The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, September 15, 1902, Image 1

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pb Printing
la busy seasons brings
you yoor share of trade; $
Is a Tpry important factor in
bijHiri4fiB. Pocv crintina' re
advertising m dull sea-
sons brings you yonr share, and als.) X
tbat of the merchant who "can't af ?
flects no credit on a good
business Lonw. Let ns do yonr Job
Printing we- guarantee it to be in
every way satisfactory.
Published on Mondays and Thursdays Established 1868.
No. 71
. President,
Douglas County Bank, g
1 Katabllalied I883.
Capital Stock. $50,000.00.
A general banking business transacted, and customers given every
accommodation consistent with safe and 5onwrvativf Kinkinc.
X Bank open from nine to twelve and
V I ''j-'- ;. yj .' -1J ' i J
Mm! i
aA -"U - f4
M M h pi
y-toUi ml
In !sct anything vou want to travel with. Remember the place,
Bring Us Your ...
Kruse &
First class
.Also a full line of...
dever's DTresla.
blend jO-arciem.
coffee v Seeds
Highest price paid for Produce. Give us a call
Kruse & Newland
Opposite First National Bank
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in
fresh Groceries, and to get them promptly
when vou order them. Call up 'Phone No. 181,
for good goods and good service. '
U. 1
ft ii ,1i3 Rjjti'jj, Mi.'bSa J S
Spring Eack leaves Eoseburg Every Jlciruing at e o clock.
Cashier ri
Incorporated 1901.
from one to three.
We are showing the greatest
of MediuT ri0tJ Couches
ave ever had. also
red lounges
We are showing the greatest line k
. 8
A new line of trunks just received
Our prices are always right
and stock complete
good cooking, is to have good
LiVerj Fesd and afe fables
C. P. Babsaed, Pro.
Saddle Horses. Single and
Double Rigs at ail hours
Transient Stc'c gveu
ve bej, of r a
' I , . always reasonable
Lina for all points on Coos Bay. Good
Important Events of the Past
few Days.
Cream of the Dispatches Dished Up
In Condensed Form for
the Busv Reader.
Paper coal is a form of lignite found
near Bonn, in Germauy. It splits nat
r ally in film as thin aa pa er.
The great bulk of chalk is composed
of e:glit different species of t.ny shells.
Nearly 300 kinds have been in it.
Alaska has paid its cost 20 times. It
was bought for I7.200.CO3 and l. sup
plied 1150,000,0110 in Inn and gold.
Tiie Republicans of Hawaii havej
nominated ' Prince Cupil" for Con
gress. -s tue women over mre can ma
vote, his election is doubtful.
A Tortland man haa fitrurrd out that
reclaiming the and lands of Oregon ill
add 200,000 people and t20,0iKl,(V!0
wealth to the state of Oregon.
TofHdthe relative distance of the
earth and stars suppose the earth and
sun but one inch epi rt. At the same
relative distance the nearest fixed star
would be at least 11 miles away.
The rougher the exhibition 4he Lier
the crowd. Nothing draws like pr"-.
fights, foot ball games, bu'l fights and
loop aad loops. Portland has Ihvii fur
nishing an example.
CnicEo's shipping lias more than
qua lrnpled in the last 30 years and to
day Chicago ranks fourth among the
iiorts of the world. London, New lork
and Hamburg alone being ahead of it.
Ten miles from Oregon Citv a de-
8 true, ion forest fire raged last .week. lams and graneries and thou
sands oi miles of fence were destroyed.
Six famile were rendered homeless.
The adult suffrage bill, just passed by
the Austra'lan senate without one f n
sentiu vote, enables all the women of
Australia at the ne-t federal eec.Ioa to
vo:e fur both hoases of the federal par
liament. There are thousands of haads flying
in the hop fields of the Taci ic North
west gathering the large crop at p-esent.
and many 40 cents are be.a ea. ne-l b.
jreonswho would not be othe.-wise
employed. Truly the hop grower is a
great distributor of money.
Pithy and Pointed.
The a.e a good man bottle-scaied
vete-ans around.
'? life it not woilh living yau'sro M
take somet'iiug fo- yocr liver.
The Albany Demoiiai l:ss disco.eiei
ac oss. ied m?n. He lives near A'K" i-,
It has been promos; 1 to inu,n.ate ue
giii wedding to be celeUated by the i nt
pie who have been married what see.ns
l;ke 60 yea a.
"roller cars killed the Ciiaoi-ne, toe
bicvele removed the host'? ; ths I i'u-
trial Progress deprives women " h.
falls and foibles.
"Love is like smallpox," sii' the
Wine Guy, "Yon can have it gw . a.ui
hard once in your life, and all the oihe-
attacks a e mere varioloid."
When a boy i ilixrespectf'-i to mo
ther and smokes ci.r ites be neeos .o
be tn ued over to a C!iine m.ssi'inaiy.
With bin Ch.ietianity seems to have
s!iped a ag.
Last year the t'.rls wore bi'ctles on
their hsis, and tliis yen, the have
them oa their shoe. Tiius d'jes
woman's tante run to extremes. Jop-
n;i'.. jU'iinjr..rom an a.ncie oieiasiic
not?i'i"! found o.i the street a nd bioi'nt
O o.fice to avra.t iiiieiiiffrt'on
y it4 owner, onckles a.e v.-orn ,ioi
s i'ely on shoes by ti-c lalie this .
Among t!ie weddings last week v;ss
the marrisze of Robert V. tireen of
Bton to Misa Sallie J. ire;?n of Kan
sas City, Mo. We frequently hear of
he blushing bride, but in thn case
:ile did not evc.i clianre cIo. .
If the avdajte man who is nnlncky
in love sicnt half as much energy in
I'inting uo some other desirable gii t as
i does in chasing the girl who is un
kind to him he would Ie much happier.
It is reported that a gentlenan took
iiis little lxy to chnrch lust Sunday for
the fiist time. Instructing the lad
abort his behavior he wound np by tell
ing the boy to keep an- eye on him and
do just as he did. When the contribu
tion but was passed papa dropped in a
nickel. Tie lad caw his father's hand
go into the box, and reniembpfing the
advce put his hnd in pieo. Wren th"
boi hsd psssed by, the lad w hnpered
oat loud enoi'gh to be heard sll aionm1,
'Pa7 papa, I got two bits, how much
did you get?"
New Town of Greenback.
Gr sts Pass, Sept. 12. A postodice
hn4 been established at the Greenback
mine, of Grave Creek district, and w ill
le known aa Gieenback. The large
number of people eraploved at this ndue
lujether with their families, niskes a
town of no smsdl dimensions, and as the
camp was provided with all other con
veniences, a postofiice was fovnd neces
gar", i lie new ju-stanip nun mat is
being built at the mine will be Com
pie ted snd ready for work about the
last o' this month. By that time all
the oth?r new equipment w;ll aliso be
leidy. The mine will then bo worked
on a much larger scale and a still jjreat
ei ere will be employed.
lviou trie oniy np-to-uate harness oi
on the market. On sale At Blodpntt's
Harness shop, jiei
Was Sentenced to Life in the Penftf n
tUry from Doug as County, r
Wm. F. Beckman, serving a life term
in the Oregon jieuitentiary, for the nyir
der of his wife, ;n Douglas county, -in
1S9,), was pardoned by Governor T,-T.
Geer, Tuesday. The pardon w.u giant
edon the representations of the'Jkial
judge, some of the jurors, many of the
eoplt! 'residing v the neighbpj'fi'iX)d
where tlie shooting occurred, amTlnany
prominent people in Minnesota, wheie
the old man livel fr many years.
According to the statement iniidi in
connection with the pardon this wiS of
a life prisioner by Governor t-eer, the
act of clemency was well merited. It !s
stated that the prisoner, then an)M
man, a veteran of the war with an ex
cellent record, who had soxe money,
came to Iloughis count," frm Minnesota
some years ago to escaje the designes of
an adventuress who was "after him"
or rather his monev ; but she followed
him, and finally induced him to marry
her. Then she and her grown son b
can to mistreat him, and to drive hni
off his property, refusing him even U J
and koard, and one day while they were
abusing rnd threatening him he lost a'l
control of himself and s izing a gun shot
the woman and killi 1 her. lie was con
victed of murder in the second degn-e,
ami sentenced to the jfiiitentiary fur
life, and served seven years. The judge
and jurorj who tried the case eiitioiied
strongly for his pardon, but it is unex
plained why, if they thought he was un
justly convicted and senteuced, the jury
did not convict of manslaughter, or the
judge set aside the w rong verdict. Still,
it may have U-en sultt-tantiaily comet.
and vet the old veteran mav have been
sufficiently punished. Having been so
feolich as h l.iarry the woman, it was
his duty to live with her or leavj her,
on such terms as l.e could make; he
was not to be excused, unless I.isowi
life was iu ieril, for tilling her; yet one
may be excused for feeling much sym
pathy for an old man who lias hi .ome
the victim of such a woman, who had
converted w liat he anticipated would be
a comfortable home into an unendurable
This old veteran's case may well serve
as a warning to other old men who
possess some means, to beware not on!y
of "vidders"' but of spinsters, too, un
hsa very sure of the disposition, traits
and character of the woman who smiles
seductively upon them. Telegram.
An Old Engisecr's Death.
The self-iiiflieteJ death of Phi'ip Cor
kn, who fur furty yea' had l-en a
locomotive engineer, anl for more than
a qn.u'er of a century hail serve 1 as
s-u li on one road iu O.eeon, has iis
own ecniiarly pathetic asiect, that ic
; -ias even tlie mildest cr:licin and
-oi'M-athe kluilcst syuijjtthy tho.'ii
0.i-9 is of no avail. Discharged from hi
accustomed run and his favcit? engine,
he realud that he was growinsoM
tiiat his noddy rowers were tailing or
else he brooded over supposed mist: eat
ment by the company he had serve! so
lorg and faithfully ; and since he could
not be reinstated, he could see notiii.ig
to do but to die. Kxcept for his natuia'
and irrestible generosity, he might have
been well off financially, and so have
his decling years in ease and indcpeid
ence, but he had bestowed hid surplus
earniug:all these years on his friends
and acqmvntaaces, who seldom repaM,
and so lie realized that he was not only
old, an as he morbidly imarlned '"" dis
grace or discredit in his profession, hut
that he was poor, unable to support
h:mclf in the only way he knew; and
so, swiftly the world became dark nd
cold to him; he was chilled and un
nerve lan' I appalled by it; it had no
more tine for him, he thought; and so
he quietly made an end. He had no
wife or children eithe' to console and
snpIort bun in his trouble, or - to
lesvein dM.ess ai his exit. His old
epg'ne was what he loved lst ; his old
"run" had become second n;tU:e to
hhn ; without them he was "likeafisu
out of water," out of his element; life
became unendurable.
Yet, an old bachelor, and bound up u
his machine and the road on wh'ch he
ran so long, he wss no missnthrope
churl ; he lit. his f-iends, of who'n
he had many; and, like man single
men as they grow elderly,, he loved chil
dren, and they intuitively low I 'r-n.
Very likely, iu the great assa'.ze beyond,
Phil Corkin w ill appear more nea-ly
like "one of these little children," of
whom are "the kingdom of heaven,"
than many a pompous bishop or sanc
timonious deacon. The record of his
final sin, if such it be, like Uncle Toby's
oath, the recording angel wilf blot out
with a tear, and welcome him to the
company oi true, laithiui, generous,
tender-hearted, noble souls. Telegram.
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life.
With family around exjiccting him to
die, and as on riding for life, 18 miles
to get Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
8umi)tion. Conuhs and Colds, W. II.
Brown, of Leesville, Ind., eudur
death's agonies from asthma, but this
wonderful medicine gave instant relief
and soon cured him. He writes: '
now sleen soundly every night." Like
marvelous cures of Consumption, Pnen
moiiia, Bronchitis Coughs, Colds and
Grip prove its matchless merit for all
Throat aod Lung troubles. Guaran
teed bottles 50c and tl. Trial bottles
free at A C Marsters drug store.
. Notice for Bidders.
Bids for digging and bricking a well
for tMe lulenbower bcnoo! wm be re
ceived by the School Bo.-ud on or belbre
Sept. 20, For particulars see or pdiiress,
F. A. McCall,
(SUP) Dist. Clerk.
Many Are Rendered Homeless
forest Fires.
Monday Darkness In Many Districts.
Millions of Dollars Worth of
Timber Destroyed.
TKofTOAi.K.ept. 12.-Fiies raging from
Bull Run to tlie Columbia River, Mid
the fames have traveled 12 miles ii. 13
hours. Several deaths have occurred in
the flames, and many men in theluinlter
ing raiiis in the path of the flames are
unaccounted for. Two mills have teen
destroyed and fceverul Iihihs and ha !ns.
All reads havu been made iit4asub!e
by fames. The railroad bridge at Mult
nomah Falls has been dnstroy d, and
tra'.ia have b n unjhle to pronccd
since yeelc! day morning. The ttti-e
country hereabout is l:-ig de.avlat .-d. '
L. C. Palmer, proprietor of the Pal
mer Mill, two and one-half miles south
cf Bridal Veil, piohably has perished.
T..c null is totally ilestroye-i, ami uo Las been found of Palmer. hen
last seen he was completely surrounded
by flames and burn'ng structure.
Bower's mill, s:x miles s-mthweti of
Palmer, is also teportel as destroynl. j
Forty men iu Camps No. 3 and 5 are in
great danger, and their on'y ossible:
avenue d esie is via Bull Run.
The houe and lrn of Aiv-x Trlckay,
to mile cast of Palo er, have leu
lui'nel kn the gt'ind. A brother o
Tiickevhas uini''uileHy ? hed in
. !ie flan es in an endeavor to ve a
norse in the Iwru. lie was never teen
ftc't.ite!;;. j the burning st-uctu'e.
Iu the P.iuner mill and Camps Nos.
2, S and 5 over men were oyed.
At the present lime not more than 1-0
htve leeii aecouut-l for.
The O. R. A N. Company's tre at
Multnomah Fails has lcen Luruec.
No trains f ave paed since yes-erday
nioring. The Atlantic express, la,
bound from Portland, sto. 1 at Trout
dale today for more than th'ee hou a.
The Westbound train wi.l probably ar
rive in Portland this afternoon l-iwen
3 and 4 o'clock.
Salem, rVpt., 12. Alarming reports
of forest fires in the mountains of the
exstern part of Marion and Linn Coun
ties reached Sa'.em last tveainj;. Oje
fire is raging iu the bids t!i;e' n.i'e
j.,nli of Meliama. and is fan at 1 b" a
st-xn eat w nd, which may tl'.f t
down iip'in the se.lleii-ents of Jordan
Vaney, this fire Iwirg npon tb ut a
.il.. of the Saul.aru River l l Lna Co. J-
" Ano;Ser fire bos obta;aed leadway bm- u"'23 notth o." Me''ajia, be-
twe?n the.-e aad Silver Creek Fnl's, f s
jlsobei'igd Iven by a nortl;eait wsu i
itud the iople of Mehama ate bidly
frightened Jest the flajjies sho'd coin-
down ami lick up their rxses:cns.
Still r-other b'?e was doijig heavy
damage in the KlLl orn eouu'.iy, aloog
the I-; ale North Fork tf the Sautiam,
and rcnort last ni;ht was '.hat two
ranches had been raitia'ly devastated., Sq.t. 12. lies id. it of
Iatk-T cuioataid Ci cyio, three eat.t-
em ti'hu.V ol Portland, had a ba-d
time I'ht pg fire last night, and in spite
oftrie'- beslelo ts scveal fa-mhousea
and barns, a id many miles o! fencing
we.e destroyed. The flames ftlli rage
iu-1 e.'s. of Len rf. and the low l is seu-
ousiy t'ueaiene-l. Treason t iop'eaie
a'so aiat-mcd, and nni of tliem a-e pre
ps rel to move their household gtnuls on
the approach of the Cames.
G kejiuam, fi t- 12. All Kaste-n
Multnomah county is u.i fire. North
east of Gresham the fire has ft kt 1 a id
i the two paths dozens of hni dings a-e
being destroyed. Several saw aills have
leen destroyed, while others are on fire,
and two men are missing fioin points
where the fire first started. It is feared
they have 'ost their live, aiiuougn in
the excitement of the hour the - may
mply have been 1 st track o.'.
yii a id wome i are out fight' fire anililng they can lay tl ei- hand
Okvui.n" Or:, Sept. 12.--The frtst
fires in Clf ckamas con ntv wern much
arger yesten'ay than si ice "iey siai led
over a week ago. A ttro.ig easterly
wind blew most of the day and carried
the fierce fires beyond control. Kep rU
comin-j in indicate that at least 30 build
ings were destroyed yesterday. These
-icludea houses and bums, and one
saw null, the wnul is s;ill blowing
strong in certain parts, snd unless it
uhsides soon much mortr valuable
projwi ty will soou be destroyed.
The greatest fires are around the
Springwater district, about 20 miles
eaBt of Oregon City. .
Tillamook, Sept. 12. Noon.) The
wind shiftett to the northeast lit n'g'd
and relievetl this town fro n immei.ii.ue
danger. The forest fire? have spr .d
along the entire western bench of the
Coast Kanc until the timoer is bla. i.ig
from 30 miles north to 30 miles south
here. Millions of feet of valuable stunii.
a are being destroyed. The fire w .11
spread rathe.- than diminish until a
heavy rain crimes.
A niesrase received frjni Nehalem
this moi ninz stated that, the school-
house and th ee fa"nihou.ies had bi'en
burned there.
Wfsul. .o, Sept. 12.- Jhg forest fires
aro lading he e. Lmp'oyees of the
Booth-Kei'y mills are h jrocially light
ing the fires. The best timber of this
region is helm; deslrotpl. All com
niuulcations with lHinniook are cut oft
-"- ,
Nkivro.-tr,Sept. 12. Tl Is town is sur
roi'ndetl b fo.est firen on north and
eifat. Several seasid oottagoa re
In Washington State.
OLYMm, Sept. 12. Reports 'rom
Sheltoa at noon say thst nearly all of
the m. lis in Mason couuty are on fire.
The town o! Matlock, that county, ii in
'iimi.ieut danger of total destruction.
Si. Iren miles f:o:n 0!ytnp:a the Bor
deaux of camps in the I'lar k Hill
distiict a' in treat danger. Forty men
have gone on horseback to rescue wo
men and children.
All of the mills at Buckley Lave shrt
down and the men have rone to Enum
claw to fight flames which have reached
the ed;.e of that town.
In Tacoma a heavy darkness is set
tling down. Boats conhct pass the Nar
rows on account of darkness.
At Oiympia the electric lieht phyit
shut down and at noon it was as dark as
the blackest night.
StArri.a, Sept. 12. The sun roe into
a clear sky this morning, but by noon it
shone blood-retl, tbrouih a pall of smoke
tliat htng over the city. A social to
the from Enumclaw this morning
says :
"forest fires of the most terions
nature a-e p ttsing us oneveiyeide.
Kvery team is being pre sol into se. vw
Uj run eople to places of safety, but
none can say where to go. As usual,
the water supply is cut off by the burn
ing of th flume, and few wells have
water. The fire is more se. iocs than
tiie fire of two months ago. Kvery effort
is being made to protect the mill prefer,
ty. If the mill burns the town cannot
le saved, and the lives of the people will
be in danger."
Elm, Wash., Sqi. 12. A great fo--
ests fire near here is be:ng fanned this
morning by st'oug eastern wind.
even la'g-. saw mills are surrounded by
flames, and are doomed, it i believed.
The Cedar Shingle Omays n.ill, the
tar Shingle Coui.any, Key's, White's,
CorueH's, iA-m'og's and McCleary's are
by this time probably reduced to ashes.
Asa telephone message was being re
ceived f.oui Bey's mills, five miles eat
f.f here, the wire went d.iwn. and
coihisg Las b -n heard directly from
the. e since. The Star mill au.l the vil
Wge sur ounding nave been w iped out,
aud the people have fled to places of
refuse. , Some attempt was niadd to re
sist the enroaciiuenU of the fire, bnt
the fighter had to retreat. White's saw
mill is cow burning and the w ires have
gone down.
Vaoct?, Vt'arh., Sept. I2- Woid
was b t.j?ht to Vancower at 10 o'clock
tvs nornng by F. C. J.-rkson tht
e" jht fam 1 es were :eudered l:omesa
at Fi i'j P!'r4, be.w in 3 o'cloca yester-
ust a.ier.u.i aiii 4 ockirk ttis mo n-
llesewcfell.B. Pluss, Mrs. Mc
Langhhn, a w-dow, Mr. Sears, Adam
Johnj' Jame W;'iiii. Mrs. Hanson,
Mr. Hen.hlcks and Wm. Snvder. The
Ul'..rwas b.oned ot:t the day before.
11. t . Jacks.jn, latt er of tr-.e young man
who brought tie news to Vancouver, lost
t is farm and Ii tons o Lav. It w be
lieved tbat Mrs. IK-ndricks i ht
Nothing was known of her this morning
wLen young Jackson lei't, and the gen
eral impression c-i me nei.i.irs was
that she and her two small childrtj
were detroved bv the the.
Tacona, Sept. 12. Ten honses and s".i
mills have been burned at K!ma. Ia
Masoi count over &W acre of timber,
100 fet. high, a.e burning, and the fire
is spreading. ,
Lmps Lighted at .MMJsy.
The snKtke from forest firm's was so
thick in Portland to p.-oduce the apjear
auceof twillight. In many resi.lences
and oflice rooms lamps were lighted at
niidd.y in order that work mi ;ht le
cirried on as usual without inconven
ience. Resolutions of Condolence.
To the oilicers and membirs of Mystic
1.00'ge, No. 13, D. of If., A. O. U. W.
Sisters and Brothers: Whereas,
Death, "The T.eaper of Life's Harvest"
has invaded orr Banks and claimed for
His own, one, who by her many deeds
of kindlier and womanly graces had
endeared our hearts, and with whom
our pleasa'.t asiations are now but
memories that wi'-l ever remain with us ;
And while we humbly bow in submis-
bion to the will of an All-Wise. Creator
in removing oik s.ster from our mist, we
never-the-less oicow f or the departed ,
and are agin reminded of the fact that
Li'e is but one short span here on earth,
at the end of w" ch will dawn a brighter
and better d:iy when all will be peace,
joy, and happiness throughout eter.iity.
Therefore, be it Resolved, by Cystic
Lodge, No 13, D. of 1L, that, throuih
the death of Siste Josephine IIu:d, our
order has lost aa honorable member,
who ever held ch ir our piianples, con
stancy, honor and pu-ity.
.'rJo.'r'd, That we d. he' eby eund to
our B.other, L. L. Hard, our heartfelt
sympathy in this,' his hour of bereave-
meat through the loss of a kind and
debited wife and companion, whose" e
was a eamp'e worthy of emr'ation
Eti3lrrd, fiat these Besuhit'ons be
spread upon the Beeords of the Lodge,
a copy furnished each of the city papers
for publicj 'ou, and an engrossed copy
lio presented to the husband of our de
ceased sister, also, that our Charter be
draped in mourning for the period of
thirty days.
Fraternal'y admitted, in C. H. A P.
Ida Nicnoia,
F.. II. Lkn-ox,
Roseburg Or., Sept. 1, li02.
A ranch of 240 acres, with houe, barn
and outbuildiiurs. Orchard, small truit
etc., well matured. No middleman's
proilti, 3 mi'es from ra'.l road. Town
of Dti'n. f 'jOO i cash, inquire of
owner. F. F. Pattkrsox
Eoeeburg, Ore,
-- Coffee, Tea and Spices
Price is no higher and
Currier's. Ros"S 1
Golf Skirting. A. very heavy quality, measuring
56 inches wide in all colors.
Venetian Cloth .. .Black Venetian Cloth, full 50
inches wide, an excellent fabric
for tailormade waterproof suits.
Kcb3" CorsetS .AVe are the agents for the "Kebo''
Corsets and have a large assort
ment, in the latest French styles,
on hand. The newest of the
kind is the "Kebo" Form-Reducing
S!)!iSh fall SaitS-Stylish Fall suits for Men,
Youths and Boys.
ocs Men and Boys' shoes in good
qualities and moderate prices.
sssass smssissms sis -
1 85 Wollenberg Bros. s& f
V This slo-e will close at 6 o'clock; Monday and Saturday "xceptf j" 4
I Drain Gardiner I
Commencioj with Monday,
tneiare irom Urn a t J Z r,
aOfouods. Travelling men are .Ihied 75 pound, when ther J
have pound, or more. Ali excess Lawa. Sets, per pouud, aad no al-
lowance will be made for round trip. DAILY STAGE. ?
For further information addrese 5
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laundry, the mm who loves faultless
linen and up-to-date laundry In 3 alwavs
weathes his face in smiles. Dv.iig
warm weatln-r our methnis of laur-j. v
i:ig Unen and owored shirts, white vel,
elc.liows itself in the length of
tley keep fresh and t-Ieam.
They've gone and done it again
Done away with the dark-room in
developing. A little machine to de-
velope film negatives in daylight
without going to a darkroom. Any
child can oprrate it. See this won
derful invention at our store.
Cmsc and Effect.
Reyx)nsivb to the twh, and erfect
in tore and action, the Vose piano has
secnre-.l a hold on popular favor accnrdetl
to none other. It is a standard instru
ment, of the highest gr.tde. I'nexcellotI
in a single feature of merit. No better
piano made. Not liigh priced, either.
Sold at exceedingly low figures for cash,
or on easy time paymeuts. Everyone
W. A. burr & CO.
o i ur
They ere now located in t've new Heudrick block,
one door MUth of the Raihru-d Ealing llvu
the best 2r.r..v:-::,r". '
A fall Rnd coaop'eta Iin of Cizars, and Tobaeco
Candies, Naia rioit.,
every can guaranteed
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Jar.aary 21. '02, we wij char
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J. 11, Sawyers, 5
Proprietor. Drain, Oregon
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