The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, November 02, 1877, Image 1

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Tb political campaign that follow
ww aa iclarljr iellln( oim. And
tb odor of th rreat ana1 trial of Colo
Del tfarblebead bang about blm Ilka a
ltlUor.' It mad no kind of dlfler
bm to tbo putllo tbat b waa aoqultUd
lo tba aaoat baoorabU aaaDoar poaalblo.
All of I ha oppoaltloa oawapapara aaliad
poa tba fally aeanrfal aitd poddlod M
promlacaoucly from od part of tba
fetal lo abotber, till tba llf raaa-af tba
amour between bia brotber-la-law and
I be atraage woaii Lacaaaa eooamoD
talk everywhere. But, thank to tba
. tfoexpectedtorotbal peraeeutlooa aome-
time take, Ih attempt to make capital
agalaat Ouaoo aooouotof the part be
bad taken In ebaatleing bla brother-la-
law, wb waa tbe reapoDalbl offender,
- arooad the women la bla bebatf, aad
they were o entbualaatl a to eoaore
bla eleotloo. .
Tli are I notblag tbat tend to create
poll ileal majorltte ao rapidly a tbe en
. tbaalaam of women. Colonel Marble
' bead waa yonog, aaplring,' Intelllgept,
and baadeneoe. Mother who woo ll
bat ebrunk In affected bollnea from
the tbouitbf of eatlng ballot for them
aelrea, did not beaitet to n 'eTettloDeer"
-among tbelr TdtlPfrfrfod for tlielrfa
rofiliLOajudidAladauthltr wbo would
have aoeered ootemptaoualy at advo
cate of th rlgbl of woman to boneat
wooing, leat tbey thereby beoom "tin
aeied." laid la wait to eateb blm In
nee all th arte of wbleb fomlnln In-
geoolty la capable to entrap blm ana-
ware. - :
But, among tb number who tbaa
aonght alike to win bla favor and do
him algnal acrvlce aa elecUoDeer. Mr-
that very reaaon Ou fafrfy adorr bar.
Wbat would bav been bla aenaatlon If
aha bad beau a fuiairU M till Pl lo
render blm bomag I do not nretend to
ay. Perbapa he would bav been amteT
ahd anrfeltedV Perhapa bla-vanity
2 would bav Leesao d by bar prefer
"ure, aa well aa that ao'many. other,'
" that he wnuiit bav jltted bar, Juet to
ehow hi jMwer. But Martha Brown
waa aa conavlentlnua a ah waa dfgnl-
'fied, and ai wonjauly aa all waa boneat
aod loving. - -
. T1iough: I die for lov of him, be
ahall never aay I Bought blm, or that I
maneuvered to captivate hln,"eheal
ven wbllbr fac grow pal and br
hveka abrunken with lite heart-alckeh-Ing
auapena. of bnpee deferred. "If l
could go to tb poll myself aod depoatt
an honeet ballot for Colonel Marble
bead, I'd dolt; for I, believe he would
make an able and eooaeientlona etecu-
tlve; but I'll never atultlfy my Innate
; ae pa of booor by aycopbancy. If I die
on the rack I maintain my eelf-reapect,"
ah aald to br mother, In reepoo. to
that matron' faltering auggeatlpn tbat
ah abouUI take a prominent fart Inn
certain fvaat day, wherein th ruling
element of the mancnllne body polltlo
waa to be M by h unrepreaented ale
meul of the aervlng body feminine, that
tbey might th more readily And their
way to their votes. '
Tbe oaaleal. way to rtach llie average
. mai la tbroagb bla atomacb. Tb old
"Wftry of Hie uilwiHy of Maiunnm tea
Th last great gathering Jfefore tbe
Jnno, eleelioo waa In n grove bard by
tb mlniater'a home, and Mrs. Brown
waa one of the most active of tb luaoy
nfflcilatlng Wouisa wbo weeo-. to CwU
their way to lb vote of men by Ailing
their tomacha with all tb dellcacle of
tb season.
Women have worked for thchurhe
la tbi way for hundred of year, with
out thloklngof Ibemeelve being en
titled to any of tb temporal emolu
ment T tbelr loll. But they ar wak
ing up at Ust, even In tb cbnreb, and
ar coming to th front to-dsy a teach
er aod preachers, and Imbibing tbe
plrlt of the age, ar sometime demand
ing and even receiving reoompeos.
Hut they wr not awak, at lb period
of whlch I write, le anything of th
kind; and tbey demanded, nothing for
themselves, from either bnreh oc state,
-ylh4olhem, blessed privilege of
owing for otbrs"IdTvpr--ThAtJhy
ar outgrowing this tat of Ignoraul
aoaelfiabnea la a matter of congratula
tion, good leader, and cannot In any
way be attributed to th aoppoatd d
geaeracy of th time. , -
Mattl Brown oould hav worked with
a will t supply th culinary lmt
necessary to elect ber Idol, bad a been
ber h sabs ad. 8b could hav worksd
nil a readily had b been only bet
affianced, with pe cloud between tbem.
But now, with tbat morbid aenattlvo-
ha ao much lo spare, and of which tbs
- oily tell stand so much la seed, aba
waa on tb defensive, ah thought, and
ab would not dmoaa bralf, Lbougk
ber heart were breaking. Jt waa bar
duly to, obey ber mother, though, and
tb two were on tb lawn, gatberlbg
wild strawberrie for tb approaching
feast, when tb abov-mutlond coo
veraatlon begao. J. '
Mrs, Broaro waa shocked lo bear ber
daughter eipres herself ao firmly,.
"Wbat mother tbat doe her duty by
her family baa aver reared a daughter
that wllltalk Ilk tbat ?' ah thought;
though doubtleaa ab would bav re
sisted the Intimation tbat aba bad failed
In ber duty, bad any other person than
herself aocuaed her of It. "
Ooad reader, what I matrimony, any
how? Ia It fate? Isn't It folly? Is It
a lottery Isn't It oftentimes a delu
sion and enaref ; Aod yU isn't It th
aim-all and tb be-all of the Imagina
tions of young people ? Isn't It th re
gret anf dlaaatlafactioo of two-third of
theold one?' Wbo would II v without
It? Where' th man tbat amountato
TOW Of plPatre1a bg 1 martlet! -
Where's the woman but atay Juet
now there rise befora my mental sight
ao many unhappy married women that
I almost wish tbey were all (th un
happy on, I mean) tb oldest kind of
old malda. But no matter what mar
riage la, or bow It terminates; no mat
ter how 'many frowsy-beaded, aunken-
eyed, cracked-veloed, over-worked wives
you eee; no matter bow many boo red
buabauda and Inharmonious matcher,
peo1wlll take risks lb th lottery
while time laata, and Ibis, too, In spit
of tb fact tbat aloe-tenth, of all tb
tickets draw are blauka. '
Colonel Marblebead bad no bom of
hi own any mor. That notorious "u n
pleasantneaa' between hlmaalf and tbe
llooorable Tbouias Jonea bad mad a
ruptur between his sister and himself,
Martha Jon Marblbeal having
dt9 euthla aequalntaoc aa a friend
and slater, then aod there. He DAT
proved hi farm, wblab Joined hi sis
ter's till, with tb tptio6 of a houae,
and a wife to keep ft, e waa onmforta-
trlTpmv lilad fnf, but Ibla laal earill
waa a weighty one. ' - ' -"-
tinai rviumeu ma to canvas 01
v . a. . A A M -- -AT"
th 8Ute, and had apent the nlglit In
hi lonely bachelor' cabin, and waa on
tb war to tb villa- for- breakfast.
fjrbtr a paused for a whit behind a
clump 6f bushel, attracted by Hi sound
of beloved and familiar vol. And ao
It was that ha overheard f ha deelarafloo
of bla affianced that ab would, If per
mitted, deposit aa honest hallo.t of her
own for aim. -,: - .- :
. "Is It poaaibl that I am In lov with
a strong-minded -woman ?"ti asked
hMpaelf, la concern. 4 :.. . -
And yet, much a her honeet i sclera-'
Uieo reaped hi sense of maaeultn supe-
riorily, th fellow waa overjoyed. Ph
liked bimf that waa evident; and It waa
giory "enough for on alay. Lingering
behind the bushes till th ladle passed
a little further on, be communed with
himoeif Ilk thla;-
"I lov tb little witch. She' pretty
and affectum! anil Intelligent, but I
want woman tbat will look ap lo me,
a her law-giver; who will trouble m
by no decided opinion of hswn; who
will cook my mutton and darn my
aocka and nurse my children as a wife
and mother ehould. -
Tb eoDeelled simpleton didn't stop
to aaaly th why and wherefore of
tb fact that very one of th Imaginary
children that passed In review before
b I mssre counterpart oLMartk A Brown
and Coloael Marblehead. He was far
too busy with number on for that.
- "I want a wlf to b a tulntatur edi
tion of myaelf," be continued, "poly ol
so Intelligent md atrong-willed. Bb
must bold herself In readiness to do my J
bidding, and must always believe that
whatever J do le rlghL '
!, what elalm bad yoa npoo th
motherhood of humanity, that aome
woman ahould spend a 0 ftb of A Ceotury
In bearing aad rearing a weaker edition
of yourself ? - And wbat recompense do
yua piuwsjsj tu gnaig mli n lumini li
her nnselflshness after yon- bav found
your ideal and taken her from ber au
thor without a tloene TO, no, reader.
There's nothing selfish abdbt tb' men.
Celool Marblebead waa about to
pas th women by ttlnotleed. Wbat
waa it to him If they fell Ilk breaking
their hock to gather strawberries
wherewith to coai voters Is elect him ?
Wasn't It nios te aeelbem keep la tbelr
sphere ? Besides, hi pride had been se
verely wounded by Mat lie' refusal to
a him tbs last tim b bad salted. H
would nt bsr now, and get svea."
Martha bad fuel gathered a fresh
handful of tb tsarist fruit, and was
ailing her mother altealloo to It su
perior sii. In spite of hi rssolvs.
Colossi Marblebead felt hi resolution
fallings Certainly b had nvr aeea ao
pretty a plclurr-Th lercla of galb
rln'g tb berries bad flushed bet cheeks
till tbty fairly rlvalsd ba bl ash log
fruit. ; Tba aaandon of ber pot waa
perfect.' . N
What a pity," ha thought, 'that so
aupsrh a srsatur should otter auch a
aeollmeol aa I bav vrbeard."
, Not hot that h sgresd with It Had
any woman who waa oolhlag to Aim
mad sucb a dee la ratios, b would bav
hoaored hct.iut JVsnd would I hav
boa reed It to-Mra. Colonel Marblehead,
bad there been auch a parson In eiiee
oss, with th aaoei prale worthy air
laaaflnAhla, .'"'
Aji laatant, and bla yttf blood ran
old. There, upun Ih graae, wllUla alx
Inobea of Mattl' left band, upou which
ah had balanced tt weight to bold
aloft th mammoth berries, lay auge
auaka coiled. Maltla di J not see It, but
lta bead waa elevated several Inebe
from tb eeoter of tb coll, aod with 1U
glittering green eye It waV watching
her as a eat will sometime watch an
unsuspecting mnus. . .
An Instant befor Uus bad been won
dering hew b oould best mDage to
glv ber th cut direct. Now b stood
trosfltd wllb horror, 'not daring to
speak,' and yet Impelled to aav tb lite
that ddaly grow mor rrreotatibly
dear to tilaj than all ls, Keen his
pelted poiltloal proapacto wrfrgottu.
Te hug nsk lifted It bead sllll
higher. AnotbriasUatandlhdradd
rattl would bo Inauutanooua With tb
yet moi dreaded luclsloa of it fang.
II did not -dare to poh. What oould
li do ? " T heanatiVae fatal. To speak
In warning would only hasten th fatal
trik. tiummoniog all bla atrenglb,
and" risking bla own life in tb en
deavor, b apraeg po ih serpent with
a uddn bouud and crushed It beueatb
bis feet -1 ' . ' -
' Mattl screamed In terror, and dlaoov
ring tb rash Intruder, roe from tbe.
ground lo Indignation, - i
"Sir, Iiqw tfare you ? '
"Ther WMfthriTig eorilBher lMk
and ton. . ' ' T ' .
"I beg your pardon, Mia Brown," h
aald, apologetically, pointing to tb
writhing reptile, tbat lay quivering at
'hlk feel. ; -"O.
Out! Yoa've saved my life.".
"I bop o, Mattl. Aod now will
you kv mloe?"
' How, Gur' "
"Beeom my; wife, darling, and nd
this borribl susjwose." ;
Mr. Brown, wbo bad been ao terrified
upon discovering to natron avap of
her daughter aa lo loo all thought of
being th odious third party to a aceoe
wher ooly two ar company, sudoenly
wnar oiy two ar company, aoooeniy
tway, but not till ab bad board oob
1 uM ,k..,.mm nf
was fast approaching
"Let m protect yon always," pleaded
Oua, drawlag her arm wltblo hie awn,
and leading ha away fiem tb yet
writhing serpent-.
Mattl did not reply.
Jler slUoo U-
gednlasi .
"Why did you refuse lo e. tu4n
othsr day; darling?' . - tt,
Mattl bluabad; hut did not ana war. "
1'Dldyou mean that day 'adee u I oo -4
be final?" he asked, bla face aloe toeatted last Friday with an aaaoeiate,
her, and bis laboring- breath mingling
with bar a they walked.
- "I aat tbat you ahouldit't bav
lb fun of jilting mo,-Ou. Kor-you
know you'r to a elevated to a high
! public position, and all tb -belle of
taahloo. will h waating to eateb yon.
Then, if I wr your wU, you'd be
ashamed of me, aad I'd be niieerahl. I
never could be oolnt to b tb wlf of
ven Ju auless you' J be proud of me,
aad ready to honor ms aa your individ
ual equal. I am your squat, Gus, If I
eau't bold govsrnmeat offloea," and 'her
bright eyee snapped with playful aaui-
bb bad already rgot tea ber narrow
escape from death, la tb cltmnt of
a reviving Joy, .
"I told my mother a whit ago tbat
I'd willingly vet for you If I could, but
T wouldn't do a other women are doing
lo elect anybody to offlc." -
Colonel Augustus Marblehead winced.
Tb prrjudle of hi set waa atroiig
open him. But lev vsle all dialioc
lioua, tbat. la to say, befor marriage.
After that Important legal decision ha
created a power absolute, lb case ladif
ferent. . .
"J'H hoJd;my peace till I cag my
bird," thought tb suitor, wbo really
felt blmaelf entitled, to pardon for any
amonnt of lflshoes bees use b bad
Just saved her life.
VLt' bo married t-mirrwt and.
mak a eneatlon, my prt"
"I that your blgheet motive,
Ou oould hav bill blmeelf, labis
elf-denuaclatlon. Waa thia woman
really to b I . 4r? mayb hi supe
rior? 'j- --
"Why wlllvu question my motive,
dear?" h asked, In aa Injured ton.
. "Bsoaas It'a a serious matter, Gu.
If I ahould marry you, aad should Sod,
after a liltl wall, that you looked
upon m as a ort of dependent, whom it
waa your duty to pro v id for and pro! set,
only becaus you had promised to do it.
whll I waa not ei pec ted, bsoauss of la
efflolency, to yield an adequate return,
I ahould weary of myaelf, aod dl. Sup
pose, for lnatanc-I don't want I aa-
noy you, darling," ber vole faltered aa
b pronounced tb endearing word; It
was ao aweet, and, ab thought, ao ap
propriate; ."suppose I should be situated
aa your ltr Martha la. Sb waa Mar
tha Marblehead once, you know; and
ah gav op nam and bom, and all
prospect of personal advTneement nnd
honor, and took a uborjinat position
a Mr. Jon wlf; not aa Mrs, Joaes, in
ber own porsoo, or aa Mr. Jon equal.
Ysn hav seea tlve result. Tsm Jooss
barely sodares her, and shehss eroochedj
before hi' eoeroaob meut until liow hie
humiliate br Ull, war I la her place,
I woold prefsr big broken an was!;
aad wo all as boo? pitifully absurd obo
make herself sppsar by pretending not
to believe wbat very body can e and
know. I lov you a my life, Gua; bet
ter than my life; .better than all else.
But you coo Id neve "
Stop, dear. Stlrely you wouldu'l
aceoe m of-" .
"l'noouUhcy( you would y, (Jua.
Xo; I don't mean that. I should neter
sec us yoa or any on sis without the
shadow of; but I want It uodr
stood between ua, if w do tak tb Im
portant tp yow propose, tbat I Isv
you too sincerely, sod respect myself
loo highly, for your sake a wsll a my
own, to vr take a position that would
auhject me to lit fi of Mrs. Franklin
or Mr. Henry Oay."'
Colonel Augustas Marblehead had
met the match he needed. It waa well
for blm that they had quarreled year
before. " It Waa well for ber that they
bad not married while both were young
and unobservant of cause and effect.
The though tltse g4H had ripened 4ut-v
thoroughly self-reliant woman. -.
HI understand you, my . dear," he
aald, earnestly , "and I agr with you
fully. I do bot want an Inferior, but a
mate. I waut your lov, your kindness.
I want yoo to keep me In lbs paths .of
tea Jlne.Yotr-ar to'1 my guiding
star. With you I slall be strong. With
out you I am worse than nothing. Shall
It beto-morrow?".
ir i.... i m i.i,
"I bav nothing ready," was the truly
Then It' eeltted!" cried Gua, In a
trauaport, "for, whenever a aenslble
woman begin to consider her weldlng
outfit, It' an vdnc that aba le pre
pared for tbs ceremony. You ar as
nesrty ready now aa you will ever b."
I bellev you ar right," waa the
udden reepouae, aud th (ao walked
arm In arm lo th studio of the good
mlnlstee, where father and, mother, SOB I
and proectlv son-in-law agreed ppoii
the plan of publl surprise for thifo-
lowing tday.
To be enntlnaed.)
. vi,!,..) W..f,.tU -l
Kyerybody ha beard of ' Ih Smith
Slaters, of OfastQPjbury who steadily,
and at great pecuniary aactl floe,- have
for a ounjber of yeara resisted taxation
upon tb principle eounclsted by tb
tmn without representation la tyranny." I
W find Jo an, ascbaiig the following I
account of a levy mads by tbs tax-gath-
srer last mouth, glvso by tbs Sisters
Ws bava been living In trepidalisn
all summer, being afrAid of having ouri
old -domlcltnsacltsd. Th entiefiorr
aud brought. bia fas-bill, sent us by
mail last March, with twelve lr ceuc
added, that is, one per cent, a mouth.
Tbeswestil ! ?0 36. We told him we
would not yield ap oar principles by
payiug blm tb meuey,aad. If lb town
claimrd our property, It Mcer must
ll.w w 1 1 ,i i nrj rirsi. i , v p. m
. t. ..i . i - i i . t
tthought we owned It, hut fouad we did
not. Th collector said thai it was tb
jaw that w must pay our tsArs. We
asked who mad th law. lie an
swered, "The (teHerat Aaeemldy. put ia
I I i . . a . . . . .ii
oj m ntajoriij oi toe pipie. , laioi
bim not a majority, not half the people,
Bud w were wader no law, ftnr "govern
ments derived their Just powers from
the connent of tt)e governed," which
tb nisn all wor to, whea they took
tb oalb tol mad voter.' He talked
arrogantly, declaring that w must aay
whether we refused to pay tasee or not.
We wanted bim to toll ua what h In
truded to do, but not a word would h
aay, aud went ouVJeeving oe wholly lo
doubt. However, tbe collector Callei
tltenelt morning and drove off three
cows to well them again at the auction 4
block, leaving as ou ilttl Iwo-year-okl
heifer, which give th Irast milk, not
heoilng my request to leavs tbs mother
of the ralf we are raising. But be waa
much more calm th Belt morn'lag,
rbably owing to tbe advice of some
rleud of ours. , . ,. -
"Or Coi'kkk "Belle I My dears, the
TFciiea or to-day gr teTypTyny young
women,- but it' a great deal of flu
clothe. Tb balls of my lima did not
depeud so much upon what they wore.
They wer moatry tall, finely made
young women," and the, good dame,
her drew herself up tavoluotarily, for
she herself waa ons of these belle in
that pnst period. .'f remember one of
these belle,n ah Went on. "Sh was
th daughter of on of tb Champlin,
fin nam In IVswport ones; ou of
them married Abraham ltedwooda
daughter, and on of th sisters daoeed
wltb General Washington at th old
Assembly-room on Cbureb street. Tbe
daughter I apeak of Waa a great beauty,
and had all tbe gallaute far and near at
ber feet. Men wer not so afraid of
marrying a they are now, and a band
aome girl like Hally Champlin waa
greatly run after, no suitor being
aabamed to show hla preference very
openly. Hally - bad - rejected n great
many flne.ortera, wbsn on day there
came a proud gentleman, oho, meeting
the earns fat, did not tak It as meekly
aa th o there, and remonstrating with
her, naked ber for Boms mors definite
reason than aha had given him fur bla
rejection. Sally waa ued to a very dif
ferent masuer from tbi, and, nettled
at bl independence, ab turned opon
him sharply with tbi a newer:
" Slr, you seem to think tbsl It Is a
very- wonderful thing for A ma t be
rejeotedr I bavs refused tuty offers
rrom line very sola, sir.'
Ws sbooted with laughter at this ell
mag, and than on of ber listeners 1o-
"Wbat became of the man after thle?"
"II became MIseKally'e husband."
ws tb demur rvepoase. .Veryorf Cor-
They ar veiled "Indian pply eotv
trct" becaua th suiiiillrs always coo-
iraci ueiure mrj iticu lue luuiaus,
Hope A aeotlmeot xblblied In th
wag f a dog' tail wbso waluag for a
W hav at last reached lviIUtin
and ar resting wearied limbs opon sle
gant saay chair la a gorgeoua drawlag-
room car.' 'TIS trufy refreshlug,-aud
K has last said :
"fl I eon Id only travel lo t his usuri
ous way, lenouid notttimt going exuiu
ry wtuter." s
But tba only place I svsr sar again
Is are is dear little Sit Aegusllus, and
gladly would I eiehaoge our sold,
dreary wtuter (of tb soft, balmy air ol'
tbat sweet litll pUea.
Tbs letter I wrote rJaiurday I aald
woaUL, be my last desortptioa of my
Southern trip, but K and M ar
siigroaalog tb poveis, and a I fel 44k
ecrlbbljug, wlll.cootisumy "Jottings
down," in hope that (bey will yt b
enjoyed by tb bom circle; and wnr
I have told K -, never mind how poor
th ecrawl, it will be prixed, and virtues
given to it that It never possessed.
Our ntrac to WasblDgtoa Saluidsy
Olgbl waa somstbiog too lovsly to be
forgotten, tb moon easting boraofteaed
ray In ou uubrebsa lin aoroas Ilia
broad Potomac the twiokliug lights in
tb window of tba many homes upon
Its hanks, and th massive dom of our
country' Capitol eblnlng so pur and
white In lb distance, aa if it rsally wars
fulfilling Its . mission, protecting tbs
quiet city beoeatb, mad a asens truly
i '
- u . aiaUanlna- ao
lovely in tb chastened moonlight, I
felt sorry when the maay light of Bal
timore proclaimed w wr. oaariag for
tbat day our Jour nay' aud. .
Our days lately have been a sucoss
sioo of lovely ones,' adding beauty tn
evsrj thing, specially to a moat beauti
ful city, where yesterday wo spent a
lovely, quiet Sabbath. Ia tb morning
K aod I attended ervlce ia BU
Psars Church, a curious-looking ediflee,
that la. Mi iter lor, hot rib and hand
soius Inside. But 1 am afraid tbat K-
will scarcely vr again ear to enter an
Episcopal hrcb, for I am sur tbat la
"w " " "
ha beetl Ifachrd, Ml tb.
that an tb top round of th "apoetoll
slugltig was conducted by about fifty
chorister - boys la aurplieee, aud - lbs
vrholt senrtc waa chanted, vn tb ardih mlsatng articles, and telki ilk tb
mou; perbapa I abould aay, ao it seemed
(o us. ;! " "
la tbe afleruoon we Xouk. quite A long
walk: turning nut fuoteteua throurb tb
open door of tb large catbdralaltllag
there a while watching tb devout
Catholic whispering tbelr prsyera and
bending tb koe In froot of Ih altAr,
aod lisleulug to a Ibvalyjsoprano voloa.
tbaJlezlbl note of which roa Audiell
with ouch perfect ease aud beauty, flood-
lug the large dome wllhb weeteet
melmly. . It waa- a strange-looking
church, dlfWeut from auy thing K
aaw Idle abroad, perfectly circular, aud
aurrouuded by - coufcaaiouala,. picture.
ud Immens rsudlea, on-
lightetl, showing that in darkness lbs
church vu recall lug tbs fearful sorrow
aijiT suffrriugs endured so many year
Sgo. 'TIs a atrauge rlit(ia, aud It aad'
defied me;. I waa glad to again breatii
tbe freab air.
Washington' , monument. An Im
mensely tall circular tower, wllb a lif
site statue rising from tb aUmmit.l
gleama whit and pur In lb aansbine,
pure and nblte indicative of tb nalur
of th man whoa noble deeds It stands
commemorating. And rise
the home of tb wesllhy and, ws hope,'
tbe good.
The honee ar- mnetly btiUr rtitct.
so beauTffuTly laid and so gqulaitely
trimmed that lo ms tbey ar .hand
somer than the rows aod rows of somber
brown stonetbst lin tb street of
New York. Some wer painted a deli
cate gray or dov eotor, mounting and
all, aud ware so ptirs, so beautiful, tbsl
the ey resting upon them' felt truly re
fres'hed. rRTdfii g o ver a Tl nety -laid roaJ aud 1 oT
this magnlfloeut car we ar going so
rapidly tbat I hav found ll much. mor
difficult lo writ than I did when trav
ellng "over those shocking Southern
roads; and I can hardly believe tbat to
day w will lo a few hour go ovr as
many mile a required two day of
travel lo th land of "green pea and
Traveling at thia- rapid rate wW aooa
bring ua back to'Nsw York, wbsro tb
kindly wek-orue of friend await or
return, and I trust, dear 8 , yoo will
regret aa do w tbat our Journey ha
Miss lUaikdph, now at th hsad f a'
young lady 'a aeliuol usor liisrloil, vir
giuia. Is a great-graaddaugblsV of
Thome Jefferson, aud among olber an
redote of th great "have-beens," r
lale tbi of a great- ant, wbo one re
marked, naively, of bsr bosbaad, "Mors
no's tb politest man that ver lived; bo
even comes into tb room without look
ing through th key-hole first to know
if be'll be welcomed." -
sars, having nearly twisted ber head off
in bis fratHM snort lo "dew a brake.
Aplrot lo editorial honor (slightly
elevated) "I tberean opeulug ber fof
an Intellectual wnterr
i -7. i i ITi ,i i - . i 7 -TS o inbaUlAOt of ths I. sited Htatea,
- ........ .... . aod. not lieiuc l.lmma- waa interred 1 . . . . . '
rntr::.r:dt,heotlb:i - ."frh? ztt&zESA z
crash by a train, foood hlmssif1ttlng Ii!. I.' H al .n!?,h! 112 (b' osiactlug and sUllilog
op In bla hsd. holdlnar bis wife bv tbe f0"" "J"- jJ!"J?J: th beet of tb.mT It ia hscauso tbs
"Fdtlor- Aw"tBlTJrt--es,--lrt-i
kind nnd soasMerate earpeoter, provi
deutlally (urtssslog your visit, islt ao
opsulng for yoo. Turn too kaob to tbs
rlght,,, v 1
DrsAtiag; th Baby.
When a wmaa go to work to dress
a two-year-old sblld. sbs doss it la a
systsmstlo, buslnsss-llks manner, and
without any ootss or fusel and before
Ku know It, tbs youngster is slid not of
r bsnds with his lace washed aad hair
combed, hi clothing la Aulp-ahapa or
der, ana a 910 cbromo under bl arm,
Thia all comss from knowing bow.
With a' man it la diHsrsai. He trrakea
elaborate preparation and put oo Ui
air of ou wbo la getting an eighty-four
run ahtn ready for a two year cruis
li soli eels th youngsters duds together
In a bean, gaiborlag ihaj op rrem
pretty much all ovsr tba bouss, sod af
ter a great deal of howling for this, and
sharp, snapping Inquiries for tbat, and
an unlimited amoaot of getting down
off bl kseee aad looking arwondl -evader
th furniture for lb other, (all of which
comes from having uudrvosed the child
tbs night before), b at length sits re
signedly down to a chair aod, with a
feeble attempt at good nature, aay:
"Com. Freddie, com to papa, and
hive your coses ou."
Tbs child, wbo Is Just then traveling
around in bis nightdress, and playing
with a damp towel aud a etovs wreneli,
makes a bee line fir tb door, full of a
desire to escape lute another room.
"Coma, Freddie, come to papa, like a
good boy," aay tb faibr, wltti abrav
flort at patlenos.
. TUs child keep on It sours.
This sound so much Ilk business
that tb youngster a lope, tarns, aad
tacking slowly op to lb now stern-browed-
parent, gradually get wltbia
reach, when a sudden grab of his arm
ionnTS uiib into sn una, woere ine
i..l .Un. Zrnlt th-f.ii.....
bring blm Into position, wbers tb
clean shirt front, and lbs etovs wrsuoh
plumps solidly dowu upon tbs top of hi
"Immortal Jollaaf" h ac reams In
ngony, nursing his foot wltb ons band
aud shaking lbs poor luuoceut with the
othsr, whereupon Ahe lnnooeul seta up
an accompanying yell.
A voire from below, where th wlf
and mother I busied getting breakfast,
Join la ilia chorus: -
"dlAisleaU Mollesnn, what on eertu
ar yoo doing to tbat child T'
"h, yon b dsrnsd!" gs hack tb
quick reply, lo a abort, ugly, desperate
growl that silences all further iuqulry.
Then tIieTaniar7T.rri,-TuXtSTB
foeA and groaning swhlls, squares th
bild Around and begins till process sf
dressing blm, which ia mostly made up
oroesioa- uiu, wuicn w mm
s -aWful atrug-bot
ringers and smooth, poroeialu buttons, a
geoeral misplacing of garments' bind
aid befor, upside down, searching after
"Turn rouad!" "Stand atllH" "Hold
ynui aim bp!" - "Ihunder and light
ning! Can't you letlbiag be" "Slop
rescblng!AvJl'p, I ssy V Can't yoo
ksep sllll r' "Wbsre's tbat other
skirt ?1Vt-Jhop!', "Blast that but-
toa!" "w, where In blalea la tbat
pi a ?". "Ktaod ap!" "There! by thuu
der!" "hy don't you fall down and
b dons with It?" "Stop your howl
ing !" "Slon!" "uht "Let tbat
be!" "BebaverGreat sean" "Say,-
why dou't you havs four or Ovs thous
and more buttona on youf clothea?"
Xowi Where's thai stocking?" "Keep
your root stlti!" ."Say, : keep your
f.w.t atlll!" "Gimme the other foot!"
"No, the other!" "Can't you see?"
hat do you want to spread your toe
all out for? How do you suppose I'm
going, to put your stockings on with
f-ynur I.t in that ahas7" "Slop U!"
"Htop it, i aav!" "Who stuck that pin
In that way?"
"You,- of course," says a cold, thin.
-cutting voice; ami he glsucee up ami
aeee hie wire looking down ou liliu iu a
taunting, eiaaperallng sort or a wsy
"I'd be ashamed of myself," she contln-Tsjtect
ued, "to go ou to thai way and get ao
nut of patlsucs with a bit of a baby.
You've been making noise enough to
raise ths deed, snd bl clotbee look a If
tbey hsl been throwsd oo wltb a pitch
fork. Gimm bim!"
And h gta up sheepishly and aul
leuly, aud after slsmmlng and stamping
arouud th bouse after the llulmeol
bottle, andhauging doors and making
aa big av-wues aa be sen, bo works blos
self up Into such a state of meanness
sod mortification tbat, to spit blmaelf,
he gee off down town without bla
A Modsra Eranplin. -
Tb atory of Evangelln la repeated
with wooderful fidelity lo all Its detail
la tba ipsrisuos of a yoasg French
gin o rtsliieut si MstsIIIss. Mho
sogagsd to A aailor, to whom she waa to
be married ou bis return from a voyage
to New York. " Ho did not rstura, and,
after a year, sbs got a bertfc as steward
sea' aaslstautou one of th Havre stestn
era, lo com her In search ef blai. Un
tb passage, a rich' A aierleaa lady !
cam interested Id her story, snd re
solved lo help her find "hot ber lover.
IoNw York ab learned lliat ho had
gons to Cansda. For month ah trav
eled about tb Dominion, omellmee
lo oo bl track, and again loolng
very clew aa as bia wlierealmula. Hit
returned to New York, aud on day,
whll standing at a Broadway rrualim
waiting iter turn to get serosa, she saw
ths oliject of her long 'srsrrh h the
other aids. Hbe siiriekwl his name and
ran Into ths middle of th street, but a
policeman caught ber and aaved her
from ths wheels of theatrlngof vehicle.
"Aagsisof Mod there was none' snd
abs never again aaw ths Gabriel alio
hsd so long sought and so nearly found.
Bh learned then that h had Bailed for
Hss Francisco, and so wnt overland to
California to asset blm. Arrived m
th PsolAa Coast, sbs found that ber
lover bad fallen overboard Juet outside
tbs Hesds aad been tfrow.Msd. Mean
while th body of a yonog maa, dressed
lo sailor's clothes, was oast ashore oa
lbs beach, carried to tbsaorooor offle
ten wore hero, Tba wave had tardily
aad partkally rssompeoaed her devated
search, aad ab waa ahlo to find tho
grave of ber lover. .Vest IV UtraUL
A oegro died at Lak Clt. Florida,
-tatsi yr-agel ons huadead . and -flftosav
years; another shook off th olf at the
sama age; and aootbor is wfssUIng
wltb Father Tim at mm badrod Aad
Ttiritiv Hubaadt.
Under Ibis coptlon Mr. Alden, In lbs ,
Now York Time, remarks:
There ar scores and scores 'of wives
in tbi ad adjacent ei lies-, whs havs
been widowed by tb bard limes. Left
without natural protector, they ha.v
courageously gous to work and taken
are of themselves sod tboss dependent
on litem. Four years ago maay of Ihsm.
bad buabaada wbo asemsd to be mou;
-but lbs husbands, not strong snsngb to
bear up agaiaal continued I II-fortune,
siuuk away, leaving toe womeo -tbey
bad claimed to love, aad th children
tbey bad .breughl lato being, te fight
tbs bard battle of life alone. Boms of
these deserted wive bav been tenderly
reared bavs nsvsr known until recently
what It waa to touch tbs rough, cold
sdgss of lbs actual world. Hot tby
bav aosspted tb cbaog heroically,
aod ar sustaining tb slruggl a flur
nature do wbeu put to th teat. A
nam ber of young wives, but a fsw 't'
months wedded, hav be a abaadoood
by meo (generally speaking), wbo, bav
lug little. earning rapacity, aud no ssuss
of responsibility, found it inconvenient
to- u pporr them- after th 1o vri ardor
bad oooisd. " " -
. Mauy of tbss fugitive husband hav
gous to California and olber new tital
not becaus nterprts carried -tbem
Iblthor, but tbat tbey might bs (sr re
moved from lb Besses of their broken
faitb aud demonstrated sbams. Probably
Ibeir copsclsues (if such was not dead- -ened)
pricked tbem a little at tb at art;
but they oould not hav bad anough to
Kick kng; otherwise tbey oould wot
ivs s wholly rsuouucsd tbsir man
hood. If lbs times bad been ordluarily
prosperous, it la not nnllksty that they
woe id tea ve-ftetH -their covaaaat swd
dous their duly; hut adversity pressed
Ihetn; tbey bad small power of resist-
ance, and they - went ignobly to lb
wall. . Tbey ar not as much acoandrsla
as weaklings; hot oh! ths lnooatv"
aid power of roischlcr that lies lo weak
ness, greater often Ibao deliberate vil
lainy entail. ,
.Vhen lb lid of prosperity set In,
Some, perhaps many, ef tbes marital
fugitives will bo soaking hack, with a
plausible story, and' begjAag to bo for
given, Seeing how weH lbe4e famUlee .
bavs got ou without tbsm, tbey will
waat to ho partners In their success.
shselng ll. prMl, Ant -Mt.Dll.
nothing there lo. Tbey will not bo for
give u in most esses, ws suspect; or
Ibslr former wive will hav tim lo
learn bow much better off the ar In
vary way''dUsf umltered ? such hus
band. Ibay bav bu compelled to
deepla them, and, to be grateful for de-
H vera ae eveav through- morlifvlug -de
aertion. Few of tb abaodooed wives
ill be willing to re-establish relatione
with-men wbo bav nrvd-that-tbey
never deeerved to have a wile. Women
are divinely forgivrngrthey can forglvs
deceit, treachery, logiratltuds, villainy
In a man they havs ever loved ; but th
one thing they Dud hardest to forgive"
in mm is wsaauesa, ror weakness, In a
woman'a eye, has no powsr to atena.
Tb Beanty of Polish "Womsa.
Tit Polish ladies are very beautiful,
perbap the moat beaotiful lo the world.
Tbey retain. In middle life, the freab-
news of girls, slid mske ms tblnk of
New Kuglaud womeu, (owing I soaresly
kuow to what air of superiority aud the
possession of what diviuing iostiucl pe- .
culiar In greater or less degree lo all
women), and tbia iu aplte f th f set
thai New Kuglaud wooien do loss Ibslr
clear ooiuplegious and rosy cheeks, and
In aplle of Ih fact thai th Polish ladle .
have withal a slightly Hibernian cast
of countenance, including noses, tb Im?
pertinent lips of which do turn up lust
a little. But tbsy ars svideully self-re-
Ing, keen creatures, wbo know
what they are about, careful lo observe
aft Ih proprieties, never flirting la pub
lic, if tbey do lo private, and walklag
tb streets in a quiet, dignified manner,
as If tbey were disdainful, if not uncon
scious, of their chsrms. They ar not
possessed either of dollish or masculine
faces, as ths Knglisb aud American la
dles often are; tbey ars not voluptuous
or black-browed, like tbsir sisters of
Francs and Spain, but a queenly sort of
women, tsll and graceful, aad possessed
of a colder type of beauty than hlaoaas
on lbs Mediterranean a type of beauty
that makea me think of marble statues,
Ilemaecue blades sod aurora boreal ia.
By lbs wsy, Baysrd Taylor says b saw
mor handsoui face In oo hour al tba
Warsaw races than bs saw elaewbere
during two years In Kurojs, and I do
not doubt It. Moreover, I have nevr
seen in aay aoontry wbseetlis sslallsns
of tbs cusu aud womeu of tbs upper
classes seem so high-toned; and I am
eur that a etranger entering ths best
society of Wsrsaw .would have lo ac
knowledge Hie moatchlvalroua devotion
ou the part nf ths men and. ths most
graelous, est dignified, appreolatlsn sf
it ou tbs part of ths women that bs had
svr witnessed. To arqulr good man
ners, and to see bureau lotereourss al
Its beet, I ehosld rather go to Wsrsaw
than to Lnadoo, Washington, or Psrli.
io uei JuttruuL
Tfcf k Mam Who Stop II la Par.
Philip Gilbert llsmillon, la his almir
able psiere oo "intellectusl Ufe," thus
talk I th man who stopped his paper:
"Newspapers ar ts the elvlllied world
wbst tl daily bouss. talk Is to tho
membereof the family tbey keep our
daily Interests lo each Oilier, tbey aav
us from th vllnr Isolation. To lit
aa a member of th greet white
tbsl has filled Europe and America aod
ooinniied or conquered whatever terri
tory it bs been pleased to occupy, I
bsr from day to day Ite tbsughla, Ite
ares, its Inspirations, it I nissssary
tlialovsry mso should read bl papor.
Why ar lb Frvueb psasante ao bewil
dered aud at asa? It Is becaus tbey
never read a aewepspvr. Aad why ar
newspapers penetrate every where, aad
even lb lonely d wl lores tbsprairtoor
io th forsst is not Intellectually Isolated
from Ui great arrest f publio IK,
which flow through tho telegraph aod
press.". '
It Is bard te see where a Cbioess
wash-nous osooern a Sew F fancies
bosdIOOa. Ho never doss abv wsabisg
aor baa aay 4o.Jtoton rmascrt.