The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, March 27, 1899, Image 4

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    AYcgcbblc Preparation rorAs
slmUatiiig ihcrocklandKcula
liiig Ihic Stoauichs andltowcls of
Promotes Dicslion-Chrcrful-ncss
nnd Rcst.Contalns neither
Oimim.Morphine rwr Mineral.
It (mttnmtSmU
IHrm Snd -
A perfect Ilrmrdy forConslirxv
lioii. Sour Stonwch.Diarrhoca,
Worms .CcnN-ulsions ,FcTrish
ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Tac Single Signnlurc cf
NDr vonic.
For Infants nnd Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
You Have
Always Bought.
tmc cmnun COWN1T, MCW o cit-v.
Drain News.
(Ktoai iho Watchman
I.ons spent the first of the
For fine ton ami higti graile piano
get a Need'haui They peftk for tliem-,
selves. It does not take a t racker jack 1
t a big s.iUry or a pi t miHici.ri to el : Jir!s
tbein. Ail we at-k is to lock al (lie in- week itli his ianulv liere.
Btrament". trv thP tone yourself, an.l yon ; Mrs. S 11. Strawn, ei.t to Yonca'la,
will be eonviiict-J that NeeUiiams are yr jneSl3y. for a lirief visi
meiwi luncn mo Irc J. T MoM.han. olC.nistock.
Cliickerinir or Hciuwav. For reference
see O. F. tio.lfrev. A. C. Marks, or I. 1'..
nude cir t it r a brief visit, Saturday.
(! I'r. H. 1'. Brorkliart mado Collate
noma a beautiful one m loured main.."
anycase. The price? if tl.efe pianos Th? Mis ei Bel!, of Elkton, were pas
are the most reasonable for Uie q-jdlity senger t? Koeetur, on Sunday's kral.
of gooda ever offered in this tiiy. I can j Miss Nellie Mu'.key eiient Sataiday
anl S:inJay with frien !. at Cottage
l I., beckley, t!i Kikton tnerchaut,
ia a'.;eiidiu the teachers' instil'ite ?; at
Weekly Excursions to the East.
also give yon i-isile price? on any
of piano. Oil at I -ee
T. K. I:k'iiahi.-on,
Koseburg, Or.
r. 1$. We aiso have :n stock some ; i;39ebur.
new and sex-ond-ha.:d pianoE-second- clia, Gardineri au0-.uer o Df irj.a
band m tall".. New .-0to 30O. young ,netli Wt Mondjy ,0 join ,he
AVeber Dramatic Co.
All our goods are new and of the latest ' Mrs. Oscar Appelgate and two child
styles. Xo 6hopworn goods on hand at rec, visited ovtr Sunday with relatiyee
the Boss Store. ' and friends at Ycncalla.
Chas. Meinzer and A. 1'. Apnelgato, of
i VoncalU were Cottage Grove visitors
A tourist sleeping car will leave Tort- ( rit ' t,;e week,
land every Tuesday at 9 p. in. via the O ; Miss Laella lloisinstou, of Elkton, left
It. ik N. without change to Cof ton, and j on Wednesday's local lor Cottage Grove
under the supervision of experienced to remain indefinitely,
conductors. So change of cars to the j Miss Jean Hefty siijt a few days at
cities of Omaha, Chicago, BuQalo or J her home in this city the first of the
Boston. The ideal trip to the east is j week, and returned to Coin nock, Wed
now before you. Kememter this service : nesday.
1 ! . . . 1 .
wuen going rui, anu consult n. Mi ,ur . is home from c
j stock for a few weeks vacation before
I commencing her school at that place.
,' M'S3 Lola Gardiner I ft a few days ago
for western Washington, where she has
been engaged to teach school.
Mrs. C. B. Karl ai 1 children returned
hT piirohMfd the CUV Meat Mvk.l of
K. F. Khodep. Mesars. Kliinh Kviit
hare also puiohacd a tine ban I of Coo
courtly ra!th, and are row picpaied to
jle" the public In their liim We be
ipeak tor thrni a liberal pitroimge.
Friday morning a email bind slide ue
cured on Taw cixck, near Iho depot,
which materially interfered wi blbeS.
P Co "a lido track. Tne foundation, for
Several frit in length, mule aliofr
the liver leaving the lies and railing al
most tupM)ded in mid xii . A (nil fmcr
of men have been buny the nm wok
titling in ibe vncancy with nnk , d will
Boon bavo goo.1 solid funndalixn.
Frank Jordan, tho lxul Telegraph line
repairer, was iiiunodili Ir Miuiiuoned,
as one or two, f their poles went down
with the slide,
Oakland Item,
iKrvmi the Unklaml tiHM-tle.)
Ben Shambrook spent SiiilIa)- In Oak
land. W,Turoertf 1'oillai.d ep ut uiid.y
with Oakland friends.
Johnny kvektey of Koelii'g was in
Oakland Monday.
I'ncle.lep Hunt in "courting" at luto
burg this week.
Cap?. G. W. Peters left for Port laud on
Monday morning's local.
Mr, 1. W. Stuart, who has spent the
winter in PoitUnd, has returned to tie
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice it hereby given to all patties
holding 1 ngla; county warrants ,lo
doiood prior to Fob. 1, to
present the same at the treasurer's olllce
In the iVngiAs .Comity bank lor pay
ment, as interest will cense thereon
after the date of this notice.
Hated IhKtho IMh day of Feb. ISW,
at tho City of Ivoeoburg, tregou.
Gko. W, Pimmu'k.
County Treasurer, IViugla County, Or
County Treasurer's Notlcj.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holidng )oiiglan eoniily warrants in
domed prior to July 11, tt07. lo present
the same at toe treasurer's t like In the
Douglas County bank for payment, ns
inter. et will ceaio thereon after the date
of this notice.
Dated Ibis tho '.'III div of M arvh ISilD
at tho City of Koeebuig, Oregon,
Gko. W, Dimmu k.
Cou: ty Treasurer, l)ugls County, t'r.
Notice For Publication.
agents, or sddresB,
. 11. IICKLUl'HT,
Generai Passenger Agent
fl'4. Port'acd, Or
Uivilmr!. Otvu.iu, Mr. II, tR.
I Ni'luv !. tirret.y sh-eu tlml lu emupllauee
ill.- ro Isloiin kIIIio h li'l I'niiarv-M il
I Juno .:. 1n., i-iitiiUst "An net lor Ilia le o(
ttmi-t-r Imi'lii In lln? Mlc of l tillloriliK. cirvm-n,
Ncalrt uiul W A-hliKtuii Tt-rrflorv,"
O! rtk'ntil. Iuiil i-f iHiitgliu, S I A I o nf IMt
Kot. linn t'lin il HU il In till utile Inn
HnW hi. nl. No. i"T fur tin pun lmo of tin- lot
of t-t-lloll No. -V. ill towimmi No. 2.V A. rMtivi,
Mies Miy CJurch:II uf Finich Settle-1 Nl ' w-"- "' wl11 '''' I'r""' niu'w thnt iho
merit is visiting Mt thd borne l John ; mono Uihii for atricuitnrel .iirK'. mnl lo
Plinn-I.ill 1 i-iWnti Ills cliiim lo l.t Imi.l K-(..n tin- K,-.
VUUrVUlll. Il.l..rn.l li.-.... 111,1. I- K.....
inh nt hnainxaa .-i.Ih.I l).,,i!v V 1 Onvoii, on Krl.lny. tlio l.'lh day of Mr, Is-i.
A lusn oi uusinees iaileu tvpaiv . lu, ., iino.- Dwliln lind .l
K. MedUy into active service in li e Rk I1"1' ' ,,,',r,n" w"1'"'-
sb' rift's otliee this w-ek. : l K.-i-i.urj, i'.
... ., , . . ,, ' Any niul i i..roti t-lniuiiiiR alvrr.-ly tin-
.Aups tirhce beekley reiulied tak!atul alo- .I.M riiH.i Uii.u ar r..ii.-u-l to till- th.-ir
Minday morning. tJrace ii liking 1 """"' '" '"'"'
spiendid after her long trip in Mu-ecuii, J- T. HKtiH.h.-i,
and her many friends are glad to see her
home more. i " ' """"
Ethel Anna, datikihlt r i t Mr. and Mis.
Mooney if Eng!i-h Settlement, birn
March 1, paij-h-I away Match !". The
patents are v ry luucti grieved ovtr the
loss of their h" b bud.
Miss Mae Stvari.s ni.d Ms I. ura
Pinkston, ttaehers in the Pribj let an
Sab'iatn eeiiiHi!, irciivt-d respective
classes at the n-Mdetuv ot G-'crgo J.
lOArns Wednesday.
1'. C. Stunt ot the Cbeiiowetli Park
orchard, is displani'-it -each trees will,
prunes anl apples. About COO of t'. e
latter will be plan'cd.
Mrs. Angevene ai;d Mre. W. Uo k left
for Seat'le last Thursday uilit. wlicie
Mrs. Angevene will j in her hnnhand.
After a short stop a Seatile, Mrs, Wool
folk wiil proceed to tier ho ne in i:th'
Dakota. i
A tittle eon of Mi . and Mrs. .lohn El- '
liott of K'.-llot'g. was laitifu'ly tcalded '
one day last week, lie was vlawt'k'
near a boiler of hct water and while tiv- :
ing to put the lid on the boiler fill in,i
burning his bands and arms, lb was:
immediately attended to, and his burrs:
will not prove to be very eer cub. '
l tie iiar-Jiner .villi ixmipany is pre
paring to start their logging camp near
cottsburg, on the Umpqna, as scon as
the weather will perrri'. Th;s camp is
located about a mile trim tih-water.
and from ther the Ings will be hauled:
by teams and dumped into the river and '
floated lo the mills. The camp will Lei
managed the coming fea;oa by Chris!
Hacker, w ho is an old band at (tie buei- j
nese, nd who expects t) make things;
rattle this maimer. j
Tt.e overturning of a can ot turpi ntir.e !
at the Collins Hotel last Tu.siay r.oon,!
I' o.l. r tin- nl.oe tn.-lto I 111 mill con I nine l.
Mirwv for '.! .iirtio di siriiu uiv an lslniu r u
nn i Hi iioir or snnoyor. My r)ian(i-a will Ih
r. .w.iiatV siii-t liiy work itmiralitccij. Am a I. to
Notr Public."- tt ill I!. M-tauil, 1'oUKlas To.. Dr.
vi i i. i-. iii:yio
Want Your
1 or
Kan: Mall
a 1' in.
i .i ..m.
1- r.'iu 1'orUaint
-j l I nke, lnvi-r, Kt. '
i.rtM. limnlia.Kull.
vii I'.ty, M. I.tii!.,
I ttu'.'Ko a:i. I Enti.
W h!!i Vt nilii, Siikatif, '
Minu-'ali.-t I 'all i
Pulntli, Milwaiiki't-, j
i lilca;. au.l Knt. :
Ocean Stcamahlps
All -aliiiiK .tl. sut i
ji-ct to ihaiieo.
For t-an Francisco . JJtc :i. S, 1J, 1, !, !
i' I . . in.
k 'M a. m.
I p. ui.
Ha J-ut rtMlTxl a anil tataaalt altH-k
xNbtt)TiNii or
Udios' Ureas, Ribbons, Trimmings
Ucn, KU'., Kte.
Of tk boat quality and Sntalt.
Wood, Willow and tilaaa Ware,
Crockery, Cordage, Etc.
Alas hai.'l Id largt quanttllra an.t at p.-r. I.
aalt lb Mmca. Alau a Ui murk ot
Custom-Made Clothing
For Choice
Call at Stanton's for "I,. 1. M"
F.t.mi inlay
l'J ..iii.
Kocliiiiv. On-Roii. Feb. '.'. lvjy.
Nolli't- llit r by kIh ii ttiat In i-oinpliaiH'C
Milhllu- i!loim of the art of t'.'tiure of
June:. l.sS. i-nlttli.l "An ait for tho xali- ol
tlmU-r lamia Initio MhIi-i l t alifoima, drt"
g.iii, Nevada ami Valilni:toii Irrrllorr.
'of Ki'ldV, . louiity of Dounlaa, Slalt- ..f On
j ifon, lias ttna day lili-d In tin .tftli'e hl"o'U
I maieiii.-tit Nn i',;4. for tin- imrelitfi of tin- s. w .
' H. . i , of s-t-llon No. .v.. In loilllii. No. i'
I n. Kaiik'O No. 7 W., and "HI oltt r proof lo "li.ov
I that Iho land nought N inoro vnlualilo lorll-
luiilK-ror Mom- than lor agricultural ur...i .
audio eatAbllih hln rlitlin lo a laud t-efoie
tlie Ki-KlaU-r and Ui-ci-lv. r of thl-. oltii r at Kom
luirff, tin-Kou, mi halurday, ttu- I -ill il.iy of
Apr 11,
II.- iiami'n a-, wiliu-oi.'f JoMu-pli A. V liorlou,
of Kid. IU-, Or. . II. .Smith, ol Dillaid, Or
lli-u Filu-r, ol Kiddle, I'r. KrHl Himdirtoii. of
Kiddle, Or. Any and ail poraona claim
iiir advuiHily the alioTe .U'M.-rlliel liuidn an-r.
'I n.-atc-.l lo fll ihelr claim In this office on m
K-fore said l -tli day of April,
j . I. iiniui.r.n.
ii Spring
pHl '--j Wi1t7 6fife. Ic, of ieu qooR
A lo a line liuc of "PLANUT Jr.," Cadcn Seed
Drills, Hoes, (tardea Plows, Utc. Catalogues
fiee. You get the best at
Churchill & Woolley's.
, ;r i: aV.V Of 43 -?. iVt) O t 000 CHE3 000 CM
his is the Place
to Buy
A full and complete assortment
of all goods usually kept in a first
elass grocery.
Kvcrything offered lor sale is fresh;
and sold at very reasonable prices.
Wc have a very choice stock of
canned goods, including both fruits
and vegetables, to which we invite
your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
Wc carry the largest stock oi to
baccos in Southern Oregon. Z
j) C. W. PARKS & CO., Grocers. j
t -Lt n- i -t -a 1 O K J XX AX-0 t OOOO 09
4 p. m.
Ex runday
6 a. 111,
7 a.m.
Tui?.i hur.
and at.
Columbia Hivcr
To Asioria and Way-Ijnidinica.
WillametU Kivcr. j 4 30 p. in.
Orefon t'lty, Newbt-rg, I Kx auuday
aUm A v ay-Land m I
:;.0 p. m.
o a.m.
I n-.. I l.ur.
an i .-at.
Lv Klpariii
Kic j.t
r a i up my.
Wlll.mrtteand Yam.
hill Klver. i JIoll., Wed.
On i;oii t llv, l'aylou, , and Frl.
aad Way-Landing
wunmettc Klvcr. 4 w p. m.
Tuva. 1 liur.
nnd Sat.
l'orllaii'l to I .tvhIIis
and U ay-I-andiiiKK
5nakc River.
Miliaria l. I.- h i'oii.
I. lftwliton
We urga cur pa'.rons, who are in ar
rears f jr tha Pf.AiMjk'ALti: to tend us all
or part of the amount of your subscript
ions. It H a gin ail amount to each of
you, but to us il wuulJ aggregate an
amount we very much need in cur bnai
For Over Fifty Veait,
As Ou and Well-Tbikd Kkkkdy. Mr
Winalow's fcootliiug byiup bu been uttd for
over fifty years by million! of mothers lur tbeir
children while teething, with perfect iucceaa.
It aoothea the child, anftens the giim, f.llays all
pain, cures wind colic, and lathe btit remedy
for Inarrho-a. Is plcai-aut to the tt ste. so'A by
drusgibU tu every part of the world. Twenty-
five ccnta a bottle. Its value la Incalculable.
Be lureand ask for Mrs. Window's Soothing
Syrup, and take no other kind.
I have taken op, as a stray, one bay
stallion, about 5 or tj years old, weighs
about 000 pounds, branded "K". Own
er will please call aud prove property,
pay charges and take his property.
It. B. I'!.o.
Viavi, Y iavl.
Mr. J. II. Khnpe is iocal repreEenta
live for the popular Viavi remedies
Any one desiring any of these remedies
will pleaee call on her at her home or ad
dress her at Koseburg, Oregon.
The V. C. T. U. will hold its regular
meetings on the second and fiht.u
Monday of every month at 7:30 p. om
in the Epworth League room of the M.
The Home Bakery
701 Oak Street, Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread Every Day
"Boston Baked Beans,"
. a specialty.
to Hihey Sunday a ter a pleasant visit
with Mrs. Earl parents, Mr. and Mrs.
L. .1. lljltcn.
Miss Lillid l'attersou left Sunday for
Roseburg, where, we understand, she
will remain indefinitely, with a millin
ery firm of that city.
During the absence of Merchant lias
ard to Koseburg, whe.e he was called as
a juror, hit business here is being ably
conducted by Mrs. Hasard,
V. Cathcart, formerly of this city
but now iu the Survey jr General's oilice
at Portland, was a (.ueet of his sitter,
Mis. C. F. Counts, in this citv laet
The f allowing teachers from this vi
cinity are attending the teachers' insti
tute, ht Koeburg: Misses Laura Gard
ner, Lisie Heity, Ella Gordon and I'eter
Naeb, Jr.
J. M. S-ark came over from Llkton,
Sa'iiiday, for a bri-f buxiuess vitit. He
walked the entire dietauce, which is do
ing well tor a gentleman of his age.
Jonas JJayip, of Castle lixk, Wash.,
ia visiting his bibler, Mrs, Mulvauey, at
litidro'j. He fpui. Saturday at the
hojie cf Mr. acd Mrp. L. M. Perkins, in
this city.
mm. v.. uiiuues, 01 ftaginaw, was a
brief 1 hough pleasant visitor to our city
Friday evening, returning home Satur
day morning. She came down to attend
the Mact abee dm e' ing.
Mr, und Mrs. Chap. Morningitar went
to Siginaw this morn'ng for a yisit with
relatives and friends.
Miua li jew Mulkuy will (each the
spring term of m.hool at Kice Hill : Mips
Abble Taylor at Ifayhurst; Mifcs Mae
Cowan, at the Cuipqia Life Saving H!a-
'ion, und Mite I.ura Iltfly at Cornstal k.
Comrniss'ontr M. I). Thompson, of
Sciit'iburg, was in the ci'y Thursday, on
his w;iy home from Koseburg, where Iih
hod been attending the Marcli term of
cinntv cunt. Jhisiilhie was f.iviied
Willi a pleasant call.
Kobert Hedden and wife came up from
Tniinel 5. Glcndale. to attend lha
Ptcicker-Uedford i.upiiulw. We learn
that they will m.t return lo Glendale,
an l expu.'t to Noon luL i ln.r-n ,,f 11, .
boirdius hous, at I'eikins & niedsoe'a
lodging camp.
. N, s find Al Kind, of Kikton
created a fire which caused a Ijss cf
about 1 130. Carjets, walls and ceilingB
were damage), and the family wardrobe
was an entire less. Prompt action cer
tainly averted a Eerious fire. A strong
wind was blowing and the subduing of
the flames was simply miraculous. Had
the fire gotten beyond control, nothing
would have saved the town. Aie wo to
have waterworks or a fire?
J. Sheer, Sedalia. Mo., 'conductor on
electric street car line, writes that his
little dauchter was very low with croup,
and her life saved after all phyaicians
had failed, only by using One Minute
Cougn Cure.
Kin ai iaaf
"To tell
the truth my
mother lias
lived with
one foot mi
the grave, "
writes Mrs.
IvuRHie Stiint-zi-nberp.
of No.
1 i t Walker
Ave., Houston.
Texas, in a ! t
ter to lit. V.. V.
Pierce, of l!uf-
falo, N. V.
" With a most
thankful heart I
- will tell you
about the won
derful cure effected in her
case. She has been a per.
feet wreck for seven lontf
years, iso words can describe what Mie ha-i
suffered. She could not sleep on account of
severe pains. She tried every doctor around
here and spent hundreds of dollars without
benefit. After hearing of your wonderful
remedies I wrote to you. My mother ha-i
taken six bottles of the 'Golden Medical
Discovery,' and six of the 'l-'avorite Pre
scription,' and is now perfectly cured.
Please receive the heartiest thanks and hies
aings from my father and seven children for
savinif the life of dear mother. May God
bless you and your Institution, is the wish
of your friend."
T .i of thousand of women have found
C( ;lete and permanent relief from obsti
1:1 . and seemingly incurable disease by
u-iiig the wonderful remedies referred to
ab ive. The "Golden Medical Discovery"
possebses the peculiar property of nourish
ing and vitalising the blood with the life,
(riving red corpuscles which build up
healthy flesh and muscular strength.
In the special weaknesses aud diseases of
the feminine organs, the "l-'avorite Pre.
scription " is a perfect and positive specific.
Jtislheonlvsricntific medicine nrenared for
that purpose by an educated physician nnd
specialist in that particular field of practice.
For weak and nervous women these two
medicines taken conjointly constitute the
most marveluusly suecehbfiil course of trent
ment known to the medical profession.
For nearly v years Dr. Pierce lias been
chief consulting uhvsician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, liufTalo, N. V.,
at the head of a splendid fctaff of associate
specialists, graduates from the leading med
ical uuivtrsiliet of America and Europe.
tivucral rawujer Agcul.
O. H. tk f. Co.,
rortIaud. Oregon.
jut Ui
Administrator's Notice.
f.KlX OF Kt AL l'ltOI'l.itl V.
-' liniler-iuned u IiiiiUitrator of the citale
oi Henry a. .viaina, Oe'ciiM d, by virtue of a dc
cree of the County Court uiadu ..11 the elli .lay
of March, ls'.r.t, mil on und ufler enlorduv, the
silnlayoi April. !. se.l at privnUt rale Hie
louowing oe-rii. '.i real property liulougiiiK to
no: esoi.e Ol Jl".'ll--y . . AMUUl, (lUCCUjrd , lO'
w 11 :
1 he N t of the - 1 . of -ee ir.' ' p M.BK
. vt , i-oiitiilmnK In ai-tes u-s lout mtri.-a nold to
mm peti'lem ur.l-rot i M Ki-.'loii. Ala.) Lot 1,
tee .;. 1 p .", - K ; U , eonlainliig :t a. rea. A I
so Iota No ami 1, .- -e j.-. 1 p ;s R ,', w. con
taming '.i. acre-. A'm thu loini Adama liona
Hon Laud i.Uilni Noll, being purlM of tirn-t
-' - mi l i, i j . k .. , nevrioe-d aa
follou., lortli: bi iii n iu in; ul a, point, I chains
Fai-t, and J) chains and :;7 lints South Ironi the
corner to -Hid fs-en zT. sud I ami running
lla-nii: North i;ehaiii-, tin neo W chains
tlieiiee S il ehii'iM und so links, ant thence K
71 elliCUH lo phiee ol beiiilining, ooiltailllllic
..i. -in iiun-n, i-xi-i-jiiing itoin i tie last iibovedi:
m rihed iiuet of hum M ) neres sold tu H. Ilumil
ton, n hieh -oi l .K, d is rei orded III Vol Jl
ul pun-: .: Hu r. of.
Al-o Ih.' I'. 1 of lie- liotiuiion Land Claim of
iHiny a.auuiiis, 1.111,1; i aim No. -IJ anl helm
par's of .-ii .: and In I p .", HkMV am
11100 i.ntiieiihirly il.-erihi-d m follow, tow 1 1
Jii '-liiiiiio.' at a point 10 ( loniH unit jli links N
ir.-iin n eorner ol Mild Hi 1 und runnliiK
t hence I: i.l chains, Ihetu e N So chains, trjence
S el chains, and II. 1 lice s .',0 chains to place of
n.'Kiiiiiiii, .-.iiiuiiiiiiii; ni acri-s. i-xcepuni;
110:11 nisi uiMiif iievcrioeii Intel or laud 4 si
in n mild t.i s llai-nllon. .lei .1 lor which la re
eorded In Nol '.'lat pu-e M thereof, also Lot No
1 "c ip -'. s K vi , containing : acres.
Aim Lot No of .see .-s, und Lot No 1, 2 and :i of
Sic::iiu i p . 1, s H , w , coiMsmlng lVi.lli acrea.
Al-o lot- 1, 2 I ., ol n. 1 .7.1 ,a K !, W, con
taining id,' aeris. AUh lot No 1 of hit- :W In
'J p 2:1,- K : W, containing iieres all situate
in Iloiurhis county, -tale of iiu i;.;ii.
'1 emu of mid -.ale to he ca-h in baud.
JJalC'l at K0.1 -bur, )n gon, March n, IKf.i.
A ltnhil-iru'.or ul the E-!ale of Henry A. Adams.
Ill-feu-. .1
Umitsii ST.iraa orrn 1.
KisH-biirg, On Ron, March Zi, lsJ.
To whom It may concern
Notice ii heretiv given that the Oregon .V. Call
fornla Railroad Company lias Bird lu this ollii
a of laiida Uluateil in tho tominhips de
mc'IIhsI la lon , and has applied for a pab ut for
aaJd lauds; that the list la open to the public for
Inspection and a copy thereof by dex rlpthe
siitKllvi.ioli, h becu lMiud lu a isiun nlelil
plat e In this oftice for the inspecliou of all
aona inlen-sUd and the public gen. rail)
Oregon and California it K lauds.
Tp -lo rt. It J E.
KW ' es: II.
Tp s. It W.
All m.'.-s I aud ..
jil I, J, .mu.l I, and iK ' 1 Sec '.'.
All Pk-e 11
Wilhiu the next sixty Oays lollomng tin- iIhIc
of thU notice, t.rotests or contests aalio.1 the
claiui of the Company to ivny tract ortulsliu
ion u ithln any section or part ol a.clioii, dc
M rib.'d In thelist, 011 the ground that the name
is more aluahle for miueraJ than for agi'leuii.
ural pu Mioses, Mill tut rceelvi-d and noted for le
jKM t to the lo ueial Loud 1 'rtite al Washiiis-tou,
.1. T. HKIIiiiK.s,
J. II. lllMMII,
iui;ili) Reeeinr.
i.IVK t s a TBI A I.. Ono boor South of r. O.
i ki:i; im:i.ivi:iiv. w ni'itu. oikuun,
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and small, to Rent,
Sttck Ranges, Timber Lands and Mining Properties,
Prune aud Hop Lands of best quality, in choice locations,
iu quantities to suit intending purchasers, at reasonable
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
aB aafc. DuuntXi as'SSlisana
Administrator'a Notice.
uiuleilgni'd iidinliiistrutors of the
1 state ol V . I. ilson, ilcceased, will by virtue
ofa ili-cree of the i on ii t y court of lioiiylua
County, iii. g'.n on and after r-ulurdav. II...
Mb day of April. I-. ii, n il at. private sale liuj
lollowliig in 'hi-rihtd real properly belonging tu
the cnuli! of W L il.,,11, dei Dased. towll:
M'ts 2, a, I, and ii i of i i: ' of Sec. Ti, Lota 1,
,:i, ::i, i'ing llom. steail I lalm of Lavlna
Wot, N J of W. L. UiUoli llonallon I so, I
Claim No II, Lots u, 7 and a, Wee 111, J,t 1 and 2.
, ol rs vt ' ., the is W H, and W i, ol ol HE'.'.
and , ol N I.' . of eve -i t. all in To M H It u
Vt . I he N W ' ; of fj E 1 . and K '.: of N W I. of
He 2, p. il s. mil, A .Il Ibe right, lllh.
mid interest of thu 'aid W L. VMIson, iioceascd
ill llll'l lo Hie K o Oolialliill Laud Claim No
41, 1 1. Ml ii. R. i,. vt . Exeepling from Urn above
descnhnl h uI properly, ipatt lit 2, Heit hero
loforueoiiteyeil to p. ,. Wilson, . deed of
uhich Isot rieord In 'ol 57 of liecds, f,nua:M.
Also exc. ptin-' , act, s oil of I he ttesl sido of
Jiiwilii.ii Laud Claim No II heretofore sold lo
Andreiv Worli-y. deed lor uhlcli Is reeorili'il In
Vol IV of In i ds at pace j:i.,.
Terms ol said sale to he either rush in lonol
or upon such lernik as lo credit as may In- lo the
grciili-st ad mi l! lo i-khJ cstuio.
tiaicu ai iioset.iiig, or., Ibis Ihu sth da; of
Man-h, ls'jti,
Adlliiiilkliatois of the EMall'Of W, I.. Wilson,
tioccased. i
Notice For Publication.
I'nitko Status Land Office
Rosfhurg. Oregon, Mar. a, Js-jii.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has riled notice of hit Intcutloii
to make final i.roof in tupiairt of his claim, and
that said proof trill be uiited before IIh- Register
and Receiver, l ulted Mates Laud oilice al
Rosi-biirv, Oregon, on April '.'J. ls'.rj, ii
on bis If. L No. 'i.'l'.i for I he N V. ' ,' section i.,
Tp. :'s H., It. 7 ui-at. He names the follow
ing witnesses to l.rovo bit coulliiuoiis io
ideuco upou and cultivation of said laud, i !:
A. A. Matthews, of Sugar l ine Mountain, .lohn
Ellgeralil, fr,, John Ucaslcy, James lioodniau,
of l louruoy Valley.
M'Jlf Register.
On the S. I. K. R.
Douglas County, Oregon
IIOTKL constant
ly open for recep
tion of guests.
Water cures Rheu
matism, Dyspepsia,
Kidney aud Skin
m ?
Tongues and Sounds,
Spiced Hcrriug,
Whole Codfish,
Salmon Ucllies and
Pickled Salmon,
Pickled Ilerrin
Smoked Herring,
Mackcral, at
....MRS. N. BOYD.
To The Uiiloi-tuiiutc.
Dr. Gibbon
This old rellablo and
the most suiressliil
Upeelallst 111 Hall Pran.
f-Isi'O. still conllniiea to
euro all btiual and
.Seminal Disease." such
aa tlonnorrhnra, (llect
tttrlcturt, Ayph Ilia lu
till lis forma, blkln 1)1
etac, Nervous Debll-
1 v
"x naf Weakness and l.oa
tVlul flanliood. tho c.onsu-
uueiieu of self abuao and e.'tc'csses producing the
lollowlug symptoms: sallow coiililelianee, UinK
spots under tho eyes, pain In Iho head, ringing
iu the ears, loss of coiilhlciica, dllhdeneo In ap
proaching strain-era, palpitation of Iho heart,
weakness of tho I hubs and back, of memory
pimplea on thu facu. COlltrhl. coiiaiiinptloii, etc.
UK. OIUBOM has Practiced In hail Kranelseo
over thirty years and those troubled should not
fail to eonsiitt him anil receive tlio bencllt of
bis great skill nud exporteuce. '1 ho dm tor euros
when others faij. 'J iyhlm, Cures Riiarauleep.
Persona cured at homo. Charges reasonable.
I all or write.
1)11. .1. r. f,il(loN, C (.Kearny M, ran Kian
Cisco, Cal
Hiiccetsor to U. W. NOAH.J
General Blacksmithing:
jm.imiMB isojisi x:s8 ls m jiiw
rRorriNa and runnino plate3 a specialty,
Shop on Corner WaaliliiKtou and Kane Sta.. Hoacbnrii.
Cass Street Market,
Wholesale and Retail Dealens In
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Nay, Grain and Flour.
Phone Main iK.