The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, September 04, 1902, Image 3

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While you are out shopping don't think about buying before you
call and see our.line of Spring and Summer Dress Goods as they
are the most complete and up-to-date line in the city. Our line
of Wash Silks, mercerized Gingham, Dimities and colored
Lawns can't be beat in price and quality.
Our Reay-to-Wear Waist
In this line we excel all others as
the most complete line
Waists from 50 cents and
Here is the line we can save you money in.
Walking Hats and street shape. An elegant
Sailor for 50 cents.
Ladies Shoes
Our Imperial $3 Shoes for ladies will compete
with any $3.50 shoe in the city in the way of
wear and beautv. . " "
Gentlemen, our line of Golf an J Fancy Shirts
are the latest and most complete line in the
The place to get these
The People's Store ' An i
;: A V N N VV N XV:
m Book and Stationery Store . v
i Leather Goods
Just received to
which we would
respectfully call
your attention.
It embxaces everything
that is new and stvlish in
Wrist Bags
, Purses, Etc.
in either Plain, Silver
Mounted or Mexican
hand-Carved work.
They are better
than the ordin
ary kind, and
are especially
suitable for nice
Call and see them. It's a
pleasure to show goods, 'p.
V- 'vsiSM.wv: . v; ; v. as?; VsvJS
All we ask is that 30U try our
ce Cream and Soda
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Latest Thing Out. Try them
WOOD & BELL, Proprietors
Phoue Maine 183.
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on GoTern
ment Land. .
Blue Prints of Township Maps showing
all vacant Lands, One Dollar Each.
PlanS and Estimates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
Office in Marks Building. 'Phone 415
Our new line of Golf, Stiff
bosom and Negligee shirts for
the present season is a mirror
reflecting new and rich effects,
the proper fabrics all the
kinks and fangles that'll be
proper for this season's wear.
Especially do we want you to
inspect our new offerings in
Men's Hats, Hosiery, Sweaters,
Neckwear, Suspenders, Etc,
Special and tasteful patterns
not to be seen elsewhere, no
limit to choice your fancy can
run, through the most com
prehensive display of these
goods any store ever presented
to the people of this country.
our line is
The celebrated
in the city,
Clothing is known far and near anil that is the
line we carry. The prices are right and the
tit is perfect and if you will step in we will
surely convince you that we can rave you mon
ey if buying of us.
Neck Wear
Here is where we shine. We have the swell
ed and most complete line in Southern Ore
gon, and for the newest and latest thing out
don't over look us as we have them in the line
of neckwear.
Gentlemen's Shoes
The celebrated W. L. lVmglas Shoe which we
are pole agents for, sneaks for itself, if yon will
give them a trial. Wehrvethem in Oxfords,
high cuts, also in tans and ox-blood colors.
geods is at the People's Store.
S3! S3 Gt
School books at Marster's Drug St re.
Luther, the 12 year old son of J. R.
Daniels, of Melrose, is dangerously ill
at that place.
W! J. Moon, the life insurance agent,
is combining business tvith pleasure in
a few days visit to Portland.
H. L. Miller, of the State Bank, at
Aberdeen, Wash., "is negotiating for a
tract of timber land in Douglas county.
School supplies at Marster's Drug Store.
Dr. P. Hamilton went to Portland
Wednesday to spend a few days visiting
with friends and transacting business.
W. T .- Emery was in .from Coles
Valley Tuesday with a load of fine jieart
from his large orchard. He had no
difficulty iu disposing of them at a very
good figure.
Mrs. S. K. Sykes went to Portland
Wednesday to visit with relatives and
friends and attend the Elks carnival
She will stop at Eugene a few days on
her return home and visit with friends.
School books at Marster's Drug Store.
Hon. Ringer Herman, who is spendiug
his summer vacation at Myrtle Foint,
came over yesterday to participate in
the celebration and festivities of the
Royal Arch Masons. MarshfielJ Sun.
W learn f om a reliable source that
Mr j. Mary A rant, who for the y&st few
months has been at Lodaville for the
benefit of her health, is lying at the
point of death at the Emmitt home in
Coles Valley.
II. L. Engels and family were in town
Tuesday en route to Olalla to attend
the pioneers' reunion. They met 18
timber laud seekers as they w ere com
ing to town", who were headed for the
mountains in quest of claims.
Geo. Crane and Hpnry Ridenour,
passed through Roseburg last Tuesday,
enroute to Olalla, where they ex- ect to
attend the Reunion of the Pioneer,
Native Sons and Daughters, to be held
at that place on the 3d, 4'.h and 5th
Herbert Eakin, of the banking and
merchandise firm of Eakin & Bristow,
of Cottage Giove, was in Roseburg Wed
nesday, accompanied by his wife, trans
acting business before the Register ol
the U. S. land office. This office was
favored with a pleasant call.
C. A. Wilson, secretary of the Glen
dale Lumber Co., attended to business
in Roseburg Wednesday. He aid this
office a pleasant call and we found him
to be a very genial and bright young
man. His company has one of the 6net
milling plant in Southern Oregon, has
just completed a four mile flume to
Glendaleand is kept constantly busy
filling big orders. Mr. Wilson will re
ceive the aleji regularly from
this date.
David Adler & Son's line of
One door south ot the
Post offfo.
School books at Marster's Drng Store.
John laily, the timber king, was vis
iting Mrs. Sharkey last week.
Supervisor S. C. Bartrum has return
ed home from an inspection of the
Southern Oregon forest reserve.
Temple Brown went to Drain Tues
day to make arrangements for re-oien-ing
the ltoarding hall at the Normal
School supplies at Marsler's Drugstore.
Peter Nelson of Gardiner, was in town
for a few hours Mondav evening. His
daughter, Miss Fauiiie, is to be married
this week to ("apt. Gu. Westerbrook,
w ho has charge of one of the vessels
which plies from that jort.-
The sugar Leat factory at I-atiraiule
wih soon U-gin work with a force of 30
men. It is exjected that within two
weeks there will lie over 1(1)0 tons of
lieets in the sheds. The average price
to lie paid contractors will l $4.50 r
The Premium I i fcr the district fair
to lie held at this place the first of next
mo nth is now ready for distribution
and can lie Irad by applying to Presi
dent V. C. London. Secretary F. A. Mc
Call or Burr's Music Store. A caxh pre
mium fund of fH0 in available.
School Uioks at Marster's Drug Store.
The 2ith annual convention of the
Oregon Woman's Christian Temierauce
I'nion will le held in the M. E. church
iu this city, Sept. !th, 10th, 11th, and
12th. A line program has Iwvn arranged
for each day, w hich w ill ap-ar iu Mon
day's issue of the Plainhealkr.
Mrs. J. W. Strange, accompanied by
her son Iale, arrived in Roseburg from
Coquille Wednesday to remain during
the winter at least. Dale will again take
a position in the job printing depart
ment of the Plaindkalee, which will
add materially to our renviit efficient
meclianical force.
School supplies at Manner's Drug Store.
Mis Minnie Bell returned home from
Portland last evening where she has
been attending tlxe fall millinery open
ings a rd purchasing a fine stock of fall
aud winter millinery. Miss Minita
Bell will return home this evening from
Elkton, where she has been enjoying a
pleasaut vifit at the old family home.
Prof. F. II. Appelhoff, Silas Reizen
stein, Einerv Davidson Dwight Berry,
and other memlierfl of the Roseburg
liand arrl orchestra, left Tuesday for
Olalla to attend the Pioneers' reunion
here they ill furnish music for the
dancing while there. Several vehicles
loaded with pioneers and native sons
and daughters went out there Wednes
day to attend the reunion.
School IxMiks at Marster's Drug Store.
Prof. A. M. Sanders, who was recent
ly elected principal of the Roseburg
public schools arrive- at this place
Monday and is riiMtriiig tofiiUr npon
his educational w ork in this city next
Mo.idsy morning when the public and
fiiil schools oik'H for the ensuing school
ywr. Prof. Sanders is a very genial
uf ntlcman, pleasing in his address and
comes to our e ty highly recommended,
lie will be by his family in two
or three weeks.
' Fred Wright of tie Pl.AisnK.u.KR, is in
attendance at the Pioneers' Reunion at
Olalia. A big tout lalieled "Plaimieal
kb Hfcadouarlers,'' j furnishing the
news free to the people in attendance at
the reunion through the medium of the
twiep-a-week I'i.ainkealkr and Portland
Oregonian. The people of that section
of the conntv arc manifesting their ap
preciation of this enterprise on the part
of the Pi.AiMis.Ai.KR by adding their
names to our subscript joi sf fakjng
advantage of our f i club rate for the
I'l.AiNDKAi.Kn and OVcgoniau both one
School Ixioks at Marster's Drug Store.
Dr. V.. Di(ias and family returned
Jiojiic Tuesday morning from a pleasant
vacation spent prjncjpaljy in tlw vfr''1?
ty of the old home iu the Willamette
valley. The doctor extended his visit to
Hunter's Hot Springs in Montana, but
vas somew hat disappointed in the far
famed invigorating qualities uf those
mineral springs and baths, having de.
rived lmtjittlc Imiiefit therefrom. He
is looking and feeling better, however,
as a result of his vacation and trip,
while the family was greatly. Iieneflted
and pleased with the vacnlion.
School supplies at Marster's Drug Store.
L. L: Hnrd, the (ilendale jiostmaster,
returned to Roseburg Wednesday after
a few days spent in looking over the
business of his office which is temporari
ly in charge of Louis Reizenstein of
Roseburg. Mr. Hurd reports business
livtly at Glendale and says their enter
prising little town is soon to have a lo
cal pajier, an old newspaper man late of
Colorado, now being engaged in cstal
lishing a neat little plant at that place.
The new paer is to )hj known as the
Glendale News. Mr. Hurd enjoys the
distinct iou of being the first subscribe
to the little pajKir which will soon make
its initial appearance. Wo wil the
pew enterprise success.
School supplies at Marster's Drug Store.
. Ji silver medal, contest will lie held at
Riddle Sept. 9.
Frank Hermann, formerly of Coos
county, is scndiiig a few days in Rose
burg. Shaking of put ionizing home indus
try the local newspapers are decidedly a
home industry.
A marriage license has liccii issul to
Jacob Fishers and Sabina Cheney, Isith
of Glendale.
School books at Marster's Drug Store.
A. R. Matton, the enterprising mer
chant, is down from Riddle today
transacting business at the county Seat.
Mrs. A. C. Marsters, Mrs. Ferguson,
Mark Munson and others who attended
theW. C. T. I. institute at Gardiner
have returned home.
Miss Stella Hamilton went to Port
land Wednesday to visit w ith her broth
er, Dr. Luther Hamilton and attend the
Elks carnival.
L. P. Lane, late of Chippewa Falls,
Wis., has divided to locate with his
family iu Roseburg. Mr. Lane is a man
of considerable means and we welcome
him and his estimable family to our city.
Chas. Mc iee Ciime down from Myrtle
Creek Wislnesday to look after business
matters, lie reports thrashing com
pleted about Myrtle, Creel: the acreage
not being up to the average. More hay
was cut this year than usual.
J. T. Bryan, the jeweler, an 1 w ife left
by private conveyance this morning for
Grants Pass, in which vicinity they wi'l
visit with relatives an enjoy a varAtion,
hunting and fishing. Mr. T. Scott, the
Melrose jeweler, will look after Mr.
Bryan's business here during his al
sence. "
T. K. Richardson is looking after hi
lmsiness interests at Cottage Grove this
week while Mr. Kichardon is visiting
friends in Portland. Miss I la Carter
has charge of the mui store iu their
alisence, and reports the sale of a line
Kimball piano to Mi- lmg last
Mrs. 1 1. S. West has returned home from
an enjoyable visit with relatives and
friends at Victoria, B. C, Seattle and
Portland. She was accoiiitaiiii'd on her
uortheru trip by her neicee, Miss
Pearl Wright, u ho remained ut Port
land to prolong her visit a few days.
The City Recorder has settled down to
business again and cm now Ik found at
his otlice as uual.
Dxiglas County Creamery wants your
cream and w ill )iy highest cash prices
for hotter fut. Write for cream cans.
Will furnish you Cream Sep irs that
are second to none in tonality and Prif
uii most any condition voti unv desire.
The Sharpies Tubiiler Cream Sejarator
leads. I hmglas count v creamery refer-
auei-s, First National Rank ami laughs
County Bank, Roseburg, Oregon.
School lsaiksat Marster's Drug More.
Hon. Ringer Hermann, wife and
laughter, Mis Main-!, returned to Koe-
htirg front an enjoyable visit to CVwr
county Tues lay veiling. Mr. Hermann
noted many improvements throughout
that county since his last visit and says
there is substantial indications of rspid
progres and advancement in every ave
nue of trad over tiiere cs well as the
development of the many resources of
that favored section of the state. Mr.
Hermann and family will soon take
their detmrture for Washington Citv.
The i-litor accepted a kind invitation
and aocotiiiauitxl county clerk D. R.
Shambr.k, Dr. K. L. Miller and Clia.
Parks, ta Odes Valley Monday, to - n -
joy a day'K Fport liootiu; phe:isanl.
We enjoyed .the ph-asure of viewing the
tine Sh:tinhiook farm with its 4) acre
orcharil of winter apple and primes
which is iainy io.-uiti wiin nue
fruit. We tint visited the line 40 acre
hop yard on tlu :ame farm, iu
which a big crop of liop will bo gather
ed this season, comineneing toiar. We
also viaite-l tlie beautiful sunset ranch
of J. L. Churchill where we raw
aa fine a field of corn as can be grown
anywhere. Onr party returned home
late in the evening with fourteen birds'
and well pleased with the day's outing.
The farmers generally rejort alwut a
half ciop of birds thin reason owing to
the heavy spring rains.
S hofil supplies at Marster's Drug Store
Among the recent arrivals in lloe
burg was J. If. Diers, proprietor if the
Alaska Mining Journal and Daily (iuide
and builder of the first mile of railroad
constructed in that ortion of f'ncle
Sam's domain. Mr. Diers w the chief of
the construction bureau for thetireat
Central Railway and is here by appoint-
nent with . Major Kinney, chief
engineer, anil elsou lH-niiett,
contractor, ' for the projiosod rail
way line. Mr. Diers is emphatic in
his assurance that the mad will lie built
and that construction jrnrk oji the Gos
Bay end will coiniiioix e at once. Mr.
Kinney will arrive in ISoMebnrg Satur
day when he will lie joined by Gmtraet
or NeLson Bennett. Horses and ramp
eiuippage for a company of 23 men will
lie in readiness for survey work on the
roijte through the Cascade Kaijgis cast of
KoK'liurgaixl tins work will Ihi.mii with
out delay.
For Sale
The following named articles are for
sale at the Methodist Parsonage on
Main St. near I-nne:
Sewing-machine, Imok-case, couch,
oflice chair, table, jiortiers, cm lain
rods, chandier sets, iron wash tubs, fifty
feet of gardeu hose, dishes, kitchen
nnfensjls, lamjs, etc. To avoid exr
ense and trouble of thueu ortcl!8, tltey
are offered cheap. A. S. Mrn,ts.
Elks' Carnival At Portland,
For the Klks' Carnival the Southern
Pacific Co. will N'll tickets from all
stations in Oregon to Portland and re
turn, on August .Hut, September 1st and
5th to 11th inclusive, at greatly reduced
rateB. Account "Klks' Day" ticket
will be sold on September 3rd and 4th a
one fare for the round trip, with a maxi
mini of f".(K).
Special attractions have licen pro
vided, which will make this Carnival
the finest ever held on the. Coast.
Grand parades every day? in which
the lieautiful ipteen of the Carnival will
npear lieforo her ndmiring subjects.
Don't fail to visit the Midway PJais:
ance, (he I'ieriunn Village and aboyr's
Oriental Extravaganza.' If you stay at
home you will spend the rest of yoiif
)ife rerettii)jf jt. ' '"' faSHf'.J
Glendale News.
it'ni T !. it . .t
it nuur duura in speuuiug uus luoiiltl
at his former home at Snlem.
Mrs. Jesse Clements and little daugh
ter of Roseburg, arc visiting Mrs. Clem
ents father, S. R. Millet, in this city.
lluu. A I ler t Abraham of Roseburg is
looking after his large property interests
in this city and greeting his many
friends here.
Mrs. Charles Flint returned to her
home in San Francisco the 20th tilt.) af
ter a month's visit with relatives and
friends here.
Glendale is to have a newspaper. The
press and other fixtures . arrived here
some days ago. We w ill notice it at
length next week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tot ten, Mrs. Maty
Lee and Mrs. Sarah Pelton came to our
city Sunday, and the two ladies, who
are sisters of Mrs. Totten, took the eve
ning train for their homes in Iowa, after
several weeks visit in this county.
Postmaster L. L. Hurd, and his brother-in-law,
Otey Boone, of Deer Creek,
came to Glendale on Sunday aud re
turned to Roseburg Monday evening.
Mr. Hurd will not resume his office
work for one mouth from date.
O. F. Rohrer and P. H. Robert went
to Grants Pass by private conveyance,
this morning. Our city marshal will
purchase a lot of selected fruit while In
Rogue River valley, and Mr. Roberta
goes to Ashiand to visit his father, Geo,
Ri. belts Sr., who i visiting his eons,
George aud Joseph, in tliat city.
I.. F. Reizenstein, representing the
Roseburg Review, is now our deputy
(ostmastcr. He is filling that position
with great dignity and with perfect sat
isfaction, especially to our young ladies
with whom the P. O. is a favorite call
ing place just now. Mr. Reizenstein is
a capable young new spa per man whom
it is a pleasure to meet, and we feel sure
he is enjoying his vacation iu our city
Mr. Maggie Austin is vu-iting her
mother, Mrs. Kennedy at Hotel (ilen
dale. Little Verle Trimble of Wen I
ling, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs
Kennedy at Hotel Glendale, and such t
vision of childish beauty make miu
shine wherever she may lie. The many
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Trem
ble have a warm welcome for their Irf-au
tilii. little girl.
Klnier E. Totlen. of ( ilendale, and
Miss Clan" ReaN were married in Rose
burg, oti the :10th uit. his honor, Judge
Thompson ollicialing. Mr. Totten is
s.ii of Mr. and Mrs. C. p. Totten, of thi
valley and was rn and raised here.
lie lias stolen a march on liis numerous
friends who were n-d a little surprised
at the not ice id hi marriiige. His f-iir
bride is a'so well and favorably know n
here, and we join w ith their numerous
friends in wishing them long lives of
martial bliss.
School lmoksat Marster's I'nig Store.
ORCl'TT PAUE At the home of the
bride's (KirenLs, Dr. and Mrs. K. J.
Page at Oakland, Oregon, Wednesday,
Sep!. 3, l!J2, Albert Sew ton On utt
and Miss Dora Franklin Tag.
The bride is a well known, poular
and highly accomplished yonn lady.
possessed of m iny womanly charms an-1
graces, ror some tin e past slie lias
held the ition of instructor in tlie
niukical )epartraent ot the Central Ore
gon State Normal school at Drain, aud
' and high in educational circles in
j lluscoonly. The groom i a vrry able
and exemplary young nun, a n of
President J. II. Orcutt. of the State Nor
mal scliool at Drain. He is a very su c-
eeful and etficient young educator ami
has, licen filling a resjousible poitiii
iu the Normal at Drain under his father
The happy couple will Ik at home to at Drain aitr Sept. 10th. The
Plaindealeb Joins with their many
friends in wishing them health, happi
ness and prosperity through life.
S PItAGt'E-.At her home near Millwood
Sunday, Aug. 31, PrJ, Mrs. W. D.
She leaves a husland and grown oii
to mourn her loss. 1-uneral er
vieeswere comliictivl at Umpqua ferry
A Bay 's Wild Ride for Life.
With family around exj-ccting him to
die, and as on riiliug for life, IS iniles
to get Dr. King's New Distovtry for Con
sumption, Coughs and Cold, W. II.
Drown, of Leesville, Ind., endureil
death's agonies from asthma, but this
wonderful medicine gave instant relief
and soon cured him. He writes; "I
now sleep ounily every night." LIkg
marvelous cures of Coiiuniption, Pneu
monia, P.roiichitis, Coughs, Colds and
Grip prove its matchless merit for all
Throat and I.ung troubles. Guaran-
teel Ixtttles Tsv and fl. Tri?l liottle?
free at A C Marsters drug store,
School iKKiks at Marster's Drug Store.
A Parson' Noble Act.
"I want all the world to know."
writes J. C. nudlong, of Ashaway. R. I.
"what a thoroughly wnl and reliable
medicine I found in Electric ititters. i
They enrol me of jaundice nm liyefj
troubles huh na tn gr:at uf:
fering for many years, l'pr a genuine,
all-around cure they excel anything j
ever saw." Electric Hitters nrp he mrt
prptppf all ftir hejr wonderiul work in
Ljver. Kidney ami Stomach troubles.
Don't fail to try thorn, Only 30eU.
Satisfaction is guaranteed, by A C Mara
tere, druggist, ,
In theCIrooitt'ourtotthe Ktate o( Orrron.
tor DoukIm county. .
Wlnnitret e. Vlukora 1
Harry Warreu Vlcicftni, j.
nclendnut. ,
To Harry Warren Vickeia, Ui aboro imnicl
In the naina ot tha 8tat of Orvvnn rnn
hereby rcntilred to apiiparand anertli com
plaint llleil iigainst you In the above enUUe.1
ult and court ou or belore tbo Utb dav ol Uo
tulier, l'.t; and, II yon fall to aptx-ar and an
aweriald complaint Kinit you, at afore raid,
aud wltliin aald time, plaiutiff Hill apply In the
Court for tlie relief duutaiidxt in her cumplniiii,
lo-wtt: FortliedixtreiMlisiiolvinKtbe marrinvv
rnntract now existing betwevu plalnllit and do
fi'iflanu -
Thramimnionilspiililiilicdbyordrr of Hon
tt. II. ThouiiMon, pounty JiuIro of 1oui;uiii
coiinlj, Oreson, which order in dated Augilut
W, twii, and the time nrracrilnii 'ibeivtir, d-r
the pnlilU'atlon of thin ilummoiii In onco a un-a
for nix vbnareiitiva ititki orereediug nl't 1-Hla
dayof lii lobcr. 19t, and thq ilati' of th.. Unit
iiublicallun of (bin tmtnihuo In Die Alh i ay uf
Auut'xl. Wi ih-i Hanlit,
V AHirB''ItO(PlllUifr,
131 pairs of Men's tan and oxblood lace shoes
131-pairs Ladies' tan, green, and oxblood lace shoes
included in this lot, space permits the mention
only of the following. They are representative of
the rest :
$3-5i $3-o aud $2.00 Values
Now going for
it.i3.20, S2.00, S1.50 $2.20, $2,00, $L75
An examination of the shoes will substantiate
in csc auuemenis
When you see it in our ad
Dairy Notes.
A g-l on is one of the greatest
U-ve-s iu lifting a f.irni m.irlgage.
W. A. Ie I-ancy, a patron of the Al
biirt, (Wis.) Cn-amcry, ha.s nine ws
nhi-li brought him W5.24 last year in
ral. riivipts fr(in the creamery. This
is an average of f-id.Z r cow. Mr. De
lancer is not a general purj-' dairy
ui.iri, but n-aiisaud studii- his l.u-in-s.
A few yeara Dr, T. C. Smith, "of
Salt in, On;oii, purciiiiM-I a pure-bred
Jer-y ci.w. Fall he wild lier csdf,
th i 15 month old, for $35. This Spring
the rty who pun !iaed the heifer n
fusul 175 for her, A n- that she fur
ni!ie.I all the cream and milk the family
use, U-ides one pound of butter jr
da. Dr. Smith says he ownod the
in o, her of the heifer for a year and
half and made a profit of TOO percent on
first ot of the cow. When one buys
line-bred stock he ran always find a
mtrket for it aud usually at a d -ro-
Just Look At Her. . .
tthenrw came that uprightly Hep,
fasltirss skin, rich, ray complexion,
smiling face. Uere's her nvat. She
nsj Dr. KingV New Life Piils. Result
u organs active, ingestion gKl, no
he-aduclies, noehance for "Uues." Try
thorn y.Kirself. Only 23c at A C Mars-
tent drug ftore.
Notice for Publication.
I iKOfirt it R ( ,-.. nt j-iv,
(o(irei brr,oj (riven Uiat Ui loi-oltr
DIIMll.tliM ll.i t) W .
V "W la lapnort at k rimi-m nd
IhHl Mill praol will be mm ir nr.'or ih
An I I ! I . n I ( i .r .
w...-. viiii. m. lumeoarK.
orifon. cm c ! r i. 11;.
HtSKV F. Wfcr.
lie Bm 1M foiloinc wiiovni to ?rox
MmhtiaiMTU: bnrr Bich. Jifra Wii,T,
------- i-noia. :i o: jirrtlc
liert HimLtoo i.-tncr;ne AifrU Hamilton
.7 -' I T. '""" uar'a,rj
4Winfl B urn 1 1 toe, s minor, ail o4 the
4iy. by naiail mcau an4 un u full
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Administrator's Notice.
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Timber Uands
O. U
Lnd A jent. Timber
and Homestead
Pei feet satisfaction guaranteed or no
location fee. Host of references.
Yonr corrcoii.1cnce solicitdl.
Any information rtanling the. cli
mate, oil or pnidncliona of this m-o
ruiiH glally luriiudied, free i4 cliarge.
.VMre q. iv WJLLUMS,
r'l1- 1 Dr.US, tKK,
Blue Ribbon!
.State Fair.
Sept. 1 5th toiOth,
You are invited to attend and
we the grvatcst industrial eio
"itinii and live.xtm k ahow ever
held on thu I'aoitle Coast. GoihI
racing every afternoon. Camu.
"round free. Onit mvl Vring
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tjiin wriln
A. 0. WISDOM, Sec'y,
Portland, Ore.
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N-A;. C-
era! Lands. Oreg-ia, Vahiagvn and
Douglas County Oregoa.
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Solium 1 b'n-k-,.l a a B. 1.,. a.a It 1
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Practical Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
T . . 1. .rii...i - , .
a vamci a cuiici': swts u, n aicnes, blocks,
g Jewelry, Diamonds and Silverware , v
J. M. Weatherby
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Land Boucht and Sold
Taxes Paid for Xou-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty. List voar proper
tv with us.
Cause and Effect.
. Resjionsive to the toueh, and irfect
in tone and action, the . uuo has
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tu none other. It is a t:imhud iutru
ment, of the highest gnnU. Viiexivlunl
In a single ture of merit. No better
piano made. Not high jiriil, either.
Sold at xeoedii!:ly low Hures for cash,
or on easy time jvaynieulsi. Iv.vryone
W. A. BURR & CO.
The largest stock of 20th Century Goods in the town
$ Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Motions
I Clothing,
Gents Furnishing: Goods,
5 Boots and Shoes
$ Hats and Caps
1 Produce Bought
ovcvcvc.vv&ovc ovovov
$3-25. $3-o $2.50 Values
Now selling for
Everything guaranteed as represented
watch Repairino I
Old hatches Made Like New
Good time is a neoes-ary featore of
any match. A tiniepie jg n-el-ss if it
lor not a-t as it slui'd. I will make
nn-htilft is i-i'.le. I teU
y.u hy i; can t be'done if it is aot
ilvi.-habie to iua-1 the effort.
Jeweler and Optician
Ca-vj St., llear depot, CIS. S2
jYoncalla Real Estate
' TmbCTf Kd
, ia lam fptf
TmbCT Ud loraarf aad far aaie. Good bar-
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BEN D. BOSWELL, Proprktor.
A. Bury
D. L. Martir
Provisions $
Thone 721