The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, May 10, 1900, Image 5

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County court Id In assstan.
Call on Caddis Bros, (or liny end oats,
t the Boshoy I urn.
L I). S'mrt i.f.Olalla mado thin olDre a
pleasant cull Wednesday.
To make your wife love yoii liny a
Bsclne buggy of tf. K. Sysis.
The Morrow Coast r brake on ltarnl,--ler
hlcyclo Is not an experiment.
t- For tlrnt-olBBn dentistry go to Dr.
Little of Oaklaud.
Advertising in a spring tonic for bitnl
nees. Try au ad lu the Serai-Weekly
I)r. J. W, Strange, visited 4klr)l
yesterday an 1 left oil the overland for
Olrndale last night.
Louis Vsndever ofOlslla Ml on Uiit
night's local for Santa Barbara, Cal.,
where he will redde.
"Leave ' your happy home" a nil
njy a trip In a Bacine bonify pur
chased of S. K. Kykes.
The heaviost thuoder shower in vein
visited this ulty Wednesday evening, be
ing of (rest beo6t to growing vegetation.
l'.d and Cleland Weaver of Myrtle
Creek have given Churchill A Woollsy
llioir order for a fine Piano Steel Harder.
Mr. W. rt. .Shipley, matron of tbe
Soldiers' Home at this place, returned
tltla morning from a visit in San Fran
cisco. The Kpworth League anniversary will
m celebrated at the M. K. church, next
Huoday evening. ICverybody cordially
invited to attend.
Subscritie for the 1' Six
teen pages every week for only ti per
aunnm. Many new name are being ed
Jed to our lit daily.
Cliurchil', A Woollwy are Lhuglas
count) ' ageri'a for thn celebrated 1'. S,
Cream Separator. If you milk cows you
can't affoid to ho w ithout one.
We note from the Uregonian that a di
vorce wan ri'i'mitly granted S. M. ingle
t'n from bit wifXsn: Singleton nee
IValn, decre being granted by default.
'(ieiiclll" ttaxp jtiveu wi.h cusb
trade at Churchill & Woollxys and tbe
Novelty Store. See tli'wo erii'jsed pan
el pictures alreii ly framed givu fur
0. 11. Fl'ink, .1 ji i.irtl and nospercuj
fanner of O'alla tpent a few days in
Koseburg this week looking after husl
nets mattori and di I not f jrgit to make
iUo TuisiiKALtu a fow pleasant calls.
Mr. Ella Strange, wife of Walter
Htrangs of Tacoma, Wash., li veiling
Iter mother, Mrs. B. J. (irubbe at Wil
bur. She came to attend the fuueral of
her sister, Mre. .las. Harrow, hut arrived
too late to do so. She will return to ber
home next week.
Harry I'eBord; who has been em
fnoyed in thii county for several mouths
left on last night's overland for his home
t Independence. During bit residence
in tbia county Hurry mado runny friends
among the young people.
I ave Crosby and wife arrived on this
morning's local from Ki idle, to buy fur
uiture fur tlinlr resilience at that place.
They also accompanied a gontleman who
in employed about Hotel Hiddlo to this
place for medical treatment. Wo uc
knowledge a pleasant fill from Mr. anil
Mrs. Crosby.
'.. T. Keys, wife -u I family, a promin
eut sheep man of Fossill, Or., son-in-law
of Usv. Kobt. l!joth, p-ed through on
Wednesday inornlii'" I jcI from (irauta
I'asst whore he has i-.-ua for souietiuie
piat rending hU children t sc'icol
Air. Keys wa accouip4uit:d by Mr.
Booth who intend to visit in t!i Wil
lto)tie valley for a short time.
1 he many friends of Arthur C Strango
a present principal of the South Mt.
Taoor acbools, of I'orlhnd, will be
pleasod to learn lie lint been elected
principal of tbe public schools of Union,
Oregon, at a ss'.ary of fJO per month.
As he is aatislled where he is and lias a
good, pleasant school be baa not as yet
determined on a change to Union.
Dale Willis, an 8. 1. fireman, who hits
j'iBt entered the matrimonial sea with
one of Junction City's la i rent, has rented
Ed Patterson's cottage on Pine 'treet and
neatly furnished it. Mrs. Willis arrived
on last Saturday's overland and is com
fortably located In her nsw homo. Dale
is one of this city "a most promising
young men and he and Ills wife have our
4i op t sincere congratulations.
li. F. Wells of Olalla, a native sou t
this county left on IumI night'e local fur
ua Francisco .i take passage' on the
U. s. transport leaving that city about
May Kith for Manila, where he will be
tmployed In the U. S, postal service.
Pefore leaving, Iiurb loft orders fur the
Pi.4iMitAi.tJt to be forwarded to him so
be eould lead tbe full particulars of the
republican landslide In this county
eobeduled for June oaxt.
Aide a Ham bier.
P. II. Buckley of Oakland is in town to
day. Mrs. J. M. Dillard of Dillard, was in
the city yesterday.
We understand tbut. W. L. Cobb has
sold his farm to Mrs. J. M. Dlllard.
C P. Lewis, hotter known as Bud,
lot t this city for Cape Nome Tuesday,
A. Kratis, representing the Portland
Art Co., will leave for Portland tonight.
IIoi KK Fuk IIknt. Five-room cottage,
furnished, for rent. Apply to L. 8.
Mrs. J. A. McDjugal wife of the tailor,
who has been quite seriously ill is im
proving. Bee our window display for f 2 values
in ladies' Oxford ties at only f 1 .50.
Novelty S'ore.
Marriage Is not a fulluro when you ride
in Kacine buggies and road wagons
bj'.igbt of S. K. Kkes.
Mens' cork ventilated hats at tbe Nov
elty (Store are just the thing for coming
warm weather. '
$1.25 buys a good pair of heavy shoes
at the Novelty Store or better ones for
l.50,fl.75, 2, etc.
lien K. Lyster, of Oarduer, book-keeper
for tbe A. W. Heed estate, made this
office a pleasant business call Tuesday.
Bargains in (Juaker IiatU cabinets
Factory pricA 5 e'h. Price this week
while they IJ each, at's Drug
K. DuUas. M. I member Board of
Pension Kxacuioere. Office, Marsters
building residing corner DongUs and
Jackson street.
Decorations are in progress for the
Koae festival at the opera house tonight.
Indications aru that ttiwe who attend
will see the finest rows ever ever exhib
ited in this cty.
For joD printing neatly and promptly
executed at reasonable prices, patronize
the itosburK I'.xik and JobOllice. Work
usually turned out ths same day order is
receiveJ. Haickv K. IjVki.:., Manager.
Next SiuiJiiy evening nt the M. K
church will be held the aunlveraary of
tbo l'.';Aorth Losgue. A Secial and
int?retting program is living prepared for
tbo occasion. Kverybody cordially in
vited to attend.
Soon tbe U iseburg bund will bosst of
a saxaphoiie player. Orln Kicharddon,
son of T. K. UichardRon, the music deal
erofttiis city, has just riceived a line
Buffet, Mveth A bchaefTer system silver
saxapbone made by Crompton & Co., of
Pari. Tbo instrument cost fl.11. I.,
A. Walker has also ordered a saxaphoue
Mrs. M. Josephsoii has on display in
her show window an enlarged portrait of
Mrs. J. M. Wright' family, btingaj
group of nine persons. The picture is 154
by 40 inches and is very lifelike. It was
made by tbe Portland Art Co., of Port
land. The order was taken by A. Krans,
their agent, who has been in the county
for some months looking alter tbe com
pany's businesf. Mrs. Josephson gives a
10 by 20 life size portrait made by tbe
Sims company w ith every f 10 purchase
at their store.
Almost Cloudburst.
But evening, at 8:2(5 p. in. a heavy
rainstorm accompanied by unusually
heavy thunder and lightoiug, began at
this place. This rain coutinuoJ as a
steady downpour almost a cloudburst
until8:4n. m. after which hour oc
casional raiu full during th night. The
amount of rainfall resulting from this
downpour amounting to ,K2, which ia
equitl to 2.50 per hour, being tbe heaviest
rainfall per hour of record at this station.
Following are some of the previous heavy
..:.r..ll. u ,1.1. linn . Tan 1 U7
Inches and (13 hundredths, (2.9:1) in 21
hours. Jan. 11 and 12. 18S1, 3.05 in IG
hour. Dic. 24 and 25, 188.1, 2 50 in 13
hours. Nov. 7 and 8, 13S5, 3.27 ia 22
hours.-Jan. 2 and 3, 1888, 2.50 in 24
hour. Jan. 23 and 24, 18'K), 3.05 in 21
hours. Nov. 15, 1811(5, 2.S2 in 15 hours
and 40 unns.
May 10, l'JOO. Uoaaburg, Oregon.
Tuoh. Giiisom, Observer.
WALDO To tbo wife of Peter Waldo, in
North Koseburg. May 10, B)00. a
li.VTKV At her residence on Short
treat in this city, Tuesday niaht,
May 8, HKW, Mr. John Batey, aged
37 years.
Deceased leaves a husband, three
children and two brothers. The funeral
servicea were held at the family resi
dence at 11 o'clock today, Interment
being In the Deer Creek cemetery.
liLih, yet Justly, Deserving; CompIN
mant paid the Republican
Our republican candidates spoke to a
cro wded hon et this place yesterday
evening, and their niieeches were re
ceived with great enthttflia'm y the
audience. Telling speeches were made
by Mattoon, Msrsters, 8hue, and Ham
lin, with a few chosen words from
Shambroot and Parrott. Mr. Nichols
waa called but not being present was ex
cused. The gentlemen declared tboir
allegiance to tbe grand principles set
forth in our republican platform.
Mr. Marsters, our candidate for Plate
senator, on this second visit, has con
firmed tbe excellent impression made
upon our people at tbe lime of his first
visit. His personality is a guarantee of
of his fitness for tbe position for which
he is nominated. We see in his face tbe
attributes of benevoleice, intelligence,
honesty and digoity, that will make him
feel the great responsibility of the great
confidence our people are reposing in him
by naming him for this position. He
will be true to bis tiast.
A. K. Mattoon, the candidate for
representative, is a true hearted republi
can, well qualified for tbe place for
which our leaders have selected him, a
thorough business man, capable and
honest, a fluent talker and a man of fine
business qualifications, who having at
tended well to his own private business,
will look well to the best interests of bis
constituency, and he will be elect
ed. Shambrook and Hamlin, our boys who
wore tbe blue, tbe fact of their faithful
service to our country in tbe dark hour
of her need, and their fine qualifications
for the offices for wbich'tbov are aspiring,
ought to be a strong appeal to every
voter, lo give them this small recogni
tion of such faithful service. In their
faces we notes look of eadnesa an i of
patient endurance, and our mind reverts
to tbe swamps aud plains of tbe Philip
pines and the khaki uniform, ntnl our
bravo 2nd Oregon boys that represented
so inauy homes in our state. Ala, upon
tbnve homes and hearts reals the inigoia
of grief. As we think of there who ex-
changed that uuiforui .for releettal
cerements, and bo many of that number
who sr left to ua, are weakened and en
fbled by the intense heat of tropical
climate. Shall we forget? Ah no. On
June 4th we will give ihem another
Eugene L. Tarrott, dutiful bjp, tender
loving brother, noble friend. For the
first time Ii6 claims the suffrage of our
people for the office of sheriff. And we
will whisper confidently that we are sure
he has captured the affections of a fair,
sweet girl, who with many a sign, has
tsked us Homo dozen or so times, today,
if Mr. Parrott was single, ami so forth.
He will be our next sheriff.
Chub Nichols, son of the late I. II.
Nichols, aska tbe endowment of our vot
ers for the office of county commissioner.
He is handsome, ho ia competent, 1m is
Intelligent and honest, requisites of good
citiunahip, and excellent qualification
for the office he has filled so capably.
He will get a fine recommeodation for
South Douglas voters, and he must be
J. II. Shupe, as "coacher" for tbe can
didates, made a i excellent speech re
plete with arguments and facta and
actual statistics that our apposition finds
cannot gainsay. His remarks wero well
received by the large audience prefect,
who find him tbe same genial gentleman
be was when be was our county
Public School Entertainment
It everyono attend the entertain
ment to be given by tbe public school,
on Friday evening, May 18, at the Opera
Howie. The proceeds will be used to
purchase bocks for the school library.
The program will le tbe best ever giyen
by the school. The beautiful sash drill
or tbe splendid club drill are each a
whole entertainment.
Residence Burned.
Tbe residence of "Auntie" tlrnbbo at
Wilbur was discovered to be on lire
yesterday moruiuit at three o'clock, and
was soou destroyed. All her furiiitnre.bed
ding and clothing was iu the house and
nothing was saved. There had been no
fire to the house as no one had lived
thsre for some time, aud indications
point to incendiarism.'
If you want a squirrel poison that will
kill both coming and going, call on A
C. Marsters & Co., tor it.
Asa Perfect, Durable, Easy-run
ning Roadster the
is the leader that always leads.
The High (jrade Clipper Chainless
the wheel that made the chainless
a success. Price $60.
A full line of Bicycle Sundries.
New wheels on installment plan.
Miss the Opportunity to see the Finest Line of
Samples for
Spring and Summer Suits
Ever brought to Roseburg. They will be dis
played'in the full length piece
MAY 23 AND 24
at the
m C. I. K STORE.
New Goods Constantly Arriving. Step i a- GlaJ to show them
to yon.
Just received oar spring line of
Men's and Boys' Suits.
A splemli'l Hue, it'll do yon cool to soa theui, whether you
want to purchase or not. Thoy were rnailo by I'Vie-iil Bros. ' Co.,
of Milwaukee, Wis., and are billed the "Perfection Clothing'' they
fit as if your Uilor had made theuu for you.
Our stock of Spring Shapes in .Men's llota now co;up!ete.
W'o are agents for the celebrated "(SORDOX HAT." They come m
all Shapes and Colors and are worth 3.K.
Onr fctock of
Men's furnishing Goods
Waa never bfctter or cheaper. Iu fart every department of our
business ia now 'n perfect shape. We carry everything iu 'LeJDry
(loods, Fancy Goods, Notions and Gents' Furnishing aGood Lmes,
also Hoots, Shoos, Hat, anil Caps.
Our business is growing. ' Every month it is larger, and why?
Because we give good Goods and Honest Values. Xo misrepresen
tation Everything as represented or money back.
PhoUe .,. ,s5 f ISHER & BELLOWS.
Belgian Hares! Belgian Hares!
lieing in close touch with one of the
most reliable Belgian Hare Company 8 in
Southern California and being intimate
ly acquainted with a member of the firm,
I am prepared to give reliable inform
ation to all who are interested iu tbe
rearing of this the finest oi little animals.
M. Mt Coy.
To the Public.
Believing we can do lieiter by our pa
trons and ourselves by selling strictly for
cash, we have decided to keep no books
from May 1, 11)00. Hoping this tuty suit
tbe convenience of those who wish to
deal with us, also at all times soliciting a
fair share of patronage we are
KesiiecLfully yours,
4m7.) tlanDis 15ko.