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The StandnrtTt Illustrated holiday Issue In
large and creditable number. ' ,. .
Sheriff Kelty, of Yamhill,brought down a
patleut jor thejnsane asylum on Tuesday. t
T. AW Andrews, convicted pt. arson, was sen
tenced on Monday to fifteen years la the peniten
CaptatuIUabe.'slarc:e hrtni, ' near the insane
i i a :r"r i . i iicai, wwk and ?ive inrt jwrrnrmnpo rrr tliA
m.rt - " --"! " WftftJft7 nVOUVIHIIVUl V V ...
The new street railway company has been grant
, ed a francblse for thirty years, oue mile to be built
yearly. ' - - ' T
George Wright Post, O. A. R., will glVe their
second annual masquerade at Turir H&ue to-uior
' row evening. .
. The Oregonian tells some fearful bat true' tales
of youthful, depravity, which sliow Portland's
' need of a reform school. :"'
Rev; Aril: Bradfordof Mont CIaIr;N7X7 posi
ttvefyrlecltnetrthe pastorate of the First" Congre--
gationalj Church of this city. '' (
There Mas solemnized in this city last week the
' marriage of a couple' so slim that it might be
termed a wedding In skeleton life. ' -
jfiusanna IBarrwliO-iiaabeeaJnthepoor
, house for the past ten months, was found to be
-,, insane on Tuesday and committed to the asylum.
' Robert Lambert, who killed Julia Clark In
--September last, was found guilty on Saturday of
manslaughter. A motion was made' for a new
. trial. '
The building of thflLProposel railroad between
. ' Salem and the Waldo 11111s issaid to be absolutely
necessary -to the r future " of Salem's ' milling
interests. - -
The case of Jack Powers, who was sentenced to be
hungto-morrow, has been appealed to the Supreme
--- i'ourt, andJudge stott will to-day probably grant
a stay of proceedings.
At the last meeting of the Delta Literary Circle,
the following officers, were elected : President,
Miss Minnie A. Carson; Vice-President, C. T.
l)icklnson.;..fc5ecretary, Miss Florence -A. Hmith.
Mayor Thompson has gone to Washington as JTh"L..
fter Congressional appropriations for the im- V.Ml ?f.i'i!J dr. rV lbe 1
lels ol Uie Wlllamt'lte ana
" (after Congrei
;provement of
.Columbia Rivers.
i The Russian. Immigrants In East Portland are
rapidly recovering from the scarlet fever scourge,
owing to the prompt actlotvof . the city authori
ties in supplying them with proper food, clothing,
bedding, and medical aid. . 1
- The "Dolls' Fete" at the Unitarian Church on
-Friday and Saturday evenings of last week was a
novel and pleasing entertainment, In which old
and "young were, alike Interested. A handsome
sum was netted for the church fund. , "
-The-en tertai n men tgi ven-at t heTay lor-street
(Church on Friday evening for the benefit of the
Hall-street Church, with Miss Luseas the leading
attraction, was a decide Success. The lady is a
fine elocutionist, and was ably assisted by some of
the best local talent In the cUvr-"- -
On the 1st bfTJanuary. Mr. C. A. Lelnenweber
jrill remove his boot and" shoe factory from Asto
ria to this'cltyTTn orderT.baXTre may have er
sonal supervision over both the manufacturing
anu selling, lie employs rorty nanus.
Tan hery" will remain at Astoria."
The directors of the O. R. A N. Co.have by
unanimous vote increased the capital stock from
912,000,000 to $1M,000,00. All share-holders J n
Portland have expressed the intention of subscribe
Ing for. fifty per cent additional, stock. Rook
were opened yesterday and will close on January
5th. ' . i-Y
A fire In a clothing store almost directly under
the New Northwest office on Monday evening
did damage to the amount of $o)0. It looked for
a time as though the building would be gutted,
as a quantity of doors,, sashes, blinds, oils and
Ealnts are stored in. the room next to the' store;
ut No. 3's quickly "got a stream of -water on the
fire and soon quenched it. -
A bona fide, clearance sale of their full stock of
holiday goods, consisting of toys, novelties,
stationery, art goods, etc., has been inaugurated
by the New York Novelty Co., No. 49 First street,
between Pine and Ash, and will continue until
January 1st. A rare chance Is offered by Messrs.
Halberstadt A Kann for Intending purchasers, of
such goods to get them at a bargain. Read their
new advertisement on page 10.
"Is Christianity of Divine Origin ?" Is the
question for discussion by the Find Philosophical
Society on next Sunday at Sand 7 o'clock P. M. It
will hj a Christmas treat, as a number of minis
ters, attorneys and other first-class talent will
speak pro and con. We are informed that three
or four ministers made it very warm for our lib
eral jriendspn last Sunday ; also that the essay
delivered by Miss lloss was mosiexcellent. -Jn
vereu oy -miss oss wu most excellent, in t No m (ttptn groccrl
f replug JIarvey-
Deity to an audience of 1,0 persona. establishment. His prices are th
Officers of the Board of Trade and several prom
.Inent capitalists have been discussing the .feasi
bility of erecting a building to be known as the
Chamber of Commerce. It is proposed to put up
a four or five-story block In a central location,
fitted up in modern style with elevators, steam
heaters, etc., the first story to be rented for stores
and the other floors for offices. In this building
will be brought together, if possible, the Board of
Trade, the Merchant's Exchange, the Merchants'
Protective Union, and offices of a similar charac-
-tef.-Ultlmately-ft-fs-expecled to establish a
produce exchange, .fit Is understood that ten
fapitaliftts have expreMseL.a wilfingness to "sub
scribe $10,000 each to the enterprise
Silk OraiMfittL
An entirely new manner of ornamenting (equal
to hand painting) Silk, Linen. Cotton and other
fabrics suitable for decorating Odor Bottles. Tidies,
Pin Cushions, Lamp Shades, Satchels, and In fact
any article made of Silk, Linen or Cotton. Sample
packages, with full directions, sent by mail for 60
cents. WM. Beck A So, Portland, Or.
TurtTAns for ladle ariTeWftrenW-irA!
Tnnrirre weuTal AWxMiiaLe iijcir.
Handsome Work Boxes-rw In great variety,
at Ackerman's.
Jew "ork theatricals generally are doing
well, but on the road compaules are bursting up
every day. .
It Is understood Miss Annie Louise Carywlil
support Pattl In opera after the latter' s concert
season is over.- , ;- . .
Haverly opens the California Theater on Christ
mas Eve with "Michael StrogotT." J as. O. Barrows
will be a member of the company.
Alice Dunning Llngard has returned to San
r raneUco knd rejoined her-husbaud, William
Horace. Tkey have fourew plays. - ' ' ...
JThe Sheridan company, will return to this city
next week and arive' three ierfornAnop. tor the
meucing Wednemiay evening.
rhevStmkoscU Italian Opera Troupe has been
singing Jn Baltimore with great success. MMIe
Mrla Leslino was the prima donna of "Alda,"
and Mme. Gender of ''Linda." t j
A new tenor has arisen In Hamburg, who re
calls Theodore Wachtel In his palniy days. ' His
voice is unusually fine, powerful, sympathetic and
voluminous ; 'and he, too, has, been a hack-driver.
i.Ou December 8Ui, the Cincinnati -MusicaTXs-siaton(,.TIaK)dQrejrhomasdirecUrr.will-iug
Handel's "The Messiah," with a chorus of 000
voices. The feature of the occasion will be the
presence of Adelina Pattl as principal soloist. -,
Itobert Me Wade, whose, excelleut "Rip Van
Winkle" and execrable company art well rehiem
lered liereprlll present piece callei "The Battle
of the Amazons, or the Shower of (lold," at the
CJraud Opera House, Sail Francisco, for the holi
day. .. . . - "
- The New-York San saj's: "The advertising deecmaryTaiidlrs. Jfollnghuysen
vit-e oi an scireHs ai itiansneiu, nio, was 10 sianu
on a trestle bridge, scream wild ly when a train
approached, and then climb down to a lower beam,
letting the cars pass harmlessly over her.',' It was
Kathertne Rogers. v.l "
One of the "societv vounir meiiTi who aitstidpil In
drawing Patti's carriage from the theater to the
hotel, in Brooklyn, the other day, remarked : "It
was worth the money, sor, bejabers; twenty-five
cents, sor, is none too much aftherwaitin' two or
thray 'oors in the coold." .
"The Lady of Lyons" Is to be produced at New
Market Theater about the loth of January by a
company of amateurs, the proceeds to be used In
refitting Trinity Church. Using the play-house
Lord In.
How time does reverse things.
.i TThe quarrel between Anna "Dickinson and Fanny
Davenport has resulted in a suit brought In Phil
adelphia by the former to compel a return by the
latter of the manuscript of "An American Girl,"
the play whose failure caused the disagreement.
The author says that the actress ruined the piece
by making inartistic Interpolations, and the
actress replies that she did so In onler to arouse
audiences to some faint Interest In the perform
ance. ... . '
There Is something refreshingly codt and self
asHured In Florence's remark", if. ltfs not an ad
vertising dodge, to an interviewer, and which it
was thought; worth while to telegraph across the
continent. William says he will leave the stage
soon, as he Is aging rapidly and needs rest-wWdi
lie-proposes to take njjxtml In tlip jgwTtion of
United States Connuror M In inter. The civil ser
vice of the country would -hardly be Improved by
making u an asyiura lomecayeu actors. caiu -
TheIaftdeTahiUlIaydn Socletyhas scon
ent by-rmrtractoTf will belnstttnf ed sooirrandeT
other sacrewi. and new laurels have been irlnel Section 40.5 of tlie revised statutes.
Jje.ljjymaoylof ilte-JiMllvidual members-wls-efff4a4 AflxchaigetAgUatleiflfe-lniknatla-i
In the vivacious; sparkling and popular opera of
"The Chimes of Normandy" will long be remem
bered with, pleasure by the large audiences that
eat lie red toirether to hear them. Of course, from
profeMsional standard, the soloists would hardly
Ubear-close criticism; but the entire production
was creditable. It would have' been hard to im
prove; "upon the chorus, and the orchestra was
more than proficient, no better one having ever
been heard here. Mrs. C. 11. Woodward and Miss
Annie Griffin, In the respective, parts of Serpolette
and Germalne, sang well and acted fairly-rbettet
than most novices. The latter lady In particular
soon became a favorite, and was compelled to re
spond to numerous encores nightly.-- Iter voice Is
a clear soprano, and when her method has become
more perfected, she will rank as one of our leading
local vocalists. Mr. J. Van Beurden, whose pleas-"
lng tenor Is always welcome, Is Improving .Jn
stage business and acting, and consequently seems
to sing easier and better at every appearance. Mr.
C. A. Lombard, who essayed the difficult role of
Gaspard, the miser( showed ability In the charac
ter line; but he was. slow, and prolonged his
"business" till it became wearltome. The re
mainder of the cast was equal . to. that of any
former effort of the society, and the. entire opera
was rendered with a spirit and attention to details
of which the society a' an amateur organization
may well be proud. L
remove! from No. 47 to
- Mr. J.-W. Bailer has i
Nos, Kl and 85 Yamhill street, bet ween Fourth
and Fifth, or two blocks west of his old location.
en can be found
arid commodious"
prices are the very lowest, as
he sells for cash. All onlers promptly attended
to, and goods delivered to all parts of the city.
. Hats make handsome and appropriate present
for old or young. Remember that the stock of
holiday styles at Woods' Is unsorpansed, andja
also sold at the lowest figure. . -
' t'm i
Elegant assortment of Music Rolls, at Acker-
man's, f-
Younir ladles. If you want to keen "solid" with
yoarjadnrable makeJiim. AjL21irlatinaapreeut-of-
oneoi vtooda' nne nats. "
Store. -
Silver Mugs and Goblets, at
Owing to the superior finish and excellence of J
work, A bell stands preeminent as a photographer.
Give him a call.
For an
the cake.
elegant assortment, Ackerman's takes
HandAomeTAIbums, from 25 cents up, at the
TVill&p Kfrr. ,
: ' t , ' . .
Congress has adjourned until January &th.
Tht Senate-promptly confirmed HoweTafosf-maitter-Geiieral.
Hawaii will enter the universal mmUI uuio'n on
the Ut of January; ' - . -
Tle deaths by the burning of Ring Theater,
Vlenua, were :7l4. - ;
The lIouie has pojtponel conKideratlon of , the
Utah J)elegte content until January 10th.
There are over 5000 men at work laying the
track for the Northern Pacific Railroad westward.
1 The fund for a monument to President Garfield
In Golden Gate Park, San Franclnco, reachec$!,
500., . ..- ' .
The Guiteau trial was suxpended on Mondaj
a Ujd-Tuesday on account of the death of the wife of
Thrateamer Coma sailed from Boston for Liver
pool last week with 1775 cases of rifles marked
Miller, of California, ha Introduced a bill In the
Senate to incorporate the "Maritime Canal Com
pany of Nicaragua."
.Congressman George has been appointed a mem
ber of the House Committee on Commerce.., Page,
California, Is chairman.
President Davis of the Senate has appointed the
w4jow of the late John Weickei to the charge of
tlte restaurant of the Seuate .
Tt'hief J u t Ice Gray, of Massachusetts, succeeds,
the late Judge Clifford as Associate Justice of the
United States Supreme Court. '
tin. Washington, on Tuesday evening. Ex -Secre
tary and Mrs. Blaine gave a brilliant reception Jo
At the Congressional, memorial services. Hon:
James G. Blaine will pronounce the address on
President Garfleld'a life and character.
The affliction Is almost here. - Oscar Wilde, the
"utterly utter" English poet, will positively sail
for week for the purpose lot pro
ducing his jplay and lecturing. -
AVm. H. Vanderbllt's youngest daughter, Miss
Illa, and Dr. W. S. Webb, son of. General J. W.
Webb, were married In New York- on' Tuesday,
with great ostentation and display.' i , V
Secretary Blaine's letters to MrIjowell In re
gard to a modification of the Clayton-Bulwcr
sensation In England, re-
r " Olymi'IA, W. T., Dec 20, 1881.
'To thi Hkaikiw or THI NlW NottTHWawTt
' Our capital lias relapsed" Into its usual condition
of quietude since the adjournment of the Legis
lature, Except t hat there la some growl I ng among
the disappointed In the manner of distributing
public spoils, there seems to be nothing to remind
us of the previous existence of the Honorable
Body whoe deliberations and peritonei has so ac
ceptably occupied so much of your valuable space
of late," y - j. . ,,.
; ;"Tlie Jblockade has at last been-ralsed between
this place and Tacoma, bringing the latter out of
quarantine aud dispelling the forebodings of many
here wlii looked dally for the advent of the
dreaded small-pox lu our midst. r Ty-
The woman question, to whtch the New Noktii
A' kmt Is so earnestly devoted, has been the general
theme of conversation In social circles recently.
Among the more prominent recent converts to the
cause with whom I have had the pleasure of con-
verslng, I take pleasure :,Jajtiamlng,RvJJft.
Thompsoiir, astorbf the Presbyterian Church, and
for many years an active opponent ; Professor
Conine, of the high school, who used to be so bit
ter against It that it made an advocate angry to
talk with him : Mr. O'Brien, the efficient Clerk of
f the late Senate, and Mn Billings, formerly Sheriff
of this county. So many of pur-leading-men
have long heen Woman Suffragists that It la a
r leasure to be able to count the above named gen
lemen with them, even at the eleventh hour.
A friend Just over from Tacoma Informs me that
Hon. El wood Evans says that women who object
to his "Married Persons' Property Blll'l don't
know anything at all about what they are object
ing to. In my Innocent simplicity" I had fancied
that I knew right from wrong, Justice from Injus
tice, and assistance from hindrance. It la true I
am no lawyer, but I knew, perforce of my Innate
consciousness (a quality of virtue that
strained by human law), that your showing up
was Just and timely, the only objection to It that
any woman can offer being that your article was
not strong enough nor severe enough?, and It
ought to be re-written and shorn of Its "taffy" In
order' to let men behold It In the same-light, as
applied to them, In which women aee It as applied
treaty are creating a
vlg44ichHUoao ' Yuur Yak1m-ismctroo7idcmlilU
the Isijimlau canal.
H. II. Riddleberger, Mahone's friend, has been
chosen U. S. Senator by the Virglula Legislature,
Readjusters and Republicans supporting him.- It
was announced that he was not pledged .to the
support of either party iu the Senate. .
Ijegal proceedings have been commenced to put
the property -tf the defaulting cashier and teller
of the' Newark bank In the hands of a receiver for
'benefit of the depositors. These thieves have in?
rested largely In real estate during the past few
years. - " -
Daniel Dale Haskell died In San Franclscojast
Saturday, a broken-down, vermin-Infested beggar.
hanking and express htrit-r, Tfth an Inrnmri nf
means In an en
deavor to save the. bank.
Postmaster-General James will strike a crushing
blow at members of the star-route ring before he
leaves his. office.- Civil proceedings to recover
for the passage of ,a "bill abolishing the law pro
lilultlng marriage with a deceased wlfe'a sister.
As the measure received 140 votes to 4ft In the
House of Commons last session, and 30 to 19 In the
upper House, Itis likely to be successful this ses
sion." . .......
Rebecca .llates died at Seltuate, Mass., on the
14th Instant, aged 80. She and her cousin, Abble
Bates, were the two girls who. In 1812. hid behind
rocks with a fife and drum and sounded the roll
rail when several boat loads of British troops were
about to make a landing, and caused them to re
turn to the man-of-war. Abble still lives, aged
89 years. : " '
7 General Joe "Johnston aocuses Jefferson Davis
of having stolen over $2,000,000 in specie. He says
-a carload of It left Richmond when Davis moved
the civil government south, and that there were
twenty, wagon loads In the train at Greensboro.
He does not know what has become of the money,
and says Davis has never given any satisfactory
account of It. .
Gulteau's former wife and her husband called on
the assassin before leaving for Leadville on Mon
day. Tlie scene was quite aflectlng. The tears
rolled down her face aa she called htm "Charlie,"
and expressed sorrow at his condition. At part
ing she said; "I called to say good-bye, for I, may
never see you again."- Guiteau -was Impressed
with Hie remark, but he graciously wished tier a
i'happy and prosperous life." ' , .
"""Secretary Frelirighuysen on Tuesday sent a tel
egram to the New York Ifcrald, stating that
James Gorden Bennett's yacht "Jeannette" was
truBfiril byicirwthei It ft 6f UstJ u ne 1 irlatlfti dif
RoIlelJte8,-AorforTjnedoltar, at Ack
ennTis. .
for Multnomsh intr. K P. 'rlwll, Plslnllfl, vs. H.
, Jowrtihl and lUchH I. Ilswlhom an Administrator
nt Adinlnldtrslrls of the rnll of J. Hawthorn. d
rrntuil, and Iiila II. llatftnomr, Cathrtno llawtltornt
pni Hkl 1.. Hawthorne, vronlanla. In parsuanroof a
diMTtw of thi aimvp-pntltlp-J Court, martw-an4 ,nter fn
th ahovn-rnlltlml raua nnnn lh Kith day of Ismlior,
jKhl, ordfTtnc the aal rf thf nrofx-rty hrrHnaficr d-Tilw,
and anpointinK tnw unifraicni a rcr-ri tomakvauch
lh aall MfW, will iitwfM to aril at pu
hlhMit and iiwil tiddrr, for raah In
In. I
Hon, to Ilia
ulilk aun-
hand In
roil mm or in united miiM, at tna noor or in t'onn
lions of Multnomah CVntnly. In Portland, In a I1 County
ann iaioi umton. on rxuiiniay. tn vwn nay or Jannai
falaa Im thla anil In and m llu' hillnwlm Hl'ai'MIH'll fSSl ' AJtlfSSS t
alat, to-wlt I Th Kat half of lxla Kla (.1) and Kli IS) In
tb Houth half of doubla Itlork I In that'll of Iortland,
imumj or Muiinoinan, ana niai or i tri-ron.
d3 U
; 'llfers,
the nail squarely on thejiead when she tells pt
women whose whole liver are -spent In unre
muneralive servitude, for whom there are no pro
visions in Mr. Evans' bill. I don't want to be
guilty of the falling of dispensing "taffy" In my
strictures, of which I have Just complained In
you, so I cannot help saying that a gentleman
of Mr. E.'s good, strong sense on. other subjects,
and with a heart so nearly right as his on the
Woman Suffrage question, waa simply enacting
the role of the astute lawyer whose business It is
to "make the worse appear the better reason,"
when he framed that bill. It is worthy of Mrs.
Packard, or any other Insane person, but It Is not
worthyLrvansindlam sure nobody
knows the fact better than hlraself.It U conOlcC--IHg
and coniradliquiv, and wluuoneasured by the
stands nl of Justice and right, from tKeslaudpulut
of equality, regardless of sex, It becomes a filnry
fabric of human sophistry, resting upon a rounaa-
I nave carefully stuaiec tne wnoie
tion of sand.
structure, and
can with difficulty refrain from
money fraudulently ntned from -the Kovern-lpjtnjr thejfntlre Jnstntment.lnobedlenoe to
your suggestion to MriOvana last week, only, for
tlie sake of greater accuracy. I would substitute
tlrufiet t fr14blotH lej" trnd rire-vrrtft, rt oindicate-
"husband" and "wife" wherever the words occur.
But as yoa have, asked Mr. Evana to do so, I will
wait awhile and see If he com piles before proceed-
ing lunner. l ours lor equal riguia,
For low prices and gdod goods, the Dollar Store
, - 4ksVsasaaftav , . , S
Elegant Cut Glassware, at Ackerman's. 1
Tit it Ncw Noktb wrst for 1HS3 will h tha urn candid
and nutaMkn Journal aa in Ihfmat: Ma JMirnal ttr tha
XHtlt tixl'H'ndnt In MJltlra and n-llalon. allva io all
lira laautis, and thoroughly radical In opMtalnc and eapoa
InKlha wrongaof lhemaaaa.N
Tlia Nsw Nktiiwkts primal duty under Ihla platform
will to to urg and advocate the recognition of tha princi
ple of tMiuallty before tha law, aa It la firmly convinced that
the greateat and graveat wrong of the maaaee at the present
time la withholding from woman her natural right of aclf-
77 north and longitud.157eaatTtbaMlielcTalTh- 4)omng Ttmf wllle a trying one for the Woman
anu crew emoaraeu in iiiree sman uoais ; uiai two
of . them, containing Captain Debong, Engineer
Melville, Dr. Ambler and 23, men, reached the
mouth of the 1ena River on September 19th In a
pitiable condition; that the third one, In which
was Collins, the Herald correspondent, had not
been heard from. '
Huflraglata. A legislature la to be chosen that will ratify
or reject the pending equal rights amendment to the Con
stitution of Oregon. Much depend on the efforts that are
mad before-the June election. Candidate who have
wroiff Impreaalona of the movenuut muat be given light
jdjjp,t tr"r t"ari ''-1''', iiiirteTTraTTitTRgTrT
.A on of (he meana of wark. U be employed, tt would b
well to circulale tha Woman HurTraffe papers. Therefore
the HufTraglaU of Oregon are asked to use their endeavors
to estend this Journal's circle of read era. Aaaiatanee J .
alao aouglit from friends. if the movement In Washington
Territory.- . "7 ;
Tub New Notrnvitr eontalna a large amount of good
and pure literature, great care being eierclaed In the pec pa
rat ios of Its various departments, and la an excellent paper
for the home and family.
Tha terms of subscription are f a ee a year, or ei for
six months (In advance), ('anvaaser will be paid M per.
cent eomm laalOn J or the sender bf three new yearly names.
iiyi smiuiat l iiMg
- '" Proprietors New Nsthwkht,
......v.i.- .No. Washington street, Portland ,Trgoa. ;
- r