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DECEMBER 17, 1896.
Sheep dip at Mars tors'.
Lime and sulphur At Marsters'.
A SaUman, the reliable jeweler.
Caro Uros. are the bona merchants.
Go to the Rosoleaf for the beat cigar.
McKiuley and Bryan hats at the Nov
elty. For a good 5-cent cigar call on Mrs.N.
Boyd. !
Wood taken on subscription at thia
Go to A. 0. Marsters & Go. for school
Get your echool books at Maratere'
drag store.
Maskers buy your masks at the Nov
elty Store.
For first-class dentistry go to Dr. Little
ot Oakland.
School books and stationery at Mar
kers' Drug Store.
I'uro fresh groceries and low prices at
Casebeer'a grocery.
l. S. West does insurance. Office
opposite the post office,
Ne-itfoot oil, machine and lubricating
oils at Marsters' Drugstore.
A tine line of gents' shoes at J. Abra
ham's. Prices just right.
All work warranted first class by R.
W. Benjamin, dentist.
Key West, imported and domestic
cigars at the Roseleaf.
An excellent line of toilet soaps at
Marsters' Dreg Store.
Goods below cost at Caro's. Now is
the the time for bargains.
Nobby suits and latest styles at Little
Jack's. Prices very low.
All styles and qualities of hats at Abra
ham's. Bedrock prices.
Munyon's Honicepathie Remedies for
sale at Marsters' Drug Store.
An endless variety of combs, hair and
clothes brushes at Marsters'.
For bargains to family groceries, call
at the Pepole's kore, Cass street.
Fred Floed, lawyer, room 9, Taylor &
Wilson block, Roseburg, Oregon.
Munyon's Homeopathic Remedies at
A. C. Marsters A Co.'s drug store.
Bring your clocks and watches to Slow
Jerry the reliable jeweler tor repairs.
Country produce oi all kinds bought
and sold at Casebeer's grocery store.
Cok! weather calls for good warm un
derwear. You'll and them cheap at the
Novelty Store.
At Oakland, T. L. Graves is authorized
to receive and receipt for subscription to
the Plainoealeis.
Fine gold and silver fillings put in by
R. . Benjamin, dentist. Prices to
suit the times.
Have your dental work done by R. W
iienjamm, dentist. All wort guaran
teed nrst cue .
"Live sad let lie" is Dr. R. W. Ben
jimin's motto. Dental work done at
bedrock prices.
Largest stock of fancy chairs at Alex
asder A Strong's, ever brought to Roee-
ourg and at prices tower man ever.
Bring your job work to the Plac'dial
sk office. We are prepared to do the
cheapest and best work south of Port'
Save money and time. To parties
coins: East, co br the 0. R N. short
route. Call on or write to V. C. London,
Roseburg, Oreson.
N. Rice, at bis ware rooms on Jackson
opposite Marks' iron front, has choice,
household furniture and tin ware at
price to suit the times.
Take notice. Dr. Benjamin, the dent
1st. is permanently located and truaran
tees all bis work. Give him a call and
examine work and prices.
If you don't wai.t to suffer with corns
and bunions, have your boots and shoes
made at L. Langenbarg's. Repairing
neatly and promptly done
For a good hat, stylish and cheap, call
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
embraces all grades of head gear.
The Souare Deal stoie has iust opened
ud a beautiful line of W. L. Donglas
shoes, which prove to be the best shoes
made. Come and inspect them.
1 am prepared to offer lumber or wood
a; reauceu prices. i am lacing la luca
ber and wood on old accounts and m
trade for goods. T. K. Richardson
A. C. Uoxie sells flour at 75c and 60c a
sack, and 10 pounds of lard for 75 cents
People should take advantage of tnese
prices and give him their patronage.
N. Rice, one of our enterprising furnl
tare dealers baa now on sale a fine lot of
furniture of the latest style and finish.
Give him a call before purchasing else
L. Lanzenburg is still on top. He
carries a full stock of choice music, ma
meal instruments, violin, guitars, accord'
eons etc, violin strings of best quality
always on hand.
Slow Jerry the jeweler has H caral
filled irold ladies watches now on 3ale
Prices reduced from 125 to $15, decided
barcains. Don't fail to examine them
before purchasing elsewhere.
Those havinz second hand stoves,
furniture, etc., for Bale can receive the
highest cash price by calling upon N.
Rice, the furniture and supply dealer,
221-23 Jackson street Roseburg, Or.
Jack Abraham, gents furnisher, keeps
the best goods and latest of every thing
in bis line, and sells them at a lower
price than any of his competitors. He
ilso sells boots and shoes at astonishing
low prices.
The cheap rates of five dollars cabin
and two-fifty steerage including meals
and berth are still in effect on the 0. R
& N. Co's. steamers from Portland to
San Francisco.
Steamer leaves Portland every five
Notice is hereby given to the public
bv the underaizned that 1 do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to so do.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. Aabok Rosk,
Roseburg. Oregon, March 17th, 1895.
Schilling s Jest means:
we have taken your money
and spent it for
biVinz powder
flavoring extract!
and iplTJ
as well as we know how to.
Your grocer pays your
money back if you
like them.
For n!e by
Kruse & Shambrook
Holiday goods at Balrman's.
Go to Sahsman'a for souvonir spoons.
Call and see the new line of ladio's
shoes, just received at Parrott Bros.
Pluih goods, toys, novelties of all
kinds and at all prices at Salsman'e.
Everything that is now, nice and
pretty in the way of Jewelery at Salz
man's Keep our clothing in mind when
making tho boys a present. Novelty
Monoy to loan. Call at the office of
I. F . Rico, real estate dealer, Roseburg,
N". E. Britt of Newburg and G. J.
Stearns of OakWnd were in tho city yes
terday, Try Allison's Eastern hams and lard.
Fine citrons, currants and raisins at
The new White Granite Iron wnro
selling fast at Churchill, Woolley & Mc-
We are displaying holiday goods
come and look in our show cases. Nov
elty Store.
Three hundred men enrolled in Kan-
fas City, Dec. 16th, to fight for Cuban
Pure Cream Rje
whiskoy and rock
candy at the Senate.
Jackson street.
P. 0. coruor, 400
Ginger ale, Arista
Water, soJas, and
other soft drinks at Slow
emporium, now on draft.
Jerry's drink
The Jewish Race in Prophecy will be
subject of discourse at the M. E. Church
next Sunday evening at 7:30.
The regular Sunday night and Wednes
day meetings at the M. E. church will
return to the usual hour of 7:30.
Casebeer the grocer, corner Jackson
ana Washington, Keeps tue best grocer
ies. Bacon and lard a specially.
Read John A Lee's great "at
sales into day's papfr. Shop 220
street, next door to S'an Uouten.
Why not profit by the experience of
others who have found a permanent cure
for catarrh in Hood's Sarsaparilla?
The people of the New England States
are eniojine lo's of enow and cold
weather the mercury down to zero.
ieeih extracted with tne use ol eu-
caine. o pain, no danger, it does not
effect the heart. Dr. F. W. Havnes
Ladies cull and see our new line of
embroidered and silk handkerchiels. We
have a fine assortment at tho Novelty
Store. i
Special attention is called to our fine
line of jeielry and optical goods we in
Tite you alt to come and learn our prices
at Sahman'a.
Buy your shoes at the Novelty Store
and if they contain shoddy insoles, etc.
they will tell you. Our aim is to sell
you a good shoe.
Candy for the Christmas trade at the
Kitchen fresh and clean. Don't buy
this swiily stuff that comes from the
wholesale bouses.
To parties who are in arrears or who
desire to subscribe for the Pliindealek,
we desire to inform them that county
warrants will be taken at par.
Hon. A. W. Reed oi Gardiner was in
this city tho first of the week, gathering
data for his representation oi bis con-
stftceata at Salemthis wintsr. Al is pre
rpaing for the fray.
Ladies and gentlemen desirous of
studying voice culture and ballad sing
ing with Miss Marr A. Crittenden will
please call or address her at Mrs.
ChildV, 623 Stephens St.
We learn that Chaa. L Point, an old
pioneer of Douglas county residing in
French Settlement, was stricken down
with paralysis last Sunday and there is
but little hopes of bis recoTery
Good pasturage furnished at my past-
lures on Roberts creek. Charges
reatonable. All stock at owner's risk
The bestot care will be given to ail
atock entrusted to my charge.
A certain king it is reported once
cried out in his extremity : "A horse, a
horse! my kincdomfora boree." Tho
above may now be paralleled by an offi
cer after Bob Hmman crying when he
cornea up to Bob : A log, a log, my
ary for a log !
The second quarterly meeting of the
United Brethren church will be held
next Saturday and Sunday, December
19th and 20th, at Pine Grove church
Services to begin at 2 p. m. December
19th. All are cordially invited to attend
Rev. E. C. Wyatt, Pres. Elder
The international organization called
the Salvation Army will open up in thia
town on Saturday, December 19th at
p. m. in the ball formerly occupied by
God's Regular Army. Capt. Anderson
and Lieutenant Griffith, who havo lately
been in charge of the work at Eug9U
will be in charge.
A lady a few days ago was standing on
the platform before the passenger depot
when a freight train was being backed
down the track. The conductor shouted
to tho engineer: "Run her down, jum
her on the sido track, cut her in two and
bring her bead back." The lady fainted
before the conductor's orders could
The Ladies' of the 31. E. Church will
give a dime social Friday night, Dee. 18,
at tho church. A very entertaining pro
gram has been prepared, consisting of
tableaux, music and recitations, aftor
which coffee and sandwiches will be
Hamlin's Wizard Oil Co. have been
playing to crowded houses at tho opera
house since Monday night and will con
tinue throughout tho week. Though
only 15 cents admission is charged, tho
performance ia much better than the
average high-priced ahow and tho audi
ence is kopt in a roar of laughter and
annlause from the time tbo curtain
rlsti. Every night during the week
The list of serious caaualtiea to foot
ball players on Thanksgiving day fills
half a column. One man died on the
field, and probably 30 or 40 were in
jured for life. An American game of
football is about five times as danger
ous ss a Spanish bull fight.
You can find what you want in tho
way'of holiday goods at Salzuian's.
Monoy to loan. Call at tho office of
I. F. Rice, real estate dealer, Roseburg,
Tho Dutch havo a delightfully origi
nal way of collecting their taxes. If,
after due notice has been given, tho
monoy is not Eont, the authorities place
one or two hungry tnililiamen m tlio
house, to be lodged therein until tho
amount of tho tux be paid.
Dr. Fred Haynos does crown and
bridge work in an up to dale manner.
McKinley enffeo at Allison's. It will
give you confidence, cause you to dream
of prosperity, and protect you in your
declining years.
Mother You say your husbnnd no
longer spends his evonings at tho club?
Daughter I Eoon bioko him of that.
Mother How did you inanago it?
Daughter Before going to bed I put two
easy chairs together by the parlor fire
and then held a match to a cigar until
the room got a faint order of smoke.
Pearson's Weekly.
Hon. G. W. Riddle of Glenbrook was
registered nt the McJlallen Wednesday.
Ad Harmon, of the Senate, has just
received a consignment of Key West
and domestic cigars. Smokers, don't
forget tho place. P. O. corner.
Tho wife of Mr. D. Robinson, a prom
nent lumberman of llartwick, N. V.,
was sick with rheumatism for five
montliB. In speaking of it Mr. Robin
son says: "Chamberlain's Paiu Balm
is the only thing that gave her aDy rest
from paiu. Fot tho relief of paiu it can
not be beat." Many very bad cases of
rheumatism have been cured by it. For
sale at 50 cents per bottle by A. C.
In a recent issue of the Irish Times, of
Dublin, there appeared 350 names, and
of these only 55 wero Irish. This is
quoted in a current review to show that
in the repeopling of Ireland the other
races have gradually predominated and
the Irish are disappearing. Iho owner
of a leading Irish newspaper ia a Scotch
man, and the great industries of the is
land are owned and managed by people
who are not Irish. Considering the past
history of Ireland, and what Irishmen
have done in other countries, this story
becomes one of remarkablo patbt8.
Baltimore American.
A large invoice cf Bibles and Tetta-
ments just received at H. C. Stanton's,
Bibles, from 20 cents to 14 ; Testaments,
and 10 cents each.
E. Du Gas. Physician and
office in Marsters' building.
Calls in
tawn and country promptly
night or dnv. Residence. 911 Mill street.
Notice of Annual Meeting.
To the shareholders ol the Odd Fel
lows Building afsociation of Roseburg,
Oregon. You are hereby notified that
the annual meetinz of the stockholders
of the Odd Fellows Building aisociation
of Roseburg, Oregon, for the election of
a board of seven direction, to serve dur
ing the ensaicg year, and for the tran
saction of such other business as may be
brought before them, will be he.'d at
the Odd Fellows' Temple, January 5,
lS97,at 7:30 p. m. By order of the
board of directors of the OJd Fellows
Building Association.
Josei'u Mhkuj, Secy.
No Action on Cuba.
Washington, Dec. 16. Tho Senate
committee on foreign relations held a
meeting today for consideration of the
Cuban resolutions referred to it. No
action was taken, The committee ad'
joumed to Friday for the purpose of se
curing further information from the
state eenartment. This is a oesire to
ascertain exactly what was reported by
Consul-General Lee.
Officers Elected.
At the annual meeting ol the Y. P. S,
C. . of the Christian church beld a few
evenioge ago, tho following officers were
elected for the ensuing year:
President, Lona Shupe; vico presi
dent. Mel tie Rapp; secretary, Vernon
Pattereon ; treasurer, J. B. Morris ; or
ganist, Mettie Rapp; assistant organist
Mrs. M. Ragsdale.
Clothesline Robbers.
Swiping clotheslines iu this city is be
coming too frequent to suit the good cit
izens. Mrs. W. R. Willis, Mis. T. R
Sheridan and Mrs. Jos. Sheridan's lines
wero relieved of their hangings a fow
nights ago and last Monday night tho
Soldiers' Homo lines wero raided, and
about $100 worth of underwear taken off
Xmas Offerings.
New goods and now prices. A hand
BO mo doll will bo given with every
Dackaco of baking iowdcr bought of
Mrs. ('. W. Rapp at the Peoplo'a Gro
Many of the dolls are worth twice the
price of a can of baking powder. Every
can guaranteed to be as good as any
powder in tho market.
B. P. O. Elks.
All members and visiting brothers are
requested to attend a special meeting of
the Elka on Saturday. Dec. 19th at 9:30
p. m. when very important business and
work is to bo dono.
FllKI) I'AtiK-TusriN,
Hkkman Maiikh, Exalted Ruler
Merry Christmas.
Tbo Elks aro making great prepara
tions for thoir Christmas tree on Friday
night of next week and wo aro reliably
informed it will bo tho grandest repre
eentation of Sauta Glaus ever witnessed
in this city.
This case on trial Tuesday was ably
coutcBted by eacti party, loo issuo
in thia caso is ouo growing out of
the V. L. Arrington defalcation as
treasurer of Dougls county. Tho record
shows that iu 1892 Aaton Rose went on
Arrington'e bond for $10,000 and H.
Wollenborg for $20,000. Arrington de
tailed and his bondsmen had to pay $22,-
990, tho amount of embezzlomcnt. Rose
paid half tho forfeit, $11,485. This set
tlement with the county stopped further
costs against them ns sureties at that
time. Rose now seeks to recover from
Wollenborg about $4,003, the diffoteuco
between one-third, which, as ho claims
by tho tenor of tho bond, to be tho
amount for which ho was m jubtice
liable and what ho uctually did pay;
that is, he claims ho should pay only
one-third of that $22,990, the amount of
tho defalcation becauao ho subscribed
but one-third and Wolenberg two-thirds
of the bond. In other words Rose sub
scribed $10,000, one-third of the amount
of the bond, and Wollenberg aubscriliod
$20,000, or two-thirds. The bond hav
ing been forfeited by Arriugton's defal
cation to the amount of $22,990 Rose
claims ho ought to pay only one-third o(
that money $4,003, wheroas he paid
$11,495, and Rose has brought action to
recover that difference, or $3,831.07.
The plaintiff Rose claims as the grounds
of bis action, that it was u mutual under
standing at tho time of signing the
bond that he (Rose) would go on
Arrington'a bond for $10,000 only, and
that Wollenberg was to take the balance,
$20,000. Each subscribed and certified
that they were respectively wortli these
amounts, uud were willing to carry, each
one, the amount he subscribed and that
that arrangement was in law a bonatide
agreement, Rose to pay one-third in
caso of defalcation and Wollenberg to
pay two-thirds. On the other hand, as
there was no written or special verbal
agreement to that effect between them,
Wollenberg refuses to repay Roee the
amount be claim?.
The jury returned a verdict for
$4003 55 with interest at S per cent from
April 1, lS9 t.
The case of State oi Oregon vf. Ned
Sutherlin, indicted for killing Henry
Bruso near Oakland last September, is
now on trial before the following jury
men: Fred Allen, Dwight Reed, A. F.
Dancan, J. L. Cole, L. Letsom, James
Overstreet, Fre 1 Fisher, A. O. Rose, M.
F. Callahan, J. J. McCoy, W. H. Gor
don and W. J. Lander.
The nature of the testimony brought
out by the prosecution up to Wednes
day evening at time of adjjurnment
failed to show conclusively that Bruso
was killed by a blow from any one.
Neither Mr. James Brown nor his wife
at whoso house the killing is supo;ed to
have been done, and who witnessed a
quarrel between Henry Biuso, Geo.
Nalta and the defendant, Ned Sutherlin,
neither saw the blow or who struck it, if
such a blow was struck. The only per
son who did see him strike the blow, if
a blow was struck, is Geoige Nalta and
he cannot n-jw be produced. That
Henry Braao is dead 3ml that he died
from tho effects of a blow on the head .py
a bl'int instrument of some kind is con-clu.-ive.
Dr. W. U. Gilmore, who was called
soon after tho tragedy to attend the de-
ceased, who at that time was still breath
ing, though unconscious, testifies that
the death of the patient was caused by a
severe blow upon the head by some
blunt object that caused a contusion of
the scalp, a fracture of tho skull and a
compression of the brain. He trepaned
the skull and removed a portion under
the contused scalp and found clotted
blood beneath the portion of skull re
moved. But from what source the con
tusion was received he could not tell
did not know. Tbo doctor gave a very
clear and lucid explanation, the cause of
death so far as apparent, physical causes
were discernible, hut the cause of con
tusion of the scalp and fracture of the
eknll he knew not. His testimonv was
wholly circumstantial as tho primary
Mrs. Brown heard a sound as of
heavy blow or pistol shot, and saw the
deceased fall with his face down upon
the floor of her house, "with his feet
just outside the door," but did not see
any one striko him. Mr. Brown was
standing within arma reach of Bruso
when he fell down into tho door be
side him, but Bweara he did not sea any
one strike him.
Both Brown and his wifo witnessed
tin quarrel between the men over some
hop picking matters. They s.iy that
bottle of liquor was passed around but
did not know whether any of the parties
wero intoxicated or not. Brown said
"I refute to drink" and that Bruso, the
deceased, slapped Ned Sutherlin's face,
and that hia nose bled from its effect
Mrs. Brown Baid: Ned Sutherlin left
tho house after Bruso slapped h is face
that the striking of Bruso as appeared by
the sound she heard when Bruso fell at
full length into the house "with his feet
just outside the door," was not seen by
her: she did not know of herownknowl
edge who or what struck him. She iden
titled a stick ol timber that was exhib
itcd to her as ouo ehu found next morn
ing niter tho killing in front of tho house.
She gave it next day to Mr. Medley tho
constable. She supposed it was the
stick witli which Bru3o was struck
would not swear that it was. Sho said
Bruso "novor spoke n word aftor ho was
struck." Shu saw it dark object iu Sutli
crlin'fl hand after Bru3o foil into the
houso slio "could not tell what it was
Sho rocogui.od her siguiituro to a paper
that was shown her. iho dufonso ob
jected to roadiug the papor presented
bearing tho witness signature. Tho
Court overrulod the objection after
lengthy confab of the oppoaiug counsel
and the witness answered tho question
based upou tuo matter in tho paper
eigne J by her. She said "I spuposed be
struck him with a club."
"Bruao struck Ned Sutlnrli.i ou the
side of his lace and knocked Uii hit off
and male hid uw bloel" My huj
baud told Ilium all to go uiit tur-t, htt
would have ii ) fuss in his Ii uho, tliure
was more roim ou'. d j in if thy waircd
to fight."
Mr. Brown also testified that when he
ordered Sutherlin, Bruso and No'ta out of
the house when they were disputing,
Brueo caught hold of Nolta and dragged
him to tho door and while Bruso was
standing on the steps six or eight inches
down from the door Hoar he was struck.
tSutherlin went out at the kitchen doar.
The witness described from a diagram
of tho house given him, the several posi
tions of each party, a few minutes before
and a part of them at the time of the
striking of Bruso by whom or whatever
struck him jo witness saw a blow
struck Brown said "My wife gave the
club to Bob MeJIey of Oakland after the
trouble. I did not see any club at the
titno of the trouble."
The prosecution rested the case this
forenoon witl tho testimony of W. T.
Turner, the justice of the peace be
fore whom the preliminary trial was had,
whereupon the counsel for tho defenFe
gavo notice that they would movo the
court for an acquittal on the grounds of
insufficient evidence to convict.
JDBr-HilI Ticket will admit bearer to Christ
nits tree eicrcbea at 7 p. in. December 25th.
Profuse showers during the past few
days and the ground is getting soft
There has been considerable plowing
done in this vicinity this fall but the fall
sown grain looks sickly.
Mr. J. M. Robinson, "mine host" of
the Llkton hotel, has beeu having a
splendid run of business and has proved
himself to be well qualified for the bnei
Hon. A. W. Reed of Gardiner passed
through here last week on his way to
Sin Francisco. But we predict he will
return in time to take his seat when the
?gialature meets.
l'rot. right s class which be has in
training in literary and lepal attain-
ments, seems to be progressing nicely.
Mrs. Sarah Weatherly. who has been
seriously ill for several months, still re
mains in a critical condition. It is to be
hoped that she may be restored to
health again.
Mr. John Fryer cf Scottsburg has
hauled several loads of sturgeon through
here to Drain, which aro being shipped
to the Portland market.
Dr. Hansom ol Portland, who was
formerlv located at this place, made a
professional visit hero last week, remain
ing several dajs.
Tne te evidently was quite a itorm at
sea last Saturday night as the rearing
of the surf could be distinctly heard in
this vicinity.
Mr. Chas. McGuire, who has been
confined to his room for many weeks, is
azain able to sit bv the fire in his "old
arm chair," although yet quite feeble,
Little Alta Young appears to be im
proving, who was so severely burned
some two months since, by her clothes
catching on tire. The skin being en
tirely destroyed on half the surface of
her right arm and also on nearly half
the bodv. Tho little sufferer bears her
terrible atlliction with great fortitude.
aver.u parties Lere are making ex
tensive preparations for catching salmon
in the river at this place, and shipping
them to tbo markets of the Willamette
valloy. Should they succeed ss well as
thev expect, the circulating medium of
this valley will be considerably in
creased. Observer,
Cuban Demonstration Planned.
New York, Dec. 16. Three thousand
members of the organization known
the American Friends of Cuba will
march next Monday evening in n hod;
to Cooner Union to narticipato in the
demonstration in sympathy with th
Cuban patriot. President Frank Mayer
who is one of tbo few survivors of tho
Virginus expedition will head tbo line.
nucklen'H Arnica salve.
The Bes. Salvo in the world for Cute
Bruises, eorcs, L leers, fcalt Uheuni
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands
Chillbains, Corus, aud all skin Lrup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
iwy required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or monoy refunded
Price 25 conts per box. For sale at
O.Marstora & Co.
A Clothes Line Raided.
Last Monday night some sous ot ee
cooks there must have bon eoveral
took from the Soldiers' Home clothes
lines, 17 pairs of mens drawers aud 11
blue overshirtB. No oluo to tho robbers
vet. It is supposed, however, that it
was douo by some hoboes.
The Contrast.
While thousands suffer in tho Dakota
bliw.uds tho people ot Oregon are en
joying mild weather, laboring men work
ing in their shirt sleeves and tlowors are
blooming in their door yards. That is
tho difference.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
riore About Hinman and the Deputies
Speaking of the arrest of Hinman for
the robbing of May's store at Riddle,
the Record, doubtless speaking by cord
of its Ro3eburg informant, says:
"Deputy R. L. Stephens went to the
ome ot bam uayhardt, ilinman's
brother-in-law, and arrested him, who
then offered no resistance, claiming he
as innocent."
Now there is just fact enough in the
above to give it the semblance of truth.
L. Stephens did not arrest Hinman.
Hinman gave himEelf up, had a prelimi
nary trial before Justice Dean at Rid
dle, was bound over to the grand jury
and Constable Nichols brought him to
Roseburg and turned him over to the
sheriff, who put him in jail. On Octo
ber 14th last, Hinman dug out of jail in
broad daylight and escaped with two
other burglars. Bob has not yet been
caught nor ia be likely to be. Little or
nothing has been dune to recapture him.
The officials "dance to Hinman'a
music." They do not propose to risk
their precious carcasses to a shot from
Bob Hinman'a Winchester from behind a
log as did Mr. Huggins. They enjoy the
luxury of a cushioned seat too well to al
low those pleasures to be cut off by a
rifle ball in the way Huggins was, since
Hinman broke jail
Hinman will shoot and our eheriff and
is deputies know it. Discretion with
them is the better part of valor. They
are no anxious to become a target for
Bob Hinman to try hia skill in gunnery
on. The Plain-dealer does cot believe
in trying to build up a magnificent
temple out of the debris of a demolished
palace. The gist of the article in the
Valley Record ia to show to the public
cowardice in Dave Shambrook, while
depnty snsrin: and by companion to
show the brayery and efficiency of Mr.
Stephens, the present deputy. We say
honor to whom honor is due.
The Discovery Saved His Life.
Mr. G. Cailonette. Diuggist, Beavers
ville, III., says: "To Dr. King's New
Discovery I owe my life. Was taken
with La Grippe and tried all the phy
sicians for miles about, but of no avail,
and was given op and told I could not
live. Having Dr. King's New Discov
ery in tnv store I sent for a bottle and
began its use and from the first dose be
gan to get better, and after using three
bottles was up and about again, it is
worth its weight in gold. We won't
keep store or house without it. Get a
free Uial at A. C. Marsters' Drug Store.
Roseburg Bowling Clubs.
By recent arrangements the two clubs
have been consolidated and divided it
into teams of 1, 2,3 and 4, if deemed
advisable, by an executive committee,
The members of each team will stand in
the club according to their merits as
bowler, something after the manner of
& speller in a spelling class. The best
bowler of his team as shown by his score
will be at the head of his team. The
scoring will be examined every two
weeks when each bowler will be assigned
his position in the club. The teams will
contend with each other so that a bowler
may be promoted from ono team to
another according to hia score. So
will be possible that one team may
have, eventually all the best bowlers in
the club, inat will be the winning
Cure For Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of Headache
tlectric Bitters has proved to be the very
best. It effects a permanent cure and
the most dreaded habitual sick head
aches vietd to its influence. We urge all
who are attlicted to procure a botde, and
uive this remedy a fair trial. In cases of
habitual consumption Electric Bitters
cures by giving the neded tone to the
bowels, and few cases long resist the use
of this medicine. Try it once. Large
bottles only Fifty cents at A. C. Marsters
& Co.'s Drug Store.
A nistake In Wording.
After a long consultation in the grand
jury room over tho complaint of C. H,
Fisher against B. Brockway for an as
sault upon him with a dangerous
weapon, the jury finally agreed upon
bill, viz; that Brcckway did Mieitcus'y
thresh C. H. Fisher, but in writing u
the indicting bill the penman wrote the
word "feloniously" for felicitously, we
presume and when the report was read
in court the attornev for the defense
moved to strike out the word "felon
iouslv," and it was done; and a fine of
$50 was imposed on Mr. Brcckway for
felicitously threshing Fisher.
Major C. T. Picton is mau.tger of the
State Hotel, at Denison, Texas, which
tho traveling men say is one of the best
hotels in that Bection. Iu sp aking of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy Major Picton says
"I have used it myself and in my family
for several years, and take pleasuro in
savinc that I consider it an infallible
cure for diarrhoea and dysentery
ahvavs recommend it. and have fre
queutly administered it to my guests
tho hotol, and in every caso it ha:
proven itself worthy of unqualified en
dorsemont. For sale by A. C. Marsters
& Co.
Probate Court.
Tbo judge lias upon petition appointed
Mrs. Fannie E. Hamm administratrix of
tho estate of John Haiui.t, fixing bonds
tit $S00O. John Byers, Charles Brown
aud T. J. Wilson wero appointed ap
praisers of tho estate.
Coal tar and resin at Marsters'.
Ladies' fine shoes at Parrott Bros.
J. T. Bryan, the Busy Watchmaker.
Shasta Water at Slow Jerry's cigar
and drink emporium.
For a good amoko call at Slow Jerry's
bazar, and get a Loa Amorea cigar.
Delicious "salt-riBing" bread at the
Home Bakery, corner Oak and Rose
Nothing but the best material used by
. W. Benjamin, dentist. Room 1,
Marsters' block.
Niece will sell you candy for Christ
mas trees cheaper than any one, at the
Candy Kitchen.
FreBh home-made bread at the Home
Bakery, corner Oak and Roee streets.
Alice Baldwin, proprietor.
Teeth extracted absolutely without
pain by R. W, Benjamin, dentist, room
, Maratera' block, Roseburg, Or.
Parties desiring family sewing done
would do well to call on Misa Fannie
McKean, -421 Main street. Will sew for
'5 cents per day.
Slow Jerry, the jeweler, has jnst re
ceived a Gne lot of ladies and cents gold
filled watches. They are beauties and
no mistake good timers, too.
You can get knives for 5 and 10 cents"
and from that price up to $5. Each
knife well worth the price asked at
Churchill, Woolley & McKenzie'a.
Good adyice: Never leave home on a
ourney without a bottle of Chamber-
lain'e Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy. For sale by A. C. Marsters & Co.
The Candy Kitchen Kitchen is busy
night and day making fine candy for
Christmas trade. Don't overlook the
Kitchen if ycu want candy that is fit to
Go to M. F. Rice's Second Hand store,
Hendricks' block, for late improved
inger Sewing machines, needles, oil,
etc. v . C. Monroe,
Caro Bros', closing out sale 13 drawing
crowds to tbo Boss Store. Low prices
and quick sales is the order of the day.
Gcods must be sold at any sacrifice.
Call and see.
John&Lse, 220 Main street, next door
south of Van Uouten, have fine China-
ware and Japan goods, ladies nnderwear,
toys and firecrackers, etc. fcr sale. All
at cos: till Dec. 31st, lS9d.
Two tracts of land for rent, containing
one 10-acre and one 15-track within 1J
miles cf town, fair orchards on each
place. For further information call on
I. F. Rice. Real Estate Dealer, Rose
burg, Oregon.
If you have hay, grain, bacon, beef
cattle or a good buggy you wish to trade
for lumber, or if you wish to buy a bill of
first class fir or cedar lumber, you wil
save money to call oa Orro A. Anlacf
Comstock, Oregon.
Bargains, bargains, at M. F. Rice's
second hand, hardware and furniture
store in Hendricks' Block, opposite the
depot. Second hand goods bought and
sold. Call aud examine my goods be
fore purchasing elsewhere. Buy of me
and save money.
Competition never worries us, because
we "buy right" hence sell right."
The facts aro these ; every move in our
busiuess is only made after the most
careful consideration, nothing lett to
chance. Shoes have advanced in price
but not with ns. AVe tell you a good oil
grain shoe for $1.25 and upwards, fine
shoes in proportion. If you doubt us,
come and sse us, convince yourself that
we have what we advertise. We don't
care to do all the business in town, but
want to get a share of it. We firmly
believe that a concern that gives ita
customers exceptionally good values iu
every instance w bound to go ahead
year by year. This idea prevails
throughout our entire business. Every
dollars worth of gcoda must give the
wearer satisfaction, even the all wool
absolutely fast color $S 00 suits.
J. Abraham's Ulothins; .House.
Inauguration Committees.
Cincinnati, Dec. 10. Hon. D. D.
Woodmansee, president of the National
Republican League, has appointed the
following inauguration committees for
tho league:
General McAlpin, N. Y.; Major War
ren, Pa.; Judge Raymond, 111.; Hon.
Frank J. Higgins, N. J.; Thomas F. Bar
ret, W. Va.; E. J. Miller, O.; and Dr.
L. W. Booze, Md.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Qold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.