders at work putting in a new bridge
over the North Myrtle near the oil well,
Ethel Gabbert, a sister of Mrs. W.
Kramer and Fred Gabbert, arrived in
town Monday, and will live here this
Rev. Fitch and Rev. J. C. Cook, were
out on their ranches building cabins and
getting ready to engage in farming or
It will be pleasant news to the friends
of Mrs. A. W. Cotton to know that she
i now well enough to walk without the
aid of others.
Charles Potts is back in Myrtle Creek
again, and his friends arc pleased to
meet him. He is feeling pretty good for
a person who has been in the hospital
for so long.
The Little Chieftain Mining company A sad accident occurred on a farm of
are well pleaied with the result of their R. R. -Moore, of Phoenix, Wednesday
last shipment of ore. The mines area by which Gus.Mooreaged about twenty
good paying proposition, and yet there i two years lost hia life and Will Roberta
is better ore in sight. I was quite seriously injured.
A drove of several hundred cattle, be-; They were employed in raising the
longing to Schiller B. Hermann, of j timber for a barn, and were engaged in
Myrtle Point, was driven through town putting the last bent in place, when the
Monday. They are being taken out to
Klamath Falls country to graze during
the summer.
There was a very light crowd out to
the annual school election Monday.
Harry Miller was elected director for
three years, Mrs. Jennie Gabbert was
re-installed in the clerk's office and a
tax levy of three mills was voted to pay
off the present school indebtedness.
The most recent assays of the ore
taken out of the Hall mine give a show
ing of $416.14 of gold and 129.75 of silver
to the ton in the best grade ore and
$75.23 of gold and $3.50 of silver in the
second grade ore. Ore is being hauled
from the mine now and by Monday
Uncle John "Hall expects to have a car
loaded with ten tons of the second grade
and five tons of the finest. He will
take it South. Mrs. Hall will very. pro
bably accompany her husband, and enjoy
a pleasant trip.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Shiria entertained
quite a number of their friends ; last
Saturday evening at their home on Oak
street. The party waa given in honor
of Mr. Joseph N. Bhiria, a brother of A.
E. The evening was, very pleasantly
-pawed jrith gamer ofprogreasive' whiat,
muaic.aad dap ring. '
The Myrtle Creek: W. O, W-Camp'
and Ladies Circle of W. O, W. observed
theirannual decoration rites last Sunday.
About thirty of the members met at
lodge room and marched to the cemetery
where they decorated the gruvea of the
departed members and friends, and
listened to the camp ritual.
Uncle John S. Rice celebrated hk
birthday last Monday. Mr. Rice.
18 0D Oregon's pioneers and has
done a great part in the work of open
lnK wilderness to civilisation, bathe
has turned the hard work over to
younger energy, and he aad Mrs. Bice
&ro bow taking life easy in one of the
Drain Nonpareil News.
Wm. Stark, of Elkton, waa in Drain,.
I Wednesday.
Prof, and Mrs. A. N. Orcutt went to
OMlad thelatter part of last week,
Mrs. H. J. Ritchey, of Anlauf, was a
business visitor in Drain, Wednesday.
A daughter arrived at the home of
Mr. aad Mrs. Sam Woods, of Anlauf,
j May 31.
Mrs. T. J. Bedford waa a Drain visit-
Monday, and rode the L. O. T. M.
j goat that evening.
Mrs. RobU Allen spent a few daya in
Yoncalla, this week, viaitiBs her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Hake.
- We are glad to see Mr. Abe' Mat toe
; out on the streets, shaking hands -with
: (rfends, after hia long illness.
' iIr-J- M- Stark, of Elkton, returned
1 , , ' e . . ,
' lxota Portland, on Sunday morning's
. . . . , , , . , "
overland, and departed for l.ia home
j M. M. Clapshaw, of Clapahaw Bro a
, Creamery Co., at Yoncalla, waa a buai-
j ness visitor in our town, Monday. He
i reports the creamery busineca as pros
; pering.
Perry Ritchey, of Anlauf, recently had
the misfortune to get his right arm be
tween the coa ot a feed cutter. "It is
' ltfli anite u. nth.nriu
; i. ;
Mrs. F. M. Spencer retained to. her
home in Gardiner, Wednesday. She
was accompanied by Mrs. Shelley and
Harry Black, who will visit relatives
and friends there.
Mrs. Laura Mack, wife of Arthur
Mack, and a daughter of Darius Wells,
died very suddenly, at Elkton, on June
16, 1903. She leaves a little child, be
"des her kbaad and other relatives,
w mourn fcer loss.
! A. Perkins and Benton Mires, of
I Draini bought Slough mill yesterday.
j iIera- Perkins and Mires aay they will
j eteadily, sawing lumber, and ship-
i P.K " e DO Mr' aionS an fmuy
will stay
June 13.
amongst us. Aulauf Cor.,
Fatal Accident la Ph enlx.
stakap holding the derrick ropes, pulled
out id let the heavy timbers fall back
upon the two young men. The plate
struck young Moore across the body, in
flicting internal injuries. Roberta was
badly bruised about the legs and body,
but no bones were broken.
The accident occurred about 9 o'clock
in the forenoon, and Moore lived until
3 o'clock in the afternoon, suffering in
tensely, in spite of all that could be
done for him. Medford Mail.
Mrs. Walter Morian left Sunday to
join her husband at Spokane, who is
running on a road out of that city. Her
mother Mrs. Van V ran ken accompanied
her as far as Portland. Junction City