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Ai KELI AHl.t!,
Nn better flrld than Southern Orr
Ron; nn better medium thmiiiili which
to Advrrtl.c.
Job Printing
.J Mill! HliAll.H, l.l-ril:H
.( J til Al).', I. II I. til AD
linttulrd nn alwrl nnllm at price
consilient with good work,
A 11 U
Vol.. XXX.
No. 35-
The federal f rooos Are on the
Local Courts
Try l he
and Juries Cannot
ttloterx, so it Is
Wakdnkk, Ma . May I.'. Slate Audit
or Sinclair is hciuj meed by citizens lo
Use ilH Hill UMUV i) p-COlring martial
llW'US ItlOOIllv 1m I O ( 't' IllW-tlbidillg
people in t lit Coeur ilo Wenes. Five
masked men woo icon between Ward
nor ami Kelh-gg last night lt no fiuth
ir outrage has been reported. A com
pany til colore I troops lias jurd erriyed
Irani Spokane. Hundreds of people met
thiMii at llid depot ucd were wilil with
delight. AnvetH i'l ettikeia I nvo com
menced. c, Ma., May - stieiiu Young
ad County Attorney Samuels are both
iu Wardner today, presumably confer
iuj with State Auditor Sim-lair, tha goy
eruor's representative, who i.rrivtd yes
terday. Cnder-Shei tl' Scysler prnnuuni im Sat
urday's outrage as unparalleled. Ti e
destru. tio:i of properly was bad enough,
although not surprieing to one aopiuint
d with conditions hero. The holdneFs
of the attack, however, is w ithout pre
cedent, while tht) shooting of tin" men
was utterly without excuse. Ilo further
says that while punishment should ha
uieted to (lie guilty parties, only the
federal government cm ilo ho, as there is
not man in Shoshone county qualified
to tit as a juror in Hit) case. There is no
talk or expectation of any action by the
local authorities.
SroKA.vB, May 2. Soveuty-flvo picked
men of Co. al, Twenty-fourth Infantry,
Captain Datchelor, left l-'ort Spokane for
Wardner thia morning. Thev carrf 13
daya rati jus and 1,000 pounds of ammu
nition. Many are veterans who fought
at tan Juuu. The men expect no im
mediate tiiihtiug but aro rea iy for any
Walla Walla, Wu , May 2. One
troop of the Fourth cavalry, under the
command of Lieut. Monroe, will leave
this afternoon to proceed to the scene ol
the Wardner riot.
Mlgh-iTtnded Outrage.
I.auguae is iuado junto to ex
press tha horrible conduct of the em
ployes of the Hunker Hill and Sullivan
mine, at Wardner, Idaho. Because this
mob was unable to dictate terms which
were unreasonable, to in employes, it
destroys about oI'O.OlHJ worth ol their
property, wi'h niant powder. Not only
that, but the frenzied ininei i" also jeopar
dized much human I id) in tho execution
ol an act unworthy of thi-t u;e.
It is scarcely cjnceivablu that al this
perioJ o( enlii?htment au 1 toleration
particularly in ll.u I'nitnl Staten a
mob of white men would enao in such
satanical work.
What have they gained by it? 1 lie
answer can be suuiuitd up ,u a few lines.
They havo destroyed the avenue iu
which they earned a livelihood: they
have discourayed other mioeowuers in
the camp from prosecuting work; they
have throw n a largn number of inuotenl
nieu out of employment, and have sub
jected themselves to serve criminal
This act on tho part of men accredit
ed with intelligence, committed in the
heart ol civilization, startles tho world.
LIrigadior- ieuerel Harrison (iiay Otie,
lately In high command in the Philip
pines, has arrived home in California,
having voluntarily resigned. He will at
once tesume the cditorship-in-thicf of
the Los Angeles Tiiueif.
Spring Unlocks
The Flowers
To Taint tht Laughing Soil."
And not even Nature would
allow the flowers to grow
and blossom to perfection
without good soil. Now
Nature and people are much
alike; the former must have
sunshine, latter must have
pure blood in order to have
perfect health.
Hood's Sarsapurilla cures blood trou
bles of all sorts. It is to the luiinun
system what sunshine is to Nature
the destroyer of dist-ahe germs. It
ntvtr disappoint.
Poor BlOOd-" The doctor halil there
win- not Hi-veu drops ot uxi blood in iny
body. Hood's Siirsiiiirillu luillt me up nml
inadci me nl roni? ami wi ll." Si hif K, IIhown,
li Afllor Jlill, I.J tin, .M.i-,!..
Oyepepala, etc.- "A lompiiiuiiou
troubliD, rf t-nlu. liroiiii: luluirli uud
IntlmniiiHtioii of the Ntoiniir-h, Tliciunallnm,
ti-, n i lulu imi inlM-ralile. llitiluo api(-tlt
until I took Jlooil h f-uru. nulla, wnieli
ai teil likn mairle. I nm lliuroii.'hly rured."
N. It. hiK.i.ity, 174 W. Hlh A v., lieiiver.t'ol.
Rheumatlem "My hin.i,iimt was
obllKi-U lo i.'ivt op work on ui i oiiiiI of rln u
mallHiu, No rciot-'ty lieliil imlll he iiki'il
llorxt'a FarHupuiillu. width periuaiieiitly
cured til in. Jt in rail my iluuidiU'r of ca
tarrh. 1 (.'Ivu It to thu ihlJilri'ii with K'i'xi
retultt." Midi, J. H. Mi Math, Htaiiifonl, t I.
3 focdi S(VUal)ail(g
U(m4' P)1U trurp llvt-r Hit, lh liou rrlUtlti mtA
Cortex Brother In this Country
$t, During; the War.
l int Cord brothers, nilllioimiin Fili
pinos, who i-liilui th(iv were robbed of
1,000,000 by tho Spuinnrdii at Manila,
have neon in Washington, wheie t licy
had siivernl conferences with President
McKinlcy in regard to thu heal wny ol
governing th unlives in thn l'hilipplni-9.
Thoy hIfo Buiilit to havo their propn ly
ri'Htoied to lliem, mid applied for Amer
ican i iii.eiiHliip. They hay that, nfter
duo inveHlitjatioii, Ihn prcpident decided
thai their pfpetly uliould bo returned
to theiii.
They uio of tint opinion that an iudo
pctnlei.t Knveriiiiioiit in I ho I'hilippincn
would not endure, but lliev fiink thai
the people) can leiiitiusted with local
While in Waaliintmi tliev e.ii);eitfd
that 1'rciii.hiiit McKiuley ehmild take in
to coiihiili-i ation cuiiditiuiiH an he found
t lit' ut in the Philippine)!, and rrt'.yuio
thj inlli'.i-nro i f Die property cbuH, win
uiii j lliem over by doiiitf jilf-liie ,o t!i-ir
cliiima to have their property teMorcd,
If the pieciilent f dl.)w lliix HiifcUi'ttioi',
fiey think the war will ni l iipoi'ilily.
AlcKlnley to Uewcy.
Wamiimiio.n, Mar 1 I'romdoiit .Mi-
Kinley today, sent tho loilow nu lo Ad
miral l'owey :
'(In lira anniversary of your
victory, I tie people of the li.iled S.ates
uuito in an t xpressiou ol ttieir all'et lion
anil gratitude to y.uiitel( mid the bravo
ollkvrs hi. d men ol your fleet, whoso
brilliant m coiiiplidhiiientH mark nn cpoi h
iu hifctoty a'ld w i l live in tho u:iu:i!a of
tho woil I'd heroic ileeilH.
Stale News.
For iiinv dwelliOKd or bin-ines I build
ing under construction or to bo cun-
etnicto I, tlntru i-i li oiu oxpeu lj d in Ba
ker city, by cjiiservativ about
V. II. Ilyairt, of Salem, b.if secured
the couiiact for thu eurveying of town
ships 3 .South, 11 West, aud o South,
7 West. Both tluiHo townships nro lo
cated in Curry county.
Owing to t'io locent suit decided
against them tho v colony, of
Liucoln county, has broken up, and the
association is no mure. Many of the
members will return to their oi l homes
io Dakota.
Wells Fargo has established a iliiect
expreia service between Coon I'.av and
1'ortlaud. This will be an advantage to
the public who do not believe iu patron
ixiug iiihtitutioua, as the express
ra'o will ba only onu-third of w it tire
t J be. Murithheld Mail.
No more letters unking thu governor
to demand the recall of tho f-ecoiid l ire
gon volunteers from .Manila havo U'cn
received at the executive ollice at Sulem,
hut many iiupiinea an b the probability
of uncther call for volunlcers and offers
to respond theret o are coming in.
Thu prune crop in France is reported
to have been injured eeriou-ly by front.
There will bo u c jiupet itioit thityear
iu tho Kisteru .narkuti with I '.it i ti c
coast prueep. 1 tin Cahlornu crop will
be large, bite rains having put the piuue
orchards in perlert conditions us regards
tleiit ial .lohn M. Bacon, who bus been
in Vancouver on a four months' leave of
absence, w ill be tetiicd at the expiration
of his furlough. ( ienerul ilucou has de
ci led to 'ccute pern.anently In Clark
county, uud will devutu his time to rais
ing prunes. He bus a line fruit farm,
north of I'oi tUnd.
KcndeiiU ut llaima uru stored up
over the mysterious uiriappciiranet) oi
I.afayetta 1'avorite, a well-to-do rancher,
who, on April -, bade his young bride
good-by and s'arto 1 for Haines to make
a laud deal and attend the Old Fellows'
lodge. Mr Favorite never reached
Haines. It id feared he hai been foully
deult with.
At the meeting of tho I. aim t.'juiity
Fruit (irowera' Aesoci itimi Saturday the
rjtleHtion of enforcing the law in regard
to fighting fruit pests were discussed.
All present seemed to favor a strict en
forcement of tho 1 iw iu regard lo the
Kan Joo icale. A resolution was passed
to this effect, and also prohibiting the
sale ol wormy fruit.
II, 11, Allen, arreittd for arou in con
nection witli tho Urn at brunts l'ass,
last week, in which (he Kulvation Array
barracks aud Johnson s grocery were
burned, was found gn'Uy by a jury io
circuit court Friday, Tho cafe was a
very strong one against the a:cliS"d aud
it waa ably conducted by District At
torney Watf.on for thu statr. It Is
thought that the sentence will not be
lees than tea years' imprisonment.
I'nited States Senator (ieo, A. I'etti-
grew, of (South Dakota, after investigat
ing the pOfibilili"S and prospects of the
Bohemia mining district, and the plans
ol the Calapooiu-Bohemia (iuld Mining
and Milling Company, has bscked his
faith In both by tho purchase of a large
block of Ibe treasury stock of the com
pany. Bohemia Is fust becoming favor
ably kuown in other paits of the world.
It has been said that the day of mir
acles was pub I. Not so with the stage
line between hero and The Dulles. On
Tuesday between the bridge and llake
oven tiie co ich turned over w ith seven
passengers aboard and no one was hurt.
On Wednesday night following, between
llay creek uud Willow creek the driver,
umiblu iu lime to see that the bridge
ucross it deep ruvino had been washed
awav bv the swollen waters, drove into
the remaining frame woik of the struc
ture in such u way tbut the coach was
supported on the stringers, the team fal
ling through into the water eight feet bo
low, throwing tha driver aud passengers
out, nothing iclng liijuitptl but the har
ness, I'rluovlllft lteyhiw.
Oils Will
Accept Nothing
Rebels Hint tin? Consent of the
I lllpluoh Coiigrcis Must lie
Manila, Mav H, 0.0.) p, in.- Major
Manuel Arguelczeim uud Lieutenant .lose
Denial, of tho stall o( (iciieral Antouto
Limn, lotiirned In m today to rn'o-w end
prosH the icipieMi of tieneral Luna for u
cesBiilion if bostiiitiee. They have
found their held of lanor u n.o-t uncou
gonial one. The t wo nlllc i i were io-
ceived mid Hiliuilli d t i a conffrelice with
Major- le no ml t i -. I'ho proposal.-i
which they had to submit differed hut
slightly fruin tin!' which lliev bit. light
from tin l'l'opii o cominauilt r ill the
liial place. Tncy desired il little time to
Htitiiiuoii cougiciis, uinl cxpicecii lliem
selves as I eing lliut coiite..s
will ilecrep peace, becaute the people de
sire It.
They rcprcMMit I tint Aguinald is i ii-
out power to niMciiilcr the mini mo
ejiigresn must tlecide that iUenll il'. Ill
cidi'iit.dlv the Fibpinori i utoys u'-n rted
thai A.Miiu alio had not et unide a fair
test of l.ii ilrengtli iwaiiit the . im i lean
(on es, bte austi lint oiih third of his iirmy
bad tict II avHeinbleil togt Iher. The ell
Voya presented a letter from nior
M o 1 1 ii i , piesiib-nt and minister of fjrc iiu
! atfaii .-i, iu I Im t ii'iinet 1 1 Agiiliialdo, mid
w ho i the backbone of the t ilipino or
ganization. The coiiiiiiiiiiicalioii ir per
soual uinl iliuitlii iul, aii'l seconda M.ijor
Argut'ler.eaN' arguiiieiitH.
Thu truth ia, the tlit9eiii m nui jug tha
leaders of the rebel is helpiu,; mi the
di-torgaui.Ation ol thu Filipino r:nv al
most us much as I'm Ainericiii niin
paign. lucoiirauof a cinfernnce widi
the Filipino envoys, lianeral Otis agreed
with the stateineut oi Major
that the people of the I'i 1 1 i 1 1 h i n w tot
ed peace, and h ad.lo I that rei'i tit) f r
protection were urindj upon him Ir im
all iurtt u( the couiitiy.
Flovoys will see (ianeral Oin again to
morrow. They will stop t might in Ma
nila. They lunched with tieneral M ic
Arthur at hi 4 head n lartcts on a tar of
an armored train at Calumpit befoie go
ing to Manila. Whotuer or not tieneral
Luna is sincere in hi overtures, the lie
gotiations are giving the ii suig"iita
much iieede I tp;Mrltiiuty lo reorganize
their demoralized forces.
tieneral Law ton was engaged in hard
fighting lailv this morning, bill l- lu
graphie couiinuiiication whs cat at 0 u.
in., and there have horn no lepoitl from
Law ton since that lime.
(iencral Hale Joins .Msccnbcbs.
ticneriil I lale Blurted ut daybreak with
tho Iowa and South Dakota i vh,i'iiclili'.
A tiplad ol cavalry and two gum ol Ibe
I ' tan battery, (rom I 'aluinpil, moved in
a iioithoiisterly direction, to co-operate
with Muecabebs. who havo aked A ri-
cans to in .n them in or.h i that they
night light Taglis. Tho Maecubebs
liuve already orgaii.;d a company ol
bolo men to gtlilld the town. They ure
taking Tiiglls pii'ioiieia lo (ienerul Mac
Arthur. Oregon Hoy Promoted.
W.isiiiNtiiiis, .May l.-lu accordance
with the r(. HMt ol the pioidinl lo
choose, from each legicient in tliO
I'hiiippine?, the one upial ilistiuguishe l
for gnllaiitry f jr app ointment ut second
lieuteniiiit'iii tho i ,'guUr army, Oeueiul
Oliii has I jrwartle I n lint of such volun
teers. Among the name-) il that of
Uhees Jaiksju, a liiniteuaui nl the Sec
ond Iregon.
Uhees Jackson enlisted from Foit
Klaiiittth Juno 1 ', 1S07. lie was dii
charged uud re-enlisled ut I'oitland,
where he wan comuilssiouetl us Ii mt
lieutenat Co. F.I
Of Interest to Stockmen.
If. Mo Douald, i prominent stoik
buyer of Eastern Oregon ssye be does
not expect that prices for cattle will be
much better than those ol last year,
hut fully s gout). Thu tendency ol
Montana buyers Is to keep (he price
down but tho fact that last whiter was a
hard one, many cattle pcilshing In
dilforoiit paits ol the west from starv
ation, will tend to keep prices up.
The McDonald Bros, have coutiactud
to furnish the Kiddle ltroi. at Island
City 600 head ol cattle to bo delivered at
F.lglo in May. The cattle will bo
shipped to the Nebriitka market aud
are one aud two-year-olds.
In speaking ol the hog murket Mr.
McDonald said that the poiccs so far for
hogs to be delivered iu Elgin iu June
wero 4 cents gross.
One reason why the price docs not get
any better is on account of the very fa
vorable terms dealeis have been ublt to
uiuke with the railroad companies,
Formerly, if a hog buyer wished lo ship
iu (rom the east, where the price for fal
hogs is less lhau the pi ice paid Lu Ore
gon, he would be compelled to ship one
train luad Now il is diU'erent, a single
car cuii be shipped ut Ihn siiiuii nil u us u
(rain loud,
A curious thing occurred whil.i Col.
Bryan wus being Introduced lo hid Sche
nectady, N, Y., audience the oilier
night. Just us tho chairman of the
meeting uneiled that there was always
an abundant supply of torchhearois
prosout when tW light of true democrat
wight be tenii
ly ohsuurod, s.
lautrlo light
Till! COI'PliR NlVliW HOUTI!
Many Destitute Tllucra nro Coming
Out, and n llipltnl lln llecit
Wamiimiimn, May I. .Ailing Secre
tary M 'lkli j liii has received a report
from t ' 1 1 if iii ii Ah rciombiti, w ho Is emu
miiniliiig the expedition InicwiioMt pg
the Copper river route t i thn Yukon
Thn ii'poit conica through t'lip'aln
liobhins, ipiarlciiuiihtcr at Sratlle, win
h i) s i be ol.r. Ino; messiigt was hniidi il
him by the pin ii i i,( thu slit, on. t I'.xcel--tor,
w lib h in rived vcslcrdiiy (mm Vul
tic., Al isku .
"My expedition do-i mbai ki d today,
April ";l. A hospital wan orgauii-.ed lor
the c. mi of the dent i tut o iiiIucim, who ure
now coming nut of the interior by the
route )o c mti niplate o ening S i fur
il H the de dilute me c incerncil, tbe mo it
in nifl',
" A in. n 'ou 1. 1', Con una IP 1 1 of.
I'.w llttimUcH Iluilng .i Driving
I I. iNt l.-t ii, Apui .;0.-- I no hlmt ks
ol cuiili'i lakes utTii iliiiiu. ily leit In nil
pails cl Hie fit v today, (tin fust think
waa latiur in I Id , lor. I ho m nml , w li i h
followi-d nn in diati ly uliiu wull, was of
lunch giriUto i" len.t , It wai iiiiiitlWr
ul lii ut i .iniui"i' i he shocks,
w lilt h t ci c I. ui uO .ii 'J, lip. in., should
haic o.i ui r, .I dm a p lining ram and
wiln nil tiuu i i ihy I n li'iupt i.iUwo fur
this u'mi-'iii. W inl,'. die hi colnl shock
w as 1 1 Mpoi.t O'l for a -1 1 1 i .i I 1 1 ulit . par
lici.l.uiy lo il, wli, u. ii' l.i.iiei lip
ttian ttio .ii ii.. I II oi ul n.ji.s nr ti'hcr
buil Iiuks, co In as kiioau no tlamiige
has reMiUi d limn tim i ai liiipi.tvn beyond
lllVlal Inulsi lilild I , i, l.i'lhHBIO
and 1 1. io. i
1 1 1 n niiotkv title Kfio i . Ibe
co. st i j ii ti I : . i i-i tin- tenii. ui ,'in of
tbe i lute, the itiraiiuiid t.e.i.g from
not lliwcst to nun , li.u limi lastiiiK
two si.oiitl.1 and the mi ui.l rlimUcou.
liiiuin t u it' ti.u I mi s con. I.. I., some
loCalitit,,-t tli.-t-otitiipiaKo m.iu m re p:u
lioiinied t'liin lu i,ii 1 1 aiit isco. Al .val-
IliLtS, lullll UtlllOSit'lll II lIll'S Ui'Cllll,
i.lli It'll the Sbotk, mil W llliluW -ghlrSl s
weic l iiki o.
I ourtli Body Kccovercd. tur ihe
remaiiiiiig vietiin ol l ie timber
laud parly in Clals i,i cniiitv, returned
to Seaside last Sunday uud it ported hav
ing fun il '1 the htily of A . J . f luiili io
ubuii'. u mile and a halt in the bat k trail
(loin wheie llii lodlts id K.t.lir and
I li'ikui inn w . i e I miii I. (.'ion'iit' was
eviib'nlly the lirst i f tht) party to die, us
hi-, Ii. nIv had bc"i. ilra'gsd iImWii Ihe
ri le ul u hill lor 100 anla and
ilatcd nihil r a o iu a sheltered place.
The body wai 'tell pit-.ond. It was
biniKht intij Seaside Moiiilay. Near
wheie Cloutrie tlie I t'.e.e was evil nee
that tint e other li en wcit'iit that lime
ill g io I health do, ii lli.t w i t'n v w tike I
iiluiil. T'nein wi ln signs n llnir Inlying
eaten raw tloui "H'.ic mil me, an I the
kkius nl t: j ik. .ul ui' al weie
on Ihe ground. It is In In ve. I no v t'l.t'
the sausages Were the i iilso nl death, hut
this is only tin) lain t of m t'iv the jr i'S.
It is evident that tint men cnild not
ha ve been very sii k when ('I..ii'im died
or I hey wciild not have In en so caieful
to lay his body nwuy in a shelteied mid
out -nl-the-w ay place, llicir camp has
not U'cn tliscovt i ,'d . hut llui pail) Ibat
wen', out lioui Seamlt) M uiday moiu
ing will keep up thn semen until it is
folilid. ,
Current News.
j lay's Irii'iils me wui king baid lo in
llui ni ti reiiiiloni io fayor of loaiing hiin.
A statu itiiiveiilioii will be called in
lutuigiu lo consider the l in 'lung noes
tion. Over ilo. IO mechanics of Cleveland w ilt
receive iiicrcancd wug''d thiting liom
May I.
Bet'iiniiig Copper river piusp'ttma
bring horrible tales of tuU'erin;', s ckueSH
ami disat. point ineiit.
Chileat lud una ure reportud on Ihe
warpath ill Alaska, uud diivilig whiles
oir Ihe White I 'ass tisil.
Several lumbering ctiiijniuie I near
llurcku, Cal., buve raised the wueiol
their employes from lOto 1") percent.
Th i Nicarutigua couiinisriii e .' ri port
will be preieiitetl soon. Thu e ist is esti
mated ut ! "0,000,000, poisihlu mini
mum, 100,000,000.
It is umpired in Wadnngloii that
I'hitt and ,uuy have comliimd lo ellect
the election of Sheriiiau us -pinker, and
a l'ennuylvaniau for tlooi keeper.
Col. Funstoii, of tbe UOili Kuusaa regi
ment, liuw lighting in tho l'liilippiues,
allhongh one ol the bravest men in the
service, weighs, i lollies and nil, only OH
Not one c iirespoi.ihuit ut Manila, uinl
tbeie ure several icpieseiiliug non-ex-puiisiolilst
psvers, has said thllt Agul
naldj reprcseiitu uuythiug but u bulbar
ous military despotism. With nun voice
tho coriospondeiilH declare that tho Fili
pinos mo totally unfit for si II govern
ment. Southern Kantian huuii is nro pi tuning
a triict, which, if it pioves succoshful iu
orgiiuizition, will raisu tin pi ice ol
w heat lo higher pi ices than hist year.
They have commenced lo loriu it com
bine to prevent the s.i'e ol all the May
whiiat raikol in Kaiis is. Hitch (arnier is
to sign au agreement to hold hi.i wheat
until nil agree lo sell. In thin way they
expect to prevent iii'irkoling until the
price is raised to suit thum. Seveiul
bundled fanueis iu Hudgwlck uml Cow
ley counties have ul toady signed the
ueuieiit. Fanner Smltl
wn Hjlitlclau of Mcl'l
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Staple and Fancy
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his is the
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class eroccrv.
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..n .
Nothing like having the r'ghl wheel al
Ihe riiiht place uud at the right price,
I mpeiial high grade bicycles ure selling
fioiu flo to 10, with (i. & .1. Morgan &
VYnitht or any other tiie tbut a customer
might desire. We nlso bavn several
second bund bicycles, priced tutiglng
(rom 12 lo .'0. We aio also agents foi
T. K.
Al.stl A I I'l I I INK K
IIIV !: t'H A I 111 Al..
i iii:i; ut.i.ivi itv,
I'l is.. i.
i oeiieuiciv.
Any Jolt Work ilono at
Ueasonablo Rate.
New Goods 1 j
x roccry
Pree Delivery
-J UlUil i
;u:d c'liiniik-U- itssorlnicnt
usually keit in n first-
Kvcrytliiii itHVicil fur sale is fresh;
and soltl at very icasoiiahle prices.
Wc have a vciy choice stock of
caniieil otitis, including hoth fruits
and vegetables, to which te invite
your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
ets, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
We carry the largest stock of to
baccos in Southern Oregon.
& CO., Grocers.
y i. u' 4.j: ; i; ,i ; v ; ff f: fl ff
lh C'lebrut-il Cleveland bicycle, mi l
tuny a full line i f biecle nilidrtts,
lamps, I umlle bars, yri wood rims,
liics, inner mid ou'er c.nings cements
oils, itc. Bicycles icp.iited. Notwilh
siumliiig the late ruiny season we
buve itlreatly soi l iiUht lmperiu's mid
have orders (.' iiior,. lit sp'cl fully,
Dim I nor Hniilli ul 1'. tl.
if imt.iit uu, iim;iiNi
Undetalci1 and Embalmei1.
IU pil n.w nml rittomlve ut... I.
Ladies' IhOKH (iuols, KihlieuH, TriiiiinitiH,
Laces, Etc., Ktc.
Of tli. tuiit quality aod Bnlali.
Wood, 'Aillow and Glass Ware,
Crockery, Cordage, Etc,
Ali un Jiii'1 In Ur(j ijiuintiti- nil t prl?e tj
lull lifnt. Alwi Ui aWck ut
Custom-Made Clothing
For Choice
Call at Stanton's for P.M"
- VIA -
- -OHUiK
Southern I'aclllc ('o.
Kiprm. Imiim li'.te i'm-Uanl dully.
'"r m I l.v. I'tittlmiil Ar. i
JT i.ll.i'. KimelmrR l.v. I l:is i". M.
. I v. I Ar, . l.ui Krnin U.-ii l.v. '. :W )'. 1.
. in P. M
i. . . e. m
i. I.i A. VI
I . P. M
.' "I A M
I . P. l
I 1.1'. M
. A , M
Ar. I I In IV M.
In-lit .T l.v . I ill I". M.
iliiuihii Ar. - " A. M.
" lui .ii;. i I . i. - t p M
I .i- Al i;. I. - '.. '.. I' M.
I I P-.. Ar. '.' . P M.
hull Wi.llil Ai. i i I" A M.
'- n Dili mis At i - W P. M
olini'rvulluii t urn.
liniliiii CiirH
t'lllll.i.lll I IM I'lll
to nil IlH 'Iv
uliU t-.til ,-t i HI- li'.lltelii -l
Itoti l,t,ri( .Mull-Dmily.
SUA. M . I l.V.
i.M v. H. i At
Ar. I I .Hi I'. M
l.i'. ! T .1 1 A.
l.i : Ii toy (Km t pi Mili'l.
l W
f. A M
.. .'ti I', u
' tl I'. M
A I A llntliy mil I ( 'nrvuilln entitle. I W'ltti Irallll
nl t ni ml : , Imi. tei it r i ilium,.
I'l : ll-lt II. .' I'.i n'!!.,'. r I. . - pi ii. i. I.e. I
I.e.,' M.I l.v. I'm I liitnl ' Ar. I h .'.I A. .
).-f M.lAr. MeMiiivllle l.v. '.... . v,
III' ti l.r I l.-ll f ti.l.'IH ' I I -I -i A v,
I'lll. I I .'111.' I'll" "II III -Itl ll.tll'l-. Mill,
hi. .(ILhllip Mill'- t U illltl II' I, I .1 pH II, t III II. I, II...'
I'lu l.l I-pin. i .in. I A il-'. t ii I i.i
I- ..I I liri.lUli"! I. in l u II-1 1 i - e., 1 1 tl i .. ii I
ilr. I. II MiniKK A, nl l;..-. I .in il.
MiniNi:i r. it. K. .V I'm. Atp i t.
I' l tile I Mi lliKiiti.N.
"Svfnk Line nl Ihv Werld"
The lavurite Traiifcoiitiiiciilul Koute
r.etweeu the Northwit uml ull
I'oints li.i.-t.
Choice ol Two Ihintes
lii rmili the 1' .illume
Rocky Muuntain Scenery
Ami l our Koutos l ast
o! l'uehlo uud I'envcr.
All I'assi ugeis gianled a day stop-over
iu the Mormon Capital or nuv w here tie
I v i imi i :! n and Peiiver, 1'eisonally
cun.liH t'l.l lour it I Excursions three days
a week to
Omaha, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Chicago
and the l;ast.
im lickets uud liny lufoi million Ko
gunbng Kates, Koutes, etc., or (or 1 o
senptue Atlvei lising Matter, call on
Ageutslol Oregon Kuilway Navigation
Co., Oiegoii Mioit Line or Southern
Bacille Compiiiiifp.
K. MOOl'Ki;,
tieneral I'ass. A Ticket Agent,
lenver, Col.
i teiieral Agent,
-'51 Wash. M. I'orlhiiid Or.
Roscburg , O. Hours.
Week days. 0:110 a. lit . lo S p. in. Sun
days uml holidays, ti:;i0 to 0:00 a.m.
mid 5:;t0 lo 7;:I0 p. in.
SI Al. K liol'IkS.
Kuseburg to Maishilehl -Pepurta ev
ery day al 0 a. in. I arrives every morn
BoBuhurg to Myrtle Point. I lepatts
every day at 0 a. in ; uriives every
Boseburg to Millwoo ! let arts eyery
day except Sundays ut 7n. iu.; arrives
every day except Sundays at I : lo p. iu.
Itosebnigto l'cel lVpurts Jdully, tex
ccpt Siin,lav)ut 7u. in.; arrives daily,
(uvcept Sunday ) ut U p. io.
ItOBi'biiig to l.urley lep.irU Tues
tluys uud 1' iidayu ut 1 p. iu. ; uriiycs
Tucs.lii) n mid l ii lays ut 1 1 ::!0 a. m.
City Treasurer's Notice
Notice ia heioby given to all persons
holding lioreburg city wiii'iuiitH iudomed
piior lo July I), IS'it, lo ptoseut
the same a' ihe city treasuiei's ollicy in
Ihe city bull for payment, us iiilerebt will
cea so thereon lifter Ihe dale ol this
lted ul Bosebiirg, Or., this Unth day
ol MunV I mm. (Iko truu'tr,
(lily Treftsiiier,
h i atk ut oaauox,
jll.W. Mi'11,1,1,
lHHih Hliimn
iTbtM. H Totiijtir
0. H.Ui:iiHtui,
t.'OIIIreHMIII'tl .
i w. A. Il.'tlilj
' 1 1 1 v . I nut .
-..''I.'li.i ill tMhte
Mill" 'I Ii Hi- ,
-lt.l Pull I ut 1 1 llel Inn .
Klnll' I ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ,'
A I initi'.;. 1 1 ' i ii - ml , . .
Biiiit'iiic Jmlxeti
T. T.Ui-.
r. 1. lmetr
!. ft. Mourn
. .t. II. Ai'kt-nnixi
W. 11. Iwll
K. N. lllH'tkliirn
K. A.
:. K.
Ol. H.
K. A. Moor
JinlKi' J. W. lUml'uxi
I'riiM i illliiK Alliiriitty (Jo. M. Ilnnvn
u. s.i.AM, urri' K, iturHeao.
KuMtlvur Ilinrv Hcolh
K'.KlHt'r .1. T. IrilS
OIurvcr ..Tho. MimmiB
nociii.AS count r.
H i .
..A. W. iUcil
W. Wonneiill
V. w. Wllntm
O. . I.uini
J V. Omtli'V
, It I,. Stephen,
.. W. Iiliinnlek
... II. II. (illletie
..Jim. I.yunn
I M. l Tliiuiiiaoii
(Jim. Ilvnin
Dr. K. V. HiMjVfr
...I'ho. Smith
'hull I)
I'n ,i. ufi-i
Hi' I ,.. li U l I 1 I! I' lllll'lll ....
t;ouill' Jll'lKe
Htu veyor
I Jiiruner
Slii;ei lnnn.i tor
I'llKI l.'.i I UKriCKHII.
J'lKtl'e. . IV. Vlllrr
'.'iei-t.,1 le. J, p. p ,tf
Mayor A. C. Munlera
i''-i'"iit' r w. a. kraicr
t ocrieii.MKN.
Ut WarO l : "row"
).. W. 1'nrkn
lud I1' w "
Reenriti r D. S. Wot
Tre-aAiirer tico. t.'ariiy
Mnnaial V. . Dlllmd
t I I T I ut'Ni IL.MI.ITlNi..
I In I ..nil, it! I iitllli'li (if tin' t ilt til KoM.-burK
I... I- Hi M.I Munliiy In i Melt" Intllitll II I
ii el. .el. p. in.
The t in ull I'liurt lur D.nixtitK t'ouulv ineU
Hue. tniii'i n r.-nr h- tiilhiM-. Tbv iitl Muu
ilny In .Mun i., the nn Mntnlny In June, and tbe
l-l Muii.lH- ni tut ..iiiher. j. W. llainlluiu of
KiiMilnni jii'iiri.. lien. M. Hrt,wn,o( KiiMtburg,
iiiM-eiitiii,: .u-y.
t .nn.i v i .. ii t in. el the Ift l i iliu-AiUy all r
Hit' l.l ' 1"v ni iiMutniy. Maieli, May, July.
t'pl.-ulU-r Kiel Niiicnncr, .liin. Ljotl. ol
fjTaiu, Jii'lKc, D. I hompviti ol hcoliaburg
ttti.l .in.-, lit n. ni ttluI'H. t'uiiiuiiHBloneni.
I'riil.m.' i i.ii't i in m'-Mtui etititliiuouly, Jue". lil'le.
Mm lvl' .MccliugB.
RO-iKllt'K'i DIVISION NO l (, B. Or I.. I.,
in. '. every M'ttond aud lotirih Sunday.
II'O.MK.N .1 Kl.i.Ii.K ( OKI'-l NO. 10, MtKIS
I' Ptt im. ' Krplaya In earh monUi.
TihNtilovi su ii. A. K., MKITH THK
1 ill. I met tli.l.t 1 hil!t.tlMvp ul eaeb month,
l 'J p. l.i.
A l.l'IIA l.iil'i.K Nl). 47, K. OF I'.. MkKTB
every W eilnt -ln v evening al Odd Fulkma
Hall. Wiiiii - K -uv;liu In iciMi't aiandinc vut
llaily iuvited In nl t'lnl.
r AI. IU l. l.DDiiK. A. K. A A. M , ItEliltl.AB
Lf ine- iiiin the .'.I and lilt Wctluuadaya in
:mi h liliilitli.
kl i.tSK I.. I'AKKtn I W. M.
N . I'. Ji.u i.i i, 6'eey.
I) ii-l-.tlt'lli. I IIAI'TKR. NO. S. O. K. H..MKETH
lv Hie i.i-i and llui'l Tliuriidaya ol oaeh
ti ti'li.
1.II1IIIK I tiSiloW. W. M.
MAt DK KA-T, M' )'.
.i niiiiMI S DK TIIK WOUI.Ii. Oak l'aint
Nn 1... in. el., ill Hie Oil. I KfllowK' Halt
n i...-i l.tiri. eterv l.l, :ir.l and olb Monday
.-t.i.iii.; i inii iieinhlM.rN alu-atr wetciinii'.
t). P. I ..-'now, C. O.
. t I ...Mi. s.l 1,-lk
n'lll.l l.VKUS I.O-jtiK, NO. B. 1. O. O. f.
1 m. eu hIii ril ay rvenltiK of each wek at
1 m h-nl ill Oil.) kellow leinplc al KuM'bunc.
1- no., unit fie nr-ler in v-immI fciandltiK areiuvil
'" nn- ml. 11. W. .-1 KoNo. N. li.
S 1 li:n Mr')'. Ii..m.
Hit. See.
I, o. 1.1. Ks, l;oKllt l;ti I.ODOK, NO. US,
I' tii-M lln ir rt'Ktilar tiiintnuiiiealitiiiN ai ibe
1 i 1 1. I . IihII mi i-eeviiiil and limrlli Iburauay
ii i-.e h iiu'i'in. Ail ntetiilMTt rt-.iuei.led lo ai
.1.1 ieKui,nlv. nml all viMling broibera cor
l;....i nn lied to attend
Ull AS. I.. II IDI.EY, E. K
IK l It. KlliDI.K, Seervlary.
L l)-..lH'liti I.OIHiK, NO Hi. A. O. 0. W.
1 nieeiji the kis'ihuI and tinirth Monday ol
t. h in. nun ai 7 ,i . in. al told Ki'llima ball.
Meinu r nl lb,, oriler ill giMHl -landing are lu
filed in Htlen l
U.S. Weal,
f. V. It ili'll.
Iteei inter.
l'ruft-HMloiial ciirtlH.
i-1' li'K, .vr.i Juekson tttrttvl, at re
idein'v ot Mm. J. l'.iuer.
Q-':i;" l-KOWN,
Kouiiik 7 aud S
la) .vi WUmjii lllock. UObKiJUKO), OK.
Revii'M IliilldiUki,
Teleidinnu No. -1.
Attorney at Law,
Itii.illl s,
liiyloi ,k WU.ii UU. KOSKBURO. ORKliON.
llimiiis I uinl J
Renew lliiililiiu.
yy n. Willis.
Attorney ami Couiwelor at Law,
Will in mil 1 1. - A....- ..f Li. . U.. I . ru
Bco in M m le i tluJduii;, Duuglaa ouualy.Of.
Attorney at Law,
tUioiin. I .V. t, Murittera UldK., KObKBUKQ, OB.
reF-'UiiMiiekA lii'loro tha U.S. lamdOOce autl
nuuiiiK uavt A a iccially.
I.ulu Hwoivcf V. ri. Laud OtHce.
Qu. ii i. i:. iiocck,
l'hysciau iS: vSurg0ou.
Ollliti' K.i,.,.- til II,
TiivIim ,v U il-nii lllk.
I'liuiii', Main :U.
KO!t llllRti,
J A rl"C MAN AN, Notuiy t'ublie,
Collections a Specialty.
ltiiiiia :i
MiinU in llinliliun
Ituder I lie iiliiivo iimllii I h III allll eiiullllllu In
tnney lur nil puille-. tleotthei uty iu Ulanoo as
au tuiHiiieer or an i i- nr. My iliaiaua will b
rn-nmiialilii iiivl my wink siiiiiaiileeu. Am alia
A tldri t i r ul I V-Viiikla l.'u.. Or.
V. hi;v iits
10 light?