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OCTOUKK 10, 1S95.
!f lh .;.. d rtiid i' "
t- .tlti for nil Lu:kf-t 9
J v fi'n
t-v, --J
. r. .lilt ll
lirsy or
Jcaifiy poi
cn. Joy's
j 1 par .11a
:oba the
Naod c f nil
t s . i-Ti-He-,
a 1
lorcr chan
nels. Joy's
cures Dy--pepsu,
C h ronic
Com points
and Kidney
pi- "l
thCSC 3ipiUl-
Joj's Vegetable
prevents urcd feel-
lnKS stargerinsr. Kn-
eauons, palpitation
of heart, rush oi
blood to tho head,
diciness,ringuyj in
cars, spots before the
ores Headache bil-
ioasness.oonxlj nation
of bowels, pains in
longue coated, foul
breath, pimples on
fao?, body and limb,
aeclineomerro force
dizzy spells, faint
spells, cold. elimmT
Jcel and hands, sour I
"sings, latigue, In
somnia, and all dis-
rases of the stomach,
liver and kidneys. 1
-s VesttaKe Str
rTU 11 ttz& by ta
w Ktisse a
"ft -a VTn
U. S. Department of Agriculture
Weather Bureau.
Kosxscas.Ore October ?,
HiuvcTti 15 a. aa. Pacific time
iUMSKTK s p. io. Parffic tlme-30.1T.
ilaximsj temperatsie, 6i
Mmlaam tesperaisre. l.
Rainfall f w the It bocrs eadia; i p. m,. e.
Total rainfall since 1st ot mosth, .
Average rainfall for this moatti far lT ycirs
Total rainiatt f.-w nt. 1. IS, to Oate.TL
Average MMtMy rjjBfall inm sept. 1. 196, to
date. 2.7 1.
Accaarelaled exeee front 1, lsjft, to
date. UK.
Averase prccspttaueo r IS wet eaoa5.
Thos. Gi&sn, Observer.
Foetus. Or-, Ocfber M. i; H ta.
earner irrcaa Kr iae nes. Jj ttour, lor
Roebsrc ii vicinltr:
Thurviiy aa-i Friday, lair wcalber, wanner.
1'iSCc Local Forecast Official.
Oceters at the Kandy Kitchen.
rare fresh candies, fmits and nuts at
the Roseleaf.
Wanted A girl to do reneral houe-
woik. Apply at this office.
L wight ICeeJ and wife of Oakland
came op to Itosebarg today.
W. J. Lander made the I'ujxdealle
a pleasant basiness call today.
Altgeld. tlie IlKaels anarchhUc gover
nor, is a candidate for re-election.
Miss Masd IUgon has been elected
Eupernnnierary for the Uosebarg tmUk
Hair Ornammlt, I'urur, 1'vrttt ltt.
'e line of the latest aovelties. Call
and see tltem at the Nereity Store.
A lire gtioat was cant Bred at a l'urt- i
land mateniiiziiK; eanoe oq ui jlit
last i
week. It proved lo be the mcJism.
Don't you know I ha I Hood's i-arsapa-rilla
wii: overcocoe that tired feeling ami
give jrou renewed vigor and vitality?
"My mother has been relieved of
stomach troobies by Hood's narsapa
rilla." Samuel Larence, SchoH's, Or.
Irs. Markw it. Baxter will be in
Kosebarg Monday, October I-ilh, and
will speak in the Baptist church in the
Miss EsHe Chamber?, who has been
visiting in MarshCeld, jased through
Bosebnrg last Monday, to Iter home in
Baker City.
3Iiss 3Iary Haines of Eekley, Curry
county, is in the city for a few days, on
her way to Monmouth, where sho will
attend the Normal.
Mrs. Kose Arrington, of 3Iarshfield is
in the city, the gnest of Mrs. J. I. Chap
man. She will zo to Portland soon to at
tend the exposition.
If yon don't watt to enffer with corns
and bunions, have your boots add shoes
made at L. Langenburg'a. Repairing
neatly and promptly done.
The silver craze is losing its grip on
the public pres. Like the measles it
has had its ran, the fever has Enbsided
and the patient is convalescing.
Niece & AVilliamnon't; oyster iarlor
ami restaurant is now open, where you
can get fresh oysters in any style and
meals at all lnwrs. At the Candy fac
tory. Rescue Hook c Ladder Co., No I will
hold their regular meeting Friday night.
A full attendance is desired. Members
will appear in full uniform for inspec
tion. The weather is excellent. We have
had three weeks of fine dry weather.
Mr. Gibson of the observer bureau had
better put up his storm flag soon or grass
will Buffer.
There is a leer war on in Portland
among the brewers. "What the people
there want hi beer war in the saloons
that will cut iirices to two beers for a
Mrs. Lischen 3Iaud .Miller of Eugene,
who is arranrinir with Ihe W. C. T. U.
for an entertainment to be given next
Thursday evening, made this office a
pleasant call this morning.
Mr. .Tcihn Hall. ejc-commt6sioner of
Douglas county, residing at 31yrtle
Creek was in the city yesterday. 3Ir.
Hall is largely engaged in prune culture.
He has gathered from his orchard and
dried a car load of prunes.
A communication from "3Iollie," our
Glendale correspondent, was received
this morning, but too late for publica.
tion. fc'he is at Grants Pass, enjoying
the hospitality ol noiei josepmne,
which fihe confiiders a model hostelry i
every' respect.
The picture of ntylc, bfauly and relia
bility, all lh" merits of fanhionn weaves
and colore, all tho virlures that dross
coo da oQglit lo possess, are combined in
tho fabrics which wo now offer. That
tho riticKs aro the lowest wo leavo you
to judgo. Novelty Store.
There will bo preaching at tho old
Grange hall 011 each Lord's day at 11 a.
m. and 1 :30 p. in., Sunday school at 10
a. in. by J. M. Hudson, the evangel
ist, and others. Biblo reading on Tues
day night and prayer 1 11 outing oq Thurs
day night of each week.
.Miss Carrie Sykes has been granted a
leave of absenco from the Building and
Loan Association as secretary, and Mr,
H. Wollenberg has been appointed her
deputy till tho close of tho year. Miss
Carrie has lieen a very good secretary
aud.carrics wih her the best wishes of
the board of trustees of tho association.
From Mondays Daily,
I). C. Agler of Junction City is regis
tered at Ihe McClalleii.
A. F. Harrington of Portland is regis
tered at tho Van Houten.
A. A. Eugle the Nasby of Peel is in
the city today on business.
Hon. G. W. Kiddle of Glenbrook came
down to the city today on business.
I. A. Border and K. M. Dunuivun of
Myrtle Point aro registered at tlie Mc-
There will be a dance at lon's hall in
Coles-valley, on Friday evening, October
11th. A good time is guaranteed to all
who participate.
Mr. J. C. Quaut, 000 of tho substantial
and influential citizens of Driver Valley,
u in the city today on business before
the countv court.
Married, Sunday morning, October 6,
1S05, by Rev. N. S. Buckner, Sir. Henry
Lueresen and Miss Alico Buckner, daugh
ter of the officiating clergyman.
James Laird of Sitkum, Coos county,
came oyer to the city today. He sya he
was in the city when it took its first vote
under its first charter, October, 1874.
Gearge Estes of Roseburg, the offi
cial scent managing excursions from
Douglas county, is very enthusiastic and
hopes to hava at least half of the popula
tion of Douglas county on bis excursion.
Married, at the residence of the bride's
parents. October tith, 1S05, bv Rev. W.
H. McLain, Mr. Lewis A. Scott of Linn
county and Miss Ida E, Unite of Douglas
Died, at Olalla, October 5th, ISM. .Mr.
John Fisher, near his residence at this
place, of heart failure or paralysis. 31 r.
Fisher was 67 years of age and an old
pioneer ol this place having fettled here
in 1S53.
It is reported that the domestic organi
zation of the Vatican is such that if the
pope were to be taken fatally ill it would
be tej-t secret for several days. Lately
it has been arranged that not even the
body servant of the pope could pen
etrate the seciet. But the health of the
pope at present does not at all justify
such proceedings.
From TBesdar'i Pailr.
J. Martin of Looking Glass is iu town.
S- S. Caldwell of Ashland is in the city.
C. H. Stearns of 31 U Scott is in town.
A. F. Harrington of Portland is in the
. J. T. Cwier of Oakland was in town
C. H. Brower of Portland is in
city today.
L. G. Williams of Portland is at
Van Honten.
Henry Luerssen left last nielit on
overland for Princeton, 3Iinn.
The 3Iiiica Atterbeiy of 3IL Scott are
registered at the Van Houten.
.Miss Zeha Zigler leaves for 3Iedford ou
tomorrow morning's overland.
Thos. and Wm. Thompson of Coles
valley are in the city on business.
.Mrs. u. at. lase 01 Junction city, is in
the city, the guest of 3Irs. D. S. We3t.
E. P. Jenning and wife of Ironwood,
Iowa, are stopping at the Van Houten
Though sngar has advanced 1"J'- cents
per sack our grocers sell at the old
The honorable county court is now in
session. Present, Judge Steams and
Commissioner C. II. Maupin and W. L.
The Revs. Robert Ennis of Jackson
ville. N. P. Dadge of Grants Pass, F, T.
Foster of Ashland and U. A. 3Ioses of
Oakland are in the city today.
The time for purchasing tickets for the
Portland exposition is fast approaching.
The excursion train will leave Roseburg
Wednesday morning. October 10th, at 8
Our reporter may be a little excited
over the result of 31ocday's election, but
be says 3Irs. Boyd gavo him a peach
today that weighs four and a half pounds,
Go to Mrs. Boyd's for peaches.
3Iesers. Stilly and Abner Riddle o
Riddle are in the city today on busi
nesa. Messrs. Riddle have lost over a
thousand bushels of prunes this year for
the want of drying capacity to preserve
Wm. Laugh and Bailey Singleton left
today for their mines on Myrtle creek,
They went prepared to remain two or
three weeks. 3Ir. Laugh is very san
guine of success in his search for the
auriferous mita
J. H. Pearce of Cleveland brought to
the Plaindealck office today a sample
of yellow Danver and red Weathersficld
onions 14?4 inches in circumference or
an average of 14 inches. They were
raised on his ranch this season. They
ehow unmisiakably the fertility of Ore
gon soil.
W. D. Rrenner, a lawyer of King
ston, N. Y., and Dr. W. Kimball of tho
same city, are stopping at the Van Hou
ten. They have been enjoying them
selves for the past few weeks in Yellow
stone National Park and are now gun
ning for grouse, deer and varmints in
this vicinity.
W. C. Wilson of Melrose was in the
city today. Mr. Wilson has a juartz
mine in the Green mountain district on
which be has erected a four stamp mill,
which will be pnt in operation in a short
time. He is now on his way to Portland
to purchase an engine to run the mill
The mining industry of Douglas county
this coming mining season bids fair to
be one of great prominence.
California (or Oregon) Bartlett pears
tbo English have learned, may be
lwititrht and if covered up will keep for
Ihrrn or four daya or ovon a week, payn
General Manager Thomas of tho Cali
fornia Fruit Transportation Company.
Tho French shippers of fruit who havo
hitherto controlled tho London market,
arc already leginning to bo afraid of
California, and I can seo no reason why
California fruit will not soon take pre
ccdcnco in London, aa it has in New
York and Chicago."
From Wednesday's Daily.
Social danco at tho armory Saturday
night. Music by tho Rosoburg orchestra.
Hon. L. Bilyou of Latio county is in
tho city today ou business boforo tho
county officials.
The voto of tho election hold Monday
will bo canvassed at the city hall next
Monday evening.
R. 31. Merriuiau of Priuco Ceutervillo
School, Wash., is visiting Dr. F. R.
Coffman this week.
Hon. Plinn Cooper reports that ho has
gathered and dried about l'MOO pounds
of prunes this season.
Miss lula Bradley, one of our good
teachers, left this morning for a few days
isit to friends in Central Point.
Dr. N. P. Bunnell is reported 011 the
streets this morning as improving with
reasonable hopes of bis recovery.
As usual there aro twenty, more or
ess, applicants for night watch. I lie
longest pole rakes tho persimmon.
B. WrStroug -md Free Johnson wont
to Salem yesterday aa representatives to
tlie Grand 1-oJgo K, of P. now iu session
The managers oi the S. P. Co., are
the most efficient firemen on to road.
They havo tired Charles Wilson and
3fort Young from the service
H. V. Smith is in the city today. He
has had a lay off from his train service as
mailing clerk on the railroad for about
GO days, to assist his father gather and
dry his prune crop. He reports that
work finished and that the crop of dried
prunes is not less than 15000 pounds.
N. Rice has moved into the Taylor it
Wilson block with his furniture where it
makes a fine showing. He is now ready
to sell yon furniture of all kinds on the
most reasonable terms. Call and see
Mr. Rice in his new quarters. He will
take pleasure in showing you bis stock
and not grumble it you do net purchase.
Word came to the city late last night
that Isaac Leh nherr was burned in his
barn on East Ump)oa river about five
miles above Peel postoffice.
Tlie particulars will not be learned till
the return of the coroner, K. L. Miller,
this evening or tomorrow cnorning. It
is thought by some that he has been
foully dealt with and thrown into the
barn and then set on fire to conceal the
The election is over. Tin sun, moon
and stars continue to raise aud set as be
fore. There are of course, eonio un
pleasant reminiscences ol the conflict.
A few of the defeated candidates feel
sore and disconsolate as a matter of
course. We deeply sympathize nilh
persons in distress everywhere, but sym
pathy must not be allowed to stand io
the way of justice. The people have
spoken. Their behest must be observed
though tlie heayena fall. Vox populi,
vox dei.
The supreme court of Oregon lias
handed down its decision'in the cai In
vestment Trast, limited, respondent, vs.
Geo. C. Sears, sheriff of Multnomah
county, appellant ; affirming judgment
of lower court. In plain English the
sheriffs are allowed lo collect mileage
fees for serving lcral Mpcrs in the
course of his official buines. "The
court construes this simply to mean jus
lice stiali iv ailmtmstenM without y-
ment, except such as the law mav
reasonably fix."
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powdei
superior to all others.
31 r. Ernest H. Palmer, a ho founded
the house of Palmer &. Rey in this city,
15 years ago, and has been in charge
ever since of the Pjlmer it Rey branch
of the American Type Founders' Com
pany, has been promoted to Pacific coast
manager of the different branches of the
Type Founders' Company, including
San Francisco, Portland and Ixs Ange
les. His headquarters will be San Fran
cisco, for which city he will leave here
the end of this month.
31 r. J. X. Brands of Chicago has been
appointed local manager ol the Ameri
can Type Founders' Company's branch
in this city to take the place made vacant
by .Mr. Palmer's promotion, and will
leave for the West in a few days. He is
veteran in the type and Newspaper
Union business, and for several years
bas been connected with the firm of 3Iar
der, Luse & Co,, now a branch of the
American Type Founders' Company in
Chicago. Telegrain .
The Square Deal Store.
The Square Deal store is now receiving
a full and complete stock of fall and
winter goods, consisting in part of cloth
ing, hats and caps, ladies' and gents'
underwear, a fine assortment of misses'
and childrcns' shoes, gents' boots and
shoes in endless variety, dry goods, fancy
goods and dress goods, all of which are
offered at extremely low prices. They
are determined not to bo undersold by
any mercantile house in Southern Ore
gon. Give them a call.
JScrvoiin Shock.
E. W. Joy Commst Gentlemen: This is
the first time I have attempted to write for
three years. Have been so nervous and ucak
that I Lave laid in bed for most of Ihe lime.
A friend vtbo ha1 taken vonr barraiiarilla
cent me two boUlcs. The second one It moat
rone, and I have Rained 3) ounus, and surely
eel a new woman. 1 was pale, tnin, no am
blUon. Uad given up, as I had tried so man
remedies and doctors, but found no benefit. I
you care to publish this you have mv consent.
(Signed) MRS. A. TIlXMAN,
Alameda, CM.
Ilcadscbe, Bllllouancrs and Torpid Liverldls
appear when you take- Joy's Vegetable Barsa
parilla. Something New.
F. D. Searcy bas at 223 Jackson street
a unique exhibit, a la "nickel in the
slot." A shot in the pupil of tho bull's
eye will set the menagerie in motion,
accompanied with a full orchestra of
music, Ooly a nickel and the pull of a
triger will admit you to witness tho
The Pelton Water Motor
Oi capacities varying from 1 to 25 horse
power affords the most convenient, eco
nomical and reliable power for all light
service. One of these may be seen run
ning at this office. Send for circulars.
ThePellon Water Wheel Co., 121 Mnm
St., San Frannlpco, Cal.
flalionc Is Dead.
Wahiiinhton, Oct. 8. General Ma-
hono diod at 1 o'clock thin afternoon
Tho end came iwaccfully, almost im
perceptibly. Tho funeral will bo held at
Petersburg, Va.
(Tho country will long romemlwr Gen
eral William Mahouo as 0110 of the most
pieturo8(iuo tlgurcB and characters in pub
lic lifo during the last 30 years. Lxce-
lionaly slight in statuo and frame, Lo has
boon a marked man in general assemb
lages. His peculiar style of dress, es
pecially hia.-hat, attracted attention to
him. This broad-brimmed, soft felt
hoad gear seemed out of proportion lo
tho tiny form beneath it. But boncath
this shndo sparkled a pair of tho keenest
eyes ever losaessed by man.
General Mahone marks an epoch in
the history of tho United States siuco tho
late war. Ho has beou during tho last
quarter of n century tho central figure in
Virginia pclitics, and at one timo his
slight figure was the nucleus of one of
tho most violent political storms that
ever waged in congress.
lie was in hisCJth year. II is favorite
sobriquet was 'Hero of tho Crater," won
by his wonderful courago in tho attack
on Petersburg when tho Federal forces
sprung a ruino beneath the Confederate
delensos. He fought like n tiger, and
later historians give to him almost alone
tho credit of keeping Petersburg from
Union hands by repairing before sunset
the shattered Confederate lines.
He had j lined the Confederate army
at once afier tbo secession, participating
in the capture of tho Norfolk navy yaid
in IStil, and raised and commanded tho
Sixth regimeut of Virginia. He was
commiMtoned as a brigidier-general in
March, ISO, and six months later be
came a major-general. At the close of
the w-tr he returned to his original work
of engineering, and becam" president of
the Norfolk & Tennessee railroad.
A spirit of leadership led him into the
political arena, and he at ooce assumed a
foremost position in the internal affairs
of Virginia, which was at that time laden
with an enormous debt that soon became
the issue of vital importance between the
political parties. He was elected to the
United Slates icnate in 1S79. He was like
a firebrand cast into a mass of dry tinder.
From the pecaliar attitude that he at I
once assumed, he caused one of Ihe most
bitter controversies and stubborn dead- i
locks ever known in the history of that;
body. Mahono at last acted with the
republicans, and gave them tho organi
zation of the senate
His course brought ,
down upon Ins head the wrath ol I he
democrats, but the republicans received
1.: o ti. t
..... .
laiiuuau iu i iriuia wu iuiucu uicr iu
1.:... c:. n..t t. i. 1
LJ I kit . CtUlC IU 1 1.11 U HO llrtO UVVIi 1 1
, ... 1
ce the republican leader ,n it-
mm tin pn'n In IhA ipniln unltl I
..w -
iMi.vnen 11c was ueicaieu. .11nougn
no nas since resiucu almost constantly in
this city, he retained citizenship in ir-
' . . .: . .
. . . . a .1 ;
it. . .r,H in ICnfl was " . n In.
-luiAi n ii tow nma m viiuiuio IUI i . t-i, t , .
" ' to Larkln from which he transferred to
governor. He was best known here of... ... , ... .
r . L . - rr . . 1 Jlission electric car and went within a
iaie rears dt uis euorxa 10 secure me
purchase by the government for a print-,
-T. , , , ,
ng office site a square of ground owned '
by him. The quaint figure of its owner
was always seen in U10 lobbies of both ;
house and senate at the close
of cvorv !
. . ... i
power in the third house.)
Kidney. :
K. W. Jot (YiNrasv -t.tntlemen I have'
suffered from kidney trouble for two or three
yran. 1 omi nave 10 set up in me nijni to
void mt urine from ten In rifieen tirnca. Mr
sleep was dUturbed, and 1 became very thin
ana nervous. -o appetite; mweu romtipated.
I hare taken two bottles and gained tiftcen
pounds. Sleep well. Have to set up atont I
three timet during nlsht. and am -very much
bctlrr in every rofect. Will continue to take 1
your Vegetable aruttarllla. for believe It will
entirely cure me. (Mrnol 1
stock ton, Cal. 1
Was Firing at Insurgents.
Havana, Oct. S. Dispatches from
Santiago de Cuba say the government
cruiser Alcedo has been firing at bands
of insurgents ashore in the neighborhood
of Care 3Iays. at the eastern extremity
of Cuba. September 'M a steamer, be-
lieved to be the Alena, which left New
York September 'Jl for Kingston. Savan-.
illo and Carthagena, stopped under tho '
imprcision, it u presumed, that she was
being fired upon, but not receiving any
answer from the cruiser and seeing the
latter was firing towards the land, she
continued on her course, apparently
headinc for Jamaica. Tho Associated
Press dispatch giving the first news of
the stopping of the Alena was held by
the authorities here.
State of Ohio, Citv or Toledo,
Lccas County, I
Frank J. Ciieeny makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the Arm of F. J. Cheney &
Co., dolnc business in the City of Toledo, J
vonniy ami aiaic aioresam, ami snai saiu iirm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured bv the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D., 1M.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure! is taken internally and
acts directly on the blond and mucuos sur
faces ol the system. Hcnd for testimonials,
free. F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Dnixs;Ists,75c.
French in Madagascar.
Port Icis, Island Maritius, Oct. 8.
Advices today from tho Ialaud of Mada
gascar announce that the French ex
peditionary force which havo been ad
vancing on Tananarivo, the capitol, for
many weeks, captured tho place Setcm
ber 27. The prime minister and the
court lied to Ambosistra. The nows was
brought to the coast by xmricrs from
Vatamaudry, September 20. Dispatches
from Tatnatave say Faralatra was bom
barded by tho French, October 3, aud
was assaulted the following day.
for Over Fifty Yenrjt.
As Old and Well-Tried Remedy. Mrs.
n'inslow'i Soothing Syrup has been used lor
over fifty years by millions of mothers for their
children while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, cures wind colic, find Is tho best remedy
for Dlarrhaa. Is pleasant to the tiste. Sold by
druggists In every part of the world. Twenty-
live cents n bottle. Its value Is incalculable.
Bo sure uud utk for Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing
Syrup, and take no other kind.
Hearst's New Paper.
New 10RK, Oct. 8. A morning paper
says :
W. R. Hearst, the California journal
1st, has purchased the Journal. Mr,
Hearst finished his examination of the
books and formally entered on his duties
as editor aud proprietor last night.
Samuel Chamberlain, formerly of tho
New York Herald, who ban boon mnnng-
ing editor of the Examiner for several
years, also assumed the role of managing
editor of the Journal.
Rumors Regarding Hill.
Sr Paul, Oct 8. A dispatch today
says President Hill, of the Greiit North
oru, will resign about the firet of the
year and will be succeeded by his son,
Samuel Hill, who la already president of
several branch lines. It Is stated tho
reason of this action is to remove the ob
jections to his peeurlug control of tho
Northern Pacific. He is every day get
ting a firmer hold upon Northern Pacific
Durrant Testifies.
San Francisco. Oct. 0. Theodore
Dm rant was placed on the stand this
morning to testify in bis own behalf. It
was the intention of tho defooso to recall
Charles T. Lenahau, but Lenahan was
not present and Durraut was called to
ttie stand.
Gonoral Dickinson conducted the ex
amination. After telling his age and a
few facta of that kind, the attention of
tho young medical studont was directed
to the event of April 8. On the morn
ing of that day he said hornet Blanche
Lauiout, to whom he had first been in
troduced at Emanuel Baptist church last
September. After relating the facts
about his trip with Miss Lamont to the
Sutler-street car he said he went to the
Cooper medical college intending to at
tend the lecture at 11 o'clock. Stillman,
however, did not lecture, and Durrant
said that he and another student named
Ross went for a walk. When they re
turned half n hour later Durrant went
to the library to consult the authorities
on certain questions under discussion in
his classes. About 1 o'clock Durrant
paid he went for another walk with a
student named Diggins. They were ab
sent half an hour. Returning Durrant
went In to the library and remained un
til 3:30 o'clock, when he went to the
classroom where Dr. Cheney was to
"Was the roll called at the close of the
lecture?" asked Dickinson.
"It was," replied Durrant.
"Were yon in the classroom, and did
you answer to your own name?"
"I was present and answered to my
own name."
Durrant's answeis up to this time had
been given in clear, well-modulated
tones.'without hesitation or undue haste.
Then came a question at which the pris
oner beilated a moment before he an
swered. "flit! vnn tnlrn nntam at Ilia I Aft n.aT
. ,
Durrani's eyes were cast down for a
moment. Then be raised his head. "I
, 1 , ,, , i-i
BUUiD uwes, uu rcpiieu,
'but they
J are not very full."
, 111
r ie luiK'-a noiea were prouueeu ana
gJmille inJ
nrmnl n.rl In . .
aauiwt t a aMU VIMW va IUU
, - ,. c , ...
to repair the gas fixtures. He said he
, . c ,, , , ,. , ,
took the Sutter-ctrect car and transferred
. , .. , , . .
. . . . . . .
1 i in. nii; yvyuj vi Mio Mil,
. . . n .
Entering the church Durrant said he
took off his coat and vest so bia watch
trnnliln't fall mil nf bia fM-wtrt vIiiIa af
. 1 1 -j .1 , . ..
brarv. ihen lie catheied the necessarr
I tools and went to the attic to repair the
sutiburners. In order to make tbo teati
. mouy more easily understood a black
board was brought into court and Dur-
' rant traced a diagtam of this section of
of Emanuel church and its tall tower,
In order to repair the burners be said it
was necessary fur him to lie at full
length 011 a plank with bis head much
lower than iiis feet. Tlie gas was partly
turned on in order to test the lighting
,apparatus. then Durrant took a gas
burner and stepping down to the jury
box explained to the jurors the construc
tion of the burner with facility, while
Ihe jurors leaned over the rati eager to
j catch every word that came from Dur
rant's lips.
After repairing the burners Durrant
said he descended to the auditorium
where he found George King playing on
the organ. Asked to what conversation
took place, be said:
1 said. -Hello. Oeorge; 1 heard you
playing Irom up stairs. He said some-
thing about my looking pale. I told him
that he would look pate if he had been
through what I bad. Then I explained
that while I bad bien fixing the sun-
burners I had been partly overcome by
Ihe escaping gas. I felt very sick, rather
' nauseated, and asked him if he would go
to the drug store and get me some
!l -l - l. T
oromiue seuzer. 1 gavo aim tne money
and in 11 few minutes he returned with
the medicine."
After drinking tho seltzer Durrant said
he helped King carry a small organ down
stairs. Then he asked King bow he
looked and King said ho did not look
as he did a few moments before. Dur
rant wanted to seo for himself, however,
and went to the mirror. When the work
at tho church was finished Durrant said
ho walko to Twenty-second and Mission
streets with King. He walked a block
or two out of his way to accompany
I King, as ho had plenty of time. Alter
j leaving King ho went homo to dinner,
but did not eat heartily, as ho still felt ill
from tho effects of Ihe gas, aud in the
evening he attended services at the
church. There he met Mrs. Noble,
Blanche Lamont's aunt, and asked her
if Blanche was coming to prayer meeting
that evening, aud Mrs, Noblo Bald she
did not think bo. Durrant also spoke of
a note that he paw Mrs. Noblo hand to
Mrs. Moore.
While Durrant was telling of tho
events at prayer meetlnit, Mrs. Nobby
watched him closely, and on two oc
caeions shook her head, as if disagreeing
with tho testimony he had given. Dur
rani described the way in which he was
dressed on April 3, after which court
took a recess until '2 o'clock.
E. W. Joy Company Gcntluoiuu; I have
jusi completed tne necoiui bottlo ol your Vege
table barsapalllla. 1 liavu bad Catarrh fc
years which affcutcd my eyes, hearing and
stomach, frequently would have dull head'
acne lor uays at a time. Since taking your
remeuy i navu ieu uo.aisagreeauia symptom.
Trusting you will publish this as I want an
0110 suffering from any of the abovo symptoms
n l.A I. .... 1! I ... I 11... II.. . . . . ..
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Seattle, Wash
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Prune drying is over, for which we are
all very thankful, and now we want a
prune Imyei.
School increased wonderfully after
piutio pickiug whs over. Tin-v Imd to
borrow peals from tho other dlritrict to
accommodate them all.
Mr. G. K. Quine's family have moved
into their new house.
Mrs. B. F. Lohr of Roseburg was visit
ing her sister and relatives here a few
days ago.
Mibs Blanche Riddle oeiied school on
Rico Creek, Iho 7th inst.
Rev. Farrar of Klamath Falls,
preached two very interesting sermons to
us Sunday morning and ovoning. He
came to Riddle with Rev. Miller, whom
he is visiting at the present time.
Miss Laura Fiekert of Nichols station
was visiting friends in Riddle, Monday
and Tuesday.
Hank Nichols drovo tomo fino beef
cattle down from tbo Bad Lands a few
days ago, which he will ship in a short
Miss Bontly and Miss Chad wick of the
Cbadwick farm, attended church here
A. Riddle and Slilley Biddle were do
ing business iu Rosoburg Tuesday.
Mrs. Dona Catching and family are
moving into their house in town again.
Mr. Carter of Canyonville came over
to Riddle on his wheel Sunday.
Mrs. Kimmell aud Mrs. Pardee of Can
yonville attended church here Saturday
A. Riddle aud son finished drying
prunes the 8th instant, They will hava
00,000 pounds of dried fruit for Bale.
Prol. E. McBroom and Mr. H. Parry of
Roseburg, were doing business and visit
ing friends in our town a few days ago.
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erman, of Dimondale, Mich., we are per
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New Discovery, as the results were al
most marvelous in the case of my wife.
vt bile I was pastor of tho Baptist church
at Rives Junction she was brought down
wun rneumonia succeeding La GriDDe.
Terrible paroxysms of coughing would
last hours with little interruption and it
seemed as if she could not survive them.
A friend recommended Dr. King's New
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Southern Oregon Presbytery.
The Presbytery of Southern Oregon
met in Roseburg at U a. m.. October 8,
1S95, as per adjournment last spring.
The opening sermon by the moderator
was deferred till 7:30 p. m. The Presby
tery was opened with a half hour devo
tional exercise.
Rev. R. B. Dilworth was elected mod
erator and Rev. S, S. Caldwell, tempor
ary clerk.
Rev. G. A. Holzengcr was granted a
letter of admission to the Presbytery at
The Fresbytery entered upon its rec
ords a protest against officially recogniz
ing any one branch of tho church of
Christ as tho "Christian" church.
Report of committee on conference was
adopted, reporting that Revs. Halzinger,
Scott and Cox were oxcused from the
The acting moderator preached a ser
mou from the words, "Heroin do L exer
cise mysell to have always a conscience
yoid of offense toward God and toward
man." Acts xxiv:lt5.
itev. j. l.. Jones 01 tlie Columbia con
ference of the M. E. Church, South, was
invited lo sit as a corresponding mem
A. S. Foster, A. Marcellus, Robert
Gunis, F. G. Strauge, R. B. Dilworth,
Robert 3IcLean. W. C. Scolt, S. S. Cald
well, H. A. Mosser.
J. J. Hall, T. T. Foster, C. Gaddis,
J. SI. Byers, W. P. Dodge, M. A. Strange
and G. W. Wonacott'
The Presbytery met at U a. m. Min
utes were read and adopted. The Sab
bath school missionary report was read
and referred back for correction. It was
corrected and reported back and ap
Tlie report of the committee on publi
cation of babuath school work was
amended and adopted. Presbytery took
recess till 1 :30 p. m.
Presbytery called to order at 1 :30,
Report of aid to colleges and acade
mies was accepted and recommends
tious adopted.
The committee on home mission made
a partial reiwrt. Its recommendations
were adopted seriatim.
The minutes of the Bandon church
were adopted.
The presbytery went into committee
of the whole to discuss the school work
of Rev. R. B. Dilworth.
The report of committee of the whole
was adopted, being favorable.
The treasurer was instructed to ask
the churches for 5 cents jxt member for
presbyterial papers.
The committee on the minutes of the
general assembly was accepted and tho
committee discharged.
The report of the committee on bills
and overtures was accepted and the
committee discharged.
The report of the committee on judi
cial business was accepted and the com
mittee discharged. I
Ashland was chosen 11a the place for
the stated spring meeting.
Tho state clerk was instructed to
grant H. A. Mosser a letter of dismission
and recommendation to a presbvterv
while he shall manse to whom he calls.
Standing rule two was laid aside and
tho presbvterv ordered to meet at Ban
don tho third Thursdav in August, lS'JH
Rttohtd, That the presbytery of
Southern Oregon hereby cordially thank
this congregation for hospitably re
ceivmg, bountitully tootling us, and 111
various other wava contributing to our
comforts, making all our session pleas
ant and tending to make our wav
smootho and agreeable.
F. G. SritAMii:, Chairman
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Another Pioneer Gone.
John Fisher, who died in Olalla Satur
day, October tho 5th, was born in Illi
nois, .May tho 22nd, 1828. Ho immi
grated to Oregon in 1852, was married lo
Miss Sarah E. Olmstead in 1851, who
died in 1881. To .Mr. and Jlrs. Fisher
was born thirteen children, nine of
whom survive them. Their daughters
are Jlrs. Jane Gurney, 3Irs. Rose Noah,
and iliss Nellie Fisher. Their sons are
Fred, Daniel, Benjamin, Logan, Jacob
and William. All living in Oregon but
Daniel, who is in San Jose, Cal.
Mr. Fisher was followed to his last
resting place in the 3IcGuire cemetery.
on Monday, October the 7th, by almost
the entire community, all of whom
deeply sympathize with the berieyed
family in their hour of sorrow.
Thus are the old pioneers who endured
the dangers and privations neceesary to
convert this onco savage wilderness into
a happy, prosperous aud fairly well pop
ulated stale, fast paesing away from the
shore of lime. Allen.
Two Lives Saved.
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An Unusual Sight.
A pretty sight was witnessed here just
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Bandon Recorder. A large meteor shat
through the atmosphere to tho westward,
leaving its course marked by a cloud, or
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At point? along the zig-zag course, the
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Tax Levy for 1895.
The county court has made tho levy as
provided by law for the current year as
State 4.5
School 4.0
Indigent Soldiers 2
County 13.3
Total levy.
To the Public.
On and after this date, I wish it under
stood that my terms for all undertaker's
goods are cash with the order. 1 find it
impossible to do business on a credit
basis, and belive that I can do better by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
for cash. P. Benedick, Undertaker.
Roseburg, Or., April X2, 1S05.
County Court.
L. F. Walcot, supervisor of road dis
trict, No. 51, resigned, and Geo. Slater
appointed to fill the vacancy.
The contract and bond of Albert Wil-
Bon for the Lone Rock ferry were ap
proved October 7ih. The contract pro
vides for tbe payment of $12 per month
from the county funds, aud the ferry
free to tho pnhlic.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Marie.
40 Years the Standard.