The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, June 16, 1902, Image 2

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    -The Tivice-a-Vcek-
Rbscburg Plaindealer
I'r.t'.islieit Mou.lnys iuu1 Thursdays.
W. C. Cos, Fdilriid ruhlis'ncr
Fiii:b Wkioiit, City LMilor, Solicit.'!.
T. ( : . lit i n. Foreman
S.C i'. mi i:r it, i'r:uoiiii ": it" .
Tic-a-Vck Plaindc.-.k-r, p.r year, SLiO
Filtered at nhe IV-t OiH. e in Hi -t'i n iv:.
IVe.. j. second !.!! n.a :! i!i:itt-r.
. Advert isius; hate, on Appitcnt.oii.
.KM: Hi. h
III the tvcut of thci (loveiatir foil
Ttaio the- legislature in speeial sos
sion ou or nfttT July 1. I'.'.1-, tin'
Dewiy olfcte1. ieprestut stives ;-ii i
senators au.l n -; the oKl as vt:i fot
tuerly ann on ::(' J woul.l pm lii ipa'.o i
in its ptoepe .lilies. It is sui.l ti- j
tions n; o to be eiren'atoJ ;u.l pro-;
seated to thi frovcraor astit hint t-
convene the legislature in eti.i ej-
siou. The proposal loe5 not fceein to
meet with any gtvat ataonat of favor
by the tji-ess cf th. state or by tLe
members elet of tin legtslit! u ro.
Both parlies in Hie reeeut t'aiup-t;t;:i
Ipciare.I in f:tv.-r of llie passing of u
rlat saJnty ia.v I the next':i .("
of the legislature antl lite nietul.-. i-
iif tUe Wislaltite mid slate otlte.-is
eJeoteJ are pratt!e.i!ly plej!;e.l 'o
tnch.a law. All the
passage f r.neh a l.iw at the reg.
session of the !eiri!stnr'. a
d I hi
lh;enees at wctk for a special
are not clearly .Mined. If
session is calie.l thos-o i.u iitila
si eeiai ;
.1 ,Mlii
the movement e-aiitea.l that ii nt ces .
sari.y -will have to (e c.i-iYud ron.e ;
few .weeks prior to t tie tjiur of thej
regular sessicn. that ample time la-y !
be given for the cinsiJeiatJOuv-f :he ,
important aiHtteis of legislation to:
be proposea. It ill t (npiire sov.ial
.1 ir I.-, ii.i rt.o tr-.-;.,t IcSriV H'l.t- :
vitlJ ' .-v.. .l. n.
ing laws that operate in cor;cectiotj j
with the present fee system. It -is
estimated there are nioie than a sc-o:e :
of Etatn'.ef regulating the fees t f !he(
Secretarv of State's Jepsi tment I
alone. "It is thought the work pro
posed to be undertaken will c-us-sidp
he laajor pari of "Jd days, the inaxi-
mam terui Hlio.ved for special leisla-j ir
tiye sessioa-. Spe-ial setsior.s ate
nsaally very espeasire f;.r the tiix-i ''
payers and when oa-5 js pr. pore.l tij !'
be caliel so near to the date of the!'U1'
tegalar session only au extiauidin-.ry
orcasion ehouid deaiaud it. ."o stub
reason is known or t.t.uor.r:-e:l ai.d
the people will scarcely favor a sj e
cial session.
Geer writes v. Cb;.uibi-tldiu: I r
gret very luuc'u tht circn-.n-tHLiee-i
made the electioa of a demt-crutic i
goverhor possii,.?.. bnt since jt xvas
fo.'" etc- If i ti'-t ptobiihi buw
?ver. tha' Mr. (ieer very tu'i'-ii "j -greds''
liieeir- utiitaiices, and reu't-
lhat be Lh,1 a I-irsje parti'! iiiuo-.j
iin? ah.Kit. We arc- to Lave h .ie,::t
jratie -rovertjoi- bec.t i-
! ti
n iLia!!,'
nitv and niauti"s-. of d.-tbru:i-"l ...'.i
tical lK.--es--viia).:i. tii. Loweil
ar.d local xvLipper-pnappfis thro-.h-oiit
the state, wiiu conlilti't hive
thiols all their own way this year,
and worked in coDcert for roveno.
It will not be forotlen iua.lay.
The 'Je-aioerat.bbn always been op
pooed to extra s-esi-ioris of the Mate
legislature -ad will cou:ntt j be at
the present tiaie. hr runc-b as it Le
lieves in tLe flat salary system. The
"next Iegi?lat tire hhould do justice to
.tl.e occasion at the regular sniioa.
AlbaDy Dt?niorrat.
Ihis part of the f-tate cannot tveil
coruplaitt of "iVesIerti Orfori's yre" 1
iness wbea it refa-.-3 to t-ikn a lvan
'tareofifs own opportunities-. The
blow lhat Kas'eru (Jieon received
was dealt bv its nwii hind.
ietr for T. S Senator 1-a-i a ma
jority over Wool, but that fact will
not have au iota of weight xv:ib the
lesinlatare. lefiVroD Itvie-.v.
.' ()revu elected two congressmen,
and both are lip'jbl:cin, one by
T0')0 plurality, anil the other by
pinraiity, & jare.'.nn over xvo y-:irHi
apro. Th" leyi-l;:titt(. -.xbiiii xx;il
elect a Utiite.l States sena'or. if, in
pi.biican bv 7 tol. Th scuttle pia!
foriu ndopted liy 'lie O.-fon Demo
cidts made the Mate hhno-t unani-Diotf-ly
lieiiiiblir-au u nation.ii in
Files. All the Itepiiblicaii cnt.diilates
in Oretfon were eiecled by big major
ities except the man named for ov
ernor. Oregon miibt l.e a lively
place for a H-iatcb-fenst. 'Jlobe
wDemocral, St. Ijoui-i.
ia toad and expresses ilM-lf thus vij
orotisly: "lli' ieis al lea-t this s.-it-ififaction:
(--r xx ii! tsot b" 'overtioi
bfter ueit Jautia.y I ret.-tinx bi be
been if lie can niece d Sin, on as (.'.
,S. Senator. 11- ma h) victory posi
Lie for the ihuijocrats in Ore. n.
He assist ml Oregon democracy in ad
ministering a repriujand to I'resitieiit
lioosevelt, and will a republican leg
islature reward bini f. :r thin Ireach
ery? Will toy iep ublican Kenator or
rept'-sentative endorse bis (iishonoi-
able metods by voting for him for V. !
S. fctuatorT Wethinkiiot.
I'ukiii Li, own euo as an example
ij;;:;; J;:
V.ditor Itobort
of the Myrtle Point
" The revision of
tli IVes! vi. nan creed seems to be
. ! I'. I 1 . ' .
I i I'll I' n i-liuu li since their mother
took 1 1 ; o : 1 1 there."
-" "
hi; ict.
f'. I' til.
'.,.,, , iVkik.I a ie-.ii-
in the I'tit!''-
1 S'ides Somite
aniioxiiii.m of Cuba
( i ovt'i n
lib-1 p:-..,-
CiK Ct-
llHS COlnlllt'I Ceil
I'-nniht the San
'I lie Productive l:ntpiiii3 Valley.
'l'!i.- !.
1': 1 I'I l I'll. a. -y
. .l.n-Li-oii,
nit i.iun: to 1 1 n
i.'i'iiooi. atthi-ti.
: .ti u t
li e V-.-.
. I '- :'.
:i t
Ml' 1
Mr. K
!. i' V.
ri t-r i
, i :i e. !
V. 1. .-re
P.. :!.:,,
a pomt
:l h. ii.
v..-.. I the
!.-.! 1 In- iine
I l.! rllliot t .
n'.y of Mr.
. h.i- 1m.ii
,- tl..- line
vera', lav
the i'i'. '. ",
i-.l-i X.l
,. f.ii:
"i, .
A: 1
u i j.' ,.(.'..,:,'
x -. ,
,r. j (. ( ; t ( ,(
p,.,..:;..,.; ,.,
r, -,;-,,?, .
u.-ade by ma:iy f-.t
' p-:'--u v-''' -' 1
- ' ' : '
''- ;' ' '
v ' '"-s
, ( ; t
j. ... ; ,K.
I I-
II .
iia-d ...t'iiu ttie i.-.'.tl
hate '..en very
. 1 w .. i1.. i.a e i .e.'ll
ilies in the various
ty I---M- thi- s
1 :
U p.
II. in
; -j,
! i.i
,e ru.p,!!.! i'l-,-.
-o-ell '.a
,:.d p:tl'ire,
i- ai.l i.eavv
the 1
-' ii..-: 1
:- a ri
ih- It-.,,
' 1 1 ! " I ''
ii .;i
.1 !.
..'-t .0
w a x
: t
Vv .'-
Ml.' 1
: i.- a
. - w .
1:1 e :-
tt erv
a.n-i t in
turr "t
x i.- c.-i 1
.-! pi
To th.- jvismorv of J lm Bovd
nr.. i a p
h.-t (
fii. r.
!,1 h.l-k
ore u-
- '.I-'- -1
! o-:r
u Y.-.. -i
i t ,r i .1 ri'
f a c'..'r.i v r
!'!.- in .J.
el tho'l-ll .
liner '
itiou. !
; 1. .1:1 ; ;.
II- - a
i' t-i -
of ti.'
".1!-. Xt 1
I !1 t '!-
til. k !
ii-;-.i' :
r c.- i-!-' l'-.;,
1 tint brio 1
i:. a i..-tter v.
lioi.ii- -...ui
-. t h it tie
niV a'j-l -linn v
i-j'.li le I John
N 1: u: I ::;i.i.
(irand A. O. V. Y. Parade
I. X xt. Jniie I'i. Me- -!;;;! A. ".
I. 'A . ,
pat.-d ii
e t tiir .i
' i e
t CVe
.- s 1 1
a a- parti.-i-t
ii.. marcl
y .11
;.!. !j.:il -'.i.-ei- of Poll
all i- ol citizens rroud-
l-l t!
I! Il'-
iii'e ii
-1 iel-...i
i 1'C o h.
t !; i :- !.-i;-t h of I he
ii.- parade was review-;
til- IV.iiiu:.! I
-: Workman A. t
sei.t.-.tiv.- to li
ita- lh-- .-:i.
ma.!.' in iioii-.i-N"
an ai d of
Harxt ick and t l.e 1
Supreme I.ij.a,.. j
I .i-Hion-tratioi, ,
"! tie- Mllel
.tell. ill Ins for th.
ha be.-n made.
-1 ii L I he Kxposi-
'ppoaiinjr eL'e
drill Irani roti'.r
liiiiidiu,' la.-t evrliitii;. Protectivi
- , .... I
, 01 -aiein. ts. lir-t pri.e, and i
I Portland l...i.j- -.
ojal i ie.
Probate Orders.
Ja.-. II. Ieilin-. adnn
ol thr
Alt'. .11 I.a ;. d.-.-.-.i-e d. pr.-. nt- 1 his final j
iieeoiii.i for -.-Mrln-iit. Ti.e d.-.v -. t ..r I
ttlon 1.
, .le!.- 1;-
11. Im: . of i i
-late "I A.11.
K..-1-, .;. . ea-.-d. !j-d ;i al t !." en. I ol .I in:.
I In .
Xt it il
it showing 1
' tlill he 1,11 j
hand a -.mi ..f s'..V.i'l xxitii tthich he
could p;'-. out siandiii- chtiins iie.iinst
-aid .-stair, at tii-' .io rata of ." M-r cent
of die face of those allowed. This ttas
ord-l i-d to he done.
J he lion. I .,f .lane Adam.-, -iiardian o
ib-nry and K.i!.' A-lains, minor heirs ..
t he . -slate of Henry Adiiins, deceased
e.l i .. ...
I ...... io- . a. 11 a.j.oie.. .I..II1I a
1 . t 1 1 . - . .
11 1:11- Kramer ami . t . 1 . t oi nint
11-' d ai)iiai-
I s.ll-
M'l. '.Voi 1 11 1; , n.v n. i i,,.
I'l.xiM.i' u i 1: i- threat 1 n.-d
suit . P.10. ( 'oimrr tv.uld 11.1
lh -ebnr-
it ii a lii.el
...1 a ii'll.- nolii.-ty f this kind.
I'oilll Ki.'.-i i ri-e.
- M
vr: I
To l:..-l.l:l il', Pl.o'..;. 1 ,,r ,.IM.
lleei - I hae been solicited by HUIllCr-
ou po-ebnr.' friend- to apply f.,r ibe
H incipajship of liie .-rhool.- ,,f thi- citt .
While I de-ire pr my thank, to
IliC.-e ..;o...! ,,-opie .,r I!..
t hex repo.-.- i.i. and the ho,,o
to do Im-, I nil:-! add lhat I
ticiii-.' law I'.i.d have 1... pre.
' 'ililldence
1 hey seek
tion oi d,ai
. 1 i 1 -j
ll.'l elt'olll.
'latcfiilly Vouis, l.ot is ).tu,i:i;, ,
Is Appointed Supervisor of the South
ern Division, Cascade forest
i Mir worthy tow nsmeu and tore eo-jic
limit pat, traveliiiji representative f the
j Pi xiii:.xu:k. S. t'. Bariritui. rrccixed
in '1 ilicat ton -aliirdax from fciiati.r .lolin
II. Mitchell, at Washington, that he had
heCIl .1
nly appointed suj-i'or uf the
in livi-ion of the t'a-:ide l-oii--t
Ke-erve to succeed Nal Lanjd. resigned,
it ho wild Supt . Arms'iv strongly recouj Mr. I'.artrniu's appoiumcul.
Thi come if a txoll le-erxel promotion
for Mi. lliirtruiu, win. lm icu the gov
ernment efficient service ior three xcar
jpastinttie . ajiai liy ol lori-M i auger,
tthi. li sjiteii him liiurh
and valuahle eNH-riein- in thi hranrli
of ;:oteriuiiriil M-riee. a well as thor -
oii-lilv arotiaimiuir himvtilh tin- ill-
hint with lln- d -
vision of '.he I'as.ade K.-.-erte. 1 he
Pi tiviu Ai i:i: and Mr. I'.artruur uunier- j i,,,.,, i0 ;l barber shop for a .-hate and I rjl'''".v value un-l-i the ii fl it
oil Southern On-poll friend join i j then 1. 1 the jail. Ilis tirst tt ish t as for ! e"re ol t hi drman.l." he -aid, "ami
he.irlilt con-rat ulatin him upon his ap-i ;l ,,f bare, n hich tt a n. ! j al itin.1. 1 '"" ,vi'' pi'hah.y r.itness enor-
poiutniriil and well der!'e.l pi'ouiol ion.
I le i t;hlv .pialdied for thr po-i-!
lion, i- a "eiiial eriitleiuaii. xthose utrict i
integrity and lailhful and -.ut-ieiituuis '
discharge of any dulir or obligations j
devolx inj; upon him has xtoli ior him j
I he hiulie-t . -teem of the lillblie xtithiH '
1 i
tlie raiejr f hi ai .jMaiiitaii.-e. lhat Le
v, ill render the .iternnieiit elticient and .
laiiiiful serx ice in the capacity of suj-er- :
viorof thi- dixi-ioii of the f..rr-t reserve i
his maiix friend stand ready to guarati-;
tee 'I'lie -n hit l.iellt- il :mv have vet .
I I - I
1 il .....t.. .'. .r ... . .it ll. I '.Ml
ii. i an 1 .-rt hern dit iioiis of the t 'a-; 1'ori-et Ke-erte, bate n.. yet Imtii 1
announced. j
W ill be used Jointly by S. P. and O.
& S. Railways New Sawmill.
i'"irt!.t (, .luue IX
rurr il
Manager koehlrr. of th Soiithrru
1- j rili.- t
mpauy. arrived till itioriiin
oil 1
: - 1 : spi-cial car and comiileted lirt;..tiat ions
it h
I.ou-.- .v. Ki.wham for the x rd
1 ..... II.- r-.t r....! ml-
.1 ! io,.,.
j I n ro!isi,ler..tioii ..I t In- raul a in- de
ii.t tti.ll.e erected iiuiin-liatrl v. The
v. j ii.-tt -i i 'iieture xt ill ! built vtheie'thr
e.t stand, onlx a little lurtb
er bars, so a to admit l another track.
The new huildin will 1 u-ed by the
J tin -on .x. i.iitheatern r.sid a well, and
i xt ill he a nis-tie,-r and freight de-.t
. !t will l-e.Hilll' fe-t.
T i ti n i ii Reni..
' t. i: t .Xovi:. June 15. The new
iniil to l- hiiilt in the Ij.iij A lliny
l.ani A lditi'.n t" tl.i city, niention "f
xtb.i.-h l a- l-ru made, ie noxx au aitred
the order i..r the tnachinery hating
Ken i.'i.irr. x- it h a Portland linn
' vo ',. The mill xx ill originally I HO,
; ' H) capacity, and a- s..n a the UoLeiuij
j r.iilio.r.1 !;n,. cm carry !.
. l.-id- r laud alrradv ohtaiue.1 be
tt.e I
j Company on lor Itixer. the Capacity
! :li U iii.-n-aisl to lO.'.0"tl feet. Long
X l'.inhiiie will bold the ctitroMin in
' t-Te-I in the plant, and Mr. Iuii-ham
-t ited that the mill will 1-e iu
j .; rat i..ji lUiihty- from date.
I Another iiiirt;-.iit improxemmt
id x- under wax- i- lio- revtii.ti iiu.l
. -nt ..1 lien It. a Lr...
; 11 -"--s-
; tloiir.n.-mid l.uiidin- l..rinrrly x.w ne.1
oi a . t . i.oi,' ,v ..n. i nr m.n ninerv i.
: .v S-.n. t)
1 hich tta
-pi in-, w
lip! 1 to ll.axl Htxer this
wln-re it is to l- installi-d in
Ion- - new mill iu that s tioii.
rniiisdeU.! and relinishe-l i..r
i Xlll I-
thi-purjM.-e, the work bavin-; alrea-ly
i"--uii. I he r etalor i l-;n torn d..n
and '.in-addition to the initi hiiildinj
i- 1- in rai-.-d ! the height of th main
part. The hot.-I will
lo! !0J -ta-sts. and i
en. p!.-.-l in y.Jdays.
ex;s.ted to
at '
W. C. U. Lh Item.
The seventh annua! convention of the
I '.man's Cbri-tiaii TeinirfTance I'nion
jxvillU- held iu the M. P. ehiireh at
Ib-ehiir-. .Iu:ie L'"i. L'lh .tli. We ho
I litoli- xx ill send full dle,;atioli. The
Ih.s.-I.iir I " iiii in will proiidc freeoitirr
tainiiiriit and xx ill try to make it a-
! ph a-ant and protilahle. a i.-ibl to all
ivho w ill att.-iid.
c are -lad t note the new intere-l j
lasrn iii the Pnioii and -aiu in inei,,l-r-
. 1. : . . xx- 1 . . 1 . .
i-nil.. i.i'i.t'F nai treasurer, in see
j that -late due-are -ent iu to the state
j treii-iirrr that we may have due credit.
1 Ail cunlv dur should 1- eut to the
county Ir.-aiirer, Mr
Piddle, im mrdiatelv.
Amy Merriam. )
Die secoiidrteniii.' of the convention
;i -old me lal coiilrsl will held. All j
iii..-,- ho. line silver medals in the 1
county are invit.-d to take part. Mr.!
Jennie Sc..
tt. ol Kiddle. iM-ounty Ua-r-j
tntrii'ieni. x l ll 1 1 pr.." r. 1 111 ..t the ron
veiitiou will be riuted later.
Mils. Int. MxRstkr, I'o. Pre.
Mr. ('. J. Amu rxoi:. Co. Sec v.
Youngest Shriner in Oregon.
hollow i 1 1 r a 'sl pi.-liireof .1. O. John
ii Jr. in Sun. lav's ( Mr 'onian. the fol-
twin- -ketch appcari-d re-arHinr-a well !
k,,,,u " p-pubir ynun man of brain,
' ouiitv : The di-tinction of tiuiug
'he y --( Shriner iu reon belxiig
P. J. 1 1. .1. .Im-.. n. Jr.. of lirain. He haa
he.-ii in Portland since the day of the
oH-iiin of the Imjicrial council, and has
bi'cly as-i-le I Captain Iti own and Jhn
iMikehart iu the eiitrrtaiument of the
xisilors from the differriit teiii.K-. Mr.
liii-.tii is a native of Orejfoii.
liigxest Celebration On Record.
i l iind l oim h of July celebration at
I the well kiioun grounds iu Scolls; N'allev
I near Yniiealla xx ill Im- -'ivi-u under the
auspices' of the Yolicalla I'lieiiien. j
Tiaii-noi tation 1. rot idud from Yoncallai
'to celebralioi, yrouhd- al reiiaoimble I
1 I
rales. Thr .ro.M-ain will si-t of:
1; ,-,i... 1 1 ...... 1 ; . 1...1.. I
iii-.i'iuij; '! 1 HV. im t iMinimii v.r( I Mill- 1
prudence, oral ion. horse race, font
race and bicycle races, also oilier
amusements' iuclndin ha-eball -am.
I ii extork iu I he evening, tiraud ball
afternoon and tueiiiiij;. Mucic by n
jih.iI band.
Thin xx ill be th- bijreest 4tb on record.
l oriirlher particulars-, address,
C. llllSH Kli.
Secy. Fire Dept.
Kansas has; just added to her wouder-
fill collections of freaks: a deaf and dumb
man, vi bo talks in bin sleep with his
; Haul Underwood Apprehended at
i South Bend.
Sam Kknu, Wash., June", 14. Paul ..( the murder of his 111 tlu '' " otismess tudav. lie say-tbrce-xvcek--old
baby, was- 'captured i li'o receipts of his oftiee hate l. u u
a built ii:.W .clock this luoruiust near ! i--.-. I-n t .-lly large this year on ac
I here aft.-r a two week chase. the
S.,rl the ..UiceK have Weu trailing hiin.
rxlw-riem-e-l ttoo.lsiiien, keel. in- th-
trail, while the other. M.iisslit to bra. I
the fugitive olT by Ijeatin I he ttoo.l
ahead. A unal, they tarti-.l mil at
' daybreak this morning, and at the hour
slated Sin-riff I'lidiliee m I'iiiler'.too.l
eon m ilottn a hill, and the latter, evi-
. .leutlt pyilJf; the ..Hirer, .Iropped lulo
thu tall ra oil the t idu laud at the
Uittoiu of the hill, but ;ate him-elf up
promptly hen t'tidih. e rame nj t iiii.i.
, He bad aboiil ball of hi mippIv of uro-
. lle had aboiil half of hi siipptv of pro-
1 1 isUi left when cai.tiu.-l. Mr ttas
..I II
t vni KWiM.u i M.ks iKi.iat.
I' ii. lrrwo.l talked iiil freely tthru
a-slired that he ttxiild l.e liealr.l fairiv.
Hit said :
'My bahy tta vt hen I thre it
ill the n.iler. "I hi i the m.1'
truth. I had lu tkr iiionl ol thecal ..(
it l.e from the start. Ir I It.l n.v
Uaby 1 1'i.ui'v. iiioietluii I did my vrlfr.
She lid uol rrui t have much love fur
it. It slejjt on my aiui at uiht. an. I I
had to ttasl. and take rare of it. It then
I took si. k. 1 -u! t.ije ratliii tea, nhich
did llot M'r'.li to .io it Utll.'h It
wuilld nurse all the milk my ttife had,
and 1 Hotild f.-ed il more out ! a cup,
and thru il Mould Ihiott it ail up. Mr.
i Uetlei told tut- It Itiiylit hate the Si 1 ii.
Utrr. and if it I. .id it could n-.t litr.
, 1 n lj) ni-ht. hrfoie ttr left it na' the
! nm-t ill. 1 told her we
'A r t r r x -
tthiiiuud m.t r to A bt-rdrt 11 . tthriv iu
iiMolher ttoiild I i:lad to can- l- ril.
"er l-'lr,'"," ''''' not know tnat she had
I a t.ay : out my moinei .11.1. iu i i.e I
oi l me to hl ili ' il home."'
I iidrrxt'Kjtl fairly rae.l hri: iiitorm- i
i '"" " ",; r.-,-.n-i to naxr ex
il'." ''. i;' ... ov wo.-.
I "i.l lr ttt with, and had laid the t.Iau.e
uii him.
'he U .to that i a lie." he aid.
Why don't -he t -1 1 the truth and i.
lone with it. iie wanted tne to r; rid
l..f the hal.x . and I n tu-e 1 1'ijoit. he
aid she didn't ttallt atit bahi:
and I
I old hrr that it w;i n.. usi- j..r to ln
together then. Will, "ho held ..lie side
id the -ack hr-n we dropped th baby
into it with the r '. and then j.l?od
the Lae. She knen j!i ,t.iit w hat I tt a I
S-xine to do -. h'-n 1 iiop-d tire bahy in
the wuler. If 1 iiad ati!e.i
the bahy 1 would imt ha',r .. that
loll- to do it. I r..n. luxe I
d.Hie it al I'.liiarJ. tthri, c e;- -t i.i
to . atch the t.- take li e tr.'inj
lor A'-rJeeu.
I "'It Ihs-.mii I" i;i. ..hi and then l...r, i
I e - . i
I It had liot slept xt ell ..r tin. in;
happened l.. ban- al.-n a iiltle t.ttie ..f j
.1 lor"!. Tm l !-n-o! i.r mx wire t..
take ihinnp li'm hut M:s. Ilet
Irr s.lid it wa daiejetoii- t.. ii-- unli
A di.-tor w a pre-, nl . al. 1 I did m-t ir- it
thru. Thr bahy n.-r ie-1 -i'p. and I
! put a lw dr.-p- ..:i my lu:i ikrr.-:ue: and
1 . . .
nut V. oxer t tie mot - m - I! -f.-...e I
! .. : . . .., ", ' .'
'l-rvn-. .. lime ttin.e alteixiuM it
hhe alteixiurd
. . . .
ern-invi an-i seeme.i to ira.ii. i hen I
j, tu.r
It t, pj-d o:eathii.;
... u .. .... .1 . . . ,
I ..M -' . - 1 . . '-II. i i.'lt I lit.
bahv. Thi n I put n.t e..r .'....t 11 t..
l.ieaM aiel it- la-urt ba t is U-t-
in. We put it in the sa.-k
ilil the .iter, we ..ii-jht
ma.ui-1 and -urn il a .
I. an I I f.rrit i: !
h.tle is- J
1! LlTi.ti. '
Uii. i ..1' ti nth. J
-t..ry on the inw.e-. 'aud.
tell li,..-
It was .,
health) luh,aul ttitii prapr-r
JCiit rare it ,,, bate lixe 1 '
Cosse Abandons Effort to Capture
Tracey and .Merrill.
S xi i. xi, .1 una l"t. No trace of Tracey
and Merrill, the ecape 1 cm i. t. ha
U-en found since tbey h-ft the 1 rave
farm, near Needy, Thursday afternoon.
Keor! froiu New Kra and llarh.w xes
terdav evetiius. to the efleel thai the
I outlaw f bad leeu seen in t h..-e x icini-
t ie. I urned ..nt to e ranardf.. I ra-01
and Merrill di-:i.sare.l a i-oin-plelelv
a if the r..iiH.l bad .pue 1 and
swallowed them.
iIJ-rinleiideut L-ep of the Priiitriiti-
arv. and r-fient? Diiinin are lioldmr j
renferi ncr tbi. afternoon, l. plan a
course of ii. tioQ for the future. There
i little 1. rohabilit v that thechiise will
li re-unnsl uiilr- the convict" ha!l be
heard from apain.
s.irxi June 1 h. rilf ..i..l
all uiMnhoi ,t hi im.-lu.liu" the
militia, and Mr. I "arson with the hlond-
hounds, returned lant evrnin from their
futile rha-e ..I the fleeiuc ronx irt-iuur-drrers.
They rejM.rled that the rumor
of the i-onvi. t'a visit t P.arlotv and Next
lira ye-t.-rday tu'.rnini; tta uirtrue. and
that they are still in the cotinlry east
ward and nnrtli from Needy, ( 'hicl.aiuas
County. Mr. h'.lds himM-lf in
I readino-s to resume the chase a ston a
Sheriff J Cook, of Clackamas County,
hall notify him that the lii-iliti-s are
a;;aiii l.a-ate.1.
XV BV V" list: Wis III RT.
While there i cotisiderahle -rtt i-(iii
of the uianner f the pursuit and its fail
ure .so far. the fact that no casualties
have resulted has mitigated the disap
pointment and tun generated u feeling
of tliaukfulncss to Sheriff iMtrbiu anion"
the relative, of those tt h nstitiitr.l
the puisiiins party.
Offers $3000 Dead or Alixe., r., June J4. The reward for
,,'" -!,r'"""". 'lead or alive, of Tracey and
i :u i..,. ..;.!. ; 1 a.. ..,..,.,.
-"rrl" "H:" "l "'S'" """u ciaxoou,
or $1500 for either man.
The reward
of f.'itKI for information that xvill lead to
arn-t and conviction of Ilie parlx- or
parties w ho fumfished the convicl xtilh
rilles and ammunition remain 1111-chan-ed.
Charles I'errell, of" Hem,,
Nev., brother of Frank Ferrell one of
the murdered jiuards, last night offered
an additional reward of tlou f,,r the
capture ilea. I or alive, o Iraeev.who is I
known to have killed I'errell.
The lutv injj; prize lights in not
intended to apply t physical culture
contests, between husbands, and wive.
Roseburg Laud Office Besieged by
PoitruM), June 12..I. H. booth, if
i eivcr of the Hum burg Land Office, war
ol r"--'
tor liiiilicr i hiim.
1 lie .leiiianu o i- I iiiiitt-r Hi t lit- roilli
tirs of Josephine, ("tiny, l.ajie aii.l"
Jul!;la." In-, '-bi.U fair to tiallsitar
lh- i !ov-ruiiu-iil lioMiui: to thr lian.l
of private citi.rii in a little while loud
er. In fact, the hulk of thr it tak
ii up now. aii'l only a iMnall proportion
'Kinaiiik to Lt- i-ii'.-n-.l.
ri I ..." . i
j ll" ".k ior a tei t urine r.a-tt rn Ue-
maud lor t in: Ian. U in l:.i-r tiact
I thi.teai-. and kuo of a lai-r number
J "' iu.piirie lion, .-.ipitalislf tt ho
" luiehase I... lutui.
I " 1 lluh.'l all. I r.iiiliol l.e!
" 1 imhei land r.uniot I. eh. a. It aiicing
iiioii sale. I not i i- tint tin- Southern
Parilir ( 'oiupuiit has it it hdra vi ii all it
limlrt-r lands I j . i u thr lu.iik.-i. pi n.iir.c
i I i-c in a hie. a nd t hi- in. '.r ..lone tt ill
have a trndrm-t to mi-e tiie pii. e of
timber hind all oxer the .li i Id ol the
R..ebtii; l.aii.1 t !!!.-- 1 ,e .
'.t'iM ell only i.lati-1 ti ..ud ha- de
. idfd to n-M i teall its l:ire Uli.- in
drlinitrix .
"Home-tfad i litlie haxe Um imne
iiumeroii than timber laud entries id
Mie. nr -ji i. -mi, i Till sle s II. at 1 ::e
eo.isi count ie are ..n liiii up n it h a d
o ahle . la .t H-...h- xtl... intend to
Hat in the! ry. there is not
tllllch llioliet ill holi.e!ead clitll'-s for
t he i. iVr I'll men I as t i in r is f. !' t he I iui- j
her lands l iim. howr-.n
thr latter
l-ril.- Sv ' e.a ii tol ctrly .jliaitrr sec-
lion t.ikeii up Thr lees lor thr
lioii.e;ead are 1 olii.aiat it ely mall. but
the rlltrt llu.l li.llSI l.Ve ..I. tbe I: . . , 1 ..In!
1 "
Principal and Teachers Employed
i fnr Ills Vnr
An in. ;.;!. in! n.fctii. - .! the K e-
hnr- N.-h.r-i t- jr.1 w a held 1 lidax rveti-
ili and all.o!.- ii.'-l '.'.S11K-. the .ei-r-
ti.n of a ( i in. i .,l .1:4,1 n hers f..r
tioii of
the ch :
c..ii,e ;.
pr... i. x
a- .
sch.H.i v.'ar
tl..- .iii t-.i
r . M. "a-..!..
-e of '. lie !k ,(
'.pil.l iittej,-
1 or prim ipa
i s ! att te. i- a-
l'r..f. s'.n:t..ier-
it liiMy ie. ..tniii
i i-!oia!r e
I,. I. I
t .el. .11 I .i n;
i ' t .
h.-i. 1
!it i-'-itc.;, ..i j , it.cij.i .t ti,y i;;;.,
.n ad. my i.-r s-.n..- tim.- ano i- t.eij and
!ar..:x sii -x :i thioii..!,..iii tn- !i..!tii-
era j- rtio'i ! tiie ta'.e
All of the 1-,. i.el .1 the jrn.l.; w ie r- x.-.i fi. -pt M.-i t .
Sinttii and p.n.
i'-r the:r ie-j
M - I .. .i.. it
'. del not appix :
tr l .'i..i !..r another I
t.i..-i ! -a . r-.-: ,,;-, Ml Csk W ami. Ti e T. - T-.wsei.d
pui !. s.-!..-.)- .f.-.r.i.; . Creamery (V.. at 44 et-.d St.. I'ort
:r ti .! .. ', .-, ...i j , land, wiii h:ehe-i i,,ritet price lor
, '.. : ciijUj. W iii M-ll x ..ii I'rraiii Separa-
.rv.. .si. i i.. j.,r nd tle ..ur crejn in paxment.
... tm .e ;..e.-. ' 4ltf.
! t l.e t 'allX I.X li!
thr ;.,: -. :.
.l.e ; I t a. .
at'ph--a;...:i -.f
e-1 yoi.i.,- iadis-
I hv
at I i
' prm.
alel I
I w io ,1, ".i ... :
. . i
a ,. a:.. I re- 1
it -.el eii
P;... 'tlio
I--; -y
:ii standara.
. . ,
! .
1 late 1
...! t . 11
l.Ml. r.tit-.u 1'
m t iin...
! ItoSehiii X liIlict N-'. 4. ptxtsvxl ul?
iMu"Oy Ii.ib after ti j-.:i. the seboxi i
eii.:Liiy in ; a j; very we;
I pleJte 1 ttilii the i resei.; UiaiiR(fj
j ineiit the :itT'.r of Ibia ich.x 1
I Hie ineell'ie- wtr. ciilied to order
..r-.;.i.i ..e- isu ..fii..
'--s7-ji oi 11 v u a.) .', V44v
Miss l";ra Ihllaid. tin. of the
.ui'tiiiiig I'oiaio. eiei. ci u.a
,- . . ,
lihttic'. presided nn 1 reml the u-
1 ' . 1 ,- - , - --:
iiual report atnl exhibit
which Kb.,xe.l u;tola! io:jw;t .f
Too pnptl f.xr the year, aaiu.t
f.-r lust vear.
Cxdi 1.11 l.'in.l m lime of mal-im.
lhat annual riort V"i-'.''. there l etnir'
j at thu aauie tune nn ii.dhtedii n of
i 1 .01 ou the tietv addition lo the
tuool 1. tin. in., ih l.iiauriai atate
ineiii iteaeiiie't umihv -uoweu tuat
I'll lll, luH JJusl xeitr lll.n TI.Oll in
ilel todDfJs hhd len entirely wipadj
ul, with 11 cV:i !,!a:i tn band of
F. V. Woolly and Mias ClRra Dil-1
lard were prm-tn-allv re-elected di-i
rector and clerk respectively byac j
clfiiiiMti'ti;, t'.iere I ieltnj iiii 0ppo1.1t loti
Whatever to tlieir re eiectum niel Itut
twelve vie ei-t. Mr. Windier w
re-elected for a three year term n !
directory nnd Miss. Dillard. for t lei k
for one year. Him hemp her fifth
terry. The board now ciiiijii isej 15.
W. Sit. ir.).'. '-Iiniriiinn. S. C I'lmt ni.d
V. Y. Wool lev.
M. S. T. Wr-t. 1
ixite" accri.le.l exetal
ild and reliahle lire in-iirance coinpiiiiies
i noxx pr. parrd to do a -rin-ial tire in
surance business. In-iire wilh him.
Odiue at the t'iiv Hall. if.
Patronize Home Industry.
Prove your loyalty to home indtistrv
and use Pfttilas t 'ounly I'ancx Cream
ery Hotter. Contrary to some ttho mi-epr.-seiit
u. we air here to assert that
our i-ancy . renmrrv is ina.le aim alnav
I. .. i .. ., 1, 11,. 1 '
lias lipcii w holly t pure cream separated 1
. . , . , I
oil Ilie lilt III. alio Is clean, eleeant illlxl
feiaiiiie. liit e it a ti i ll ; ll w ill speak
for itself, il it does not suit send it back
to w Im you rc! it of and it cost t on
nothing. I'.oih leading markets ,,1' iie
I'acilic coast -ay our l aucy Creainerv
Mutter is 1 . K. lou!as ('. Creamerv,
I.'osrhlll-e, i h:
Virulent Cancer Cured.
Stiirllinj: proof of a xtoiiderful adt ajict
in medicine i. 'jixen by drue-ist (i. W.
Ih.herts of Klizabelh. W. a. An old
man there had Imij; suffered with what
j;oo.l dts-lors pronoiiiu e l iii. uriihle can
cer. They believed hi case ho.elrs till
he Used Fleet rlc Uitter and .applied
Ihicklen's Arniea Salte, which treat
ment (tinpletely cured him. When
Fleet ric P.ittrr. are used to expel bilious,
ki.liiev.itud microbe pnis'oiia at the saiue 1
time this eulxe exert. ils matchless heal
iux Mixter, blood diseases, ekiit erup
tioine, uUcimtud sores viinisJi. Hitters
50c, Salve -3c at A. C, Marstcrs A C".
Is not to be compared to the run on T. K. Richardson's Music House at Cottazc
on May 27th. Three instruments in three hours and one -later in the day, making in all
for the afternoon four sales as follows: One Kimball Piano, one Singer Piano, one Need
ham Piano and one 6-Octave Kimball Organ. It is fortunate for us that u'e have already
on the ray a lot of fine pianos to supply our prospective customers.
--Our Second Car-loadr
For this season will arrive iu about 10 days and our third car-load is ordered. The Rose
burg i also enjoying a good business: oue large stock of Organs are all gone
and only thre pianos left:
One fine Chickering,
One fine Kimball,
One- finiv Cable.
Our prices are such that the people see it is to their advantage to patronize us.
VU will lillll tL" lft IO-ke
! '
. ". V'S . VA' V. A . N . V
Told in Side Heads
Axtiii-tV. O. Wright, i-rant
Paee. iroa. -old and silxer i. rupper
' 1 1, t ill ali.l r'.evt roivt ie auVe.
1 ok ti-sj.1 drixiuor ridiu
. ... .... - . .. ..i i .. . .i . i ... t . i it.-
' "-" r" "eipi.i i. ininuriM iir. ,
i.uquire at ihioriice ur at the Jvar.flv
KoR .-X
rolt-!!:. Pe'irahle i-ftrj?. home, in
!:. bur, 10 acre p.t and upw.rd in
. .
; xi, -jHltV
I ... 1 " i.'. ::. -
i ' - euu.i aiatj.- i in
1 er out. . K. llrn-a. !t.ertirc Ore.
I.i MBkji ( Koo-h or hni-hin-;
him!r. tl rir.p. runic-, t-ti-., tirt cln. ,
'U-hxr-rt-l or t the yard atolalla. Fori
t rio-s and trrn apply to W. P. Well-'
'iada. I reyri.. (J16p. !
i'.:Mnnixrii.K.i MU-l l.ate
a line ..t Polar.d rl.ii. p:?- hich I i,-, ali. froa;e. Take amiaS in
txi.i-e,, ;.f r.-..-r.ah!e pri.-.-.. Write or;,;me ,, VyU ,.ain ja , 01ir j
Ore;..,,. ,..rm ... Robert, t reek. ,Up
Max l or. f x. k.-i.,i ra.. I.av f. r
sab- ii-. h r- h. ti. hr- ke and ui. broke.
Ii.oiiir, . f i.ra.hire- IIlxiI'..xx
Me'-e t'rrjori.
exen miie wi -t of;
m:i 1 ni m .xie-ia:i.e nnr iA. ito,
. it . a, 1 ..
a n ne ur -1 ipr.D- ara
hrre ..I pr.n- and
New tKi rrini
fuii.mer nui.ihery, -w tKi arriving
exerx weet. lad. eg iioxrltir. etr.
I'r; es To j '.ejfr c:ton.i r. Juix I
in.ii l.txa io :. J-a-hty a.-r-i
1. ear in. Miie svl-- l hf-u-e and church,
and i'hO acre tra.-t ne..r I'alU s.-h..I and
l-v-V'thce. W iii sell in a tlv or i:x ide
up ;u t raxLs. Iiise nH.ut.tin eire.m flow.
titn.'.ifii tra.i. i or i.r..r aa tern.f
u.idre. W. li. WAiis. tMalla. n-v.
... .. ...,-
Orejon s Paxoritc an. Hopular Sa -
aide Report.
. . , t .
I. e the alvantate of .rw -
ivviv i r 1 i.u t tf 1 iii'n vtr i.ri r-
,.,,!.:.uul....Wt. ,rt..;',: " .':"- ""'I0 dr.0anm .
! . .: . T.
, , ,, , ,
eo to rirtiil tlirir vavativj. Ox ttie urea a
' , -'- .
waxr. the oiil!.eru t Meltit' t. I'MinatiV
. t . '
i U1 "'" Cvrva.... .V
! ern r..i.i.w.l, wni 011 sale, enect
' ixe .Inn lath, rouiid trip tiiketr froiu
! ail .inte in Ore..u 011 the -oiithern
I'ariri.- to .NewiK.rt, t.d f..r return uu
id ts i.-U r loth, at eptx-ialiy redu.tsl
l'..r full information please eufuireof
y,,llr ,,. lt.
Sheriffs Sale.
Im t!. Circuit Court of the State i
" r I'.miiUi. County
I wiiow aua iierio;tn )
rbinilfta !
Henry 1. Laugtd in
and l.dw aril ll.lili
Icieti.laul. i
Notice i hereby given, that by virtue
oi an execution and order ol sale utiiv
i.-sur.l out t-f and uUdcr the seal f the
als-ve i-ntiilexl court, in tiie above en
titled cause. t ttie din-tJ and dated
the. "itli day of June, Pirj. upon a judjt-
i ment rendcrrxl at:. I entered 111 said court
' on the 17th dav of Mav. PIC in faxtr xd
1 . : . . . . .
Ilie ais.te uam.-ii piainuu au i aeaiu.i
the alsite naiiit-d deleildaiit. lalwarxl 11
I eieli, and a-am-t the hereinafter men
tinned and letvritsl'.l attached t.ropertv
for ihesuinef JlW.StV with inteiv.t
theris.ii nt the rate of iwr cent ITr an
intiu from the 17th dav of Mav Pwr and
the further sum of f.1:l.40 e.e-ts and die
hnr-enieiit and the cot of and upon
thin w nt :
Now therefore I will uu
Saturday, the 11th Jay of July, 1001
at I o'clock ). in. of "aid dav. at the
coutt house frontdoor in Hosrburn.lioti;;-
.. .. .. . .1
laK t . ue. sen ai ihiuuc auction 10 me
. . . . . . , ,. .. . , , .,.1,, ,
ill-lit si oi.i.iei .' i...ti i...ii.t, a .. ...v, title and intere-t which the said
defendant. Fdward K. Leijth, bad the
1st dav of March. rX', or at nnv tune
thereafter, in or tothe following descrils-
ed tuoiK-rtv to-xt it :
That certain Mill site iu the l-ohcuiia
Minitijt l'itftrict in iK.ugl-aa County Or
egon, kiiottuas tli .ooii.lay .xiill site
and partictilavlv desj-ribeil a lieiu. sit
uated alaint three-fotirth. of it mile
iiorthwaet of the Annie mining thiiiu.
a Unit 40 mile a littte south oi east of
Cottage tirove, Lane t'ouuiy. Oregon.
and as coiiiiiieliriur'at the location liotu-e
011 11 stake about three-fourths of a mile
' northeast of said Anuie claim and run-
liiiit; in a northerly xlircvtion o! .1-1
feet ; thence easterly 47l:,s feet ; thetice
outherlv 47SJ: feet : thetice westerly
47fJ, feet; atid thence northeasterly
-s!.u4 feet to the place of U-i;liiiiitif. sit
uated iu I'ouhis: Countv, (.ireoii, con
taining tive acres, with all and ein;ular,
the teiieinent. ht-rexlituients and ap
piilieiiauccS thereunto U'loin-iiiji or in
! any wise np)ertaiuii)i;.
I o satisly said execution, order ol sale,
interest, cost and acerneinii cost.
Hated at Kosclmrg, thiti 7th day of
June. I.102. E. I.. Fx 11 hot r,
Sheriff of I . 111-las County, Ore-joii. j
ni the Best Tol.fij IlitrUIl-l)t t (he
Smiths' Dandruff Pomade.
ftoj. itching nj. ci.e appli.tiou
three to six rrruove. -!1 d-udrv.8 and
will Mop f jllin; hir. Pri. e Tir., Ytx
by Mar.ter- Drut V M Itf.
Aroo-J tHe Caprtol.
W will aoirJ the value one
and ten i-eut fl.I'J, iu le.!r!.
tainin twenty--x jrn ui ink ph---...
, re.lmr.l -tetdie-ot a-hin'oli .lie Of
' ...
mu'.l l..r f.u .-...!. . .fcK ..r .1
iOae,i, Victoria Lruehtetl Sir John Ten-
C -
niel i-.r eifnilar arti-tie wr.rk in tj.ieloii.
lYmir editor ha saroj-ie .f thte ;
Nt T-Htl L. Pt hi lHIXf. t"jVll-.,.v.
lnVl Thirl Ave.. New York.
Catarrh of th Kidney .
Kill. tI..u-;i.U of Mi.V.M.tullr :
j (1 .l:i .rit,. ,ra.
1 " Kripht - .h-eae. Take S. B Catarrh
' l ure, which r-? the cau of M
kidney tn-ttbie. For -aie tv all drtts- i
; jr.i. i-'.k on i atarrn ire. aitv
' Sndth Br.".., 1 re-no. Cal. Y
Mar-ler I'rug .'...
..r mis bv 1
tteatiaat K.cfP.
All lnruilr a.e re.,'ic;led to 1- prvs- j
lit at their meeting tu-xt .-li.r-.iv i
exenMi; a tr.ere w ii: be oueice- nt im
r.rtau.-e a- well a
rri,,,,. ..11 ... .. i-...,;,.! .,....!
; A JOOd nining lavtalment. i
' , " I
Tho Al..r aiel .oIv'.bra.k MiniL. '
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"au;uiri Worker- of Itiia eal-rpri.
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rj-e placed at 13 .tnt- per ehare ut.til
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cati afiord and the movement merits.
Flock fui a'.e by C. S." Jaxke.u, of
Ilo-ebur;. arid the i-ecrrtary of the -om-pany.
H. M. Armitaje, of Myrtle Creek,
Corre-jaiiidam-r i ...licited hr a'd iu
teiulinj pur. haaers of ft.-rk and j rv.pec
titees will lur-in the liaiid of the public
is eooa a they can be di-tnl-ated. i
There - alrnidy LKi feet of ttiuuel and
shaft work done 011 thi proj-rty with
the reult t!iat one lead of M1.." feet .vf
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CoU-l-..rin- .,,u.rt value- at j and pliable. l-r,-er've- the 'leather Trid
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Abora showing value, of f.i.a sr t..u :f;Vr hariie-a r,r;,t ,.,i miwlse-l ap
aU U hid. i very t. the u'it l
couipaiiy . xx . xi;tw,
It. M. AmiirxoK, l're-ident.
Secretary, Myrtle Ci
Sherift's Sale.
Iu th.Cinuil 'ourtf the vUleof Orejou.
.r m.iifJa. C-ount,.
.'. V. Ktlier, riaiuiiff
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ilatet t-e iu tlax June. ursn a t,ui-
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Mart XX II. hi, an l at.n-t Hie hrre
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Saturday, the llth day of Julx', njj,
at ui'iiN h 11 ui ..f ..M a.v - r. .. . .'
house rron' O.-.r In H..sri,,r Mlr,,v
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the propriotora prepar, Creaa Wtn ia
IkuuJ form. uLtch iU . V-, .
Liquid Cream Balm. Pr.'o. tn,iTi
Notice for Publication.
Vu-.lri s.'r Lata! OA'je.
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, e ji. tia h:cut mm. i ;o 1 tfore tae Hrf
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fiaj p:'sept , 1X2.
9 J. T, BT.tO.K Eej.jter.
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Wagons V
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; ' Harlu and
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, MDC UI PttCTrtu i
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i i-repareil to wait cpon old
and nevrcurtottiereaadirlenxle
with a full and con-piete
atoca oi
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f m4iity. Tea aad co?eee are
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ipeciauiiea. lour patronagvj
ao JirL-xn D -.,
U- --t piniij i
1900 Water Proof
Uaraeis Oil Dlackiitf
ln up iu tl.e r..istel-x- oi . ream, and
pe.t;xelv will not cum ..r j.;
the leather t.r,i .V
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' a'" etpaally f.-r U.t ,t h,a.
re,-k.0r.'',n"f;,:nirll W. MOTK.'n.-e-
V.-.J..,,. aai a, p.;;,.H-s
1 iui Hr-w f-iiait'
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V 1 1 1 H H I ft D K e nM . 3
ij,i 1. u. kiuule. Prop.
ft ti AL KISD8 or
jji Fresh Drugs, nedkinejj,
Toilet Articles. Paints.
Oils. Glass, Sundries.
1 aW"Precrtitiont promptly filled 0
j " by a competent drturgiet. Q
Cor. WasLIncton
2 5
aud Maia Street
Mrs. Iklle Collin,
IAS. FLTtai SOX, Itx.p
AH Kinds of Clothing
Cleaned and Dyed. . .
I'rTi r!1, "I'i1" !atJsfaCti.m
I r-flivterian elmn b. liuar:ntee.
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