The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, August 24, 1899, Image 4

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The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which lias been
iu use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
ytf ami has been made under his per-
(jfcJfrf?- 8011111 supervision since its infancy.
m-7S. '4SUAr. Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex
Itcrimcnts that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing- Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
aud Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Ttx corrtuw comwwt, tt
Southern Qrecoh State Normal School
r 'Wflimte
-a-T H V
I- : -
This Schonl is now under State Contril.
Is the Largest and Most Progressive School of Southern
Sew building setr appara'.iis and fixtures, line .aii.puv hei;;!,fu2 tucati, u, d-lubiful
climate, ex-cUeut iDltnences foridjdcnl..
Conrec of study the ame us other normals of the stale.
Beat advantage in Vocal and Instrumental mn-ic to be found iu -N.uthvrn O.-moD.
Training school Inily equipped atd in charge of a thorough critic tva'.la-r.
Tuitlcn Ki-'o per Una: curie Hand tlO per term: board at hall M.73, and liilgin; i-er
wctk, atadnts furaijuins bed clothinc: family board and U CO.
$125 pays all expenses for one year's schooling, including books.
Theshotest and thorough roate to a state certiiicate, the norma! ceure. Review
claws lor teachers throughout the rear.
Finrt term! open September 11. For catalogue or icfonnauon, address
W. T. VAN SCOY, President.
' c a n X j-k a T
vivnwi ai uicliVIlllLIlIIIg
rRorriNa and running plates a specialty.
Stoop on corner Wasnington
On the S. P. R. R.
Douglas County, Oregon
HOTEL constant
ly open for recep
tion of guests.
Water cures Rheu
matism, Dyspepsia,
Kidney and Skin
Diseases. .
To The Unfortunate.
Dr. Gibbon
This did reliable and
the most saocea(ul
pecialjt in Ban Fran
I risoo. still continnes to
' cure all Sexual acd
fU Seminal Disease. such
iMJ R Oonnorrnara, (.Heel
.'..liMrtnr. vnh III. In
i - -.-..tfau iia lorms, main Ui-
' .' ? ' ? ' seaaes, Nervous Debil
" fl'-A ity, Impotency. Seni
V '"' 0' VVeakoeas and Loss
TiniiWMiiiirt i un of flanboed, the conscv
Que nee ol sell abase and excesses producing tbe
flowing symptom: galiow countenance, dark
jnots under the eyes, pain in the head, ricging
r the ears, loss of confidence, diflidence in ai
, oachlng strangers, palpitation of the heart,
D eakness of tbe limbs aud back, loss of memory i
Pimples on the face, coughs, consumption, etc. I
Di. felBBOS has practiced In Han Francisco
'ail to consult him and receive the benefit of j
ois Kreau sain ana expenence. i ue ao;uir cures ;
when others lail. Trv him. Cures aruaranteen. .
Perwns cured at bm.e. Chanres reawnahle. '
naJTi1; mnov t t, r i
eioVi IBBON' 62S Kemrnr SL fa,n Fr" i
ACtXTo WANTEU for "the like AND
Achievements of Admiral ity, the w..rM s 1
rilaTTieud".nd of T&uZtouV
Idol. Biggest and bet nk: over j) pairef, '
Bxltlloehe; nearly Km pave hallloue llliistra- !
V"ly kM; . ;"urmV"s i--man.i. Bis .
cojotnlwions. Outut free. Chance of a life-
t:r,i. Write ouiek. The Dominion .'.rtnpanv, '
rt Kioorr .xton bmp., hicrgo.
Siiliscrili! I iiii
Mr m. I . .
Signature of
UKiT trT, icv voK crrw.
"S. ' f-
--.Tfif.fel7,ri-. i 5.'--
and Kane His.. Rotebnrg.
fcjebutv. Oreeon. June a.
Notice i hen-hy given that In compliance
with the proriKMnia of tbeact of Cagrcs of
June 3, lC-, entitled '-An act for the bai-of
timber lands in the State ol Colifornio, Ore
Son, Nevada and Warhinicton Territory,'
of Canyiu-ille, County of Oougla. State of Orc
t:on, ha this day tiled hi this ofbee hjno-r
statement No. for the purcba.- of the Lot S,
of section So. in Township No i,
t-. Ranee No. 5 '.. and will oiler proof tot ho
that the land (uucht in more valuable lor its
Umber or Mone than for agricultural j,unM
audio eitablifli !,: claim to 'Aid laud before
the Uc;-"i!-UT and Ueeciver of thin ofliee at Roe
burg, Oreirou. on baturdur. the ith day of
Heuameswitnew.i: William Brigga, Jr.,
Itobert Cougier, Tliomm Wilaon, o. V. I'uckclU
l lanyonvilie. Ore.
Any and all pemuiw claiming adversely the
atnve-iiescrilR-d lunds are rei nested to tile their
claims in this oflice on or before said iolu day
of August, isw.
O-'p) l;.-Kister.
Ho, for Boswell Springs!
Coaamenein May 10, ISiW, and uotil
September 30, special ticket to
Boswell .Springi snd return to this city
will be sold as follows: 30-day tickets,
11.85 Ticket going Saturday and re
tnrninz the foliowine Monday, f 1.40.
Special rnt"8 are aleo civen from Port
land and intern. ediate Kjinte.
yspepsia Cure.
IlinP.VTC Ulnar vntl etrtr
J vai.. ;
Itartifiriallydiest-t lip food aDd aids I
Nature in street henit.g and recon-!
structing tlic -xhiitKtwl digestive or-
pans, ltistlic.tfstdiscovereddiijefit-'
dnt and toni-. js'o f.t h.-r prrparation I
approach It in cnicioticy. It jn- j
Btantly relievi-s and permanently cures i
ZfZyZ'JZ t..... . . u D'
X...." c' oi"iiacn, I'saunea,
C:lCltJieaaaCtie,uast.l alia.Cranips.and
,Uother resultsof iiiirx-rfcri diifestion.
bv E C DeWltt A Cn rhiT
"PO0 t- COekVItt A Co., Cblcogo.
For ealp ,iy A c Marsters & Co,
Ft -
Tito following pjelit from tlio Manila
Freedom gives e.Miie idea ;ta to !io utir
aicn feci toward the Alkint-oii copner
beaiU ai1 ott:er iiioilern Tories who are
causing men to t o killed in the I'liilip
pines liy eiicuiir iini; m lol of pavas to
oonti:;Ut' in revolution:
Say, Hill, what's the inntter
Oi the pfop'tf now rr days?
I mutt confess that I'm not on
To :hes' new-fangled whxb;
I da not understand it,
Vta out of d lie it fceeuig ;
What is ttiirt ai;iil in'
T -Ut tile riulyi'l-ilire'.'
1 i.i v t alkjilt exinili(-i-jli.
An' hull, r all the time
T.'iat M. Kiti'ev un' l.i Cahim t
A tv Kviiinitlin' of a crime.
An' cay h Ihjw our soldieri lads
It tv. ry ligM they win.
Ate commit ii.' Moody murder
lu a in :t n nt r wor-e'n t-i:i.
Now that's the pint 'ul bother me.
The cue I can't fee hiini,:h.
Why are tiie' fel erf oin' Inc
On oar yaihti.l hove iu blue?
Ain't they Union s.ldiere,
Loyal, brave and tnie,
An' tieii'.iu' f jr the ouor 1 1
TiiOild Ked, W i.itean' luut-?
An' after we had whipped ole .pulu
An' detuai deJ what was tin?,
It we had to take the Thi j ppitier,
IVrto Rico an' Cuby, ' o,
To eo,ua-e the debt betwteu lis.
Be diirneJ if I cau Bee
IIjw McKiuhy's any mi te to Maine.
Ttian Mason, you or me.
At.' if that AvgiuaMo-
lid;ii Uie price
lie tho'.ilit we outihl to piy luiu
To k'.ep him ac:iu' nice,
I do:"t see ai:J reason all this oiow acd brij;
Tt er'e intuits to cur l'reei Jet.t,
jr toldier an uiir llatf.
Niiii ii to f'jity years ag'j
L'b people of the Sn'.li
Gut uui ii c,ur c'icn'ty
An' went tliijO'.iu 1 11 our mouth ;
We talked j?st as theee fel'erg talk
Au wrote jest a they write.
An" it seeme to roe we b-id more iau;-e
Than they a t'las:uel s::ht.
Cut we wt re t 1 traitor?, ll.V,
Decause we couldn't see
That the Government had any right
To eet our ni-'ers free ;
Tm iheu we both etilis'eJ. Toll,
An' eacii to fc up hii) K'ic,
You to Cht a winutu' t"uh,
An' me a login' one.
Tbe North and SSoUttra united, loll,
An bo Mason Pis in line
Now separates your noble son
From that plucky loy o' mine;
Tbe old "Star-SpaDgltJ Banner".
An' 'Dixon'" Hppy LiuJ
Nov b!eLl iu one sweet eoibleai o'
Our united land.
McKinlry is our President,
An' aa far as I can eee,
Theo'd tli'e jet a sacred
Ai it w uz in 'GU.
An' hijEoUiers in the l'bilippiuec
True and loyal men
Deserve the fame eccouragemrnt
That Liiicj'n'a boys did then.
So if Davis, Lee and Johnson,
"Ad we who wore the gray.
Were traitors to cur conntry then.
"Will toxe one kindly say
What Bryan, Hoar acd Atkinson,
An' o'.bers of each fa at,
tipect to ficd in hittory
Writ opposite their name?
V. B. E -tiers os, Cmpaoy C", Fifty
first Iowa. I". .c. V , in Manila Freedom.
The Ore go a Regiment'5 Mascot.
Kmanuel Koblieh, the Filipico mascot
picked cp ty tbe Second Oregon volun
teers in the I'hilippices and brought
home wiih theffi, is co at the borne of
Charles Whiting at W'oodbnra, in Mar
ion coUDty. Mr. Wbitiog was a member
of the regiment and took the boy home
with him from Portland.
EmaLoel is an orphan, who carried
water for the toys when they were in
the trenches. He is a bright, intelligent
boy, as foil o! life and fan as most boys '
are, and was a general favorite with the
regitu?nt, and when they were ordered
borne he beed to bt taken with them.
He was told that Oregon was a bad
country for Filipinos, but he was not to
turned, and was finally told to
"come along."
He is 13 yeacs old, and about as large
ai an average Jap, and were it not that
bis features ara marked by smallpox, be
would be a good-l.king specimen of the
native Filipino.
As Mr. W hiting his no need of any
mascot now, be in desirous of getting
Kmanuel placed in some good school.
There is now an opportunity for some
denominalioa to secure and train biai
and Eend him back as missionary to
civilize his countrymen. He has learned
to speak English snflkieutly to make
himself understood, and lias also learned
some things which he will have to un
learn before he will be qualified for a
Pointed Paragraphs.
Why Jo they have church helis?at?ks
tbe Atchison Globe. What goad ara
they? Men go to the bank or the store
at the proper time without a bell. Wo
men -T) op their store! oo time with
out beihg rani; op. I'eople in the coun
try, where there are no hells, get to
ch'irch on time. The fact is, church
be!U are a relick of ancient times. I'eo-
plo have them because it is a custom.
When tbe daily toil is over, and tbe
sun is going down, you are ready then
to read the news that's going on in town.
If you tui the evening paper,, here's a
hint, 'twill make you smile; perhips
you'll find it on your daughter for the
bustle's back in style. When you wash
your face in sdapenda, and you're looking
t i.:i u . :..
.u, a,..o w.c WK . Ha.UB u.
-vour e'M. you start to swear and howl,
wine your face upon yoor eleeve and re-
nIP,her ah the while that the towel'a
i '.. . .1 t ,
,0 loCa e 8,nce ,Le bllitle 8 back 10
Now there 'u no ufe getting angry
ami it il-jcs no isood ta swear, if your
s"U(lay M.irt U .niH8in,r ami
riothiiiji ch-an lo wear, try your hardest
to I'jok ilea.tut, do your host to wear a
fin ile, and reiiiRinlit'r when you miss
things, that t!ie buetle's bnck in etyle.
V. C. T. U. Convention.
i.vui.iNi it, Aiiji. 21, l.s;i;(.
Saturday afternoon whh uiven to the
election of ollicerj ami linii-hii g thu
busiuevo of the convention. Saturday
evening Mrs. Harford juve the address
of the evening, and held the undivided
attention of her audieme while sho told
of the itnmenfcity tithe lienor trallic,
and urged all good citizens to aid iu put
ting down this evil. Mark Munaon gave
a ei mi-humorciiN recitation which
amused, while it mad s tuo strung
points for the canne.
County cithers elected for the con ing
year are as follows :
I'ref idetit, Mr?. Helen K Fergnoii,
Edenbower ; co. lespmidiiig fi-iretary.
Mrs. Ida F. Martlets, Kodehurg ; record
ing secretary, Mr.'. C. J. Armitage,
Koseburg; treasurer, Mr. Mary H. Jew
ett, Gardiner.
The siipeiiuteiidetits aro as Ld'dws :
Mrs; I'ick'horne, evaugelitic pripen
and j.til Wurk; Mi;3 Echo Gad,iw. M'ien
litic temperance iiitlrnc'.i'):i ; Mr. Madge
Kdgsdule, failor work ; Mia. Jennie (ijb
lert, anti-uorcoMc ; Mre. Jennie Brown
ell, Sunday Kilo, literature; Mrs.
Helen R. Ferguson, L.yal Ltgtou work,
Mrs. Lvii IVnitiey. tiiwer mission
work; Mrs. Lucy 1. Owen, mother's
meetings.: Mrs. C. J. Armita'e, Irai.
chie; Mrs. Mary II, Jewett, medal con
test. The resolutions are as fallows :
We hereby a-'tnoaledge our I, ylty to
the National and S ate Woman's t'haa
tian Tea:perance t'Lion plans of work.
The fundamental principle iu the teni
rraccs rcf riu is tjtal abtitinence from
all intoxicating H'iors for the ii.div.d.lal,
therefore we ur its practice cpn a'd
Resolved, That we enter cur protect
against the decision of AttrneV-tieberal
Gr'.g, by which tt,e enactment by cjn
(itw, ul tbe aiiti'Car.lerii la, is aa I, ami cli U( n tvrry good uuu
aid woiiu:. wUo Lv. luino and loni.Uy
to join ai h u- in this pro'est. We Le
lieve that fr. f r wotnjn M a ni'-.,-ure
'l iu lr j i ; ami lu )iI i1.k:.V
w itii t ur Art eiici' prii v iplea ,f no lalt
at:oi w titi'.ti" ter, senia'h n.a i i farther
that the tj!i.t i'i thu i auds oi woman
lil Ii S 111 f.i- t.'il lil (I the ii'l :t
tratSic an 1 its afei I r.t evi'a we t.rge
npOii ai, who are m'ette e-! in ti.or.l re
form to life tbf ir r il l-; c:- i i il,l en i in
Resolved, That tha thanks f
Convention are due the ladie of Gardi
ner who so generally planned f.r our
comfort in every wy To the ch- tr f it
their txcellint uiucic; to our iA ing
brethren fur kind.y words of cheer and
encouragement ; to Mrs. Harlord for her
most etlicient help; to Mr?. Adders n
for her preset,' e wi-h u ; to the rditoie
bo so kicdiy helped us through their
1 olumr.f, ad to all the citizens who iu
Gardiner one long to he t eaen.0ered,
and above all, do we thank our Heaven
ly Father lor His cire ov?r o while j ;or
neyin and presen-e with us in oor
meeting together.
Mas. Iii.v F. M Aii-rtu,
Mai M.hy F. Jleii,
Mk. LiMt M. 1'uiNii,
t-t NDW.
The annual sermon was preached by
Mrs. Harford at 11 o'clock. Htr text
was Rev. ll:lo. Tue sermon through
out was one full of lovingjhcpeful inspir
ation a sermon helpful to all who heard
A meeting was held for the children
at 2 p m. If there is any doubt as to
impressing temperance truths cpon the
children, attend one of these children'
Tbe Sunday evening address on "The
Outlook " was a review i( the advance
ment of our nation and the peri's that
threaten its life.
The lecture was veiy inspiring and
intereetirjg and was listened to
with tbe closest attention by a largd au
dience and w as a fit ing close to our con
vention. Mrs. HaTforU wai such a he p to us all
through. Besides the three lectures
and a children's meeting Sunday aiier-
noon, she aJdreistd us at every sesaion
during the two days' convention, and we
cannot fully express our appreciation of
her services.
God be with her and may His richest
blessings rest cn her w herever hei lot is
Cuba a New Field for Sport.
Hunting in Cuba will oj a faohiuti
aole sport some cf these days, because
Cuba is great ga'iie country, and the
kind of game found there gives the be'.t
of sport. There deer, which conjetotbe
edges of the openings and clearings at
duEk and duD to feed. Cjuniless
iixksof pigeons and doves bend the
branches of the trees by their weight.
There are locg, thick snakes fit to try a
sportsman's skill with a rifle
snake ttiet furnish beautifully mottled
skins for trophies. Wild boars live in
the denee wooden brush, and it takes
hardy man to face a wounded one.
There are wild dogs, too, and many
I lids of the most beautiful plumage.
Wild fowl are found on all the streams;
in the thicket li'e large birds, chiefly
gci a bens. Incidentally hordes cf
f y outlaws may add to the excitement
of a hunt during the next few years.
Cuicago Chronicle.
Second Oregon in a Nutshell.
The souvenir hado that was quite
generally worn by the people who parti
cipated iu welcoming the volunteers
back to Oregon bore the following perti
nent history. Bays tbe Telegram :
Second Hegitnent, Oregon United .States
Volunteers, Organized at Tort
land, Or.
Mustered into United States service at
Camp McKinley, Portland, Mar
10, lt'J8.
Left Portland May 11, lH'Jtf.
Left San Francisco, Cal., May 25,
Eulered Manila bay, June 30, lS'JS.
Landed at Cavile, V. I , July 1, 18'JS
Arrived in Sun Fraucisco on return July
12, iso:t.
Mu3tcrcd out at Presidio, San Francisco,
Aogupt 7, lS'-H.
Arrived iu Otegon on return August 9,
Culora delivered to T. T. CJeer, Governor
of Oregon, at Portland, August 10,
Is purely a m-mini. dioider and all the
symptom are of nervous origin. UyilcrU
Can be perfectly and permanently cured.
Hl'OVA.V nlll cure
hysteria. IIIDYAN
will relieve every
symptom. IIIDYAN
will reiitore tan wef k
cned nervt-a to a heal
thy condition and the
symptoms will disap
pear. III DYAN' is a
vegetable remedy and
has uo bad effect on
the system. ttii!y
your symptoms at'
fully. When you have
done so, use the 111 D
VAX aud then tell
four fricii-! whii it Urn doue for you.
LIDS. HUDYAN wil reheve this amu.-t
0-3. TItEMBMNO OF TDK 1,11'S. j
Bt'DYAV vul reilore the !: i v. i to a l."l ;
thy coudmoj, an I the t;cml'ltni; ,M i,!-
3. LUMP ITJ THE THUOAT. 'i':.- ',
feeling i- ss liifiizh th re a l.i,il 1.1 tts I
throat. III DYAN i.l n;:-- it to d:.-j jtir. '
HEART. HUCYAN i!l tr nstln-n the!
heart tr.twl' :d caue ll:e t-t.AU li tvj::ie (
s'.rori; an 1 Kpular. i
the r.cli-n f.l liie uenkcntd n-:v of the j
ston.aeb. HtDYt.N" u.)l .T-fs'.ln n :!,e '
ue.x, , fcli l lle .-itill iet-!:!!j; vt V.'i !,: r. :t
Wot'lt-D. tl;i '.
HI DY AN -:r.-- :..
r:!lec yi. u oi h!1
you t an b-s nr- I
; ..u. I Le 'it : i:,.,!
i :.!,1 ..::;.:,. 1; .. : ;
' i ' y. i:t "m: n:. 1
v v., : -. . i a
.rnan, nt rtire. 1 l- III 111 A X n.. i ', i
au s t III n N ( ..ri'...t f..r
eriitfc vr i' or f ; uksz- x vr t: - !
j -ir dn:Fc''t '!' ti"t i - n, - :: 1 e.t.t!
F:a:;- l';ii rr.-. Voir ?n t!
do. !.,r d li.e IIIUV AN BI MIDY tuM
PIXY rill.'K. (al "ii I ,. :i
tanr.ot i .ill, ) may il:e urUitiM w..l -e
g:cuiite. Ad4tefc
Cr. ttocktca, Market iJ Eli lU.,
tsa Frsacisco, Cat.
HiE liip.Kcr ens ik i i
Montana. Utah,
Colorado and all
Eastern Points.
tho.i-v t-1 t Itii!, rt -, ', tl.c
1MOS l AClllt'' lui Mail l.;n- . r ti e
1110 i.a.SIE .-onic Uuia.
Ur k t tii .
t days to Sail Lake
2i days to Denver
: davs to Chicago
4ja days to Xcw York
Free Mccllalnic Cltalr tni, I p-
tiolajicrcd Tourist Hlrrpluit
tars, Palluaau ral.icc tilrtp
inx tars operated on all :
For (urtttr iaiora-- r m.j u
J. F. iilVANS. .f., n.hurs
C. O. Terry. V. E. Comaii,
Tr'. I'a.. Act. Ga A.t.
l.'l TbirJ e;.. I'or- .u :.
Toe thnrchrs
MtT,i..Dur I'm
j'Tecta. Scadsjr Service
t'b,?h JhoTi. ic1. 'L u : j
and t oo p m.; Sll-lh
A. Wa'kcr, Suprintcutlt:::: Clan Moctin; a', i
cloae of the mornin scrrux-; Epwor'Ji Leiqrt:e :
7 p. m. F. 11. thurthii:, rrotJccL Prajcr-'
VvrrliUir.. Wc"luflar, at 7 j0 p. ra. j
I,. It. AC..'LC, l'M..r. I
t'araon.jEr. comer Haiti aa4 Laat. j
t'Miiii Br.LIEr tuiatit tia Fowit 'ji. I
San Jay sun Sc . at 11 a. m. an I ; p n. lray !
er Decline. Thura.lai' ivtnlnr.
Krv Utt 11. li'tur, l'av-r. '
fT. t ut a H. Cortivr t"- a:.l
Maiu atrevta. !srtic ou m-couiI a:il liii.-tli
eurt tay moroin; ol rach Mi'Qlh ao-1 cvav .-un-dajrvvvuinit.
pi-vial sen levs antionccvti lrai
time to time. Kkv. Joii.n Ilinv.'S,
M. E. fin a ii. &ii'Tu. -S.!"rT Suu.lsy
mn'iiln; ar,l tventng.
Kav. J. T. t"ti7.-. l'.t..r
U ii-riM t lu a. u inrner ol lane acd iiiv
lret ',. iao lay nkc: I'nai -hlntf at 1! a. ra.
ami p. m. ;atbath S h.ui at 10 a. in . O. P.
I'oahow, Uriatri'lvai. fnyer r.H-tiiii ft
T.'jO Wolnevlay eveninjr.
S A. lul'i.l.i. rcrtnr.
Kie-T ClIKIaTl.aN t III 11 tVlU. T of IV.le
an! WiKvlaant streets. Sunday aenicea
('reaching hoth moiuini: mid viniin :, Suu.ln)
scboid at 10 a. in. Y. I, n. c. E. at0. il p. in
Prayer ejeh Velncilay cvcnliig at
i.O. A cordiit Ktlcunie ainl ajreeliug await
all. W. A. Wnv
Fia-T i'ctHTTi:ai4 Citl KCii-1 ortier ol l'aa
aud Kiise Mreet. Sunday service. Piiblir
noral.ip, II a. m, ant 6 p. in.: Sibb..ih
tliuol. Id a. i-i- V. 1. B. M. E. at 7 p. in.
Prayer mevtitii;, Wolaexlay evening "...0 p
oi. J. A. Tow N-aNI,
TBS W. l T. L'. will li.ild iia regtilnr inoeliui:
ou the aeeond and hmrth Mondays f cvtrv
mouth at ' p. m. In thu Epwurth Uaftue
room of tbe M. K. Church.
Are paying Kood money at prf.'eut,
but a liltlo more capital needed to prop
erly work (he mine. Kaey of iktcpp,
will tell all or an interest in Hie e.-iuie,
For particulars eee uie at Kesulmri;, or
address P.O. Dox "1 Uoeeburg, Ore
l'laco while in town to put
up your team U at
i nuirnnni Tin
(Jood waiting rooms for ladies anil
gimtlotueu well wanned und ligLled
(JooJ BccoiumodatioDS for kepjiing
tranhiet teams over nigbt.
Vour Patron.?. keitct(ully Solicited
JJE1.T CAE, Troprietor
C'or. Wosbington aud Main H(h.
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3 s
All Wire
Are Up.
or in-jrc
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3 X
;o tii
ill A
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tx - z. k.
Fifty-eigiit Vcars
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K'. 'y i.n r: r
in v lit- :.e
t.r sr . iv
I.::; :.r
1 - I ? :: :
i? t r , -J
i t t: U k '.
BOTH One Year
cnJ a;I
Real fcsiate Boinrhi
Farms, lare and small, to llni,
n r
'v. .
a r
! in quautilits t-,
; prices ard easy tcrni;
llatlia m i 4 ,
, 3
Northern hort Lin
St. Pau
oalt Lake
g Denver
Kansas City
l.owml K.itH t nil
i:aHt-rti tltlr....
boiiia an ll -i-i; ! -v ;.i v -.i i: :; v .:'.: t-1:
O K. .v S.
Kor f'iii .Ic'.nil- i a i n ,- i.iii -JOHN
K. Ii IVANS. Ap-rt.
tiiieral l'a- lii-r Ai. at.
. U. aV ?i. CO.,
lur(Iitucl, Ofcifon.
1'xiTui st vi i.- 1. 1 d i ir 1 1, i'.
Kiai'I'iirir. Oiii-oi'. ,i'i: lv.
To u hoi., it ni.iv coiui rn W: . I-iti'.v
Kivcii Ilirtt liie i.''ii and i';i:r;:i.a r.i ' r. :.i
et'nipjiny Im i.ii-,1 i:i llr-. ! 1 1 a i i
l.iii'l-Ttiiu.ilt.l l:i the tow r-tii.- liv:;i- l i ,.
loi, un I li.ta avpl.1 f'i I'A. -:. t U r I i!r.s.
that the 1 -1 ii ojhii ! the piui.le (. ,r m
speclloti. ai.d a e-'j-y firrtoi ty il.-xiii.tiie
tll-itl UloTI llfl!, I ii 11 J o d ll a , ,
place ill t:ii i'!!u f. i. -r liie in lu'eiMn i-; u
j,ir.,n inti'tvi-ied and l';e v'-i c I'viicra !v.
Soniliul ha-c i;ne ind iu! ;il- u:i'.!c
meridnn, Tp ''!, 1: I NU ii N r 1 j. Set'. .
W il 1. ,ii the next iaty itajH Iu;i,r.i mc i;,iU'
of Una urn;: e, pn'iiM-. or i 1'iiif H'.n nit I'.,
claim id the ioi:ii(iiiy to liny iun I or mti
dlvi-ioii wulnii liny Miilnii or i.u.1 of vi'.:--:i
dewril'i'd in the iit. on l!ic icrinmiU iliv'
futile is more valmiiiio 1. r liunvrnl th:iri :,r
H.uriciiltiiiul pnrpoM", wilt Lo Mcived a ul
noted for report to the Genera! I ami oi'ie-ai
WaabliiKii.n. I'.t . ( .1
. II. BiTll. J. r. Ui.IlK.l.S,
Kcciher. i;ei::Ur.
Notice I'or Publication.
I nited Sliacs l.nnd tiiliie. !
Kojllll B i. (r.,. lull II. ix'.l.
Nollce inloic'v tilell till;! lac' lo' 1..M i : , I
named aeltlerhiiH liled noinv ol liis iiiicniiou i,.
niaiie lilmt proof In Miii.ortui hi-, i iutni t
thin said i.r.ioi n ill .o niaiie iv inc I:,
and Kcccivcr, t'. I .and nii'ini at o,.'i.i,.. I
0,'euoli, on AiiKU-t IS, I Mi'.'. 1: ' i
Mil t.AIKU XI. Will 1 1 (UV i
on hU II. K. No. si , lor iho NW 1 . SK 1 ,. ,-ve. '
it T. J, H. K.a. Vet, lie naim :. U:e luta.mie; 1
Witiu-aaea lo prove hia enntuutoiia ti-sideniv !
iiHin iiml eiilihalion or, kiI,! luml. ii,-
jonn n. hiiiuoh, c . I-. w ai J.I, Vi
on and Jv.siu liitlow.ult o( IV , I. ii.m.
J.i: niiiu.i.s.
(Ji'f) ii.-
.-ui. vr ftkr ti J! -
.bur--. Ore
Li : i .1
X a 'Li
sr.Si " r
a al' cc a 'I y.-
:1 lir:. T-
. :.. i . r - " . .
' . .'. '- '.. l ' ', :. ,
1 ; ..: -: ; . ..
V , . ' . . ' t . , : ;
riv , .. ; .C-i 1 . I:: , ; ; v.': S
,! :5 - ,!. ! 1 i . ; h 7 ::" . . :.
;: l . ' . ' 1 '..M
t.-.ft.. 1. rrueJ
- til- ' I ' ; t lr.,';i
n;'i) ;!:,'...v r. ;!;;!',: ;W'v t :
Wnu St. -n: :
Chuv,;.;,v S:. 15ai;.t.JY
t!:.! I ii'ue, r ro.i-1 ! '!:t a, ; t-
it; i.5.uivc 1 f... i ;:. i - ;: o s.-'i
z:.. i'!j"; liHMt id i .i; ct':'. ! A:i;..u-
, trutcd i-:. t vl.-w.-s i U iu-
tthil rcetu'ry :ii .zjz :!.. r,-.a-.t 'i.v i .o-
. neiT I. u.,;-1, tt.-l: ; t- ii . o l ' . "
j I'l't.--.-!! ,i;- s. .ii;.-.(!.: r-'-' '-'-y
iri.unp. A.',':i . G . ..!: . l't'..-.rrd. lu-i
Iff rat l'.'.r-i t--:- r r, I . , rt , !.'.
Adniiiii-.tratur's Notice.
U . 1
i :
!..: . a m.-:
i r. im;m ti.
i. l-.i-.-itii ;.
Illicit, ton
,i- ).'
W ; -.
I ... i .
i No. i-., o,, t
tit l iialdli I i;i I'..
I U'.'i
l;i .ni.
i i- l 111 l I V l ;' u' . 1 - V
' i i v i 1 r H - ;iov
j I-. . M It'.
j Aii.i'',!i!::;;o l'ic i : ia: oi W.l. W:'.
liii'vs. .!,
Notice for. Publication.
t'Ni 1 1 i m n 1. 1 i
l'l -l I II'.'. 1
.!.,' i . 1., i v
tltimed M l ii. r I'rt i. .1 i .
I make i 'i-i; yt n t u .,
ll'il' said j r .1; i '; i . ,
ai.d K...i.iT. I'm:
U. . : II.::, Hi.-
W II I I. VI ' i-
it. '' No : '. 1. 1
' ill : i' S , I,, i V
No ,1' .
t.llta. IS:
N l '
ioii.., win,.-..., i i., ,
f"W-".i !. !ol . n::. a
la'.i.i C '!!:. ol i;,. .l.,..
; i : i
i. -i t
j. i. l iiiix.i-.
A; jiiialion, No. 5.
I 'V!,I.F7!H,
. - :.:ir .'. . ',,;,. J,;i.. a, lr.
- ;;.Ki.i;v 'JV1N uiir
j:.- (. ,. V. J. I riliiii;-. and K. J.
:,:r sj' i, i,i-
j' ." l tlli' 1 K. J. 0:ttlJ,n,
, i ( j, ::., I,r-n. ,.t:d If. i.
' '. ,n.s . i.; Or':-
. . l ! .. . ,r j.r i',ri f'.r a
r . .1. I. .11:;.?, ;'tA...: .i r
r ;: ..v! f . t ,,i ;dll;i
... le i -. r of :d
-ii ! : '.J 1. e Hei'-r:a
' ; t I .: I.a.'f .'.e lJie
1 1 - j t eit'jrilon
i'i- I l;i.f:;. ris:R
. 3 a .'l.rierc: r'lrsey,
'i .r'ilsW,
- '.i'. i tw.'. iliuv,
' :... n. ",','.. liou.'isii
: . .. B. -i t .
I.: 1". J. J- a-
u.". .'.,t
:. :th f a
.. 's -I. i Zit.eai
.- : i ;.; 11. ; :.a USm
i r . i .i. sid i us
., 1 , '. ' '. : al-o a :.r 1:;.
' . : A. ,j ; ii'.it'i
: r '. : .. t an .
: ,' .' i L' . .iff h. 'I.
y,. i , i t;i ii: ::i
- v. K . 1 .Vie' !-ars
i -i. a.-. ii.t.w.i.,
t : i tii cl tile ' mn-
. s. K.
.." - . th. 'ax
-A :'A , op
.t r - a t.M'..i. iroi:.
. '.. ,r . :.r l.'.X a!
... , 1 i. et e-rj;.
.- - ..: : y:. in la t-
;. -..) of .tone
ti.? i i !i ii
. . -er.u.d U. .
' - E. It fvet,
- " ?!.e ...4'iva
.'.. - t S. 1.
:. i : i - : i Ui, v-
. . v.. :. a i .iriSd t.-f
. . . -. K. -. ...a, l-';at
; -' ' 4 ti.
i. ':. -j ..-. ae-i C I
... ; i. : . id i-. Tp.
, '.'.. V. r.'.:., iAmr.
. - - :.- :i C-jr 'o 1.
;- nY.i'i
.1: . : U;S2.ita,
..4 'irr S i, t W
.. Vr i j
i - I u .re;:-.- y '.x. .
' i-' :.; t:,l .f
- AA'i.VU pOrt
. . - .a--.. :1- in.
-: v: - :-m.vMr:,
; -- .- .-' U; :,
i -f -..; .4
-' : it rsca.i
;-': I i
- i --t w, ar ij
t .:.; :wi ai.a
.; t.-.tro i.
u r.
" -. . - iacia
. :. a.'4aJc.
- -. ; J at n
i. . . is
; ':;:. rr. iact
' . - 'V2 E2C;2l
i i . ijtce
li-t. j3 ii
. - " : i w i3 ji,
i .. s-c t. '. ar IJ ijt
' '.-: a vr.jiil j
.- ;.t ca ikr J
" I :vr. In
' , 1 ii. -. M
a H ,-.: ; I of
. - t ;.. i crr aal
- ? .lit. K-t
- .. ". i
- .j". K'.iv, ad ;$
'. v-'' .f . iii.C
- -- ' '!'. iacv.
.-. i C't. .. u Knwal
- N - .-. TJ Ci. E. Vat.
i - ii t-j j
- . i . .. .- K: t 1
" '. -Miii il ".
'.-,": lii&.tiljs
:' J: o-.i .il tnv4 3t aj
- ' i v: - i -l.ncil pviai
- - .:. iarii-: wiy a
. . ii
-" ' - ' X ciu; Qrvr
' ' - .-'. d w. Var. IS
:: : i 1 ii. aiir.C. a.
-- .. i- - t, ,a, v:: i ia-
'. ':. r..v;tj of tJ.,M
: W. II. acr. ta.-i M.Swa
' e . 4.
- i. i...i..3:
.' iv f.'.ar-. yl :a-
' -J- . u b.i-3ce a Lr
t. Jiu
. ". i.
:r u, t,r. S 4. Var.
i .-irvv. .; :t wi-:c i .
: d 'i-a.lar 1.-..
.fit !! Ijitf Xtf. 1
'si : r.-.r.g V.i KM.
. . - lie.eua aaa Laurctte
. .ui... ...i l- roitiiiTc
; ;v ..: ,-: l 'irr e
.v::i.wi-ur. as! hiiA- -i
.tv (:: v:-.-d Lrai;. -
:-iiZii ;n.ta :ac avat
i '; J': l . ti: SLtcax
a-. lllt -
! il- ., n. Ka-Ied Hiccr
'-e A , ; l.Jt'J t -u2tr,
r.. a. fa.e Winn ttc :i4
-t ;. v mm ti-.rv
. i.i. i . c: I iM:".a Cintv '
a; 1 at, .Ki ,aj jj.
.' "UMn-itc Lo!e l"aiai
".-e .. .t i....':As I'ou-ilT,
r ;, on u.r Itiii uavi-i N.
e: A .1
. .i-l !::e stivLl kxa-
-' t. ordi-i a liar Jiid
i:i i-'.:ir ol lvu.:as
' - "-" ' tai nor.hiriT v
!-. :. i:K;-::in t ixie Claim. Ihi '
i a. .. . i nfci,a . . .Vanicjj i,
i '-::.' i -a tac Nocerly atd
i.. c 1--.U ..i;ci ; ;av icjcrii-aii
.. v: naj li J. and
:-" : "v lc asi claua-
"'-v Ki'.ec. iKi-.eoer)
-.n.y ir..i n tae Laorvta
- ,u e"-.v -! ii l: Laun-tte
. - :. :c'.t ..i-i,t. and ia xtta
:. o i:-... -a iliccn-i r and Law-
: ' i .v. .-roirei:i
i . ' e Hiua .Nriifrt
i. . i in :
. - i . .. i. ri r.
V's --a ii;.; ailTerely
. .i.:., .i.e, i';i'2i;Hi iir tur
.-j 'iw r.ivd. in eed. plalteil
a-v fct.i'. v t, -t;;:ed ibat. ua'.iv
. . ari-i .1.. Kivri. to
'.-ere un-Ur. ttiS
; -i. :iv.;ii :i ci t!;; notice.
' i' e I'r.iiiJ ,-uu
i'...,', i". '.eC.'.iLty id Ivu
t !.,:. i., t;:,y be laured ui
.i i 1. 1 a;.i i.mute.
"i", and rt pnb-
i i J::ac 1. Ui, iN-J.
Notice for Publication.
i'NIiin MAI S 1 AN ; 'Ki K'K.
!. -e urj!, OMii-a, A-.: J I, 19, ,
' : I;?.-.-.-, by c-'vtn i;n: ta lollowm-
'" ; ' 1 - : u.v av oi kit iuteauoa
. . .i: i . .: . . ; : h- , ct li;s va;m. and
' .- ; ' : ,'. " ' .-: i i' .ore liic Ki-imit
' 1 ' ' OUicv at Rotatbunc.
' " , '. ; i i .." v
. 'i.viuy 1.. m-;: ENi
'" ;x " N; :' :vr xw .. uh .
. . k , . (;.,. ;o.a.m:uj
- 1 1 .'-.c bis ei na.r.oiis rxid nr up
i e tii;.i land, y.': Wiitia-a
1 ' - :i i i'. i,r1. j. Tho:ariu. oi
.. r m ..,u: i..Ug K-burss,
i ' ). T. EKIIH;liS.
I arms toraJc.
A i.UiL. i -.
s :i:i'.i far ni for sale,
'Mo 1 to f.-ii;; groninir. viced app!
1 i r. i';:.!ri!s cn some of tliein.
- v.r'.iiiii.irs is-jtiire of,
CievcUnJ, Or.
V, Yuvi.
:'. . .!. ii. ii liK'.il repreFenta-
;:u-I i ti.s. i-'pa'ar Viavi remedies.
Ai;v ma: Jiiirii! m i' o! Uiom remedies
drvsi" l.or at K -ffburf, orfg-.-n.