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Oochnfn of Oakland, baa been
X'"XM sulUbte person for the
'oe tcbuol edaerintent'ent.
,r.m sc
tANUABY II, 1900.
,iio utty jean (rom now tle An er
( ,flag ill float ovtr every foot o!
between Bymrnen Hoi ami Tietra
- D-A Fargo, bo the kick en. mivht an well
quit kir-ktng.
li way be true it.ui the noww of con
ticeitUl Europe are Hivitig Great
Britain ihe m'd shoulder," but i one ot
)rUie will lie in a burr lo k.ive lier a
caatie tielU. Tlio r-tt-M nvv in ibe
wrll is ail I aflmt, ltilianiticapprd by
- He wprtalrans iu SjU'U Atrira.
The government minis have Ira
win all Die year and liav teen running
"wight and day upon full coinage. Moro
""5Sas coined thla year than evt-r
bWo--TlOS.KX).000 of gold and i?8,000,"
OJot silver. Not only are the mints
running full Mart bat the mills are also
running- Everything runs alien the
republicans are tunning the c nntry.
lite Review says that the three lead
ing republican papers in the state, the
Portland Oregon un, the Salem S ates-
inta and the Kosehnrg Plaisdeiler, get
out of their t-di'oiul mat'tr fr.m tbe
ti. Louis Globe D.-tuccrat. II the Ke
r-ave would copy its editorial matter
krai almost any kind of a paper, tba
yoaineM men of R welwirg mH not be
complaining about supporting it.
When the congrea. ncdi-r Thomas
Jefferson appropriated iwm y millions
dollars to meet the eirire expenses of
tbe government V one er, people all
I over the rountv burned members in
f effigy fur appropriating ruch a tremen
dona sum of money at one time. Tne
congress, now in session, will vote
twt nty-one million dollar to build time!
warships and the
anything about v.
people wd! not think!
Representative Toorie U the o'dt
I meiswr of the Oregon delegation in
congress, and Repreeentativd Mo. dy is
the yonngeet. Two of tbe del gat ion are
foreign-born, and the other tw are na
"vT"5 son of Oregon. Mr. Tongue was
born la Lincolnshire, England, June 23,
; 1841, and Senator Simon in Germaoy, in
; 1331. Senator UcBnde was bora in
; Yamhill coaaty, Oregon, March 13, 1334,
I and Representative Moody in Browna
viiie, Linn county, Oregon, November
0, 1854.
Tbe aa Francisco Chronicle iuforuis
OS that Hon. Binger Hermann, commie
i aooer of tbe general land office in Wash-
;T5gton, baa recently visited that city on
" return from some of our territories
ea inspecting govern-
sat Lands and needs o! the people.
Ir. Hermann was accompanied by aev
si United States senators wbo were ap
pointed a cotnmiuee for certain duties
in thr territories ij other otlicial wbo
basev.Y aerved tbe people from Oregon
has ever taken more pains t3 personalty
tsquire A a to tbe needs of the common
people U?aaka Binger Hermann. Bak
r City-fiepubiH-n .
'"Down with fusion!" is the cry that
fomee from tbe populists of Teiss.
After an all-day session of tbe state ex-
tutive committee, Le'd December 3d,
4DJSOonceBent was made to tbe press
that the - meeting was unanimously
ajainst fusion of an kind for ibis year's
unpaigm. and that there wainetone
f iand of William J. Bryan io tbe mett.
ing. JTbeyeven barred out Hon. Bar
4tt Gibbs, of Dallas, wbo was tbe pop
n'iet nomioes for governor of Texaa in
H03, because he declared bis intention
-.f voting for Bryan next November.
TUey rrgrded Brya very unfavorably,
: vscaoee, while triring with fusion in
jbraska, be worked with Tammany in
Nw York and Goeoel m Kentucky,
i !ie entire day was devoted to consider
a'ioa of plana for the coming campaign,
id it was decidrd to demand that tbe
mSmuX committee call the national con-
iSPflnn at least one month earlier than
r tbe deatocratie or republican eon
- 4ifBtiom. Fioallr U determined to
, We middie-of-tbe-road tickets in tbe
' fleU is Tevaa this year for state, congrea
' eional, legialaiire and county officers,
and rigorously to combat all efforts at
lotion. Tbia will probably be satisfac
tory news to Young, Courtney, Luce,
Dr. Hill and other Oregoo populists wbo
. labored strenuously two years ago to
rave their party from annihilation
and absorption, but it may not be very
gratifying to the silver-democratic
ttretnren, whi have been cb rirhing the
fond hope of securing the rotes of the
Eatlsts next June. Apparently tbe Hill'
LnceYoung element will recivj much
more consideration in tbe state snd
coaaty conventions ibis spricg tban it
' waa accorded in 198. Onsjoiiian.
In tbe latter part of the year 1892 tbe
national banks of Oregon, Idaho and
Washington bad, in round numbers:
Deposits ..: 22.C30,000
Loans and discounts (32.000,000
In tbe latter part of the year 1899, tbe
game banks held, in round numbers:
Deposits $34,000,000
Loans and discoum's ' 7,000.000
Tbe Portland Weekly Dispatch, demo
cratic, publishes tbe above comparison
of tbe business of the national banks in
tbe territory osmett ftV Teare M802
and 189i), and .then proceeds to emit a
regular calamity bowl bjisod on tbe com
parison claiming that the comparison
gb ws a more unsatisfactory condition (J
X. ..:nosa in 191 ir. 1H')- ".
Jfwn the lengths to which un-
jarty org ins will gf when it
Se a point against tbeir
fbad supposed that tbe
. bad a eurp) jb of money
bank, instead of becorr-
was an evidence of good
fiFN i iwrnvs Mt'DnrTJFUJri
, Nothing i wore memorable fcien
utterrd regarding the conditK.o( aQirs
ijribe Philippines than ajart.terf jt by
thai brave; Geo. Laaton, whose dead
body is now on the huh seas eu route to National Cemetery at Ar
lington. This is what Gen. Laaton ha
ld..LetJ.hejeopleof America re
member ibe work" :
"If I am shot by a Filipiuo bullet it
might as well come from one of my own
nreth-brfffe'l snow from obeervaiious
csnfiroietl t.y c-ip'ured prisoners that the
continuance of lighting is chiefly due
to reports that are sent' out from
Let those wbo have been (mint in the
rear opon cur brave tneu at the front for
many months past, read and reflect up
on these words. Thoy are not the mere
idle expressions of an editor at his deck
butthev come to as from a brave and
loyal eoMUr of the republic who was
first of all, a soldier and never a poli
tician. They coin from a soldier wbo
wan. for many months, in the bent of the
conflict, giving up at the list hid life, as
be himself had slid, because of the "re
nortaihat am aent out .from Anitrica."
The blood of ihe hrave Lawton is upon
the heads of those indiscreet, ill-advised
and unpatriotic people iu our own conn
try wbo have beeu encouraging the 1-ih-
pinoi iu rebellion. This is a position
from w hich they cannot etctpe. It is
blasted shame than an American rhould
have to know each thlups of his country
men I Los Angeles Times.
On tbe aheruooa of December 30:b, at
bis home in Southern Kansai, ex Con
greeeman B. II. Clover committed sui
cide by shooting bimselt with a gun.
We kuew Ben Cljver for a number of
years, 'bs farm on which he laid down
the cares anJ dippoiutments of life be
ing tut a few miles from our old uoaie
In Southern Kansas.
Tn years gj be was a prosperous
farmtr, hoked op to by bis neighbors as
a man of tnor than average ability, and
of strict inlfgri:y and boneety. Wnen
the alliance movement started in Kansas
there was not a man in tbe state with
greater influence and among the masstt
thin B. H. Clover. He was president ot
the state Alliatce and vice president ol
the national Alliance. Tbe growth ol
the order was phenominal, au 1 it
increasing rapidly ia Kansas. The lead
era ol the Alliance bad a power over tbe
rural popa'ation of ibe stale that could
not be anticipated, much less met uud
Ia tbe councils of tbe Alliance leaders
Mr. Clover was one of the foremost, if
not the foremost man. Ia 1SS9 tbe Al
lis nee bad gonj into to'ilics ia bis
county and carried it. Thrn they an
nounced tbe intention of goiog into olber
csunties, and miking a conquest of the
state- Their wonderful success is t mat
ter h ia ory.
Mr. Clover waa a leading candidate for
governor, but did not secure the nomina
tion. He was nominated for congress in
the Third district and surprised tbe pop-
alar and powerful BLsbop W. Perkins by
defeating him by a mirity of 4,430'.withstsn lirg lbs fact that there
waa no such thing as fusion thought of
at that time between tbe peoples parly
and tbe democrats. Tbe democrat party
in Kansas bad been for many years in a
hopeless minority, and astute nd un
scrupulous leaders of that party, saw an
opportunity by a fasioa with the peoples
party to eesk so mo political benefit for
themselves and a gang of political farm
era, with more of the gift of gab than poli
ticil honesty, got coitrol of the peoples
party, and in order to consumate a fa
siondeal. Ban Clover, who bad at least
made an honest and c jnscien' ioas repre
sentative in congress, was turned down
for a second term to make a place on tbe
ticket for a democrat, and Jeff Hudson, a
jack-leggei lawyer, waa given tbe nom
inatioo, and toe Alliance or people
party, which while standing alone bad a
majority in almost every county ia tbe
state, beg&n irom that time to diaintri
gate and go to pieces. Clover and tbe
other founders of tbe movement found
themselves discredited and put aside to
make places for a lot of political vsgs
bonds, whose ideas of reform wss to get
tbe beet office tbey could for themselves,
and then make all tbey ceuld out of it.
Hia fight against fusion gained for bim
the bitter enmity of those of his party
wbo were determined lo rell tbeir organ
ization to siUsfy tbeir own personal
ends, and a bitter perfection was begun
on Ben Clover which ruined him finan
cially, broke op his bome and finally
bounded bim to death
Election at Forest Grove Results in a
Divided Victory and General
Forest Gbove, Or., Jan. 9. Tbe larg
est yote in tbe city's history was polled
at Yesterday's election, 272. Frank T,
Kane, ot tbe progressive ticket, wss
elected msyor by four votes over tbe
present incumbent, A. Hinmsn.
Messrs. James 1. Buxton, Levi t
Smith and Jacob 8. Buxton were chosen
cooncilmen for a term of two years, the
first two teing on the regular city tick
Recorder Lotus L. Langley, of tbe
same ticket, was re-elected by a majori
tyof one.
Treasurer W. S. Hadeon and Marshal
EJ. J. Crang were re-elected without op
position. Practically every man ho was eligi
ble, and poRtibly a few wbo were not,
cast tbeir ballots today. . For the past
fortnight tbe campain had been on and
last week, when tbe local newspaper ap
peared with eight columns on tbe city
election, about equally divided in sup
port of both tickets, all other matters
were suspended. Then came a series of
circulars, getting more bitter and per
sonal until election morning.
Saturday evening a W. C. T. U. mass
meeting with a lady lecturer handled
the isiues without gloves, and last night
Ihe Congregational church service was
giveo over to Ibis topic of the hour.
While Ihe "progressive," ticket declared
its platform to be "retrenchment and
reform," the opposition charged it with
being "wet" (this is a dry prohibition
town), and though personally tho can
dates on both were unobjectionable, the
college people put forth unusual efforts
in faros of their nominees.
Ml . Ir -M
Since Sunday.
The Press Reduced to Conjectures
and Criticisms of the Conduct of
the War Butler Summoned.
Lonkox, Jan. 10. The plight of Brit
ish arms in South Africa i overebad
owed for tbe present by the storm which
is buisliug over the beds of tbe home
government. Tlie Ianclieter speeches
of Balfour, tha covernuitut lenler in the
bouse of commons, ha loosened such I
torrent of com ii:eut from the press and
individuals of his own paity that were
pailtanient to rcats'mble today it is
doubtful if tbe conervativee would re-
tain power in pite ol their tremendous
mtjoiity of the past eeasou. The pent-
up dissatibfactiou with Ibe government a
lack of energy in waging the war is no I
longer concealed
When such ardent conservative papers
ah the Times and tbe Globe come out
boldly with r 'proof, there !a no kuowing
where the agitation will end. Tbe pro
vincial prees has already takeu up the
cry. For tbe moment 111 '.our is the
scapegoat, hut there is a terrible ro.l in
piikle for the Marjuie of Ltosdowne,
bile Lord Salisbury and oilier cabinet
uiinUtcrs will not escape nnless a woo
derful change comes over the wsr eitua
The Associated Frees learns that con
servative leaders privately aouiii tne
gravity of tbeir position, but fail ta see
what can be done. In -the meanwhile
success in tbe field will abate the popular
clamor. Some of the conrervative pa'
pers go so far as to regret the estreme
ae of cabinet ministers and refer to the
cabin t as a body of patriarchs. I nder
these circumstances, it is doubtful wbeth- nmbia to tbe Edmunds act It is under
cr the events transpiring before the re- stood special altentioa may be given by
suf embling of parliament will be power- tbe committee to this feature.
ful enough to restore confidence in the I
nuht in tbe expectation of receiving tld-1
ings of some great stroke. I
Veterans at tbe clubs and tbe militaiy
writers in the morning journals busied I
. . . . i
themselves with patching op their the-
ones. Changes were running upon me
two main themes the necessity for the
clearance of tbe south bank before tbe
passage of the Tugela could be attempt
ed, and tbe probability that W arren a
division would aake a wide detour and
cross tbe river 17 miles below Coleuao.
General Boiler's delay iu operating in
front of bis force seemed an insuperable
objection to tbe first theory, sod there
wereouly two facta to be cited in sup
port of the latter conjecture. These
wer the establishment of Warren's
headquarters aa far down aa Escourt and
ttiM annaront or.-a nation of Weenen bv
British troops, since oue prsae dispatch
which supped through the censor a
bands described an exchange of flh-
light signals witii those of tbe vilisge.
General Boiler baa succeeded in coc
fusing and bewildering tbe English pub-
lie. if be baa not dazed and confounded
tbe Boer generals.
Battalions of tbe sixth division con -
Unue to arrive at Cape town and the
Princess of Wales, the hospital ship, is
also at anchor there. Lord Roberta can
now be looked for an y day.
Tbe Girl Returned From - Roseburg
Monday to Latham.
Cottaok Gbovc, Jan. 10. Minnie
Tborn, aged 15 yeara and U months, Ibe
missing girl, waa located in Roseburg
Sunday by ber node, wbo Jad vised her
lo return bome. She returned to La-
tham on Monday'a overland train, bbe
claimed she was doped and taken away,
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Harris
and Sheriff Withers arrived here last
night and are investigating tbe case,
Tbey fiodthe girl to have heretofore An earnest and cardial invitation is ex
borne a good name and ber family all tended to every citizen ol Roseburg and
have a good reputation. Two or three vicinity, wbo believes that tbe success of
persons are implicated in tbe affair, but
the eirl seems unable at present to tell
wbo the parties were.
The district attorney says be will
thoroughly investigate tbe case before
arresting any one. if be does so. It ia
donbtful whether tbe crime was com-
mitted in Lane or Donclaa counties. If
aa arrest ia made it will be late tonight
before it ia accomplished. Guard.
Senator Brownell Says He Would
Like to Succeed Tongue.
Milwaukie, Or., Jan.19. Last evening
the Milwaukie Republican Club, and a
large'number ol citizens were addressed
by Hon. George C. Brownell, on current
topics. Incidentally, tbe speaker sn
nounced thai be j entertained! en ambi
tion to reach Washington in the official
capacity of representative from Oregon,
and tbat be was out for tbe seat now oc
copied by Hon. T. 11. Tongue. Explan
atory of this early statement bo said he
believed such matters should be open
above board and thoroughly discussed
by tbe people. The epeaker also thought
Clackamas county should receive at least
this recognition at the hands of tne
party for faithful republican work of tbe
past. Mr. Brownell devoted most of bis
time to expansion.
The Milwsokiei club will be represent
ed at the coming lus)e convention by
delegates for 90 mT f-rs, Inst being its
present strength,
mUsf said
A famous doctor onUs said tbat to be
healthy a woman should have a "good
cry" at least every foitnigbt. So far as
we ku'jw no one has ever placed a Unit
npon how often niaukiud should laugh,
and the popular theory is tbst tbe
oftpoer one laughs tbe better. Looked
j at from this point of view the projectors
of that famous farce comedy, "At Gay
Coocy ItlaDd" liave accomplished a vast I
deal of Kd. It is certainly impossible
to crowd auotber laugh into the two and
one-half Louis consumed ia the per
formance, for tbe audience laughs all tbe
r i
Takln-of TestWony B?un li
'-- was? oi senior kij ft( u,t?
'vXsiiiNoroNk Jao.C. When the Uob
erts couimittee resumed its session to
day, Roberts went on with bin argu
ment, begun yesteiday. lie reviurd
the action of the constitutional conven
tion of Utah, urging that this carrel out
the requirements of congress for tbe ad
mission of Utah as a state, namely, that
polygamous marriages thould no longer
be contracted. In particular, Roberts
conteudef there was no reqahement by
congress or in the constitutional conven
tion that previously coulractud mtri
monial associjtions should te interrupt
In the course ot bis argument, Rob
erts said be had observed that tue
ladies involved in this question of plu-
ra wiveB were quite generally received
in tlie eirclcs of eJentile ladies iu Utah
He vehemently denounced what be
characterized as the eeusationl crusade
mde against bim, and ali-o tiie effort to
arouse public lolling by saying tbe
AiasMcan home "was iu danger." "II
necessary," be etclaimed, '! could ca
attention to ten thousaud evils which
threaten the country without going to
the state of Utah."
In clorang, Kooerts satd that the pi
trkxirun of the Mormon church toward
the country could not bo questioned
Wbeo a fond was raised for the survivors
of the battle-ship Maine, the Mormon
church had ciulribotrd one-fifth of the
enliro amount. Wtieu tbi country's au
tbority in the Philippines was questioned
"Utah's guns, bandied by Utah men
bad been in the forefrout of the fray."
Schroader, the Gantile representative,
stated that no further p lint would be
made on RoSerte naturaliztiiou papers
as it was drsired to exclude him from
congress eK'itical!y and solely on tbe
eroaud of his Keiog a i l vjuiuist. After
the argument i cloeed, members of tbs
committee at rached some impvtauce to
thequee'.tou a-ked by Chairnisn Tayler,
of Roberts, relative to tbe Utter being
amendable while io the D.strict of Col-
At 12:30, the argoni?nti on botti sidei
were dosed, and the committee went in-
to executive session. At tbe executive
session it was decided lo close ibe. hear-
mg aad the testimon;, nnless ex-iec
rotary Carlisle desired tc be heard far.
ther. Tbe committee then adjourned
until 10 a. m. next Wednesday. There
was no vote or other action on the final
dispoeiticn of ibe rase.
Resolutions Introduced lost of Ses
sioa in.Memory of Hobart.
WAaiuxuroN, Jan. 10. Frye laiJ ba-
fore the senate today the report of the
secretary of tbe treasury as to the depot
I Uoriea cf internal revenue funds in na-
Uonal banks. It was referreJ to the
finance commitiee and ordered printed,
Hale (Maine) introduced a resolution
asking for information regarding the seiz
ure of American property in Dilagoa bay
declaring it had teen detained unlaw
fully and ucjastly. Upon tbe objection
1 of Lodge, tbe teaolution went over
Batler (North Carolina) ottered a loog
1 resolution on trusts and gave notice of a
I ...
epeeco later.
I Business was suspended and tbe bal-
lance of tbe session given up to eulogies
I on the distinguished puV.ic services and
private character of tbe late Vice-Fret i-
dent Hobart.
Republican Club Mecing.
There will be a meeting of tbe McKin
ley Republcan Club, at Slocum's ball, in
this city on the evening of Wednesday,
January 17, 1000, for tbe purpose of elect-
ng b delegatea lo represent said club at
the meeting ol tbe state league ol repub-
lican clubs, which will convene at Port
hind, Oregon, on February 6, 1D00, and
for Ihe transaction of tucb other bostneea
I may come before said club, including
the election of officers for the ensuing
term of two years.
the republican party would be fot tbe
good of tbe country, to be present and
affiliate with us in this meeting
A program consisting of vocal aud in
etrumental music and speaking will be
arrenged for by committees to be bere-
after appointed. We hope to hsya
large attendance and a pleasant acd
profitable meeting.
E. D. 8taaTFou,
Pres. McKioley Republican Club.
Looking Glass.
Mr. Frsnk Newland ol Olalla was look
iog after business matters here a few
days ago.
Mr. James T. Goodraau made a busi
ness trip to the conuty seat on Monday
.Mr. and Airs, lounger were viewing
tbe sights in Roseburg last Tuesday,
Mr. George Clarey of Roseburg spent
several days in our valley last week.
K ank Goodman entered school here
J-auary 4th after attending, tbe echcol
st the academy ia Roseburg nearly
James and Frank Dinning and Wm
Richards started for Coos county foes
J. T. Goodman had the misfortune
loose 12 feet of inch pipe sr. he was
turning from Roseburg Monday.
evidently sank into tbe mud as it could
not be found.
People should take warning when
traveling, and avoid the mud, as they
may sink out of sight at any moment.
Wild West.
"Resolved, That January 1, llWii,
marked the I'oginuioK of the twentieth
century." This most important public
question will bo debated by tbe Wood
men of the World at their meeting next
Monday evening. Affirmative, Thomas
Gibson and F. S. Godfrey; Negative,
N. T. Jewett and I,9e Wimberley, fol
lowed by a free discussion by the mem
bers. AH Woodmen are invited ta be
Wanted The address of some one
convenient to Boseburg, wbo will dress
hear skins for rags. Notify this office.
r(vld List cf the Subscriber
io thofrcsert Tlre. f
Ji & 14 t
EJ 13
Following is a complete list of ibe sub
scribers to the local telephone exchange.
Main 201, Adklnson, P. D.& Co. Black
Main 105, 'Abraham, I People's Store
Main 411, Agee, Roland ..Grocery
Main 131, Bisl.furd, G. W. Flour Mills
Main 281, Benson, F. W Law Office
Mam 201, Barker, J. F.& Co.. . Grocery
Main 291, Barker, J. F Residence
Main 51, Barker & Cj Livery Stable
Main 274. Benedick, P Undertaker
Main 334, Bridges, J. T Residence
Main 351,lljd, Mr. N Grocery
Main 351, Bock ley & Howard, Meal
Main 184, lluick, D. IS. K Ileal Ette
Main 294, Buick, D. 8. K. . . .Residence
Main 181, Buchanao, J. A . . . .Law Office
Miin 433, Bowen John Blacksmith
Matu 355, Conner, W. C, Job Printing
Main 124, Conner, W. C Residence
Main 273, Churchill & Woolley,. . . .Ulw
Main 373, Child, G. R Residence
Mala 431, C antral Hotel,. . G. W. Pettit
Main 352, Cass Street Market
Main 184, Crawford. A M . . . .Liw Office
Min 183, Carroll, S Kandy Kitchen
Mln 27(5, Cation Bros Liyery Stable
Main 423, Dj Gas, Dr. E Residence
Main 184. Da Gas, Dr. E Office
Main 245, Duffy'a Rsstaursut, J. D Par
ker, Prop.
Main 3S3, Denning Ilouie, C.J. Din
ning, Prop.
Main 123, Flint, S.C Rieide.ce
Main 313, Fisher, Chas. U Residence
Main 351. Flook Co., J. G., Sash and
Door Fac'.ory.
Main 433, Gaddis, W. V. Plambinr, tic
Mala 295. Hasten. Ed
Main 321, Hildaburn. J. S , Imperial S
loon. Main 10, Hansbrough, Jas. . . Residence
Main 71, Hamilton Drug Co.. Druggists
Main 31, Uonck, Dr. G. E OUca
Mail 171, Houck, Dr. G.E Resid-nce
Maiu 203, Henderson, S. E . . . Residence
Main 341, Hoover, Dr. E. V Office
Main 355, Houcholder, U. G. Bill Poster
Main CI, JamieJon, W. H., Roseleaf
Cfgar Store.
Main 255, Josepbeon, Mrs. M , General
Main 104, Josei'hsoo, Mrs. M., Rest
Msin 163, Krue G. W Groceries
Main 191. Kohlhagea L. & Co., Meat
Maia 333, London V, C. Residence
Msio 253, London & Miller, Insurance
Main 421, Lucia, R. D Residence
Main 313, McBroom, E Residence
Main 21, McC.slleo Ho' el, Gl A Poet,
Msin 393. Marster, ILL Residence
Main 81, Marsters, A. C Druggist
Main 331, Mullen. J. W Residence
Main 211, Otey, E. H Livery Stable
Main til, Pacific Postal Tel. Co., M
Fickle, Mgr.
Main 43, Ptaindcalcr Pub, Co. News and
Job Office.
Main 1SI, Fatks, U. W Grocery
Msin 413, Reed & Dikeuiao, Elite sa
Maiu 414, Koceburg Steam Laundry,
Floyd Murphy, Frop.
Main 101, Bean, P. C, Gem cigar store,
Main 101, Rice Jt Rice, Furniture
Main 254, Review Pub. Co.
Main 243, Roseburg House, H. Jones,
Main 103, Kapp. M. F Residence
Main 303, Round House, S. P. Co.
Main 41, Stratford, E. D Residence
Main 371, Stroud, E. J Residence
Main 121, Sedgwick, Dr. Isabel, Office
and Residence.
Main 271, Strong, B. W Furniture
Main HI. S. P. Co. Depot.
Main 151, iSo'diers' Home.
Main 2iI, Sykes, S. K....... .Hardware
Main 211, Twitcbell, Dr. J. C Office
Main 231, Twitcbell, Dr. J. C. Residence
Main 301, Thompson, A. T Saloon
Main 161, U. S. Land Office.
Main 275, Nan Buren, Wm., .Senate
Main 391, Wimberly. L Residence
Main 184, Willi A Rice Law Office
Main 244, Waddle, W.,MoDogram Saloon
Main 141, Weiss, Max, Oregon Brewing
& Ice Co.
Main 221, W. U. Tel. Co., Mias Kate
Buick, Mgr.
Main 2o3, Ztgler & Co Grocery
Twenty young ladies will lake part in
the fancy step, wand and figure march
ing which will form part of the Swedich
Movement Eotertainment to be giveo at
tha Opera House Friday evening.
Bond baa the nictat brocae clocks fo
holiday presents, must ba told at eons
price. Come ani gel pp.
Rave a very natural prejudice against any
thing that offends tbeir fine sense of deli
cacy. And for that reason numbers of such
women have suffered in secret and ia
silence the pang and pains consequent on
the derangement or displacement of tbe
delicate organs of sea. Any suffering to
them was better than the shame of ques-
ii j.L. tions and exam
inations which
probed modes
ty to its veTy
core. But while
they could hide
their suffering
tbey could not
conceal its rav
ages. The dark
ening circles
beneath their
eyes, the sallow
skin, the cheek
robbed of its
roundness, the
body shrunken
by wasting
flesh, all these
signs marked
the prescuce of
a disease.
To everv suf.
frriug woman who values modesty Dr.
Pierce's method of treatment is a boon be
yond price. His remarkable remedy for
all female disorders and diseases, " Favor
ite Prescription," cures ninety-eight out of
every hundred cases, no matter how obstin
ate or complicated the disease may be.
Any woman who needs more 1ielp may
write to the Doctor for his free counsel and
advice. Sucli letters come from thousands
and are treated with absolute privacy.
' I write these few lines hopiug that some
other suffering woman will try Dr. l'ierce-a med
icines, a 1 did." write Mrs. O. 8. Adams, of
l'argo, Cas Co.. X. Dak. " I had female weak
ness very bad! v. so I had to be in bed part of the
time. I was tired and sick all the time, could
not do my housework : had fainting spells, ner
vous headache, backache and pain iu my left
side when I would lie down ; 1 had pains and
nches all over. I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription and had not taken two
bottles when 1 able to be around again and
do my work, with no pain. I have taken five
bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, two
of his 'Compound Kxtract of Smart-Weed.' and
several vials of his Pleasant Pellets.1 I am feel
inn better than I have for a (treat mnnv years.
I thiuk Dr. Pierce's medicines are the greatest
iu the world."
When the bowels are obstinate, take Dr.
I'ierce's Pleasant Pellets. They don't gripe.
S am , '
iiif ,5H.Hf
. if
is near at
The Fir"
wfiHas just what
What's the matter with
viiribtruas present. viso a
i. i
V; Mattress that you will wonder how you got a
without after using one for a month.
A Fine Oak Extension
Oak Chairs are sensible Christmas presents.
A nice Ladie's Desk or a Fine Oak Center
Table will fill the bill.
Our line of rockers is up-to-date and we have
lots more coming in about a week. To see them is
to be convinced that we know what nice chairs are.
V i
See our White Fur Rugs.
Moquette and Smyrna Rugs.
Call on us you will be
Roseburg, Oregon.
A. ; v. s :viv. , i v. s.
Watch our Window
We will keep constantly on hand a Fresh
Clean Supply of
Confectioneries, Fruits,
and Vegetab!es.
We have iust what
Sheridau Block.
M. F. RAPP, Prescription Druggist.
Drngs, Toilet Articles, Talent Uedi-
ciues, Cigars, Stationery, Toilet
Soaps, Paints and Oils.
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone "?U;
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
Call and Examine them.
Should call and
of China Ware.
day trade. Anything you want at
Mrs. S. McConnell,
in the Home Bakery and will
nection with the bakery.
Everything will be new and
Give us a trial and
Points East.
Tbe "Pott land-Chicago Special,"
which leaves tbe Union depot at 8 p. m.
daily ia equipped with strictly up-to-date
roomy PoUmaa sleeping cars, and free
reclining cbair cars, steam heated and
electric lighted. The European plan
dining car service ta a special feature of
excellence on tbia line. Pelicate china,
flowers, spotless linen, first class cooking
and attentive servants aJd to tbe com
fort of travelers.
A new library car ia attached to these
Aa the nsooe indicates, these cars are
fitted op as a library and reading room.
Book cases containing all tbe standard
works, tbe current perodicala and daily
papera are at tbe disposal of all first and
second class passengers.
Time never hangs heavily on the pas
eengers' banda while traveling on tbia
train, and before one is aware of it the
train pulls into the Union depot at Chi
cago. For full information regarding the
movement of theee trains, rates, etc,
call on of address
Y. A. Scuiluxu,
Tortland, Or.
Or J. F. GivKse,
Koseburg Market.
Eggs 20c per dost.
Batter Country 25c.
Poultry Cbickene, mixed, $2.50($
Prunes Italian 35; Bilver,
choice, 5Q pe' lb,
Wheat 40tg42c.
Oats 2530c.
Millstuff Bran, $17; anJdlinaS
ehortB, $13.00; chop, $16.00 per ton
Bay Timothy $9ju; clover.
Oregon wild bay, $07 per ton.
Wool 15 10c.
Potatoes Mfseo per bo. .
a White Iron Bt
un r ij
nice vvnue vurteu
9 '
Table and a nice set of
t 4
Also a good lne of
sure to find what you
ia ;v;. : s ; i : . : S
you want. Call and see us
luic riinniFn
lllfl trUIUilLli.
see the magnificent display
A special line for the Holi
...MRS. N. BOYD.
late of Eugene, has invested
overhaul everything in con
of the very best materials.
we will please yon.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Be ward
for any case of Catarrh that ran not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Core.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props. Toledo, O.
We tbe undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney for the laat 15 veers, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all basinets
transactions and financially able 'o car
ry out any obligations made by their
West A Truax, Wholesale Druggie ta,
Toledo, O.
aiding, Rinnan 4 Mar fin, Whole
sale Draggiatfl, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken internal
ly, acting directly npeothe bl'iod and
mocona surface of the system. Price 75c
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Tgt,
moniali free.
A firat-ciaea restaurant haa been
opened on Case street, opposite tbe
deiot, at which may be bad fresh oys
ters, chicken, steaks, stews, lunches, and
besides meala at all hoars, regular meals
are served. Lanchee and quick meals
for railroad passengers s specialty. For
that hungry feeling bo sure and call at
Duffy's restaurant, prices reasonable.
TheRural Northwest and Semi-weekly
l.UNDKALStt both one year for only $2
price ofone paper alone.
L. T. Travis, Agent Southern K. R ,
Selios, Ga., writes, "I can not sav too
much in praise of One Minute Cough
Cure. In my case it worked like a
charm." Tbe onlv harmless remedy
that gives immediate results. Cares
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, and all
throat and lung troubles.
A. 0. MarBtera A Co.
Here ia aa opportunity to get
First-Claas Fbotograptoja
tbe very lowest rates. "SaZy
sizes from 8X10 down to the
very smallest.
The Latest fad
la a CalliDj? or Baaineea Card .
with yonr photo (atawp nze
eight poeitiooa in act of 100.)
Set-100-oeat car da with photo
name, business and address if
deeired thereon, only 12.
The Wagon Gallery,
John H. Taylor,
WZZZSgS? Photographer.
Cnited Btatea Land O!
Koaaacaa. Or Kor. 'A.
io WBom ii may concern:
Notice ia berebv riven that t he Onen
California Railnjid Co. baa filed i Uim ofie a
lut of land ntoaled in the town hi pa dcacriiwd
below, and baa applied lor a patent lot aaid
lands: tbat the list is oixn to the oublic for in
spection and a copy thereof by deseripUr aub-
oiTiaiuns, naa oeen pusmi la a eoaTeniesi
place in this oftire, fur the iospectiua of ail
prisons interested and the public f-narsilr:
Booth of base lint and West of WlUaasette
T 36. R I
ta, it
Fart of KU Bee I, and part of W, Bee. IL
Tli, Rl
LoU 1 and 2 Sec L
T 17, R 4.
Tfci, R4.
Lots t, 11 and 4, See. O.
T'SiSi ,
SW49W'4.6eel. . "
Part of Sec. ZL and part o UK' gee.
T29. R4.
Lot b, See. V.
AHoleeca. 1, a, i. 7, , U, 13, ti, 17, M, 51, 2i,S,
tl 9, j SJDU .
Within th nesi rfxtr dars foilnwic the data
of this notice, protests or eonlests against the
claim of the company to any tract or subdivis
ion wiimn any section or pan of seeooa, da
scribed ia the list, on the groand that the same
is mora TsJuabie for mineral than for agncnl
toxal parposea. will be receiTed and noted tor
report to the lieneral Land Office at washiac
too.0. C.
t. T. B8UIXK,
Bjyuo Reeeiyex.
County Tmsarer's.Nockc.
Notice ia hereby given to all parlies sr
holding Douglas county warrant
iaa vivt tw auiu lacmuutaj mms 4w
- - 1 ; i: ir. l. , . 111 .
IS99,to present the same at the treasurer'
office at tbe court boose for payment,
aa interest will cease thereon after tit)
date of this notice. .
DaUd this the! Hlli day of December,
ISM, at the City of Koseburg, Oregon.
Gbo. W. Dnuucx,
County Treasurer, Doaglas County, Or
Administrator's Sale.
xjotke is ktrrely given that tbe WDdensi4,
- Um admiafotraior ol tot aattta of Hiudaa
a liana, deveaaed. is
pursuance ol aa order of
laeuHUtTikrart 1
les Coaatr. Btauaot
irn. duty made and en
hi, doty made and entered on IA 3rd day
of January, ISM), will after ihe Mia day 4
ntarr, ia& at Riddle. Douglas County, state of
Oti-gun.eell atprivaie aaie for caaa la haad,
tb following described real niuimtj. t-wit:
Too fouih. half ol donation claiiaa No. 41 of
William I Wilson and wife, betas: part of ieo
Uon M inTovnabip 3, & , W, WO. Her.
In Donglaa County. Orecon. and tne said tooUa
kali of said claim containing hdi.Si.mBix, amm
r leaa.
Dated at Riddle, Douglas Coanly, Oregon,
this (ta day ol January, l&o.
Administrator of tne estate of BuUah Wiiaos).
voxaseu. fx,
City Treasurer's Notice
Notice ia hereby given to nil penona
holding Boeeborg city wamnta indorsed
prior to May 9, 1835, to present
the same at the city treasurer 'a office) ia
the city hall for payment, aa interest will
cease thereon alter tbe data of thin
Dated al Boaeborg, Or., tbia 4th day
of January, 1900. Iliur C. Sloctjts,
Qty Treaanrer.
Nevr asHf Improved Paaeffgqr Edf
anest, via 5aouat Restta.
New Orleana Expresa (No. 10) acd ?
dfic Express (No. 9) between San Fran
cisco and 1 Paso, have been equipped
with free reclining chair cars, fresh from
the ahop and in every convenience of ap
pointment equal to tho beat in operation. ,
Each car ia equipped with 53 reclining'
chairs, nine of which are in a separatsF
smoking compartment. Both first and;
second-class tickets are accepted for pas
sage in these cars. These special con
veniences and the congenial climate
through which theee trains pass will
doubtless make the Sunset Route very
popular for travelers this winter.
Shows tbe stats of your feelings and the
state of your health as well. Impure
blood makes itself apparent in a pale and
sallow complexion, pimplea and skin
eruptions. If yon are feeling weak and
worn out and do not have a hoalthy ap
pearance, yon should try Acker's Blood
Elixir. It cures ail blood diseases where
cheap Sarsaparilla and so called paritier
fail; knowing this, we sell every bottle
on a positive guarantee.
v 4 44 bo YEARS'
r". a an t T (
Traok Marks
"tti'4 COfV-JIMT4C.
AriTon tending a sketra and ocanigtion ntay
4alcali ascanain onr opinion free vaacaar an
Inrentlon ta probaMy patentaeka, Coaimanlca
UonawrtctlTeonttdentlal. Handbook on Patanta
aent fraaw IMdcaa aaency foraecttrwa- aatauta. '
rtanta taken tbruuvh Muna a Co. lecalv
tptrmil aetka, without chanra, la the
Scientific flnerican.
A handiomelr IWoatrated wekry. Tati erp.
--ulailon of any aruuitule Joarnat. Terata, Kl a
year; four montAa, Si. eoUbyall nawattoaiera,
araiwft. U, S3S T fX Wukiaafun, U. W