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nillll I II I llllll Hill I II II II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 HUM illll. II II LII..I K1 '
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LJ 44
Closing: out Salel!!
We are closing out our entire stock for CASH
Now is the time to BUY. Read Prices.
Mens' Heavy lioot, worth $2,1)0, ft r 1 in
shoes' " fl.50 totf.OJ,.. .f-rtluotufeMNi
Ladies' Heavy " " $1.50.. for 4)1.00
Fin f I 60 to 300 fur i,o, to 2.r.O
IUiys Suits worth )3,00 to to.OO Lr :00 to J.50
Mens' Psnt at almoet balf price,
3 Ladies eata lor cummer wear
25 yds. of Calico,
Mens' and Boys summer Hats at Discount.
Three packages 31b. Gold Drop Washing Powder
Ten Bars Lundry Soap ,
Four tana Tomatoes
Three cans K C. Baking Powder '.
Noven 2 rz. pics. Smokiiis Tobacco. .
DiBhes, lin and Agatewate at almost your own price?.
Boy row b fore the stock is picked over. Mrnryiliini! in
my store will be sold at Cost bat for Cash Only.
g Drain, Oregon. J. A. Black.
or I.1X
I r
quirrel i Gopher Poison
Squirrel and
m ! Gopher Poison
This cut represents our leader in Iron and Enameled Bedsteads, the Best Bed
siiad offered by any concern in the state for the price $4 25. Our line of Bedsteads
are complete. Common Bedsteads for $1. So. Better ones for 52.25. Hard wood
as eneap in proportion.
Tlie House Furnisliers.
rubllahed Monday aud Thur.iny.
Time for Expansion.
Tendered to Governor (icer and
by California Officials.
Staff ; Fourteen veam after the inauguration
! of the Grtt 1 r evident vf tbe I'niteii
l 9 eTstATtXRD.
'States the republic began to expand.
FuUUsher, jAN I'k.vnchcj, Ju y 10. Tiu ui mu-i We lxs in LouiaSana mu:li roore than
- EUtCr 1 , , , -,.. .1. .. f.1 f ,
Mgr. and SoUdtor 1 ' t i :ouwiiu uur stcs.
i deJ a reception to Governor Cieer, of I Sixteen veara after that
bc Vear
St VBtk
1 to ;
JULY 17. m.
wo anue&d
Oregon, and his einiT, who departed i Florida. In the lueautiuie we had per-
this vvenicg for Portland. The oiEcers looted o'.ir title to the Oregon country.
! and ladies of the party assembled in the l'lteutvsix years after ths purchase of
. parlare of the Oori-ieaUl hotel. i Fiorid we annexe i Texas.
All ilu ft'Jcrr were ia nniforto. and ; Thrt vesira after that e added CU'
j the gatbertpjt was a brilliant oue. Gen- foruia, ISevad, Utih, tno.U of New Mes
eral Sfamana Crst addressed the corn- j co .Arizona snd pait of Coloradj.
' 1 pany of officer., explaining Mat thi . Five yeara liter ae tooght the rouih
Not nu died dtirim th nsie of ' meoberi of the governors s'aff desi'e.l e,n p.rts of New Mexico aed Ariaaiia.
it., iw. il. to show a uiatk ol re?ec: to the visit r?, i Fourteeu veir thertafter e e-xared
It La-not Uien VueU 8.ui Iopb to" '"d had gathered together fir this fare-j .iaU.
master the acienrv of transporting troops j H reception. I And then we stopped. Fur 31 year:
." I i nrm. i.j...itlu I riM l-avr iff...... 1.:" . iwiw I S'.i.i
t M . . 1 . Unn l Tliiin m-m I i nt i .11
rucked au me micro'oplc morsels ol
Hawaii and Potto Ktc, and stretched
out a tenUtive hauJ over the 1 uilip-
s.f rtl v hr aea.
!""" ! to bid the gallant soldiers
After a hard camoaicn in the trooies j Oreiton when thev 8i!?d 'viv" said
of the Philippine and kmc fatiguing General Seaonaus "hence it i as en- J
voyage it was ouly natu-l that the I tirelr proper (hat California thonl J be 1
bore were eager to get onto w-rra firma . the first to greet thai en their return pines
asunickaa powible after entering San j from the glories of war. e luve been i Was it tot ttoie? Never in our his
Francisco harbor. The boy want to j pleased and glad t greet you. and if we j tory hag the inarch tt American expao
cose to their homes, which .doea not Lave Cone anyth'.og to coutrihole to the
beoeaearily mean Portland. : pleasure of your yi;i". here we arj n,cst
" War ia the Philippines," siya ao . Governor Geer responded, saying that
artsli-expanaion exchange, "ia the sad.tet j he wished to tbank the propla of Ca'.i-
the hiatoiy of ths L nited , fornia for their kind treatmeat and
It isn't iu. lethal. A sadder coartesv.
hetwees keven and eight to
jthe fijunre mile. It could hardly be
:sidlhia that there was any pressing
j ccnges'iiu within our boucdaties, bat
JelTersou had an eve that could see into
the Oregon staff, made the concluding j the fat-re.
speech, saying: j When we pur.iueed Florida we ha
On behalf of the governor and Lis ham een tour and five inhabitants to the
thin in
thing is the spectacle of so-called Ameri- j "It has ba b a wouderfol receptiou'
can ciUseoa einbutraasiog the govern- ! s,id the goverccr. "and we thack yoa ail
sneotin it efforts to implant c-iyiliia-! for the wauy ccur:e.ts have re
Gaa and good governmsat itnn; a peo- jceived."'
pie It tM readied from tvrannf. Cjlonei tpenctr, advoca'.e-g-rucral
riou l.aiteii s j long as it ai l Deiween ine
aanexatiJU of Ahuka aud that of Ha
waii. Never before have e allcwed
other nation to gain such a start on us
iu i ho race.
When Je'.Urem bvught Liuislaoa the
density of pDpulalion in the United
Statei w.ns
- - - - - -wa,
,aueceot to G. W. NOAH.)
General Blacksmithing
HUup an Corner WBb.tujttu aud Kane Stat., Roteburi.
v; v-v v v.v v v v .x. v v v n. v vv x v . s vrv V v v-v
Tne Review ia its last Thursday's i
tiM criticised n? for directine a few
Laraleaa thrusts t the local board of 1 gtQ x desire to (av that we have been
1 1 t'jU-ire aire.
iraa lor not proriaics.or me tnieriain- i W0Bderfully laapreesed bv ocr recoption ' Wticn we annetel Texis the density
Beat of the visiting editor, and then ; jier6i jjt ,Le greeting you have given j 0f onr popalation was net fjuite ten.
copied all of the dirty "flings" and ad- j oar jyg :e somethicg tbat we can reveH Wben w; took in CVifornia it was
verse comment on the matter that could f3r.e,. We thank the people " the Kboat the satne.
be culled from iu state exchsngrt. Con- J m,mbefe of toe governor s tuff for their Wueu we effected t .e' G'.adeen pur
ietencT thou art a bright gem, hut you j kindcew and courtesy." cu-:e it was a little over eight,
da not sparkle in the columns of the The eiuging of "Aold Ling yue' j When he bought i"ska it was about
Koeetrarg Eeview. j brought the reception to a cl jee. j twelve,
t It ia no :: le neighborhood of 20
i inc'.uJicg Alacka; and excluiiug Alaska,
i mast ol whoe area is unavailable for
eetticmcct, it is st.
Lvidently the presauie of popuialiou
is greater now than it was at any of our
previous perioJa of national expansion.
If we felt the need for more room then
we feel it more intensely now. Our
population is denser at this time in
California, our remstiet state, than it
was in the Old United States when we
annexed Looiciaca.
Ttie time lot a new expaubion is long
; pat-t, aud tho growing pressure will not
i be relieved by silting on ths safety
! valve.
Notwithe'anding the fact that Coquillej Old Church That Burned Yesterday.
City ia advertising fur laborers to work j
ona new logging railroad, while the! St. Uixems, Or., July 15 Ine Met h
nsills. toezinx camps and ceameries of iodiat Episcopal chirca ia this city wa
tat eectionare raoning in iuil blast and
feusineeeof all kinds is hnmuiing, the
pcpaliat Herald of that city under the
bead ol "political pointers," contained
the following last week: "Tbat 'wave
of prosperity hasn't wared." Great is
calamity joanialism..
It la esv to drill with toe tide ; it is
acy to ait down and let your business
push itself, bat it never goes fas'. The
fellow who advrrticcs and keeps con
stantly and everlastingly a: it , is the
one that is going to attract people bis
Way and the more bustlers of this kind
in a town the more Lusinef e it handles.
The towns that advertise and bnstte are
the ones that do burinrst hiid it meds
not the wisdom of a sage to see it that
way. An ad in the live wide-awake
semi-weekly Plaimjlallk will bring the
deaired results.
Toe AgulnalJbu uialike to be cilled
eoppetbeade. Protests come every little
while from support era of Hoar, Gorman,
Bryan, Billy Masco and the rest of the
enemies of their country sgaiost the ap
plication of Ibis term to these individ
uals. Yet nnleas the term copperhead
hat changed since the days in which it
was invented, it correctly decigna es the
persona to whom it was given. A cop
perhead is a person who lakes the side
of bis country's foe. Tne country's foes
at this particular lime ara the Filipinos,
who are in rebellion against iu author
ity. Atkinson. Garrison, Gorman, Hry
aa aad the rest of the howling fhg furl
era are giving aid and comfort to Aui
aaldo and his dupes. If three individu
als are not copperheads tt e dictionary
definition of that word wil have to be
destroyed by fire eany this morning.
No effort was mada to tave ths building
because it was so far consumed by the
flames when persons reached it that arjy
effirt would have been futile.
The supposition is that tramps were
sleeping in the building daring the
night, and after awnking threw a lighted
match ioto a close; under the stairway
leadtug to the gallery. Tnere was a can
of coal oil ia the closet, and the flxir
was saturated with oil.
me ouumnz was repateu to ue ine i
i . v. .. :i . : . 1. - f t- - i
aecouu uuc uuui iu iub e'.ai? ui iyiri;uu
by the Methodiet denominatiou, having
been eonetnrcted in 1S52. The cost was
by popcliy subscription. Colonel Tripp,
Robert Gsrmain and Mr. Cno'jus were
the carpenters. The building will be re
mem be red by every person who has had
cccasiu to travel up cr down the Colum
bia river for the past 40 years, it baviDg
been perched upon the rack blotT. back
ol and overlooking thi city, and was
Companies Comprising the O. N.
- Notified to Suspend Prepara
tions for Portland Trip.
It. II. L?abo, captain of company K,
Third regiment, O. N. G. of this city,
yesterday received from Brigadier-General
C. F. Bee!e an order rescinding the
thm rooa nrrtmtnff.Tif: larnimflrlr nn ihr
r , , . , ,, . previous order, iusfrdctinz the company
sea. junto . Lancaster, wao u:ea i
few years ago at Vancouver, deeded the
lot, on which tlje bniidit g stood, to the
church association, and, altbouzh the
building waa known as the Methodist
chorch and claimed by th at denoxina
lion, it is contended by old-timers that
the building was erected with the under
standing that it ehonld bv kcown and
used as a union church.
The people of St. Helens regarl the
destruction of the building with as dtep
regret es thouith a human friend hid
been removed from their midst.
to prepare to a.t,ve to Portland on the
receipt of telegraphic instructions.
Nov that the contemplated trip to
Portland to Greet the return ing voltn
teers af an organization, has been de
clared off, it ia eugested that the state
guard hold its encampment at the state
fair grounds, near this city, as it was or
iginally planned. Tho military fond
has not vet been expended and no rea
son can be given why the encampment
should not ho given in this city as
Tr.e custom of annually gtviug the
Waived Examination, Went
Vault Shipped.
jinp-tiou. In dtfault uf (!'"() baii lie was
The proprietors of the Guard liuiehed j BeDt to jjU ,0 SWjli1 , ,,ie x0V(MJl;,.r u.rm
the al.ipment of the oil Lane county j of circJit colJrt. jj.g CO!.i;anion, .tpli
court house vault Friday, by dfltvering j enBOaj lVi , Brraf.,.a Monday.
to the hfonlheru Pacitic for trjnpporta- j
tion to Klamath Falls, Klama'h county, j "A I hope is abandoned," yells tho
where it will be used by the bank. j Teheran.. 'The ieopl f tr.g.nre
Ths outeide and inside doors with! fuse to reonciil.' Tit- only
I lutmhers of tho goatd a few days of
to Jail. I practical military He has i.eeu observed
! fcr years, and it is certaiuly of tbs
K. L., who is charged with lar-j jm,,srldllCe to the regiment,
ceny by bailee, w today taken before ' btl , .iS oliy rcceully been organized,
Justice W. D. Smith and waived exam- i ..,nt ,,,,, pn..flmr,,f ,.t )d held this vear.
for tho di iiiing an I experience that
wivld ht obtained thereby would be in
vli::tle ti the varicuB companies.
jambs weighed, when crated, 23"0 i peoi-ls ia Or gun n .t ic?r.e
pounds, and the wall, floor and ceiling j iulmbitants of Portland aad n. t
platse 43'J0.pounJe, in all 7320. Tbejlhem. Ootiide of Portland the
riMta wvm .-nt r.l tliH ula'e nhiniiscl in ! tlOU is aiCCl.ed S.Tjttibly and pllii t
aie the
-1 - 1 .1 -op!,-
Ttia cucainpnicnt should cettatnly be
held. If thought ill-advised to have the
eiiard Gast-UibU iieru at this time, the
ctifampnietit could ho held during the
hiato fair, w lien it would prove one of
thft I an i.i.ti attractions of that exposi
ti jn Hsleiu Statesman July 15.
ical'y. loe gju;jral s'.-ntiiu'int i i'iui
the boys have don- the proper t':nu
under t';o circuoist in.:i""., and tii-ir
Barklow, Martin Stage Co.
Private conveyance frotu iioseburg to j ioa is gtuerally cudor
Coqullle Cit j via Myrtle Point, connect- the earns as it was
ing with boats and trains. Leave Co
qoille City and Ko6eburg Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridayp. Goo'' rigs
and teams. Best of accomodations.
Tor prices and particulars call on or ed
HrMS, W. Pattkrhiv,
Cornir lirocer, Roiehurg, Oifgon.
and Col. Summers. Albany Ie::iorr ii.
Yesterday' tiiitiiatch infer ma ui of a
vesI wrecked ofl'ihe rnat f N F., by
cnitinir in contact with nn iLvber,;.
With the thermometer regietcring teai
the 100 mark today, iu the chade, some
of ne. foe! like beinir wter tpd in tho samn
Wamiiv-i'ix, July 15. Ttiu wnr de
part men! has left the disposition of the
d by thy p'.p'e, Oreguu troops iu the lmuds of General
ty ' ' iveriior ticer Sliufter, eouitnarnJiiig tne department ol
Pacific. Ttie troop have been ordered
muttered out at San Francisco. It is
Hi l here thatlhcy will be paid oil and
ill return to Orfgun as citizens, not as
soldiers. Alter ihty are mustered out
and paid, the I'niled States has no
fuither control ol thcui. '
Sheriff Gage is Having an Interesting
Time With the Coqullle Robbers.
Ed Wnite, au accomplice f I hoe.
Drew in the bol i Cjiiuille robberies, is
beuiudihe bar): at Cxinl!) City for the
third time. I'.-e aud Wutte were given
a trial before thi gtand jury at the last
term of Coo countr circuit court, and
while many wrr-convinced that they
were the ga.liy parties, they were die
charged for waul ut evUence. Tuey im
mediately lrft the country, but weie
shadowed and soon sfterwards at rested
at Portland and Albany, where they had
been disposing of articles which were
readily identities! a haxiug come from
the site in Lorena'a stoie at Co''iil:e
City. They wer agiia taken to Co
qoid j aad giveu a preliminary examine
lion, resulting in White teing dis
charged, while Drew was held without
bonds to await the action of the grand
jury. Strong eviduce has since been
secured against bah parlies, ceasing the
arreat of Wnile for the tbird lime, last
week. Sheriff Uago went to Kivertou,
Coos county aud secured his pnroner.
but while on the trip up the river to Co- j
quiile, White sudJealy djffed his coat j
and vest and sprang overboad frcm the j
steamer, swimming to the shore and )
successfully effecting his escape. j
A posse was soon on his track, Lo
ever, and be was captured the nest day
near Hirer ton, takeo to Coquille and
airaio lodged in jail. In regard to the re
cent arrest last Saturday's Coo.uille Bul
letin says: .
It not generally known, but a well estab
lished as well as stailliog lot of evidence
is in the hands of Sheriff Gage and Dist.
Atty. Brown. The former has been
working night and day on the case since
ths grand jury in May decided that
White and Drew were innocent of the
It it t liia aritaL re.i naat that Mr. !
Brown is in our city to ferret out the
crime. The caee will be a hard fought
one and several other arrests will no
doubt follow.
(I'rvi.nrel Wlitat)
Tlie Uot aii'l f!liop'st Itemed,
yet nt'rf'm creu lor the deal rue
( th'.-w orehnl aul
rrfiM-ti tn
OK Hit
And Effectual
tructin af
.Lfe .f-V. tt.Z
CO-, Druggists,
s V
y t
'rt t
s i
- - r-Tl--
And the Place to get them isats-
1'. Marsh made a Hying trip to Glen-
dale one day tt is week.
Mrs. Molten is en joy in a visit from
lier aged mother of Calafornia.
Master .Samson French is cur n
mail carr er on Upper Cow Creek.
MifsLtfi' Palmer of Woodlawn. epiM
a wee'e m Glendile visitijg friends.
. u. i aimer, wno baa b;en woraiog
n Myr Is Crest, was home on a visit
Us w,-fk.
M si Migg.3 Olioghouit wai caUed
horns frooi Gl.'ndale to atten I her
bro hei's w siding.
L. U. McLlroy haJlh-r pUasure of
or niing Miss Lieuiry Mote up from
Glendale lat week.
L-?s!ry Motten, E , showihia s niling
face at Wooalawn oure oM-o ler
what's tbe attractijn?
Mir. t.. w. Lewis aca caiiurtn are
spending a few weeks with Mr. snd
Mrr. S. II. Miller, of P:nirer.
Frantii Ulinghoues and Miu Bs.le
French were married Iat Wednesday at
the bride's Lome. They ara spending
their hooey aioon at tbe Hael Dal I.
Datr Bi tLt.
Ashland Topics.
Mias Gecvvieve Reimea returned to
Jacksonville Sunday from an extended
stay in Portland.
Mrs. Ella Lang of Jacksonville is an
Ashland yiaitor this weei, the guest of
Miss Bessie Peed.
Mi&Ms Aay aad Alice Bjotiiof Grants
Pass are up attending Chautauqua.
Ashland Town Talk.
Frof. W. T. YanScoy returued Irom
Coos county Wednesday. He reports
having a successful tiip.
Mioses Georgia and va Jacobs of
Boeeburg are here visiting friends, lbs
guests of Mrs. Vf. J. Virgin.
Very warm weather here.
Mr. U. O. Parker and wife left for a
caxpiog trip on Coon creek Friday.
Cba. Summers is a very busy man
just now, finishing a house for Mr. Dick
Mr. S. K. Adams has gone for a few
weeks outing on the MtKenzie river,
with his family.
Mrs. Locke, of Independence, Or.,
ia a guest of her daughter Mrs. F.
6baug!e of this city.
We are expecting s very warm game
of base ball between Oakland's nine and
Yoncalla's team in the near future.
J. L. Stratford of the Plai.nui.alek
force, was in totvn shaking bands with
friends and actiuaibtenaoces. a few days
Mr. J. F. Dauaherty has teen elected
by the A. O. U. W, lodge cf Yoncalla,
as a delegate to the Grand Cauip at Tbe
Dalles, Oregon.
Mr. George Merrill of California, ar
rived at Yoncalla where he intends to
make his future home. We welcome
lit. Merrill in our midst.
The man who calls himself Uncle Sam
paste l through our town on his way
er --. .d the world, he said. Ue also
f - .; a few coppers from our citizens to
hi lp him on his way.
Luther Marsters has secured a position
as tcction foreman at Albauy, Oregon.
Mr. Marsters has been in the employ of
the s P Co. for several years here snd
is a very competent man for ths place.
One Who Knows.
Brother Tried to Save her From
Swift Current, But Could Not.
Hooo KiVLB, Or., July 15. Miss Cyn
thia Dduimeck, aged 10, was drowned
today iu Hood river, four miles above
the forks. She and her brother were
crossing the stream ou a foot log, when
she fell in. The brother jumped iu and
caught hold of tho unfortunate K.irl, but
could not hold her in the swift current,
and she floated down to a drift i quarter
of a mile below. Trie ho ly waa found
five hours later. Tti'J funeral will lake
plao-j Moadiy .
Keep your eye ou our windows if you
ari looking tr harps ini. KWiY Pice,
llooeo FuiuitiherH.
Today's Market.
FourLANir, June 25. Eggs Oregon,
17 cents per doe.
Batter Be6t dairy, fancy
creamery, 33"? 10 J per roll.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, M0o.o0
Prunes Italian 233; silver, extra
choice, 44.j' per lb.
Wheat-Walla Walla WoDc; Val
ley 59200c ; Lluestem 5S2G0c.
Oats White 4345c; choice gray,
42fi43c per bushel.
Millstuff Bran, $15; middlings $22;
shorts, JIG iO; chop, 10.00 per ton.
Hay Timothy 3 HO; clover. J73;
Oregon wild bay, $0 per ton.
Woo' Valley, 15(2 10c: Eastern Ore
gon, S'.a 12, Mohair, 20y. 10.
Potatoes Oregou Burbanks, 1.25;
Garnet Chiles, f 1.50(311.75 ; California
(newt 2 rer pound.
Kinging iu ears, noises in
twitching of eyelids. Iludyan
Fifty cents. All druggists.
The Dread of Death.
A man bound hand and
foot npon a railway
track can see the ap
proaching danger with
bis open eyes and re
alize now actual
and terrible it is;
but when a man's
faculties are
bound about
by cords of
disease be
feels only
by a sort of
natnral in
stinct tbe
danger that
is coming
noon him
although he cannot actually see it
Tbat awful sense of dread, the feeling
that death is near at band is described by a
South Carolina irentieman, Thos. G. Lever,
Esq., of Lever, Richmond Co., with a truth
that everyone who baa ever experienced
it will immediately recognize :
"I bad what the doctor colled nervous iudl
ration," he ay: "I took medicine from my
iamily physician for it, but of no avail. I u look
ing over one of the Mroiorandtini Book issued
by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, X. Y.. I found a
case tike tulne described exactly. 1 wrote to
Dr. Pierce and made a statement. lie srnt mc a
descriptive list of question, n!o hviiemc rule.
"I carried these out at best I'conM. tnit I
thought jt almost linpoilIr. a I viMVrrd m
much with pain umlrr my rilx ami an empty
feeling in mv stomach. At niuht I uoulj have
cold or hot fret mid haiuis nttcrnnU'lv. 1 tva
getting very nervous and Mifurl a irnrnt tleal
in r I U-V-
with uurasini-
that death won?,
iug something
a great dreaii
and iiupalitrm
"I could !"
produce n Ki
omc hcMtiii i'
patent mcdi.
of Pr. rk-rc- -
Pellets.' Ann
to mv rnditin.' thltikinir
- hi ct:tttn in-: always xtrct
lal to t.tkr tlace anil haviug
. mind 1 v:i nlo irritable
: -ii gn atly inlucrd iu Hcsh.
- i lv anytlitng that would not
in my atonmch. After
.viiil to my prejudice URaiust
I iltrcidcd tu trv a few bottles
.ilen Mcdicnl icuvery and
a I. ing ei-eral bottles of each I
found I was improving. I have to be careful yet
at time as to wlu.t t cat. iu order that I roav
feet good mid strong. I fully bclierc if any
who lutkr ivith indigntlon or torpid lirer or
chronic ccid wjnld take Dr. Pierce' Golden
lledical Discovery and 'Pleasant Pellets' and
observe u few simple hygienic rules thev would
soon be greatly beneri'ud, and with little per-severaucv.-
would be entirely curci."
It is a very c-iuipk mutter to write to Dr.
Pierce. No cliaige wliatevcr is made for
advire; wliicli will lie etit vnit (in a plain
ae.ilnl tiivr-Inpc) piotiiptly an muil.
TLis cut 14 au
exact representa
ioo of a solid oak
Rocker we have
in stock, fiDely
fiDtbLed rods,
aruis, high back,
enitable for par
lor or bitting
room for$3.75.
Have other
good rocker
from S1.00 op.
Roseburg Bakery.
Hurrah ! Hurrah ! the bread does rite
And nicely made are our mince pies.
No grumbling now, for the srice ia low
Ineide the oven the pans do go,
So w hen tbe pork and Wans are dune
Cainrade and patrons have some fun I
i Hot cakes and pea-nuts wc now k-11
I And all that bur, tficir tweethearts tell.
Rye bread aud loaves of every kind ;
Huge lots for low price you'll find,
J Each loaf is good weight and pure
J Used by the gents and maids demure,
i Direct your order; U Jackson Street,
Each patron wc arc glad to greet.
: Guardian's Sale. -
uodorfltned. the guardlao of Lbs person
I aad state of Ro Joeevhson- Eamnel Joaepls
j son. JuUaa Jow-poaon and U aer Joaenbaoau
j minor heirs ol H. Jowyhsoa, deceased, w IU by
t i-irtoe of an order Of the County Court of lunu
las County, ttatc of Oregon, se'l at pabiic aue
I lion forra-h in band, al Lae (out Hoote davr
i in Bowbarg, DnuglMixwntr. Oregon oa Tues
vi.,vuiy ,i, isn, at w. uouroi lodocM au n?
of said day. all the rirfit. title and intarest of
?aud miBm ia ami lu th iullowtng deseribed
real property, to-wit: Ttie S'i of SWJi. BE'f of
WJan-lfrof NW'iol e-iln owniaip
s. a. lt w. tVi.lauietia meridian, eowtaiaiag
Dated tb.a 7ih uar of June, ls.
0li Gocidian.
-Our liue of Bed'Loucges ia up-to-date. Also cuucbe aad if we haven'
wLat yon want, we will make it for yon aad yoa can have tbe advantage of
selecting your own goods.
See our 32G.00 Sawing Machine, To see is to be convinced, thkt, we
hare the best machine oa the market for the price aad will guarantee it as
long as any machine that is ruad.
Iron beds frooi $423 up and wood beds from SU) up.
Have jast' sorted ap oar stock o! Wall Paper aad have some new de
signs tbat are bard to beat Late bayers can be sore of getting as good
colorings is those who bought early ia tbe season.
Oar motto is honest values and good goods sold as cheap as it is posei-
blo to sell them.
HM r-
M f tl 11 n D
A. CO.
Yt V i !L "-. u- --
''.if.'JvS K FT THI Can.
i ! ' i H iiShr
raraausMto jt rears.
'"-it K Taarr rr t arta4iM.
731 W1BIT ST I t.
County Treasurer's Notice.
...B. W. STRONG.
Notice ia hereby given to all parties?
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed oc or before February 15, 1899. to
present the same at the treasurer's office
; ia the Douglas County bank for payment.
as interest will ceare thereon after the
date of this notice.
Dated this the 10th day of Jane, 1SW
at the City of Roseburg, Oregon.
v Geo. W. Duuuck.
County Treasurer, Douglas County. Or.
'0 f .
The Chief Charm.
of a Shirt Waist, is the charm of
Novelty. It will interest you to
know that our stock of waists is
Cleau, Fresh aud Xew. The
"snap" and style of our garments
at our usual low price are giving
us astonishing busy days on this
Call and examine our entire
stock of Staple and Fancy Dry
Goods, all that is new and up-to-date at specially attractive
prices. Mailorders solicited.
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealeas in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Hay, Grain and Flour.
'Phone Main 181. Props.
0 MISS r-AYtOOYa 1,500, 6UOBT TT.5S
wtlH SJLiU. GUM.
Are paying good money at present,
but a little more capital needed to prop
erly work the mines. Easy of access,
will cell all or an interest in the same.
For particulars see me at Koeeburg, or
P.O. Bos 21 Roseburg, Ore.
Administrator's Notice.
undersigned baa been duly appointed ad
ministrator of t tic estate of Bosana Manning .
deceased, by tic Countr Court of Doari.
County, Oregon, and all persons baring ciaosaa ,
uiut nuu catw ic u.u. uuuii. w, preens
tbo aatne, duly yarUied, to Mid admiaisowtoc
at Oakland, Oreton, wiibin six mouths froca tbe
date of this nouc.
Dated at oacburs, O rerun, this tbe STtA of
June, 1SW.
Admlnisrrator of the estate of Bosana MB
ning, dixeased.
The Home Bakery
701 Oak Street, Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread . Every Day
"Boston Baked Beans,"
a specialty.
The Roseburg Tannery.
(nighest Cash Trice I'aid for Hides, Fun and Raw SkiDNv
Fur and Buckskin Dressed for Gloves, Lash and
Lace Leather. Furs and Skins Dressed and -Cleaned.
Black Angor.i Goats for Chilpe.
L DEACH, Proprietor.
Foot of Mill St., South Koscburu, Orckit.
Administrator's Notice.-
' nndeniKbed was on the "th day of JuJt,
ly., duly appointed administrator of tha estate
of Loiidisa Mitchell, deceased. All peraona hav
ing claims against said astato ara herobv re
quired to present the same, properW venfied, to
the said administrator al tha lav ottios of A. M.
Crawford, ia Koaebnrg, Douglaa Count. Ore
gou, within iti.x months front tho daw hereof.
lated this loth da of July, im.
AJmlnUtrator of the eatat of Loudiaa
Mitehcl!, deceased. jlOt
For Infants and CMldrtB.
Th Kind Yoa HaT3 Always Esugiit
upsJd Utotoigo
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
ovt aaKmo rowrwa eo., arw von.
Bears the
Elgaaturo of
A Bargain.
Five acres, choico bottom laud, ou
which is located a good seren-room
bcu?e, good baro, and is situated in a
fine agricultural locality, cear a schoo
aud postotfice. AVill be sold at a very
low figure. Inquire of. J. AV. Mote,
tdjlfi) Wilbur, Or,