The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, June 30, 1871, Image 2

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JC.NK to, aWL
lira, Btaaioa ud Mia Antbeuy am
gaming. y Through th gallantry' and
liberality ef Mr. llolladay w
" abled to aathortae tbe.abov
worU-renowned women to avail theav
, aslvsaef tha privilege ef a Am la
MttfMiHimiw to tale pert.. W
' Kail aooa ba able to Ml our n
just when they will cent and tow liiln
thry irfn aUr. lt ,sexy' town that
. wtabea toltanor lUellUetw by honoring
thee asHarwra nuk speedy pfrpaffcUaa
' la secure' their acivlcea, and j j i iimas I-
r 'Vfi bsspmk lor them In Portland
tmyOaa a kaqitac tha entcr-
prise, iMMlUlitjr aad gawd mm or c
" r. t ' nMBBamBWaBSBBBr3BBI ,,W
KZiwi or. riwcnj' viraL
T5 WaweU rranember thM w once ei
tortarned the ye popular theory that
wives wan mora healthy, hp-
- py aad awtaiad (baa ftuy atbat iea
of twrni. - Tbaagh urongtu ay en a
ihrm, with tba vision of ear pala-nteud,
. weary and evar-iaxsd mother ever ba-
fan ne, tra yt Jailed U analyse tba dif
ference between bar 'Weary form
that ef our city visitor, wha alway
paused her many deUcede for tba to
Ua, and wha appropriated, aa by pre
rogative, tba aeolaat chambers and nle
aaawt .waaw. Hu HmllTriK
(oU farmlmuae, Never did Ira JlWj
- mntU tba brant of all each hardens earn
Upon oar own shoulder, bow thankless
- aad hopeless la tba never-ending toll of
woaaaa wbaaa btnln it by la be
botb 4radga aad lady, attaaxUac la tba
Manama wan la of bar1 raaay gaaata,
,borna down by b miBeripg and toil
- and weakness aitandant npoa and la-
afmrabta oaaa tnc t awt waterulty ;
' ookif nka for a aonoowr of hired
' men, and waahlna;' and acnabbinf
avaiyboirjrjTTlua him reaviar un rou-
tlna of theamaihi of iknnetW wiv. j j
Tba remit la UW early death of niora
half, of them, and ba aeniling
forth a poa tba. world fatrga familiea of
arraaa anVprinc, who, In
"their torn, will ba yet mora poorlytted
.' for tba reaponaible burdena of life thaa
j.. were uu) -WcahPTar-taird najltam,
- whoae Uvea warn aanatant aanaraataa
' of aaflerirtg:' i- , J 7,
'J Kow tbera la-too bred that woiiiea
abouU emwra ail thia. Farnnre' wtvee,
front their apparent' npportaaliy taj
breathe , pure air and eat freah and
wholeaoma food, Ituutd really puf
' bettar baalth than thoea waaanJwha
live la prat-ap ettlea, where the air n
4 Tltiatad, tlie habita nnnatnral and the
food often anwbolfomo, itraHM deeiy
lna;andaUhvi i n -.
' ' rTaya Da. Hallt - Many! a former'
1 wife la Oterally worked to death In aa
Iter haaband.1 '' ," I'-'ot
, ' ' huil Am tJ tnfmmrJ wW,
; who mtbt hJiraan hour'i help trt the
Oaring tho whole ahlld brartag
twa at noat, Ju4 uUuiiorio4-
i only bear all tba dread, naxtety and aaf
t frrlnff Incident to ntahjrnat rcaponalUl-
s lty, bat tbey drudge and drndga ouUI
Uteirbeat friend, the monaW, Death,
1 frant loll and aaflerlait, and
- bye Utem down With folded handa and
TnlWat heaete-to J'lActy the ken that
",: hnowa no waking.'' -. . .ti -i
We da not wfoh aa arerdtaw this aael
arphorrpictara. 'Talona of rnddy-foeed
' and happy farmer wlm Joaomettmee
flit before aa, nnd we tbaak the careful
; and pravMent baabande wba shield and
u comfort them ; hot wO now that aucb
' wrtraea do not ayatentaUnally perform
deabU -and trebla menial Ubor all
" well kept horse of tba many men whoa
eara-wora wlrea conld wall endure a
titWW tbeenreand vwrention that I
- , Ungmdglngly gfren tbera (tha horaea),
by men Who netcr once aonaldrr that
-r tnetr wire naan aqnat protect toeu 1
- , oux malu or mua.
-rOn btat SabWtli arternoon, lui oaraelf
, and hnabnnd were oat on tha atrar, rn
-roytng MUM wall, aur coarse Woa!:
- nnntat n nanrt " avkkl
' ' we had read aa much durimt It awnw.tb wW ,u
f aantraotUiv and aanoernlng which
' '- .!-.
aear anpaetatlen wee BenatJuaUe, Our
Itaga jeaaajaAl la galhraagh Iha Ivafkl J
Ing with as, and we of coarse conaentad.
Tha building is baauUAilly si tasted
pon high, aloptng irfoand, aotnnianding
an axeallent Tlewt of tha r and anr
g rounding country. Tawing from the
"s vnwu waui.
parforatad. Jiy tha aatloan antranaea to
' dlflereai eounty oflWa, we foand the
,V1 view from tbe .rear uWway quit a
I- asagnlftceniaa that tram tba frout. jle
tHs4nf ear sfays,' wa prwdd aythe
' HreularsUlrway and entered tha main
halt, wbera, had not tlte funto of putree
,. . aent amber skkenad n wa saoald bar
b been, dallirhled with tha orderly ar
hUMMMMt AH mm-M . ..
, . " "'" . v . nrmpm esr
ana ai avary Map use nana
- --mtfrntU qaM ofnJs oaatreised aUao
tortea. - Wa wera mvorabry tmpreawd
by tha -fofty cellinf,. deep' windows,
, broad nialra aad aeanfortahl aaaay af
. aaata, and bad tha. pleaare-n nastily
T FftrtBg a'aotne rtX dnoameat
T7nhal lay scattered en lb tablaa.;; -
'. .. Then we laradad tha dnraalna af
. legal trliaali, apendiawan-wmoasesta
v ia the grand snd petty Jury roomn, and
while tbera lost aQ wonder that men
- navnn drted f. tha near ad rent of
' wwawnjoraaa. ' On thing I vary toa
,t ant to net they ihn-t purify tha flder
t and Walls of these Akgeaa rUabfeaof
, Vinlty and algnrity lfora tlwy ore flt
ptaee eg reanrt aaritj -mrfl.
-otnnvWa acknowledge that we were
a great Jburry to aacapa (ram those
a w frU that it would Indeed
sully as tot, -f.v.TUen waHhougM f
eur XTOwla jus, V!"'b Cr Iha) ; ey
would aooa 1 1 ujrC ataaw ti ayloa
a men. and wa a W for thjiwnWnl
Ing InClrtM, of noman to ouV eonrUof
Jostica, and wa bops and bellrre that
this influence will permeata and, ptiriljr
ItotLXgrti )r'"-t par bftaiir -jwri
shall ba old enuuat to become anllled by
aontaet with the rile cribbllng that na
blnsiyngtv .show itself apon the once
pari wsjierthes now morally polluted
We enraaatly ak aanalUo man all
orer tbe Und m? UhelWrt tba Jlr
would ba any Munr
wrrtaof yaatlea Iff
It ware not for the renoratlTa tnflnauca
of. wlrea' and.' motbemT .Encoorc
thoaa wiraa and matbaia to expand thla
Influence, O, man of noble purpose, and
wnahall am If the nonmiilated Alth of
eentorlea will net aalah aa by magid,
and la 1U atead ahaU ariae tba goddeai.
of rarity, who ahaU prorlalm the fiad
tldlnsa of moral decency throughout tba
broad aif of ou laJkbd and political
domain, ' - " '. -
1 9 jnmaMnBjnMtjeJwja t
Oimtlemef conipUia of tba frlTollry
of American women. Tbey aay that
tba average woman thinka more about
the ftiehionable cut , of bar. dreaa, tba
atrUaf her hair and tbe height ef her
khoe beela, than aha doea of the a Skin
of BUte. the rrfonuationa of aoeiety, or
I ta dlffi-reuCnvenuea of trade and com-
Wa grant that il these asaertions are
true. M'ar anrry 1 ta admit thia, hut
the fact is everywhere diaorrnlbla, We
know no remedy for the existing frlvol.
tty of "women except lncrea of moral
and pecuniary rssponsiUlity. ,
. It I naiurai and alaa perfectly right
thai woman ahoald, bestow much ear
apon her, personal ' adornment. tihow
a a., woman wlta hM M regard for
etesBllnoss, keaaty, or erea fsshhni,
and wa will show yon a woman who 1 Is
sort of natural monstrosity a disa-
graeabl compound af vinegar and aqua
fortia, or else a vapkt speeimea of hu
manity who cannot arouse herself suffi
ciently to form an Intelligent 4nion.
Our Idea af a perieoi wamaajw that she
anoald be pkfuaat, sprljrhUy, areeabie,
anergettp; amMtloos, affectionate that'
bar linmsat Is world is ia -her hoaiia and
hoiiseboU., jorlag ' bar husband , and
loakJaar npan him aa her eqaal; fovina:.
raring for and Jo!lrfua.!yigoYernlnir
her rlillilrvn, hrihglug them to enjoy all
tba little eniknmisnl of a wis motber'a
Ipva, thai tbey may' never let tha germ
of human kindness decay In their
heart. " Bat this ' 1 not H that w
riaim.ibrJasfcWauaslra that aba be
ednrated ta same trade or nrafisalan t
thai aha ana tha' natural endowment of
barlirala a soma ramunaraUva kYoca
af all mat tors ef Is porta nee In
tbe country nnd under the Uwa by Which
aha la governed ; that aha St herself to
Uvatedepeadantly af aaaa,irnd be by
hlaajsVyif aa Incliaadf
ittonlJ'abcTJtowTterseir toTewn
clog or bindrano to her hnsband.'
UDy Arm
from th trammel of caatont and ai
rt. their rresoanly prerogative. t Men
mast help them to throw off tbi state
of fernmine frlTotttyi aod-raarh fliem
the ImpbrUnoe of the high dutlea that
nevniva npan tbam a tba mothers af tha
raea.Kneoarag themv dear brethren,
to iMm pot1ttcaJ taporn4UIItfca, 'and
we aball soon hear less ef that frivolity,
at af Toar ssenpUint that their minds
ran anon trifles. i " ' - 'h u 1
m apon 1
, vtr it : -4
' tuiiiaXTniTip enrnxm.
'.Many ,pl go plodding through this
world with rueful visages and pouting
lips, havtag an awaBienl aim oAcnex.
homtr hf all outward demon
trauana af gUdaesa..; Such people are
wend af aooat-ty; tha
dread of all children J Jhe abaualaaUou
of the rthUhrevrinjoa whota" tbey al
moat invarlauljrjSepenU for uport, and
tha Urtan- Inmmatiuu af ail tkinaa dis
agreeable. Hew we pity the fata nf a
ramiiy or young, rxaoerant, nappy
children k be am doomed to spend n liat
wauhl etuerwlen naiha sunpieatiairtof
pberareHrciMlored by a superannuated
reUUve of the fortieth . degree, whom
I wnere he
or she Iseloriga. - We most em
phaOcany declare that such relative do
I not hare claim enough upon th righU
af children to cause- tba basl Venn af
their life to be embltteeed by tbe fault-
gmllnga of t he Vlnegar-tbaged dead-
ut& psapUw wba nealectad in
their early Ufa ta provide against the
a .a . , . r .
wpaiHi'ati ar nga ay marrying and
raising amtlleji of ehlklren to call them
blessed, and thereby felled la learning
nso'ssarr Ufa lesson af iova
geniality; anoaht be eared for at the
puTdlc exjtenseV Inflnuario should be
mtaldialsMt for,Uta- in every Bute,
wbes they asight kave na posalULeea-
porauvty la turn the cream' af happy
ctitt.r..-d Into the buttermilk of die.
eoain.-7 . ,.
s tha aialsl dipnrtmint aftha
aired 'giundrarents of ha pry htmily
with the exaragUllevueasef tit bach
elor greal ancle who depend npan their
distant MaUvea foa auninrt. aad ba
warn. X mew nd wncnea' whose
elougvlska take an extra atretch
h idea of. Wins hampsrej by a
hunlly, fcg j-ff wetj 1 1 il i 1 1 resolve la
agitate the vexed question of what sliafl
ba done with these, enkberer of the
graund, nutU ahey ahalUw deaUd th
privlleg at tha haaneaf all distant tela,
tl re af turning any more af rJUhThooif
qream In buttermilk.' '.' r
. , , aii jnuiii. ,. uiiiiii y
,.Wakiarnhniha Wyoming TVftMw,
pddihe4 kt riteyenna, that Mrs. P4aa-
ton lectured ntUeuTer on the 3dand
Ukn Aatkony on ;,th ,5Uh,af this
Bom wnVOed ossdreped, In pass
la ap Waabinr tm staset, laU aa r)a-
oeday nvenlng, f f"
-. ., wi' i a
era frltend and
1 U-t" oa r
anw -t I 1 iu. ;i tot 1 w 1
1 (Mi tbe Kiv Nor xwawr J
.taelf and lent It trt; .ringf is -
nnatwraJy acan? Hoar Mrs. -i- alway
wtalied alia Were a man, aa sit aoukl do
a UtUa cuingM, la an appropriate
manner. '
ITba abor "choict orsdLU-tJUwl
from tha eolumna of our courteous
neighbor of the Jlormld, Whose poUta
nam will not allow im ta earran aa
ssthettd srfWmetit with k Wy eoiiUln''
psenT f t srtmiy. Ihra art iaatttl
tit '
xxcoid or iicsiT lroii ;
Iakorar In Jamaica arsaepertsd la a
starving sandlttonw Uvi t . r
; JJma dUpatchea atata that an exteu-
tenaiva casi mine ha been dWoverad
an tha Bailviaa frontier,
laibrta ta mpres tha Bollvforevo-
latlon are uwnmeasful. , V
, f'ananaa dates to Friday last announce
that V Mwrtxm aw smalsVit
theOovernment tha they will heveaf
ter it-fuae to pay tha annual amesemcat
ef a aaarter million of doUara, and olkr
Instead ta allow tba Government n esr
tsJa proportion, of tba proreada. Tk
Bogota Journals are Urging the Govern
ment to complete tba railroad. -
1 Tha fiailaa army enrpa system will
be adopted by Franca.' ' v ' '
iKapoleon think hi son will be lls
sueseor ta tba throne of France when
ha arrives st msrity.,j:,i-i .
Oambrtta recently tlcflvcred a apeeth
at IVrda4ixn ibareigaulMilou of
francs. ' ;;: -mr -.-Vr -f.,
A London dHpateh my the Fenian
Burke was released an condition of re
portlag yearly to tba maglstrsteav, :'r,
Tba Oammaalsta af Faria ara quiet,
bat the organisation la kept vp. "
. Marahsj Serrano ha been entrusted
with tba organisation of a new Hpaniah
ministry. T " h v;h.,-i.j
- There I some prospect of a fresh eem
plloatlon n European ' afialra. ; ' Oer
maay and England are pa Ing-shnrp
diplomatic words la rthrtne to whkh
I th beet entitled ta tha possession of
HeligoUnd, a small hOand In tba North
See. Tba possibility of a war betwaea
these power In not aa Improbable
t Tba California Democratic State Con
vention at Bacraniento on tha (1st and
tad was very Immonlaaa fathering.
Oov. Ifalght was re-nominated by ar-
CUSMUVSi .;, r
it - miit j ui si
LETTI1 -FBOK KOi. i. v. virm
; "? ': ' Hoaa Hiu, Jane tad, 171. ;
JV.t Al, j: Dinfvag Editor JVcw
AortAsMaf .-HFivauasiBg that you are the
person who ia Baosi la bkune for sending
to my address tba weekly Issues of your
ably edited Journal, I take this method
af my Ing that "yon did not mistake your
man, and thai yon ana rofetlno my
name Upon your books, alwaya remem
bering that V I do not prepay, X shall
not grumble at being charged tbe extra
tm wmw T tSt
when I Bnd heard oTyour ventnie lata
tha arena of Joarnallam, that a le w words
iawgamali ean mm myllft
might not be oat of plena, aad Intended
to wrrta.ta yo f thai spirit,' bat tha
ntoet easual perusat af, tha flrst .two
numbers of the If aur KobtbtwkbT esn
vlnead m tlial )aU ra auifoatty-abl
to take ear of yourself, even 1q compo
UUon with those redoubtable knight of
tha quill, Beetl CmndaJl, CUeke, Mc
F1ron,rVmple0eeofaJiyotkcr editor an tha racUlc 81opa. w :',!
1 Indeed, If aaythlng In Uat direction
had been aeedsd, Ua-asis, manly and
eeurteoua laJroductlon 'which you re
calved, from oar mvtua and esteemed
friend of tbe Orgokm ivadered. aay
thlng that I eauld my wholly aupcrtu-
Of eoura li In unnecessary for me ta
write to you that I endorse tha Krw
Koumwaar, with its nsrlared grsat
I thaa do more 1 1 shall sup-
portomeUmaa by .agreeing with it
opinlonai Brothers, bjretikh4nglude
partarra, If It una anyv-r . ;t s 1
i From an intimate acquatntano With
tha principal Journals iha. VnlUd
htatea, aad cspiciaUy with those af this
for, th last twenty years, I km
fast coming to the conviction' that we I
Nobtmwbt. and other jJarnale edited
anu aonuouea nr snoa ana iatiiimit
women, aa educators of tha psoitis for
. 1 a.... . .i. 1 . r ...
uae luum, svu society oaa nsrem so
impravea mat a man euitoreaneottauet
a paper and be fashionable without
allJlna; Into tba dVlauchlng. train of
habits that never talis, aoone or later,
to separata him from hlsortjrJnaliy high
and proguisi Irs purposes, and carry hini
away Into the euibracanf babbit hr pop
ularllv. Madam, pi ease take a few ob
servations on the course of soma of the
ablest ne wens peri that wa have known,
ami odcmm 11 1 am not correct.
The common lot of man editor In the
city, and you know that is .the place
wiMre euitor "most oo congregate" Is
tlptainc. awrmaavlUiiMr. druukemtesa.
d4wachery; and I might go on with
other words expressive f the exact
truth, but I will end this sentence by
earing moral and intellectual death,
which b enough, and infinitely more
uwa ougnt 10 ue true. ,
It is morally Impossible that a man
who spends his aiiarbU awav from his
iuuiyr ta tne neer aasannv tn tn ntmjy
gunly saloon or fancy house, can lung
run a Journal on the omtlr of human
pruansslon. Kow and then wa And a
man as strong la th Individuality of
- L.U. - .
resist all assaults of fashion and popu
lar! tr. Oreelev. Birant aad Beeeher
are isolated at goo( example of this
pnioumnts Wreaaried right but they
nave ignojuv raiien tn uie batue or lire.
Thi nk wahad not belter Inr to act aur
friend Clarke to take that back? ..
Please to take his case knder treat
meat and are wrt ran be don for him.
It Wa once LaulonaLla lor chlvahHe
rVaUteeaer to rawhlJe xHlors. f waa.
drr how our friend Ukea that Aukosf
itn many wlshaa for your aurccss,
emaia Yours trn'y,
Hear Clarke, of the ittrmmi a, , said la
bis paper a lew days ago that a man (L
r., etlltor), mbrht as .ueli be out of. the
Wa-jiaJLI mil vii. aaJT Vsml.Laaa -
i 8AiM,Orsgon, June5- JfL. ,
I JkVs. L Mra-Dear rrtrltt was
aUklug with a friend yestertlsy alut a
bJy of myaaajualntance,wbo waa left
with several little children to maintain,
and ne one to betp' ber.
MKh due nut anderstand dreas-
slng nse elm ikus
hg beaidesf her heaHh-weuVJ haKBy
admit af her engaging ia either OCC tl pan"
der ber from teuchlmr, had she a rift for
iCTKow.'whal can aucEa woman do'
aid L-- .i a- s.
"Marry again," aald my friend. K
i "Hr ex
has been ton- sad to4
make that aa intltlng prospect, X re-
pileuV "rJhe 1 smart amt attractive,
and might, bojIouU, do wU if she had
tba advantages af good society, but what
poor widow with a fomlfy-of -dependent
children, and she' struggling Ant food
aad clothing, is likely to, be poshed for
ward Into the society of the ' better
class? ThJa aald I , the atronjojnf
in toe woman question uuat J ursTawif
naaaan aouid get awuat.aay for equal
labar, aad And easy access to that kind
ef labor for which abe ha a taste and a
talent, would it not be far easier for her
to take cam of herself when the need
oa me a her so dolus-?"
"But women," replied my friend, "are
not naturally as seif-reliaui as tnea."
"Ah," sai-I I, "do you know this?
lias she not been tanght the V-llnging
vine theory until she can hardly be
mid to ba her natural self? VhiuHmh
of -such- education mnst' hare had Its
natural effect upon womankind, and like
wonder t that she tr even self-mllaut"
"I think most women who are so are
generally coarse and unrefined."- . '
Mlm yon mean that for me T asked
L -Ithln-4-am self-reliant. 1 have
embarked tn - au enterfrlse of vory
diMibtful success, which require cou
alderabia money, and I have canted
that monejjrjMvself, besides taking care
"I give It an satd my friend." ; "I
see you are In favor of 'woman' rights
a qnestion I have ttot had settled be-
"Wen," mid I, -I am glad you are
sssneuj-ana youauy-think -a yeutrirtbm. aiid'muie-worUiy tlie
. . - T . - . 1
a ; -1
!THcaB Aid. - ' T. . i
' Of course every farmer must have a
reaper and mower, a muA a
drill, and all the other UlwrYinJnsiaoarsaneasof thia Jiyaiiiliass, aacji
venttona, lust as rankllv aa' ha ma dbv
for them, even tboujrh Uiey are stowed
away as oV-a.1 iwojierty th greater part
w aw jir, rucu tniUiCS are
and tlie wlfi pertaii. jret along with a
new dress less, that ,llut huahaiaUway
have a labor-caving machine. Butbow
atsxit labor-saving machines and Inven
tions la-doors 7 A tmaawho ha a
sewing ntachine, a machine to do tlie
churnlug. and one servant as "help" is
usually lite most- favored boUM-keeper
Isj the neighborhood. You may look a
altole township UiNHih, and In nine
eases out af ten. the Ishnr savins- eftkJrs
are brought to tlie help of man Ind. . It
" wower inti goon motnem are so
srarce, Kcpmotnera so common, and
invalid women not a rarity. A worn
aa'a work is never dane,1s a true
proverb, with Jiy far too many house
wives. "-yT- rr
Ho aceuatomcd arewomen tn tabut
their work in the otl-fahloned way
dt iu, imiw virtue or naca ana emow
power that they look axkance at new
nmrrea inmys, aim twUeve H
bother to use 'machinery than to do the
worn in tne ora way. The saving f I
physical strength seems an ntihna, mm 1
authougSI of thing Ho kmg as woman
easi urag arouna ana usually doco, ai
thaugh aba arouses as many at-hca and
pains from their lairs as there are wln-
aow panes ! the house. " - arg acpnait or exeetieni aioncyv
Women da not begin to 00" oueTlr rasiryarvenalbhi. Thim.mile
quarter tbe Uma for recuperation that ' at Dale Creek, is an ak aUant
meu do. - bleu sit araund evealnaV read,
smoke, day games, or gnssip; while the
women of the house sew or knit, dsrn
nd evenings, read. I
stockings, ernchct, tot. or are tusy ln
other ways. To etiugrle down Into an
easy cnair nefnte the Ore, and play with
tlie tassel of her apron string, ar simply
tteteu to some one's reali nr. would Sm-m
s most farmer's wire aa sheer laxlnesa
arwieaea waste or time. ! ' ,
We do not believe women are so Well
able to endure Inoessant labor as tneti
are. . And if it Is not good for mm, turn
sra more pernicious is it to the phye-
ear-iieuitn or women r rto we argae
that sshnr-euvlng machine should come
Orst to tbe house-wife, because she I th
weaker, and becanss ia ht-r health and
comfort and lusppineM,' the happincea of
in wiwtf nnasenotu lies, mom tOa IU
tnai ot any otner member of It.
Tlie way In which very many people
-onanrcu iTOMJir is Quite ii a oueis
eating more than he needs, for the "sake
of saving H. That whb-h saves health
and time I economy. That which oou
dure to haman happincaa Is Dirin
economy. ' That whk h Is a saving la the
end. even if bb extra exnensa at the
beginning. U ecanomy- boueettHld
tuHfniirmwwvnuMiinmoi wnicutn
two paramount ones ar those of water
and wood, v -r-.. ,-t
Wa fori the wrath In ua wrlggTlng
Itself to pownca down Upon those llen
tliea who, year after year, postpone tha
wood house nrratigentent, or the Mters
uuiiuing, or nnnging Uie water an Ui
well to a errtliacd grt-atahle etatn. A
man wha allow his wife to be a hewer
ar wwxl and drawer ef water to an Un
aided extent, aught to be well, exennt
manieated from hi church on rubrical
groundsi for a man who has bUImI ta
provide for his awn bouse hoki, is worse
P We knew n man once, (be Uvea yet:
mmim a if iMm ' ...
t - - B. a 1 a . a . . .
m win lean in is para grape) 1, wis
Kiyew nigni ana morning, prrarben: on
ndaya, and was a rich farmer beHldea,
Hi wile milked the cows In all sorts of
weaUier, eat most of the wood, bollt the
res, eherae-tennaiwlssd" and died of
eawsumptioajaaha prime of life, lie
pat a-weed en bis hat, tried to-real ew
Umself to the dispensation of Frovt.
deneu, when he ought to have been
tried for Woman elaairhter hi the ami
dewme and aeuteneed to r hen wessj and
miis caws in uie rain an tn rest or Us
lifo. Wa doa'l nutta believu ha raniial
punish meat, which la why ritda't
suggest hemp and the nUowa.iftrg .
is, d. wagrr, M JAsriH Acsr rortrr.
A RiHgi-lau RkuxdV. Vtlieaevee
Burke found hlmsrtf indlmtsed. be a
dered a kettle of water to be kept bait
ing, a wntcn ne araaK targe quantinra m much aa eveu four nr II v
quarts In a morning, without any mix
turn oi Infusion, and as 1m 4 aa he could
bear. Ills ananneewaa to iour about a
pint at a time Into a basin, and to drink
It with a faioa as If it bad been eoUt.
Warm water, .he said, would relax
and nauseate, but hot water was the
finest stimulant and most Powerful re
storative -la the world, lie ecrtaialy
thought It a sovereign cur for everr
complaint, and not only took it himself,
but prescribed it, with Uie confidence of
a Hangrado, to every palietit that same
la hi way. Vmbhn I WrerWfy, '
; : - a .
Cnrxr faaarax.'Did youV
atudy tha chsanstes of some nleasara 7
Bkks aue. lk you know haw little It
take to snake a muKUode happy?
riueh trf ea a a penny, a word, era
smile, tr tue work, laera are two or
three knys paasinir along give them
each a cikgstut-it, and how smiling, they
iookt They will nut be arose for son
time. A poor widow lives la the heigh-
nornooii, wna I tn motner of ball a
doaea olilldren. Hend them half a peck
aTaaart aiaea, and rJteywttt't)STtnis(p . t'
A child has lost bis arrow the wrl
to him aad he mourns sadly; help him
ta find It or make him another, and now
IquklkJhr.wlit UasiBish warning oveB his
srtber bice I A boy has ss much as he
ran Oo
of woodr asalst
him a few moments, or sneak a uinaaant
J11V Ml m HHP! W
f.Lword to him, and he forgvt bis toil,
I a iid work awar without mlmllnr it.
Voar apaaentiro baa broken a mur or
eat Che wet tea targe, ar sligntjy iniuren
a piece of work.' hay "You sooundrel."
and he feci miserable ; but remark, "I
am sorry," and he will try to do better.
You employ a man; pay him cheerful
ly, and apeak a pleasant word to him,
and he leave your house with a eoutcut-
ed heart, ' to light up hi awn heart
with smiles and gladness. '
Aa yea pass ajona taa atreeta, you
meet-a famiitar-fotwt you my-Uood
morning, as inougn you r-it iiarjiy,
and it will work admirably In the heart
of your netaiibee. lleaaura k-heaa
wno,,wtu not iiestow it uoenuiri . if
there are amilea, suiioblne and flowers
all about ue, let us not grasp them with
a miser' net, and lock them up ia our
hearts. Net rather let ua take and scat
ter them about us. in the cot of tha wid
ow, among tha grousi of children in the
crowded mart, where men of business
eoas waste. In aur numilsss, aast overy-
aMie. We esa maae tn vrrec!u4
nappy, toe otauontentea cueorrui. uie
a filleted resigited, at au excewllnifly
ciieap rate. Who will refuse to do it ?
Otve of tba Iiondon ma ratines notes
as among the oihl sochvl ptienouieiia of
the pfiweat day the cbsat of women who
are the professed jdasplser ef men. This
setaf modern nmu-bater k recruited
from three claiwca mainly those who
have been cruelly treateu by men, ana
wltose faith In one-half of the human
race cannot survive their own ant aid
experience; those reatieas and ambitious
Demons who are 'leas than1 women.
greedy of notoriety, ladtflVretit to noma
lite ami bokllng Immus iiuues in u 1st lain,
with strong isvwlous rather than warm
- . '" W
affections, with perverted instinct in
uanie tne awrr anu innse woo are
the worn vests is aanara. wnaa mor-
I1 - wU below tlie sweeter sympalhie
tlie atroidiy of their-lisaincta as tlie
other class aae by tha pewersloa and
ar held to be oniMvasors and enemiee:
and even love I ranked as a mere mat
ter of tbe aensea.;; S.ii-i.
, It may nut be denied that women
hare luxt eauseeof complaint against
men. They have many, htng aa
human nature la: what It is, strength
wilk at hums, ua brutal rather than pro
tective, and weakness will avenge itself
wltn mora craft tban tatienoe. Hut
that la a verv dlflVeent thins- from the
sexual enmity Urn sent tent tnan hater
assert, and tba revolt wnien tney saaxe
it their religion 10 rjreacn.j 11 women
will believe that, on tlie whole, men
wish to he their friends, and to treat
thetn wttn BMrnwas ana generosity, tney
will And th work of ealt-rtrotection
much easier, and the reaoncilensent af
otHMMlng Interest greatly simplified.--
jraaamgron tutor.
. I"0! MAXfrACTfBB AT Cmkykxxr.
The town of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Territory. the ' "Uarte Cltv af tha
rTaissyPha pomillar sad natural foal 1 1
iron, pnssi'ssfd byrfowutber points in
tne country, iuisso
asawloTLwe PJopoaa
few facts aad ngurasti
tne country, -i nis aomewnai sweei
thsteaanoW la our
BPiuionj, bseoutreverted. ,. -
JAcven or eight miles .south of Chey
enne, on the Denver Faelfla Railway, is
BUrpiy xeu. ucmama uot ot uie nn.
supply ofj'
est qualify. .Twenty miles to thcjiortli ,
Is me en-leoraeert Chug Mountain, antu
exhaostablfl maw of tlm pumst mag-
ncllc ore yet ulsoovered. This ora
tains over ninety per cent. af the pro
taxkie ef iron, and is tea percent, richer
than aay ora now used. , These three
varieties comprise ail the ore lit gen
eral use, ana ar combined or used et-p-stately,
as accaalon ' may tequlra, la
maaufaotaring the dlflbrent grades aad
qaslities of iron.. H'gomaV Trsbaina. , ,
. f-, , ' ' :
Tni cm wir w Awmtti.
The best and cheapest mode af advertis
ing ia the world is thai in tha
papcra. Every aarneaaful " aUertUr
rulll my thia Heed strews, there If the
seea ara gooa mr anyining alwaya
to Ing tip a eswii of aoej vaiue, general
ly a.huaNhW fold, rhunmlnsr dead
walls and showering hand-hUl .among
tne peniHeare auxiliaries in advertis
ing; but It Is doubtful whether, aa a
rule. Usry mom than pay tha expense,
while tbera la na eVmbtihat tbey are a
nuisance. The blankest of dead walls
is only disfigured bypoNten, provoking,
&- wAk r4 naefJMstataWf I tnta 4ft svWOstsW lit'
avarston to tha man wha an advertises,
and iha articles upaa whoserxcclieorlcs
Urn expatiates; wlUl aa to hand-hi lis,
nothing so prejudice a itien against
gulag to sea any show ar buying any
roods as the agiy slips ef naner Uirust at
him from all quarters eloquently rerom-1
menuing mm to ua mass Uiiaga. tArw
'ra Jvurmtl twnissi Ilia. V f
MrV Gordon has been labarlii;
Contra Custa since the closine nt
Itecar; andha tirgantxed a !w
iBrage roc,Icty in the more eastern
part 0 that oountry. Tlie Woman auf
fragists Inarm slout tba town of AnU-
orh now have It In contemplation af
celebrating toe rourth of July, not to
burning gunpowder, beating dram, or
In making boyish noises and clatter
generally, or In boasting of rights snd
liberties nomlnaJlr pan sis' d by has
than hair tlie impuiatiou of the country,
but by scnull.ljr demonstrating their an-
preclatioa of liersonal freedoin and of
national equality and liberty, by meet
ing and considering the beat means to
be alnited to secure and tansserve Him
"wnuwe trtrasinvs, iHrfn r, them-
selves and tlicir fellow altisMsi. r
Ute lakes to the (lull; and from tits At
lantic to the tiaanc Ucoan. & tJv
Wop, lees wilt never cease, -. At ' least
we.s Judge from the following Para
gra.h In the New Torit rimea; '. t
"liriseon votera viewed with astonish.
merit two women dMributina -vote
rwoofllie poUs In tbattity m election
th chief womlet alot tbe aWe U
fliat it slmubl excite any Wander at ' alL
Whyahowkl not women as well aa man
ba at-tii iwdl on election Hay? Are
they not eltiaeiM? Hare they not an
Interest In tins Com mta wealth ? Are
they not governed by the laws ? sva
they; not an inteeeatr In the law by
wbi. h they ara governed? ' 11k JlVeoir
Ws owly reg ee ahasrt the fact ineiv
ttoned by the liases la that tbe women
were simply "distributors" of votes;
tney Ya bean actual voicrs.
. How to Ptcic Jrvst. Ptok applea
before fulSy rlWy pare all ever, slice
from each tide to Us core the thinner
the eliea tha quicker they will dry, and
tha libber iwice Uay wKI bring. All
parol and lioed fruits sruuld be dried
U tha shatle and out af I' wind, to pro
serve a lifhi color. V i4ch very much
dtronda, the prkv. , '
IW-hee should be picked before toa
rips,' 'a. co toward the eenter. aa thin
that when dry the alley will not be
Be very itarticuiar and dry them a light
eoor. Dark peaches ara alwaya dull
sale at half price or lass than bright
auea. Peaches, if qq peesj aissjuhi ba
cut In h aires.
f - Wthe - aeeCl out rabevTla-BTlMry4
witnout any aimixtur at euwarar syr
up, and dry thoroughly." The daniper
thg. are, the. ba priea they selL nt.
Cherriee not seeded are oi Uttle, yahte
and dull of sain. .. 1
Bbttkberrlea, Wbortlvherrie and rtasg
beertes should not, -tn ptcklasT and dry
ing, lose any of iaelr Jaiaat tha pulp is
etnovaiue. ! , . t ..r..
Damaona and other plum sliouUl ba
dried Without seeds. ? '"-
,j Ken tens beey .that neither arn nor
cherry saw Is, appl cores or neaUnge.
sugar, syrup or water, will sell for dried
rruit. r try crrirBiy-or intentionally
leaving or putting them tn, yon wlki In
tba prio have to nay for aorilaav where
it can bo dona, anl lose the amount pal. I
for ireignt on tn portion or no value.
Keep tlie fruit clean, and do not nr
gvt the fact that tlis better it ta rrparad
tha quicker it wUl sell, and the high
er price it will bring, lastly, pack, in
nioa, cluan barrels, boxes or baga,, .
Warn warn 8rr pons naw'Srt.
TbafoilwWIng graph ie pssssge la ream
tha description of a aoaue witnaassd by n
Mr. t auibell autl bis party, in the north
of Norway, from n cliff one thousand
ttoi above the aeat "Tne eosen stretches
away in uncut vastneas at our feati tii
sound of its wave scarcely reachea our
airy lookout; away In tlie north' tlie
huge, old run swung low ta th horiaoa,
like th alow beat of tha pendulum lu
tba tail dock of our grstwifallnwrs uarVMr
corner. We all stood allcut look
our watches. When both bawls came
together at twelve, midnight, the full.
round orb hung triumphaatiy abaww th
wares, a bridge af gold, luiming do
north, spanning the water betweon us
and him. There he ahona inallent
majesty, which knew na netting. ' We
I a voluntarily took otf
was said, tionibla if ;
If you cau. th most
brilliant luuris and sunswt you ever
saw, and its beaatlca will pal before
th gorgeous coloring which now lit tip
tba ocean, heaven and mouataiav In
half au hour tbe sun had swung prenep
tibly on its beat; the colors chauged to
those of mornlnrt a freah breeae rinnLjd
over the flood; onesongstee after another
piMd up in the grove uehiad ua; w
slid Into another day." . " '.-
UntH.-wamaiv ahn iMrva great ami
worthy oirlcrUr-Vrcuiploy Tier mfiai
until the luora of tha nanicraua depart-
menta of sociHy, suuli as edecat ion, art
nd production, law, medicina and di
vinity, commerce, Invention and gov
em men t, shall be as whidy open to her
enterprise and amMtlon aa to man wa-
til site shall, like her brother, ba eweaur
aged tobeoome lndlviduallaeil, as If -supporting
and self-reliant -wcman will,
from a Axed Uwnf he mental and mcs
ceestUtntioB, 1 be characterised for
aad tlmidltv. abowlaea and
frivolity, gossiping and artfulnesa.
When this freedom UtaM be granted
her ir hen she stiall he al rawed to gravi
tate to those departsnantotiy Iha tow of
Inclination, taste and capar-itv. instead
of being forced Into employments by
customs founded upon the ignorance, ia-
and preJuUica of tlie rtnmlnaat
claxsihcn, andnot Uli Usvn, will wo.
man OndT. her Iirppcc ;sjdeea'-Juf.
LVtKHS M (S)C iWHfTT, f ' ' . "
: ' " 'trsssMStisaia; i in
A sttsl tomiishsd htwyersome Uaae aao
told ua that a reuag Irish girt bad eailed
aenu him to Institute a suit ! breach
or promise airalnst the ' man who had
Jilted- her.HlWy had m quarrel, and In
tnia quartet iter saver naorstraeK oc
Whstillrt ha UHks vnu wllUT 1st,
rogated oqr friend lila handx 'HI
boot.' she n-nltert. -"IIU bootr dVmaml-
ei the lawyer, did he throw It at TWIT
'No, aun his fut was In U " eke replied.
W then ne 4ybeirvyou7 ; 'iea,sarf
And would you marry a man who, be-
fore nmrrlagat would kick yooT- 'Faith
and I Wad, surf foreura It's tit Uagrace
for a girt not till ba married ! ", -
The above atory, wliich the Riming
IXtpntrA tella, contalnrtha creed of the
average woman, both af -high and tow
Ufa v Tba dlsurarn af marrylac a brutal
or vicious mau avoni lm la her eyes
esrOnaaY rnnrtJt. The aum-"
bar of lones broken la tha Kngliab Isk
aatleAsyluma baa civen occasion foe a
curious sclentlfle Inquiry;' and It to now
Bsarnaa tnat tne nue or crasy Mka ara
mom brittle than the ritoWtheaane.
Dr. lleaadon InstUateti nn examination
of tb bout of twenty petieuU who died
In the Carmarthen County Asylum. In
nine of these easee "tlte very frame
work of tke cheat was found to k in an
abnormal and diseased state." .. In two
tnatancssr tbe hreat-boDc broKTlit re
moving It, and generally tha bones wees
na atroawrr than atasM ward board. In
ana ease thq surface-bona wa m spongy
anu suit tnat 11 was easily cruuibiea up
between the Angers. Home of the ribs
were canny cut witn a common knlfn.
there being, thraughr the aeuouof Um
diseased hralu, a naatUig away jaf Uie
' .J--. l-ii illHf ri .!
IViI.ITBaKaa. IVtlrteawaa la n samltal
which paya bettar than auy other. In
vest men I known. It can le acuuirad be
any one without price, and when prop
erty exprmicd pay a most extravagant
interest. . it I surprlsliMB.
that any one should fail to aaouira nsu
of the stock. Htrang as It is, however,
It to nevrrthclea true; and some peo4
are every day seen who have not the
eaal leal amount of It. They are rough,
aneoutli, anraindftjl of tlie (eel lugs
otlwrs, and devoid of true friends. But
t the polite person, na matter what bis
fault may be a degree af fortes ranci to
aawMxIrd, while hia popuiartty I such a
to secure toJiim acoree of irlen-ls an.1
admlrcra. This being true and patent to
in. wa wonder wliy any one should Beg
to lie polite and courteous tnall bJb fel
low beings on fay and ail occasions. -rj
" ttifcrxKEM AnotT EntTomx It ta a
Treat mistake 4a aupDesv- thai adltors
keep public rratiina roUrni; that they
nave Plenty of time to talk to all and
everytosly; that they are UVMrhted to
get aaythlng to flU aw tha paper; that
they have plenty of Uaae to ewrreot bad
manuscript that they are la duty hound
to pulT every Imdy; that they ahnuld
know everythrng WheUier' Informed of
It or not: that tney haver is atvaf mon
ey; that they should notio every scala
wag itist travels, tnat uy auoukl bare
news when there Is not new: that tkev
should I rint every man' name wha at.
temto a dog .tight; aad shea Id Keepvery
WfureMic Police court. Adko-nge.
A Cleveland waxa wealeirfeannwiL
fled at bla wife's ask In bin foa naa a. I
j money before atranweps that be l
.'alioot her twice to keep her uufcC
had to
Ta Jot-ajTY er Line T shall never
farg Aim. feeling I bast onea akVu
cliuibinir one of earth's great pyramids
la KgypC When half way up, my
etrensth falling, I feared I should never
bu-BwJe to ascend to fcta aUmmlt or get
back again, and I well remember the
help given,' even by Arab lis mis, to
draw me on further; and the step I rouU .
not quit make myself, because too
great for my wearied frame. The little
help friven sue -soeoet i mee'luor and
semrlisaes less enabled me to gO Bp, '
ten by step, an til at last 1 lunched the
summit, and breathed the pure air, and
had a grand lookout from that lofty
scuiaeuca. . And aa la IkVe lourney. we
nm climbing, wear ascending. We are
Stein? 1
a uwie neip, ana. u we nave risen
a step higher than some other aua, let
aa from that cmlmmec reach down for
tha brotber's or sister's hand, aad help
.a . a I 1. ai a a. U.T
snotner to suiki unw wa .aa,
JuftsBd hand la hand,' wa shall go on
conquering, step ay aterv uiuu ne glo
rious aajunamw auau ne giam.uuop
' To varysenplojrment to to rest.
'si. a i-if
r. .t
1 ,trte-ftj
a lt,,.
rinf ,t-.t'
,. v j-,. f MOU4. ATTtatO
a . 1 11 1 . .
0 t--'
. ; 1
..I' V!l.g...t.jL
au (Bslarssr) rawing.
J ) .U
a. .i.
f Hen's rti 'iO rt f. J j; !.
lM JHWltl'tiK MttCCfr-'.f .i
-ti' I"' '''
.ti t-i '
" .:...2.jL3'.!! :,
T At
. H.aasxTiln tJurrTtMB,
1 nit' .f-. t.
ftn rii
Unfit J :! H it
ttr --i'wv-.w
TTTT; urn
jih ii m-i slut T! j. -:. ;-;u.-.
xrt'J r ati iH -ifr.vK?J
fclf ;M'-".-.'w ' - .:-,;.
, , WiMJAM OAYlDtOaV,?
Iteaai i.TiSBi4tas'.-flaalavr.-
M f FF iPa-uTa, an Fraal ntaeet,
'-!r' WaaTTIaAa BBKnV
1 rwtlMial. la Use BHsa InlnU, karmlHlM.
foniiatlas of laum. Malt Uuirin an hi. ocas.
Iliursss ss assaaa. r,T"T""a"T"".r.,
'Alaa, twenevsa Passu sad Vamtsslb Pb .
rviir stk I, sum. Is sll setts
tsl.Bir as ..
Itr ai. Rstavs aa4 elkee Pmenrty pserliased
BwCiiiissusiliaai, h VMM C'n-v aad taesasjli-
1 lb asset Ar AarTASSOi'l Tsaas
ocsas ass Menem f.KAsra, tOAB Haoe
eas ass OtAissi as all. lasnwtpvsuss
Pwiamt oLLsa-rniL ssl .k k isas-
ciAii aad Auajiw Bums ss TsAMSACrsaa
lids Pt
Is sll
Yawas la tae srm sail mi s i nil n i
V Ass hnruni aast fcsrwsr lbs mnmn I he
saove aa-irass. -. ',.F- a
?f-?l tfea f-isi--:c
rr.T TT' t .
.l.i.Siit. ,'
.an .1 Min .4
L' V' 4 ' ai
it V- (; 1 , 'rf-
. . . . ' . a
'4. mtr f-f'j-.-i-
i-t Ii- yvwaJT-ai I '-. '-.ii,.'"' .
Havb r-rWKTY ron balk, im rottT
Ua4 asd lanauglMM,! Onwasi gsasraitjr.,. .
mrpKanon inowxigMcarrn
k " f U j 3 -
r.iei . a 1 . ... jew , sBUXaan av-BBaBaSBT
M rwyiti-i tasi penslns ta Real Es-"
itr ra WrTTa Jet Attxevitttn.:
. ' . m ATMiaaan, Kauir PsWie.
.'BV rtMMB, ' y- x Wi t
' P'tti . g rT, 'pat Sis, s,
I fmilili is. amain, mm4 Is
0na-u.ra maa
sm awi waa r,sii snsis r wr hiau. win sa
W la lli si, aaUNssassU aas I r j air ssK
, j. a. wiiHr.hi.i,
r. a iMveaisesasnsuuaari
i - .,U , .,.i!-.e"f .''.. 'i H-r-j-i- ' :'
-.' 1J ,'--L'"S r 1'',u;iieh Tint ' '. '. T"
f ygi5tg:- . -aa. Jt..:jg, v-. .... 1
' ' r,. . 1 ?. a --'. .aJ l,;.,. )
;.5'iV ' ..w; T,'Jl7r:r:: V '.
' ':' y.-'f. rj-r. A : - ; ,.-t ?'. - JL.
aa rajDucMTKn , n -
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