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rublUlitd wjr Homier end lliutaday
B. V. BIRAlFOKl) .
. Mminsvt,
nabairlpltou maic.
One Year
His Motilha
Thr Moo (In .
II :5
sErroiDKR it. ism.
Count; Clerk Uailey bu made
urand iUnd play for the approval ol Uie
tax payer of the county, and at tbe
same time made a wove which be uo
doubt tbiuki will prevent any material
reduutiuti ol bin r-alary by publiebiug a
sUtetneiit iu which bv plt-duce to itturn
lu tbe cuuuty treasmci the buui ol
m year from liia salary cf IJoOO per
year at county clctk, and a letter which
be claims to have written to Kepresenta
live Wilson in which ho asks hiui to in
troduce a bill nt the conilun eeeeiou of
tbe legislature, reducing tbe salary of the
county clerk from $2MM Im er to
f.WO ier year. What uiatnauimity bo
shows, lie will dining his term of of
lice turn into the couuty treasury out of
tbe sum of fKKW, which he will receive
during bis term, tbo uiuniliccut sum
of $300, and keep tho balance of H300.
lie cau get along with that.
lie doesn't say aulhiu about the
sum of tlNtX) ptr year lor tleik hire,
making a grand loUil of f for his two
years term. And this is the mau who
two years ago made bis cauvas of this
county as a candidate for state senator,
and pledged himself iu almost every
school houre aud public hall iu tbo
county, that if electcJ to the legislature,
be would use all honorable means to re
duce the salary of the county clerk to
f 1200 and amend tbe law eo as to allow
the clerk but one deputy, and who dur
ing the but campaign pledged himself
if elected, to make the saiuo reductious
in the excused if tbe otlkc.
And this is reform according to the
populist idea. Well, Mr. Galley will be
beld strictly to bis anti-election pledgee
or we lniss our guees. Douglas county
Las one man in the legislature at least,
who will not so readily fortet the pledgea
made to the voters of the county, and
that is Hon. A. W. Heed, state senator
from Douglas couuty. The republican
platform on which beuatu Keed was
nominated and elected and which he
pledged himself to carry out, declaied
In favor of a reduction of the salary of
tbe couuty cierk. to fioou per er,
that he be allowed but one deputy at a
salary of (S03 per year, and pledging the
candidates nominated at that convention
for tbe legislature to use all honorable
means to make such changes iu tbo
Mr. Gazley when be accepted the of
fice of county clerk knew that Senator
Reed was pledged to this reform, and
that as an honorable msn he would do
all In bia power to brine it about. All
this talk of Mr. Gazley and the Ke
view about tbe fusion members of tbe
legislature accomplishing anythiag along
this or any other line is silly and they
know it. Bath branches of the legis
lature are overwhelmingly republican,
and any legislation by that body will
be enacted by republicans.
Mr. Galley's gentrous offer to work
for $2250 per year, or rather to draw that
amount of salary while his two deputies
do the work, while the county treasurer
does all the work of bis office for $1000
per year, and tbe county judge all of the
work of his office at a salary of $1-00 per
year, makes one smile.
The county treasurer does more actual
work in a month than Gazley will do
during his whole term of office, and
every one who has been about tho two
offices know it. Besides the county
treasurer must give a bond of $30,000,
while tbe clerk gives a bond of but $10
000. The county judge for a paltry $1200
per year does more actual woik ten
times over than does the county cierk
and his responsibility is oue hundred
fold greater. When we epe.ik of the
work done by the clerk, wo mean the
work done by him individually and not
by his deputies. We have had consider
able business with all tbo departments
of county business and with the excep
tion of the couuty clerk's ollice, which
draws $1500 per year out of the couuty
treasury and at least f'QO per year as
fees which are not turned into tbe treas
ury, that the county officers aio uot, in
our private opinion, overpaid. There
should however be a readjustment, nut
only of the duties but of tho salaries of
tbe sheriff and treasurer. The treasurer
should be made the tax collector. There
is no seu se in haviug tbe tax payers step
into tbe abei ill's office to pay their
taxes, which are immediately taken by
the sheriff and paid to the treasurer,
Why not have the money paid directly
to the treasurer by the tax payer, and
thus do away with oue set of books and
the trouble and expense of keeping
There is another thiug which shows
tbe absurdity of Mr. Gazley'a proposi
tion to donate to the couuty the sum of
$250 per year, and that is the fact that
the county treasurer would Lave uo uu
thority to receive it. The couuty has no
"conscience fund ' into which it could
be turned, and if be did take it be would
bare no authority to pay it out for any
purpose as there is no such fund provid
ed and no law for its application. But
the legislature will no doubt help Mr.
Uazley to keep his auli electiou promises
by reducing his salary to $1500 per year
aid relieving him of oue deputy. If
Mr, Wilson aud his colleagues
in tbe lower house will assist Senator
Heod iu this aud other remedial legisla
tion they will demonstrate the wisdom
of the voters of Doughs rounty In elert
!ng tlii'in, but, if like Uaaley, thev shall
give Ibe ixople a itona where they
promised bread, they will receive tbe
severe condemnation of tbe members of
all parties. We shall see.
Why should the county clerk receive
f2Mj0 per year salary, or even J2000 per
year, as Galley wants tbe legislature to
6s it, and $500 per year fees, for doing
nothing, his deputies cau do all tbe
work, while the couuty treasurer, coun
ty judge, assessor and kauperintendeuts
schools each do all tbelr own work, and
uot one of them uceivea slaiytox
ceed$l?00aear? A good reliable, competent man, who
knows what be it talk lug about, told us
the itber day that be would agree to do
every lick of work iu the county clerk's
office and hire all the help be needed for
$2000 per year, and that he would nive a
bond of $10,000 to do tbe work properly.
He sa s the work is not over half what
it used to be.
It is a prominent fact that all thess
democrat aud populist pspeis which ad
vise their members of the legislature net
to vote lor any kind of a (republican for
United Slates senator, also advise the
republicans to caucus on l uited Mates
senator aud recommend II. W. Corbet t
as the proper erson for them to unite
Why is the time of oue competent offi
cer worth more than another? Why
should Gailoy receive $2500 per yer for
eittiug iu his office from 8 a. ru. to 5 p.
ui., while the county judge, county
treasurer, assessor and school superin
tendent keep the same office hours and
receive fiom $300 to $liAX) per year, 4
It is found that the judicial oath is a
barrier to the senatorial aspirations of
Judges S. A. Lowell, Robert Lakin, M.
C. George aud other?. Thev have all
taken au oath which sas: "I will not
accept any other office except judicial
offices duriug the time for which I have
becu elected."
As both tbe republican senator and
the fusion representatives are pledged to
reduce the salary of the county clerk
front $250(1 to $1500 per year, and to pro
vide but oue deputy at a salary of $SX)
per year, it ought to be any easy mat
ter to give the taxpayers that much re
lief at least.
borne one said to Col. Kooeevwt:
"You must have been awfully bold to
riJe up that hill at Sautiagu in front ct
your regiment." The colonel replied :
"Why. I bad to ride like the devil to
keep from being run over by my men."
No man dislikes you so thoroughly as
the man to whom you have loaned
money, unless it is tbe man who you
helped to get a fat office.
People who go away on a vacation to
rest op are good tdr nothing tbe last few
days before they go, and for at least ten
days after they return.
Tbere is no special call for tbe "fool
killer" in this town, the cigarette is do
ing its work all right.
There is nothing which makes a msn
so disgustingly conspicuous as a case of
swell head.
Representative Tongue on the Mcara
gua Canal.
HiLLsiiOK'j, Or., ept. 1G. Kepresent-
ative Tbomaa H. Tongue received tbe
following from tLd New York Times:
"Tbe events of the war, and in par
ticular the voyage of the Oregon, have
giveu fresh importance to the plana for
the construction of the Nicaragua canal.
We feel that tbe public would be much
interested to know the views of senators
and members of congress as to tbe exe
cution of this project. The New York
Times would be pleased to receive and
publish your answers to the following
jUei ico .
"First Do you favor the prompt con
etruclion of the Nicaragua canal?
"fiecun J Do vou favor the principle of
the Morgan senate bill, by which the
United States government will become
practically tbe controlling owner of the
American Usual Company, aud under
write tho company's bonds (at a low
rale of interest; for au amouut sufficient
to buiid tho canal, thus practically mak
ing the canal national property and sub to national control .'
"Third Do you prefer that the govern
mcnt lend uo financial aid or support
for tbe construction of the canal, and
that it be left entirely to private enter
pride. If so, do you think upon this ba
sis a prompt coustructiou of tbe canal is
ICepreseutative Tongue replied as fol
lows :
"l-'irst -1 wont em piratically do. I re
gard this improvement as the most im
portant that can bo commeuced and ul
timately achieved by tbe present admin
istration. There is no manner in which
the United States could expend the same
amount of money and entail so many
and so great natioual benefits. This is
especially true so far as tbe Western
portion of the United States is concerned.
The seat of empire iu the United States
is moving westward. Tbe greatest devel
opment iu the United States in the com
ing years will be the West. Eventually
the commerce on the 1'acifio will rival
that upon tbe Atlantic. The trade be
tweeu America and Asia will gain very
largely upou, aud eventually equal that
between tho United States and Europe.
We are iu a position to hold aud control
this hade. Iu the main it should aud
will be ours, Nothing would help to
briug about this result so much as tbe
couBtructiou of the Nicaragua canal and
Hit intention of tho Philippine islands.
"To your, second i'ietion: Permit
me to say that I have not studied the par
ticulars of the Morgan senate Mil, and
without doing eo should not be willing
to commit un tell unreeervcdly I j all its
term. But I desire tosvolbc vaoal
constructed and controlled by this gov
ernment. "To your third quesUuu ; I do uot be
lieve the coustructiou uf the canal whullv
by private capital, without Kf i nuit ut
aid, is probable for yean to come."
A Oloomy Picture of Dark Arctic
"Almost dally gruesome cut pees are
borne past wastes of Arctic sceuery on
tbe broad bosom of the Yukon ; strung
along the Asbcroft trail are over 000
prospectors reported as Uiug destitute;
Imprisoned on Kalyuu creek are 500,
without fuel aud without niouey ; tho
hospitals la Dawson City are full of ty
phoid fever and scurry patieuts.'
This dark picture uf glooiuv Arctic life
is drawn by. I. F. Mahouey, who !!.
jiut returned from Dawson.
Many of th miner along tho Ash
crolt trail have lost their outtlts. Some
are raid to be actually starving. They
struggle along in a da.-.jd couditiou.
They eat gophers, grouud liege, squir
rels, or anything else they cau get.
They are hungry, desperate meu. No
hope glimmeis iu (rout of tlieui.
"Tbe condition of the men ou the N u
kou at the mouth of tho Kaiyuu is near
Iv as bad." said Mr. Maboney. "Unless
taken away the whole colony will s'aive
This river, which is 200 miles below tim
ber line, was boomed by the steamship
companies. There is scarcely a color
aloug tbe river. The incu who rindicd
in there have uo tuouey aud cuuuut get
awac. Tne only wood they uio able to
secure is driftwood. When tin river
freezes (heir last bopi' is gone.
'The blackest pictines of infcrto
would scarcely couwy au idea of the
suffering ol tho ihht mcu who e
trugged wearily aloug ui.lil Ibiy luxe
dropped dead iu tlioir tracks. Ibe
mighty waters uf tbe mysterious Ytikyu,
flowing silen'iv aloug, impices . one
curiously. 1'he corpses picked up U'ake
oue shudder with diead. Corpses pas
in the night. They nat-siu the day. No
man know a the number of victims
Floaters are paeseJ without the a'cimers
ever taking tho trouble to blow up to iu
vestigale. It is terrible.
"Men stait out to tloat down the river
who are never heard of. 1 ew people
realise the immensity of that couutiy
Tbe mouth of tho Yukon is ') miles
wide. There is scarcely any cuneul.
It is dotted with tboutaud of inland?.
To get lost among litem is worse
being lost in a desert."
Mr. Mahoney sas he counted t7
steamers while making the trip don
the Yokou. He ears at Dawson there is
a colony of 50 Pu (landers. None uf
them are getting rich, jet thev have
very good health.
tie says tbe passengers who came
down on the steamer Corona feel very
bitter toward the captain, because, of al
leged ill-treatment. The steamer took ou
500 passengers at St. Michaels. A bum
ber of tbe passengers paid $70 each aud
tbe captain agreed to refund tho differ
ence u he sold a ticket tor less, u is
claimed be sold 130 passeDgers tickuts
for $50. Tbe passengers would not have
kicked on this point if tbe food bad teeu
good. It waa so bad that Mr. Mahoney
savs they would have chastised the
captain except that he lauded iu a lirit
ish port. Portland Telegram.
Day and .Moore Out.
Washington, ,ept. ltf The caliinc".
waa in session au hour today, Alger be
ing tbe only absentee. Secretary uf
State Day tendered bis resignation. As
sistant Secretary of riuia Moore also
preeented hia resignation. The iustruc
tious to the peace commissiou were gone
over for the last time aud approved.
The peace commissioners will leave for
New York at 1 1'. M. eurouto to Paiis.
Liquor Dealer Disappears.
I'a.t.Mieeo, epr. 17. For tvutj-
four days John Wolf, of this city, a
wholesale liquor dealer, has becu miss
ing, He was last seen in buutheru i e
gon with considerable mouey, iu com
pany with a. comparative stranger. He
should have reached KoBcUirg on Aug
ust 17.
Douglas County Leads.
The Kural Northwest ol Poitlaud tayd .
"Douglas couuty will evidently coutiuuc
to hold its own as the leading prune-pro-ducing
county of Oregon thia Beaton.
Marion county will take second place
this year, after which will follow in or
der of quantity of productiou prohubly
Yamhill, Lane, Polk, Liun, Clackamau
aud Benton.
The relative Blaudfug of iho other
prunegrowing counties is bard to dotcr-
mine. They aro Jackson, Multnomah,
Washington, Wasco, I matilla, Union,
Josephine and Columbia aud, to a quite
limited extent, Coos, Curry aud Lin
New Bulldlnga.
T' . Douglas County Bauk building iu
beiug extended back to Main street uud
raised another story. F, I , Patterson
has the contract. We understand that
other aud extensive improvement will
be made in this block next summer, at
which time the Pl.unhkai kk Publishing
Co., expects to join the procession and
construct a new brick office building on
their property at the corner of Main and
Oak streets.
"The Signal of Liberty," at tbe opera
bouse Thursday. September 22uJ.
"Remember the Maine."
Mies Nellie Short of Wilbur, U visit
inj in the city rodoy.
1 he County Clerk's Salary.
Couuty Clerk H alley hands us a ropy
ol a letter written by him to W. W. Wil
son, the popullnt representative of this
couuty. and also a copy ol au affidavit,
or ccrtitlcate, sigued bv himself, with
the tequct-l that thoy be published.
We ttke ovvaslou to refer to them lu an
other col uiu u iu this issue. The letter
and affidavit are as follows.
Ivoi-Kin ltd, Or., sepl. 15, IS'aS
to Ihii. W. W. Vilnon,
Youcaltu, Oiegon:
1 KitM Wiihn ; Alter my congiatu-
latlous tion jour splendid victory last
June, ttie next thing lu older is to form
ulato p'lana by which the taxos of loug-
Us couuty cau be reduced. You doubt-
lees recollect that in my canvas I favored
a reduction of the countv clerk's salary.
I am of tho same opinion still, and I
sincerely hope that you will iotroduce a
bill lu tho coming legislature for a re
duct Ion of tho clerk's salary fiom $2,500
to $2000 a yea , savin; $ -00 to the tax
payers yeaily. I will gladly turn into
the county treasury at least $500 from
my salary during my term ofoffi.-e, I
aliM hope to see the IVmglas county del
egation do nil thai they can for there
enactment uf tho mortgage tax law.
lu'ioctfully submitted,
F. Gailky,
Couuty Clerk.
1 heieby ctltify that I will turn into
the Douglas couuty treasury from luy
salary dui iug my term of office the sum
of $;00 ou or lieforo the lirst day of
Foti uaty, 1S'J'.. .1. F. Gazlbi ,
Couuty Clerk.
bnoru to aud subscribed belore me
thii I ltd day of September, 1SI8.
I.S. Fiimuii,
(."eii!' Notary Public for Oregon.
Ibe lileudale aud Mt. Keubeu road,
of which I'cwcy A. Mnitb are the eon
tntctcr, u ueaiioK completion, and tbe
uiachiueiy lor the quart mill to be
erected a I thceo iniues will so)ii te
hauled uer ami Uie work of construc
tion nill begiu. These mines are now
einpluyiiii; large force of meu, and are
a great tuiirce ol revenuo to Soutli Doug
las. Thai they aro itumeusel.T rich
there is no doubt. Tire mausger, W. It.
'.'lie-, ii in charge, having lately ar
rived txith his wifo aud child rtl), who I lutel Clarke.
Mis. A. P. Laugeuburg is teaching
tho Foil un brauch school.
A. K. locum, uf the I'regouiao, will
epeud hia aunual Nacatiou at Glendale
with his parents.
Mis Addio P.ailey haagoue to Kosc
bur-w litre shu will attend school this
wiuter. hue will reside with her sister
Mies .leuuy Clarke left last week for
au extended visit with Mr. aud Mrs.
Beau at Portland.
In company with Mrs. A. Slocuin we
spent a day hug to be remembered at
Boekdell, as tbe guests of the Ked-
Mis. G. W. Muitb, wife of our station
ageut, returned home this wmk, and
Mr. fcfmith is the proud papa of a 'baby
boy, who waa born at Drain, August
I. I.. Ddwey spent last week at this
place looking after bis business inter
ests aud greeting his many friends.
A. i. Clarke, who speot six months
at Copper river, Alaska, arrived ho sue
last woek.
Mrs. Mabel I. jouey, daughter of O. .
Goodnow , is a gueetat Hotel Clarke.
Johnny Gooduow, of the Goodkiow
niinei, made us a p'easaut call on Fri
day. The (air coi retpjudeut of the I'
ui ai ti; from Linger, called on ua lately,
-he was accompanied by her eirfter and
brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Will Law
eou of au Frand-c j, who were, en route
to their heme.
!endale ii pleasant aud prosperous
and even body is happy.
C. P. Totteu uf lenelleii is getting
along iiiflv vNiilihiH largi Mood cou
Blngcr Notes.
Mr. W. F. Hriags aud sous, Mark and
William, uiade I. pper Cow creek a flying
trip, on their way to Willow Hat; for
sumttbiuK hi).', and we hope they will
find it.
William McGiunis aud his crutber,
Charlio, made Kiuger a business call,
aud tied their team to a stump, and left
thorn for a fen minuleJi whon they got
frightened aud bioko lose, wud broke the
Mr. J. L. Frem h and William McGin
uis made u (i ip to Cany ouvrille, to repair
their wagon.
Mr, .Mm Mci'innia relumed homo
from Giavo Creek, whre he just finish
ed hia contract.
Mr, .1. L. French aud Charlie Mo .iu-
nia made H . Palmer a' pleasant call,
last week, and returned looking pleasant.
1 think tho Linger 1. O. will be moved
eoou, ami K. Miller will be post
Claud Kiddle iu at Carl I jet; the girls
havdaneyu ou him, koep your eyes open
Kolgii ItlDUI.
Attention! Ocntlemen.
All uutriolic meu dusirlmr to become
honorary members of the Oregon L'mer-
goucy Corps, cau do so by paying 50
cents to the buci clary, thereby aiding
this craud caueo.
Jlnml M. tiiAMoN, Pres.
L.hma 11. IticiuiiD. Sec.
For Sale
At n baiain, a good Becoinlhand buggy
i i ovIp Icinir-CH. iiiqiiim at this nliie.
On the Southern Oregon Coast.
J. W. Iteuuet', of the banking lliut ol
Flauagao A Bennett, Marshlleld, arrived
in Portland yesterday with his daughter,
who will attsud school hate, He says
the new Klondike coal iniuo of K. A.
Giabam, will begin hipping coal to ban
Francisco wilhln a month. In that mine
are two reins, one four aud oue seven
fset thick, aud it Is eipectsd that It will
be oue of the best on the Southern Ore
gon const. Mlusr Goodall, of Qoodall,
PsrklusA Co., recently made a trip to
tbe Tort Orlord country, and on his re
turn reported to Mr. Usnuetl the dis
covery uf au immeuae velu uf coal 19
miles back from the coast. The coal bed
is 00 feet (hick, and of excellent quality.
It Is CO miles from any other coal mine
It is expected that there will soon le a
move to develop tbe And. Mr. Goodall
has no interest lu It. The Marshlleld
board of trade Is taking steps to havo
work promptly beguu on the harbor lui
proreineots, for which an appropriation
hasbeeu made by congress. Mr. Bon
nett received a long tsleuraiu yesterday
urging him to take certain action In the
matter before returning home. It is
doa'trod to have work doiio there thie
season, eo ne to Increase the depth of
water (on the hogsback in front of the
harbor aud admits ships drawing as deep
as 25 feet. It is uuderstood that some
thing like $50,000 is available lor im
mediate proeecutiou of tbe work. Ore
Dlstrkt Fair.
The tilth aunual exhibition ol the Sec
ond Southern Oregon District AgricuItU'
ral Society will be held at Koseburg
Donglaa county, October t to S, ISO;
$5,000 ottered lu premiums aud purses
tine Beed program of races each day ;
spleudld special program also arranged
for. I iue premiuma are odered for high
grade live stock, poultry, agriculture!
products, fiuils, How ere, works ol ar
fancy work, etc., etc.
The S. I. Company has made the us
ual rate of oue aud one-third fare for the
round trip from all oiuta where they
have agents between Comstock and Ash
land inclusive. Special rates will lie
made ou articles shipped by freight for
xbibltiou at the fair, which rates will
be made known on application to the
local agwut.
County Treasurer'4 Notice.
No'.ice is hereby given to all pailies
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed prior to November 23d. lsUI, to
present the same at the treasurer's ollice
in the court house for payment, as inter
eat will cease thereon after the date of
this notice.
Dated this the 15th day of .Nqt., ISiet
at the City of Koseburg, 'regon.
itO. W. DlMMlCk.
Couuty Treasurer, Douglas County, Or
Farmers. Attention!
Tbe Southern Pacific have decided to
make tbe extremely low rate of one fare
for tbe round trip to the Oregon State
Fair September 22 to o0, 1S98, from any
paint in Oregon ou their lines. There
were hundreds of campers last year.
Take your vacation and camp at the
fair aud see a grand exhibit of what
Oregou can raise, one fare going aud
returning home.
To the Public.
On aud after this date, I wish it under
stood that my terms for all undertaker's
goods are csbIi with the order. 1 find it
Impossible to do business ou a credit
basis, and belive that I can do better by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
for cash. V. Undertaker.
Koseburg, Ore., April 12, 1695.
Lumber Haulers Wanted.
Forty good teams for hauling lumber.
Price $1.50 to $5.00 per M. ft., owing to
distance. Work will continue uulil
rainy season. Write to
Titt Sti ri I'iNf. D. A L. Co..
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Closing Out Sale.
We rtait today to close out our entire
stock of general merchandise and fix
turec. Lyerything must be sold by
Jauuary 1st. Oor stock of goods is the
cleanest and beat selected iu town ; you
cannot make a mistake, but will save
money if you buy now.
UoMMiuto NovtLiv Cash Si'nt,
Weekly Excursions to the East.
A tourist sleeping car will leave Port'
land everv Tuesday at!) I), iu. via the O
Pt. & N. without change to Boston, and
under the supervision of experienced
conductors. No change of cars to the
cities of Omaha, Chicago, Bullalo or
Boston, the ideal trip to lire east is
now before you. Heiuember this service
wbeu going Last, and consult o. It. & N
agents, or address,
W. 11. Hiiii.iiiur,
General Passenger Agent,
121. Portland, Or.
Don't Trespass.
All persons are hereby warned uot to
trespass on the farm known as the Conn
homestead in French Settlement, for the
purpose of hunting or for any other pur
Mubblefleld for Sale.
I Lave for sale, about 300 acres of good
stubble pasture. If not sold will take
stock to pasture by the week or mouth.
L J. An ANT,
Melrose, Oregon,
Fifty Men Wanted
To cut railroad Wood. Good timber,
and a lonir lob. For further particulars
call, or address, Geo. W. Kiddle, Kiddle
Oregon, or Mouth of Doe Creek, Oregon,
Gil, A . Jtllllil v,
I.'id lint irtfoii, Auif., fl, 1Vi.
Tor City Treasurer.
I hereby announce inysell as a t aiidl.
date (or re-election to the ollice ol City
loeaurrrat (he coming city election.
trio. Coin.
I or narahal.
I heiohy announce myself a candidate
for re flection to tho office of city mar
shal at the election to I held Monday,
October .1, 18'AS. Fi.n Dit i.aiih.
l or City Recorder.
W e ate reuueelod to anuouuee that Y.
C. Loudon, will he a candidate (or the
office ol fit v lucurder. ol tlio city ol
Koseburg, a' tho coming city chu'lloil.
A Bargain.
Splendid dwelling properly eoneleliug
of time lute, well lltilnlied houaa aud
outbuildings, u Iter iu I at a genuine bar
gain by the Uuenlmrg lluildlng l Loau
Ae'iK'fatlon. Inquire uf
lUliM N M WlkX, SlM'tl'lm .
Ranch for Sale.
For pale or mil, ll.'O une hi oik ranch.
For ilildlCHH F. T. t'llkWK,
Ophir, Oregon.
, .... ...... . .. )
Ohio Woman Suffered Great Agony
Ftom n Irffibto Sore-Mee 'tofy of
the Caae, and Iter Cure.
"For many jer I wni afflii leil with a
milk Ire, mitl a few year airo It lruk out
In a mr mill riml trom my toot to my
knee. I miffcrvil KMt U"M . It wmiM
hum ami It' ll nil the llmt' and ilm. Imrun
a KO'Ht ilixl. My l.illli una Km ui null
the except Ion of I din nor''. I trleil a irt at
many WIihI of rulvr, t ut routn wiuiPl
Irritate tlm nore eo Hint I .oiitd Imrilly
aland the pain. I could not git mar tlm
Are w ittieiil "iiflrrlnn iiitnixi ly. Some mm
sent llir prr eonlaiilllig tent linoiilaln of
cures I'V IIihiiI Surnpar ilh, ami I topi
my tiuHt'aud I would like to try tliU mnl
Iclue. He got mo a loltle ami 1 ton ml II
helped mr. I kept en taking It until my
limb waa eoniplrli ly ln-alrit. I rannot
pralnu Hood's Saranrllla nmuli for tlir
great licnctll It li evn to me. II
cleanse tlm Mood of all Impurelm and
leaves It rich and pure." Mhx. Anna L.
L'AKKN, Wliittlcey, Ohio.
Vou can luy lluotl'a Haraaparllla of all
driicifliit. He nuru to K-t only llomln.
. . ., 'I"' Im it 'I ! luiiiily
liooirs Pills ...ui,.,,. in.,
Notice Tor Publication.
I' m r d t i ! n I i r-u ui i ii
Hu-ibiirK. tn ., M'pt. I.',
Nuliii' ! In iclir cl tu llial Die IdIUiiviiiu
liauicJ m tllrr ) titiil llotli'o irf hit luti nil. 'II
lu itinke lliial 1'Hnl In mi n-rt ol In- rUnn, nll-l
Hint pkI'I iti-'I i 111 In niK'lr l lii 111-- lu (i-'ir
KUil Rrv. ln r I'. f 1 .ami ODuc nt I'lirg.
Oivii'in. ou IH lnU r .'S, If. 1
J oin l 'i i inur i
i,u tloni--nii-ad Kiiir, N". " .;, Ir iliu E' .. W
4toc. T. , K. t Writ. Ill Dnmcn flio lul
liotlng wllnmiw tu I'liiH' lilt i utillnuiiwa rv.l
ili'iii uikiii mul iiiltli lluii nt ulil Uud Hi.,
W ltlUui II. Miln. ( Mrtlo ITiTk, On ., Jolm
Mile, nl Mrt!d r'k,cri-., w. u Ihaiu. ul
Myrtle t'nrk, Ore , J. . Cm k, ol MyrlU Civ k,
I 1. liililirr.
Notice For Publication.
Imiiii btatan l.tMi uirn a,
Itoacbutg, On sou, WciiIuiuIm r ii, pv.
Kotire H hereby glieu thai lu cuiniillaiict
with the proM. lull" ul Ibe a I ol l'olin a of
June a, 157. eutilli il "An act lor the !.' ul
tlinb. r lauila In the Htat. a ul Calllurnla, Orrrmi,
Nciaila, ami mluUfluD Territory, '
CAtmniM t. Muaro.N
ol i.riniciit-l-I. Cmitily ol I aim, Stale ol Or. gun,
liaa Una ilar Dlcl lu tltla ulllee lur awora alalr
men I No li'.n. f'T tlio Inin haw of the K. n til
Kaal cfuaiter (S. K.1 ,1 ol X'Ction No.lO.ln luwti
lil. .,. Buuili Kanxe No. :t Weal, ami will
"llir pr.Mif in ahtw that the land . ii gr Ii I It mure
v aliiablr for ll t linbi r ur aluno than I'.rniifl
culluriil tur)o'-a, ami lo ealal.liah hrr claim lo
aalil UnU bclora lh" KiKiaier ami ll.ii lf.-r nl
thlouilicc at Ituw. liurv, Orcgi'lt, ou atuI)uJ the
U'h flay ul Nuii iiil'i r, v.
Mio uainca iia llllnraaca: I.l llrl.-r" ul
t'rliiKlicl.l, 1 aim C..uut; , Or , John J. Iian of
KiiK.iir. I auu ouuty, nr.. Marl. ui t . l l,
Montan' mnli nl !-i,tlliih'l'l. I. nun t oiiutv.
Ortk-nn. Auv aU'l all ! rami- liauiiiuf a. I
tcr-eh thealmv. tl- aurilH-.l latnl-i hp.-rv'tui'-t. .1
to 111.' tlieir i laini. In tlm ull r.- mi or l-vl'T"
aal'l l.'th .la. uf, IV.
J. I . Iinu.i .,
?tlo Ut'Klat. r.
Notice Tor Publication.
t . i:n M.IIIL'' l.AMrl'llua
It'i-cblltv. OiiH' in , .lull .11, I" i".
Voll'V I' hen by tlint lu louipllaai o
m 1th tin: prui iiuia uf tbu ai t ul Ci UKra-aul
tunc U, li.i. ititlil'.O "Au (i t lor tlio fa), ol
llmlu r Inmla lu Hie Hialca ol Callfortun, On:
K"ll, Nov nii'l Wk-IiIukIou letiltorr.
Pul l.', ii. Ut mi
of Knii' in . iii ,r"untv'. niaii' l niv
Mou. ha-Una Ua MimI In Una ufflcu hi rau.irii
alaiemi'lit No. MVI, lur tho pun haio ol lliv NK.
bmiw I'.lauiio ami two, nuil f. ', V, I
uf i-i i t luu N'.i. I, lu luwualnp No. -it.,
Kali!,'" No :; w , nm ul ulli'r prl loalinw
llmt thu lall'l f'UKlit la iiiuru talnablu for ill
tituhi r or alum' lliau lir ntrh uliural pun"i"i
ami lo i-alahll-h her i luim to .ahl Im nil befnii:
Un-Ke.'lali r ami H" I'll' rol llila ullu e nl Itoae
iniri, OriK'iu, mi 1-ri'lai , tin- .'i'l liny olH. p.
tijinli' r. In.
bliu UHiiu'i a- uitm -'.va t harlva hliuruhol
OuHnu l, Or , 'nlni Klontr ul OaklnO'l, Or.,
I i t I r. lien r ol KiiS' in , Or . N. M. Mi keranu
of bpritiRiiel'l, Or. Any ami nil pvraoiia claim
iuk a'hcnvly lb. iiImiti' ilecril" ! lnola am re
'iu lo liluilulr 1 n 1 mi i n Una olhcc uu or
hefure fanl ;l 'lay ol Ci-pP tnln r, i-w.
J. I. llKlln,l..i,
Administrator's Notice.
TN Illicit IN IV tut 111 OK I II K hi ATK Ol'
i On kiiii, lu ail'l Inr the t uuuly ul liuuiilita, iu
thu uiulti r of I In: ealulu ol I'm 1(1 lnuliui, li'
riai.'l. Noll"': In In r by ncn that llm uinli r
.Igncl Inn hy Iho Cuuuly uurt uf UnUKlai
Cuuiily, Ori'Kim hcon appuliiUil Ailiiiiiiiaimtur
ul thu laUlu ul lui ll Uruiiut, ilc icl. Where
lore nil I'uiaoiia ui'lelilo.) tu mnl inlaln are
hereby nolliit'l to umko liuim tllale paymuiit lo
Iho tiU'lHrciKUcil lit bin rinlijuin u iu P"Ui;lai
Cuuuty, Ori gini, ami all pertoua liai inn claiuii
KKalnat the annl entulu will preu'tit the auuiu In
Hie lilnli ralL'iic'l nt Inn icnli:ll' " III ralil
C'uiiuty, "lllilii ni t moiitlia Irom the ul
mm uuiicc.
N. I.AiiAt r,
llatrilMl it'i-i lilll;', Ur. .nil, Hill iutli day ul
Augcat, VJ1. A'.-JU
Fall is at Hand!
and neatly everybody needs
We have the Hue that will
happy. Don I forget about our
from i6: eeuts per yard up. Largest Stoek aud Lowest
Prices ou Wall Paper, Wiudow Shades, Lace Curtaius,
Portiers, and complete outfit for House I'urnisLiiig, at
Mllll 1110 IIS.
IN IIIKclllllt II I nl ItV UK 1 UK HIA I H OK
t Olvi'itl. tor ll" .'iililil of IH)iiln
W. P. I nnl, II, ll. Klin alii ami Phil;
Mr!-! Imu, r"ni'i or uii
aliiiiril, lot Uu' mlr tu fi Im.'l ailil
I niM iNHy I a'li ami nr llii'lu
Maimriil ul tin' Kiiii'l- ailliiu
Ins tin n lii'i'i. I'lalnllllV
Jullll Itiiw Ii li Ml-. Inlill II""' Ii, Ida
Mil,', IH'li'lHla Ilia I
In Jullll III. -til ail'l Mil, Jullll Him It, elioMt
liaillfl lrll'tlllnllta
III llii iikhio ul Hi'' Male nl 0iL"ii, tun ail'l
eat It ul JD'i n lit'tol.v iv.uln 'I In a.vni ami
aniM't Uu' i'iiiii.lllil lil'tl agalnal mhi In IIh
Inhu i tiiul'il mill, un ur liiiuiii ilielltal ilay nl
tin' lirt niiiliir li'tni ul tliln ti'inl limit
Muinlar tin- ,.li tin y ul I'. i i imIht, lm, ami II
inn latl au In aii.iur fur nl llineul lln
I'lalnttrikwlll ai'l'ljflu tin' I mill Im llm rrlli l
ilaniaiulril In Ilif Miiui'liiltil, a uivin t lli'
until ul ulilt'li la l"llu Dial riallitlflu
liavr J'l'lltiiii'lil aa!'t tin' IMi'inlaiit, Jullll
lni h. lor tlio mini ol till It Htlvrml llii'iuull
luim llii'Jtil ilay ul Juno, lawi, at the . rate ul
iivr fc'tit p'-r ainiiiin. iH-alilt-a thi'lr nta and
ill.lintuMiirllU III llila ail 1 1 l) I I Im aiiui tilli
allmnry a leva, lur llin itatlal ilwrvn liirri'lM
IrtH I'lafitlltra nuirlau" ntiil Inrllm aalcullhi'
utorlgafiHl tirvnilai'a III Ihn InaiiiiiT Tuvnli"l liv
Ian , ami III" iili ailnii ul llm itrix-xmla of
iii'Ii aaln, In Itu' i''lii'a ul aanl aale, ami Iho
aallalai tlnll ol Iho abut v uii'lilliiln il ilrtiiauila,
ami tin' linlnlii'i', II all), In .ajr In tlio Pi'li inl
mil, li'lm lliwli, or Ida li'al n 'h' utalHi';
that Un' Pclvu'laiilr ami all I'orauiia ilaltiilni:
l' , tlituniili hi ti ii If r tin in, Im' f'.taii r l aiiul
aiul l"iK in-l ol nil tiatil. till' or liituri'.l, ami
' . 'tilly ft liili nil'll'.n nl, In or to aalil niurlsaiiril
t'li'infai a ui am hiI lln irul, I In' I'liiuilaia
! imilaiiil ami ammlil lu Im' anlil In lli. au l.tu
ri'ftltiKa ar' ili'.rtltM.I aa liiltutia: t'liiititti'ii'
ling nl llm Mi: l unirtul tlm l lmuina 'I'litaitii r
il':inlliin Inli'l rlalin, III " '' 'I, I p H i'IU 7 W ,
I In mmtilaa i iiiiiily, ori'Kiin, ilirni'i' luiriuliin
m ilnt lul ui, la ..mill i.l tin' lunnlili
llll In III ml i . 'i Mini ' i. rti.-.ra aul'l I Unit,
thi'iii... W.-I.I litu.t 1 1 ii.' 1. 1 al.l i Ihiiii, tliriii"
niilh alnni: Ihn llim ol annl i lallu lu llm half
inllo line III Ihuii nli r ulaalil h0. .1; llnilru
eaat lo wval 1 1 in- nf tlm Pat 1. 1 Itlili'iiutir ilmia
Hun laiul l Uliii lu annl . ,il"ti, llii'ln r iiuilli
to SW inriur ol miI'I i In i m tin mo ia-1 In
ini' nl iN'Kltililiia, . "lUaallillift IHU' li", unit"
nt Ivt.-. I lu- iiiiniMiiii!' i rnibililit'il by i.r..-r ul
llim. J. W. Ilaiiitlluii, .liulm ol llm alnncrii
iiiiiii coutt, iiaii.i iiuii ::. i hi.
A. ti I KAWIOltP.
A.'.'l. Mturury lor I'lalullfl.
ts niKciiu'i in to in or iiikhiaii or
Ohkiiii, fur tin' I uuuly ul Ihiuiila-.
U . P. L.H.I. II II Kim at. I ami I
I'lill Mi f.i hail, a. llm Unai'l I
il I niiitiuaaii'tirie lur tbo aali- t
nl Mi huol ami '
lamia ami lur llir lura.f
mr lit ol Ihr riml. arl-iiiu j
llirtelnmi, I lalntirt". 1
William Miuln ll, iKl.U'laul I
lu W llllaiu Mil. In 11, .Imk Dauiiil I'. Ii n'.
In the name ul llm Mate ol Oiikkii, ion air
h rrhv ti-'iiilu.l In apH ar and miaw f Ine i-uiu
plalllt alli-t tii in tin- alii.i- ililtli-l
ault, oil Ol bi'lmu tin- tllat lit., uf III" lll llrflil
Ur ti tin !( tl'la t uni l. ion ll Mumlav . llir nth
.lai ol iHei uihir, A I1. I-', ami II uii fall ."! nanl II.. llir I'laltltllla n ill
apply tu Uu. I unit I. 'i Hie I. IP I . innuiie.1 to
the i umpUitit. a ami Im I atiilemenl ul wlili h la
aafntto'i. lul )ilUlni'lil agalllxl the livlilnl
ant lul the a 1 1 1 1 1 . ,f Ijji, nun nil, rv.l tin Hon
In. in llm 'III lay "I Auaual. l'-4. at II" In' uf
a -r iul pv atibnin, tn-lilra llir ruata ami ilia
I'llltt un Ilia ol llila milt ami lklaH"llu i" f".
lur I lie UMial ilni" h.rn In-iiik- I'laiiitnt a
luuitaiii', ami lor aalnulllu- umitKniti .1 . m
l-i-i, ami Un ni'plli iitlnn ,f thu ,,.,... lo tin
lixta ul aal' , Una ault ami I'lallillll a l. Ulallil-,
U'l llinl the li L u lanl ami nil iinli. i lali.i
luc f, ttiiuiiKh ur iiiul' i him Ih-lurri i-r hatr 'l
ami fontltrl nl ..II rlirlii, III I. , Int. r ai ami
i-'iulty uf r ! ii'ptli'ii o In, ami tu .aPl nuii
j;:.i;i 'l rml-ia ami i i i iy pall tin ii"l " hi' Ii
ptvinlaea att . 1. 1 1 aa. I aalullona, lo wit I he
I KK ',ul l -I. luiui-lnp .I.M'I Ii i.. W u I
W il lu no tt" kl ti'liau. In li.niK'laa C.'iiiiiy, On
irll. avill an. It iitlu t nml hull" r r llel aa tin'
I ourt ahall dii'ltl i'iuul.1". llila atlliilnoua la
1 ptilnlah"! by ui'lrr uf Un II. ill. I. W llamllluii,
Jii'lgo "I tin' al'ui e litiDnl i umt, lali 1 Aug
list .V, I"'".
c M i HAW rimii.
Ml. Alluiury tul I'laltlttll
Notice l7or Publication.
I' mi an M u r.a l.i i i irru a,
tUa built. Or gun, Aint'iit jn, IfiJ"
N'ltlri' I- hntfl'y iteu thul tin' f'tllun iiii;
liainc-1 at Ith r haa ill. il in. in e uf hi- intuition In
luak" llnal I't.x't In aui'puil uf hia claim, ami
that mil'l pl'mllilll In' ina'le b fnre Uu Ki gla
li'i mil Km el il, lull' l r-tuU-a IjiU'I tifllie, at
K.i-ctillU', Oii k'nll. nil hrpli'liiher .1, l"l', l'.
HO llllllirap ail I lilt l N . I'l V, l"f llie .' K ' , M
',. rwr. SI, , I p ii e, 11 J Weal. II" tiauiia tin:
liilloaruiK " llin '. i lo )tote ha loiiltnuuiia
realil. mr lili.ii an l riiltiiatluu nl, tahl luml,
vl: I ..n.k lliil tlla... I ireami .
William Morrow. lia PI Pi erl, Ulyura Kluur
Uoy ol W anllou. Ou ,-"ti
Alan. H.K liter
Notice Por Publication.
I'M 111' HTalM LM Ol I 11 I.,
ItuM-lniia. On Kou. Atiuat ., !-.
Nulliel. Iieit by en. n Unit In t. m Italic-''
with llm prut l.lnna ..f the art uf i ougt. ol
Jinn :i l"..a, rinilU-l "Au act fur tin aala ul
timber laiij. In tin ntatr.ol Calllurnla Oirnuu,
Nevailaaml ualiiiirilnu Irrrlluiy, a-1 iti-ml. -i
to all Ihr I'.il'ln ln l plntea bv art "I Anxu-l
I, 1
I. I'l. I" I' C"l LIS.-,
ol Oak'.uul.i ouuty i, lkiiu-in., mad ul On ii"i.
liaa llila lay hlel in (hia uiHrc h r i'l uru 'lat'
liu ul N" M-a, (ur tli" puiihaaenl Un--: ' , nl
n. ii Inn No. . In I "'i n-hlp N". J ., Uaug" No. '
W.W.M.aml ill oiler pun. I In alioti that Urn
liu'l 1,'U.M i-iiioi" valuable lur il llinln i ui
-tnit" limn lr nrl' ijllural purpu'i ., ami to e-lubll-li
her rliilin to -anl laml In fun1 the In ma
urr ami l " lu r ul Una ulB' at ltoa hurg, On
H"li, nil I ueola;', the.'.ih ilay of i "..b r, la'
Mir liainea aa ullin .-. a K IV. Mailanl, T.
Itnlh, I. II. Il.iuiir'l, Hi uln iiM. .-niilh, ul Oak
laml, Or. ."ii. Any nml all n r-una rlalmnu;
mlveracly tin- abov i- ilr-crilii'.l lamia at" r'
.Ualri.i ill" 1 1 , tr 1 1 i liilina lu tluauilirc ou or
IhIuiv -ail'l : 'Ih lay uf I'cluln r, Is at.
J I . lUilPt'l -.
alatIO ItiKi.lir
Notice Por Publication.
I - III Ii .it AO - I .Mi t'l fin:.
Kin. btirk, Oregou, A'UH-1 II I"'
Null' e 1 1 herein ihiti that iu i oiupllaue"
tv Ith ' lie pro ialnna of Iho ait uf Coiu;rr.a "I
June In, a, i nli'lul "Au a t f"r th" aal" ul
1 1 ui I . r lamia in tin -tap ul I all I, Tin a, i ip K"D
Nci a la mnl H nnlilntmi 'Irrrilory , '
Jai "H J. fcun
ul I. iik' ll' . I uiinlv ul I aue. Stab: ul On vu, han
tlita iluy Bkd lu llila ultii f I'l.a -.turn '! moiH
No. irf, , lui tin' puiehanr uf the NV.', u r-ei lluu
No. '.', iu luwiialnp So. ia , Itntii:" No. .1 W.,
ninl will oiti r pro. I l.i ahoiv that the luul aoiiwhl
l.i lour" valiinhlr lor it-, tliuh' r ur l"lm 'hail fur
urii'iiltuial puipu'ea. ami to l atiihliah hia i Ulm
to aanl laml li-luh- the Hrxiali r uml K'm iver uf
Una., lln e at li.MM linru, Hi, i;,ii, un We'lui I'lny,
the '.'0th ilay ul (H luher, In "h
He Uiilin a Un wilueaara: LiM 1. Ii tin ..f
Kiln-in:, Or , Ju" ,li l .irilii ol Kn' in, "r ,
Oharli -ul una u Oakluml, Oi , Julili KIomi i ul
Oaklaii'l, Or. A uy ami all 'r.viun i lainntu ail
ver'lv th" ahuti -ili-aeilln il linula ur" ir.iienlel
In nl" tlii'li i laniia In Una ullli t' un ol bi lme
anl'l i!v ul October, IV.
J. I IllllliiiK-,
I'llll'l ll'glnlir.
Notice lor Publication.
IMii.i. -riiLa I. thu Ol I ll I ,
IliiacbuiK. OleKiili.h. l , H I.VJ.a.
Nutho Is liureby eivn Unit the lolloivluu
....i ..ii... ui..., ......... ... i ..... ... .
iioiiu ' ai .ii' f i.iu. i. it u iitiiii. e ui iu:r llllieiltlUII
I'l iiiHkn Dual nr. ml In tiippurt ul lu r elaliu, ami
that n nl pruul will b" ninili: helure llu: Id gi.ter
ami Heeihur, Ulillo.l nlulua Laml Ollice nl
KuaoburK, Ortunii, mi i ii-iohur i', Iv, ..
On llijiiunleii'l UiitrylNn. Vfia, for Ihe N I.
H "c"- ' 'I I' "JJf ll a Went, hhe iiiunea
the lulloivlui! n ilnesain tu prove In r cuiillnuuUH
rualilenee iipnn ami i ullh alnni nl, aul'l In ml
vl.: Juhii Wllnon, t linil. a Mi-euui, harlen
W llaoii, H. rilui 1 ol t'aiiuix alley, Oreinit.
J. I. llltllliil.H,
Mlii Itvslater.
please you aud make the wife
& Strong's