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NOVEMBER 12. 1896.
Ladies' fine shoos at Parrott Bros.
J.T. Bryan, the Busy Watchmaker.
Ualr oruauients, side conibs at tho
Novelty Store.
Shasta Water at Slow Jerry cigar
and drink emporium.
Large lino ol blankets, call and get our
prices at tho Novelty Store.
Boy your Ribbons at the Novelty
Store, 10 cents per yard, any width.
A girl wanted to do country house
work. Addrits, box?3, Roseburg.
For a good smoke call at Slow Jerry's
bazar, aud get a L3 Auiores cigar,
Minco meat at tho Homo Bakery.
Coal tar and resin at Marsters'.
County claims and warrants bought by
D. S. West.
Skating at the Armory every Tuesday
and Saturday nignts.
Genta' ties new lino; also a largo lino
of hats, Novelty Store
Call at tho Medalled nest week and
Dr. Ixiwo will lest jour eyes.
Simon Curo went to Portland Tuesday
night to attend (he grand ratification.
The ladies of tho Relief Corps will hold BELIQERANT HOBOES.
a Honor show in the Marks buildinc on
Friday and Saturdav. Nov. tho 13th and Tuesday morning eeyerai.uouoo'? wno
14th. Prizes will bo civon in tho fol- had congregated around a hobo fire near
lowing order: For tho best display of tbo stock pens, having tirt supplied
chrysanthemums, potted plants and cut themselves with liquor at a saloon, Eot
flowers of all descriptions. A general mlo St when one oi mem, u Duuy-
invitation is oxtonded to all. Brine 1DK 80't of a fellow, got tho wortt ol the
flowers and compote for theso prizes. "ay ! tho others "nS "tin.
the amount of whicli will hn decided at o eit them and went to a second-Hand
tion of tho locks io tho noon hour, in ol
der not to interrupt tho work yet to be
done, but for tho present boats pass
any time during the day.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
ts. K. AdaniM is slowly improving in
Miss Sue Burt spent Eeveral days visit
our next Corps meeting and published Btoro Rn1 bought a Winchester rille, then ing Miss Mollie Jones, who is now at her
later on. Ton cents admission will bo
ft "V"
charged. Olaua Berry, Sec.
in rciorrtug io uio nickel miue near
Riddle, the Mile says: W. Q. Brown
went up town and bougul some car- homo near i onealla.
tndges and wont back swoaring ven- gchool is progressing nicely under the
goance upon his brother hoboes who had manilI.ament of Mr. Wilbur Pititler as
Next week will bo your last chance for of tho nickel raino is in high spirits over
a long time to get glasses from Dr. Loo.
See Dr. Lowe about you' eyes next
week. He wou't be back for six
The new White Granite Iron
Sfamnf..! doilies at 5 cents and iig
squares at 10 cents each at the Novelty elin(. fll8t al Churchill, Woolley & Mc-
Store. tailzie'.
Nice looking shoes are not always Ginger ale, Arista Water, EoJas, and
Call at tho Novelty fctoie oUier 80ft atinka at Slow ferry's drink
the result of the election aud is expect
ing a in. in from tho East to investigate
the proposition of operating the mine, as
was stated by Mr. Brown about a month
nnn :.. ... i. i..r .i ..
i t ti , i. t t . .i . other partio3 standing by interfered and
club. Think of what this means to us . '., . .. ...
fSOO per dav paid out among us for
worsted him in the morning fight. He
marched back and renewed tho quarrel
when one of them started for him. At
this ho shot him in the thigh near tho
groin and would have shot him again
but his eun missed Ore and before he
could throw out tho shell and Oro again
emporium, now on dratt.
You can vet Standard bunting tligs at
a special price for Fiag Day, at Chur
chill, Woolley A McKenzie's.
Our $3.00, hand sawed Genii' Shott
are the best in tho market. Call and
see them at the. Noveity Store.
We carrv a full line of rubbers, boots
cood shoes.
and be convinced.
Delicious "salt-rising" bread at the
Home Bakery, corner Oak and Rose
Nothioc but the best material used bi
ll. W. Bcoiamin. dentist. Room 1,
Marsters' block.
"Private lunch room at the Home Bak
ery, corner Oak and Rose street,
loncbes put op.
Fresh home-made bread at the Home
M,nar Oil: and Koee streets.
Alice Baldwin, proprietor.
i:.nn. or,.! nrv.n at creatly reduced
prices. Cash or installments at
T. K. Richakpos'
Teeth extracted absolutely without
pain by R. W. lWnjauun, dentist, room
1, Marsters block, Roseburc, Or.
One extra large box stove for tale at
U. M. Wead'e Hardware Store, suit
able for dry house or large store room, al;on oa farm :o take care of place, or
wages. hen Mr. Hrown talks ho
means business, and he is giviug us good
reason to hope for the operation of the
nickel mines within the course of a few
C. E. rainier, of Drain, Douglas
county, who has been taking a look at
all the Southern Oregon towns with a
view to selecting a home for himself and
family to have the advantage of good
school facilities, has decided upon Ash-
iand and has made the
and shoes. Cill at.d sea them when
ready to buy, at Novelty Store tine seven acre peach orchard in the
Fred Kellev, the man who was shot western part of town from Mrs. L. E
Tuesday by a hobo, is not considered Nonis, upon which he propo3es to build
dangerous now. He is Hat on his back, a reeldence at once and remove his am
Get your cowbov rope at A ead s
Hardware. Tne special (our ply ina-
nilla stands tnice as much as sisal rope,
Dr. Lowe, the cculis-t, will arrive next
Sunday to stay one week. Positively no
longer. Be sure to tee him if you need
Wasted Man isid wife want a situ-
ily. This property formerly known as
the Rogers orchard, is one of the finest
peach orchards in this vicinity. The
price is not announced hut is understood
to be satisfactory to both parties. Tidings
price $15. Takes three foot wood
Go to M. F. Rice's Second Hand store,
Hendricks block, for late improved
Sinpr Sewinc machines, needles, oil,
etc. W. C. Moxboe.
ForTrdc. I have a well broken 5
r.,n!,l hnro. weizht 1500. Aill trade
(or a good buggy horse. Must
vonng, sound and gentle.
C. Van Z:le, Roeburg
Th Kundv Kitchen keeps katcbioc
them and will eventually katch all tl
trade in their line, because they .ep
everything fresher and better and just as
cheap or a little cheaper than stale stun
around town.
When I walk Rosebarg 'raund, 1 m a
lookin' for dat Kandy Krchen and it
most be found, where they keep the be t
of everything. Fresh now, fresh gam
and fresh candies made daily.
The time ol the year has come when
people eat candy. You can tell one who
has good taste. He bnjs bis cindy at
Niece's Kaady Kitchen, the only place
; -,, mi nn ret eandr that 19 fit to
S 1 j w
If joa have bay, grain, bacoa. beei
cattle or a good boggy you wish to trade
for lumber, or ii yoa wish to buy a bill of
first ehua tir or cedar lumber, yoa wii
mraiH to call oa Otto A. Axucr
Comstock, Oregon.
T. K. Richardson has just received
aaoicer or hi luuiur:, - lomce in
fencing, eidewaix lamoer, ana m .ovn ud
floorinz. which will be offered to tne
nnhHc t ireatlv reduced price. Call on
or addreis, T. K. Richardson,
Rosebarg, Or.
Rirr-ntT-i!. hzmiat. 3t M. F. Rice's
tcond band, hardware and furniture
store in Hendricks Block, opposite tbe
not. Second baud goods bought and
sold. Call and examine my goods be
nnrrlnftnj elicwhere. Buy ol me
will work the same on shares. Address
this ofHcv.
Others have found health, vipor and
vitalitv i:i Hosd's Sarsapariila, and it
snielv has rowor to help joualso. Why
cot try it?
W. S. Brit:, the county assessor, who
has beer, down with the rheumatism for
several weeks i able to be out on the
streets ajsin.
Buv voar shoes at the Novelty Store
and if they contain shoddy insoles, etc.
tbev will tell you. Oar aim is to sell
you a good shof.
Btjr.coacli oil 13 the best buggy cr
carnage greasa in tlie orid. try a can
at H. M. Weld's H-ird.ire and jou will
never use anjtLisg elie
The celebrated DeMoss family will
give one of their srand vocal and m
strumental concerts t tbe Baptist thurch
in ihiscitv November 12th.
SkatiDg rink, Wednesday
1t begincer only. Friday
ladiis only. Tnesday and
n lib la are open for ad comers.
. Yoa can get knives for 5 and 10 cents5
and from that price np to f5. Each
knife well worth tbe price asked at
Churchill, Woolley A McKenrie's
Good ad t ice: Never leave heme ona
onroey without a bottle of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrbia Rem-
edv. For sale by A. C. Marsters A Co.
E. Du Gas. Physician and Surgeon,
Marsters' building. Calls in
country promptly answered
men: or day. Residence, 911 Mill street.
C. F. Cathcart, proprietor of the Hotel
VanHocten, who has been in Portland
foi the nast few days ou business, re
turned on Wednesday morning's over
Mr. vt . R. Thompson ami his niece,
Miss Rose Emcccit, of Douglas county,
who have been in Ashland for some
weeks, left Saturday for Southern Call
fornia where they will spend the winte
Ohl For Shambrook's Log!
It is reported that our doughty sher
iff with two men as a poyso was nomi
nally searching last Tuesday niiht for
the man ho shot a hobo TuesJay. He,
the hobo, found them, the sheriff and
pesse, but having a Winchester with its
muule in front of him, the sheriff and
posse only held a friendly confab with
him for a nbile'and the hobo passed by
on the other aide. There was uo log
near by ior the sheriff to bide behind.
The muzzle of a Winchester is not a
pleasant thing to look into when a man
at tbe buiiaesa end of it looks as If be
meant to work tho machinery ; and B:n
and his pofSi evidently considered dis
cretion the better part of valor and also
doubt'ess thju'ht that he ho from
dargerwilkj asy may live to walk
another day.
stotiDod the shooting. Ho then shoul
dered his gun and started across the
Umpqua bridge toward Coos Bay. The
aberiff was notified and started in pur
suit of him but failed to find him that
night. Uo returned to tbo city late in
tho evening, got a bottle of whiskey and
is supposed to have boarded tbe south
bound freight that evening and so has
mide his escape.
Tho wounded man W at the county
hospital in compiny with three other
hntxir-R now hninir cared for at the coun
purchass of a , i exoenga : one of whom was severely
clubbed over the head Sunday night or
Monday morning, very probably by the
one who did tho shooting Tuetday; one
who got hurt in a lumber car two
months ago aud one- who was found
about one mile south of tho city badly
bruised by a pas-iing train not loug
since. This hobo nuisance in this city
has become intolerable and the citizens
will resort to some drastic measure ere
long to abate it if it continues much lon
ger. Tne citizens aro becoming desper
ate. They arc in constant dread of
these "you-owe-me-a-living" class of
genus homo contemptuously termed
hoboes. Tbey are altogether too numer
ous and too reckless of respectable tit
izen's rights.
principal and Miss Maggie Wilson ao as
The fall rains are welcoraely received
by tbe inhabitants of tbe vicinity. By
their appearance it is expected that
helalth will be restored to them noon.
Mr. Wm. Wilson's wife presented him
with a fine son October 20th. The
mother and child are doing nicely.
J. E. Trump, the boss carpenter of
Red bill, has completed a lino residence
for John Wilson about miles Bouth
of town, and is now building a house
and a barn on Mr. J. Bishop's farm east
of here.
Some of tbe Red Hillerp have made
less the contents of their pocket books
bv bettinc too freely on the election of
the defeated free silver candidate, Wm.
Bryan. But they need not g'ieve, for
prosperity, ere many months, will tie
restored to our country, and the money
will jingle in their pockets.
Secure the
The Pacific Coast Newspaper Syndi
cate extends to the people of Roseburg
and vicinity an opportunity to secure a
limited number of sets of the great En
cyclopedic Dictionary, upon the same
easy terms as were recently offered in
Portland and at the low introductory
This offer will hold good, at most, for
a few days only, as the purpose of the
Syndicate at the present is confined to
ftistrlhnr.lnc n limlfprl nnmhar nf nptn fit
D . . I t. r i . i i
vArmna nninfa in 1 1, alato fnr tio Vnr. U.IC "ceu B""
r ... . r. uageueer
Sheep dip at Marsterb'.
McKinley and Bryan hats at the
,For a good o-cent cigar call on Mrfa.N.
Wood taken on subscription at thib
Go to A. C. Marsters A Co. for school
Get your school books at Marsteis'
drug store.
For first-class dentistry uo to Dr. Little
of Oakland.
Solid silver tea and table spoons at
prices at
's grocery.
pose of comparison with other works of
reference. This distribution is rapidly
1" '- ' 1 T "1 it. III
BuwmusHoeuu.uuct ..i. iu ... K West, imnortcd
l.- - :n. - i i 1 t . I . - . " -
io impocsioie io uuiuin uie hut estept i cigars at the Koseleai.
at the advanced prices. An excellent line of
As far as Rosebarg and vicinity is con- Marsters' Drug Store.
From the Ctnjonvllle Aulinche Journal.
Mining promises to be unusually act
ive in South Douglas county when tho
winter rains begin, and the product of
gold for the comiDg season, promises to
bo much larger then usual.
It is confidently expected that there
will be 100 men on Starveout at work
this winter. George Elliff, H. Dyer,
Pat O'shea and John Bailey, all have
night for
null, for
and save money.
Mrs. E. L. Appelboff, teacher of vocal Ashland Tiding?
and instrumental music, wisnes w au- i0 Jerry. the jeweler o! Roseburg,
noonce to her pupils ana me PaD1IC has piaceii0, eae the world-wide popn
.. . rv 1 .l.n will laVp I . .
uik aiier uuui. . 3r Seth Thomas alarm clocc. ibis en
United number of pupils at the rest- . . , hag h;, name jn
denceofW. A. McKenzie, corner ot Lass nlheface of ewy ,j:ner T)ey
nd Main street, ltiose winning ner m- teautiei an 1 perfect timers. Call at
.im.i nn nhootrt encase me nouis uv-
D ' w
fore tbat date
U your children are subject to croup
watch for tbe first symptom of the dis
easehoarseness. If Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is given as soon as the
his shop and inspect them.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Presby
terian church will meet at the home of
Mrs. Colburn Thurtday afternoon, Nov.
12th. The ladies are requested to be on
hand as soon after 1 :30 o'clock as passi-
Farewell Reception.
The members of the HaptUt church
met at tbe residence oi A. Parks, on the
eve of II. K. Happereett and family
leaving for Portland for permanent
residence there, to give them a farewell
reception. Nearly every member of that
church wa- present, a fact nhiih shos
the esteem in whicli the ilappersetta
are held by this coainmnity. A pamplo
of the cakes which formed part of the
entertainment was Uid upon our table
Wednesday morning, phoiug that ood
cheer as el as the beat of neighborly
feelings and Chris'ian charity promp'ed
the valedictory meeting on tbe occasion
of the Happersett's good bje 'o Rose
burg. It was a very enjoyable affair,
though mingled nitii regrets for thi-i)
final departure
Birthday Surprise.
Yesterdav being the anniversary of
Air;. Fred PaceTustin'a birthday a
number of young ladies swooped down
on the residence about S o'clock here
they were cordially received by Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Page-Tnstin. In a short time
cakes, pies, candies and other light re
freshments were served, and after spend
ing an enjoyable evening with song
music aud camesthe young folks retired
leaving a very happy remembrance with
the hostess.
Those present were: Misses Bertha
Sehlbrede, Bertha Carlon, Lilly Crite
ser, Birdie Slocom, Vera Uaynes, Gertie
Rast, Ruth Kelly, Maggie Carlon,
Alamie McCurdy, Hattie Linser, Helen
Willis and Miss Carlon.
pajtng properties.
Perry Henkle, who purchased William KirJey ladiee by sending
The election has come and gone and
every true American should say amen to
the result. The people have spoken by
their ballot and the word is final. Yet
there are some of our pop friends here
that are not satisfied to let the matter
rest but keep tbe town stirred up by
sneering at this one and that one. The
dems would not recognize them but
they are bound to be recognized. Some
of the old ladies are the mort bitter.
They know there is a revival in some
way but they can't tell juet how. Some
of them congregated in one place to wit
ness the McKinley parade. One Fays
"Don't open the door. I wouldn't look
out of the window." She puts mo in
mind of another old lady at an other re
vival she was asked if she had religion.
Her answer was : "I think sometimes I
have, and some times I think it is
worms." But there is a young pep (art
ist in his rniml; that is the greatest curi
osity. He can't be satisfied in being
used as a cat's paw to crack dem chest
nuts, but must take revenge on the AIc-
pictures of the
cerned this is the final opportunity.
The payment of $1 secures the delivery
of the entire set, four massive volumes,
(5375 pages, 250,003 words, of which 50,-
000 are treated encyclopaedically) at
your home or office. Tbe balance due to
be paid in twelve monthly payments of
$1.25 each.
ion will never again have such a
chance. Send your name and address at
once to the Pacific Newspaper Syndicate
in care of The Plaisdealeb and ycu will
be supplied with sample sheets for ex
amination, free of charge See adver
tisement in another column.
All work warranted first class bv fit.
W. Benjamin, dentist.
and domestic
toilet soaps at
Now 13
Levens' mice on Tennessee gulch, is parade to them, but happily the .ladies
makine preparations for a biz run thi I take it as no offense, as it is said a limb
winter, and there is no question of the fell on him when a small boy.
extent ol pay dirt on this claim.
Joseph Ramcay hae a very rich piece
of ground ou the mountain aove the
Henkle claim, which has proved to 1-e a
valuable piece of mining property.
A number of uten ara employed at
tbo Victory mine on Cow creek, and
exteusive improvements have been
made. This is one of the big mining
enterprises of South Douglas county,
and it is reported that thousands of
dollars were cleaned up out of tbe mine
last winter.
About 30 miners will bs busy taking
out the shining particles ot gold on
Coffee creek during the coming winter,
and a prosperous season is expected.
John Bailey was in from Starveout
Tuesday, and states that there will be
about a hundred men in tbat camp dar
ing tho coming winter.
Frank Kane, who has a mine 14 miles
from Riddle on Cow cieek, his a five
mile ditch nearly completed. This ditcb
will brine the waters of Crow creek cn
But I tell you one has to get up in the
morning to get ahead of my Chsilie
He will yet make his mark in the world.
So will a calf if the road is damp, but the
people of Myrtle Creek honor principle
and gentility whenever they find it. We
give the" Roseburg Review credit for the
lack of space to insert pop communica
tion from Alyrtle Creek. B.
The storm of Saturday night was very
eevere. The wind was high and much
rain fell and tbe river is high.
Scottsburg expects to have a McKinley
ball soon. W. G. Grube, H. Weatherly,
Miss Lucv Grubbe and B. McCollum
will furnish the music.
Many of our citizens rejoice oer the
late presidential contest. Bryan is not
discouraged one bit. He is settling back
for 1000.
W. G. Grubbe and W. E
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. trancis. Alderman, Luicago,
says: I regard lr. King's .Sew uis-
covery as an IdPal Panacea for Coughs,
Colds and Lung Complaints, haying
used it in my family for the last five
years, to the exclusion of phyeician's
prescriptions or other preparations."
Rev. John Burgus, Keokuk, ' Iowa,
writes: "I have been a Minister ol tbe
Methodist Episcopal Church ior 50
years or more, and have never found
anything so beneficial, or that gave me
such 6peedy relief as Dr. King's New
Discovery." Try this Ideal Cough Rem
edy now. Trial Bottles Free at A. C.
Marsters' Drug Store.
Commerce Through the Locks.
Daily reports of the commerce passing
through the locks at the Cascades are re
ceived by Captain Fisk, United State:
engineer, in charge ot tne worse, ine
best time made so far in passing a boat
through is 14 minutes, while in some
cases 24 minutes is taken. It depr-nds
on what condition the boat finds the
locks in. If ono lock chamber is filled,
of course, time is saved. On the firEt
day, five boats, carrying 915 passengers,
passed through, but this number is not
likely to be equaled in a longtime The
regular traffic at present is one boat up
and one down per day. It may be nec
essary before long to restrict tbe opera
Elastics aud Headaches.
A youne cirl who has suffered for
months from violent headaches has re
cently discovered the cause, which is
simple and easily removed, Owing to
the new style of bats, which do not fit
well on the head, the crowns being ridic-
Thompson I uloaslv small, she has worn an elastic
child becomes hoarse it will prevent the 0e and to come prepared to tew.
attack. Even alter the croupy cough
baa appeared tne attack can always be
prevented by giving this remedy. It is
also invaluable for colds and whooping
ing cough. For sale by A. C. Marsters.
nf Air. Leonard Wells, of I
a -
Pt Tirimficld. Mass . bad been suffer-
L. H. Wead, Sec.
Salem, Or., Nov. The supreme court
todav handed down its third opinion in
the branch asylum case, and this time
affirmed the judgement of the lower
court in restraining tho state treasurer
from honoring the $25,000 warrant is
ing from neuralgia Ior two days, not be- SQe ;n j,ayn,ent of a site purchased for
ing able to sleep or hardly keep still, location of the proposed asvlum
when Jlr. Holden, the mercnant mere baiiding in Eastern Oregon
. i . Imitli. nf nhnmhorlain'a Pain I
Balm, and asked that she give it a tbor- r. Matcbette's Indian Tobacco Anti
... n r. Woii- dote will cure any one of tho tobacco
onzn trial, on bi"6 -
.t. .... i.. t..M that she was all babit in 72 hour?. It is compounded by
.i' ipfi hPr within two a celebrated physician, and is the reB.ilt
hoars', and that the bottle of Pain Balm of a life time study Guaranteed harm
was worth 10.00 if it could not bo had leaf. Price, only oO cents for a b.g box
Vnr at 50 cents per bottle -enougn ;o cure any u,umaIJ ce
for lets.
by A. C. MarstereA Co.
rtimnptition never worries us, because
wo "buy right" hence "tell right
The facts are theee; every move m our
business is ouly made after the most
Tfnl rnnrideration. nothing left to
chance. Shoes have advanced in price
bat not with ns. We tell you a good oil
grain shoo for $1.25 and upwards, fine
shoes in proportion, li you uouot us,
come and see us, convince yourself that
we have what we advertise. Wo don't
care to do all tho business in town, but
want to get a share of it. We firmly
believe that a concern tbat gives its
customers exceptionally good values in
every inetance is bound to go ahead
year by year. This idea prevails
throughout our entire business. Every
dollars worth of goods must givo the
wearer satisfaction, oven tho all wool
absolutely fast color 18.00 suits.
J. Abraham's Clothing House.
druggists, or by mail, postpaid. Circu
lars free. Dk. Matc iiktte,
Chicago, III,
Divino Services will bo held in St
Clement's church, Oakland on Sunday
November 15. at 11a. in.; and in St
Georga's church, Roseburg at 7:30 p. in
Thanksgiving Service on Thursday, No
vember 20, will be held in St. Clement's
church, Oakland, at IO:J0 a. m
Thanke-offerintr on behalf of the Good
Samaritan Hospital, Portland.
T. N. Wilson,
With two little children subject to
croup wo do not rest easy without a hot
tie of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
the house, for the most sevore attacks
quickly succumb to a lew doseo of it.
Morrison, Colo., Bud. ror ealo at 2i
and 50 cents per botllo by A. C. Mart
tcrB & Co.
narrowly escaped drowning on the night I and made it tight, so that it pressed on
of the 3rd. The net which they were the nerves at the back of the neck
the ground, which will add materially to setting become entangled in the water Any li3t which binds the head will pro-
tbe facilities for working the ground, from catching on a snag and sunk their dace headache, and an elastic such as
Last winter with only one giant aud an boat, precipitating them into the icy I the one described will produce the most
insufficient water fores, Air. K-ine water into dense darkness, the lantern intense pain, especially if whi'e wearing
cleaned up $2700. He will be prepared havim: itone down with the boats, and 1 the hat one is exposed either to wind or
being heavily clothed found swimming
a very difficult feat to perform
Prof. Robbinette returned to his school
labors in Gardiner on Monday, The
professor was feeling quite unwell, hav
to wash out an immense of dirt this
winter with the improved water supply.
Henry Morton, who is mining in a
small way ou a bar at the mouth of Cow
creek, ccnteroplatea rutting in a nhcel
Keyton Heard From.
Oar readers doubtless remember the
trouble our county officials had with
Koyton about three years ago relative to
his brutal treatment of his children
especially of his little girl. He went
from here to Vancouver, Wash., and by
professions of great piety succeeded in
getting control of his two boys which
had been placed in tho care of Superin
tendent Gardner of the Boys' and Girls'
Aid Society of Portland. But Keyton
treated them so cruelly that Mr. Gard
ner again took them from him and it is
hoped they may never be again in his
Land Owners' Union.
This institution has received new im
pulse by the overwhelming majority tbo
right thinking voters have given Major
AIcKinley. Oniug to the previous un
certainty of political matters, tho raana-
wbich will enable him to handle
pay gravel to good advantage.
County Court Proceedings.
It. L. Cox, conslablo of Yoncalla
having removed, Geo. Clark was ap
pointed to fill the vacancy.
The survey of the otter slough trail
was filed and approved.
The court decided to advertise for bids
to relumber, raise and widen the bridge
across tbe Umpqua liver at Roseburg.
Also for bids to line the jail with steel on
all tides and the ceiling aud new grates
in tho windows.
As per petition of the citizens of
Black Alud hollow, the court appropri
ated $50 on condition that said citizens
expend 25 days labor with teams to im
prove said road ; or any such proportion
not to exceed $"6 by the county.
The lower Calapooia Coyote club filed
articles of their organization with names
of officers as follows: Felix Star, presi-
gers susponded aggressive steps, but now dent ; committee of managers, J. E.
tbey hayo been resumed and will bo Ensley, T. E. Farronsworth, R. T. Ktn
urged to a successful finish. Tho coast caid ; R. L. Winnlford, secretary and J.
is clear and what wo can do for Oregon jj FarreiiBworlh, trensuror.
ing contracted a severe cold while oa his
trip to Roseburg and back.
The salmon cannery notified the fish
ers to ceaso fishing last week as the
catch was too much to be taken care of
by the workerE.
A. L. Butler and wife went to Gardiner
last week.
Notice to Delinquent Tax Payers.
All taxes not paid by Noy. 25, 1S9G,
extra costs will be added.
Sheriff will commence to levy on
property for the delinquent taxes
Nov. 20, 1S915.
A. F. Steakns, Judge.
W. L. Wasox,
AI. D. TitoMrsox, Commissioners.
will henceforth receive our closest atten
tion. T. J. Jackson,
Attention Firemen.
Members of Reecue Hook aud Ladder
Co., No. 1, are rcqueslod to meet at
their hall, Friday, Nov. 13th nt 7:30 p.
in., in full uniform. By order of tho
president. C. Y. Be.nmlmin,
Tho bridge across Looking Glass creek
was completed aa per contract with R.
A. Fellows and a wairant ordered drawn
in his favor for $75.
It was ordered that all attornoys now
occupying offices in tho court houso,
vacate said offices by the 31st of Decem
ber next.
What the Matter Was.
Portland, Oa., Nov. 10, 1S96
To the Editor: Aly attention has
been called to a recent issue of your
paper containing a communication
signed "X" referring to the
loss and retlccting on Mr. Conkling, the
agent of the company writing tho insur
ance. While I have no particular inter
est in the matter, I was tho adjuster in
charce of tbe loss and am familiar with
all the facts.
Iu justice to Mr. Conkling, I desire to
say he had nothing, whatever, to do
with tho case other than to urge a
prompt adjustment. He in no way in
dicated that any ill feeling existed be
tween Air. Kearney and himseil. it is
quito evident that the article was in
spired by an officious third pen-on but
for nhoso interference tho matter might
have beon amicably settled long ago,
It should be borne in mind that an "hon
est loss" docs not always mean an hon
est claim. This was particularly true
of the caso in question. Newspaper
articles, the obvious motive of which is
coercion, aro not calculated to enhance
the chances of a speedy settlement
W. J. Greene,
Light bay mare, weight 1050 pounds;
has no brand aud no saddle marks, no
spots of any kind except the left hind
foot is white. The mare is about
six vears old. Tho animal came to my
Kfrnv place iu the early part of last winter. I
have inquired but no one knows tne
animal. She is in mv enclosure, one
mile north of Cauyonville.
Goods below cost at Caro's.
the the time for bargains.
Nobby suits and latest styles at Little
Jack's. Prices very low.
All styles and qualities of hats at Abra
ham's. Bedrock prices.
Fred Floed. lawyer, rcom 'J. Tavlor A
Wilson block, Roseburg, Oregon.
Country produce ot all kinds bouzht
and sold at Casebeer'a grocery etore.
Office to rent on Jackson street, oppo
site tbe post office.
Jewelry, watches, diamonds, cold pens
and optical goods at the lowest prices at
Liye and let live" is Dr. R. W. Ben
jamin's motto. Dental work done at
bedrock prices.
At Oakland, T. L.Graves is authorized
to receive and receipt for subscription to
the Plaindealeh.
Fine gold and silver fillings put in bv
R. W. Benjamin, dentist. Prices to
suit the times.
Have your dental work done bv R. W.
Benjamin, dentist. All work guaran
teed first class.
Casebeer the grocer, corner Jackscn
and Washington, keeps the best grocer
ies. Try him and be convinced.
Largest stock of iancv chairs at Alex
ander A Strong's, ever brought to Rose
barg and at prices lower than ever.
Bring your job work to the Plaesdeal-
er office. We are prepared to do the
cheapest and best work south ol Port-.and.
N. Rice, at his ware rcoma cn Jackson
opposite Marks' iron front, has choice
household furniture and tin ware at
prices to suit the times.
Take notice, Dr. Benjamin, tbe dent
ist, is permanently located and guaran
tees all his work. Give him a call and
examine work and prices.
If you don't war.t to suffer with corns
and bunions, have your boots -and Eboefc
made at L. Laneenburg's. Repairing
neatly and promptly done '
For a good hat, stvlish and cheap, cal
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
smbraces all grades oi head gear.
The Square Deal sto: e has jast opened
up a beautiful line of W. L. Douglas
shoes, which prove to he the test" shoes
made. Come and inspect them.
I am prepared to offer lumber or wood
at reduced prices. I am taking in lum
ber and wood on old accounts and in
trade for gcods. T. K. Richardson.
Caro Bros', closinc out sale is drawinc
crowds to the Boss Store. Low prices
and quick sales is the older of the day.
Goods must Le sold at any sacrifice.
Call and see.
Jack Abraham, sentp furnisher, keeps
the best goods and Litest of every thing
in bis line, and sells them at a lower
price than any of his competitors. He
also sells boots and shoes at astonishing
low prices.
Notice is hereby civen to the public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the paity taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to so do.
tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. Aaeon Rose,
Koseburg. Oregon, .March 17th, IM.
A Valuable Prescription.
Editor Alorrison of Worthington, Ind..
"Sun," writes: "You have a valuable
prescription in Electric Bitters, and I
can cheerfully recomend it for Constipa
tion and Sick Headache, and as a general
system tonic it has no equal." Airs.
Annie Stehle, 2625 Cottage Grove Ave.,
Chicago, was all lun down, could not eat
nor digest food, had a backache which
never left her and felt tired and weary,
but six bottles of Electric Bitters re
stored her health and renewed her
strength. Price 50 cents and $1.00.
Get a Bottle at A. C. JIarsters' Drug
IJ..P. O. Elks.
Regular meeting tonight. Initiation
and other buainoss of importance. All
brothers are requested to bo prosent.
You can't get five nr ten-cent knives himself, though rather incoherent.
DeMoss Family at Baptist churco Fri
day night.
For Over Fifty Vcoih.
an Old and Wzll-Tkied Remedy. Mrs
Window's Soothing Syrup has been uicd for
over fifty years by millions ol mothers for their
children wullo teething, with perfect bucccbs.
It soothes the child, softens tbe gums, alUys all
tmln. cures wind colic, and Is tho best remedy
for Diarrhoea. Is pteatant to tho taste. Sold by keep worthless goods of auy kind. But
druggltts In every r"t of tho world. Twenty- when you find you need a good knife
nve cenis a uoiue. i u .touciuui. como . nnJ t tho be8tInace aml iiavo
avrui.. and takenoothei kind. t guaranteed to stay sharp,
"Liverine," manufactured by the An
chor S Chemical Co., the great Liyer,
Kidney and Constipation cure. An in
fallible remedy for all curable terms ot
diseases of thoso organs. Tho greatest
knows remedy for Indigestion. Try it.
For sale at M. F. Rapp's drug store,
Roseburg, Oregon.
To Bowlers.
At the new Bowling Alley, corner
Main and Washington street?, wo are
still Coing business, but commencing to
day, Nov. S, bowling will be nt half rates
until further notice.
AIoox & Larimer.
Carl Fisher, the hobo, who was badly
beaten over tho head last Alouday by a
brother of the craft, has recovered con-
Eiiousness and gives a partial account of
The Central House.
W. H. Gordon is now the proprietor of
this popular house. The table will be
supplied with the best in the market
good beds and courteous treatment.
Aleals 15 cent, and beds the same rate.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
at II. M. AVead's Hardware. Ho don't
Last Sunday night, some person or
persons, lower down in the scale of mau
hood than a digger Indian, cut out and
carried off tho lead pipe in ono of the
water cloeetB at the school house.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.