The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, April 13, 1903, Image 4

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B. KlcUr EakkroKered Dealers! F
thm Dlmacr Table.
Richly embroidered centerpieces are
naturally for especial occasions, though
the centerpiece- Itself of simple design
his become an everyday table decora
Uon that Is, dinner or lunch table dec
oration. Orchids are lurariant They would
be If they grew by the acre, and one
would, like Thoreau, be ready to tote
bis hat off to every cypripedlum, so In
tensely royal are they. Our design of
an orchid centerpiece Is rather prodi
gal, but the appointments of even a
simple dinner can hardly be overdone.
A. dinner Is the acme of entertaining.
and beautiful things are appropriate to
tt ' -
The leaves of this design form a
framework for the blossoms, and both
are so managed that, while conven
tionalized as to arrangement, they do
not In the least violate the manner of
the natural growth of the plant. They
are embroidered In deep yet soft shades
of green. The orchids should be worked
In purples and gold, always a rich com
blnatlon. The method of the stitchery
is featherstitch, and this work should
be slanted toward the stem base of the
flowers and kept almost parallel in the
leaves. Since to embroider a flower as
complicated In form as this requires
some skill, an amateur should avail
herself of all possible helps. None Is
more desirable than color studies.
If these were obtained and followed
more often by the embroiderer, as they
are by the decorative painter, we
would have better needlework. There
are many beautiful orchid studies, as
these flowers are favorites In decora
tive art. With one before the em
broidery frame the worker can shade
correctly as well as follow the lines
which Indicate texture, as a guide to
the proper stitch direction.
Before setting the work on the frame
a fine buttonhole edge should be em
broidered all round the outer outline
of the design. The embroidery can
afterward be carried down close over
this. It Is not supposed to show much,
merely to fortify the edge so it can be
cut out when the work is complete.
The work should be done on a round
weave linen of good quality. It Is no
economy to put needlework on Inferior
materials. Lilian Barton Wilson in
- Hw o Hoi f a Skirt.
Eow few women ever attain the fac
ulty of holding up the skirts on rainy
days with ease and daintiness! Al
though it is the rule to wear flounced
underskirts that almost touch the
ground, petticoats that reach only to
the top of high boots have hitherto
been the rule, and on rainy days these
are still reverted to. When out walk
ing, the clever woman arranges her
skirt, and then, with one hand or per
haps two. she lightly lifts it so that It
falls evenly all round. This Is where
the knack comes in. says a writer .in
the Louisville Post. To bold up a
skirt on one Bide and let it sweep the
ground on the other is very natural,
but it Is not good taste, and when it
falls evenly all round and the frills of
the petticoat are almost if not quite
visible the effect is dainty hi the ex
treme. One of the things that are
taught at a school In New York is bow
to hold up the skirt gracefully.
Time Cklllrem gfcomld Sleep.
In Sweden a committee was recently
appointed by the government, says the
New Turk Times, for the purpose of
ascertaining how many hours children
of various ages ought to sleep in order
that they may be able to study prop
erly. According to the report forwarded to
the minister of education, children who
are four years old should sleep twelve
hours, children who are seven years
old eleven hours, children who are nine
years old ten hours, children who are
from twelve to fourteen years old from
nine to ten hours and those who are
from fourteen to twenty-one' years old
from nine to ten hours. It further
points out that ansmia and weakness
in children are frequently due to lack
of sleep.
T)a Cost Csrmer.
Cozy corners are dear to the fem
inine heart; but they have been con
demned as the homes of dust and mi
crobes. Draperies and canopies are to
Llame for this. These should be dis
carded. The couch should be placed a
little diagonally, with a space behind
it The couch covering should be as
rich as one can afford, but with noth
ing sweeping on the floor, the pictures
and bric-a-brac simple and bright, the
former of inviting landscapes and flow
ers, with no scarf or drapery across
the tops or at the corners to gather
dust and distract the attention from
the subject of the picture.
- A Kmffe Cleaner.
To make a homemade knife cleaner
eorer an old knife boasj with a strip
of brussels carpet. Thickly cover the
board with powdered bath brick and
, keep an end of it wet First rub the
knives on the wet bath brick and then
finish off on the dry. Knives are pol
ishedweU and quickly in this manner.
A Lars Bora Breedlaa- Ranch.
It is the purpose of Great Britain im
mediately to establish in the Trans
Taal colony in South Africa an im
mense horse breeding ranch, where re
mounts for the army may be bred.
Two thousand mares have been select
ed from the stock on band and have
been divided up into bands of 200 each,
located on ten different ranges. Just
as soon as the officers in charge can
ret their plans Into working order sev
eral more such establishments will be
stocked in Cape Colony, the Transvaal
and the Orange Elver colonics.
Breeallair Font Trotter. .
Nojr; and then a fast trotter corata
fjosa a mare of unknown breeding or
from a mare sired by a thoroughbred,
but the majority of them come from
sires and dams that have been bred
to produce trotters, soys National
Stockman. But remember that the
blood is only one of the essentinia
Stive, conformation, soundness, disposi
tion and speed are all in the inherit
ance to be sought for the coming gen
eration. Do not inherit the future
feme ly neglecting these essentials.
When the telephone was Introduced,
some wiseacres predicted that It would
ruin the telegraph business. That these
were false prophets Is Indicated by the
annual reports of the telegraph com
panies, lately Issued, which show earn
ings of ? 1,700,000 more than ever be
fore. An express train has been held up
and robbed In Spain very much lu the
same style as the trick is done ou our
western froutier. Spain appears to be
learning American methods fast since
the Cuban war.
Notice for Publication.
rolled States Lund Office.
Roscburg, Oregon, Njv. , Wfl.
Notios i hereby riven tint In compliance
with the provision of the act of Congress ot
June 8, 1S& entitled "An art tor the ssl of
timber lamU in ihr Statosof California. Oregon
Nevada , and Washington Territory, asextend
ed to all the public land states by act oi Auirust
4. 1892.
ot Moorhead. county of Clay. Mate of Minne
sota, na iniaoay nun m iuw
miFiwui rut i r" " --- -
of section an, township south, range I west.
acd will offer proof ioiqow inai mtunupK'sm
1 more valuable for lu titular or stone Uian
lor agricultural purpose, and to estaUish hit
claim before the KvKisler and Receiver of thi
on Friday the 12tb uv of June. 19U3. He
names as wittM-assis: IMlltam K Norton, and
Henry O Wallers. th of Miiiueaimlia, Minn.
Charles Thorn and John Thorn, "both of Kose-
ourct wrejiou.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
abt..-edecribed lauds are requested to file
their claima in thia ollice on or before mid 12th
dav ol J une, 1S04 J X BMIXiKS,
aprtp . Register
Notice foi Publication.
TJnlted States Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon Jan. 19, 1H
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provision! of the act ot Congress ot
Jane , 1678. entitled fin act for the sale ol
timber Und in the States of California, Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territory" a extended
to all the public land slates by act of August 4
ot Wvrtle Creek, county of )oug'a, Mate
Oregon, has this day tiled in this efhee hit
sworn statement No" 4.141 for the. purchase of
lo s 4, 5. 6 and S of See 12, Tp 29 Sou h, K 4 west
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable for its tlmlier or stone than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish hii
claim before the Register and Receiver ol this
office oi Koaeburg, Oregon,
on Thnradav the 9th day of July. l!fS H
names as witnesses: John Hall, Jr.. William
f owell. Jatnea R Hall, of Myrtle Creek, Oregon,
Albert M A ken, Nueget.Oretmn.
Adt and all wrsona claiming adversely the
above described Hands axe reoutsUd to file tbeir
claims in thia office oa or before said 9th day ol J.T. BKllii.s
aprl3p-iu21 RegUter.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited State Land OElce,
' Koeeburc. Oregon. Jan 19, 1KB.
Notice ia hereby given that in eompliauce
with the provisi ni ot the act- of Co rarest of
June . 137&, entitled "An act for the sale ot tim
ber lands in the states oi uaittornta. uregon.
Nevada, and Washington Territory" aa extend
ed to all the public land 'ate by act of Aug-
ot Nugget, eon my of Donriaa. slate of Oregon,
ha this day filed in thia oSca his sworn state
ment No 4340 for the rmrchaae of lota , 10, 11
and 12 of Section 12, Township 19 S.. S 4 wt
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
la more valuable for its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Reinster and Receiver ot Uua
Kica of Koaeburg. Uregon.
on Thursday the 9th day of July. 1903. He
names as witnesses : John Mall., jr , w Hllam
Powell. Jamea-K Hall and Claude Fallin, of
MjTtle Creek, Orceon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to fite
their claims in thisofheeon or before- said Sth
day oi Julv. 13.
aprl3p-ju22 J. T. BRIDGES. Register.
.Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office.
Bosebure. Ore,. Feb. 5, laOi.
nonce is neraty given that in compliance
with tbe provurtons of the act of Congress of
June, JS7. entitled "An art for the saie of
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Terriiory," as ex vend
ed to ail the publis land states by act of August
4,1882, '
of Gladstone, county of Ilella. stale of Mirh
has ibis day filed in this office his sworn state
merit No 4400 for the purchase of the h ol t S
seccioa 2C town-ship 28 south, range wel
and will offer proof to show that the land aocght
is more valuable for its timber or stone thaa
for agricultural purposes, and to establish els
alalia before the Register and Receiver ol this
flice oi oa burx. Oragun.
on Friday, tne Itnn day of Julr, 19"t. He MTei
as witnesses: jobn rarmer. 1J L slartin. t at
Weatberby, all of Koseburg.Ore.. and W J Pow
er, of Bibbing, Minn.
ATiy and all person claiming adverseiv the
above descn'icd lands are reyuesu-d lo hie
their claims m this office oat or lefore said loth
day of July. 19ui J. T. BR1ItLS,
aprJHp-juil Register
Notice for Publication
Cnited Slate Land Office.
Rosebarf, Oregon, Feb. &, lt
Notice ts hereby given that In com pliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June t, lS. entitled "An art for the sale of
timber lands in the Stales of California. Oregon
Nevada .and W aahlneton Territory." a extend
ed to all the public land states by act oi August
of Hibbing.coonty of ?L Louis, sta'e of Mine,
nas tnis Oav rued in this oihce his awoin
statement So. 4:9. for tbe purchase of
tbe S'7 of N y.'i and lota I and 2 ot section 21.
toansulp 2S south, of ranges west, and will ol
fer proof to shoa that the land sought ia more
valuable tor its timber or stone than for rt
cultural purposes, and to established his claim
to said land before the Register and Receiver
of this office at Roaeburg. Oregon,
on Frida, the lOdavot Julv. I!si3. He names
witnesses: J if Weatberbv aud D L Martin.
of Rosebnrs, Ore.. W R O'Corrtiell. of Glaisto3e,
icn-, joud rarmer, OI Kosetiurg, tire.
Any and all i-era,ns claiming adversely the
above described lands are reiueted to tile their
claims in mis office on or before sold l'nh dsy
apri:p-ju22 Register.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited States land Office.
Roaeburg. Oregon, Iec. 17, VMtj.
Notice is hereby given that ta eorapllacea
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June3, 18:. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber land! in the States of Californa.Oregon
Nevads .and W ashington Territory," as extend
ed to all the public land states by act oi Ancuat
4, urn. ' "
of Eugene. eon ntv of Lane atate of Oregon,
has thia day filef in this office his sworn aute
tnent No. 41, ir the t urcbase . J the lots 4, h,
12 and M -containing 162.10 acres of arc
tion . township 29 south, ranae ? west,
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable for its timber or aume tl n
for agricoltural purposes, aud to establish his
claim before tbe Register aud Receiver of this
tfim of Rose burg, Oregon,
on Friday, the a;tn dsv of Jnnc, wn. He
uamesas witnesaes: W 11 Wrght, of Mrile
llreek, Oreeon. A R Jones, La Grande. On-gon,
Joseph Logsdon and C E Logs-ion, of iljnle
Creek, Oregon.
Any aud all persona claiming advirw-lythe
aliove ritied lands are re.iitei to 61
their claims in ibis oflUe on or be'ere said
Kthdayof June, 1U03. J. T. BKIIXiKF,
pr!3 Kgliter.
. Notice for Publication.
Cnited 8ta; Land Office,
Rosebnrg. Oregon l)ec 26. 114)2.
Notice is hsreby given that In eoropllanos
with the provisions of the act of Congrers of
June 1, )S. 8. entitled "An act for tbe sale of
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," asexteud
ad to all the pubils land slates by act of ALgust
4, lt 'A
ol Myrtle Creek, county of Douglas stste of Or.
egon, baa this.isr lib d In this etlicn her swom
siatement No 4197. tor the purchase of tha lot.
n, ii nu is, section , lownsntp 2 south
range No 3 west and will oflur tinw.f m
that the land sought is more valuable for lu
timber or stone than for agricultual purposes
and to establish her claim lo said land IxMore
the Register and Reeeiverof tins orSce st Ruse,
burg, lreg' n. on Thui day tbe 26th day of
.uuc, r-im utmn aswuuesses: John
A EngUud, John Hall, Br., Fred C roves, Adam
E Shina, all of Myrtle Creek. Oiegon.
Any and all persona claiming adverseiv h
above described lands are ruquestd to tile
ineir claims in mis omce on or oerore. said 2,',th
day of June, 19U3. J. T. BKIl'UHs.
aprl3p Register.
Notice for Publication.
t'nitcd States Land Office;
Poseburg, Orecon, Dec 46, 1902
Kotica is hereby given that in compliance
with tbe provisions of the st of Congp-ss of
June 8, 1S78. entitled "An at for the snie of
timber lands in the States of Ca!i'ornia.ire.-on
Nevada.and Wsshingtcn Terriiory," asexteud
ad to ail the public luud states by act oi A ugust
4, li92,
of MyrileCieek, county of loulss, sts'eof Or
egon, bat ths dsy Bled in llils otlice his sworn
statem.-nt No. 419s. for the piirc)iae of me lots
7, 10, lf and lfi. of See. g. In 1 p. 29 8. R li west,
and will offer proof to show thai the land soughs
Is more valuable tor lis tlmlier or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Ket-lster and Receiver of thig
slllce of RoMburg, Oregon.
on Thursday, tbe 20th day of June. 19)3. He
names as witnesses: Johu A England, John
nan, or., rreu uroves, sarn A fcuina, all o:
Myrtle Creek, Oregon.
Any and all jiersons claiming adverwly tbe
shove descrited lands are (U;Wd u fi e
thcii c laims iu this cfliceon orb -fore li e said
2.Mh day of June, 1903. J. T, BKiDU HS,
prt-P ktiieter.
. Notice for Publicai ioii .
United Nta cs Land Office, 1
Rosi'lititv, Orcgou, March 3, l'.n'-l.
Notice is hereby given that 111 roimiltance
with the provisions of the act of '"imiirosa if
June S, 1S7N entitled "An Aot fo the sale of
Timber Lands in the Stales of California, Ore
gon, Nevada and WaxhinKton le ritory as ex
tended to all me mono utna stales ry act ot
August , ii-M
I'UARl.Kfl A. El.MORK,
of Aberdeen, eouuty of I'tirliallN, stale of Wash
ington, has tins ilay file.) In this ollice his
suom statement No. 4Mii, for the puichae ot
the N W'4 Sit' 4, T XI south, range 2 west, anil
will offer proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable lor lis limner or stone taii for
agncnlluta' pnriww. and to fstitlilisti his
claim to said Isn.i before W 8 Hrill, l! 8 Com
nnssioncr at Kiddle. Ore., on Kridy, the Mb,
ilsy of Hay, He names as witnesses: J tj
titllart, IVrdue. Oiegoti, tj. I l.t-xveiigoori,
Kidole, Oregon, l.loyd Mro,nani, Tiilor, Ure.
Al. Bob nbuiigh, Kntdle Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lants aiv rv iiesiot to Hie
th ir claims in tins oil lev on or beiore said Mil
dav of May, l'.UI. J T II HI iKifcrt,
MarS. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited States Land Office
Rosebiirg, Oregon, Oct. 2t, lu2
Notice ia hereby giver, that in compliance
wi,h the provisions of the act ol Congress of
June S, 1S.7.S entitled "An act for the saia of
timber lands in the Stales of California, Oregon
Nevada.and Washington Terriiory," ascxtend
ed to all the public lard state by art of August
4, 1M2.
ot Iorlland, cotituy of Multnomah, state of Or
egon, has Ibis ilav died in this ollice tils sworn
staiemenl No .Y7M. lor the purchase ol tho N
l4 ol section IS. township f9 S. range 9 west,
and will otter proof los how thai the land aoiight
is more valuable for Its tlmlier or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Kecisterand Receiver of this
of lice of Koaeburg, Oregon.
on Tuesday, the 19ih dsy of May, 15n pe
names aa witnesses: W li Ru'cn. itnle Kuren
and John lnherT. of Camaa Valley, Ore , Event
iilU'iun, i Vancouver, nun.
Any and all HroiiB claiming adversely the
above desiTllnsl lands are requested t tile
their claims in this otlice on or K fore said 19th
day of May, l'JUi J. T. URllHiKS.
Marap Kegister
Notice for Publication.
r'iTEH Ststks Lskd Orpto.
Roseourg Cireeon. March 9. iftj.
Notice is hereby given that in romolisnce
with tne provisions of the act ot Congress ol
June i, ip. s. entitled -AO Act tor the s-leol
limber lands In the stales of California, Oregon,
Nevada, snd Washington Terriiory." aa extend
ed to ail the Public Land Slates by set of Aug
ust 4,
ot R. M. S., 1' ennly of Multnomah,
state of Oregon, has Ihtsday tiled in thia office
his sworn statement N. 4.,so lor the pnrchsse
ih uies'.nnni rc. 14. 1 p p, k west,
and willuifer nr.s( toshow that the land sought
is more vaiuaoiu tor H timl-er or stone tuan
lor agricultural puri-ws, and to establish his
claim before the Hcuister and Receiver nl this
ollice of Roaeburg, oiegon.
on Thursdsv, the 4th day of Jure, 1W. lie
names as iliiesaea: Urstil Clayton, ol IMIIant
Oregon W' 11 Root, of Kridge, Oregon John t
lbnherr. Camas Valley, Oregon and C 8
Smith, Roaeburg. Oregon!
Any and all persons- claiming adversely t.'ie
above described lands anireMueated lole their
claims in ihtsofflce 00 or before said 4ih day
01 June. isuj. j r liKiti. :-(.
marb-p Register,
Notice of Guardian's Sale.
Notice is hereby given, tbst by virtue snd in
pursuance ot an order and license of the Coun
ty Court ot Coos County, Oregon, duly made
and entered therein on ine?7th dsy ol January,
hsu. in the matter of the guardianship f the
tersona aud estate of Cnsriea F Mtna'd,
Kntha I Minard, Moots M Minsrd. and John
ii Minard, nu 1101s, the nndersitued. tbe duly
appointed, qualified and acting guardian ol
said mino s, and of each of them, will, on
SATCaiiiY, APRIL 4. 19111,
at the honr of one e clock p. m. of said dav. In
front of the Court Hnuse in R'SH-bnrg, Isreigiss
comity. Oregon-, off -.r for aa'e aud sell at pub
lic aileron to the highest anl heat bidder f. r
cash in hand all tbe ricbt, title aud interest ol
saia minors and of euch of Ihem. of. in and in
II that psutof the Pre-emption Claim of Isaac
Minard Isaid . Pre-emption Claim be'Cg tbe
SE'i of seeiion t, in townhfp j;.a,utb. rsuge
Swestol W nlametic Meridian, lying north l
the ouuty road kadiug Iroio R.iaehnrr to
Looking Glass Valley. b the same more or less)
according to a Oeetl recorded in Volume 7,
pace 4 ot IJeeda, ISM'giaa County Orego u Rec
onls. Dated March 2, A. P. 1 1.
Gusrdian of the persons and estate of
Cbaries F Minard, Ktitha Z Minard, MoDta M
Miusrd SLd John H Minard, Minors.
Notice for Publication.
rnited Ststes Land OSce.
P.oet urg. Oregon, Use S, lisxl.
NptJce is fcereby given that in coropllance
with the proviri' naof the act of Congress of
June S. s. . entitled "An art for the sale of
timber lsnds In tbe Stales f Csli'ornl,lrer.n
Nevla j:id WasUnrton Tern;ory."aexieud
ed lo all the public laud stales by act of Auga
of Fosehnre. e inty of IKiuc as, slate ol Oreg.Mi
has tins day titej In this neire hr sworn iiilr
menl No. 4"rr. for the purchase ot the N'. of
sE'4 SW'i of SE',; and SK't ot the S, nl
sectuin 4. iowttshi2trutb. uf range 7 wl.
and will offer prwl to show that the land Sought
is rnose valuaf.le for ita timber or stone Uinn
for agricultural rurposvs, and to rstat bis
claim U!'ire the Register and Receiver of this
ot.ics of Hose burg, urcgun.
on Tuesday, tbe u lb day of Jnnc, 19J3. He
names ss wilnse- Heurv H I vr-pa. ol
Anorbor. Mich , Frank. B Lrt f , and W iiliam
H Lone, ot Clev eland. Ore, and Kooco O
Goff. of Ros'-borg, Oiegon.
Any and ail persons claiming adversely the
above dombed land are rettuvs'ed lo file their
claims :n this off u on or before aaid 1m h day
of June. 19ui J 1 UKJ ,K.-.
anrp Register.
Notice for Publication.
Rose burg. Ore-, Jfc-c. , 1.'.
Notice ts here py given that tn compliance
with the provi-i ins of tne act ot Congress ot
Janet, is.s. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in t'.e States of Caiifornta.reeon
Nevada and W s:incton Terniory."' asextend
cd to all the public land s'.axcs by ad of August
4, uai.
of Priest River, countv of Kootenai, state ol
Idaho, has this day died in thiaoff.ce his sworn
tl&u-meni No. 4 ot .'or the nn l s of Ihe &',
ol ol seeiion -2. Id township 9t S, R a west,
and will of ler proof to show that the land sought
is more vaiuatl for ll. liuuer or stone thnn
for agricultural purposes. nd to establish Ins
claim before liin Kenisier aud Receiver of this
oliire of Roseburg, Oisgon.
on Wedws'lay the 17lh day of June. t'tt. He
names as wi messes: John W ill, snd Peter P
Krudeaeth. both of Priest River, Idaho. A J
Iiiirrh, Mmie Creek, Oregon, peter burro,
Roaeburg, On-gon.
Any and all p-rvon claiming adversely tbe
ahove-dest rtbed lands are reUeled to file their
c aims in this olice on or beiore said 17th day
of June, 1.4. J.T. BttID .KS.
lrop fU-giiler.
Notice for Publication.
United States land Office
Rr-v'iirg. Oregon. Isrc. 9,1902.
Notice is hereby given that ! compliance
with the provisions id the act of Congress of
June . 7!t. ent ii. d "An a-t for the rale of
tlinler lands In ire S;aieof Cahfomla.Oregon
Nera.Sa.and a:iiiinn Terriiory." asexiend
td to aii the public laud stales by act of August
of Prbst Rive-, romnv of '-Kishtrnal. state ol
l lano, has tins lay filed in tblsofh.-e his sworn
sl-ieinent No. 4UU tbe pur.-baso nl 'te
Nh'4ol K-c ioii 21. in township M 8, of R S W ,
and will offer nrool u show thai the land sought
Is more valtiKiie lor its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
elauu Is-lore the UetisU-r aud lUfCtlver ol this
Hice of Ruacburg, Oregon.
on Wednesday the 17th day of June. 113. He
names as wi'm-sses: Alliert L Pingvl. and
Peter P Brudiseib, (with of Priest River Idaho,
J Dnn-h, Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Peter Iiuruh,
Rofu-hiinc, Oregon
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
sinive descrila-d lands are rcqoesUd to file
their claims in Ibis office on or before said 171b
day of Ju- e, 1'jfM. I. T. BRI1X.E8
trSp Register.
Notice for Publication.
Crnrso PTiTtn Lmd Orricg.
Rissebtinr, Oregon, Dec. 9, 191C
Notice Is hcieby given thai In compliance
with the provisions of the act cd Congress ol
June i, ls7,i-nliue.1 "An Act for ihe sale ol
"limlH Ijiuiia In the Slates of Cal
ifomia. Oregon. N. vada and W a-liington Te 11
tory," aa ex let. tied to all the Public Laud Slates
by act of Annul 4, lis.2,
of Priest River, county of K oU-nai, ststo of
Idaho, has Ibis day tiled In Ibis office his sworn
statement No. 41W for ibe purchase of the NWJ
of secllou 24, town.hip ao south, rangu 8 wes',
snd will offer proof to show that ihe land sought
is more valuable for its limber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Kcrisier snd Receiver of this
office of Rosoburg, Oregon.
011 W'edmsdsy, the 17th day of June, 1M3. He
names as wr.tioases: Allien L Pingel and John
Will both of Priest River, Idaho, A I flitren,
.lyrtlet'retk, Oregon, Peter Imrch, Roaeburg,
Any snd all persona claiming adversely the
at-ove desctibed lands are requested to lile their
claims in this 0UI1.C on or before sld nthday
of June, J. T. BKirHiE-s,
; Notice for Publication.
Land I'tllcc at Rosi bmg. fire ,
February 2-1, 19oa
Not'iI'." hrli,hpyn thai the following
named ae-tler lias ftb d notice of Ins Intention
to iriske titiHl nr.s-.f In support 01 bis claim, and
thatsnld prool will he maile bcln-e tbe Heelater
and Kccuvir, (ii.tu-d mates land Ollice at
U-KscbusK Oiegon. on April n, vm:i, Vi-
lid. ET No 12,419. tor iha EU' MX: fitr'i NK'.'
KW!SE. ! 20, Tp2SS, K 2 nest. '
He nami-a the following, witnesses to prove
his roulinu 0111 residence upon aud cultivation
of said land. viz. Ileore West, and Ki niatiiln
F Hhellds, r-f Ifosgltn Ore , Andrew I Bel'ows,
Kosebiirg, Ore., Lee J Hrritiirton, Glide, Otis.
March 6 . J. X. BKIilGEd, Register.
jNfotice for Publication.
Cnited States Laud Ollice,
Roaeburg, Oregon, Nov. 20, 1'.HI2.
Notice is herany given that In coinpHuuce
ith the DrOVislotlS Of the ACt of f 'nhirrn,, ,.1
June 8, IK.7H, entitled "An act for the aula of
11111 ner lautis 111 111c stsiesoi t mitornla, Orogon
Nevada .and W ashintfi,, 11 'lerritorv ",t.i.
d to all tha public land states by act of Ausrual
4, lssrj. u
of SJ2 Nicollet Ave, M ltineatHdix, con ntv of
H nucpin. 8 ate of Minnesota, has thia day
Hud in thia otlice her sworn statement Nu.
4n-.'.'l lor ihe ptin liase ot the N1, N E' j, SK'i
NF.';. NK. KK'4 ot Sei-. S, Tp. i 8. R' witst
mid ill oiler pioot to i,lio that the Ian 1
itougbl ia more valuable for its timber or nu n
than for agilcit'tiiral purposes, ami lo establish
her claim losaid laud beiore Die Heulsl. r and
itm'elver ill ibis otlice at Roaeburg, Ori-eoti.
011 Tucsdar, the Mb day ol May, Kile
namis as witnesses: r rank Long and K Iward
Von Fcssl, iA Cleveland, iingun, Charles
TI10111 and John Tbom, of Kusehurg. Otvg.m.
Atiy and all htsoiis elaimliig adversely Hie
atmve descrilad lands are requested to file
Ibcirclaims in this ollice on or before snid bib
day of May., l'.stt. J T. liKllssrX,
riip Kegister.
Notice for Publication."
Cnited 8tatca Land omce,
Rosebiirg, Oreiton. Keb 2.1. I'jr-.t
Notice Is hereby given that In comnliance
with tne provisions of the act ol Congies-ol
Jnue 3. 1S7S cniilbsi "An Act for the sale of
timber lands in tne slates ol California, Orego :,
NcvaiU. and W ashington lerruorv." aa extend.
ed loan the public land states by act of Aug
ust a,
of W hatcnm ol Whatcom, atate of
Washington, has tins day tiled tu this ottice his
sworn staiemenl No. 4 oj, lor the piirt-hsse it
the NK1. of st-cll.iil is. lownstitnxt s. R A uesl
and will oiler proof to slext thai the U10I
ainglit is more valnable foi its liniisr or siotie
lliau lor auricnltural piirH.-s and -slablh
Inaclaim losaid laud la-lore W. H Brill, IT, s.
('omiuisslotier mi K oldie, lirtgon, on Friday the
Is', nay 01 May, l''. lie names as alliu-,,-:
lor l'iiikertoti,Snobomlh. Wash., HetU-rt
H Short. SH-attie. Was., J 14 l.ilhert, Penlue,
Oregon, diss A short, Snohomish, Wsu
Any and all is rson claiming s.Herely I he
above tlcscriben lana arc KNim-atol to a e their
claims lu th h of! ice ou or before said ltdayof
stay. , 1. ssiisjin,
Ct Register.
r. fj. Land Office R.-shurg. Ore..
Feoruary , 1
Notice Is hereby riven that lames a. J. Te
cum, w hose postoffice ad dross is Riddle. Doug
las onnty, Oregon, bss thia day made and
filed his appliciiiion for a patent to the follow
lug rtearrilsed placer mining ground. In Excel
sior Mining liiairici, Isjuglaa rouotr, Oregon
t) -ail:
The east half ol the south et quarter ot the
southwest qtlariirnl st-l-tton -lllleleen in town
ship thirty sou ill ol range uve west of the W lib
amelte meridian, tn Douglas ronnty, Oregon,
en- laming Iweniv seres, in the disl'icL of
land Pilijsvt lo sale al Ihe land Office at Rose,
bur. Oregon Any and all persons claiming
adversely the foregoing li-scriled land, or any
(sirtion tbenad are hereby notitlesl In tile in
this office such adverse Calm wuhln aixtydavs
from the first publication of this application
for (latent, and failing 10 do so. any and a'l
adverse claims to said placer mining ground,
or ant pa't thereof a ill be barrel hv the pro
visions of Us, J. T. RRIOi.KS,
9wp Register.
Fiist publication February 3.
Notice for Publication.
kosaavso. Omroo, Nor H. ld
Notice Is hereby glvrn that lo compliance
tin the provisions 01 the act ot Congress of
June 1.1s 'a.ent:t'.cl. "An act fug the sale of
timber lands In tbe tstatos ot 1 a! Horn I a Oregon,
Nevada, sr-d Washington Territory," ssexleal
ed to all the Public Land Slates by act of Aug
ust 4. ls.
t Rivburg. counts of Iiouc'as, atate of Ore
gon, has this i"t fid tn Ihla omce his ssnm
slatrmert No. IflM.t. for Ihe pnreSia" ot the
lots 1 and 2 ol fs-c. lMps,k J wist, W. M..
and wtll offer Proof toshow that the land sought
Is more valuable for its timber vr. stone
for agricultural, and lo establish tis
claim before the iu-s-t:rr and Irfceiver n4 Uua
lilce of Ruaaburg. Oregon.
on Werliie:s. Hie S.1 ua of June, lri. He
names as nnn: Will, am Kiake Bnrie,
Idaho, Ira Kc ies. 1 Olal'a. lovson. M F Rice,
and F C Wo1rutr. rtn 01 KwriHUt, Ojv.
Any and all r-ons rlaimiitg a. Urn. y "the ic-si-rita-.l lands are n-"iio-lr,l t, ftle
b Ir cia nis in 1 h I. or! on or l-ef.-re said rd
nay 01 Juee. I' J T. HK!l.r,
marii Register.
Notice for Publication.
Tntted Stales I.snd tltBre.
Ricbt:r. Orcein. Nov. '
Notice Is 1 ereby given tat la romp! ance
with tbe provision of tne a,-lof Congress of
June X, ls:. entitled "aa Act for the sale tit
Timber Lands in the States of Califo.-nla, Ore
gon. Nevada and W sshitigtoo Tenitcrt," as ex
tended to all the Pubhc Laud Elates by act of
AUKtlSt I,
ot O'alls. coonty of rHigla. cat of Ori son
has tbisdav tli in this oUice hi sworn slaie
mefl No. !. lor the puribs. ih tiW'j
St1,', Wl, t-r.-i ao.1 t.'i W'i ol acrl'oB
. luwuanip ju suin, 01 range , west, w , M
and w ill offer pnnf to show that the land hwight
is more vai'iai e ior i:s tircu-r or sto-ie
for arrictiliural purtaM-. anl to establish his
claim before the ilecistrr aid lcclver a this
Slice of isoaeburg, uregon.
on Hedbrwiav, tne xrd dsy of June, lts. He
nsmes as wt'urssm: K II woodruff. M F Rice,
FC slriil. ail f Rfwrbarg. Orron, V. iliian
Blake, ot burke, Idaho.
Any and all I'ers-ins claiuiit-g a 1 verse. 7 tl
anoie described laud are requesie t to tile Ih -Sr
r suns in lhisoiT.coa or beiore aid 3rd dav ol
Jot. 11. . J. I. BRIlN.Ea,
mar.'j Regis urr.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited Mutes Land Office,
BiKeolirg, Oregon, Feb 21, 1XJ
Notice is tereJ.y given that In compliant
witn lue provisi ,ns of tre act ot Congn s ot
Juel. is:. entitled "An art for the sale of
limber lands in ihe Slates of California, ureroa
Nevsxls .ate! w aMnrton Territory." ssex'.end
ad to ail Ibo public moid slates by act uf August
4. lVi
i n 1 tin s short
of gnohomish. cuntv nf siwih.-.nkiih. stjtte nf
W sshiuglou, hs- this day kied In thia o(Ece
0 is sworn statement so. S4-H. lor me piirvhase
of th ', ot S;j ot e.- Tp. SI 8, 8 1 wel.
and will 3ffer La show lhst tt. lu-l
seught Is more vaiuabee for Its limb r or stone
than Inr agricultural purposs-s. and tn rstsb
iish his claim to said laud ! lore W S Bri t.
V 8 CommlssKiiiv. at Kiddie flsreon. tvn
Frilar. Ihe 1st dav ( May. lavl lie pamea as
iln-ssrs: IIH M,o:l knlll.Ui.h V 1'ini.
erton. Me-horn-sh. W ash, W Weybngbl, Kiddle,
' re. 4 i-l lilllwrl. I'eruue. tire.
Anvan-I al! 1,-r.iDa elaltnln strmi lr the di-serlbril lands are rviuesled to f.'.e
heirelaimsln Ihisotlicson or beiore said 1st
da).of May lsu.1 J. T. BKIDGI-S,
12 '.p Register
Notice for Publication.
Tntted S'.a'es Land Office.
Roaeburg. Oi'Knn.r.b 2.X.VM.X
Notice is hereby g'ven that tn compliance)
wlti the provisions of the set of Congress of
June 3. )7H.eiiu;l.-l "An set tor the sale of
liml-r lands In ihe States of ali!omia.Oregoa
Nevada.and Washington Territorv." asextend
ad to all ths public laud slate by act ol August
4, 1V2.
of .ircMColny tn. . Kveretl. nunty of Snoho-
misD. suiie ol n a hi nylon pas tots dey tllc-1 in
th'soflioe his som KtHlement No 4M', for tbe
purchase of lots l,K. Jil. ,,f is,-e B. 1 p. 31 S. R :l
weal and w ill olb r prool to show t'-al the land
-iight is more vslnaf le for lis tinils-r or a on
than lor ai'm uilural purp,u- and tnestaidl'h
ins claim losaid laud l. W 8 Hn't. I 8 : 011
missioner al Kiddle, Oregon, on Friday Ihe 1st
day ol May. I nu. Il-names a-wltni i-: Theo
dore s ndeison. and O. I. Reeves, of Everett,
Wass,.. j y GillN-ri, Per.ltie. or , Chas. A
8ho-l, Snohomish. W 'asb.
Any and all persons claiming adversely Ihe
alaive di-M'rilt-d lands are leqiieshd to file
their claims in ihfs ollice on or liefore said 1st
dayolMayim . J. T. BKllMiFS.
f2 Register.
Notice for Publication.
United States l and Oil ice.
Rn-ehurg. Opgon. March i. 190.
Notice is herehy given that in comnlianca
with the provisions oi the acl of Cngr-ss of
June 3, Is7x. entitled "An a-t for ths sale of
timber lands in the States of Cidl'ornla. Oteron
Nevada.and Washinirton Terrin.rv."ssextend-
4sd o all the public land states by act uf August
wii.nrR morris.
of Index, county ol r'nohnmlsh, state of Wash.,
has this day lib d in tills ollice his sworn state
ment No. 4..S, for t ie piiM'liHseof the SW; o'
cc in, Tp .ii. S, R :t wesi, and alii oiler
prool 1.1 show thsl the land sought Is more val
uable .r Its tinitvr or sbme than for airriciillu-
ral purisises, and to establish his claim I-(ore
w uri-.i u 8 1 ommlssu ner, at Ki.ldle, Oregon,
00 Wednesday, Ihe2nili day of May, l'J. He
nsmea as witnesses J i Giitssrt, of Purdtto
Oregon, Win F Vlrlch. index. Wsih, OK
Seeve and Tho Owens, both of Everett, W ash.
Any ami al) persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
ineir c nuns in mil otlice ou or lavrirv said 2lih
oar 01 ay, j:au, J 1 URII)Gb;,
M'9 Register.
Notice for Publication.
" UNtTgn statrh Land Oftick,
Rosebiirg, Oregon, Match 6, l'Ju.1 .
NcHceis hereby given that In Onmpllanca
with the provisions of lbs act of Congress of
June X, lMrt.entltled nAn act for tbe salo of
limber binds in the Sinu aof California, Oregon
Nevada, snd Washington 'i'erritory,"asextund.
4 Wi')" " e plll,''c 'n'' ,lte, bT o' of Augugt
ol Index, county of Snohomish, aisbi of Vah
It.gion, has this dsy filed In Una nfee his
wion slalemeiil No. 4V9. for the pun hsse ol
tbe Nri'4ol S .cm, Tj.:tl N. R 8 W, ami willofTir
uool Ui si ow Uihi the land sonulit is morevsl for Its timtM-r or sione than for agricul
tural purposes, mid tn csiahlls 1 his rUlm to
said laud iKdorc W 8 Itrilt I.' 8 Commissioner al
Kiddle. Oie., ou Wed nes.lar. the 201 h dav of
May, l;i:i. He naim-s aa wltiicmus: J u'Gll
berl, 01 Perdue, Oreuon, W ilbur Morris, of In
dex, W ash.. 0 II Reeves, and Tho Owens, both
ol hveroll, Wash
Any and 11 persons claiming adversely Ihe
aooVf.di'WtriliMt l.,U . . ... u , . T,
1 , , - . . ....,t i ucmi u uie in ir
claims iu this ollicj on or bcloru t aid 2mh day
'' My.l'. J.T. BKtMIKS,
ilaril. Rwji.icr.
Notice for Publication.
United Stales Land Office,
Kosebiirg, Oregon, Feb 21, PJOJ
Notice is hereby given that lm compliaiica
with the provisions uf the act of Congress of
June S, )SiB entitled "An act for the sale ol
timber lands in the Stales of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territorv." asextend-
d to all ths publlo lnd states by act of August
4, IftlK.
cf Seattle, cniintv of King Htate of W'ashingtoa,
lias mis unv uieci iu una omce nia sworn state
ment No 44SH, lor the purchase of NU of -
of Sec K.Tp 81 8, R n west, snd will uflor proof lu
snow nisi me isnu aougni ta more valuable lor
Its limber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses, and to establish his claim to said land
iH-tore W 8 K-Ht, U 8 Com missioner, at Riddle,
Oregon, on Friday. Iho 1st day of May 19UI. He
names aa witnesses: Charles II sihort, and
V ctor Piukcrlnn, of Sunhnwiish, Wash., J q
tilllsert,of Peril ue, Ore., W Waybrighl, Riddle,
any snd all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested lo lile
their claims In this office en or be'ore aald 1st
day of May, 1903. J.T. BRIDGES.
126 p Register.
Notice for Publication.
Imlled Slate Land omce.
Roaeburg. Oregon, Mar. 27, isot.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with tbs provisions of tha act of Congress of
June 1, IS78, entitled "An act for the sal ot
timber lands In the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada.and Washington Territory," assxteud
ed to all tha publis land states by act of August
4,laStt. ' .-
ot Akelry. county of Hubbard, state of Minn.,
has ibis dsy filed In this otlice ber sworn state
rm nl r-o I7i.' tor the purchase nf 'lie 8'i of
NW'i NW'i ol NK'SWii of NE', of 'taw.
tion ,r., tuw nat in M aoulb. ramie t west, and
ill oiler pnail to show that tbe land MHiahl la
more valuable for Its tlmlier or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and lo establish h. r
c aim 10 aaiu land pctore w. 8. Hrill, U. 8. Com
nusaioiieral Riddle, Ore., ou Monday, the isih
d-.V ol June. ltl 8he namis aa
J y King, O i Clement, both ot Roacbnrir. Ore..
Frlck Pete son.ol Akeley, Minn., Geo. Heath,
of Moseburg, Ore.
Any and all ttersnns claiming sdversely the
alaive described lands are requested to nlo their
claims in this office on orbciore said fttb day
01 June, iv jo.
nrWp Register.
Society Mtlngs.
1 F. A A. M. Uarel Lodge No. 13.
IX llaliut retralar mtMrtiogi on eftcond
' ta and ( orth Wtrdoasdayt oi each
tuonlh. E. J. OTROTD, W. M.
K.T.JBwkTT, Secretary.
1 O. U. W. Kosteborg lxlge No. 16.
Li Meets Ibe pocood aod fonrtti Mon
' m Hivi of sarli mnnlli at 1 "iTI m n
to tiHt 1. U. O. . Hall, alemtwrt in
good ataoding are invited to attend.
F. M. Toxigjt M. W.
. H. Lenox Recorder.
D. .8 tVsaiT, Financier.
D P- O. ELKS. Koaebor. Lodge No.
Ii ilulda regular commacica-
tiona a.I O. 0. F. Hall on second
and foortb Tbaradari of each month.
AH members requested to attend regn
larl and all viaitioc brothers are eordi
ally InTited to attend.
W. U. jAjucaoM, K. tt.
V C. Losdos, Secretarj.
. N. li., meets at Armory tlall erer
luuiauaj sivmufi o w uiut. a .
F. B. Hau, Capt
DEGREE OF HONOR. Mjsiic Ixdare
No. 13. Mets Snd and 4th Tbora
day ereoiinc of each month io Na
tive bocs' Hall. isUmg members cor
tiavlly itusal to attend.
Mas. Mkbjt ffnrt, C. of II.
E. II. Lkknox, Rec.
fC OF A. Coort Donglaa No. 32, For-
I esters of America. Meets every
Tuesiday eyeolGjj in native sons'
tiaJu N laitingbrothersiaivara welcome
S. .YaxZilk C. R.
E. II. Lkxox, R. 8
E. V. Iloorxs, FbTsicUn.
5 0. O. F. PbileUrian Lodsre No. 8.
Meets in Odd Fellows' Temple, cor-
oer Jackson and Case atreete. on
Saturday evening of each vjeek. Mem
hers of tbe order in rocd siandiog- err
lavited to attend.
H.B.Gtiajrrrt, N. 0
N.T.Jiwrrr, Sr clary.
1 of F. Alpha Lodin No. 47. Meete
li everv Wedneedav. In I. O. O. F
Hall at 7:30 p. m. Members in
tjtood st Andintf are invited to attend.
W. C. Hildibssmd (J. C.
S. V. Ramp K, R. B.
1 O.T. M.-Prxtrtion Tent No. l.V
it Holds its regular Reviews the
tiit aud third Friday ol each
month in the I. O. 0. hall. V biting
members in good etirnlin are invito! to
attend. OfA . I tRRT, Lorn.
K. E. I'lodcstt, Record Keeper.
I I LAC CHICLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meets on Snd and -Sth
" Fridays of each month at tbs Na
tive K-ng, llau. telUng members in
rood standing are invited to attend.
Maix.e lkcHANAs, Guardian Neighbor
rS5IB Otet, rsecy. -
I O. T. M. Roeeborc Hive No. 11
I Holds its refalar reviews opon the
second and loorth hnday eve,
of each month in the Native Sons' Hail
Sisters of other Hives viiriiing ie tne city
are cordially invited to attend onr re
Jgseis Kapp, L. Com
Macuk E. McClalum. K k,.
OF A. Myrtle Camp No. 6CC0,
eets Bret anil tbtrd Wedceedart
each mouth at Native tSon' Hail,
Geo. Ryrox, Clerk.
A E. b. Roee'nus Chapter No. 8
II Holds their reiroJar meeting on ths
art and third Tharedeys in eacb
nonth. Visiting mem hers tn good
taniiir g sre reapectfnlly Invited to at
-nd. Mas. Nassik Spragfi W M.t
Macdr Rat Secretary.
ft"P.r;K.AHs. Kueelmrn Rebekah
Lialire No. 41. l.O. O. F., meets in
Oild Fallows' Temple every Tiw'eilay
eveninv. Visiting eistera and brethren
invited to attend.
Dklla F.row, N. G.
Cora Wisiiikrlt, ii. S.
jJNITED ARTI9AN.S.-Ump,itia As
11 m-mlily No. 105 nieetH every Satisr
dav evcisinir, nt 8 o'clock in Native
Kim Hall. Viciting AriiKang ctirilia'ly
uiviuM io aiii-nu.
Rkv. 8 A. PoroLAs, M. A
Minn. Lela Biuiw.k, SeiTvtary.
i Camp No. 125. Meets at the Odd
1 Fellows' Hall, in Rosebarg. every
first and third Monday evening. Visit
ing neighbors alwsv welcome.
N. T. Jkwett, C. C.
J. A. Bccuaman. Clerk.
I I (.1,1 Ft- Itiw's Temi.lo. Mesdji fi
and third TImnUv evenings eac
month. Visitors conliailv invittsi.
J. B. Hamiltox, C
J. C. Twitch ell, Scribe.
Yoncalla Real Estate
Tlmlier lands located anrl for sale. Good bar
gains In fsrm praiK'rty. Loans mails on easy
terms In sums from A0 to any amount at t, 4,
t and 8 percent.
ED T. filAGilEL
Best References.
All Work Guaranteed
l eave orders at Bur r's Music i? to
The froqacnt (talcs of small inetru-
ments ol late is a snrprine for this time
of the year. Prices and quality is what
counts when sellinjf goods and yon can
always get the lwet g.xids for thekVaet
money at T. K. Kichardxon's.
t; Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Professional Cards.
jyn. II.L.$sTLDLEV,
Phone t "cstdciK Sil, , Bcsldcm.
ruon iOSca 1161 es4 Rossftnrc
Office : koom H Taylor Wilson Block
f lamina! Ion free. OfDea boon S ta 11a.m. brail oats HUUCoiUcof Oslcopaiiiy
Coort Boose
Oosra riiAirs-
Q V FISHER, ii. d;
Physician, Surgeon.
OfSce over P. O. Rossbcsxi,
'Phone Main 591. Okbtxm.
Physcian & Surgeon.
Ota oa Review Bid.
Fbooa. Mam XI
SpdsJ attcotloa civrn to Dlsnsss.s of ths Has
nd TcroaL
OSca-Vala ft.. one door soetaof City Ball
Phot,. Msia Ml.
arm Building,
reier-non So. i. SOiiXBrita Otts'JO
Attorney at Law,
aVooau UL Karster Bids... ROUBCES, Oh
BTlaTB'Sasinosa tsefore tha U 8 Land OfBca aod
aunins eases a specially.
Lata Reeelvw C. B Land OSce
Rosea i' at), Objusom.
8astBca befora V. S. land OsVvaud frotsat
bust sicas a special t y.
Offics Abraham Baildinc
a Ui pracUre In all tha (slat aa? FolcrsJ Coorv
OtSca la at arks' Blda RoaaoarK. Oregoa.
At lorn? v and Counsellor at Law.
Mining Law and Water Rights made
a specialty.
oass 1 and S
sarvtov BullJint.
KfteEBrECs. ORKtvUB .
J A. BUCHANAN, Notary Public
Collections a Specialty.
Room S
slarslcrs Bu.U-ut- HOSKBC RH. O
Attornc)' at Law.
TayLr A w i iaott Block Koasscaa. Mas
Vrwnfco In ail nl the nvarta of the ta a, atau
belorv th U. t. Land dcpartmroL
Tailor ilsoo Block.
Notary Pnblic In otHc
i'bonu Mai a Jj6 ROSEBC RO, ORE
Head Office, McMlnnvllle, Orvgvo
Amt.of Insurance in force, 111,000,000.00
Net gain ia one year, 2,G2S,7K7.0O
Saving its niemlaars 1 yr., S0,591.H0
Number separate risks, 22,St0
A. J. Buchanan,
RoBcbnrg, Oregon. Agt. for Douglas Co
We have on hand a few second hand
pianos, which we are giving to close
oat at a sacrifice, to make room for
our next car load. We have only four
pianos of our Let car k-ad left. The
Needham pells iUclf at sight and soansl.
Needham Pianoe, the Ixfiit anl only the
best. T. K. lsichardtson.
The Best Always the Cheapest g
For Sale by
II you want to buy a farm
if you waat furnished rooms
If you want to buy a house'
If you want to rent a house
If you want to builu a house
If you want to move a house
If via In'tkiiePiT
all on or avlJrees . . .
F F.paitsfa.
N. A. FOSTER & CO., 1
Of every descriy tion. Farms and Min
eral Lands. Urifgon, WashinUn and
Cor. Wachingtisn
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belle Collins
H. Little, o:
j Oakland. - - - Oregon.
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers rreparw! for filing en Govern
ment Land
Blue IVvnta of Township Maps showing
all acant Lands.
Plans and Estimates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
0t3ice in new Hunk Ruildirnr. Thone 415
The New-York I.lfe-!-1ft3T-s?v,ti
year eld.
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locome ia 1901 ovs-v.S 70,000,00
Ivaarance in force ever ij6s,
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over 96 a, 000,000.
'Pmta Jotlcylloldssrsi in loot,
over a 7, 000,000.
Ilt ftlcs -Holders la S7 yestrw.
ever aj49.000.000.
W. J. Moon. Afrnl.
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Through Salt Ls-tke City, Lcadville.. Pueblo, Colorado
Springs and Denver, and the Famous Rocky
Mountain Rrtiai. K.. 1 J
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to .axjli ortrrps "east
Modem Equipment Through Pnlhuau aud Tomist Sleep
mg Cars aud Superb Dining Car Service.
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Go to ..
For m Prompt and First-elaje
Shave or Hjur-cnt. Compe
tent Workmen, Clean Tow
els, Tools always in shape.
Baths in Connection.
I Shop on Jackson St.
Homes from 5250 to $5000
Write or 'Phone
TOm. I.T, Porter,
Real Estate Ajent and Notary
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Guide
Camas Valley, Oregon
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is t re;red to wait apon old
ajnd pvw customers and fritsrHla
with a full and complete
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Fpeei6itia. Your patronage
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