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MONDAY, JAN. 14, 1895.
Senator Wolcott's Lucky Draw In tlio
"llracc" Gamo Tlio Old Kcd Ear Story
Keloid In Coadensctl Toriu Tlio rcraon-
- !
al Confession of Ono of "tho Company."
"I suppose Senator Wolcott is ono of
tbo coolest men liviugwhcai engaged in
n gaiao of chance, " said Albert Watson
of Denver. ' 'Liko most men whoso early
manhood has toa spent onthofrouticr,
ho learned tho ralno of a poker baud and
tho best way to keep cases as soon as ho ,
learned law, and ho was known ns a lim
it' player all over Colorado before his
famo as a lawyer had spread ontsido of
Denver. When playing faro, ho always
U1U iU4ll J . i--v.
tarn of a card as tho dealer will allow
him to, and when ho sits in a poker
gamo tho other peoplowant to keop
their eyes wido open and play their
cards mighty close tip to their chests.
"Wolcott on co found himself iu a
gamo of poker where thrco of tho other
players wero playing a sure gama Thoy
were professionals and were after a big
bcndlo of money that ho had in his pos
session as well as looking for that which
tho fifth player, a mining operator
named Durkin. was known to have.
Wolcott know in 20 minutes after tho
first hand was dealt that tho intention
was to rob him and wearied his wits 1
trying to find a way oat cf tbo gamo J
without making trouble, but ho couldn't
discover a means to savo him. At last
ho was dealt a pat flush of diamonds
mado up of tho 5, 7, S, 9 and jack. Ho I
skinned theso cards over and did a
mighty piece of thinking. Ho felt in his
bones that a Hush would bo no account '
in tha world when it camo to a show-)
down, but ho chipped in and staid to
ilraw cards. To his surprise, ho wasn't
raised before tho draw.
"Ho looked over his bright red dia
monds and concluded to draw a card, in
order, if possible, to strengthen tho se
quence. Ho pandered a long time be
tween discarding tha 5 spot or tho pic
ture, and at last tossed away tho jack
and called for a card. The dealer looked
surprised at his wanting any, but gavo
him tho card. Wolcott picked it up and
found ho had got tho G spot cf dia
monds. He never turned a hair. Tho
betting began, and he nursed his se
quence oi ciamonus ami just staia ;
along, letting tho other fellows do tho
raising. At last it got down to Wolcott ;
and ono of tho professionals. Finally
there was a call, and the other man
showed fosrqueens. Wolcott laid down
tbo 5, G,t7, 8 nd 0 of diamonds and
swept in tho pot. Tho gamo stopped '
right there. I reckon that was tho great-'
est piece cf lack that any man ever had
in a poker game."
When Hr. Watson had concluded his
interesting recital anil tho wonderful
draw had been expatiated upon, one of
his listeners remarked that ho reckoned
it was his deal. "This is a story of luck,
too," ho remarked, "butcf a different
character from that experienced by Sen
ator Wolcott. A friend of mino who
lives out in ilaryland was playing in a
littlo poker came not long ara. The
paraphernalia of the game was primi- j
tivc, consisting cf a single well thumbed
deck of steamboat cards, with grains rf !
by a, regular tempest of bad luck, and
his corn was down to a very few grains.
He agitated his mind for a minute or
two and then suddenly announced that
ho had forgotten to give his horse water
and would have to do it. He went out cf
tho house, and being familiar with the
premises made his way to the comhonse,
and putting in his hand in tho dark got
an car of com and put it in his pocket.
Then ho went to tho stable, after mak
ing a big noise at tbo pump to let tho
fellows inside believe he was moistening
his animal, and returned in a few min
utes to tho house. He sat down and pro
ceeded to pull out tho 'chips' ho had
placed in hi3 pocket when ho left, and
which bo had substantially added to
meantime. Yon can imagine his con
sternation when ho found that he drew
forth his original dozen whito 'chips,'
with twice that many red. Ho had man
aged to find in tho dark tho cnlyrcd car
in tho ccmbouse."
"I'll mako a personal confession after
that," said Henry Miller when tho
laugh subsided. "Somo years ago I was
prono now and then to indulgo in tho
delights of draw, and t hero was a friend
living near me, over in Georgetown,
afflicted with intermittent insanity of
tho samo sort that visited him at inter
vals coincident with my own. Conse
quently wo usually hunted tho animal
together. Ono night wo came over this
ddo ot tho creek together and proceeded !
to a place on Ninth street, whero a pub
lic game, with table stakes, was pretty
popular. Along about 1 1 o'clock wo
both got broke and concluded to go
home. Tho eight had grown stormy,
and it was sleeting like sin when wo
left tho 'club,' as it was called. A search
revealed that wo had bat ono car ticket
between us. The bobtail car?, without a
conductor, were then used on tbo Met
ropolitan line, and wo conceived tho
highly original idea of splitting that
ticket in half and dropping tho two
pieces in the box. Wo boarded tho last
"car over and carried out our scheme.
Yon may knock mo down if both pieces
didn't fall in the box white sido up.
The driver glanced at them and then
started to open tho door, but wo both
made a break and got off tho car. I
mado up my mind there that my luck
wa3 too utterly Lad for a poker player,
and walking home through that blizzard
I determined to try no more poker, and
I haven't touched a card in a money
gamo since." Washington Star.
Cheyenne is a word of doubtful origin.
Somo say that it is from tho Indian
aheyenne, meaning btrauger; others that
it is French, from cliien dog and that
tho town in Wyoming of that namo was
called so from tho prairio dog villages
common on tho plains.
Notice 18 hereby given to Hie public
by the underBisned that I !o not allov
dead animals to be buried on my prom
ises, at Kosebnrg, Oregon, or garbage
damped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the iarty taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to so do.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cordinz to law. A.wtos Hoke.
RoseburK, Oregon. March 17th. 181.
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Laneenbcrtt'tf. Closing out nalc. No
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Where to petit. Ail tho material, oven to tho minutest littlo artlclo ot trimming. Just
how to mako It, etc, eta This alono will bo worth titty times tho cost of tho subscription
to any woman.
A PATTERN and any (our of tho following standard books, bound In whlto and cold, new
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if you send at onco twcnty.flvo Co. stamps for a ncwyearly subscription. Wo Ipso money by
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4. Thk Kao or Duuosns Oorre M. Fcniu
t. 1.ADT Oaaot. Mr. Henry Wood.
6. The Scenes Hailing. Charlotte M. Brarme.
t. The mi ado w or a six. Chatlotte M. Brume,
. viiiri or a monroa. n. iiunL
o. The Pecmss, "The tiuchtii."
II. A Wicked Riau Mary Cecil liar.
rj. Mej.Cavdi-CvetaimIjectvis. D.JerroM.
14. Ct Itli Back. Hoih Conway.
" Address, THE McCALL CO.,
Kins: of ell
Light Wdght and MtTjmS Superior flatcrial
Rigidity. Every Ma HH and Scientific Work
chinefuliy warranted ifZl 1 maoship. . .
Iligt'Sst Honors at the World's Colombian Eipositioa.
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tv-x -i, Wahvh Av-. Lake
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in Blood Poison
and Scrofula
the weak acd debintatnl. kIii-s
urcnztfc to wcaEcocd ncrrcs, eA-ls
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fcx(-?trscu wiiere ntars, cmf
feUnci csd laisitsda Cm prrraik-t.
For rrtnarr tmniturj irnlcj
rrrhthi. tor Mwl rn:lic. rarra
rial T-iL-i n. rr.alA.lx. Cjsir,ii. ril
In All t-kyvl an pain Cits.
bMeiio. p-s--Lp, old rhrr-otc ti--rta,
tetter, rcul bead. toil.. errst(l5.
cctetria we m j nay. witticci Irarnf 1". P P.Hthctx-rt.
Mood rmrtScr In the wntM, anl rotn
fx-miTe. tpeori-r S peras-ii mm
Ltdlei trhoeo TJ-tct p..3l
Ed chaso biootl 3 In l3p5fi rnr. -Uon.
dne to r-r-i:rt-al ItTrsralirstM,
ara recsltirly heceSsed try tbo non
derfol tonic Wood elesssjsc r"r
crtlMof P. r. J'.-Prtctlj Azi, Toio
ErsrTCTn-rj, Mo.. W.
1 can apeat ia ti fcliu
1 tu-.. J.C
; terms cf
-rtrrri-isdicl-io Ircarar -sci---rson-.J
k&owlodse. liT532cct.Tritarirt
eiei. plctrrl'r ad rtecrsalL- -r
S3 -run. a treated by the rcry l-cus
pbTJcJaas sai sr-nt tinntreO 1 1
hn. tried ercrr Luown r-u-ieJ "Ith-c-rt
tsdrair rrllet. ItSTr ocly liken
oa-t Doerlo ot jr-crP. P. P.. ard tsa
ebeerfany ssy it has dose moi"--.r3
sood Uian anjUilnff 1 bare cTer tatcn.
1 can recoacurs'l jonr taedldao to all
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15. A Koci'E's Life. Wilkle Collin.
IS. Shim That 1'au in the Nicnr. D. HimJtn.
IT. A Sll'DY IN SCAIIET. A. CoTlAn Dorte.
is. Wepdeo and I'aeted. Charlotte XI. Ilraemt.
10. Xtr Laiit's Money. Wilkie Collini.
xx XIaid, WirE oe Widow. Ha AlcianJer.
31. Hack to the Old SIowe. Mary Cccllllay.
si. A Yellow atek. lota.
rj. Hlack Beauty. Anna Sewell.
xi. Chaelotte Teule. Ir. Rowton.
it. The Heir or Lynne. Robert tluchimn.
si. The Man in Place. Staaltr J. Wercun.
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the Best.
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atcsi. tbo createat blew J pcrlCcr 00
Arrrrrr-e. O.. July 71.
llj-srrs Umts Bros.. PaTrLnnab,
Ga. : rt-AXCiss 1 tcasht ahottloof
-roorP.P p. atnotSDrd'p'.Ariuuw
I;ba ilnono tncro rrv -i t Vn lr
rscst' tnt-aeat at tiit tscp.
Sjnd tirj t-oetles C t. IX.
ifccrJccn, Eroca CV
Ccr-c. Z. C. -c -t.
Ts tit vn i! TZ'.f rn-rti- I ,rrr
v-tl'rtotLe-. nl.-ri ' -.rLcr
oi P. P. P. for fr-trtS"?" ' - 't. t
tiCrrt-1 whuIJ' -r- "-33m-rlcttlr
taJ tli-zsn-' ' ..!"
r:r I -j--. 1 trir.lfv v .. unc
!y Lw. La T-jla.Ttafll r wjvstl.
lWEwe-lL J. V. - .'ST?:..
TzntmTTZfrxa He iV.T Srf-tz. Til.
SErjcrs,T.. J-itnr M. W-
Gv: hmUmtxl bvo trl- I jrar V.
V P. f ..r a disease cf tbn tm, ts.iity
Z.ztr s atin ocer,ot lii'.flr rrzn'
arr.-.hnc, id .'caod creat te2c?: :t
t.ibobloo-l and r?tcm all !r
ii: iVa I rwci Hie scat ct tbc illeata
an"- rreTeat-i any frrre-linc rvf if a
-.T I f.aTotatcnflTocrrUstottl';
ri :t"troct;dontt!f.ta3'HScrrrar
tuI eject a enre. ItltaL-orcllorrt
trccUee. a'onra trulr,
CiPT. W. it. KCST.
attorsv at Laxr.
0 m FR2.
Llrpnm'i Dloete3gTnnnh, Ca
4Vaf ?iaa
& CO.
oiler jVills,
11 I T E I'o CcwtH per HncU
-J O J
L 5 I 0 R 5 CO,,t" ,,Cr HacIt
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In the umcuir court ov the
Etute of Oregon, fur D.u;lai Coui.ti'.
Feudal Sutliurlln, I'JaintiH.
Win. (!. It. Dixon anil Nan
. Extcutio:i.
nluJ.U Dixon, Dcfumluiiti. '
Statu of iirion. ( .
County of DimUs. j to
Tii tlio Shcrifl of U-iul-a County, Oregon,
Whereas .sJull.erllr, !:iiil11I :iliovo
iiameil, ultliu reu!ui- December tvrin. It'.) I, ol
the. Circuit Com! of the Stale ot ttri-z ufr
tho County ol I)ou;laf , to wit: on Muml.iy
ilio lTlii (lav of Di-tetiilier. 1VJS. lecovure-'. a
jiiVment iiuiiiit the tuld ilufeml.inv, W'ui. '
(! II. Dixon mill N.umio J. (!. Dixnn, for tin-
nun of filKM .t. willi inUri.'t tliriton at the
r.itu of 10 eent per iiiinuin fnnu Hie !)m
il.iy of November. 1V.U. Inr tlic um f i'.OO (Hi :
ntloiiieys f. en, nr.d fi.i I'liiniifiV ro-ts i,ikI
ll.-liurreuieiit4 thVeil at srJ.riU. kimI !-. In. I '
tiwul iilitl ilurru of furcelu lire n ih-j-t !li fol
lowing ile Ji-iili.'.i miirta, d premise:", louil:
Thu eoutli ha' I uf the K.-utlnvtet itnartirnt
M-cliou twrnly nine (stl), the 1 1! nuiiilx-ri d
lvi-ii and eiht (7 and S) i( . leitoi. thirty l:M),
llie norlli ! aif ul Hie u r lifast qn.irte. the
Miulhe.i-t iUirli i ol l!t. nof llua. t ipiarer. llie
illlheaat ill.irtiT and hil :i iul l m Miti.'ii
III, west half of melimi 'M all (' tanl liuet.
in tmviiihiii "0 niulh, of x"iffi " we-t.
Willaniflte .Mefidian, l).)U-ii.i ' jiuitv.Oreo'i.
The northweft quarter and l! . Miulh half ol
the f-mithwett iiiirt r of c!iii S, t'ueetut
half a-nl the east htlf uf the Miii:ivett H'mrter
and lolt iiuinherid 'A end 1 of 8-eli"ii 5, the
uorthtvet quarter of teetioti rt, the eatt Iialf of
the northe6t )UarV ', the r rlheaat quarter,
unit, the noitheast (ii.irter of the outlnveit
(uarterniiil lut uuiiinered I. :, 4 and cf
puetimi 7, nil 'f mid hist deserlhed tr.ict liein:;
in towihiji "7 Hiuili. rane r -iiit, i:Um
etlu Meridian. AIpo the Uiinitiun (Wmol
Willinm J. Martin and wife, I eni cluim No
SO, in towi!shii "G south, ranjre 5 it. claim
No. 4S in towiisfhiji 27 mhiUi, ratine 5 west,
i-laim No (i'j in lowr.fliip a7 south, taiie t
uti-t, and cUim Xo. Ui in toAiiship 'Jl" south,
r.ineO w,bt. Al.-o the Donation Ciaim of
Djiuel t'. llariKsbeini; elaim No. 4'J In town
i!iip 27 fou'li. rane 5 tti!t and claim No.:;'.)
ill lown'-l.lp27 KOlith. MDite 0 ej:. Al'n ll.c
inirSh iialf d the sonlhwe.-l iU.irter,f c:-ii'ii
5 and loU noiiihered 1 mid 2 of mftlun 0. town
ship 27 hiiuth, r.mue trt, Willaiuitte M.r
idi.iu, IIouIjs eouuty, (Ih;iki, excepting 'ruin
the above the nor)1: half ot thu (lunation eUim
of William .1. .Mai tin and w:f beii claim No
:M in louii-hip 2l unilli, riue5 wt, sod
claim No. IS in 27 south, ranu 5
e.t. and claim No 2 in township 27 south.
range 0 wc.-t, aiet clilni No. 01 In towusWp l(i
noiitli, nui.e 0 mtt. e utaiuii S21 17 ultc
more - life, also i xc-pliic bloeki 1, S, Uand
10 in DixnliV uddittoii to Krni'.VJ.r, containing
Ulueio, suifallufbhiek No. 2 :u Diaoii'it 'iiJili
lion t KruUvale eoi.ta nin full 1.1 aerri ae
ciirdiu to the ni:u-i.dil plat uf said addition
on li'e mid rce rdfd in volume one pie 21,
of phit books in theollicc of the futility t'l-Tk
of Dmiilai ou itj, On-."'ii
And whereas it a. ( or-U-rn! Iv Ha.
iaid Court at t!ie ta'.d lime Hut 'ill of the
riht. title and iute-e-t i-f the said ilefemiau'.?
tii aid i roi ertv on t' e I2;h d.iv of Dteiiii-r,
1S, or at any time thereafter, t'ether with
the herediUineiiU an 1 appurienaui-ci tln-re-mito
Ireloiiiriu:; or in atijuise apiiertainiu, b-
eold In tlic ininuer pret-crihed by law, aud ap
ply the proctrcrff, ari-inir therefrom, firs!, to
llie cojta and cxyen-e of mi- h tale, second.
tii the loviucut el the ciirts and uiilmrenuiit-
of this action, taxed at S VI M, third, to .lie u-
mentof SoOv) 0!) attorneys lees, loiirlu, l llie
navuicntol the nljintill' inJ;mcnt of the sum
of ?700l 25, Hith at l!o rate of 10 per
cent jieraiinuni (ro:i! the "JIi ilayol ?oveai
ber, lbtl, and the .en'u. if any tiiere be,
pay over to the iaid defeudjnti '.or their leal
Now, therefore, l win on vndiiciiwy. uic
:0lh ilav of Janu-irv. 1S'.5. at the hour of one
o'clock p. in of said Uy at Hie Court Iloie
door in Kodcburj;. D jul;i eouuty. Oregon,
sclt-it public auction to tin: h'sh.-il bidder for
rsuh in hand, all 111-: iktlit, title ami lntert?t
the tald defendai!'.- 'im (. IS. Dixon and
Nannie J. C. Dixon, had in or to said men
tioned and dcscrit'cd pr;icr:y, on the 12th
dav of Dcccintr.r, IV, or at y time, thcrs
affer. C F CAfilCAUf.
Sherti!, DobjU-i Ccnnly, Oreoo.
Sheriff Snic.
of On.';"ii Cor Ihe foi.uty of DoulaA
Marlah sehn.tra, I'Kiutii
8. A. -iraminirj, iJefemLiat
St.if. or OntJMx, (
County 01 UongUi t
Notin ia l.eittv xiten tli.t l tiitue to" an
eiceation daly iml iHit itl tl abvtf nasx94
Court and caurc on tS.,' ITit day of IiBbr.
A. K-, 131, spun h juliaat rawle anil er. I
Ured ut reeurd ia tt CUcuit Cmrt in the HOi I
day of Dccenit-rr, 1 f 'J I . l-T forcUrri( - loot I- I
rart in Ukt of the above iMiet pkiatuf, J
itaiuu ttliiuUi), ml iin; thf abuv uitaM ,
il-ftinUnt, r. A. Cunai!:rJ, an-t a;iimt th-?
heretnitUir laeattgat ul i.'i-nb-I uvostiiced ;
propeity. fur ti- arn of 13. it, with ictt
at the at of ttn prr rent uiiss real tti
lltli iLiy or Jcr.. ls'X, u.1 It umi u(
13.31, the etaout.1 .ill by rUiutilf for tixca,
and tor tl u-n of JiW. AturaiT iaJ
cell taxcl at fjl.JS, ani the cuita azxi ii-
rciuea vf maainif the Kile, and raortAreJ pn.p.
ertr bars particularly ihscnbal as fultoira. tu-
I Ait Vu. 2. la Fruitvale uihiiuon to th ci'y
of Ii-jKjburc, Ldu;Uj Couaty, Usts.Ki, aj the
ume appears per pta: un ate auit 01 reeota la
the o!5 of the Cimn'jr Clerk uf D.,kU
?ou&ty, OrejiD, Aiid lot mia 13 th? Duaatijc
1tad Claim ot S. C. ltradtn. Duj;U c-.-unty,
Oircoa, Toorudiip ?7 a , K. i u! Wat; Wil
Umetti Mrilitj, eja.iiaia t-n aerer, to
getber with tie tenement?, hneditiisf nla tni
apportenaacej tLexcanio t!orp;r. or aprcr.
taicia;, all in DomrUx cuuMy. Utor..
Now, therefore, I vill qd Wednesday. Ihe
30th day of Jnuir, A I)., 195, ut.e o'clock
p. xa. of said day, at tu C'ouit Loose djur in
Koebars:, DouiU. couatr, Otrn, '.l! ti pub
lte auctiun to the hlglt hiiuer. for oaah in
tan-i, all the lijlit, titU aat interest nhuh ttv
said dfU-nd jt 3. A. Cumrair3 hsd iu or tj
said prrmti4 on the 3th i.y ui April, A. V.
l&C, the dzle cf the execution of said izHKttrae,
or at any time tleraftr iu ir to raid abjve
taentionol nnd djrild laurtg-jcd real prop
erty, anil uill apply the pro- ee-Ia of ach rale,
tint, to 'the payment of ite caiU n.I cxpenici
of such tale, tecon.1, to th payarnt ot the mts
and di.bnrtnnt hettria incurred, taxet ut
il3S. 'third, to the payment of fj. 00 attor
ney tee. Fourth, to the tyeient of tbe um
of fJII.3 with intenat thereon fnai the ltth
day of June, 131. at t.e rite of ten pir cent
per annus. And the tuithtr sum ot $11.31.
th? amount of ttxes iitoa the said rral prem
ises, acd the oitrjlKj, if any there be.
I will piy ;into tbe raid court to be fcrthtr
applitsl, aa t'r Uvr dirccteJ, t'l thn defendaht or
hi hval ti-piejcntativcs, as by order of said
court in said eTicatin an t or.lrr of sale to rae
dirt?d and CelivcrrJ on tl- 17:h day of O..
crinlwr, 1S9. C. V CVrilCAltr,
Shciitt of l-ljurns Cuaty, Ore.
the Comity of Iou jlu.
Sot Abraham,
L. C. IhrrX-ly, Peter Hume, K. IS.
Treble, Iartlia A. IiivAlanl 1. tt.
Sheridan, KyiciiIi.- ainl ieeutor
of the rliteof V.K. It -tf,;, de
ceased, 'the Vr iT''n C.tlifiiiia
Lumber Co., a c irp irl:nn, K.
ITorn, M'. t'ondi.n. Hut. Atty.
for IXiut t . Couaty and Ada ItiMrda
lei. Itfeodint.
To 1 C. 1'eardciltiy, the atiove named dtfcnlant.
In Uie name ot the Mate of Urejrcn, you are
hereby resinned to appear and anjvttr ths cum-I
plaint tileil aiicst ou in the above eulitlelauit
on or before the first day of the next regular terru
of aid court, for s.n.1 Cjunty anl State, appointed
to be held and to cvrcmpcce on Mondav tbe 15th
day of Match, A. 1. 1SU5. that UIlb the first
ihiy of the term uf S.11J cotut rentulirly followinrr
the expiration tbe time prescribed far the publi
cation of this snmmons 111 an t by an or le herein
made by the Hon. Jcdire of s-itd cimit an l t-eir
inirdate the 3Intd.iv of L'ccemb,r. ts'Jt. lor the
service of tbi tuimmons by the pul-Iicatii'ii there
of foriJ consecutive ireeki , and if you fall ro to
appear and answer a-ttd corapliint. the idatittiit
neiein win late judgment Hims: j-ou ami a de
cree as follow 4: !
1. For thesum cf J70 97 with intrcst .it the
rt ol 10 per cent. pr annum, from the 7th day
of Octolxr, 1'J3, and for the further sum of $100
ad attorney ' fees und further for his costs and
2. That Ihe followii'., Cescribol premises.
towit: liot Xuaibtr Niutteen (It) in llrook's and
llelden'0 Addition, the sune beiDj; the llrixikiiidc
Addition to the City of KoM.'bur, in the County
cf Dtmglhd, State it t)iegiiii,accordiDjr to the olH-1
clal survey and plat of said ndditian of reoord in
the ellice of tto County ChlU o' Dauglaj Couaty,
Oregon, coutaininc Nine (0) Acres more or leas,
together with the tenenieuta, heiiditaicciits and
appurtenaDcct thereunto belungmc cr in anywise
appertaininir, be sold by IheSheiitI of sui.l County
and tho proceeds of Hul.m!e be applied to the
payment of the above aninunls, kitd that yuu and
all persons claimiiu; uniicr ) oil or nubscquent to
the execution uf the moitife sued on herein
shall bo barred an 1 foreclosed of all riht, claiia
or cipiity of redemption in the said premises and
thtt cxccnti'in issue ucuiust yuu for tinv de
flciency which in ty rem 1111 after applying nII toe
proctitis f the salw of satd premises rroper'y iy
plicible to tbe satisfaction nf s-ii 1 jn lunirut.
Al.natlT AltitAHAN
OSltli ttt'iriiey lor the 1'l.iiiititl
tl. S. Uiml Ollicc, Rinebunr. O.v .
Heeember 1. t-u
Comphillit haviiis been entensl at tin-. ..i
bv Charles ItUhoii tut.uuat J,om's Kurlot to.
Hunniloiilnrr his Kutrr N.
dated June 1, 1SM. ujuiti tlic N V k f I-' ,. N'
HW'J, SW.1, i'4 Si-cliou l., l'oni:slii': .
UilliKe ! Vet. Ill I' eollllt, Oieyt.
with ii view tu the ciiueUhltion ol mii.I e ii rj.
the said 1'iirlies are herebv miiiuuoiii'.1 to aj
pear lit United Slates Uufl Otlice, KoMrbtioC
Oregon, on the lbth day ot Jiiiiunry, Im'i, at 10
o'clock a. in., to rcpiiiii and furuMi toti
nioiiy coticeriiliiit K.iiil nlleseil aliiuulotiineiit.
Hiillleicnt eviileuce hnvmt; been lllid to thoiii
that lierMiiuil hervleo cull not lie made. It Is
hereby ordered that service le liuiJo by iubli
cation In the Pi.uxik.u.i:u at ltosehiire. Ore.,
nrcnnllne to law. K. ii. Vkatcii, lteRtster.
It. S. SitKniDAN, Receiver.
Sheriff Sale
-- of Oresjon, for Douglas County.
Fendil Sutherllii, I'hilutlir
I'aylon A. Harrli!, Elizabeth
Harris and 1-. K.
rfr.iTri nr Ui:B..ijr, j
Couiilyof lloiil.u.
Kutleu i.i hereby girt-ii 111 it ) virtue of &u
exieutloujind outer of wile duly iwutd out of
the ulve inimeil C'otiit, and cnutc, on Hie 17th
ihiy ol Deeember laUl, upon a Judgment lmulc
and euterL-d of record In atild C'iriiilit Court on
the lllh ihiy ol December, 1J. by fortehwure
of ii mnrtKHiw in fnvor of the above named
plaintitr rikI niulnt the ttlxivu named ili'taid
niitH, .I'll) lun A. U.irris un.I hlhiabctti Hurrix,
and hkhIii" ttie hereiiuiter menlioiitil mid
dcMTlUii inortKui! property tur the Hum if
3-itijm uitti ii.ti.rcFt tiii'r-i;ii lit thu r.itu of 10
piT cent ju r milium from Oeiuber .1th, Vn'Ji.
an l the mini iI fWM nitoriiey fie iid $J7.t0
costs nnd !l:irii'U!. ut-.
N'liv, itreforc. I v.'ilUo.i .-.iliir.l.'ly, he 2Cth
iny o( Jonuair, I-5.'-, at t oVJuek p. m. uf mi!!
d.iy e.t i n- I oiiii .Ifoiiw tor h KiiSttliiirr,
I i.iiittlr.h tot nl. On-. on, mII a; public aurtiou
to tin- htjlicxt idddtr for iux'i In !ia:nl. nil t.'ie
liglit, title nnd inU're.; wuich Ihe Mid defend-itub-,
i uyioii .S. II rri.'. ui.'l Kiiiniheili Ilnrri,
r either of l.-t in. H,e 4t:i ihi) of ilay,
ts;, or ut ii:n ilifre-tittir In or to ILc fot
I iwii.js iIiti!i pp;rty, to-ivlt: The
.1. n:ill.iii land (litiiii No. 37 of Juhniithnii 51.
i'i'wl and K.eiiiie Uotsd. his wife. In loivn
hlp 21 hot.jh, Kange 4 Went, certificate No.
121, Xo. M;, cnntiiiuint; 8PJ.70 acre!1.
AIo the e-t U of the tf. E. '.. tne t'cath
ol the sj. W. 'A Mild thy N. '.V. 'A of the f. W.
5 j of Section i., the West $ oi the X. 1 H.
und lot 1 of Section 7, and ihe S. W. ' of Sec
tion 7, and tho S. K. yt of the S. E. of Sec
tion 7, all in Town. nip 2t South, Kauc 1
'.Vest, Willamette Mtridisn, Douxlag county,, conUlnlnK in the tL?jtrcgutu
ii rts, cxeep'-tnif prom the doim'.loii of Johua
tn;tn M. Coal and wile, ten acres of I.u:d
coinineiii Inc at the .V. ''.'. corner of sutd ilona
tlnn Und I'Ltiin, thvice runnlnx l'at on the
North lino ( paid donation laud claim, !7
Kods, thenee South Itotls. thence West &7
ICod.o, tl'u North 23 Kotts to tbc pines of
ISiniiili', containing iio acres, tocth-r with
nil, ai:U ciiigular the tenements, hcrtdlta
ments uud aiijiiirtcnanees thereunto litlongin
or In any wine apKrtain.'ns and will apply
the proceeds of such sale, first to the cosU and
cxiena of such sale, and to Ihe payment of
emu herein taxed a: $27.00, to the payment of
tM.Vi) Htioriley fecx. and to the amount due
tdiiintiil' on s.tid judgment to-wit: the sum of
M.Hi wi'.h intereil thereon it the rate of 10
per cent per annum from October 20lh, 19I,
mid the overplus, if any there be, iay oyer to
the said di-leiMldnl, l'aitou A. I.'r.rri.s and
Elizabeth IIarrii. their heirs', or lezal amisns.
as by order of said Court, In said execution to
me directed, nnd delivered riKnuiatidirj me to
iii said alKivc mentioned and deserilicd uiort-
CBBed real property In the manner provided
ov iaw. li. r. UAiiiUAKi.
Sheritrof Dou;Ia.s County, Ore.
Ity D. K. SiiAsnRoOE, Deputy.
Notice ia hereby iM'in that the uti ier iued
txccittur rf thu lust will and testament and
ilatc of Henry S. .Marsh, deceased, l.te ol
Douchta lounly, "Oretfon, ha b'cu duly It-
ceHed and directed by the County Court of
uoo"Us conntv, tlre-'on, by ai. order of mik!
Cour: in ule and entered of iccu.d on the 2'J'.h
day of Oeobi-.-, 1:91, to mII all tf the real is
Male bciuiiiiii: to the unlJte of the said lli nrv
3. Marrb, den-ascd, wli.-.-h said order provi I s
thai taid executor may sea the raid rtal prop
ertv of said deceased, whieh taiil real pr Jtr'tT
is hereinafter fu ly and particuisrJy d-scribl.
at lmvale sa.e.
Now. therefore, in ;-arujno of said license
and order, nbieii is recorded in Vol. on
ID-'ta "15 ami 24'J thereof, of the I'orbate O;
tier !5 oK of said Doola county, On-on, I
will, from and after the 2.VJ1 ay of .Jaucaiy,
lsU. proceed to sell at private sam sceoruin
to law in sui-li cases made zud provided, for
cath in lianii, to tbc lii'hesl bidth-r.
ail the ri'kt, ti'le and interest which
the said Henry S Mar h, deceaccd, hid i t or
to the herciujifter, described premises at Ihe
time uf h'u death, to wit: oh the 22: d day of
Api:l. to wit:
Soutli 1 2 of th NE 1-4. 3K 1 i of the N'.V
1-4 ami the S 1 2 of Sre .'Si. Tp 25 3. 1: 5 W,
Willamette Meridian; aUo ills NE 1 2 of the
N W 1 I. sec 0 Ty 2t S, it 5 W, Willamette Me
ikluu, Douglas county, Oremu, conlainin::
4;0 acres more or !e?.
Dated thU M'.ii day ol Decemr.
"J. 3 HUNT. Executor
C. A. Seiiliirehs, Atty. forEtale. d27td
'tlci of Ssik1.
1 an.teni!gueit ft administrator of the es
tate of Jop?iUi Kroct, deceased, wilt on Sat
urday, the 5th day of January, at the
hoar of 2 o'clock p. m. cf said day. in pur
suance of an order only issued out of the
County Court for Daugiaa county, Oregon, on
tbe Mil day of October, lyji, offer tor sole, and
sen to tne nigne-: rxttuer for ca;u. trie foiloir
in? dcan:ii real property t AU of Section 1(1,
(excepting therefrom the N. H of the N. E. K
eo.iiaiiain mi aerca. tne f ;2 o trie .N. t-$i
ot Sec. 9, eobtoinlna; HB acres. The N. i. 01
tne X. H. y, of see. l-i. eontoinlni MJ acres.
The N E J j cf the N. V.'. U of Sec. 15. conuiu
iii acre. Alt oi said laud, bein? in Town--hlp
20, S.. It. G West. Wilktraette Meridian, in
Dj.ikIo. Court?-, State of Oreeon. and contain
ing in the f.grgreate T14) acre?. Said above
Cis.-ri'jfJ real property to be sold on the pren;
iac. Terms of sale, cash.
lUeJ this l:t dT of Koceoibor.
D. liKUCK.
Administrator of the estate of Joscphus IlrocV,
Executor's Notice.
umlersioeii have Ixeti appointed execa
tors of the last will and testament of the estate
of Ansel taction of Douqla County, Oregon,
late deceased. All persons harinz claizas
aitaiin,t said estate are hereby rcijuiretl to pre
set the stiii- to either of us at our ucal place
if sp.Lfisiv i,ar Kltlort in tl-nIii frrnnlv.
Oreson. wiUiin six moctii-s Iron the date of this
notice, ami Ml persons Indebted to said estate
are n:u,uelet tu make imutediate peyment to
eitner 01 us at sam piace.
Hated thisolh day of November. 19I.
Exet utor? of the last wilt ami testa
ment of Ansel Langdon, deceased.
C. A. SEtitxszDE, Attorney lor Exccutors
nsti IN'oticL' for Publication.
Lacd o3ce at Koscburj, Crgon. Dee. I", lC-L
Notice i hereby civen that the followln:
uaiacd settler has fileit notice of hU intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that sal I proof will be made before the Kegiter
and Kcieer. l.te. I.ind Oiuce. at Itoscbnrs,
Oreeon. January . viz: Heury D. Maxum.
on II. E. No. IK10. fur theSW.'i S, ction 10. Tp. i
IL weL He names ihe tolow lns witnesses
to proje nu contimtoc. rttaence upon ami .ul
tiration of. iaid land, viz: Ki.-hanl Cook,
unarie u. uox, uiinsm v.. lot. i xieruar.xi.
all of Camas alley, Oreson.
dlTO 11. -M. VEATl'H, I'.ogiste
Final KrUlcuieni.
Flint, adiniiustrator with the will an
nexeil of llie estate ot Edm Adauo, deceased,
has tiled Iit-s hnal account tneri.1.1 und an or
der has leu made and entered of record, di
rectini; this notice .nnd namln; Tuesday, the
sin (lay ot January. at 1 next p. in., at
the othce of tho County Judge of Douglas
County, Oregon, as the time and place of
nearitis;otoeetions, it any, to s.iui unai ue
count aud the settlement thereof,
liateil thesth day oi Heeember. 1j. L
S. C. FLINT, Administrator.
Notie 1 hereby j;:ve:i to all i.honx it maj- con
tcra thi I hive ip;r.ntel D. W. ttearns of Gila
too: preeiiict Ueputy laapctor f Stock for said
prtciurt; postotace aa -tress, Oalar.a; ali A.
Ch.1pm.1n of Wilbur. anl It ilph Smith, at Kose
burr. Ui act during lay absfnee, and ethers wil
beaiMcil as jartiea laspecteil mas- tteir cesire
tuownto lae.
Knastur Jf.17 tth. 1SS7.
In.pictor ot stoca tor DoirgUs Or.
W. J. BEfittET
Architect and Draftsman,
Personal Sui erlloiigivtn all work.
No More Back AcHi
Ap-f y !t
JilgiORTHERH) Pacific)
la the IJ110 to Take
To all Points East and Soutli.
It Is the DINING CAR ROUTE. Itruns through
Composed of Dining Cars Unsurpassed,
Pullman Drawing Room Sleepers,
Of Latest Equipment,
xouicis'r Ni.i;j:ri.; cahs
Best that can be constructed and in
which accommodation arc both FREE
und FURNISHED tb holders of First or
Second-class Tickets, and
kleuant hay couches
i Continuous Line connecting with AU Lines,
nflbnllug DIrcet and Uninterrupted Service
Pullman Sleeper reservations can bo secured in
advance through any agent of the road.
THROUCH TICXETS To and from nil Points in
America, England nnd Europe can be purchased
at any Ticket Office of this Company.
Full Inforrmtlftn Piinspnitni. mft Hm. .if
trains, routes and other details furnished on
oiiioniuu 10 any acnt, or
A. . CIIAItl.TO.-Y.
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
No. 121 First St., cor. Washlnston,
Southern Pacific Co.
Erp. tes trains leave Portland daily.
SQ"th I I Xorth
I.v. - Portland - Ar.
Lv. - Koscbnrg - Lr.
Ar. - San Francisco Lr.
8ra a. x.
1120 r. X.
7:00 p. M.
Atjovr. tr.itn ctii pi nil El.llnn. T7m.w. Tn-,
1 T ...I Ill l..l 1 . 1 .
. . , . . . HHIU.-IH. aim: luneui,
hhedds, Halsey, Hurri-ibuiTr. Junction City,
Irving. Eugene dnd nil stations from Koseburg
w .uiiuim i.iviusivtf.
Hoselmrs jncil Daily.
s:::u. m. j Lr.
- Portland
Ar. I 4sur. m.
Lt. !7a
5-JM r. jr. I Ar.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers
Attached to all Through Trains.
West Side Division.
Itetvrecn Portland aad Cort alli.
JIaU train daily (except Sunday).
7:30 A. jr. Lv. -12:13
p. 31. Ar. -
Portland - Ar. I
Corvallis - Lv. I
5:35 p. x.
10 P. ir.
At Albany and CorvalUs connect with trains
of Oregon Pacific railroad.
Express train daily (except Sunday).
l:tup.jr. ILv.
7:25 r. ji. j Ar.
Ponbind - Ar. ISiOa.jt.
McKiuriUe Lv. ( 3-jO a. m.
Throusli Tickets to nil l'oiiit in
lUe Uaslcrn Slater. Canada, and
Cnrnpe can tie obtained at I o u
et ratc Iroiii Ccor;c &,fc, Acnt
ifanagcr. Ast. G. F. i Pass. Agen
Family Groceries,
Books and Children's Toys.
Fruils, .i:Ls, Frsitcli Candles, Coufectionerj
Oanneu' Goods, Coffees, Teas, Etc.
DeardorffH ouse
Two Doors North of Depot Hotel.
Table supplied with the best the mar
ket affords. Meals at all hours, 25 cents.
Special rates to families, and particular
attention iven to itumisrants.
W. L. D, DEAKDORFF, Propr.
Dr. Gibbon's
f!9q K1SASXXST.,
vj-io corner of Com
mercial, San Francisco,
Cat. Established in
1551. for the treatment
orrhen. f.eer. Strict-
.iire, aUits
'Ksforms. Seminal ireafc-
feiww, Jmiiofency, and
vviLost Manhood perma
nently cured. The sick and afflicted should not
fail to call upon him. The Doctor has traveled
extensively in Europe, and inspected thoroughly
the various hospitals there, obtaining a great
deal of valuable information, -.vhlch he is com
petent to Impart So fhose In need of his services.
The Doctor cures when others fail. Try him.
DR. GIBBON will make no charge unless he ef
fect? a cure. Persons at a distance CURED AT
HOME. All communications strictly confiden
ial. All letters answered In plain envelopes.
Charges reasonable. Call or write. Address
DR. J. F. GIBBON. Box 1S57. San Francisco. Cal
1 Ely's GreasnEalm
! cneanscathoKasalFassagos. Al
lays Inflammation. Hoala tho Sores.
I Restores tho Senses of Taste, Smell
i and Hearing.
A particle Is applied Into eaehno.itrll anil
U Bjtrceable. PrleoSOc. at Drutcglata or by
Ball. ELY BK0THEltS,5u Warren St- Ncw York.
H SataiTaadexpccfespald weeily frcm srt-jj
1 Penaacent position. ExclaaiTetcrritoiTjaH
tt Expcriesco tmnceessary. IVcnlirK
X adrantageato beginners. LtberaiP 2
1 corasilssloa to local part-j. 1 J
time agents. Larst -vmM a
jftQXhq fruit industry la bo i
mTJL jtJimTiortAat. Good chance for 1
K-WUrascfmeat. Oetflt and full par- fl
kjlcalawfree. BROWS BROS. CO- nor- 9
Baerytnen. rortland. Ore. CTnisbouiaia 3
"reliable. Samo thjapaper. Edj M