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    The Twi-a-Vetk
Roseburg Plaindealer
Published MonJiys and ThurvJuys.
Editors and Publishers
Feed Wright, City Editor, Solicitor.
T. fi. Kcth. Foreman
Twic-a-Teek Plaindealer, vet year, $2.00
Entered at the Post Office in Roiebnrg,
Oro., as second class mail matter.
Advertising Rates on Application.
OCTOBER 6, 102
With this issne of the Plaixpealeb,
Mr. II. H. Brookes, a veteran news
paper man and editor, of Amarillo,
Texas, becomes associated with ns in
the publication of the paper and the
business of the office. The new part
nership or firm will be ityled, The
Plaindealer Publishing Co., Brookes
& Conner, Editors and Proprietors.
3Ir. Brookes, under this new order of
thiols, will become editor in chief
of the Plaindealer, while the writer
will act in the capacity of associate
editor and business manager. All
debts contracted by the old manage
ment prior to OcL 1, 1902, are as
earned by the writer and will be paid
by him upon presentation of bill,
while all old outstanding accounts
are now dne and payable at this office
in order that the old books may be
closed and a complete new set opened
at once.
A comparison of the paper, busi
ness and office equipment today
with what it was when the writer as
sumed its management three years
ego, will show remarkable strides
forward and marked improvements
in every department of the office and
business. Much new and valuable
type and machinery Las been added
to the plant, cnr subscription list has
been increased SJ per cent and the
lob printing and advertising patron
age of the office and paper has more
than doubled. Where one man was
employed in our mechanical depart
ment three years ago, three job
printers can barely handle the busi
ness today. This condition is most
gratify to the writer, who, however,
feels assured that by far greater im
provements and progress will be
Doted in the paper, plant and busi
ness in a few months under the new,
than during the entire three years
noder the old managemenL
In conclusion we wish to say that
Mr. Brookes' identity with the firm
and paper will be noted, at once by
our many readers, and he will be glad
to meet and tnuke the acquaintance
of the Plaindealer s many old. as
well as newly acquired friends
and patrons.
Thanking our host of staunch
friends and patrons who have stood
by ns so loyally in the past and
soliciting a eontinnance of their good
will and patronage as well as a liber
al share of the patronage of the
many energetic and wide-awake
business people who are rapidly fill
ing our towns and county, we re
main as ever,
Tours Respectfully,
W. C. Conner.
In assuming charge of the editor
ial columns of this paper, we do so
with a great deal of diffidence, be
cause we are a stranger in a strange
land, but never was a stranger more
kindly received than we have been,
for which we return our heartfelt
thanks. As to the future policy of
the Plaindealer nnder onr adminis
tration, it will be unflinching and
truly a republican newspaper "with
opinions of its own to eipresa re
garding men and measures; and onr
effort will be to build it up so that it
shall by merit be regarded the
leading republican paper of Southern
Oregon. At the same time especial
attention will be given to building
op and fostering every legitimate
enterprise and in eyery question of
moment before the public, the Plain
dealer will speak out in no uncertain
sound. In dealing with every sub
ject; of interest we shall endeavor lo
give fact?, or what we honestly I
lieve to U facts; and should we mak
a mistake we will most willingly cor
rect t!i same and give as great
prominence to the correction as had
been feivrn to l be article calling for
correction. iJearding news items
or ffiairs Mousing to the public,
p'. as j do cot ask ns to refrain from
"mentioning u" in the C3lumns of
the paper, for we cannot do so, for
that is what onr readers pay for, and
to a great extent it is our stock in
trade, and bo it about 6iint or sinner,
niqlti-millionaire or beggar, if it is
good news itern we will pnllih it it
brought to our attention, for nine
times out of ten the parx-i tint does
not publish a news item K it fccnoped
by the "'bed newspaper ni;n nross
the street".
Regarding the office equipment
and so forth, it ia the iuieution of
the new partnership to pnt in en
tirely new presses of modern make
that will do the work for a city five
times as large ax ltosebnrg. In fact,
we are feoing to anticipate, in the of
fice eqaipmen, what lloseburg will
be in a nbort limn.
Then ih r b a little matter we
want to explain; and that if, pleat e re
member that we tsre a stranger; that
every citiziu enn know and remem
ber our name and face at first tight,
but we have a failure of eye&ight, sol
that to reaiem er the faces and
pamea of uun-r nls of citiz'ni will
take us some time to accomplish.
Now, if we fail to remember you
please remember that it ia oor afilic-
tioa and do not fail to apeak to tie
time and time again nntil we
thoroughly "know your voices; and
again thanking yoa for many favors
since coming among yoa
I am sincerely
1L H. Brookes.
Councilman Fred Merrill's resolu
tion fell flat in Portland, bat has
aronsed the citizens of the Metrop'
olis to action. The powerful uiRchin
ery of municipal government is in
action. All the departments are in
hearty co-operal ion, and are of one
sentiment in relation to the vexations
gambling problem. The ordinances
tuned be enforced and the evil wiped
out. Judge Ilogne Las put himself
on record as being in favor of nping
the most drastic measures possible to
discourage the vice The Public
I'rosecntor's office is in favor of the
most vigorous action. The police
will exercise all possible violence in
the future. The Grand Jury is in
session and from information secured
from persons in a position to know
will make a thorough investigation
of the charges of graft made by
Councilman Merrill. The law abid
ing citizens and prominent business
men of the city are aroused. They
want tne matter sifted to the bottom
ana, it evidence ot corruption is
brought ont, want the guilty pun
ished. What they demand is vindi
cation of past charges, and surety
that the law will bo enforced in the
The various railroad entering and
doing business in Washington, it
announced have decided not to
ssne any more passes to spellbinders
or campaign managers. This is t
step in the right direction vnd i
carried a little futher and ordr ths
no pass be issued to any legislator
state official, jndge or any man in an
office of public emolument or trusts
mere wouia ue a oetter reeling in
faror of railroads. The Plaindealer
wonld make it an offense against the
law of the state for any state offiicial
legislature, senator or judge of
w - -.
court or record to solicit accept or
ride on a pass over any railroad in
Oregon. If all the dead Leads or
dead beats riding over the railroads
paid fare, then the railroads could
pay tneir ju t proportion of taxation
and have money to spare, and the
tax payers burdens wonld be made
lighter. Every man traveling on a
railroad should pay in some way cr
other a just and equitable fare.
The Plaixdealeb, as announced
elsewhere will pnt in new presses,
type and material and will equip the
ofliee to such an extent that it will
be a credit to a city of 10,000 people.
This is one time that The Plain
dealer will lead and force others to
keep np in the procession. This is
done 'because we know that such
an office will be needed in the near
future. 'Rdh for Koseburg.
A Republican policy has let light
of civilization in upon the benighted
Philippines and already the iin-;
proved condition of the Filipinos
causes them to raise np and call ng
blessed. Even "Agninaldo has had
the scales of Drvanism brushed frbm
h erM n.t nnw bam in AmBrirn
dominion the salvation of his peo -
The stock men and farmers are
ready for the rains, but the prune
growers and District Fair directors
are not and for their sake we will re-
quest the weather clerk to hold off
the gentle mist just a little, while
Room for 5,000 Sturdy Farmers and
Land to Locate Them On.
the next few
months there j
will be a tremendous rush to secure
government lands in Dos, Ikiuglas and
Klamath counties. In these counties
there is the choicest agricultural and
timber lauds to lx" found unoccupied
and free to locate niion in the State . of
Oregon ; and while Eastern, Northern
and the Central western parts of the
state have had their booms and millions
of acres of land has l)een located and
thousands of happy, peaceful, irosjr
ons homes established, the great, grr.nd
and glorious southwest has. Ikhii like the
wine at the marriage feast at Cana, of
which it was said that the 1st had lieen
kept to the last ; and this statement if
applied to the lands tributary to the
Southern Pacific railroad is literally
true. To the east and west of this en
terprising road can le found thousands
of ijuarter sections of land where any
man with a email amount of moans
could make a home for himself and fam
ily. It is true that it will require work
and lots of hard work in many places to
transform the land from its present
state into farming land, but w hen once
the land is cleared the crop returns are
enormous. There are many claims, yes
hundreds of them, where the land alter
nates Iietween heavy timbered land to
an almost treeless prairie, but this land
is ten to thirty 'miles away from the
railroad. On such land just as soon as a
mail has built a home to shelter his
family he can go to work and break up
the land and plant crops. This land is
as fertile and productive as the valley
hind of the Nile and will produce abund
antly many semi-tropical ami all the
crops known to grow in the temperate
zone. Put we always get off the track
when we have a chance to wi ite
homes for the homeless aud Fet
men facts which if grasped will
them the backlione of American
The Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern
Absorbed by
It is now reported ujion good author
ity that the transfer of the Ok Ray,
Ropeburg it Eastern Railroad, now in
operation from Coos Ray to Myrtle
Point, has boen effected to the Groat
Central Railroad Company and that
orders have leen scut out to the 'sur
veying party in the Held for the sett inn
of jieruiauent stakes between Myrtle
Point and ltoselmr. II. P. Jorritt,
the assistant puneral engineer of the
party, is in chaiye of operations. The
work is progressing at a satisfactory
pace, and it is stated that the pcltin;; of
stakes will proceed without interruption
through the mountains until i survey
ing party from the Salt Lake end of the
line is met.
A gang of surveyors left Marshlield,
Friday, for Myrtle Point to join those
already in the lield. They will w..rk on
the projected Great Central railroad
survey Iietween Roselmrg anil Myrtle
Point, lieginning at the latter place and
making permanent surveys and staking
the roadbed nntil they meet with a gang
from the East end.
Since dejiot grounds were secured at j
Koseuurg tor tne threat Central railway
from Salt Lake to Coos Bay, develop
ments have boeii progressing much
more rapid! v. Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
Lindsley arrived here from Portland
Saturday, Mr. Lindsley coining as a re-
oil struck at
Urripqua Valley Oil
a Depth of
(Special to Plaixkealeb.)-
Mvktle Creek, Oct. i. Great excite
ment has prevailed here the hut two
days, irties having been engaged in
gathering up the crude oil off the prairie
and burning it, greasing shoes, harness,
etc. The oil runs down from
the pumping plant of the I'mixpia Val
ley Oil Company. The flow is increas
ing every day. The depth now is over
1000 feet and oil in abundance is ex
pected In-fore a very mue'i greater depth
is reached.
In addition to the above we are in a
position to state that Secretary Mars-
Dave Houston, the popular con
ductor, is being mentioned for the
position of snperintendent of the
penitentiary nndor Gov-Chamberlain
It is the general opoinion though
that the appointment will go to
Eastern Oregon.
The I'liisi EA1ER
Publishing Co.
i is willing at all times to send ont a
sample copy of this paper free to any
! person residing outside of Oregon,
i We desire to do all in onr power to
j bring in new settlers and show np
i the wonderful fertility of Southwest
j Oregon and the tens of thousands of
opportunities open to men who have
grit, gumption and grace to take
advantage of them,
The Democrats, of New York, held
i crucifiction jubilee and William
Jennings Bryan's "crown of thorns
and the "1C to 1' bnrden of despair
j uaa len ,aiJ t rest in the shade of
je "cross ofgold" and poor William
as gone be-fore the public crying in
ZOJ andterror. "O wretched pop
I am who sha'l deliver me
from the kick of th New York
democratic mnlo
There will undoubtedly lie in a short
time a railroad built from Coos Bay
across the Cascade Pangc ami the rich
timlier Lands on each side of the road
will be in great demand. In fact for
tunes await the men who can home
stead the timlier hind or purchase it as
timber claims at f 2.50 kt acre. There
are many quarter sections not yet taken
up w hich can be homcsteaded and on
which there can lie cut fiom .1,000,000
to 0,000,000 feet of lumlicr. Within ten
yeais a claim that w ill rutn.O'm.OOO feet
of IuuiIkt will sell for f 15,000 This is
not dreaming it can lie demonstrated by
actual fact. A man, however, who has
a'little money to make a start with can
take up the land as a homestead and
live on it for five years when the gov
ernment will give him a patent to it and
while he is living on it he can convert u
few acres into a hop field, orchard or
general farm and thus make a living
while the land is gradually but surely
making him a fortune. If at the end of
14 months he thinks that the struggle is
too great he can then commute the
homestead holding and pay the govern
ment f 1.25 er acre 'for the land and a
patent will Ik; issued. Then there is
another way a man can obtain a South
west Oregon Isinanza and that is to take
up the laud as a timlier claim and pay
the government 2.50 kt uere and n
patent will lie granted at once.
If thousands of the men in the South
who have grubbed out farms on the
Ioor, blackjack ami scrub oak lands,
and are notf devoting 15 mouths every
year in arranging for plowing, planting,
cultivating, gathering and disposing of
their cotton crops only knew what a
grand opportunity there was for them
here, there would lie a regular exodus
from the kingdom of cotton to the
Garden of the Gods.
Great Central.
resentative of Chief Engineer Kinney to
secure quarters ami ojien offices here,
ami he w ill remain in charge of as
resi.ieni engineer. Mr. Lindsley states
that Major Kinney will come to Rose-
burg early this week, and as soon as the
necessary details ami preliminaries can
lie arranged engineers will lo put into
the held locating the line of the new
road, lioth east and west of Rot jburj.
This is certainly very gratifying infor
maiion, as it indicates mat tlio time is
not far distant when the long wished for
direct railway communication with
coast ther
more, within a reasonable time after
the accomplishment of this much de
sired object, the road is to le completed
through to an eastern connection, thus
making Koselmrg tlm junction of two
transcontinental railway lines aud fix
iug permanently its position as the mc-
tro(olis and husine s center of South
em Oregon.
Our jKople gladly welcome the build
iug of the new railroad as its advent
will doubtless bring to our city
and county a large increase of popu
latum ami business as welt as tlte es
tablishment of many new enterprises
manufacturers, etc., and bring about
a siieeily development of unr great and
varied resources.
Myrtle creek
Co. Striks Oil at
1600 Feet.
ters, of the il Cowiiany, received
large lmttle of crude oil from the well
at Myrtle Creek Saturday, which he ex
lnbite.1 at tins office, ami which seems
to le oil of a line oiialitv. It was not
expected that oil would ! struck at tin
well nmler :M feet, hence tins tine
showing at only PiOO feet is very en
coiiraging, and great developments seem
practically assured when a depth of
few more hundred feet is reached. It is
also an assured fact that with a pay in
oil well at Myrtle Creek, other localities
in this coiintv in w hich a like forma
tion is found will Mirely produce oil
paving quantities. This is the first re-
gon oil well in realitv as well as name,
Ca'rie Nation at Yale.
Xew Havev, Sept. :. Mrs. Carrie
Nation was on the program for an ad
dress to Yale -I'niversity students here
today. The students laughed her down
at everr aUeiiii-t to proceed tilf idw
finally left the platform in desair.
His Life in Peril.
"I just seined to have gone all
piece?"," writes Alfred Pee, of Welfare,
fex., "biliousness and a lame back had me a iHinirn. I couhln t eat or
fclecp and felt almost too worn out
work w hen I liegan to use Electric Pit
ters, but they worked wonders. Now
sle;p like a top, can eat anything, hav
gamed in strength and enjoy ban
work. They jive vigorous health and
1 f A 1 k
new me io wens, sicitiy, ruiiilown peo
ple. Try them. Only .Vte at A C Mar'
ters drug store.
He Learned a Great Truth.
It is s lid of John Wesley that he once
said to Mistress Wesley : "Why do you
tell that child the some thing over ami
over asam?'' " Wesley, because
once telling is not enough." It is for this
same reason that you are I old again and
again that Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy cures colds and grip; that it counter
acts any tendency of these diseases
result in pneumonia, and that it
pteasant aod safe to take. For sale bv
A C Marvters druggist.
' For Sale.
A -aO acre farm, 1 1 miles east of Pose
nrg, plenty of water as creek runs
through farm. 15 acres cleared and un
d.'r cultivation, the rest is covered with
iOod timber, aliout 3:) liearing fruit trees
wo years old, a fool liox house, and
j.rn, a snap at 500. Enquire at this
1ice .. 015p
For Sale.
An ideal home on the banks of the
Pinpqua, 12S acres lying up and down
the river. Farm house and stables.
Good orchard now Learing; fine garden
and meadow, all situated on county road.
Fine place for goat ranch. Address
O. L. Williams, Drain Ore.
Vetch, Vetch, Vetch.
The value of vetches to the Douglas
county fanner cannot be over estimated.
Leave your orders for seed at the JKuig
las county Creamery, and they will lie
promptly filled large or small. tf.
Lilac Circle, Attention.
AH mcmlicrs of hiluc Circle No. 4!,
W. of W., arc requested to be at the
regular meting, Tuesday evening, Oct.
2, at 7 :30 o'clock. Circle will be called
to order at this time.
Mrs. Skiimiheiik, (
Mixxie Otkv, Clerk.
Do (iood It Pays.
A Chieugo mini has observed that,
"(iood deeds are better than real estate
deeds some of the latter are worthless.
Act kindly and gently, show sympathy
and lend a helping hand. You cannot
jsissibly loce by it." Most men appre
ciate a kind word Mini encouragement
more than substantial help. There are"
ler8ons in this community who might
truthfully say: "Iy good friend, cheer
up. A few doses of Chamberl .in's
Cough Keinedy will rid you of your cold,
and there is no danger whatever from
piiiiemoiiia when you use that medi
cine. It always elites. 1 know it for it
has helped me out limiiv a time," Rold
by A C Marsters, drngaists, i
At Burr's Music Store Cor. Tay
lor & Wilson Block, Roseburrj,
Doxeua of Mew 1'lanon and or-
Kan and Home l'ed oiicm at
I.tb Titan WUolcMale Price
Ureal Hale lia Commencd
Special I'.HHy TerniH
of Paiiutiit,
A great special sale of the vcrv choices'.
high grade pianos has commenced at W,
A. P.urr's salesrooms as jht agreement
i-omiueieii w uu j.uer s 1'iaiio House re
cently. 1'or the purisisu of closini; ou.
the stock of fine pianos and organs re
lHscssed by them from T. K. Pii .hard
sou, and for thu further purpose of iu
trouncing li or more of our Imest iian a
111 the lest bonu s of hiehiirg and v
cinity, winch can U'usetl In- usas future
reference, we inaugurate a great sacr
ncesaieoi every piano ami organ in
stock, including the vcrv finest ami
most costly high grade instruments evr
seen 111 Koschiirg, together with a num
ber of slightly used and seo.nd hand
upright pianos and organs, all of which
are to In: disposed of at once.
Pianos that were heretofore sol. I fr
'50 and t7C0 by other dealers can now
be obtained at Purr's closing out sale
the Richardson stock for ti'iit, f f is si ,
tXi. There are no liner or U tter i
anos here, in Portland or in San I'ra i-
ci-o; nor is it necessary to ay all rah
down. No additional eharae. exce l
simply iuterest, is made when ea.--v
monthly jayim-nts are desired.
It Is Well to Remember That
The faaey upright Xcedhani piano
that we offer now for $2-"; ha never
been sold heretofore for less than
and a line little Hin piano, which is
alsohiteIy as good as new although the
case shows some slight wear and a few
scratches, which we ari offering for
could never be oht a ined for les tln
f'J7 , and w ill never le sold again for
less. This indicate" that here you cin
save enough money ia the purchase of a
piano to fairly educate the entire family
in niusfe.
In"t fail to pee these very lat-st
style, s;rictly dejsindahle and fully wir
rauted regular fWO pianos that are n w
g dug for fiV.; down and fJO a
month buys them. Several second hand
pianos, also iu gol condition, f..r ?ll"i
and 152. We want thee out of nur
way at ou.-e."
Parlor and church organs. Uciikii.
ber we are head-piarters for everything
pt-rtaining to read and pij-e organs,
chapel organs lare and small, large to
manual pipe orjin f..r t hnn-ln-s and
cathedrals, tiny folding organ for mis
sionaries and camping parties. Peanti
ful walnut and oak cased Kiinha!!. F. -r-dctt.
Crown and other tnahes of paier
organs. S?e the fin new solid walnut
easel Xeedhain parlor organ that we
are now selling for f-V; f d w n and f I
a month. This same instrument ia
never U-en sold for le th.iu t ) hereto
fore. Other instrument also brind
new, for to f-O up i. f .r the
fanciest exhibition st le, very ma-ive
and heavily rarved parlor organ t ver
shown in the city.
Mail order will receive prompt and
careful attention. Send for large illus
tratl catahnige. fr,v for the x'kiiig.
PeuiemluT the city an I place.
Taylor A Wilson Pl-ck,
lloseburg, lire.
Ran a Tea Penny Nail
Thrcuih His
While ojniiing a lox, J C Mm.t, of
Three Mile Pay, N. Y., ran a ten nny
na l through the fleshy part of his hind.
"I thought at once of all the pain and
soreness this would canse me," he tays,
"and immediately applied Chand-r-lain's
Pain Palm and occasionally after
wards. To my surprise it removed all
paia and soreness ami the injured farts
were sxn healed." For sale by A (..'
Marster, druggist.
Death of a County Judje.
Judge Piley, of Curry county, was
stricken with paralysis Last week and
died Friday at t o-ll IVach. He had
Iieen judge of Curry county since 1S&4
and was re-elected to a third tern at
the last June ehvlioii.
For Sale.
Our rortr in West PoSelurg,
household goods, wood, horse feed, road
cart and brand new buggy, a new- s teel
range, etc. Call on P. C. Talr, near
Soldiers' Home, any day but Satuiday.
Outef Death's Jaws.
"When death secmM very near from !
a severe stomach and liver trouble, ".hat
I had suffere.Vwith for years," writ, P.J
Muse, Durham, X. C, "lr. King's Sew
Life Pills savd my-life ami gave ler-!
feet health." Pest pills on earth and
only 25c tit A C Marsters drug store.
1 l
Si? j I
P. T.
Alwayii said that if you could get the other fellow l taik alsiiit you it wai the bolt kind of advertling
audi lelieve itfrora theainoimtof businesn we have Imesincu our commit itr ha-s U-en trying to fell
these three measly pianos which he got a month ago. "Keep it up brother for it is d ,ing good, but I ma-t
contradict some figures which are outrageous. They say that figure won't lie but the li'? is out aod we
must correct it, for we never sold pianos at such prices mentioned.- We sM a atyle t. Cl.ackering to Dr.
Hamilton for H"0, one to Judge Hamilton for f t 3, one to Mrs. Mary Campbell os f 475, one V, J. F. Parker
for $ ISO, and a style E. to Frank Jordan, of Cottage Jrove, for l-0. and the very large-it and finest Style
X. to Prof. Fred Applehoff for 000. Kimball have dd at ail kin li of pri.-s, V.'e un d.-r-jtaa 1 tliat Ir.
Purrows paid ftOO at Filers for a Style 5 Kimball, and Filers representative while working U,r me sold Mr.
Hevaney a Style 5 for $3.j0. We alis isjld Dr. Houck a Style ft for fW, and ML-- Plan, he Piddle a Style .
for fbss than M0, a Style 8 to the Drain Normal School for fM, a Style S to John 11. Southland for Zr3,
a Style 6 to Stonewall Southerland for tOJ, and one Style 5 to Mrs J. P. U-wi for f i7. These are figures
that do not lie for the purchasers will substantiate the above figures. I am no selling ci makes of
pianos for less than 200. The proof of the pudding m the eating, and the proof of pri.,-e oa pianos can be
found at the
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Real Estate Transfers.
Geo. . Poork et ux. to Jas. Conner,
I JO ; all of blocks 13 and 14, except lots
1, 2, 3 ami 4, of each block, in Wilbur.
E C. Donaldson et ux, to John W
Sweet, 5; D. L. C. of W. II. Piddleet
ux, in sees 2S, 2-., 32 and 33, tp30s, r
west, aud certain other lands adjoining,
amounting in the aggregate of 2,054,45
O. & C. R. B. Co., to W. II. Foster
120; se'4 of nw4 ami ue' of s4' J
sec 25, tp 20 s, r7 west, f235.!s); lots 1
and 2. of sec 1, tp 27, ami sw'4' and w 'j
of nw'V of sec 25, tp 20 s, both in range
7 west, containing 2"5.S0 acres.
Grant Levens et al, to M. A. Holmes
fl ; se4' of nw?4 of sec 20. tp 32 s, r 5
D. S. Peasley to II. Wadsworth, -);
sw'4' of fee 2i, tp 24 s, r 3 west.
E. II. Wise to J. T. Pridges, J00;sw
'4 of see 12, tp 22 s, r 5 west.
M. A. Holmes to Geo. II. llebard.
H00;se'4of nwcf sec 20,tp32s,T5!
Geo. E. Moidton et ux, to Warren
Lewis, f.Tj0;ne,4 of iiwl4 of see 33, tp
31 s, r 4 west.
John Ijcrn to M. U- Parks, 1500;
n1. of s-4, s'4 of ne4 and eat 20 rods
of f w 4 of i.e"4 of sec 33, tp 22 s, r4 west
containing 130 acres.
Geo. K. Singleton etax, to Max Weiss
f!tiV; lots 13, 14, 15 and I5, in Mock 87,
Second Southern Addition to Rosediig.
Joskpo tioKTOV, FcKiud-r aid TrfipriettT
C.C. Pkakl, Manager
C. W. Vbeelaxd, Representative
Eetirely New,
Costly and
'Beautiful Electric First Part"
The Croat Crescent City Quintette
Aineriean Novelty Pancing (Juartette
liorton's Solo Biind Daily Concerts.
Roseburg Theater
Seats on Sale at Strong's.
Timber Lands
Land Agent, Timber
and Homestead
Pel feet satisfaetion vrnaranteed or no
loeation fee. IVst of references.
Your correspondence solicitel.
Any information reirardiusj the cli
mate, soil or productions of this sec
rion, gladlr furnishel free of charge.
Address O. I.. WILLIAMS,
Sep. 4 Drain, Ore.
of the master tailor's art. Every
style, no matter how extreme,
may be found in the famous
C K. & B. custom tailored
Individual ideas pervade the
entire line, giving each suit that
made-to-order appearance desir
ed by every lover of good dress.
Our assortment of these goods
is very large and embraces every
style that may be desired by the
4 most fastidious dresser, and best
of all the prices are so reasonable
that every man may be well
dressed for a very small outlay
of money. Sold by
Wol ten berg Bros.
Notice for Publicatiou.
!.ii orrin it ewwk;. oEf . a r,, ii
Kotice n ht-ri-bj ctrtrn Ihkl th- !-.
ntn'-l wtU h fi-l rol'" h: in'eat:
to mmkr iuu n.4 in ut;..k: r.( L. !:n nl
, o ,. , " '-"L ' .
Onion, on tvt-r 2. ln t:-
Hi-SRV . Wt-T. j
ooH.K. X V. O.forttxs-VniS'V';, s. S.Tp-j
li.ii. K. 4 We-i. i
olwid ia.l Tlx: ( Ktrh.Uetnoa W ;r.
John Broad u! k-tiu o oi;a. a.i ; M'n.r
tree. Orecoa. ftg p J T. B..n 5U-c-ir
Notice for Publication for
Selection No. 3241.
r.Mlintr, 'r"ji. s-i-i i;.
how po.l.-lS'-e l.lrr It I'uri'.aii-l, v.
ware i)'.ini fin w uui-r ;
f.-Ti'-l lrm :
LHl N. -!. !! S. !. T;,. JTs . K. 9 wr;
W nhi ih cm lLiriT lii! ifoia
; .rx'f cci
tii- -ncntl Lac-l oC-tc.
j t kk;:
to keep your Diind ceir and fn-h
the daily bo-lne,- problems if yoa
bread bought at the
Umprjua Bakery
Our bread Ls ma.le from the
lot Jar, aad is alwas
(iive as a call.
j ' ProprU-tors
New Tattie Cl-Lj., Nrth Jaeksn :
g Practical Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
O n P
arnes a complete stock of Watches, Clocks, $
Jewelrj', Diamonds
Second Southern Oregon District
Ootober 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, 1902.
Fine-Stock and Poultry Hxliit, Fruits, Grains and
Vegetables, Xew aud Interesting Features.
Pine Speed Program EacH Day
Liberal Cash Prizes, Large Special Premium List
Greatest Fair ever held iu the District.
Good Time Assured Everybody Come
Usual Admission Price.
5? j530rfc-.3 -r?-C
I SIEVER'S BAKERY, Jkson 5tr $
- near Cass J
, Fine Cream and Homemad B read
We came to Rebur- to May, ,. i( ils , ,
the trade in the lutun- as in the past, e wi.l he her,., a k.nS time vet
Join in the,m ,.f we'd pleast customers who can be seen cou-
iiiuiuiy passing in anl out of our
M VV. W. V
fh th h rU f
Wl f f -o t-- -f-
"What everybody says
must be so."
and the
Aro the two HKST HI- ATHRS ever eo!d.
S. K. SYKES, Hardware.
A Wrat of Ti w Dew!ed Land-
pili cf 5 pre are.! for filing oa Govern-
j OlSat Laiid.
I . ....
; L. il P'-iTit of TlTni-hip Mat' showing
i ' '.-afit t-aa is, Uae IMnlxr i-ich.
: A
; ' JL JJLi iJ7LiC J QX
Plans an:
Estimates for all Build-
Special deslzns for Offke Fixtures
; tCC la Pu:ld;rp.
'Phone 435
( T.'irr-r..- trftwr
i l. Itifc.-
j wlwit NiL nLLlir nuJ a
II..l OS's, JitJl;snt:::(. Orjoa
.J.:i!t.of ;nnrar.ce ia f.-ree. lll.O.dWXO
; run in one year,
j Savir.ii iu member 1
22,3 A
A. J". Buchanan,
liar?. ( ireon. A rt. i. .r Douglas Co.
Title Uuarantee& Loan Lo.
1. i
I Oder ra tS toirt IT.jc- Jlt-r- sb- nm i am.
r?: T.--'-a !' i
!. Js i:jp i r- . r. s. 1; i-.
and Silve
WITH Ol ll
I". SISVERS, Proprietor
11 I