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The Plaindealer
Job Printing
No better field thaa Southern Ore
ra; m better medium through which
to Advertise.
Executed hort aocica at mr.
consiitrat with food work.
Nc." 55.
Transports Ohio and Newport Ar
rive at San Francisco
The News of Their Sale Arrival Sets
the Entire Population of Both States
. Ablaze With Enthusiasm
!Salkv. Or., July li.-At 2:40 p. m
Ue Western Union Telegraph company
at sMlm u it a lio over the wire that
lite Oregon volunteers were e;ghted at
Km Francisco. Immediately the bella
were ringing and whisUee blowing all
over the city.
tub nasi tfxkgrax
Sax Fkakjsco, July 12 The Trans-
iwti Olio and Newport with returning
valnnteera were ticbted off the harbor
at 2:30 p. na.
Wbeu first sighted tht transporta
' were poesibly twenty miles at
From telegraph hill the vessels came in
to perfect eight and the Bay City barst
into biasing and thundering enthusiasm,
the iruua at ihe Presidio answeriog the
cannonades at Mare Island navy
and the nat at the Mole.
The transports will not reach this city
antil -oo. 6 o'clock. It to not kbown
vtt whether the Oregon troope will be
. -
allowed to land uere. The city is in
treat state of excitement. Gov. Gear of
Oregon will try and get an order Iron
AVaahingtoo to allow the troops to come
shore here tor a short time.
Wasuuwtos. July 12. Unless tone
change is made, the plan now arranged
lor the Second Oregon is that the regi
ment will go to Astoria on the govern
ment transports and will then be trans
ferred to the river steamers, chartered
by the quartermaster's department, tak
e& to ronlaod, and after the reception
at Portland w ill be.tak.en to Vancouver,
where ther will reinaia antil mastered
It will be soma time before the master
oat takes place, as tnere most bo an ac
counting of property and a settling of ac
conau with each company. Paymasters
are yerr particular in the final settle
ments, as any mistake would mean s lose
to tbem. as there will be uo farther
iUalincs with the reziment when the
final settlement is made, and the money
paid over.
Vancouver, Wash., Jaly'.12. Exten
sive preparations are being made at Van
eouver barrack for the reception and
accomodation of the Oregon volunteer
aponlbeir retard from Mini La for master-oat
here. Company barracks and
officers' quarters are being repaired and
pat is order, and s large earner of ser
vice tents are being erected in the gTove
in the rear of the barrack, for the ac
commodation of s portion of the regi
meat. There is barrack accommodation
for eight companies, inclading one com
pany of Tweoty-foarth infantry now
The G. A. K. committee in Portland
have chartered s Bteamer for Astoria to
r neet the Second Oregon. Fare round
Portland to Astoria and return (1.
Ample notice will be given that allG.
A. It. men may psrticipate, and all
others who may desire to.
Low Round Trip Rates to Portland.
On tbe occasion of tbe return of the
Oregon Volunteers (opon a date hereaf
ter to be determined) tickets will be on
sale at this station to Portland and re
tarn, st the Ijw round trip rate of f5.95
for adults and $3.00 ior children between
the ages of 5 and 12 years. Tickets will
be lira't to two days in addition to
data of sale.
L. B. Moobe.
Agent S. P. Co. Roseburir.
Sword For General Summers
Tbe handsome sword to tie presented
to Brigadier-General Samoters, by the
citizens of Oregon, has been received by
tbe presentation committee at Portland
and is said to bs the most beautiful
sword ever seen on the Pacific coast.
Artistically engraved on the blade is tbe
inscription, "Preeented to Brigadier
General Owes Summers, U. S. Volnnteers
by citizens of Oregon for his distinguish
d and meritorious services on behalf of
his country in tbe war of tbe Philippines
Hon. It. J. Hendricks, who was ap
pointed to the position of appraiser of
customs at Portland, to fill tbe vacancy
occasioned by Gen. O. Summers upon
the latter 'a departure in command of tbe
Oregon volanteers for the Philippines,
has tendered his resignation in favor of
Gen. Summers to take effect upon the ar
rival of tbe latter at San Francisco on
his return from Manila a very graceful
set on tbe part of Mr. Hendricks.
'Woman's' Work
is Never Done.
The constant cure causes sleeplessness,
loss of appcide, extreme nervousness, and
that tired feeling. But a wonderfut
change comes when ILxxf s Sarsaparilla
is taken. gcves pure, rich blood, good
appetite, steady nerves.
The First Fruits of Our Indifference
Toward ths Editors. Oreat
Tribute to Oregon.
t Portland Telegram, July 10.)
Asulano, Or., July 10 The editorial
Party's reception at this, the southern
terminus of their jiunt, equaled any
thing tendered (hem iu the stale.
Nothing was to good. We arrived
early litis morning and afters thorough
night's re6t 011 magnificent sleepers, fur
nished by the Southern Pacific company,
all are iu the beet of spirits, and in per
fect condition t j enjsy the many fea-
tures of AshUad'a welcome.
The first thing on the programme was
breakfast in the Chautauqua assembly
ground, a picturesque grove deliehtful-
ly located alongside Ahlaud creek, a
babbling brook fed by pure crystal wat
ers from the scenic mountains eurnwud
ing an ideal valley. The meal was
served in true rustic style, but rjrfct
preparation uiaJe possible the serving of
a meal that would do credit to the best
of hotel. Fried chicken, tender aud
juicy, pure sweet butter and an abund
ance of l be c.-eam for which Ah!and is
famous, threw the editors into raptures.
lwepreeentative Cuter delivered a wel
coming aUdrt-ss, aud after breakfast.
President Henry heartily thauked the
entertainers for their hospitality. Tiien
followed drives over the magnificat
fruit country of the foot bl'l, eo:ue 50
conveyances b? ing furnished by liie ti-i-xens
for the purpose. There were many
otLer pleasant features to display the
hearty good fellowship of the Southern
Oregon metropolis.
Cheery wcrds from everyone aud the with which the ciliiens
worked, is refreshing after the experi
ence of lt axht. wherein Kosburir
fell down" completely in its reception.
and ths Portland committee was forced
to do the entertaining there at great ex
peoso for, to eay the least, indifferent
service. Oa the return trio Koebur
will be lei: oat in the cold the intended
stop there being traasferrel to Glen-
Ashland is on the I-djuj, more than
$11(1,000 having been expended iu build
ing within a comparatively short time.
II. Eihkix.
"The delegates of the National Editor
ial Association, now making their annu
al tour, are deeply grateful to you for
this generous welcome. We appreciate
mors than words can tell tbe many re
ceptions we have received from the good
people of Oregon. We entered your
state on the 3 J dayjof Joly, welcomed by
your beautiful women and gallant men.
We are told tbat from then till we
passed beyond your borders tbat we
were the guests of the state. U'3 ex
pected royal eatertaiomeats, as the fame
of yoar people for hearty hospitality had
reached across the mountains, bat we
are totally unprepared ior the generous
receptions yon have given us.
"We had heard much of your grand
state, its fertile fields, mineral moan-
tains, its stock and fisheries, its balmy
breezes, fruits, flowers and charming
women in whose cheeks sre reflected the
tint of your roses, whose eyes spoke
with the brilliancy of tbe gazelle, and
whose raven locks excel tbe tresses of
tbeda.k-eyed boarisofthe East. But
with one accoid we exciaim with Sheha,
tbat tbe half bad cot been told.
Since leaving our homes we hare
crossed some 12 or 1$ states, bat bsve
teen no one that compared with this
bright gem of tbe Northwest one of tbe
youngest bat one of the progressive
tales of the Union.
"It is needless to esy we hare enjoyed
this toor of tbe land "where rolls the
Oregon," famous in song and story.
"We thank yoa for this kind reception
and will cany with us our homes
bright memories and cheerful thoughts
of tbe people of this land of plenty, peace
and happiness."
Oregon News Notes.
The price of w ool still holds firm at
Tbe Dalles st 12 to 14 cente a pound.
Daring Jane 123 real estate deeds were
filed at Salem, as against O tbe same
month last year.
The Oregonian reports that It. moole,
formerly of Eagene, made a strike in
Dawson City, and is uow euroute out
with $3000 in shining dust as a result of
eight months work.
I. U. Bingham, B. Lurch, D. liristow,
and B. J. Jennings, have filed articles
of incorporation for the "Cottage Grove
Bohemia Telegraph t Telephone Co."
Capital stock, $5,000.
If Game Warden Qaimhy cau succeed
in convicting and causing to he panisLed
some of tbe pot-hunters who for years
bave been unlawfully slaughtering deer
by hundreds in Southern Oregon, he will
have done tbe state a service more than
commensurate with bis salary. Every
efl'ort should be made to put a stop to
this practice of wholesale deer staying,
and it is being done.
The open season for deer banting he
gins on the loth instant, but banters
mast not sell any venison, under a pen
alty of flCO to tSGO. Game Warden
Quimby has deputies out among tbe
banting grounds, and these have orders
to prosecute all violators to the lull ex
tent of the law. Mr. Quimby baa al
ready succeeded in convicting four per
eons of killing deer out of season, and
this, be thinks, will bave a salutary ef
fect on other would-be violators. He
is especially pleased with tbe conviction
of Ole Oleson, st Bo3ebuig, as be says
this man had a gang of eight aebUtante,
who slaughtered deer by wholesale, just
for their bides. He thinks the present
law is ample to permit tbe increase of
deer, which in five years will be quite
numerous again in the Coast range, the
Cascades and tbe Blue mountains of
Eastern Oregon. Oregonian, I
Is favored by President McKln.
Of Independence or Annexation by
Ballot 'Fightlns Joe" Wheeler
(Joes to Manila.
m toiiK.juiy 11. .couMiui: to a
" . X a.
correspondent cf tbe Wcrld at Washing
ton, I resident McKinly ii working en
ergetirally upon a plan to submit the
question of Ihe independence or annexa
tion of the island to "the people of Cuba.
He believes that they would vote for an
nexation. Reports fro Governor-General
Kroeko indicate t coutrary view, hut
the president has received confidential
loiters from influential representative of
commercial interests aud from other
eourvea in and about Havana wbich have
convinced him that General Brook" is
mistaken, and thit the inplo in the
western portion of !: ibland as well ho
those iu (lie eastern portion would glad
ly vote for a territorial government Wi
der Ihe ureal republic.
The president inquired particularly an
to tbe exteut of the sentiment lor and
against annexation.
"I am firmly couvinced." said Gener
al Wood, "that aunexatiou would be car
ried by four t one in Santiago. The
people of tbat province, and I If lieve (be '
majority cl tt other proviave, do not
want independence. Iht-v nave real
iited many t-enctite from the emorary!
government e have givea them, and!
are anxious
I'jt secure tlieee iieneti! 4
WAMiix..ros, Jul? 11. Geuer.i' Jo, h
WhPe'far UtrnA I r . i a aflorn..n t . kr
, ...
He satis for Manila July 20. "1 havwuoi
plans of campaign," be taid ti nn Asso
ciated Press reporter loday, "and shall
not know what 1 am to do u:.::l I receive
my instructions from General 0:is. I
should like t) have it understood." he
consit.r.ed, ' That I o the Philippines in
entiitlf a nr:ori:ia;e capacity, not only
to Otis t.ut to Lawton and MacArthur,
who will t u'.rank me."
Our Fruit and Crops.
The temperature and sunshine condi
tions are favorable to the growing
crops, hut rain would be of benefit. The
continued dryness is not injurious
because there is an ahfeuc? of hot,
dry wind.
Tbe second c rop of a!Ui:a ii hetni; cut
in the southern counties. The catting of
wheat for hay has commenced ia a few
sections. Clover, timothy and cheat
continue to be cur. The bay crop is
turning oat as well as it has ever done.
Fall-sown wheat, oats acd barley are
turning yellow ; in a few favored locali
ties bar ley bavest has commenced.
Early-sowu spring grain has commenced
to head. Tbe spring grain prouucs
well; Ihe yield will not be as heavy as
the fall sown. The reports indicate tbat
the grain crop is in a fairly satisfactory
condition, not as good us iu wins year,
but better than in 0 the it.
Mrawberries are about over. Cherries
are ripenieg; Uoyal Anns are about two
weeks late in ripening. Apples, pears
and prunes hare not cbaoged in condi
tion : dropping has ceased and tb fruit i
now on the trees will probably mature.
The light fruit crop allows of aa extra
good growth of wood, so that tbe or
chards are really benefitted by the light
crop. Peaches are ripening in tbe
southern counties. In Jackson county
there is a good crop ; in other counties
there will he little, if any, more than
tbat required for local markets.
Hops are making good growth; lice
are iucreasing and spraying has com
menced in msny of the yards. Ths car
reot condition of the vines is favorable
for a good crop.
Garden produce is making good
growth ; rain is ueedeJ mors for gardens
than for auything elfe.
Kiepbc rriea are ripe and very plenti
ful. Blackberries prouiUe a t;ood crop.
Today the crop prospects for western
Oregon are fairly satisfactory. Iu east
era states the present crop prospects of
Oregon would be called excellent, bat
compared with usual conditions in Ore
gon they must he classed as only fair.
Summer weather prevails and a gener
al rain is not probable for two months
more. A few showers west of tbe Cas
cades and thunderstorms east of them
may occur. The movement of the at
mosphere is such that bot northeast
winds are not probable.
The grain croo ia cow in its critical
stage and an absence of hot winds for
two weeks more will allow (he greater
portion of the grain crop to mature with
out shrivelling.
The rivers are falling slowly and no
danger of higher water exists. The
riyera will continue above their normal
heights for eevcral weeks.
B. S. Paoiu.
Section Director.
Railroad Contract Let.
CoquiLLE Citv, Or., July 0. The Por
ter Mill Company has let a contract to
Ball & Lagan for the construction of lour
miles of logging road up Cunuingbam
creek, and about one milo from this
city. They will begiu grading next
week. Some difficulty is experienced in
securing men, aud the firm is now ad
vertising for thirty more laborers and 1Q
teams with driven. The wages are un-
deratood to be 2 per day for common
The Finding of Body Alleged to be
Due to Spiritual Visitations. ,
Dj departe.t pptrits hold commuuica
lion with Iri-uds still on earth? Our
readers can draw their own conclusions
frjin th fo!Ijii!K:
Th disappearance of young Henry
Brownsworih at Wimer was noted in
Towu Tali, and now comes the curioos
pait of liie story in connection with ttte
finding of ihe body. It will be reinem
U nd that Browneworth left a note dls-
potusol his property aud saying he
was goii.i: in kilt himself. Jcshua
Xcaihauuner, ttu uncle of Itie young
luan, relate Ihe folk-wing experience:
On the night following the disappuauce,
Neatliammer s.iys, the spirit of young
Crownsworth came to him iu his sleep
and related how he had left home on the
preceding day aud how he had put an
end to his earthly existence, detailing
the cin uuieUuies a'tending the act.
Tiie ear:.:- appearance a:d the rsme com
muiiica:;i.ns ere rp;alc.l to Nealham
1111 r Iho uext nibt aud lhee no t Jrual
vietiH and communings were tepeated
for -ix cuii.'ccntivd uibte. The mo?t iin
porUiil par; f the spiritual intelligence,, tint which told of wuere the
discarded leueoient of the Spirit could be
found, am reserved until the last or
eetenlb oiLt. U;i Sunday tight the
ppirit appeared k mual, and iu add lion
to ihe usual cotnuiunicatioo. de-cubed
a pine irt about iwo miles from
Mr. Neatbammer'a ioue, at the fo it of
wbiihthe Itody of lire deceased would
l-o foood. Early Monday morning Mr,
Neathammer saddled hi boe and rode
ftraiubt lo the designated tree ai .l found
the remains as revealed hy the rpirite
St-ichiiig paities hid fcauri-d t''m voua-
i try lor a -vk previou t thii time.'
' I Act. !..! T., n T.'l,
General News.
! ti:iiia ia i:pit k lo cr. I10I :; KloO'
j diiu oU(!tt wjlh IC j y, ( ca,lal
1 1 aeniy tboutiuJ negr.j,- are destitute
; iu Ihe H xtded districts of Tn, and are
j being fed.
Uihittg deunk-nta threaten t uomio
': a ticket tpp -iit Goebel f.r governor
of Kentucky.
Wealthy S;i:i4rdsar leariu lUvaoa
for Mexico. wl.ere they exi- el to in ret t
their aii'iier.
John 1). Koi kefelUr lus purchased ex
teoFiv - iron mines on Texad.i inlands in
Brkitli Columbia.
Preeideut Scharman, of the Philippine
peaco commission, isexpacled at San
Francisco, July 23.
Admiral Cervera was acquitted by ths
court-martial which investigated his
conduct daring th war.
If any fighting is going ou in the Phil
ippines these days, it isn't reported. It
is presumed that both armies are busy
trying to keep dry.
The Attorney General of Iowa has
asked all county attorneys to prosecute
all trusts withia their jurisdiction to the
best of their ability.
Friendly Filipinos ia Muilaraen
Jeavoiioto indajeona of the leading
insurgent geuerals and his followers to
lay down their aim.
More than live hundred new army
otlicers are to ia appointed to take
charge of tbe new compauies formel for
service iu tbe Philippines.
Tbe governor of the ls!e do Diable has
been removed from otlice because he
pui.iibeJ Drerfa while ther in ths at
tempt to make him onfes.
Cohans ia tbe province of Santiago are
applying in great numbers for a share of
Uncle Sam's gratuitous distribution.
They at first declined to lake part.
Secretary Long has been chos.'u to
pre-ent the sword voted to Djwey by
congress. Tbe presentation will take
place ia front of the capitol shortly after
tbe admiral arrives.
Seattle Is making an ?tl"irt to have tbe
Washington volunteera taken Ibere from
San Francisco to be mastered out. A
special train with pay car to be at
tached has been secured.
Charles M. Murphy roJe a mile ou a
bicvc'.e paced by a locomotive, in 57 4-5
seconds a few days Si. His course was
a two-mile hoard track on a si ling of the
Long Islaud railway. Murphy followed
an engine and a day coach, the latter be
ing provided with a hood, which acted
ss a wind shield for Ihe ridor.
County Court Proceedings.
Tbe petition aud subscription of Bond
et al to build a bridge across Little river
(East Umpqua) was accepted. Tbe
county t y famish the hardware, lumber
and a foreman to superintend the work,
and the subscribers to famish labor to
complete the bridge.
It is ordered that the bridge across
Looking Glaes creek, at Brockway, be
re-built, also that a bridge be built
across Elk creek ia South Drain.
By petition of laud owners tbe road iu
district No. 2, leading to Scottsburg, is
changed. Beginning at tbe foot of
Rocky bill at or near a largo rock on the
road marked with three notches on top,
and running southerly around the hill
and intersecting tho road again at or
about 50 feet from a large white fir tree
marked with a letter II.
Tbe proposition of Morris Weber lo
build a road iu distiict No. ii accepted,
and S. 11. Munson appointed to superin
tend said work.
It was ordered that all prisoners iu
the conuty jail serving Hue or sentence
bo requited to woik upon the public
highways of the county, aa provided fur
under act approved Feb. 24, 1S99.'
Oregon will4ie hotter known utter the
editors get houje, take off their coats and
tell about what-they saw here.
T w .
New More!
Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Bought and Sold
a Reasonable
rrescriptiens com
poundod Day and Night
his is the
to Buy
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
We. carry the largest stock of to
, baccos in Southern Oregon.
r t r a rii'c c rr r
ft W. vv. ft kix
Speaking of High
While we have Imperials at io and $30 our $o5 wheel U at
high guide as oar $50 one, the difference being simply iu the tioish
TI19 above mentioned wheels are jast as high gra in as any wheel
in the market and NONE is superior in material or uiecliiiuisiu.
The oldest wheels now in use in tho city are imperials. These
wheels have been ia constant nse since 1S'J2
T. K.
P. Benedick
Any Job Work done at,
' P'inn'M Dr r
New Goods!
Free Delivery
Chemicals. Patent Medicines,
Perfumeries, Stationery, Cigars,
aud Druggist Suudries.
Complete Line of Goods at '
Druggists, i
ttfttigf eesega
A full aud complete assortment
of all goods usually kept ia a first
class grocery.
Everything offered for sale is fresh;
and sold at very reasonable prices.
We have a very choice stock of
canned goods, including both fruits
and vegetables, to which ve invite
your special attention.
ex w., urocerb.
Grade Wheels!
ouc Unor South ol P. O.
Undertaker1 and Embalmed.
A Complete Jin" of
now on Land.
Ladies Dress Goods, llibbon, Trim-
iniDs, Laces, Etc., Etc.,
ANo a fine line of
of the best quality acd latest style,
Staple and Fatcy
ood, Willow, and Glaesware,
Crockery, Cordage, Etc., also ua
hand and at prices fo suit the
Aa cp-lo-date hue of
- VIA -
Southern Pacific Co.
Rxproa trun ivi Porttwd daily.
r. m. I Lt. - Portland - Ar. I S 00 .
" r. h. 1 Lt. - Eoseborn - Lt. I 10:14 r. a
7 4- r. ' A r. - pan Fraoeiwo Lt. i 7:' r. m
.'. . r. m. 1
6:m f. M. f
6 -r A. M. :
ii v. m. ;
7 ") A. M.
f : i: M i
4 M V. M. !
7:iiA. II. I
oydea Ar.
iHfiiv-r l.v. I
0;naua Ar. j
Jhiti;' l.v. j
L 1
El l'.-o Ar. I
1:1U V. M
b:l I". M.
o:7 A. V
P. M.
9 P. M
.as K M-
Ar.Fort Worlli Ar. iA.M
Ar. New Oritaos Ar S- U P. H.
Dialog Car 1 Observation Cars.
Pullman Silt ; anj toori.! can aitarhmi
10 ail Ira. 'H
llokrhura; Ttail Dailf.
A1- r
I Ar.
Ar. I
Lt. !
ii r.
TSS a. .
5-a. a. i Lt.
U ' M. I Ar.
for; lmikZ -lorTaIi:n
Ar. I s.M r.
Lt. 1 Sir. a
At Albany and Corraliia eoncect wlih irala?
o. a tjuttcra riiiro.5.
IsJi jvatience Pav-iitr Dailj (except niijay)
I Kt. m.
7 r. . i
r. .
Por;iau-l -Mcilinvillti
! h . vi A.
' 4 '0. a.
V:ijcr. '
PoaLASo ek;"s.
L"r-t .ria.--,: n al a Kriin-Iv., iriih
fUa:;iliip liac i.r Ka i. Jpan,CtiiDa. The
rnui:ppiD. an l AT:.-iia.:a.
i-r tlirourb tirkel auu ra' ta'.! ,vn cr a-1-!rtL-B.
ilOVKE A.ot or V. f. L"XOOS,
"Scenic Line oi liie VrW"
Tl.o Favcrite Traucconlii-Lta! Konte
iletwtn the Xdrlhwrtt and all
lVtnrs Km;.
Ch.h"e ti Two I.O'itrs
Through the Famous
Rocky Mountain Scenery
And Four Koutes East
ol Tueblo and Denver.
A l L'asst ugers racted a day s'op-over
ia the .Mormon Capital or antvhfrs re
tween 0len and Denver. Tersonal'v
conducted Touriet Esctirsicns three day's
a wt-es to
Omaha, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Chicago
and the East.
For Tickets aud any lakrma'iou tte
g.irding Katet, ltoates, to., or for I
striptive Advertising Matter, call t-n
Agente?if Oregon Railway A Navigation
Co., t)rnou hort Lite or Svu!hern
t'acitic Coinpsnie.
S. K. HOOF-Ell,
Geueml Pass & Ti. krt Ajient,
fover, Col
lieneral Agent,
251 Wash. St. Portland Or
Roseburg p. O. Hours.
Week days. 0:30 a. in. to S p. ro. San
days and holidays, 0:30 to 'J:00 a.m.
and 5:30 to 7:30 p. m.
Koseburg to M.trshtield IVpatU ev
ery day at 0 a. rn.; nrrivig every morn
ing. Hoeeburg to Myilte Poiut. Departs
every day at 0 &. m ; arrives every
Koseburg to Millwood Departs eynry
day except Sundays ut 7 a. in. ; arrives
every day except Sundays at 4 : 13 p. in.
Koseburg to Fee' Departs 'daily, (ex
cept .Sunday) at 7 a.m.; arrives daily,
(tveept Sunday at 3 p. m.
hojeburg to Lurley lVpans Tues-,
nays rrutays ;it L p. in.jurriyea
TudJa s aud l"ii 1 1; s at 11 :30 a. in.
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sick hoitibu'lio mul Ktl diill, lio.ivy and
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you pronnl:y, pleasantly and perma
nently by removing the c n gfi!ion and
caiiBnik: the bile ductn to opeu and flow
naturally, thky ai;k ooou tills.
' A. 0. MARSTERS ft CO.
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H. Ta--i
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.A. UooAt
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H. Ai-krr" ji
Secretary of rttale .
fetate Treasurer
Hupt. Pub. Iutruction.
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Attorney General ,
H. I .,-
Supreme Judge.. it
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V. Z. WMcerraa
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Proccotln Attorney Gu. M. fcro
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W. W. WUasa
O. W. Coon
Reboot auperinU:udeni
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. U. W. Diaaiaca
U. B. Cil!et
County Judge
Com m into ner.
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Ir, E. V. Hwr-f
Sheep Inapector
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-H. W W.r
l. r. Ktrter
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W. A. Braf ,
tat Ward.
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W. BcuMia
Iri Ward
I a. rielda
i.J. laOrt
IF. W. Weoile? '
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HvOl Carf
F. w. wia-a
1th Ward
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Tbe Circuit
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Ut UoDdy i December. 1. V . hTJjoW 3
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Pteralier and .....iZ i.T ,
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Attorney-at-La ,
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Attorney at Law,
Tayior a W'ilaoa Bit.
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Ruuma 1 and
Review Bnildiaff.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Will srmetiM i .n ik. - ..-
lea ia Manaars BaiiUUis. OeclM antr. Oa.
Attorney at Law,
Rooau 1 A i. Xarstera Bld, ROSBSOM, O.
gVBusincai before Uu rr a la not-.
u uiig case a ipeoalty.
Lata BeoelTer O. a. lavaa OaW.
J BlCHASAX.Xoisry Public,
Collections a Specialty.
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H.rsU-rs Buildina.
Attorney and Counsel or.
Miuinz and Iirinion Law.
meot oi ea'fs a sjecialJv.
Manter C;d. KOaBBUKG. ORKUos
g 2L HAMB7,
KeTii w Euildias,
leiepbouc No. 4.
OFF ICS, SOS Jacxaoa SlrreO. at res
Idenca ol Mr. J. Bilaer.
Physcian & Surgeon.
09it Post Oflioe BM.
l'licne, .Main SI.
SeletT MecUataw.
nosEBCRo nmsios no op, b. of ll
meeta ercrj tccoud and foaiih Soaday.
' first .111! 1 1 1 1 rrl Thl f- . k
D ENO POST. SO. 29, Q. A. X. BtXXTS Til
v Sm aud third Tborsdara ot eaefe BatA.
at 2 p. m.
3. U'HA LOrxiE. SO. 47, K. OF F- atlXT
' TTery Wedaeday erenlnf at Odd Failawe
K.l. ikUu Knisbta la rood. Handing c.
iuviu-tl to attend.
LAUREL Lulaji. A. F. 4 A. V.. RIOCLA 2-i and 4ta Wedneadaia ta
v..aa uvm ' ' .
T ' :..XK L. PARROTT W. at.
: " k y.
S.T. Jta-i
t OsKIiCK.. I! AlTER. SO.tO. I. a.MXBTB
iv Ui trst and tUint Taoradara at aeb
MAI DK tiAST, Seer.
n !-r-t an 1 ilu-.l TcoMaj of tavb aioatfl
in tno oiii .Ma-oniv rrnil.
H. T. Miujca, V. C.
11. 1.. M rtcrs, tlcrk.
tiUOMK.N r,K liiL ORU. Oak Cam a
No. l.'.v. !;:i-i i ai the Oild Fellows' RaH
;u Kit.Min( w-ry lit, onl acd 3ta Monday
.'Kiniis. i-.iiiug neigiibura alwavs weleoraa
O. F. l'vUOW, C. C
.t LiSbos.Cli.rk.
:!I!LKTAK!N LOiiE, NO. 8, I. O. O. F.
m-v.a Situflxr crenimc ol each week at
!i. 'r Un.l iu f.Jd Faiiow limpla at Roaebarg.
VStulx tmI tUe order In noil aiandinc arelnTl
.it l.i uttt'iid. B. W. 81 ROXg, S. O
N. T. Jkwett, eVv'y. p.
. 8.Wasf.
r. . KLKti. KOEBCKti LOUGK. SO, ,
li!'! t:u-ir rvuuiar commnnicationi at tba
I O. i). F. halt on wwnil and fuurUi Tburiday
( eat'h mot! tb. All uioinbora rviiumtod to al
iotiil rt'vi!;irly, aud all viaitiug brolbers cor
luilly niv-tcU to atteutl.
ClUi L. 1IADLEY, 5.R
tliV !. KlUULE, Secretary.
rOSEBL'KC LOIX.8, SO. IB, A. O. V. W. .
lv uitvw the sici'ud and foartk Monday! ol
m..utu i7:JU p. ra. al Odd Feliovra aaU.
"iientrn r .ti tbe order ta good alaadina art In-
rtit-.i ti, ?iii. . i
D. B. West,
F. W. lU-aeh,