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Fablttict! Monday and ThnrwHT.
C. T. BRXJAWI,....
nbacrlplloa Kntea.
Oho Y - - l '
Bll Month. TS
Three Monthi -
MAKCII 27. Wl.
On e.oniit ol I lie drntli of the lute C.
Yt Henjatain who was the oanrr of
half Interest in tlm l'i aimikaiki!, hit
half interret in li e plant nud pnhlica
lion is foraale. If a al ran not ba
aatlfctorilv made cf tho half ii.terrst,
then tlie whole cf tha plant aud public,
lion will t e for Pile. li e I'laindema
oocui-iei one of the lxsl newspaper fields
in Oregon. Call on or addreaa, K. 1
Stratford, ltoeeburg, Oregon.
Tha Filipinos a ill probably agree with
Hen. Olii that war it not a picnic.
The only tnmt that would bonetit the
ueweir editor?, would he the rc'nrn
of tho slate trust.
Anurxition talk is increasing in Cuba,
and tint island will probably vote itself
into the grt American union.
Why don't the aiiti-iinptiaiita who
want the war slopied, adifirss some ol
their etilions to AgmUldj as well as to
t'ucle Saw?
Tlie democrat party appears to have
divided again. This time the split is in
regard to the proper price per plate, at a
Jeflersouian banquet.
Why don't the Canadians steal the
town of Wrangell? They appear to be
anxious to steal a slice ol American ter
ritory, ami the people ot ttiat town are
reported to be anxious to be annexed to
About the llrst refoim tint is under
taken iu the Philippines after A uical
do's little rebellion is snutll e J out,
ought to be that of gifioj; the towns and
rirers, cames that ran be fpelied and
The populist county central couiiLiitee
of Coos county, at a meeting held March
17tb, among other things resolved "tLat
tbey were unanimously in favor of ex
pansion and woman's suffrage." They
further declared that tbey are opposed to
fusion with any party or parties.
If there ia any efficacy in a sw ift and
sure punishment for crime, tbe experi
ence which the criminal clam ia bating
with Judge Hamilton and Prosecuting
Attorney Brown, ougbt to result in a
burriod emigration of that class out of
tbe bounds of this judicial district.
Tbe recent congress authorized the
construction of three first-class battle'
snips, tnree armored cruisers and MX
protected cruisers, the target addition
to tbe navy in a single year. No battle
ships in the world are larger or more
powerful than those provided for by tbe
last congresr.
Harry Holgate, writing to bis relatives
atCorvallis, relates tbe following incl
"When our troops were driving the
insurgents from one ot tbe suburban
towns and .burning the houses some of
tbe 14th men heard tbe strains of 'Dixie'
proceeding from one of the huts. Tbey
surrounded it and entering cautiously
found a Tennessee lad pounding tbe
keys oblivious of tbe bullets that occas
ionally dropped through tbe frail roof.
'What in the devil are you doing here?'
tbey cried. 'Ob,' be answered 'I captured
this mnsic box and want to see how it
worts. I'm going to take it when we go
back. You'ens don't want to burn this
bouse.' And be made the tbatcb trem
ble with 'Maryland, My Maryland ' "
Judge Galloway, in a lecture on state
and public lands, at the state agricultur
al college at Cor vail is a few days ago,
paid Hon. Uinger Hermann a very high
compliment. Preliminary to the lect
ure, be explained the discrepancy iu tbe
government maps heretofore issued,
wherein tbe Oregon territory has baen
included in tbe Louisiana purchase; but
thanks to Commissioner Hermann,
whom President McKinley has wicely
placed at tbe head of the land depart
ment, this error has been corrected, and
all maps now issued place the acquisi
tion of the Oregon territor in its proper
light. While Mr. Galloway differed
from tbe honorable commissioner polit
ically, be honored hi m for bis devotion,
under all circumstances, to the educa
tional and material interests ot Oregon.
Collector David M. Djone, of Poit
laud, gives the following opinion in re
gard to the 50 yearly liceEBj recently
imposed on dealers in countv, schcol
and city warrsots:
The occasional purchase of county or
city warrants does not necessarily make
one a broker. It is only those who en
gage in the purchase or sale of euch pa
pet as a business, who become liable to
broker special tax. How many transac
tions it would take to constitute a busi
ness cannot beveiy well defined, but
there must be enough lo indicate that
the person intends ti make promiscuous
purchases, so far as his means will per
mit, and opportunity offer, A man
might buy a of warrants or bonJs
amounting to f lO.OO'.i, nil at one time,
till he would not he a broker. If, on
tbe other band, he thould make 15 or 20
purchases during the year aggregating
less than f 1000, he would probably In
foiKiMfred a li"ker,
Fl ANKFD ,,uu,,, hr!"'o,
i Lanni.uii(9atllo(ll)(llt(f fn
Americans Push far
Incmy's Coantry.
The Filipino Dead Number Two Hun
drtd-Cattle Will Bo Resumed
Wamiinutxin, March 1'5. The war de
partment late ton'gbt mad public the
following dispatch Irom General Otis.
"Manila, March 25. Adjnlaut-Geuer-al:
The perfected northern movement
is not yet completed. Otis' and Hale's
brigades, with uiouuled troope ol the
Fourth cavalry, tbe turning column, met
with heavy resistance ovrr ditbVult
country, and are camped tonight six
miles east of Tolo and six miles north ot
the line from which the advance was
taken up. Weeaton'e brigade, at Calo
can, drove the enemy one and a hall
miles north aero, the river. Hall, on
the extreme right, encountered con
sideaable force and routed it. The
fighting was heavy near Calovan. The
movement continues) iu the morniug
Our casualties were about 100, ol which
25 were killed. Tbeenemy ict ia killed
alone 200. Otis
American Loss Is o Dead and 150
Manila, March 20, 8:15 a. m
Twenty -six dead aod 150 woouded in a
hospital ia the latest statement ot the
American loesea in the engagement with
the Filipiuos. Today's fighticg fur-
nihed a specimen ot the difficulties
with which the Americans have to con
The Filipinos never except at Malabon
permitted their opponents to get within
several hundred yards of them. They
would fire a few volleys from their cover
and then scuttle back to another cover
repea'iug these tactics for mile?. Many
of the trenches hsd gullies and connect
ing paths throush tbe cane and brush
enabling tbeni to retreat unseen.
The problem tbe Americans have
face is to drive rr lure the insurgents to
fight iu force.
Tbe trenches seem thinly uiaoued, ex
cept iu tLe vicinity of Malabon.
Tbe Americans, fighting a hidden foe,
Buffered greater loss in proportion than
did the enemy. Tbe loss of the Filipinos
had formerly been estimated from the
nnmber of bodies tound scattered in tbe
swamp and through tbe brush. A larger
percentsge ot the enemy's wounded died
than of the Americans, many of tbem
perishing from neglect, the Americans
naturally attending their own men first
The wounded, after treatment in tbe
field hospitals, were brought to tbe DOS'
pital by train. Several trips were made
from Calocan to the city. The first load
to start lor tbe city was composed largely
of bandiged soldiers, who shouted
"Give tbem hell, boys."
Tbe gunboat Helena and two army
boita command Ma labon, but tbe
authorities desire to avoid smashing tbe
town, where there is much valuable
property belonging to foreigners, and
where are located warehouses ot most of
tbe Manila firms.
The report of Ue surrender of the
town of Polo is erroneous.
Preparations For the Advance.
Ma.nila, March 23, 3.45 p. mr. The
American advance began at an early
hour this morning. Elaborate prepara
tions were made for the movement.
Geneial Wbeaton'e brigade was placed
in the rear, and those of Generals Harri
son, Gray, Otis and Hall were massed
behind that of General Hale. L'nder
tbe cover ot darkness General Otis' and
General Hale'd brigades left their
trenches and advanced close up to tbe
enemy's line without being detected,
General Wbeaton's and General Hall's
brigades occupying the vscated posi
At daylight General Otis' and General
Hall's brigades advanced from La Loma
church straight through the rebel lines,
catting the enemy's force in two. Upon
Ui'.s occatiu the rebels adopteJ tbe
American tactics of holding tbeir fire
nntil tbe attackers were about 1000 yards
Tbe rebeU also continued tbeir fire
longer (ban usual. Tbe Americans fired
volley a with terrific ell'ect, and then
rushed forward cheeriog and earning
everything before them. Once through,
General MacArthur's division wi,
swung through the line, driving the
rebels awsy on all sides.
flovements of Wheaton's Brigade,
Geneial Wheaton's brigade, lo accord
ance with instructions, remained in tbe
trenches. Before joining in tbe move
ment at noon, General Wheaton's troops
developed a strong opposition between
Malai on and the river Talighan.
Tbe brigades commanded by General
Harrison, Gray, Otis and General Hale
advanced on Novalichee and Polo,
strongly entrenched towns. In the
meantime, General Hall's brigade swept
tbe country clear to the waterworks and
t'ie foothills of feing'on, capturing Han
Francisco del Monte and Mariquina.
6:55 p. m. Lute iu the afternoon the
Montana regiment and the Third artil
ery hud crossed the Talighan river, go
ing in a northwesterly direction (oward
Polo, and General McArthnr, with ILs
remain It r of Gum i ul Otis' and OMioro)
r. in v a u
a potiitou to attack
either Novaliches, or Polo, being within
two miles ot Novaliches, and Wye inilia
from Polo.
General Hall's hiigtdo moved to
Balac, protecting General Hale's rl;l t
meeting with strong opposition. The
Oregon regiment and port ot the IMili
battery held the extreme left
Flht at a Blockhouse.
The Montana regimcut, nr lUlanito,
came upon a blockhouw ili'giilmnl as a
leper hospital, across the river, after
marching through the jungle. Four
men were killsd and 17 wounded.
Ocneral MacAithur's ariillery was
hampered by the thickness i t the jungle.
Geueral MacArthur's and tisiieul Hale's
stall's were frequently undo- a nailing
fire, and upon oue oirasioti rll ot the o Ul
cers, excepting the gvncralp, diftunuiii
ed, being oven-onie hy the heat. Thine
were many ro.lratiot' during the
The Three Days Institute of the
Teachers ol Douglas County Well
The annual teacher' inttituto con
vened in this city Thurs.Uy Lr a three
day's session. Ttm following named
teachers were present:
Miss Emma Agoe, Wilbur: t.' ira
Alexander, Stephens; S. J. lUiley.
Myrtle Cieek ; Miss Jeesie rll, P. C.
Brown, Mrs.-O, C. Brown. Itosebnrg;
Miss Elta Chapman, J. II. Cuchrau,
Wilbur; Miss 1V1U Cole, Miss Dorothy
Dixon, Miss Anna Djcley, Miss Magcie
Dooley, Koeeburg; Miss Minnie F.llison,
W ilbur; Miss Echo Gaddis, luwelmrg;
Mies Lura M. Gardner. Drain ; Joe E
Harvey, Koseburg; Miss Flaw Hrf y,
Drain: CM. Hedgpetb, l.nrley; Mi
Emma Herst'ne, Oaklmd; Miss Luell.t
Kennedy, Koeehurg; Miss Mrtlo A
uimn, ansa i.erttia lirab,.Mig4 Lt.t:y
Mote, Wilbur; Peter Nash Jr., Flkton
Mies Lizzu Parrctt, Miss Ka B
t'arrotl, Kwt.urg; Sylv.sler K.ce, Ar
thor Rice, Kae Hill; Miss ileraiia
Shoemaker. Miss Ada L Smi l;, Mi.-s
Madfe Stark, liotrlmrg; L. A. tock
ing, Canycnville: M. M. Strawn, Yon-
calia; L. H. Tiaver, Miss Lua Willi
Mrs. Mary Wilson, Misa Nellie Wilson
Koseburg; Walter Winmfred, Oakland
Miss Francis E. Wixoo, Broik-ay;J
A. Thornton, Mies Masie WalHb, Miss
Maudtt Dixon, Koeburg; Mis Carrie
Mowery, Oaklsnd ; Wm. Porter, Drain;
Lizzie D. Starr, Mis Lizzie Kerley
uaaianu : .uies name wioyu, Misi 1,1. a
Cooper, Hogh Camp, Mies Anna I.ou
Koseburg; Btusie Powell, Kalie O'
Mrs. Klel!e Cochran, Wilbur.
. Prof. E. U. Anderson, Drain;
Lizzie Blaiu, Cleveland ; Miss
Byroo, Olaila; Mies Lucy Biyon,
Myra Camp, Kosubuig; Miai K.ain
non, Misa Mary Cannon, Luriey ;
Tina Cooper, Roeebarg; MUs Mas
an, Yoncslla; Mies Emma Fisher,
Eliza Harvey, Ujseburg; Miss Dora Mc
Callieter, Drain; Elmer Parker, E. O
Parker. D. K. Parker, Oakland ; Mrs. K
L. Richards, Koseburg; Miss Mary
Westenhieer, Miss Maggie Wilon, Geo
S. WiUon, Yoncalla; Winniord Wright,
Koseburg; H.J. llobinett, Coles Valley
M. M. Mrawn was chosen permanent
secretary, and Miss Ada L. Smith re
cording secretary. The subject of read
iog was taken up, under the direction of
Prof. W. A. Wetzell, of lVrtlhn.l, and
occupied tho attention of the cljs until
the noon hour.
An evening session was held, at which
Prof. Traver, principal of the Uignburg
Ecboo's, delivered an address of welcome,
which was responded to by Trot. E. II
Anderson, president of the Drain Nor
mal school.
President HcKlnley Will Hake
Extended Trip This Summer.
Wanuinotox. March 23. It is
believed that President McKinley
taae an extenoea vacatiou luia Euinmcr
public business will permit, i.n-t
spriog he wanted to make a trip through
the "est, visiting Yeliowstono I'aik,
and going as far as the Pacitic cms', acd
be may see bis way clear to take that
trip this summer.
Resolutions of Sympathy.
At a regular review of Uoeeunrg Hive
No. II. L. O. T. M., held March 21,
18W, the following preamble and reeolu
tiona were unanimously adopttd :
WntHEAS, In view of the great loss
we have sustained by tho death of our
beloved sister Mrs. Florence M. Livings
ton, and of tbe at ill deeper less of those
who were nearest and dearest to her.
Therefore be it
Kct'iUtd, lliat it is hut a loving tri
bute to the memory ol the sister ''gone
belore," that in regretting her removal
from our midst w e mourn (or one w ho as
charter member ot our Hive, always
did ber part to advance the interests of
our cause.
IletoUtd, That we shall miai her
pleasant, helpful ways and that we do
mourn for one who was in every way
worthy of our respect and love.
P,ulted, That we tenderly condole
'1 the family of our deceased sister in
. ir hour of trial and alllictioo. and
that we share with them the hope of a
reunion in that better world where
there are no partings and bliss ineffable
forbids a tear.
RfUjhtd, That this heartfelt ti.'ntlu.o
nial ol our sympathy ho spread upon
the records ot our hive, copies of the
lams be sent to the husband, fitter and
mother of our deceased titter, and pub
lished in the Koseburg papers.
Mkh, C. JohU'iii.s'b Aumi i ai.i. ,
Miih. Doha Hamilton-,
Mm. Bab a 11 Sthoi u,
Mas. Doha ItEsnto,
Mm. Fl va I.oiuiii,
Our Washington letter.
Kivirt our rvliilur cnrrovU'it
WAMiisuroN, D C, March lJ.
March ia wretched enough In all
eatihV tones, but the Washington cli
mate has the moat treacherous teattme
ptwlhle and I nil ids such varieties ol
weather is bard to bear. W havs
had tor a day or so, a ten Iblo storm ol
wind, tlort and rnin that people on the
West cast cannot appreciate. Ilteis
iccvived trom stale lhat tbe
weather is 1a I, but that means 110 sock
tormenting storms and tierce and deadly
gales as have bore Won perpetrated by
Dame Nature.
A recent Oregoniaii has a letter from
i! Washington corivspoiulrht that is
consistent; with its malicious view,
but is a betrayal "t confidence on the par'
of (he autlur, as also an intentional
nur-rci Tidetiialton t.f f.ifa. Ihn success
of Senator in seeming liyrr and
harVr legislation lor Oregon wai pri duo to bin being a member ol the
senate committee on commerce, aud to
l.i iutei.8 and unremitting elforla to
the List moltii'iils of tho session. Ktcoud
aiily to tho good will ol senators wtio
s'ood by blin, irrespective ot party.
Senators Fryo ot Maine, and Elkina ol
Wist Virgin, were on the committee ot
cotdete nee ami stood w ith McBridein the
ni'itt fiiondlv u.i). At I have intiuisted,
StMiator Mct'iidotiad 111 the bill several
items that c-juld be coiicedoJ to secure a
compromise. Senator White and Per
kins c( California worked xoalousty lor
Orcriuu. W hen the was livid
F.lkins aud Fi vc had a uie'iiorandum ot
several i.ems t'mt could be conceded, if
ncc?Hs.iry, lo secure the remainder, but
iher won out with npider.illv more to
eur.'d than w as hopnt (01.
S.'iialjr Simon was all tho time iu
h.aity (.viupathy with Senator McBride,
did a'l that was possibls aud warmly con-gial.-lited
him on the uit'come. This
Oreg juiau correspondent came and told
them that the conference committe had
"kncikedoat" both Ya(tiina nml tho
bat railway at The Dalles. Supposing
that he bad tild the truth, our senators
determined to mxke a tight to hold the
tlxirlotne close and defeat the entire
bill f-ir r'.ver and harbor appropi iations
by ''filibustering."
Senator Elking, who had stool by Oie
gon in the coiderelire, came lo Mr. .Mc
liiit to eip'ain Dial flit house con
fereva ba I comedo.! m iro tlmn was
hopid for; ipnhin was knocked
out ; Yi i'iiiu w as to to re-exmined
bv another bo ,rd of encineer" : ami that
the boat railA.iV project s'ood with nar
Iv a cinditer of a n.illi in yet in hand
with whi-'h to c mtiiMio work lhn- left
over from lust year. I (alte to say
either I a I Lien ' knocked out." This Is
as the ruat'er wai represented and uu
derstood al Hie li-jio. Senator McBride
came uu! of tha' :iH Hr wiih coiumeuda-
tiou an! cjiiratu'iiiioiia on all sides,
tint ws well ileseived and was given
without quili;'K-aUoi).
The president Ins gjue south tor the
rest th.4t lu so ta lly needed. It can be he has a very wearjing
time. It W no triviel matter to ad
U)'.ii:t; r the sluirs ol a great natou in
time of peace, ami the two years of his
administrator havo iududixl events ot
tho creates! importance to the wide
world us well us t ) the great American
reput lie Taken in all its phasts, this
administration liai made history tbst
will Ih IninkJ down on the scrolls of
tima in many rerpects second to no
other epoch, save the civil war, since the
revolution. Time may, happily, over
look tin- mist ikes, complications and
jea!ou"R-9 that plagii'j 11a at present, to
only n mfiii'jer tiie gluiy i( the peiiod
an I its ilf-ids on tha world at large.
Trie lesser featuies ot pour human na
ture will nit ! into nothingness when
submitted to tl.u crucible ot Time.
Politicians are scheming no with re
gard to pjliiic.d events ot tbe future.
JuBt at present Ihn scheming is trans
ferred to .Ickyl island and Thomasville,
now winter resorts in (Georgia. Jekyl is
land ia otf the caat south of Savannah,
opposite Llruuswiuk. Thomasville is in
lbs sojthwcs'rru Georgia, near the Flor
Ida line.
a lie l' iiiim.H navo maniiuHttil a ca
pacity fur war baeod on Aguiualdo'a ami
bition tn J tl.e anrmrit of money he was
ablo to extort frjm Spain years ao, aud
tli e gun.H and muuitions ot war he baa
received trom Ameiican leuders on his
(alee promitce in the receut pat. As a
racu :iiey are treacimrous ami cannot
appreciate truo civili.atiou when offered
ttiem. iiiey preier to ' raise licit" on
their own account, which ia not profane,
only a literal rendering of Filipino hu
man nature. It wilt be a great work in
tho redemption of humanity to reorgan-
ii these oilenia's, make them compre
hend commoit honeuty and understand
Anglo-Saxon ,naturo and love for free
dom. We are learning something ot tbe
j b Sjiaiu had on hand to rule these peo
;!e, utiil can uaderatand, by, in rlpan-
lull nature, tlie only way lo ruia tueta
wan by tcrrorihtu and Imperial aoveraixn.
Tha ptoljleiii on liaud may ba coucid
ered one ot the waya u! Ueatiuy to le-
vive, liinrate and broaden trie oriental
ctiarautir. When tbey shall be made
freo and c-l.ica'eJ ti appre;ite freedom.
tbe world will le Kittr.
Henator Mclinde remaina Lere yet.
Mr. KI1U and Lis family will return to
Oregon ug soon aa tin y ahall be in good
health. Jtitra is nothinK aerioua in
thhir iiiae, but aotno of tbem have been
ailinu fur noma time.
Al. ivey has been Here lor tev-
erui wcvka looatuK aitr Aiaaica auaira.
He lias been sucueeaful aa collec or of
customa lur lhat territory, to command
the reepect of the authorities nere ana
evervtthde. lie expecte to return to
Oregon on hlg way to Alaska in a few
davit more.
I ho evidence ol annnit Iu anen in swell.
inn IiihIh, arid eoon there will be the
womieriiii vi'rd.uiro Ibst uaamnitton
ban to thow for the HiiiiiiTier time. The
itri-i-iM a lined with the rarest trees
tttnl tiio inijiioiit imika uro eluded with
irmnv viinctlna ril ll'jwoririK anruonery.
This in the most beauiiiul city on the
continont. It aeetna ii aince winter
c.inn and robbed tne acenu of all its
w on l, i fni vorduni.e. It aecrna to hare
been Ihu moat ilif3artieablu toason I
h ivo over known. S. A. Ci.aiikk.
r our Orrgon Boys Killed
36 Wounded.
NAHMS 1 oust muu.
II. U. Adam, o Co. M MHd and
William Armltagc,
KplH'tat to His l'lllllll
IVuri.AKiN Or., Mar V".
A hot and drvlsive ha'tle baa teen
(ought lietwcen the Aim tic in and In
surgent lout lu MniU In wl.l.b the
Amviiean looses were verv seveie. Four
Ortuoii bovs an amiM'i! killed and
3(1 among the wound.d. Among lbs
killed is II. II. Adams of Co. H, amoi g
the wounded is Wm. Armltag''.
The killed and wounded ate as lol
KIlliM, Companv It, II. I'
Adams; Company D, W
.V.t cek; Cunpary I., Char. H.-rUrt,
t'iuy MIMtrd. Woiiuded; C impwny A
W. Ungerman ; Company H, W. Aim!
tase, revere; C. Chamller, sevoe
Soolgruss, moderale; E. tVawlord,
moderate; K. Mount, slight; Company
L Elmer ltiirte, severe ; tVnumny I',
Headless. Limss, West, Search)' ; Com
pany E, John Davis, Heorgs
Snyder. Jacob, Smith, Hrse; Company
F. Chas. Kueilfr; company i. tleorge
S nicer. Albert Woodau, Cieorge Eicha
maraud K lgr Sams n ; compsuy II, F.
Thomoo; company I, Kudolph tiaut
enbeeii: company K, Antrem, .laimsii
Joucsand SchwarU: company L, ltailey
Allen, C. Sanders, 15. Sander aud
Bunssps; company M, lhirneit, II ilhini
Cooper, Hlosser and Cailitl.
TN TIIK l till TIT t'Ol'UT full I'KlliLAH
eotinly, Slatr ol Oreifiiii
Jiilin I.. Arutr. I'.nlulid )
. 1
IhU'U J. Pieiii'li. Miwljr 1
Kiencb, WtllUr.1 I uin, Ik'li-
IU 1 iuon, J, L French, Caleb
Conlcr. . Minn Cunlrr. Belle 1
Krvneli. I'lynr Knemli, le
N. Krrncli, bammu Krencli,
Kate Kreneli. LouImi Kmnoh.
Kllcu Fteiun, ud llnuuali
' hull In K'ltut
10 lureciw
MorlWMrr. IlelvUiiauU. )
In William LaiiKin anil IHhli. l.mii
bo o uu)rd ili'leuil.nii:
in tue name of tne titlc ol ifrvmi: lug te
hervbr nviairi'il lo appear aod ananer lliuenin
plaint nleil itamil yku in Hie above rtilllle
nit uu or belura tho tlr.1 ilay ol llio mil nun
mr term nr me alone court, to wn
ln or before Monday. Juuo i. ami II "U
tail to app.'ar nr an.iver Malnlllt a complaliil
axaiti.l roil an aiorv.aiu niiinii .am lime
I'lalniilV will apply to the (own lor tlie re I lei
demande! in lit. complaiul a. follow.. Kur
Hie lunvliMure "I ertin inorrKane uci ul
by Defetidant, Italxlla J. hrentb, ami hamanii
Frvnrh (now deeraav.1) In faur ol l'ialiitlll. on
llic iiuii day ol iK'lober, lsv, lo iwr'ire i lie par
uienl of aierialu promlnaorr Dole for Hie .uni
01 H.iki Hllo llilrrvm lutroon al Hie rate nl
pcrent per atiuum, Ukiu whieli ibtre I. mm
no tlie.uin ol .l. ), aitlmortKtfc tunvr) Ing
to ulil rialnllll lor that purpoie I he lelloiilni
(leu rlbtd real pnitnTty to- II Tlio X of Ihe.
r. " .4 Biiu ui nr r. oi rMX'lioii 1
lu Tp al, 8 K 1 XV, Will meridian, alto lor a Jii.1i;
ilicui lor iqv iinuum nuc upon Mia lifouunMM
uoto lor .iirli atloraey'i fc a. the timrt .lia
ailjudKv reanal)le. lor h la In till a mid
di.uuroemi'iii. iien'in and lor tin h other n il
a. I. prnyeii lor In anlil coinplailil nml the
lonn nuaii anjiinnc nice I aud dilutable.
Thl. .iiiiiinniia la pulill.hed by order ol linn
" llaiiillton, judga ot .aid CvUJI, wlili li
orncr i. oaten Marvn, i, iti, ana the (line pic
H-rilx-d In .aid order lor Ihufiiiblicalion ! Hit.
uminon. la ollee a neck lor alt week. pier.
ln the tlr.1 day of ald term of Court nud the
nay oi sue nrai iiuDiKauoii ol tula .ntnmoiii
Mareh 27 W.K
mi'Tlii Attorney lor rialiituf.
ltottBlirtt, Oregon, feb., iv.i.
To w limn It may eonieru:
.Nom e i. berclir men thiil the I in i'mi A i .1
lorma Itallroail l u. ba. tiled In tin. olli. u a ll
ol Imnl. aiiuated In the l..wn.n.. ilim riUil
Ik'Iiiw , and ba. applied for a patent for ahl
lana.. thai me liai i. open to the public lor in
.lieillou aud a diuy Iheren! Iy ileriplne ul
uni'ion., na. ueen poaiea in a i oim nli in
place in Ihia oinee. tor the In.ix i Hon of nil wr
ion! IntenHiled and the nubile, aenerallv
rviiiiu oi uiw uue ami ne.i ol lllniniltc
1 p. :w, K. I.
B ;t .r.' ,, mc. i, nw. see. II part '
and Piirt H', cc. ti; j and pari ol ,
rice. 27.
Tp. ,, K. 1.
N!iKW'..!x;C. 19.
Tp. :i7, K. U.
Tp. 3H. K. I
Til A. li.
HW'i, and N?i Hoc. I..NKN SW!4, bee. T . all
Sec. l'J, all Sic. 9., pari I' i and part Vt
Tp. K. J
I'art W j and part K Hcc. I. part K', ami
pari W'j.hec. 'J; pnrt ll1. nml part K'j, cu.
It; part Kli ami pari W'i, btc. Mi lol S aud
part HS h'a NK' Bee. Z; part of
I p. :.7, M a.
I'aitN' .aml part B'a', hvc. it. V.., H c. 11
NV1 and prl X' jtw U nrl t', ami part
Tp. 'A. K. 1.
Ixil. 1, i, i, 1 aud o, oVc. 1'
Tp. a K. i.
I'art ol b.1,', bfu. 17.
Tp. :, K. I.
I'art of E' c. I ; W ; ; bB! .-c. 'J,
To. :i7. H. 4.
I'art ot N' ; and part ol B'.;, Hec. 19, S1,
ft',, ncc. Ji.
Tp. U. 4.
N!. aud partof l!ik.'c. 1J; H1 DW'i, Buc
Tp. :u. U. 5.
Uitn 1, 'J, :t, I, V and NK', hE,1., Bev. II
Tp. :il, K. o.
IiIh 1, 'i aud 3 of Hec. Z.
Tp. :7. It. S.
; N KJ 4, bc.8. 17; NWJ hVJ ,', Bee. .'j; part
N Hoc. v ; B W ! 4 H! 1, Boc. .'i,
Tp. ao, K. 6.
AllHcc 1
Tp. M, It. II
I'art N'..'. Sec. .'.
Houth ol hixno Hnu ii lid Kant ol Willauivltu
Tp. M, It. 1.
Part Hi and nnrtH!... tUx. I.
Wllliln Hie next alxty Java folloivinir tlie date
of tlila noUvv, prote.nU or content. MKulu.t '.li'j
claim oi Ihe Company to any tract or Hubdlvla.
Ion wlthio any avctlou or part of Kcctl'in, (lu
acribod 111 Die Hat. on the around that tho nauii'
la moro valuable for mineral than for ngrluuli.
ural pariiOMii win do re oivixi aud noinii lor re-
port to the Ocuural Laud Olllce at ahingto:i,
v. v.
J. II. HOUTH, KuBlaler,
Keculvor. MllQ
Administrator's Notice.
uiidi'imlKiied. aa adiiilnlatrator of the nlHle
of Hlnhlcy Frncinan, ilereaacd, baa filed hli final
aiuiount wllh tho ('oiinty lurk of JjoiiKlaa
i.oiiniy, niaio oi iireKou, ami uie n oil. i;otniiy
JudKoliaa llxud Monday, the' lat day of May,
1WH, at o'clock, In the fon iioon, a. the tlim;
for licarlnK objectlou to aald account ami for
the acttlumcnt of tbe aame.
UaU'd tbla Zlrd day of March, MiJ.
Adnilnlatialor ol tho eatnto of lliKliley Free
man, de ua.od,
Administrator's Notice.
Nollca la hcriiby ulvcu Hint tho iiinlrndiriied
wan on the vnili day ol January, Isiw. duly
unpointed adinlliUtrnlor of tho etlaui of Jaiuea
kf Mitchell, deceaaed. All peraoiia liavTiiK
cliiluia iixiiluat aald ratate urn hereby rcuiilred
to prewnt Iho auino properly verltlcd, lo the
aid administrator at tbo law nlllco of A. M.
i'rawfonl. lu lloaebnnr, UoukIhi County, Ore
gon, within aix nionllia from the date hereof.
Dated thl. liitli day of penmai y, UW.
Adiiiiniatiator nf lle Kdiifeof .Inme. U, Mitch
ell, Duocahcd.
Montana, Utah,
Colorado and all
I astern Points.
Htm 1 ol lw lavotliw ruiiles, ill Hi
I MUN I'M I Hi' Kal Msll Line, rr His
till' i. HA MiK sivnte I I lie.
I .Hk l I lie lima
tl.t s
tla s
to Salt Luke
to Denver
to Chicago
to New York
I'rrr HrtllnliiM I'liitlr l'r-
hulntvrrtl Tourlal atlrrpliiat
1'Mrs), iIIiumii PaImcw lert
mu earn irrd tn nil
loi in 1 In t liiluiiiis'li'i' si'i'ly in
J. I'. (IIVANS, Agt., Uosel uig
C, O. Terry. W. C. Coman.
Tiav. I'sm. AkI. dell. Al.
I.'l Tlilrt II., I',. 11U n. I. Or
I'iltctl with special heavy tread G & J tires, are
ThBcst RAHIUERS and IDEALS ever Built,
The Best Wheel ever Built.
New '99, pop
ular list
105-11J7-109-1 1 1
fifty-eiflht Years Old ! ! !
h'a long life, but doolion to tU
troe InlartiU ami proaptrlty ol th. Am.r
lean I'eople haa won for it oaw friaoda .a
tba yrara rollad by aod th. original mam
bar. ol ita lamlly paaaed lo tbalr raward,
aod tbtaa adailrcra ara loyal and ataa4
faattodajr, with faith in t: Uachlon.
and contldanrw ia tb. information wbich
it hrknga totlmlr homct and ilrtaidtf.
Aa a natural ronaciiuanc. it aojora ii
lit old ai( all tbe vitality aod rigor el
ita youth, atrengtheoed and ripaoad hr
tha aiper ienc-ea of over half a cnturv.
It ha. Ilveil on ita marlu, and on tba
cordial aopport of prograeiiv. Anari
vana. ,
It la "Tba New-York Weakly Tr.
bona. ' at'knowlelgl th. country ovaru
tbe laadiog National Family Newaper.
Kecuguuiug ita valuo to luuie who deaire all tbenawaof tbe Btata and Nation
tbe pnhliaher of Tiik ri.tNUBALin. (your own favorite home paper) haa entareYj Mil
to an alliance lth "Tbe New-York Waekl. Tribun." .hi. t. ZlL-ll?!?1.!
nisli both paimia at tha tritlling coat of 1.75 per year. lQ ,ar
Kvary farmer und villager owea to himaelf. to bia family, and to tha oommanlt
in winch he Uvea a cordial auDuort of hia local n nftriAP mm i Ma-aL. . a. .a'
and untiriuKlv for Lia Intereata io every
""'"V """'"""''"
pi;cta for different crop, tbe ur ea ia
viaitor which ahoul.1 be fuuud in every wide awake, iWreeaivVfamiiV '
Jatt think of it! ! !
BOTH One Year for $1.75.
Send all subscriptions to the
Roseburg, Ore.
The Uniform
quality of the work
manship in our
clothing is one of
its strong points.
Kach garment is as
carefully cut aud
tailored through ou ,
as though made t
order. Sec our new
Fall Suits.
l'or CJooil, WhoJtsoim
DRKAD, there i none
equal to the
Roseburg Oakery.
Wc Iiavc always a nicf
R.ssortmcnt of fresh
Oruatncntal Cakes to or
tier. Give us a cull.
Mrs. A. C. Kldd
iHuit.iiir o Mr. Ka.lnn,
Culls attention to her nice
fresh hlock of
Kvcry thing staudanl and
of the best quality. Rcucru
her at the old Hasten stand.
- J
. an
A t
$40. $30. $25. $20.
Fred T. Merrill Cycle Co.,
20 year pioneers.)
Sixth St., Portland, Oregon.
A. C. MARSTERS & CO. Agents
Roseburg, - - Oregon.
way, bringa to hia bom. alt lb. n.wij anj
w ma irieiua, tba cond t on and woe-
boms niarlat. .n.i 1. .-. 1. "
Shoes Vlti
Hake Friends
are the only kind we
wish to sell. They are
the only kind we do sell,
and with each pair we
sell we make a new
friend. They are net
only stylish but good
'clear through. See our
Shoe line.
11. I