The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, March 07, 1895, Image 4

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C.Y. BENJAMIN, .... Manager.
t SabscrtpUoa Kate:
Ono Year payable la advance S oo
Hoatai, " r oo
Months. " 30
Kcdhot Elections Ewrj Tear, bat the
Sleeted Never QuallTy.
Tho town of Humboldt, Kan., Is an
organized city of tho third class, with
1500 people, and for 18 years there Jiaa
.not been a municipal officer in tho town,
although tho city election has been held
every year. Thereby hangs a tale, and
as it contains a warning against tho vot
ing of bonds and going into debt it
thonld bo told.
In tho spring of 1870 there was pro
jected south from Junction City to Par
sons a railroad called the southern
branch of tho Union Pacific. Humboldt
was sot a young town then, but bond
voting was tho fashion, and Humboldt,
which was old enough to know better,
voted bonds to tho extent of $175,000
for tho road. Not satisfied with this
dobt, in 187G tho town voted $25,000 to
the Fort Scott, Humboldt and Western,
a road known in tho west as tho "Old
Fifth ParalleL This road was graded
from Fort Scott to Humboldt, but it
was never equipped. Tho grade may be
seen today by passengers riding along
tho Missouri Pacific But tho grade did
not bring tho flood of trade that was ex
pected, and tho bonds being sold to the
usual "innocent purchaser" the town
began to skirmish around the courts to
keep from paying an unjust debt The
inevitable came, and In 187G tho town,
as a legal corporation, dissolved into
thin air.
Then when the officer of tho court
camo to Humboldt in 1876 to compel the
mayor to turn over the interest duo on
tho bonds he found that, although there 1
had been aredhot election tho spring
before, and although there was a man
there called mayor, there wa3 in deed
and in legal truth no mayor at alL
The situation has remained the same
for IS years. In two years more tho debt
will be outlawed. Then Humboldt is
coming up to breathe the free air once
mora as a municipal corporation. At
present the programme is written upon
a "tangled web." Everyyear the mayor
and dry council aro elected. The old ad
ministration retires and tho new admin
istration comes in only it doesn't It
comes to tho threshold, but it doesn't
enter. It does not "qualify."
Tho council meets without tho oath of
office. The mayor is merely chairman
of a committee of citizens tho council
and tho meetings of tho committee are
held regularly. Ordinances are passed
giving tha city marshal and tho street
commissioner power to keep tha town
orderly and clean. Tho council cannot
handle any public mosey. Tho little
money teed by tho council is raised by
private subscription among the residents
of tho town, and as it doesn't go through
aay red ts$e machine and as every one
who pays these volunteer taxes knows
just how much he pays far everything
tho mosey is not squandered. It is, in
fact, a business administration. The
city marshal is only a fiat functionary.
As city marshal ho has power to do
nothing except scare small boys who
throw melon rinds in the alleys and to
notify owners of pigpens to cleanup,
but as constable of Humboldt township
he can arrest men and esfcrcQ tha laws
as well as the best policeman in the
The street commissioner has no power,
save with the consent of tho people,
whose property he grades up or down.
He is a sort of advisory board. The city
clerk issues licenses to show which aro
clearly fiat and his records of the pro
ceedings of the council would have so
weight in any court 2ono cf these ap
pointive officers qualifies. The whole
machinery of administration in the little
tows is carried on by common consent
The present mayor tho man who was
elected, but who has not qualified and
will not is W. T. ilcElroy, editor of
the Humboldt Union. 3Ir. HcElroy has
been in the little town for 30 years, and
his paper is 29 years old. He thinks
when the citizens get out of this hole
the man who offers to vote a band on
the tows site will bo banged.
He says that the city stands ready to
compromise with tho "innocent pur
chasers" of the bonds for exactly what
the purchasers are alleged to have paid,
25 cents an the dollar. This propositi an,
he declares, has been made and rejected
several times. Every few men tha an of
ficer from Bomo court tries to find funds
of tho extinct corporation is some bask
in the country. 2ioi long ago the officer
tried Iola. But so far tho courts have
been usable to get the funds. The little
tows seems to have tho best of tho con
test and only time will release it from
tho trouble. Memphis Commercial-Ap
The Bot Are All Dolnc Pint Bate, TTianV
Tou, Jut at TM Wrltlsa
Fortune is once more looking favor
ably upon tho Battenbergs. Amorement
is afoot in Bulgaria to place Prince
Joseph upon the throne occupied for a
few brief years by his gifted brother
Alexander, and as the present ruler is
rapidly losing his popularity, which was
never great, the change is not at all
improbable. Joseph's brother Henry,
tho husband of Princess Beatrice, has
been again received into high favor by
bis mother-in-law, Queen Victoria,
whom ho had offended by fancied slights
upon her daughter.
Today wo learn that the British ad
miralty has adopted an invention by
Prince Louis Battenberg, who is an offi
cer in the royal navy. Last year, as re
corded in Tho Sun, ho devised a new
semapboro for signaling aboard ship,
which, however, did not turn out to be
of much practical use. His second in
vention, described as a course indicator,
has bad a better fata Tho admiralty,
as the result of exhaustive trials, has
ordered that the flagships, battleships
ana cruisers bo fitted with it. Many ex
perienced naval officers reported ad
versely upon this couree indicator on tho
ground that it was calculated to cngen
dcr carelessness among navigating offi
cers, but the prince's influence natural
ly prevailed. New York Sun's Euro-
peas Letter.
'ft !!
Notice is hereby given to the public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Boseburg, Oregon, or garbage
' damped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to so do.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ae-
CO ruing to law. njwun imidii
Roseburg, Oregon. March 17th, 1801.
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Mining Application No. 54.
United States Land Office, Roseburg, Oregon,)
February M,18U5 J
Notlco Is hereby given that the Oicen Mount
ain Mining Company, a corporation duly lncor-
B orated under the general lair of tho Stato oi
rccon, with Its principal ofllco or place of
business at Portland, Multnomah county, Ore
gon, by Its duly qualified and acting president,
V. C. Wilson, whoso post ofllco address is Clove
land, Douglas County, Oregon, has, on tho 17th
of August, 1887. filed Its application for a patent
for three hundred feet In a southwesterly direct
ion from tho discovery cut, and twelve hundred
feet In a northeasterly direction: from said dis
covery cut. In tho aggregate fifteen hundred
linear feet of the Ureen Mountain Quartz
lode, bearing gold and sllverquartz, together
with surface ground six hundred feet In width
situated in Green Mountain Mining District,
County of Douglas and State of Oregon, and
designated by tho field notes and official plat on
fllo In this office as Surrey No. 5 and Claim 38,
on unsurveyed lands but In Sections 32 and S3,
Township 32 south, llange 4 west, when the pub
lic survey is extended, said Lot No. 38 being
dlscrlbcd as follows, to wit:
Beginning nt a DOlntthreohundrnl foet smith.
35 degress west of discovery shaft or cut at post
iso. x ai me center oi aoumeriy cmi of said
Claim No. 38. from which the s.intheiuit mrnw
of section 32 and 33, Township 32 south, Rango -I
wu3i, tvuiameiio Meridian, on mo itn standard
l'nmllel South. D-iUKla Coantr. Oregon, beam
south 5 degrees east CO. 37 chains distant, a fir
30 inches in diameter bears north 41 degrees
west one hundred and twenty links
distant, a fir IS Inches In diameter bears
south 63 degrees cost ID links distant,
inenca norm oo degrees west zuu leet
to post No. 2. from which yellow fir 30 Inches
in diameter bears south SS degrees cast 17 links.
yellow fir 21 Inches In diameter bears north 43
degrees cast 78 links, mathront 6 Inches in di
ameter Dears sonui m degrees west si links;
thence north 35 degrees east 1500 feet to post No.
3 from which a fir 20 inches In diameter bears
south 20 degrees west 2S links distant, a fir 12
Inches tn diameter bears north 64 degreus east 31
links distant: thence south 65 degrees cast COO
feet to post No. 0, from which mathcrone C
Inches in diameter bears south 23 degrees west
32 links distant, matberone 6 inches In diam
eter Dears norm -u degrees cast u linns aistant;
thence south 35 degrees west 1500 feet In post
No. C, .from which fir 12 Inches In diameter
bears north 55 degrees west 26 links distant, fir
ten inches in diameter Mars south 57 degrees
west 27 links distant; fir 8 leches in diameter
bears south 80 degrees cast 31 links distant,
thence north 55 degrees west 300 (hundred)
feet to place of beginning, magnetic variation
19 degrees east, containing 20.65 acres.
The location of this mine, W. J. Worley
locator. Is recorded In tho recorder's office,
Douglas county, Oregon, in Book .of Record of
Mining Claims, Volume 2, page 728. The ad
oininx claimants arc it. s. Jones an-j A. s.
Whiting on tho noitherly end and F. Clarno
Co.. on tho southerly end.
And any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said Green Mountain Mine or
surface ground, arc required to file their ad
verse claim with tho RegUter of the United
States Land Office at Roseburg, In the State of
Oregon, during the sixty days period of pub
lication ncreoi, or mey win oo oarrea oy vir
tue of the provisions of the statute.
it. n. r.Aiuii, itegister.
Sheriff Sale.
-I- nf Orpirnn tnr Ihp Pnnnt. n f TVtm?l.
Stephen Minard,
Wit. McBec and C. A. McBee.
State of Oregon I
uounrvot Douglas.l
iuncu at a xeguj&r term ot tnts circuit
Court of the State of Oregon. County of Douglas,
in hh: uo saturuay, ueccmDtrna, ixh, tne
plaintiff above named recovered Judgment
against the above named defendants for the
sum of tour Thousand Six Hundred Thirty-
lurcc ami id-iuu i4(jj.131 uoiiars ana costs ana
disbursements taxed at VZJO, ifor fXO attorney
fees herein taxed and against the following de
scribed mortgaged property, to-wlt: Beginning
at the comer of section 15, 16, 21 and 22 In
Township 28 South, Range 6 West of 1 iUamette
Meridian, running the nee east IS 15 feet, thence
north 2 degrees 10 minutes east 1570 feet, thence
north 4S degrees 5 minutes east C63 feet, thence
north 32 degrees and 41 minutes least 400 feet.
tnence norm 17 degrees east sjo leet, tnence
west 1732 feet to the l i section corner on the line
between Sections 15 and IS. Township 23 South,
Range 6 West of the Willamette Meridian.
tnence soutn 'JC40 leet to tne place of beginning,
containing 125 acres, in Douglas Connty.Oregon,
toxetner witn me tenements, nercui laments ana
appurtenances thereunto belonging or In any
wise appertaining, and whereas it has been de
creed bj the Court that the mortgage of plain
tiff be foreclosed, and all the right, title and la
tere si oi saia acicnaants, vm. iiciiee and u. a.
McBec, or either of them, had In or to the said
S remises on the 4th day ol October, 1SS7, the
ate of the execution of said mortgage, or at
any time thereafter, be sold in the manner oro-
viuca oy law, ana me proceeds arising mere-
irora De applied to tne payment ot me costs and
expenses herein, and to said indebtedness, and
that said defendants. Win. McBee and C. A.
McBec, and each of tbem be barred and fore
closed of nil equity of redemption in and to the
saia premises.
Now therefore, in the name of the Stat? of
Oregon, I have levied upon, and will on Tues
day, the 10 Ui day oi March, 1S05, at 1 o'clock
r. 11. 01 said aay at tne uourt House door in
Roseburg. Douglas County. Oregon, sell at nnb-
uczanciiou 10 tne nignest Didder lor cash in
hand all the right, title or interest which said
defendants had in or to the above described
mortgaged property on the 4th day of October,
1SS7. or at any time thereafter, together with the
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto be
longing or In any wise appertaining, and will
apply the proceeds arising therefrom, first to
the costs and disbursements of said sale,
and the costs and disbursements herein taxed at
I6T50: second to the payment of KXU attorney
lees; mini to tne payment 01 tne sum 01 4-1033.13,
with interest thereon at the rate of 8 per cent.
per annum irom tne 22nd day of December. lKtl.
and the over-pins. If any there be. pay to the
saiu acicnaants, or meir icgat representatives.
M. t. UAillUAKi,
Sheriff of Douglas County, Oregon.
By D. R. Simjibbook, Deputy. fists
Sheriff Sale.
X State 01 Oregon, for Douglas Couoly.
Sylvester Pcnnoyer, Geo. W. McBrlde'
and Phil Metchans, Board ot Com
missioners for the sale of school
and university lands, and for the
investment of the funds arising
J. L. Fisher, piary U Fisher, L. S.
Lamb, A. C. Marsters and Sol.
Defendants. J
State of Oregon,
County of Douglas.)
Whereas at the regular December term. 1S34.
of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
Douglas county, pisintins aoovo namea recov
ered a Judgment by forcclosnre of a mortgage
against the above named defendants. J. L. Fish-t
cr, Mary U Fisher, L. S. Lamb, A. C. Marsters
and Sol. Abraham, and. against the following
described mortgaged premises, to-wll: The SW
Jof thoNEIirandtheSEK of the SE i and
the W J4 of the SE U of Sec, 25. also the A' of
the NEK of Set 36. all in T. 26 S., R. 7 West,
containing j acres in uougias uouniy, urcgon,
together with the tenements, hereditaments and
apmirtcnanccs -thereunto belonging or In. anv
wise appertaining, and whereas at the regular
December, 1S94, term, to-wit: On Friday, De
cember Hth, 1W4, an order of sale was made for
saiu mortgaged premises, ana wnercas, it was
decreed in said order of sale that the defendant.
L. S. Lamb, Is now owner in fee simple of said
premises ana mat tne ueienaanis A. u. Marsters,
boL Abraham and J. L. Fisher each havo a valid
claim against said premises in tha sum of sOO
each, with interest thereon at tho rate of 8 per
cent, per annum from the 20th day of October,
U02, and that said claims are subsequent in ef
fect to lien of plaintiff, that said premises be
sold according to law and that the purchaser be
placed In Immediate possession thereof, that
me aeienaanis J. u tisncr, aiary L. tflsner, L.
S. Lamb. A. C. Marsters and Sol. Abraham be
barred of all equity of redemption in said prem
ises. Now therefore I will on Saturday the 23rd
day of riarch, 1S95, sell all the right, title and
Interest J. L. Fisher and Mary L. Fisher had in
or to said premises on the Stfi day of May, 1530,
and also all the right, title and interest of but
and all the persons claiming by nndcr, or
through the said defendants, J. L. Fisher and
Mary L. Fisher, from and alter the Mh day of
May, 1S30, and will apply the proceeds arising
therefrom, first to the payment of the costs and
expenses 01 me loreciosure ana saie 01 saiu
propertv: second the sum of 4110 attorney fees;
third to the payment of i 1117.10 with interest at
8 per cent, per annum from December 14th, 1S91.
and it after tho aDDlIcatlon of the Drocecds of
said sale aforesaid there Is any sum remaining
mere De paia me aeicnaanis j. u. tisncr. a. c.
Marsters and Sol. Abraham the sum of f200 each
with Interest at the rate of 8 per cent, per an
num, from the 8th day nf May, 1890, and tha
overplus if any there be. I will pay over to the
County Clerk to be distributed by order of the
Court. C. r. CATUCAKT,
flSU Sheriff.
Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon. I
NOTICE Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his Intention
to mako final Tiroof in snnnort of hi claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Roseourg,
Oregon, on March 2nd, 1835, viz: Uriah. N. G sl
asher, nn Homestead '-Entry, No. 71S2, for tho
SK. nnd NJf, SWJf, Sec. 20, T. 21 S., R. 6
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz:
Wiley Pllktngton, Stephen Wright, Asa Cole,
and Abram Cole, all of Oakland, Douglas
county, uregon. k. m. vjsatcu, Register.
we will send you
a Brilliant Gem
of unusual color, J um
and a copy of
"The Great Divide," so you can see
what a wonderful journal it is, pro.
vided you name the paper you saw this
in. It s a real Jewel we 11 send you,
6!HE. &
This Space
New York
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and small, to Rent,
Stock Ransres. Timber
O i- 1
Prune and Hop Lands of best quality, in choice locations,
in quantities to suit intending ourchasers, at reasonable
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
New Era
Manufacturers ol
the Celebrated
Brands of Flour,
Bran, Shorts. Feed, Etc., Constantly on Hand.
Highest Cash Price Paid for Wheat
Ti Northern) pii5iFii
Is the Line to Tate
To nil Points East and South.
It la the DDnUG CAR ROUTE. It runs through
Composed of Dining Cars Unsurpassed,
Pullman Drawing Room Sleepers,
01 La'.eit Equipment,
Best that can be constructed and In
which accommodations are both FREE
and FURNISHED to holders of First or
Second-class Tickets, and
A Continuous Line connecting with All lines,
affording Direct and Uninterrupted Service.
Pullman Sleeper reservations can be secured in
advance through anv agent of the road.
THHOUCH TICKETS To and from all Points in
America, England and Europe can be purchased
at any Ticket Office of this Company.
Full information concerning rates, time ot
trains, routes and other details furnished on
application to an; agent, or
Assistant General Fassencer Agent,
No. 121 First St. cor. Washington,
Dr. Gibbon's
U-J" comer of Com
mercial, San Francisco,
Cat. Established in
1851, for the treatment
of Sexual and Seminal
Diseases, such as Uoh
orrhea, Gleet, Strict.
urf, SyphU is.ln all Its
forms, Seminal Weak
ness, Jmpotenej, and
Lost Manhood perma
nently cured. The sick and afflicted should not
fall to call upon him. The Doctor has traveled
extensively in Europe, and inspected thoroughly
the various hospitals there, obtaining a great
deal of valuable information, which ho is com-
? stent to Impart to those in need of his services,
he Doctor cures when others fail. Try him.
DR. GIBBON will make no charge unless he ef
fect? a cure. Persons at a distance CURED AT
HOME. All communications strictly conflden
lal. All letters answered in plain envelopes.
Charees reasonable. Call or write. Address
DR. J. F. GIBBON. Box 1S57. Sau Francisco. Cal
Notice is hereby siren to all whom it may con
eern that I hre appolntel D, W. Stearns ot Cala.
pools, precinct Deputy Inspector of Stock for said
precinct; postoffleo address, Oakland; also A. J.
Chapman ot Wilbur, and Ralph Smith, at Rose
bnrg, to act during ray absenat, and others wil
bo added as parties Inspected make their desire
known to me.
Ruseburg, May 1th. 1SS7.
nsrctor ut btuca tor Douglas county.'Or.
Two Doors North of Depot Hotel.
Table supplied with the best the mar
ket affords. Meals at all hours, 25 cents.
Special rates to families, and particular
attention given to immigrants.
W. I. D. DEARDORFF, Fropr.
Reserved for
Cash Store,
Lands and Mininc Pronerties.
& CO.
Roller Mills,
VVJ1ITE Oo Ceata per Saclc
95 Cents per Sack
Soathern Pacific Co.
Express trains leave Portland daily.
feouth I
I NortrT
6:15 r.x.
10:15 A. X.
Lt. - Portland - Ar.
Lv. - Roseburg - Lv.
Ar. - San Francisco Lr.
113) r.x.
7:00 r. x.
Above trains stop at all stations From Port
land to Albany Inclusive. Also Tangent,
SheddsyHalsey. Haadabnxsu-Junction. CJtjrr
Irving; Eugene and an staHons-from Ecseburg
to Ashland inclusive.
Rosebtir Mail Daily.
8:30a. x. t Lv. - Portland
Ar. 1 430 r. x.
5:50 p.m. I Ar. Roseburg - Lt. 1 70 x. x.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers
Aitached to all Through Trains.
West Side Division.
Between Portland aad CoryaJlls.
Mall train dally (except Sunday).
7:30 x. x. I Lt. -12:15
r.x. Ar. -
Ar-1 5:35 r.x.
Lv.l 1:00 r.x.
At Albany and Corrallls connect with trains
of Oregon Pad lie railroad.
Express bain dally (except Sunday).
4:40r.x.Lv. - Portland - Ar. 18:25 a. x.
7:25 r.x. I Ar. - McMlnTille Lv. 5:50 x. x.
the Eastern States, Canada aad
Europe can be obtained at low
est rates from George Estes, Agent
Manager. Asst. G. T. & Pass. Agen
tho County of Douglas.
Sol Abraham, Plaintiff.
L. C. Beardsly, Peter Hume, E. B.
Preble, Martha A. Boggea and T. R.
Sheridan, Execntors and Executor
ot tha estate ot T.R. Bonn, de
ceased. The Ongon te California
Lumber Co.. a corporation. T.
Born, S. W. Condon, Dist. Atty.
for DourIs County and Ada E part it-
lev, Defendant.
To L. C. Beardsler. the above BimMd,f,,.f
In the name ot the State ot Oregon, you are
arrcuj rcquinn at appear ana answer tne Cora,
plaint nlKdarainstvou in the abova mtitlrd ,
on or before tha first day of the next regular term w -M
of said court, for said Cbunty and State, appointed 73
to be held and to commence oa Monday the ISth u;H
aayoijuarcn, A. u. istu, tnat being the first
day of the term of said court regularly f olio-win ir
the expiratlos the time prescribed, for the publi
cation of this summons in and by an order herein
made by the Hon. Judge ot said court and bear .
ing date the 31st day of December, ISM, tor the
service of this aammous by the publication there
of for 8 consecutive weexr, and if you fail ro to
appear and answer said complaint, the plaintiff -
ucicui wu ba&sjuugmcD& against you ana a de
cree as follows:
1. lor tne sura cf S979.97 with hlrnt t v
rata ot lb per eent. per annum, from tha 7th day
of Octobrr, 1893, and for the further sum of S100
aa attorney's feea and further for his costs and
. tL,?11?' Ji? tea7'iD described premises,
to-wit: 1-ot Number Nineteen (191 in Brook's and
Belden'a Addition, the same being the Brooisido
Addition to the Citv of TtrMYmn. In v. rv.M.
if Douglas, State il Oregon, according to the offl.
ciu sorTcy ana put 01 aaia aaaiuon ot record In
the office of the County Clerk 0 Douglas County,
Oregon, containing Nino (3) Acres more or leas,
together with the tenements, hereditaments and
appurtenances thereunto belongintr or in anywise
appertaining, be sold by the Sheriff of said County
and the proceeds of (said ;ssle be applied to the
payment of the above amounts, and that you aud
all persona claiming under you or subsequent to
the execution of tho mortgage sued on herein
shall be barred and foreclosed of all right, rim .
or equity or redemption in the said premises and
that execution issue against you for any de
ficiency which may re mam after applying all the
proceeds of the sale ot said premises properly ap
plicable to the satisfaction of luid judgment.
d3U0 Attorney for the PlalnUffT
C. 6. Cannon is agent for the Fin' 1
man's Fund and Home Mutual Insurausa
Companies. They are both PacificCoaat
Companies and therefore deserve your
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