The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, May 10, 1900, Image 3

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New Spring Goods
T The Mild Winter has brought forth an Karly Spring and
arc now prepared to show you an elegant line of
in Grey, Castor, Mode and the New l;oule Plaids,
have a very swell line of Silks, Mouseilline De
Come in and look them over.
-- - -' ihtr
- .-1, V-
Our Millinery Department
Will he quite a treat this Season as we
this Department and have secured the
Up-to-l)atc Milllincr direct from the city.'
In Gent's Furnishings
We still continue to lead and have' received
No cities direct from the Manufacturer.
have enlarged
services of an
all the striking tjt
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor.
A careful analysis of our
Drugs and Chemicals
Will prove them to be of
Full Standard
Strength and Purity.
Our Stock is unexcelled in Oualit' and our
Medicines arc absolutely reliable.
Purity 7
The Byron florae.
l'ro8crition corn-
X otiulol Day ami Night
Git 0 (SERIES!
lit t -"-r-" '-f f- - - i it. i
The Uest
Tlic Cheapest
The Uest
The Cheapest
l$&tlf Bicycles mt-
ityl Cleveland Imperial.
a These wheels are bet
I'll" Jiy r.m lnrc lion owned by J. II.
Dixoiiwill inalc-j t U- nsori nt Wilbur
Wediithdav and Tlmr-.J-y l each week.
A t liist'lturn Friday und Saturday and
the renuinder nf the tia.e at tint homo
of the owner oti ifm Nortb Uiup(ia.
5trcv Horse.
One bav liotPB. ubout 4 years old,
branded "II" ou riabi hhoulder, weiuht
about il ) or 100J punnds. Taken up tbe
!tb of March, ut my ouire in (nrrieii
Valley, ruiien west ot Wilbur.
auOp.) " N., Jr.
i-illy good tinihertneD, wages f- per
day. Fifty general laborers, wages ll-r0
jer day.
Camphei.l A Alkxasdkk,
. Comstock, Oregon.
W'e send you the semi-weekly
I'LAisiiKALEii and tl.t Oregon Toultry
Journal, the beet poultry journal in the
Northwest, both lor $l.-75-
Roseburg Bakery
Were you ever in a baker
shop? You Mould see the
difference in cleanliness and
von would understand the
purity of our bread.
These wheels are better than
ever while the price has not advanced. Lome and see.
All goods fully guaranteed and sold on the installment
plan. Hand Instruments, Guitars, Baujos,, Mandolins,
Violins, Accordions, Autoharps. In fact almost anything
in the musical line can be found at
Try a box of Chocolate
Creams and lions Hons
and you will understand
why our CANDY is so
popular. 5. CARROLL.
F. H.
liarber Shop
For a prompt aud first
class shave or haircut.
Baths in connection.
418 Jackson St.
Win. Lovt of (f.rderi IJoitom was vis
ItitiK In tlio cily Wednesday.
Lxarninntioti (or rion-coriiiniftiooed
officers of Co. K will be held at Armory
j noxt Thursday nitrht. '
TIih I'i.aimkalki now haii tiie rnnht
i Rouiplcte 'ih oepartMient in I'.osebnrif.
j l'H on us fijr job work.
Mrs. Win. Iyer, of San l-'rancisco, is
vlsilin with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. K. Taikr, in Kdenbower.
L'jcttliun notices of both ple(rer aod
lode claims and all other kinds of blanks
lor a'o at the 1'i.msikm.kii office.
K. K. dykon has received a ourlnad of
uiHcliiuery and also the new surrey 01
dered for Barker & O'Neil'a livery stab e.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Uelts left Ashland
fjr (irants Taoe, Thursday evening. Mr.
Belts will fill a position temporarily in
the S. 1'. trtat'on there. Tidings.
Mrs. JT. Jobephsou has a ' very neat
drees goods display in ber windows this
week. Jimmy chows that he can dresj
show windows as well as fit kid gloyep.
A. M. Oxley has accepted 11 position as
cierk in the Racket store. Mr. Oxley
has had much experience in that lino as
be was employed in the Fair store at
The Novelty Ktore has a very neat dis
play of underwear in their window this
week ; tue design M a three aast schoon
er; LawBon always keeps things in
T. h. tilodgett, the harness maker has
inove.i his shop irom the Hetclier r;ear the depot, to CJO Jackson
street, the (wilding lalely occupied by
1". J. Uor.d the watchmaker.
11 parcni.x jijardi:trja of .school
children Fhouh! make it a point to viait
the schools nt least during each
term of school. Vitits frooi parents are
pleasant and profitable to pupils and
Hv. J. T. C'otiuii, of this city, left on
Tuesday morning's local for Junction
City, to Bssist liov. .Sibert in a series of
meeting1) to be held rear that place lor a
period of about one. week. Mrd. Cotton
and children are visiting ia Myrtle
Goy. T. T. Geer has accepted an invi.
tation to deliver the annual address for
tho Native Kims and Daughters on the
last day of the picnic in this citv. Other
k'ynl speakers will he secured and a
giaud time is assured. r.rownBvill
sick headache, indiiesion and c oneipa
eiou. A deligbful herb drink. . Re
moves all eruptions of the skin, produc
ing a perfect complexion, or money re
funded. 25cts. and 50 i ts. M. F. Rapp,
Dr. J. W. Strange, dentist, will be at
Glendale on May 10, to remain one
week, lie will be pleased to lee thoee
who desire hi services. Only the best
of work done and fully warranted. Gold
crown and bridge wurk and fine gold
work a specialty. I'rice3 very reasona
ble W. L. Hood, the South fork woo!
grower, was in town Tuesday, having
come d'iwn to register, lie reports
Hocks in better condition thun ever be-
loro at this season nuu tho increase un
usually lare. The warm open winter
has beeu most favorable to the growth
of fleeces which will he the larg?st and
best produced in many years. Mr. Hood
expects to realize 24 cents per pound for
his wool this year. Myrtle Point Kuter-
Marsters Bros., of Roseburg, i iteud
establishing a marble and tombstone
business in Ccquille City about the loth
of May. Their representative, Mr. Tcz-
ier, is here, and in sizing up the business
situation decided to locate in this place
W. E. Marsters will move to this city
with bis family the first of June and be
Simon Caro, I he Oakland merchant,
was a business visitor in Uoseburg, this
week, returning home on Tuesday'
Judg- Lyons, ifo and children, cf
Drain, witnessed the'dogand pony show,
Monday, and retorno ! to Drain 00 Tuet
day's local.
Miss Dora Ieis, of .San Francisco,
who has been visiting friends in this '
city for tho past week, left for Portland
on Tuesday's local.
Attorney C. y. Jackson returned from
Canyonviile, Taesdav, whete he has been
visiting. Mrs. Jackson is still visiting
friends ot that place.
Win. Chadwick, of Myrtle Creek, was
a passenger on Tuesday's local, for Pott
laud arid then to British Celumbia,
where he expects to reside.
Gus Taylor, owner of the Taylor block
in this city, was shaking bands witn old
friends here Tuesday. Gus represents
Glass & Prudhome of Portland.
County Commissioner M. I). Thompson
of Scottsburg, arrived in this city Mon
day evening to attend court. Tbis will
not be Mr. Thompson's last trip to tbis
city for that purpose.
At the last meeting i f Joe Lane's
Cabin No. 10, N. S. v., the following
delegates to tho grur.d cabin, wbicb,
meets at Portland in J; , were elected,
V. C. Londor,, H. T. .::Clellan, M. F
Wright and J. II. U v h. Geo. Eyroa,
Harry Slocuni and U iy Carlos were
elected alternates.
Chinese Lecturer. - 4
At the Christian 'iron next Friday
May 11, at 8 p. in., .f- . Hawk, superin
tendent of the Chri - . n Chinese mission
at 1', au : minister in the
Christian church, a ;1 lecture on tbe
customs and religion ut China, bis own
native land.
Admission free, aud a cordial invitation
19 extended to all. Collection at close of
lecture. W. A. Wood.
California Seeds Given Away.
Until August 1, 1000. anyone Bending
name and full address, with 10 cents in
stamps to defray postage, packing, etc..
a ill receive Free a package containing- a
choice selection of first class flower or
vegetable eeed." All are of the finest
California variety, grown at tbis place
All we ask is that wbeu tbey are
grown and matnred, yen will tell your
neighbors or friends that the seeds name
from us. State wbicb you prefer, flower
or vegetable seeds.
Raymond & Roberts Seed Co.,
a?6t4 Box 80. Sana Paola, Cal.
W. G. Gilstrap, of .he Register, and
Lillian Gilstrap were re-united in
marriage at the residence oi tbe bride's
parents in Oakesdale, Wash., Saturday,
May 5, 1900, at 10 a. ra., Rev. Erarn of
the Methodist church- officiating. Mr.
Gilstrap, wife aod little daughter ar
rived in Eugene yesterday afternoon,
coming by way of Spokane and Sound
t-oints. They will reside temporarily at
the familj residence on West Sixtb
street. Many friends cf both the con
tracting parties were at the Oakesdala
depot to witness tbe departure of tho
couple for Eugene. Eugene Guard. ,
Early Closing.
cuius a permanent resident. They come
recommended as first-class people and
The l'.ulletin welcomes them to Ccquillel
Mr. Tozier will be the outside metier
and general business manager. In
another item iu today's paper be
found an announcement calling attention
to their business. Coquille Bulletin
Noma A Roe's big trained animal
show gave two performances iu this city
last Monday. The sbow has greatly im
proved since their laet appearance here
and have many new- and novel fixtures,
among them being Major Might who is I
undoubtedly the smallest man ever eeeu j
in this city, beii j, but 39 inches tall and
23 years old ; it is laughable to bear him j
and bia partner "Sbrim" who .is orly 1
four feet tall pud 23 yeara old. tell their :
troublea about being imposed upon by!
other member! of the show. The band 1
tbougb small plays excellent music and j
far excels most traveling snow banda.
After tbe evening performance, (tie B.
V, O. E. lodge No. 32ti gave a social
session iu honor of the metuter of their
order who are with the show in wbicb a
tr j enjoyable lima was spent. 1
We, the undersigned merchants of
Roseburg, Oregon, do hereby fcgree to
close our respective places of business at
7 o'clock. p. m.. except Saturday, when
we agtee to close no later than 8 o'clock
p. m. For any violation of tbis (ex'.ept
in case of funeral or death) weagree to
pay into the city treasury for the im
provement of streets the sum of twenty
five dollars (25). Tbe above to take ef
fect Wednesday, May 9th, and ontinue
in force until Oct. 1, 1900.
We, the undersign 'd merchants ot
Roseburg, Oregon, do hereby agree to
close our respective places of business
on Sundays aud not to sell any goods
except incase of death. For any viola
tion of the above, we agree to pny iuto
the city treasury for the improvement of
streets, the sum of fifty dollars (f.0.
Same to take e fleet from this date ud
continue in fore until Oct. 1. 10O0.
Mk. M. Joseritsc.v,
FlOllEK A Bkp.uws,
Rick & Rick,
Woi.LKNHKBit Bros.,
CaiKcimx & WooLtv,
11. W. Strong,
Pahbott Bros.,
F, M. Bkard,
W. C. HlLDIRbBAND, Jtt.,
8. K. Stkks.