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    Dregon Historical Society
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ob Printing
In busy seasons bring
yon your t-Lare of trade;
Is a very important factor in
boM&eha. I'oor vnnt'wtz re
advertising in dall sea
sons brings yon your share, and also
tbat of the merchant who "can't af
ord" to advertise.
flects no credit on a good
business boose. Let us do yonr Job
1 riming we Knaranlee it to be io
Published on Mondays and Thursdays- Established 1868.
every way uatiofactory.
1 W-
No. 98
Collarettes, the big and only swell line
in the city. Fur Boas in all lengths,
colors and styles. Ladies, if you want
a swell black dress, call and examine
our stock, we can assure you it is the
best money can buy.
Bargains in Linen Lace at
cents per yard
Salem Council Will Regulate Rental
Rate for 'Phones In Tbat City.
Events of
few Days.
the Past
Cream of the Dispatches Dished
Up in Condensed Form for
the Busy Reader.
Wollenberg Bros. j.
Open until 8 o'clock.
and we present onr claims for con
sideration to the
baying pnblic, confident that when
goodsare examined and prices com
pared all purchases will be made
with us. We are showing the
greatest line of willow cobbler seats
of sotid oak rockers ever shown in
Douglas county also a full line of
styles of Furniture, Carpets, Rugs
$ Our Toy Department
contains Doll Carriages,
Tables, Rocking Horses,
Shoo Flys, Cradles, Rockers and Chairs, Stoves, Iron Express Wagons
from f 1.00 up and many other things too numerous to mention.
Bring Us Your
Be Prepared
for bad weatlier. It is here now
and will be with us for "quite a
while." We have the necessary
footwear to complete your rainy
day costnme, and a complete
line of
Gaiters, Laggings
and Rubbers. . . .
all op to the usnal high standard
of quality and marked at usual
low prices.
Who Pays the, Grocer?!
Oar customers pay aa and tbey do it wlthont kicking,
because we sell the best groceries, staple aud fancy, at
the most reasonable prices in the city. If yon don't
know this to be a fact, prove it by giving na a trial
order. 'Phone 1C3.
Hints to Housewives.
There are now 1205 ii. mutes in the Ore
gon Insane Asylum, beetles a few who
are still outsMe of that institution.
There is a gool Uv in Maine which
might well be copied iu Oregon. It pro
vides for a maximum fine of $1,000 and
ten years imprisonment for carelessly
shooting another while hooting Every
state needs a special law on the subject.
Ton of this bountiful country, listen to
the story telegraphed from Shanghai bv
Uuited States Council GxhIdow. He
says there are fully a hall million psople
in the Shang Tse Ki Yang valley, who
will starve this year nnlees sided from
the outside. Heie ia an imminent fam
ine horror surpassing India's oft repeated
tales of deadi.
The Prohibition State Couvintion was
called to meet in Portland last Friday,
was held in the A. O. U
W. Hall and was a bosks convention,
open to every prty Prohibitiooist. A
governor, two congressmen, secretary of
state, stats treasurer, state printer, dairy
and food commissioner, attorney-genera
and supreme judge were uomina'.ed.
The Cottage (iroye Bohemia telephone
toe is completed to ildoo.l, Irom
Cottage Grove a distance of 13 miles
From the other end of tbe line 9 miles of
tne system is finished. Tbe connection
will be made about December 15, when
Cottage Grove can hello to Bohemia.
tbe terminus of tbe line in Bohemia will
be at Helena No 2 wita branch lines to
tbe Helena and Masick.
Tbe San Francisco Chronicle says that
an agreement has been reached between
the controlling interests in the George
V. Gibbs Company and Miller, Sloes
Scott, that these two business booses
shall be united early io tbe new year.
new corporation is to be formed, with
capital stock of $10,000,000, there y
making it tne largest mercbanlue con
cern on the Pacific CjssI. The corpora
tion will deal in iron, tteel and general
Jose Moreno Lacalle, a vonng law
ttadent attendirg tbe Portland Law
School, is probably tbe first native-born
Filipino to take advantage of a higher
American .education. He cime here
last spring irom jaamia lor the purpose
of completing his 8 ndies, which he, uo
der Spanish rule, bai commenced by
graduating from tbe University of M
nils, and by subsequently takiog the
bachelor degree at the Uu.versity
Granada, Spain.
School patrons acd others will be ii,
terested in the fact that Statj Soperin
tendent Ackerman bits j in completed
the revised rules for conducting eighth
grade final examinations. Tueee rules
are to be in force throcgnout the state
Several changes have been made
Among the most important- are, tb
lime for holding tbe examinations are oil
sncb days of February, April, May aod
Jane as the.snperintendent may indicate,
The teacher must cerlily that the appli
cant nas noisbed all tne brancnes pre.
scribed by the state coarse of etoJy
rapiie wno reacn an average oi &u per
cent and do not fail Mow 70 percent in
any one branch will be considered as
sncceasfally passing tbe examination
Li ine applicant aoee not tail in more
than two studies be shall be allowed
rewrite on theee studies tbe following
examination. If he fails in more than
two s. ndies the examation must be taken
For Typewriter.
Tbe city government of 8alem bjs had
considerable trouble with the telephone
company, which is doing business there,
and an effort wan started at tbe meeting
of the council Tassdsy evening io bring
the company to time.
Io August, 1900, tbe council passed an
ordinance levying a monthly tax of five
cents for each iuetromiat in ate within
the city.
The telephone company later began an
injunction suit to reetain the city from
Collecting said tax. and subsequently the
city authorities arrested W. H. Danev.
tbe local manager of the telephone com
pany, for noncompliance with the ordi
nance, bnt afterward by agreement of at
torneys, both those suits were dropped
aod it waa decided to go into circuit
court and have matter adjudicated upon
an agreed statement ol facta, which will
be taken op on the 10th of this month.
Sow, however, the city has taken anoth
er tack. At tbe council meeting an or-
inance was introduced, passed to sec
ond reading and referred a follows :
The maximum rate f-r rental and
ne to be charged by telephone compani
es for telephones, within the city, is
hereby fixed io tbe following figaree:
For a main line telephone instrnment,
$1 50 per moatrj ; for a party lioe instrn
ment in a store, office or other plan of
business, f I per month, and lor a party
line instrnment in a private residence.
5 cents per month."
A fine of $10 to $100 or imprisonment
rom five to 20 days is prescribed lor a
violation of the ordiaoce.
Tbe determination of the city govern
ment is that it the company will pay no
revenue to tbe corporation, it must give
compensatory benefit to the alliens.
If, in tbe past you have bad trouble
with yonr typewriter ribbons, send
sample order to E. L. King, No. 218 San
some Street, San Fraucieco, and see
yon can't get a better ribbon for seventy
five cents than you have been paying
dollar for. $7 per dozen any color and
for any machine. E. L. King,
Pacifice Coat General Agen
ZI8 bansome St., San Francisco. N18
At Ashland's Oil Well.
Work is progressing in a most satisfac
tory way at tbe plant of the Soutbera
Oregon Cil Co., east of town and the-drill
is pounding away through the nnderly
tog strata wun extremely eoconragiog
result. Tbe indications of final snccees
in lapping paying oil sands were never
so plentiful since work began aa at the
present time and the management ia
greatly enconrged by tbe progress in
their work of dnlliog. Last night the
bit went through a stratum of eight feet
o! bine shale and then struck a bard
white aand stone. Expert! believe that
this aand stxie is tbe cap rock to under
lying oil eanJe which contain tbe petro
lecra of a paraflne base tbat the seepage
and blossoms heretofore encountered on
the work go to show tbey are located
thereabouts. Tbe drill baa already dug
the well over I4i5 feet and a few hond
red leet more oogbt to reveal th
"mother lode," of the greasy fluid, tue
findiogof wbtco would create the great
est iadustrt-i activity in Aihlandtbat
Oegiu bas ever witnessed. Tidiogs,
Carr's California Fences Down.
Following the action taken by tbe Fed
era! antboritiee in Oregon on Judge Bel
linger a orner to tear down tne fences on
tbe illegally enclosed lands of the Jesse
D. Cerr, Land and Live Stock Company
word corns from Modoc eoonty, Cal
tha United State Marshal Sbine,
California, has been at tbe scene direct
ing the destitution of the stone fences
around tbe government land in that
county. When Marshal Shine left the
scene for Su Fraucisco a few days ago,
there remained forty inde ia this Nw
England thrift to be torn down anJ h
left Deputy Marshal Gamble In charge id
tne or . contrary to expectations no
opposition whatever wa ottered to tbe
order of tbe court calling for tb doan
tog of tbe fence.
A Jury Declines to Indict.
Nrw Orlkaxs, La., Die. 5. Judge
M. Thomp-oo, in opening tbe Diatrk
Court in Washington Parish, the scene
of tbe recent burning of a negro at the
stake, followed by a riot at Balltown
where several uvea were lost, called tbe
attention of tb Grand Jury to these oc
currences, and urged it to take action
Tbe Grand Jnry, however, brought io
tbe following report :
'The men who participated in tbe
burning were among th beat ciliiens
the country, and nothing bnt a desire to
protect those who are nearest and dear
eat to them would nave move them to
undertake each measures."
Nelson Safely Towed
Elliott Bay.
Chicago Anarchists Defiant.
Fighting Governor. Ore
gon's First Snow.
bittli. Dac. 6. The British ship
Nelson, which (was ' reported to bave
turned turtle off themuutb of the Colom
bia River, Tuesday night, waa towed in
to Elliot Bay last evsoing by the tug
Holyoke. Tbe Nelson first encountered
bad weather a week ago. about 133 miles
wtst of Astoria. She struck a hurricane,
which threw tbe ship on her beam ends,
tore away every sail and shifted th car
go UPtil she had at least a three-foot list
to starboard. That th ship managed to
ivs in tb hurricane ia due ertirely to
tbe (act tbst tbe btorot did not last long.
Alter the Astoria tog' hawser broke tbe
tug, Captain io the darkoeer lost all
trace of the ship and naturally supposed
it had went down, and tboa reported.
By morning th Nelson had made her
way a considerable distance north of
Gray' Harbor, having been nnt along
by tbe terrific lore ol tb w:nl. It was
not long be tore the steamship Walla
Walla waa righted, snd Captain Hall, of
that vessel, consented to tow tbe Nelson
aa far as fort Townsecd. It waa no
easy n.etter lor a big steamship to bitch
to the then nnwielding sailing craft, lor
there wa a high aea on, and tbe greatest
skill bad to be exercised in bringing tbe
two ship alongsid. After considerable
delay a connection wa effected and the
ship brought into Port Towosend.
Wa'hmgto. D. C, Dc 6 Tb
Senate committee on foreign retailor
report favorably on the Hay-l'auncefort
canal treaty.
Washisotos, D. C, Dec. 5. Bill In
troduced in tbe Senate today:
By Mitchell, of Oregon, election ol
senator by direct vote of tb people.
By Perkins, of California, laying Ha
waiian and Philippine cabl.
By Eikins, of West Virginia, admis
sion of New Mexico as a state.
By Foraker, of OMo, free mailing
privilege lor.Mr. McKinley.
, Mcanutr'a AaeassiN cmaaao.
CniCAOo. Dt-e. 6. President McKln
ly's assassin was cheered publicly in a
r'o'oos anarchist meeting today. The
people of tbe city are indignant and
threaten summary vengeance upon
St Pail. Minn, Dec 6. The Minneso
ta railroad war boose commission baa
decided to back Governor Van Sant in
hi fight against the railroad trust in coo
sandaling the N. P. B. B. and tbe Great
Northern railway.
acxraescaaa Larrnts.
Skattlb, Wash, Dec. 6. W. A. Didds
and Herodoa Lambert have been indict
ed by tb U oited State ooort her lor
vending obscene letters tbroogh tb
sitajtrrr want win.
Salbm, Oregon, Dec 6. Upon tb de
cision ol tbe District Attorney tbe coun
ty court has rescinded tbe order, design
ating the paper in which tb delinquent
tax list shall be published. Th opinion
hold that tb old law controlled th
placitg ol tbe 1900 tax collection list,
thus giving this right entirely to Sheriff
raise or walks hohobid.
London, Eogland, Dec. 6 Great cele
bration at Guild Hall for Prince of
Wale. Great crowds have assembled
and th eotboxiaaoa i intense. In a
speech tbe I'rinc eulogued tb colonies.
M it or oho, Dee 6. A heavy, cold rain
storm ha prevailed in this section for
the past three days. The fiist fall of
siow came this morning, lasting nnlil
abuot noon. It is reported tbat 10 inch
es of snow fell on tha Riakivnn mnnnt.
ains this morning. i
Walla Walla, Dec. 6. The first
snow itirm ol the season came along last
night and lb ground waa covered to a
depth of two inches. Daring yesterday
hgbt rain fell and tb ground wa so
mnddy tbat the enow dieappeerd shortly
after tbe storm ceased.
As Reviewed by tbe Rose burg
School Editor.
A mt-rry throng it waa that on th day
beiore Inaoksgiving, left for Engea to
couUet for tb lootbell championship of
Southern Oregoo. Arriving at Eqget
tbey were met by Manager Crow of the
Eugene football team and escortrd to tbe
hotel. After sleeping for thre taoara
tbsy arose (rom their si urn hers aod lur-
ing the morning visited tbe University
un 'er the guardianship of Prof. 6trob.
In tbe afternoon a large crowd
bied t J wit nee the game which,
feed to he aa Interesting on- After tb
first down it conld b plainly seen that
although Koaeborg worked plocfcily,
tbey were greatly outclassed in weight
aud skill. Three tooch down -were
made in tb first half with two jroala
kicked, making lb scor 17 to nothing
in favor of Eugene. In th second half
three more touch downs were madV bat
Eugno failed to kick ber goal each tim
dosing tbe gam with tb scars. ane
52. RjeebargO.
Price, $35.00
Guaranteed to equal any
$100 machine .
tt( ' a1 ' lpLr'i
E. L. KING, Gen'l Agent, 218 Sansome St., San Francisco
We C. COlYltfER, t,ocal Agt., Roscburc
Vho will win the Prize?
sracLAL Mtjrnos icuhl
Capt. Gray waa on of tb star seen
the dsy. His defensive work wa si3el
lent. Left end Stock wsH altHeagb light
in weight played a fiaa sjamw. Tackles
Gibson and McCormack are guuf strong
players. Eugeoe'e guards, Crow aaJ
Evans woold be hard to beat in any
high si boot. Centre Bxth also played
a good game. Qiarterback Knykendal
made some brilliant runs and by bis
tiee ties s ol foot wa on ol Eugene's
best grouud gaints. Taylor, th left
back did soma excellent plating. Fcrd,
the coach, played right half back and
wa a sore gronnd gainer. Ford is tart
ly a grand player and Crabtre la hard to
beat as a lull back. Several times be
jumped tbe entire line for a good gain.
Tbe game closed eith hearty good feel
ing, the Roaebnrg boy giving three
roonog cneers tor ineir vmor wi,o ar
thorough gentlemen in every way,
Iu the evening a delicious banquet
waa tendered tb team in On Odd Fel
low Hail by tbe boy and girl of the
high school. There were a boa I 300
preeent ar.d never had a better ' time
in our uvte. Th Eugene boy sole
thought seemed to be to make a a)oy
oarseive. Ford, tbe ball back, was
toaatmsster aod toasts and abort speech
es were made by Prof. Traver, Floyd
Ramp and Coacn V. Ramp of Rose burg
and Manager Crow, Capt. Gray and
Coach Foid of tb Eugeo team ; elao
epeeUie were made by Prof. Becbdolt
and hi corps ol teachers.
Fir every 50 rei.t pnrthae at my store yea cot only get
veliw received in the freshest and twet grtcerie in loan
at lowest pricee, bnt a tuket abich may make yoo th
winner of tbe handsome prise tbe extra large wax doll,
now on exhibition io my store window. Call early before
tbe ticket are all oat.
The Test
of a
First Snow of the Season.
G basts Pass, DdC. 6 To first snow
l tb season fell in this city yestt rdiy .
It did not remain in th valley, but the
surrounding bill and mountain! were
soon covered with a whit mantle. Tbe
heavy rains ol late have caused the
Rogue River to rise fast, and it ia still
Resolutions of Condolence.
E lb row, Or., Nov. 10, 1901. Hall
Hyactntb Lodge No. 50, D. of H.
Wuema, Death baa invaded tb
porula of oar lodge and called awsy onr
beloved sister Lilll Uaney. Therefore
Kjic(d, that onr lodge ha kt an
honored and Uithlnl member and soi
rowlog kindred a devoted relative,
Rttoltid, Tbat w bow U hambl
aouiiasMMi to th in v liable decree of
Him who doeth all things well and sin-
ceraly sympathise with sorrowing rela
tives in Uiia trying hour of affliction.
Th body hath returned to dost from
whence It came and tbe apint to God
who gave iu May it rest ia peace. B
it also
Kt$olctd, That the Lodg Char tar b
draped in mourning and a copy of these
raiolatiooa b spread upon tb minute,
forwarded to relatives and seui to tbe
county paper and Oregon Reporter for
To those who lor loes ar grieved
This consolation given,
Sbe'a from a world of sin rsleased
And bluoma a "Lilly" in heaven.
Submitted in C. H, P,
Axsa M. Stabt,
Mabt Waixs,
Mabtha Bctlsb.
Half the battle in good cookiug, is to have good
fresh Groceries, and to get theiu promptly
when ou order them. Call up 'Phone No. iSi,
for go H goods and good service.
Will continne to be, aa it lue Un, the leaoVr In quality
and prices. Don't forget that or goods are all new and
frmh. A trial is respectfully solicited.
WVt handle Albany Creamery Butter.
to buy a farm
furnished rooms
to buy a house
rent a house
build a house
move a house
To those who are thinking about buying a Piano or Orean we wish to call vour attention to the fine line of
musical instruments in our store also to mhat our customers have to say in regard to instruments purchased
oi us. uuying in large lots enaoies us to otter you ba i gains.
Roerborir. Oreeon. I
Dkar Sib : We are proud of our Kiogebury ninoo and take a delinht In showing
it to our friends that come in oor store. If we were going to buy another piano it
oold be a Kingsbury a we found it aa represented.
Very Truly Your,-
Bbll Sistbbs
W. A. Bukb, Robbburo, Nov. 2, 1901.
Roseborg, Oregon.
DbabSib: I am pleased to say, after having purchased a Kngsbnry piano of
yon, 1 am more than satisfied with it. I Bud it especially adapted for teaching aa
tbe action is very light and tbe tone beautiful ' Hazil K. Pkkbt.
Mb Wl A. Bubb, Music Dealer,
Roseburg, Oregon.
DsabSib: After spending some months in looking and carefully studying tbs
different mskes of pianos, we bave never regretted purchasing a J. & 0. Fischer oi
500. Tbe action and tone quality is superior to all other in my judgment.
B. F. Russell.
W. A. Bcbb, " Roxbbdro, Oregon, Nov. 5, 1901.
Roeeburg, Oregon.
DbabSib: After having Mr. Stilts' Kingsbury piano in onr bouse tor a month
i r two last spring, we decided that we wanted one for onr own bom, and bava
never regreted buying one E. E. Blodobtt,
Roeeburg, Oregon.
Rosebcbo, Oregon, Stpt. 3, 1901.
W. A. Ptjbb, , Rosbbcbq, Oregon, Oct, 12, 1901.
Roeeburg, Oregon.
Pear Sib : Tbe Kingsbury piano tbat we purchased of yon ia Oklahoma, and
later brought through with us to Reeebnrg, we are snrprteed to find that it still
remains in snod tnna. Anv one deeirir a- a good piano at a medium price, in oar
judgment, conld do no better than selecting a Kingsbury piano.
iwwj army l our..
Jambs Smn.
Rosbbi'bo, Sept. 20, 1901.
A. Burb,
RiiMhnn. Orncron.
Dkab 8ib: The Kingsbnry piano you old me ia jnst aa yon represented it, per
fect in tone and quality. I find it pay to buy in rignt insirume irom ue ngui
man. i mniiiD juon mtwiunj.
. G. J. Eaton,
Mr. W. A. Burr. Music Dealer, Yoncalla, Oregon, Not. 29, 1901.
Rnuhnn. ()renn.
rii..D b..'. Tk. v.,. Ar Snn. wa onrchased of you some tim ainoe, baa
eivnn ntir.' ..ti.r.rtlnn. The sweetness of tone and light, eaay action, together
with th tM.nt.iful caa. make It an instrnment not to b surpassed. Our many
i,Un.i. k m u h.n .11 anoken in oralee ol it ton nd action. W e
no nun. for unnl. tn ao awav Irom Lome to purchase an instrnment when they
can do just aa well if not better by patronising home bo-ineas ron.
onr Very Truly,
Da. W. H. Voet,
Yoncalla, Oregon.
From our stock. Will convince anj-one that .
quality is all right. We have something new
in Pocket Cutlery every blade tested before
being put in. Also a fine line of Wilson
JJutcher Knives, Meat C: oppers, etc. The
best of everything at
kavvavw '
Have you seen .the
Christmas Goo Is
just received at
"The Racket Store"
Vvy av '
New Business Policy.
For a gwat while we have ben trying to think out a srstem to
e-iualu cash and crelit tnule- It cannot help hot be cooceUa
bv all fair-mindl people that the ready cash thrown opon tne
coouUr has an advantage owr time accounts.
Hereafter ocir terms
be 5 per cent discount
Upon Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Uiotnmg ior vaoh.
Purchase must at least amount to $1 to procure dl-ounL
Shoes and
3 per cent discount
Upon Groceries, Tobacco, Tin and Graniteware and any
other goods not mentioned in 5 per ceni. list.
Purchase mil! at least amount to to procure discount.
N. SELIQ, Myrtle Creeks Canyonvillc, Ovegv
H Another Combination
formed in Roseburg 3
m us 1
have incorporated under the above
name. Their stock tonsisting of 475
Dolls to sell from 1 peu'UY 1 $5' 5fK
souvenir views of RosebCr from 15
cents to 75 cents e;ieh: 100 t yJ lralus
steam and hot air engines rUi 10
cents to $3.75 each; tool chests, .kby
horses, wagons, crokiuole and
kinds of game boards from 15 cents . 0
$5.50; Christmas tree ornaments.
We .have nothing to give away, nor do we have any arm prl
for anv competitors, but we will guarantee if vu witl
we will gave 3) per cent on all of this lino of goods.
W. A. BURR & CO.',
If i on don't know PAT
tal! on or address . . .
F F.
and Builder