The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, July 28, 1871, Image 1

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TIm &U WXafafwUhaa lDvtad or
ympiMitowdoptaprapaa llloalntheacw
Cmtetrtofloa submltt the Question
of wooj n urrg to, roto jtf tuna a4
and ywni .Tr.l.iu : vts
-i.Wa aJl fJlaJweclad attention af the
-iJtegn-to tbia Important
Wben -negro enfflagu . fm at
Issue before the rnuatry w had not tn
least doubt bat (At t H wauld hare fallen
of ft own wetgfcf bad th question hn
submitted ton roto of wbito end eohired
me. : What tt la Id th MI heart af
the genes masculine which make him
dmad th !JUcIpowwr oli
VhiU BbnMM UM Beg
tfltm Ki that ha kaowt ha win boV
Jbh.aajf JoIhJ gUrinn M mnut i- hay.lgmMJagtajgggnu
- tha4 vkair wha aha aht haUotr
divaaed oj atvoout of hi oppoafttori to
any thing ' 44tdag' whl4 VWta
ma nay tadla la aa bia apaalal hto
.Tbcmcaof KWaaka an'td'lvote
or .acaluat , aomaa afpa.
; womaa aaa to hara aapaiata patlawhata
thy mi to wperamtad to vota pa tha
jajoatloiOyi ne.fcral to;toto
' apott tW ahtHoit ff ttjaetla iaC tha
aaviMaia OaaaUtothm, hut tha wata
ara not to ha permitted W rata ft any
. thtaf Airther thai ia aay ln jnncctloa
with thehr maateit, Uaok, futd vhlta,
' whether r thay are to have iba
loaa rtha aama iNahy ,fkmatltto,T?T'-H FamatChwVa, arharn real
whirV they ar denied by Whlt toeH
and mxroaa tha rihi if mt reject.
Sapaaaa tha Uhkm waaa hmoaaila Ka
traah,fc fcaywaat that whtta aad Mack
men were to tranoWtha doto which
thay have thua aivaooetad ft tha othar
aes, aad that aax to tara abjaaM aser
elae thr ta-WatlTa wbkh' fcoW t-
antnad by whlW at 3rt7eai wf
poliUoal panaaaa t . V' -"STan't
ritbta men hara a)moat ex-
' halted (heir atock f tut)ld devloea'la
4 tha determinate to baM tha balatwaef
power; aad that thejrdla hard la hot ao
araeh to ha wondered at wban we aa
alder that they peratat In hnttlft their
ej-a to the .future political baryta en
I awaiu tham aa aarely aa att 4heir
aatt-wMMhwiflVaf arbemei will tiltl-
mat ety rame to nanyht
Ita " AwaUan; af :
beyond tha rejrfM aad fMrndpltoaa wall
ha reatoS M fbahetta' at woman luf-
S?!t ' i ?jj!'JiStJ!tftf S4atorw Nanwaswaa -wUTaitry youl
right I lika ilia aaa la-aaaaaaftw.t ... .. mi ..1
vale of happtoeet are reached, all will
wander that they aa loaf aad peralet
' ently ahat their eyas and andentandlng
to the peaea and parity that awaited
them In tha era of woman' emanripa-
" - in
formerly of Orapi eoanty, haa ateueh. a
lead ia London with bhi Honn af tba
Hlerraa,M Ma hi aaaortod to ha aha la teat
- net of tha beat critical and tnetlcal au
thorship of the town; the ana-Hale of
tba UuaetUa. of Morrta. af Jama Inn tow,
, and oUiera. The principal paper hare
: rlran . hint . landatoryeriticiam ;ianl
Kraade, tba hlatoriau, BwUburna and
. Hoaettl are ta ao Uta amea lo DM tn
aome other loading revlewa. .
Jadaw hlUler'a wife, wa nnderatand,
- reeentlr obtained ar-dlrore from him.
Iiecauae, aa Mr. Dunlway allegea. ha
aiiant too aaaoh tiaaa in wrlkinff aaan
tblM ha termed poetrr. - lan't H nnaat'
Ible that the late Mr. Miner waa a UtUa
naaty 7 How will aba.mlau awlmmlng
adown the rutter of Time with Mrs.
John Milton, Mr. Lord Uyroa and the
obatrepprooa wife of tlie author af Baa f
7The above 1 clipped from the coTum n
of our man' righta contemporary, the
Bedrock DrmonraL Wlille we are prood
"of the renin of Mtrcoantrrman. and
are rejoiced at. hla poetical
are not dUpoaed to brook the Byron-Uke
lnatabUity, tba Milton-lika moraaa
: or tba Xnckena-iika pompoatty or any
literary araat,. Mra. Miller haa bar
.aelf a poetical gcDina af the hlgheet or
der. It n-aa her Inspiration that nnt
eroked.thcjitumbcr1ng talenta of her
InoonaUnt lord. Bha toiled ander pain,
r- rineonveocnoa aad porerty h pooinoto
th beat laawa of thla American Jean
-, Ingelow did brother Abbott know Jean
waa maratf-toml W, wrA
ftmnd bemetf aad enMdmn daarUd.'and
her hnaband pursuing another woman
who thought ilk advance capful fun.
.did ba, tha outraged wife anddetted
tnother, glre p Iter rUlm tit AoV
Mr-j-oaqoln Miller, and another
'Ttdy quite aa dtwenredty high In poetical
rauia ai tTtUttUWaflhe fCaaaWua,
.: : , - are at pndcut engaged U rearlnf the
. V. tleaerted eblldrea f thia new dltoaary
lion. When thle a- torwMVl ha
malt hf ttpllilaad tha world wlU
yet Wr-troui thant ewaetor poetWl
sm atralaa than hara been wafted to a from
aormt tha AUaaJaf krlaaghjaja laga
. ". anAfathet.wbvto, h, frrtnrk
Demomti ntay wall liken to) Jaa wnatia
coofto Vraama af ah Ukrk phaaralatha
lire of Uluatrlou Byron and Imnmrtal
; Hoc.
TnfTTfta UTTTT nrm
a jaVVVa WaMV I Mai A X M M Km..
.An extremely pracUeai genUeman,
i wboe Jutlgment wa.W tn'btgh'aa:
teem, gratified oor vanity recently by
aamirimr aa that atory-writ lag waan't
ftirtel ' Wa aaked if atory reading
-wee til fttrte, gad found It waan't, aa ha
r bad not f Jlowed "Judith Beid." - Bat
haying freely exprutta J
hi adevaM aatoto af a oortaia lady
Itrtog ta th ritslaity af Balem who anal
tbe. atory lb Um Siir Momrm
thanugh fcomKu. two to No. nine at a
tingle attting, who lUM to hi at upmt
that tha exrrinee JadlUi
waa ranr aaatb tha
toattftrta to aaach of tha aaaat !
riaasa f aad ata bat mftaq tlyhahad
by wMtato aa waU aa wrttara Jmw Mat
It WtU ha batoa tha "ant of tha atory
To ad ami tajr that va aa nat
wrttiBt h aaanrfcr aflhotv hat
aff troth' aad that tt thai takes
tha haaito mt waenea la to
tha hlffhaat aoailhla omUaaaat that
Iia . P"a ? 'J JTJ0!
h.'-i.1- '.1' iuaiBAmni
Thto department af tha Vw Xoth-
w-EBf u tola ycgtttetsry&iieiFtor -
ehangaofldaaa Botnttrbiac aiyand all
matter that may be loeltlmatel'dU-
oual auraolaauiaJ FtotUnt UactJ-
cally lmpoaalhla to awr aach arr.
poivirat by prhrata fetter w mnfi thla
jnoda.. a , comonuikatloa' to.jwva ouJr
frtaada tha dlaanwlatimmt -that mkl
r: : t
otbarwhiaaoaimritrmaaTlMbmtytoaiDmilwa 'rafUaent.,k
awerthHr nncrlt.' We cordially Inrlte
avarybody tbat baa a qiwaUou to aak, .
auggatka to make, ar ajootdlng to glre
to tsontrtWitt'to the'
Column. , 1
name VWa. McC, la artportAilty In
formed tbat hi communicaUon 1 de-
cllaad, f Kvhlently the- gentleman haa
not lmprorad knaeh la nttltography
aipce he left the-Albany Collegiate In-
atiiuia to jmraue bia further atudlea Jn
tha alaaale abadea af Foreal Grore.n a
) Wa don't aaa haw you. aama to
aueh a eoneluaion. W haraf . twrw
meant o wagf arupoa7'nue.
Wa arm aorry jrow- aq undemtoad aa., it la
tba- afaafi aa of "snaa'a rlrhhVt whtoh
weoppoae, and not the taea Ukemaelrea;
wbo after all are only rrlctl m of clreuin-
ataaeaa aad a wrong education, t Wei
da net think wa erar arnak of the maalt
of "maie lnflaencea. We (peak of men
aa mm ana not a,,maiea,'I, .a term
which, aa well aa tha noun i"Rannh"
ahoaM apply to Inferior ereatorea. "f e
agree with yw that wamB aulTrage
men, and wa think a earafnt reading of
wa am diapoaed to honor theni fat
their enpport and aympathy t "Man
made lew," to which wa ire; ae deeply
oppoaouVand ntan' Mmlrale,w whkh.
wa deprecate, are the doluaioiif we
would exorciaef while our beat friend
warmest . ytnpathlaer- are . good
men, a-ho ara fiometoua, and fbr whoa
anpport of and frlendahip for our growing
freaaa we are aaiyly grateful. Thabralna
of both nrxeenf thl nation ae oit oor
. , -. - . -i - .,;.-,;-! ft it. -
; D. 1. X., Baleait You are flooding u
With communltjationa. - If yon win per
a . a " a a a a
nil a to jpuotinea a noaen letiera tnio
one or two we nhall be happy to gira
your exoelhmt idea an airing ihrougti
6ur eolumna. "We think joo lire too
much alona, and tbat thi writing haj
In toaneqnaaca, become a memio; We
bare bad the mm diiwrder to mir 41ne
and eannot mlataka the ymptoma. Tou
ahouU aalagU freely with aociety.that
yeor aetlra atlnd may thua hare, rank
i Sv, H. 04 Atorla;" fWry.1, "Tour p
pen warn aeuC' by mlataka to aaotuer
poet-ofBee. . If yen hare miaaed the
back number' we will arnd thenv
; L. 11.: Be patient. Judith Beid will
tell hat own atory la bar owa time.
ruaa B-Ct tV'a aWt know how ad-
ton eaa be expected to know arery
thing. Wt toaka an pretenaton to abl
renal knowledge, and having' tkater
aaan aa adaaliar, apt to any dlaoipK af
laaak Wattoa wa aaa not prepared, to
glv joU inf Information ' iboafl. ' Hi
eruol aportofngjjng. ' , Wa ha vf been
told that the beat want hr r far bay to g
a-flahlag waa when ft wato rainy to
go lo achoet; hut aa weltaTrnercf Wen
a boy wa W' apeak from experience,
Fhthina la a maaeullue auort far which
we claim ho right," In Which we (aka
: Ballla O.i Wa at ao reaaoai why you
ahonld be offended. If yoa Mmade ma of
fellowJto hl foeLnd b gare Ptt
the eat direct, he treated yen Juet a you
danrrrad. With tha ad real af wanW
potnicai right w ikop vnr coto er
extermination at all timea to be oour-
tcoua With gentlemenT Good men hara
aatoral high enaa af bn. and white
aha of them In krra may lor a time be
mad ft Vepoeaey" of by'amarT young
gtrla, ha wlU auraiy aome ta hU
aad ' then took; out for toMe4urntng.
OlrU are often JuaUy compelled to waW
tow their own preacriptlon.
TMaappolniedi": Ton't,"w; beg yVm,
aoll your womanhood by ault fa breach
afpromlaa. W ahoukl be pleaaed to be
the eoatt h? yaw did. Yea Nlamaga'
would aurety bt a hearty congratulation
arer your mlracukHi' eecape, VoulJ
yea daatm to aouer a aaan into laatrt
BtanyT Wd ptry ynv If roa ahoaM aa
oact Jo, wa comdder a ult for datri
agalna bfaaub of promUecaaaoneof the
could be diagaed.
If thediaap-
polntment ! real money can't hllay It,
and U U i h'Ufued yoa don't deeervt the
mau'a mouay U bUa It Mat hie
fnture wife. She'll be pretty aam to aaad
Other letter wlM he aaewered next
snail tariLLR sonoiu wJGca
Maw Kntwat I heard that yea waa a
prtetla a pnpar, an that yon want the
in to rot, and to be fast like the
man, a hohlla affla and ma kin apaeehe
an etch. Miaw I waai to kaaw If that a
aoi If It la yett're to ha pMad. Vow, fre
heard that yau waa a tntoUlglat woman
and antld toch anbadA)' hue I Bhaald
think obaddy Weald wane their girl to:
go toarhale ton wamaa to toch them eieh '
ataa 7-Xew,I Belera In wonwm id tea.
j think aery arl haa a Bightto hae a
man to feeridefbe he!, aaawary watn
haaraUtototalM aatuaf hot Chllrrn an
boas hut IS thay iwind a rtotta and
paasUa I toipk they battor ut a tha
rrkaat tolOwct. .r- Haw wtmM yga
fcl goin ap to tha Pulea with a lot af
en? I hart to"toDrlutiigli minnlt, to
ke-4n jingun'aikt' teirhdy Fcfr-i-
thafmydartaT afaa'a-got more adkw
tloa thanxJBA. and aha ear: t "Law.
Hnotherf - Yott ortp't to write ao toi Mia
WaU aw , I raaid to Laiiadr; Foly
"tJomnlwdyB to
nor, aa you aaedn't taud up hi lui
fuat tbiug you; know ynu'l be wantln to
be geUla JJWJ'U
biforaTlue ateiv'h .&nm wlmmin M't
aatbiaouj with aay flag; thay think thay
ortn' t to hare to mlik and naka butter
to P yifm 4bJf .toarrtod, and hara
babya; 0.aad tf . they ! have : to ehop
woad they Uhifc tta arfuL r J wonder If
they thjuk thty to be kep la a Hand
Box; aad tbey-think (bar ought to be
equal .wUh tha- arn. aa har property aa
ait alch., J9h Lelindy Fely t hank If
no wu to. go wllh men to the Petal thad
toga to phmtoaaa ateh, bat I knowbet-
nd ah tbiaka-wlmmla aouid man
Juat aa well aa man much aha
kaowa about Jtaad aha thlaka wlat
mljB should ha adlratod aa well at mea.
eos aba aaya they' ht toaia intolliglat,
and hare amrtrf bllam i Jtot Lalindy Y
Foly, ahe'a aort p', atachj m m aWi
bean to venule morea me, and aba bin"
a reading tba Law of Life and the c-
oUfio and alch letufT, and I'm. afeared
alie'l be wantln to rdteor print a paper
or aome etun- Uiiuif. I'd like to-knew
how a woman aa hai
the Tolear
thay aasl
farm, kepea hired nandx, and they aay
ahe Hen. ' M think 'she'd want a man
manana it far tier. : Ahl mev what'a
tlie warki a eomla touawrMtolhialwa.
Don't rou ihiuk you Iwttor be mlndiua
your younguna and looking after your
old man than to be a prlann a paper. -1
am an aid woman aad bare aaea a bean
of tha world, an I hale to aaa wlmmin
git out of their ephere now don't be
fended, ena I mean It for your good.
-r-t e
FkmVa Henfe like her
Writ I lyja, Fanny-- Fern
blunf. aiul aavs her eat
I brueaua ajHl
, aud aays ber aaWltltout regHnl
to "Whom he la hltthig.
naath title htnannamaa I
amt blnntneaa
tbara la a tambmaaa aad ecad afteeiiocu
a ram for those wite are ta any way
pe ixient upon ner, a rrneroua niaui
to tnoae who, atniKKiinr to obtain a
foathofd Ik Ufa, aome to beg either for
iryaanathy ar .salriew; riha rememtam
too well what aha had ia eudure before
alie' came ,to her present position, for
care and porerty were her close compan
ion at one time, and ft waa ander their
combined pressure that aba won her rep.
station and remierea nereett inaspesni
ent. A coaler, home one could new
to YhltUhaJt 'licra,. 1 Al pretty
ataeni front awuae.'oa East Klne
taanthatmat, Kow York, nut lama, but
Just Urge enounh for tba, family which
inhabits It, J her home.' Everything
about tn nouae apeaaor culture and an
artiattooamuaaa daUy eare. FreUy
pkxamaan the walli atatoettee aroaad
the room, flower almost alwaya la tba
rases, and try trained carefully over the
orrp-wiDfTowa. - ne ecno or a cnuu
ratca at aaaaoat! tha flmt aaund heard.
aad. aeeptog airly .into tha mam, ta a
lovely little girl, with lam, seft, haa
ami wonderful brown curia.
"Mtttt the pet of the honse, :
Patasi'a maadohud, the cblU Jof
oead dauaktec .i A dainty, delicate I
dead daughter. A dainty, delicate little
thing she lv with a look of ber 4lead
mother ia ner eyes, and witn iter pretty
wiiiul ware, ane ruiea tne. entire nouac
hihliafoaX,artatiafv;..t 4. ..Ci
The Cot-l'Mtu A RrvKJ. Tha mltthty
river which ha given its name to the
Ureal nam la a peculiar a It I grand.
No rtrer srenerr In the work! will
pam With that af that tola mhaav In tba
rraiuleur of Ita rallsatkw in the hr-Wrht
of the mountains -throuch -which it
flows In the number of now-elad peakaj
wniea ateraaiiy gutter uae surer apnn
the mirror of ita waters In tha rarietr
and columnar majesty of tha baaaltic
mrmatton tnroucn wiu'u it na new a
Ita deep channel la the volume, eoht
nesa, and arrstal clearness af Ita water
s ita mighty Mrto' to theHprtng aad
early: Wumaier-la tha rarietyr force
ami Iwauty of lla fall, rapid, and
cades the Mumble Is entnmned abnre
eomnartota) with ail tha rtver of the
work.a;.T- ITiawwa to ato t'Arsatom
imoa , . r ...... ' , ,
landlord recently going round to
eoUaat tostont, aent Ida terrant ahead to
prepam hi tenants for the rialC . tn
rem blng tlte Ant house, end eeetnjf his
arrrant taking a ennrey, apparently ; n
quired "WhatT ie matter, John T la
Oi iLmr hnltMl V "liit .1.
replied John; but lite tenant evidently
haal. - -
15'ounirunaran ro tol .A Z- .. ,u .iZvrod evaat lmTMm km hawk acata.
,but IHnrty Kely alM thlhk la lausk;. window uf
ftoBtna I'eie aa weU I SZTT vhi.iHT,JL-l f-' . 7 alieolalned amh a wl.le. new outlook
tin I atia aara the yaaawuna anamVfATrf wrr f:Ti7Kf -i.Y. mi-J!: ' rffTti a tirlct. trir to-liimi line ami
ihem from doin what they LZ. . ""u.:? TTi '7 ' hat aatlra mwawtolna, al.tftlnc iWa
're orfOttmUTt hoW-Alav wanUnaTZ.""?- .".i"'?8'-".'.. t.. ik. ..7.r a...ll v ,TiBh.J I,.
aavdommw and .fob. Why". K,"3i EVTIK
a woman out here that manaiie . "."r.rtr: irr"r:h,KmmMA in taa. , a Badand'arenn
o'' 1
a0paBnrfc,, ,
ff n fT1 ' t - J SF
; fVnm aa a auaaea, aaaa.atetu
w" t
C. nBaaaaertlraoaaetMaiii, , v.,
' Aa4 pica Mini aaaadvwa, tnmh U'l new.
T And avaatr, wiiuMaf rttla.' i
' (!,''. " i 'J 71 .a n-md-x-
"Draw bm a h,wiih HUJraa fair; r
WaHa Uaaba apoa tbatavat' ' -1
A aaMofaaaat aa awwa Mwra
-T AH la atoaawi agwa.i r.v ,U z
Ut aeaoaa Jbnai r4,hj a amrajra 't
, PaaaanarAMtsaeaacwa wWM ,
, BlinntMt.i1ilirialr;, ,
Aa I ataaae hew U KwaibWd quh
' Tlanaa fliiluna aa the Wain "
aaaBWBBaBewansaMaanana i v
A. duinj'lm8ii tk ftirfav
Them waa to be a weddiag among tha
falriea. The bride waa a dreary little
thing. andTeobodywomtered why
thlMMToai vmtwi to marry W.
Her iuu w Caa a, aad aha iMlotured
to the family af JUonothlng. , Hba had
t it., luiM.. uk.
i m k.. Zvim .. i..' .ml k-
mouth wai drawn dawn at the eornera.
at arylngu ; ah nivar atawa w f,
rnanoum ao. L
leanea neip - 1.
. a a . M
ber aapport waa, the aotaetlmat reoeired
atln Imm a waan. or waa
' " a . T. I
rer by a rraas-honiier. - Konei
i .. -i.i-t.
Tha tokfc-BTreoaawsa a Atarax av-llOW,
mit.h oUUr tkan tha hrkia. lis looked
cross moat of the time, ami it must be f S ..urilTllfllEllI if
confessed waa not charming. ' H 1 name w.VSiftSfC wTamvtiato ,
waa mVt9 ha beaangedtotha famlr
determination in them tbat
rerr bleaaanf toaee. He never
on anrthlnr. aa toeor CkA't did
tun net laaaaaaaa Maaayaaay aaaa.
i Xha mirr uueen ami all bar court felt
rerr anxious about -tha marriage. ,.Ju-k
acou, tnere was a time wnen ute queen I t
umneht mat ncrtiatM anemimitnroiTiia r t
It. fcbo waa rerr matoaua that, bar
subject should ba aappy, and bad made
It a principle never ta interfere iietween
liovew; but inthl oaae bt belUted
Ion tl met because It aeemed an yrry 1
aafortonato for thoae twa peoaiaaf bad)
dlapoelliuaa aa marry. Ow tba wMte.1
sue oecMien so am ue saai mar iwwHm car to taaarowu impatiently await-
May wa nhnaan fur the hrtiiai montn,
because it waTjuuned IW A.(amily con-
nectlon of Mte and groom: - The name
waa wrattea 4own on the anoeatoal Une
Of each. .-1, .'I. ,(-, ! ;r. ... j f
1'oorCait'L WlioaevtrUlMXlanyUang,
erled a little, and said to to ovei , i
, and said to hi loraf
tuuesu,, a esn a urn- j , ,
inSe"ht3 wm ,,MMT Wr
- nrl i it - HLnuIi'Tf uTl' iii L,,Y.'
hi,Mr afi-aaded r'at. aueh '
it,. f . k . knniJl
would not eouaent to nut off the weddlayi.
The ntgin eame, aim a moat lovely one
It was,, Even the blade of grass bad
put on orerakirta of gaufs made of tha
ilnaal kind of dewdrona. .The falnr kittar.
quean and court warn dressed ia tholr
gayest areaaes. .Anorooeauswaspmosu
" a a . ' a a i . a
k'ioloufellos. while
took the 11 pator
a UtUa in toe tUatanoa.
tha hasa rioU ami v
hundrada of luat-et , took tha Up
fmrLa. lit waa rather ashtmn and
music, nut tunc auiwu me taste o a
bridal pair, aud was quite la kpbig
with tha uceaaiou., Home of the fairiea
wanted a danoe; but the bride and
groom bad no spirit to lead oft. so It was
. i .. ... .
given up.
Tlte refreshmcnta were very" del leal.
It wan toe early far aome af tba tooset
dishes; .but they had delicious Jelly,
m.L it Oia L.w tha atrawhoirv liloa.
1 hIj ik. trfli& r . ko . M.iii 1 uniweraal law of eoiatWMmttmi hoila
geiteroua ktodnemjin,,,, and rery te fcea of apple and
peaeu pioasama Taa wmaa weeessj vm
let and waet-lriarj riy aiarilaw and
aloa v . .. .. , ., .k . ... ,,"'. .,
It waa a quite A relief to tne company
when the time came for the bridal party
to start aa their trip. A large Macon
av nst. bMn nnna ao eerrr tnent.
lie had been waitiiut an a clover-leai
tor aome time, waring hi large wngH
and wishing tha bride WoaM hurrr.X At
lest stream end the giwaaa put bar aa
tha pilUun behind him, tbett mounted
himself. He chirruped to tba Dragon
fly, wared hie hand to the company,
and ther Were a. 1 " f
Nobody to wanted an the wadding-
trip; so wa will not go wua tnem. t j .
; The queen, wbo was rerr gracioufe and
affeotlonate. resolved to have a rrand
mrrrmaklar. to wetenma Home the
nair. While tl
While thay -warn goaa, he-anAlmornlnr. rHo weeomesnd ftv Them
her makleaa exerted their tngenuity to
devise all sort of deugnta, teat would
be ImnnsslMe for any one to refuse to be
S leased. You are theti were obliged to
tkj very anretol pato aa amount of
iiJlZh" nbAppy7diiiHsrttW timt nd
It n a l. f r , a-
When the evening came fbf the efe,
all ware a this 1 d amund taa attest'
thswtte. waJtina to expertaUona - -
Alolet, "iWti a wish Ikie are a Ut
Ua more cbeettul persons
W.IL. etaa. .1 W -m&W 1det.
"It 1 forlorn toJ.o-uJ huaha there
tuey air . . -.- .
Hare enough It waa CWt and Wont,
retarnad an thenhack -mt tha tmlthfnt
Dragon-fly -They- aprang anV..and
miiuhI mallr clad to lie at Iiome anln.
They hla-wl the hand of the queen, and
answered he toqutrtoa la a rery efteer
ful manner, aaauriag bar that they had
passed a ' --"r"""'
- After this, they turnod to greet their
rarloa friends, and even smiled. In re
spnnse to thrlr kind wcleonu?.1 ,
"Wkr,' what ba happened?" Wub
pered the falrle antong thrnmetves.''
?olly (ould hsTI wliaX had ovurml
to chant tha brbartor of their old
friend; but it wa ertdenf that maf-
rlsee had Improved themastoniahmgly.
Tnara waa no oniecuon
dance on this reiuntr. which waa a
merry aa yoa plea tr.fnjey. After
ward, supper waa announced... The
liriile's health was drunk In a tivr, and
the bridegroom ret anted thank ft her.
Thenhaaaldr r : .' T "r ' '
rvar oueenTkndTlTraur Mends: I
wfh to hiaks a eonftwlort. Mr tweelJ
t wife ha
well a
uaa asaeu nte miwn ner, aai; umurw ymtr
for myself, when we ttarted oa
brtatfc. And earfi tmmrmA aaa a.ioM awx
1 learn to aama.i.X waa nanr touNLraiaV
and ouorungiuy -utaagrneaMe md auy
Uear wue wa weu iut a uiue waa
le w
minded and deeponding.' I do not like
tn eay title, and beg yoa to forget M.
Wa were troubled when wa thought af
our future One day 1-aaid: f ' ?r- t f '
t M 'Dear wife, aupuoae we, changa our
namear ' ' r
.l-Clavnga fair mimm yiiiwnwered. waeauld, what good
Wall, dear 1 sald'pprhaps then e
rht behettor. if-- lyhl '
aoakt we Uk r aald
. " We niigbt lo have Vhe'same.'lhoV we
married,' I reNMi; "ana, aawa aotn
a-naaawa -mt aatam, way not na
Mr. aad Mra, Try r,j .. . !.-.l
I , ata ivtil a .! ... V
iflai wm snrv 01. witpt wvuwu
tons. rUuoe taenvwvamaieurhaa cona
on bsautlfuily, i a neyer) say won't In
mTformer -"i
lonner Tad tatiloi mnnny vr
Can't, Inhere.- Together
we am mraw st m nana a w ir
frry best w can, and be uavptr. At la
t'iJ - Wug to fli how eMy U is toglye
; t77. Jt.T..
"i'ihiw . w
- " - r ,
tidsa Ilia I .et.l.uBaultl aTlaaiaaaal lin I tl-1 ti
that tha taruaeaof her mamh
roseirea In a amiln, and the
rht thatsetUed then to ht-r eyea
ft.J ..1 ,1 ..1.. ,1.. , 1.ufl , lu. afmi
- r"wrr rrr. rr.'r
intavea tnere mrerer arter. 4 - -p r
t" - rr "77" T"r.f,J."' Lr .T7l? "umpreTw y age, may 1
was aong. a well aa 1 couiu ueark 1 1
uian Advocate:"
yntMnw Tha Baafc flatiii .
'The' WfaWteaj at aurinir 1 mitlinerr
obltoedoarfrtoad Pally to ukea trip to
tfimagftoui tswotasns aayvr,itawwhami
up porfn a jn-iaut-tnua naa run aa fite
tnuk' or A tianJrar ttpen Inontiortunelr"
..uvmiwval siwith nf ttrfr-nmal tMnn
had iutnaened. thai- wlwn the train
appeared bsUiitd xiiHrtt atfarad tmlyt
lug ita arrival. Of course there waa a
(rad AmertoMt rush for aeatsJ "
.ki.t. mJL .-At aa
-tthitiMiM lhU wnrkl arortit an-Astasias;
tlm,,f fo hrnL lf onllm-d tn take
ith. back acaU-ahst nucontfortablellttlef
thm ik .uah.t .; finable little
tbmmw. anaaire awaunied
y tha bealidered foregi--r,unua.1 to
tnr4. However, ahe had h o u self-
llaal liaf a 111 T mnjima awati wnwinw wot
' f ' ' 'TVoim hfliv W Utor airnwf 4Ahiw,
mmm " -J - - - " "but . najiaiafaa hi aril . .
Ina rilMfT f . Vnar am alatam mass lit Tlw, . . . a
; but. ha T-A-lTardfirei JBowme. to JSVfAent CVie-
rveiKVM 1 t " w wr-awasj vs. , tJy tif w-r
aim mSA!
pweenwy antHwcoverti
umweraal law
the aaeadowaepwad eat isnih sale in ilie
sunliriit. riie - saw - ail tlie 1 willows
Xyirtlruthy tlMtthittk'MdiiL'l
har With their tender' mfst
Uby new tearee, the btack ptasas to tha
- i!
. There waa, a curtain fe-tdneUou, too,
n wah-hiiia the track unroll Itself from
Ik-neat It the ears, and speed away into
UtadUtoncc naw pleasing tote deep
gorges,,, than out aver high euibeak
nieitta, tnrougn me. an.ica 01 oritigi-s,
over brooks and nrera, now in tne
depthe af awleam wooibi, now Just ski hi
nunc tn eorner of an an . to!wiuHiae j then put tlie fruth-an. top ajadit wiitto
Then Polly eauerbt all tba a uer-rltm pa
ce of people littie UU of human, ua
tumaatiraly. itt--by-AtM eovupauts af
front aeata. Bha. saw tba young man
wbo kissed his band from the back plat
rprm, and tne girt ne ten bemad ninr
waring- aer n anna smites'
rapidly widening apnea between them;
the old man geUuig alowlr into his
empty Wagop garjng whitfully after the
train that was whirling hht hoy off to
tlte greedy Wast y tha depot , fcmngem
btaliy wleking up their feet and aaunter
ing off; tlte men plowthg tit the fields;
tha woman hanging' out htotheati the
Irhdimea at work, an tha track going on
acnla with the work.? iuierryptmi by
the passing train; tba runaway borne
Bunenng flown; tne truant ooya woo
huITaheP, the train, climbing down
rromthe fence And scrambling off to
ward school. '?-.-4. ...;-
"It la tike Ufa." thought Pollr. -Wno
Mt In a particularly moral 'rein this
rs a mum but, a taut artef ie)wnm
Uwn wa are gonn, and ioj tlte world goo
on Just the aume' - ,.-. t, ;
' n was errrhma to notiiv now every'
thto seamed to eatoh the infection as
nu. T r 1 ivui me .Fit iTT. tnrsss iswi
whirled and leaped In the air; the rery
sand, "of the earth earthy.' flew an the
breese "aa if It bad wlnga," the sober
old tree In the wood wared knd tossed
red lAdyimg toftir bram-hea, ' and aeemed to strrtil
their arm ouT Imworlnair tortng.
"Take ua with rou. out from thla Sol
itude and alienee. Into of hur
ry and bustle aad nib to a-hh-h'you
And taie 'picture w lilwayi ehang
ing. Polly' nerer knew what- mtght
onma next. Phe decided that it was al-
torether th best partorania "mm' ereTT
attended. - fttM frit posltlrely sorry for
tha young man With tnenmtiyninafei,
red face, fn one af the heat aeato on the
Mautr t( 'a Crewf, wao looked ao inisnv
ly out of the window whenever a woman
enterelthecArauUlsotueireirtk:man hsl
el ten her a seat? aad for lit netghbor,
that fat aad gcaflamaa, wbo aeeaiw.1 tha
astd by burying m imwtwa Hews
paper. Tl)y were fasing so luut n, situ
they aerer knew It All this changing
arena ar iim ana neaury, mam bhim mt
tore, going on a round tltem, aaaV they
nerer tha wiser ar better for It: entire
lyahut np In tholf owaclhdi, db
ereeahla salvea. '
ABv being aH,.n.fuoa yaiu. t uny
. . . . 1. 1 ,
If tba ponl who
heck seats in lle, tkm't alwar have the
hestefM: the pemUe wna aratiotla a
fret aaaV butry, svnd aaady-l
and butry, and asssi y As pus down
and trample oa their faUow-trsrelers to
scum the beat place, the highest pusi-
I uona, um am nouoa, um rront aeau gen-
braflyi alto don't expert much, are tud
eager' to' thrust tkwnsrlwe ftarward,
uVrnt thhtk mark about thmal vaaany
way. Whether there waa not a certain
nvace and arreultr always attendant an
the backseat; a lebium from one self
tltat aires rooih for A great deal of a tattle
llrna - And, aft all, tha Journey la ao
hart and ao awkfl that, raeUy, tite aeat
eue aeeuplea ia of rery little eonae
quenee. Tne people In tha back aeat
rrawu to
aud uce"
reach tha Journey 'a end last aa aooau
lluirw. ju) one ak1ww Um'
came. There la, a way after to-day."
That all should be gnod-aatured amtun
ariaab, and
Ipful tot
their fuHiw ista
their awaanuMla
peace, am
the lm porta
mt things.
it aeemed to Polly thl bright
Hnrlng atornliig. . Tndra, at lrihan
'"if I a ry:
I (..nt vv, JTi i-
To (.lem rpeU.-rMx W
D, writes
Ua tlxai aalU sprinkled upon the carnet
before sweeping, will make It took bright!
and eieaav Tbat la aam a rood fera
Uva againei amUiifcI jt.aoat-
towOnm au.-Take linseed all, put
tt lntoa ciAsaa nrnua wita aa asucA
alkanet root aa it will .rover. , Let It
ou aent iy, and it wui uwoui or a
V? rea eomrt wmwwui
tie fit
tor asm ir" :l f h w " 1
Ititflihl TnLItV placing a piece ' of
laatto in tha end of a auiH. And whit
H''u the siW t a point, any -uloth, ba.
J0 "ii slightly damp with water, may
im written on ao tiidellblyjtnat ; up , art
Um iu i.:. :.r: .-J. I
,. - ,
be made
aa Htowsr t "One. m nt af aioo
follows- "Ooa tiint af aiooawL add
twelve drop each, of oils of bereamoa.
lemon, uerull, - orange peel. rrosentarr,
mid one drachm of rardainon seed, . V
-r"Tne pound or powdered taiphur In, two
quarts aa waaeraur na eti nour. 'Ap
ply wito a onaan www auu warm, amt
you will prereat tlte damp and uawbale
aome-ooxlng front the brick wall of
yoa workshop. M'"'v'-r
: 'lb 1 ifiraif tut or 'ron'' Wr.LeAky
tla ar Iron war I easily and auioklv
matadedby haianaettna; a small unit or
tack of aot load. iU tha.laaiavatiatffl
each aide, and rivet It down.' IU vet of
eon lead or metai may be used to mend
Iim kfCttaa. Ul
Iran kKtlea, ete.
tone.T Ulrcerlne
and llthargestlrred to a paste hi
intoUy, aminsahse a auttabla
fbclroa npoa Jaoa. far it wo atanaour.
ftvCM, and, especially tor fastening Icon
to stone, ' The cement is Insoluble ami
la ttn attack
by strong aetda. "'
Boil twenty-fl re pbb nd
of tried arcane In two tmiU of atmntflra.
Nakt day add another pailful ef bot lye)
also on the fallowiuaT day. if there ia
urease ou tlte ton ox the soau.. Aftor-
iAe- r Vrmii?Mf . Kenv
mat, ap4ied by means of M moistened
atevss.. waU afftjetaally keep
iiu'w nvm rusting uuiuig 11m sumtaien -
ft la also au excellent material to anttly
to aH Iran utenalla used about tne farm.
iiou u r.1.111
Give plows, cultivators and tha like a
coetiu k isss they am mtt awar to tha
&Mm . CVsfaw'.-To aaa quart of milk
Jtake four crjpT set the milk on-top-w
.rlis stove ua-nehaan rmmif; then srtstr-
ato tha ers,beat the whrte Into a ktlffl
slip the wultua an tha top of the milk,
tunung tnemorrrgenuy so toat tney
will cook; toen lift tlteut out and dish;
whip p tha yelks with tablesponna of
aiarar; pour' Into ' tba milk, stirring
rapidly all tha time it is am Ming, r Taa
very moment it 00111a to the bolliue:
p.intUrt ItofT; Ifltlioilslt will curdle.
Whew It coohi nfnclently, jmnr It lnhJ
tits float dish with any lUndnfflarmtng,
Boiind IFAemWt la noasibtr nut aa
well understood aa ILauould be, among
bousckaepera: that a healthful . gnd
uutritrve food may be prepared by boil
ng wnsas. sa as -eaten wnn auia ar
molmsa the
farmer to
he prefsrred
hea attainable. It I a flrst-rata thing
for children, while adults ma;
tv u
It to
adrantage.-' - Home -: have tha wheat
cracked in a mill aefbtw aaing, Which la
perhaps the nrefombla plan, hut It will
answer welt "without this preparation.
A UMir eormaponuent of tne unto jrxirr
com??omtont of the Ohto ln
rr-1Tiawfaeat alwuhl be
cracked In-a ntllL Take Mat quart and
put it into half a pot af warm water, and
let It stand upon Ute store sereral hours;
then boll slowly, and stir It occasionally,
tinea and pat tn a band
ful of aahWl'Var eiilhawm H ran
with milk. f left atondlag Uii eoot, it
bt rery nke -to rut in slluee aud uswl
with cream and aurar. or fry It like
matar: tha tost mentioned 1 prefer for
minora Use, mm m eaa aw prspare as
various ways." , w.-.-.,i 'y;-r-. ..r.
II boned. wnoie tna.wneat aimuia ue
allowed to soak la tepid water before
boll ina-, tltat the- geaia may hara
chance to soften; aad nsrali. Whea
itrouerlr boiled aaa with milk awitaN
seawmed With salt and pepper, tAud ft
Will be fottnd a nourishing, healthful
alafmlAtAtomsL-r?i:.r--n. c-,--.TO-rr
.-g.iv!t'i;f'i' .a;' 1 1 Hi a f
Mrs. IMsraeil la aerentrnlne ream
old,- sixteen yearn' alder than her bua-
bantL ret site would be taken for a smart
seemly. In early life, mrs Harper's
Htumr. an waa a eaceiearut aauiinar,
and married a Mc Ltwbv what dying.
ten Iter twenty luouaand dollars a year,
rtilolxiir lAHaxl "la IHuul 'I Bonune.
mkkea a nice estate.' and enablea them
to keen uoaomsottaMe saxaMtahaaanto
la both tow a and country. Their ataa.
lied life tta been an epeclAlJx. nappy
one. Tha old lady Is rery fond of him,
and the yeuug man sdpeye it witkt the
most touching gantry., ,
At Jiof ripriha' Arkanms. a Vuiri(d
lady detmnlned tnxt hef tttnonltYuiMon
sbuuMitaraa Aouaeaf worship iu the
i4aa'. lty aaslduaua labor Uiam waa
soon erected a neat and aoaunodinas
meeting-house. , , Arrsni-emeiits .. were
uext made with t minister to preach In
11 ance a atoma.' Ta result is a cnarea
of tidfty ar forty isvemlietavaad a.imw
fcsM art ambitious youlkVne day to a
iwng Udyj "Don't you think Td bet
ter dr mr mustache r caeeastng the
amstaena r careasiar aste
e pro-ray..-T think If yaa
14 will dT Itstlf, " aaid the
faintly rlsiUeproeay.rMI think If ye
let It alone
1 llmBmmaV
Allastly to twlWat .
, (iemwr-etaetaf i4rt 'f f
'ttoatr aksse ass asrutar ') d)iw .!
; utm Ost msat tl e' : ..iiTintl 4i-. , .
- .u.',toemets u, j
Or Um rawls BiaUt) ZT-
" the sutr bans mtwl '
WMb she batg MamV P'yltM-rW-'f
''nsahedWtltassamwiaaareWblM '' '
TTn-aVai aitaiai afTSfl -JT.-Ti. .''Tr
: : ) wans as arws stewasma, jtii.i ;r!
witoa toat blag aower , 4 w ,J.
UUjf arteaiiom HsUK, .
,Sll V AtHl
Aa4 staiiCS! real at tt4'm
THFonWJ?aHoariTAi-XTicH- 1
mo IxriDKJrr. On nt last rlslt to tlte
Foundlln UoaTdtAl. ia Waahtnrn -
Hqaamv I aawa saraty child not quite ..
two roar of a one of tha deaertod.
little one wbo am ao klmlly carvd for
by tha goadfiister Of Vihdrnt, who "
awakened la my heart t Beatoai . tnax
preaalbla aiiar. iThe Utile fallow aat in a a
email rocking chair,, and attracted by ,.
n wontM'numr urmuuiui um, uii uor
lr IbrtniHl hemUL And attrmiitrHy ( er-
lt,aaaa1ilaTi ff .- kt ail aahiaaaaal I si aaa. tsaaaal
IVTaaajewaaaj -mf -. agaaawsg aaaraajp m aj ay ,PHawr WWn
talking tbat sweut iwaensa. whkih a..
women and ao easy to chirrup to babies,
I fried to win him to smile." Nerer"
shall I forget the Utter mournfulnem
of hto faaa, taa woadetTUUy dee blue.,.
eyee awlramiag with unshed toanu tha '
rrieroil expression altout tha , wee rose-
bud of a mouth, -AU toy simple art
snd -prattle -were -to'rato. lTwdear-v.
Histsr Theresa aaw my ermrt and kneaa 1 1
Ing batida tna.aaiU . fWUl apt Itouny .,
try, to laarh a liltler UVar lUbby . ,.
dear baby." - The shadow of a amlle
nittea orer tne oeiieaw uiiie meev ww "
It'Waa almost sadder In ita wsnm ivAat g
it' waa almost 1
nam jtoati lite aet
had preceded It "
asked.' '-Yea,' 1
anUled took f crlef which (
, fi be oncn tnu r' 1
mnjtTia Jta, gT-"xH7Ji tiatr- rBarv. aatmi
I aftoo think that ttte tbr -etuhf ; toeuti
ww -- - tk a u.kAw
In hie jronag lint tha mark aCida asoth- i,
ta-a long. aurmwxUh.lflha pnen.who :
work this evil could but see 11!" For
dtyeertV r daub not but that theni a
mebttoi . of , assmr iwhioh tha I ahaaast m
strlekaa meiheridured wera atomped
upon tne iruu 01 uer uetrayai ami ain.
Trrk- taa t iQtf W.Aavtt.Ia
rlew af thadtottgaaia eonrolty of aomn,,t
city: the fd lowing Ineidetit Is lit atrtert
A- gtr eauea at ana steiasns oi n asns
UemAtt aav High ataeat, to apply far a 4
place in answer, to an advertisement,.
The lady of tha house naked for her .r.
ferenoea.- " -' .
- '! bar lived five years t tay-tast
hUce,' said the girl; "If you want to -
know kny more," ask Father Hawley."
Tba lady wa mraraury Hnprsast n wita
A girt who bad Uvad Ar yeera without .- . .
rlianglng , Iter idaoe, . but concluded to ..,
iti tot rather itawiey. r. ; . ,. . ' . -"Do
rou know a sir! named ao-amf-
eH '."( i '
MYaa.?' .-. fi "tMir -r'' ft t: 1
"She lived five. year In her last
"Ymmf" " .'iiii'tiiri J.'--dcrtfinii ij I
-Aii-orract ao far. But as the lady ..
turned to go. Father Ilawley inquired;
"IVt y6a kaaw what her last ptoee
Was?" - .f,ir-ii,.x .r(l mni
"Na, aha dldn'tunenlkm that.r! t , , (
-"IlMMiAitltkf- Stain PriMtnA
-The atory to a aood btie. buT wlsttl-i
smile ta reading It. wa caaaot help aa
Ing tlmaueatlmt what a' wumaav wh Is
compelled to snow euon a rnoara or ner ,
rice, bt to do.' If all tha door of honest .
employment are closed to her because'
of R r-Um-Vort ComramL 1 '
l.. alt I 11 11I ml -T.t .ri.
a M turf Krr t
Pkixk. In the icraM 0 Health la an
article iront wnicn waciin tne foiiowina".
aa tltowlnx tha evil nf lnteuiianca in
a new gtgn, ana arktutg arrHmT rrorrri
and startling argument to the many el-
read aaismiil agaiiait the aaa at 1st '
UxlaUugnuors;,,. iivum
ne history of tour,- geaerauoua or a ,. ,
family, as k4ehed by M. Mond, A die "
tlnguMied- Imr rrTter,-la fuB
roUowatw r y -.if 1 , Uu lt.U i
"First flt-ns ration. Tlie faUii-r was .
an habitual drunkard; And Waa killed In 1
a swbtie howse brawl. "' nui
Thtaomt fjkttmratianv Th 1
I ted hU father habit. Which cava rise .
to attacks of mania. tcrminatlng-Jo
namlrsls and death: " .
v uThlrd Xleneeatton, T grandaoti
faa-MrtoOv-anla-t hist mil mt hwmm,
cdtouilrlcai and imaginary fsam of pwr.
aeruttons. etc- and liad bomk-huvl ten,
demdes.-" .'-T r" " . '"
"rourth tflsaamtloa. ' TW ihurtk in
rery limited toamligamia. -
And had aa attack mt maiineaa when .
sixteen years oUI, . UrminaUng in stu-
pi.nry, nearry amnantirrg -to tnincy. - -Vtth
him tha fawh Arabs! y bnamsa J
extiaet, .1 Aad taua. wo, pnroicre tha-1
persUtencauf tba Uint in tba fact tltat .
a genemtlon of slmolute lmperauce will
m arert tne mtai imac. . .
.it't1iiin 11 iiisj anTi limit i... I (
' Ro:atbo. Bf -aaati'PkACB.-The fah, .
lowing lautlful pamgraiih is from the
pen rfalvln B. McDonald, of rh Oak-
land jw ici t ' 1 - - -, .
Hear th TnwIafVaU rUU ta th- Va -Momlte
ValW-y to.tha grare af Uttto n
girL . Hera aaa tha Arst aatoral deathrft
f a White'person that ocenrred there, '
though tw or three had tteett -slatn hr
tba Indians ia tha trat aetttomertt. ItT.
I a etraair piaoa fat the Aatrel af Death
to pursue his eonnuesta. and Is a Une
awiua mj m tuim ma is ituriui jus.
ia her rrttto erar an the haaka nf th
Mraad. 'ths Utrstraf Maary. alnisst -r
under tha toy spray of th eternal Po-
hono, wbo pour his mlrhtyiiaritlsm aimr
hundred feet a pott the aneitkngeabl
raehV" It awiht af ar. race repai In'a
emfkiha an majntia, aa awfal to to
anrrmtadlnga. with tha Krldai Vail
waring- above.' aiwl with , tba greey
wateea thundeelne tkent 11 kd vTlf v ef -
saneraatwral artifterr Hut aa aaWlme'-'
lat At t:hriatiaa fslLh, wbisSi iwawireat-i
ua to beiies-a tbat when her saM-ltsree
the good angel of tlie resurreotliHi will t(
not ntrget ner area in, uui win mnw
and aidlft ar temh rfy and send ber"4
baatraaward, Ukaat
tha -1 - ,
j ijemwuwwg
Tha bbsaM Ikyhtbaruaa at the actsraaea at a
Yaauin Bay to ariyoompleted.. It is,,,
storlea of It hare bAra fitted ud la rood 1
style aa a reatihima for the k or per, . J
' r".-r'tAtAmmmmmmmAmmmtAAAmr. f ,ou-Krr-
Tlie entire length af I ha Iiooeaa tun- ,
pel bctweea portal wlU ba S&fiUt feet.
AYrftlwAta. .-i' ;
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