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CDrcon 0pcdator.
TUL'SDAY, JULY 20, 1881.
Kdllorlal Corrrsssosssletscc.
The following letfcr should hare ap.
pjarrd In Utt week's paper, bul aa It
came Ion late, we publish It this week.
TrMtur, July 18, 1831.
ThU msroing wo tot out on a visit to
llioTualalln Plaint, moro with the view ef
taking Kino obscnalions of llie country
than a disposition to m'.icatt. It waa un.
v.pectcd to ut to arc ao much of the coun
try occupied by new claimant!. From
Linn City out to the PUtna the land, we
havo been Inforrccd, Is nearly all claim
ed, Mill and all. The claims in the tim.
ber arc pretty generally backward In Im
provements ; even these that hare been
claimed and occupied for tereral yean :
The labor of miking farms Intho timber
being so much greater, may afford aome
plea for their undeveloped condition, and
the time cf the bachrlora being greatly oc
cuplcd In trying to secure the trWe grant,
li a sufficient excuse In many instances.
There Is the greatest burzlng at this time
among the bachelor portion of the lords of
the toll, erer witoessed In any country
Well may they bo busy ; they hare but
four rronths grace allowed them for court.
Ing and marrying. It I all right; we
wish every mother's ton of them may bo
well lulled, and that, too, in time to laki
advantage of the most liberal allowanco
guarantied in the bill.
The country thro' which we passed for
thirteen miles Is more or lets broken tim
ber land ; and some indeed may bo said
to be rolling to a fault ; this Is particular,
ly trne of the first four or five miles on
the road from the Willamette river.
There are little spots of prairie on either
side of the road some eight or ten miles
from the river. After Boning thia dis-
,. i .l" ..., i .
lance o oiscoYerru lira 00.1 improve!.
The prairie soil seems) BMrs compact and
marc subject to takkf, it, produce well,
as the fields of oattead wheat abundantly
testify. ' '
In thirteen miles wt reached Mr. Mas.
tors' frm, one of-the'Mtt'aat we have
seen In the country. Hem vas the first
harvesting to be seen thus far on tho road.
Mr. Masters u as engaged in harvesting
liis earlv son ing of oats. This, ha told
us, was sown in the Utter part or Augmt, illrtfg t!)e p, ,wo wtek T)9 DUck
nnd although it stood thin upon the ground, , ,rIwk r0M h,r recjular daily trips between
a ccinWerabl portion having frozen out, l,ci,y IDIj porl!and, and the steamer
I r.as nell filled anJ heay. Tho wheafoW,!, , UJUt)i run, hef rtguir ,rip,
crop probably will pot be fit fw barren. hehreW this city and Vancouver. Tim
ing before the last of July. The wheat proWUyond doubt that the rapids can
looks well, is large.heaJcd and promises k, na.jg.tej ,t low water. This set.
nn abundant yWd. The oats crop looks ,Ul tne qucjon .bout the head of nai.
remarkably well alt along the road. , gallon, either at high or low water. Cum
Tho roing crofi en tho Plains are', UXj tjjro f)rycr?
til inro or lcs rucumbered wjthyVrrt,
v.!ilch grsus ;try fait and Is difficult tol &" Our thanks are due Todd & Co't
bo subdued. Tho only effectual way of. Express for lato papers from the Stajes
dcstrojing it, wo arc told, Is to turn the
roo's up to tho sun uunng the liot dry
weather in summer.
t'a vm.nn mn ,I.A 1ttn inr.mpli.i inn,.
to that cf Illinois than any other part of.
Ht.t.lt.K w. ...V . ... ,.-- ,
Oregon we have seen. Tho land is level
to a fault, and U without trees or brush
- . 1-I.l 'PI.- ... r tm f.....
ui ttuv Kiiius 1 ttn ihi 111 ui .'n. siaii7i3 i
lies hsndiointly end is will improied a
Inriro r.sriion of ft is under fence, and
omo "00 acres under cultivation. Ho It
truly one of ths Unit of ll.o soil. The
great deficiency is a general backward
ness iu fruit-growing.
I'msT Im.miubanm. Mr. Fisher, of
loua, in company with some 14 others,
with four o teams, arrived at the Dallas 1
one day last week direct from Ilia Stales.
He arrit ed iu this city on Sunday evening!
last. He loft St. Joseph on the 23d of1
April. They had qulto a successful lripSuiilh
got through with all their stock found
iho grass pretty good along the route, ex
cept fur a distance of about 990 miles on
Snako riser. Mr. FUher thinks from
v.!ml lie could learn previous to starting
from the .Slater, that the immigration to
Oregon and California will not exceed 000
G3 Mr. Cou, Postal Agent, furnished
us with tho following names of new Post
Offices established in Umpqua county :
Gardner, George L. Spelling, P. M.
fjcoltsburg, Stephen F.Chudwick, P.M.
J'.lklon, Daniel D. Wells, P. M.
Umatilla, at the Umatilla Agency, ISO
miles aliore the Dalle on th route lo Sail
Lake. A. Francis itoyer, P. M.
The mail for California and llie Stales
wlllcloso inthlsCiiyon the 8th of August
at 13 o'clock,
UT Wahad the pleasure of seeing Gov.
Qalntath otbarday, who has just return
ed Irons the Ut seen of hostllkie-on
Rogu river. He arrived at th ferry on
Rof u river with aom ten men ; whom
he employed on the road aa he hurriedly
traveled along. He sound, very mueh to
his regret, that Major Kearney had left for
California with the women and children,
captured by hint in his tat operations
there. Being thus left without any mill,
lary force, aa abovo indicated, the Gov.
Increased hi force aa he beat could, from
among the returning miners, and by means
of an Interpreter, whom he procured in
the Umpqua valley with difficulty ; he
tendered la the Indiana peace or war, aa
best suited their taste. They gladly em.
braced the furnier; and came lo his camp
In considerable numbers, say on hundred,
amongst whom wereeltvcn chiefs.
The Governor succeeded in concluding
a treaty, which ho thinks will be kept by
them, provided an efficient Indian agent,
aided by a small military force, are sta.
lioned thcro ; both of which be hope will
be shortly forthcoming. The Indian
place themselves urder the exclusive ju
risdiclion and protection of tho Govern
ment of the United States, and bind them.
sehes to restore all property, at any time
stolen from the whites.
Tho timely caattgation given them by
Major Kearney, ha Impressed them favor,
ably with tho ability of our Government to
punish them; which, the Governor is of
opinion, will inclino them to observe tho
InltV OIa ,1-IhI.b Itnttrmtmm ll.a. I-..J
!, r ' i .,' , it,
ers will ba aafo only by cautlen and s fail-
aoce, on account of their (the Indiaus)
thievish disposition, which being tempted,!
tbey could, with difficulty, resist.
. " -
' The trade now being carried on b
iwcen this Territory and California, Is
found to bo highly advantageous to our
people, and tho miners and traders who
aro honestly cngtged In their lawful bus
:4uesa generally ascribo the late diflicul
tie to the Inditoreet acts of a few unprin
clpal white men, and are, naturally
enough, anxious to bo relieved from the
effect of tuch misconduct in future.
In a former number of the Sprctalor,
. ' , '
that a Dumber of
we stated, on the authority of a miner.
persons had offered
their services to the Governor to over
run their country and slay the sav
ages wherever they might ba found.
The Gpvernor Informed ua that no audi
offer or lKtr of service waa msile by
any porsoa tat uch purposes. We will.
Ingly make this correction, in order to set
the matter btjforc the public in its true
'The rirr haa fallen very much
a I hours in advance or the mail. Vtio
enterprise of this Express is such as to
entitle them to the pstronnge of the pub
lic. Their enterprising Agent, Capt. Mat,
I just the man far the business he list un
M. I.,.nn .n.l n..nn.u'. !..... '
-" --- """'.l
haso laid usunderobllgallon. .0 them for.
I... ... . I
..0.... ....... ... .
"o l- ' rerguson will please
-. , ,
accept our special thanks for his bounte.
out supply of Cslifornia news. 1
Kr The tallest oats this season in Ore
gon was raised by Mr. Alexander Barclay
I of West Tualitin Plains; it measured U
The longest head wo havo teen or
heard of measured 31
inches, and was
grown by Mr. Jacob T. Keed, near Wap
loo I.nke.
OtT A young man calling himself
Miller, was brought up bvfare
'Squire Tultle, of Tualatin, on a chargo
of stealing from a Mr. Copenh'r:,, and
was committed lo prison fur 30 days and
fined 450. Tho same young man was
arrested a )ar agoal Astoria, said ol
charged withobling a Ksntcs, and csrno
near being lynched
Th oldest resident ofOregon, Monsieur
Ilivel, was In Uwn yesterday. He camo
to this country in l05, and live In lh
French settlement, some 30 odd mile up
lh river. Monsieur IMvol is ths oldest
man in Oregon save on he is in hi
03rd year hecame to the country with
Lowls and Clark la healthy, robust and
active, and bids fslr lo live out tho tan-
For the quarter ending March 31tl,
1831,0,400,171 letters passed through the
New York Post Office.
Cxkutivb DarsTHiNT,
Orrgm Cifjr, Ftb. 0, 1851,
Sir ! I have lh ttttMr to nclos yo
a cony of an aclof th Legislative At
embly of this Trrltry, c.iIUkJ Aj
Act to pravld for th selection of plaoi
for location and rolioo of Publio Dull
Inst of lb Territory of Oreswn." mm
by thai body th lal Inst., and my met
sago of th 3d in relation thereto, and as!
tho favor of ou, at your earliest convrnl
ence, to lurnisn m with an official ptnio.
as in ins vauuiiy oi in Aol 10 question
and especially whether the Leglstali
Assembly, oan lawfully assemble at Sa
lem, at it next session. Much dlffei
enc of opinion exist amongst the insro
oers, ana I am extremely anxious lo hav
tne question sallied aa arly as possible.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient sen ant,
Governor of Oretron
To the Hon. Joint J. CairrKiinx, Alt's;
lien, of the U. a. Washington City
DirAtnixxr or Stats, )
irnMiisgroi, ATo-jr 1,1881. J
Six: I hav the honor t transmit to
your Excellsnoy, hrwlth. a copy of,
ooinioa of iho Attorney General of (S
opinion of Iho Attorney General of lh
Unltevl states, bearing tute tne '.'9u Intl.,
touching the several points msntcneii in
the letter which you addressed te him on
tho Oth of February last ; and Is Inform
your Eiocllency, by direction of iho Pres
ident of tho United Slatos, that he fully
concurs in the official opinlor of Mr.
I am, with great respect,
Your IJicelle ncy'a ob'i serv't,
IMNIRl.Wbn.Sr lilt.
Ills Excellency Jun.t P. Gabus, Gover.
nor of Oregon.
OmcB or AwoasKT iJ'SMAt, J.
April 'JJ Ibftl.
To nit Pscamr.NT:
Sit, The papcrsdately received froia
r . ah .- ' . ....
mo iioii. -loun I . usines. wnicn i coin.
municatcd to you, and which you were
bilcastd to refer to in fcr my opinion
IVerroa, have been carefully examined
auiTvontidered. They contitl 1st, of
what purports lo be an Act of tho I.egis.
Iaiie Assembly of tho Territory of Ore.
goo 2d, a messag from Governor Gainea
to that Assembly, bearing date 3d or Pel
ruary 1831, expressing, for reasons given,
his dissent to that Act, and his refusal to
participate in lis execution and 3rdly, an
opinion of the United Slates Attorney for
that Territory, git en on lb application of
llie Uoveroor, against tne validity oi tne
said Act.
Tho only acta of Conereaa which I htv
found relating to the subject are, "An
Act to establish the Territorial
mtnl of Oregon," passed, 14th
1BB. and " An Act to waa iu
proprlsvions for public building
nesoia and Oregon,' V passed Juno
1880. f
Oy the first of these acls, th L
live power ahd authority ar reeled in lb
Lctislatire Assembly or the territory.
consisting of a Council and House of Re
presentative, and the concurrence or
approval of the Governor I not requisite
to the validity of their acts of Legisla
tion. Tho power "to locate and eslab.
Halt the seat of Government for said Ter
ritory at such place aa they may deem el).
gibto, is expressly given to mat Astern
Cly by the 18th Section of lhat Act.
It may be a question how far this gen
eral and exclusive power of Legislation
haa been qualified by the Act bfCongrett
aboe mentioned, of tho 11th of June,
fj.'O, in tho Instances therein embraced.
That Art in its first section, provides,
" lhat the sum of twenty thousand dollars
each, be, and tho ssino is hereby, appro
priated out of any nionoy iu the treasury
.... y......,v .,.,.. f. .., .- -,.,
nil nlliru!A attrtfArtriatotl Irs Im tnnliiul
by tho tiovornors and Lenislatue A stein.
biles of the Territories of -Minnesota and
Oregon, at such place as Ihty may select
in said Territories for Iho erection of Pen
itentiaries i" and In its 3d section it fur.
ther provides, " lhat Iho sum of twenty
thousand dollars Arc, be and the same is
I... !....! I.. .. 1.. ll..l
' ,"' SZZZZl ieol, U,l APm
. .
l.iu r.t II,. 'I'.rrlt.r.. f fl,., in !..
"J " .-..- ..-.
,jy 0f il0 Territory
- V " -..... w. ..-H"", ."
erection of ituitablo public buildings at llu-
"t of Government of said Territory."
This last section does not in my opinion
conflict or Interfere with the previous ex.
clusisr power of tho Assembly 10 "locate"
their acat of Government as they thought
proper. It give the Governor no coulol
or voice on that question. Hut the seat
of Government once fixed by tho Astern.
bly, it docs give him a concurrent and
equal authority with liiern, in tno appiioa.
lion of tho money to the purpoto designs,
ted. This concurrence was required,
probably, as an additional aeourity for llie
proper expendituie and u if foe money
. I- . ... a-
granted. And j litis extent, and in ref.
erenco lo thou to of this money, the Leg
islsllvo power of the Assembly Is quail,
fied, and Ihey caunet dispose nf il without
tho concurrence oft ho Governor.
In regard to tho first section of iho act
and the appropriation of Iho twenty thou.
sand dollars for the erection of Peniten
tiary in Oregon, the act Is loo explicit lo
leave any room for construction. -That
money, in Iho werda of the law, is. lo be
applied " by the Governor or Legisla
live Assembly of Oregon at such place aa
ihey may select for the erection of"
Penitentiary. Dy the force of Ihlc Ian.
guage, th Governor must hav concur
rent and equal power with the Assembly,
not only in the application of the money 10
the erection of the necessary buildlnas.
but in Ilia selection of tho placo where
they ar to bo ereoled.
On th other lople presented in the mos.
sage of Governor Gaines, and in the writ
ton opinion of the United Slates Attornsy,
It Is unnecessary, perhaps, for nie to ssy
inasVJi StSJHaau
nitre, than that I entliely concur in Iho
views expressed by llmse gentlemen.
Th Aol or Congress which eslablithad
lh Territorial Government of Oregon,
and from which lis Legislative Assembly
derives Its existence and Its power, ex
pressly and imperatively declares, that,
11 lo avoid improper Influences which may
result I nun Intermixlnit iu one and I he
same " Act, such things ai hate no prop. ,
rr relation to eaoh other, erer ik shall
embrace bul one object, and that shall bo
expressed In the title.
That tho act of th Legislative Assent,
bly , in question, does " embrace more than
one object." and that il It, therefore, in
violation of lh Act of Congress, Is a propo
sition that cannot be mad plainer by ar
gument. Th same Act of Congress de.
dares what shall be tho consequence of
surha violation of Its provision, namslr,
lhat the Territorial Act, " shall b utterly
null and void."
My opinion, tharcoro, of the Act iu
'question is, that it is null ami void In all
It parts, and, consequently, can give no
egal validity to any thing done uiidorcol.
r of Iu authority.
Itits statement, Willi llie message ni
h Governor, the Act of lh L-gltlatlte
"VVnrori "" A"I0' T.F.'Z
KMmty. U opinion oflh. Attorney
if the United Slates for the Territory, will
iresent the subject fully, and enable you
in give whatever direction may b deemed
i snail tie gratified It the remarks)- lias e
made, ahall in any desreo facilitate our
examination and decision of the subject.
I have the honor to be, very rvspevfully,
sir, your obedient servant,
J. J. CHI 11 1.NUI.N.
Km the KctstM.
Aitosia, July '.8, 4.tl.
Ms Kbitoi
Having left Oregon City yesterday
morning with some- ofuiy frirnds, for an
excursion to the mouth the Columbia,
and having also heard of llit rapid Im
nroementa bein? made on this river for
the last few es. I had some cun'o.itv
to com. and r, and havo realired all
that Us been said. It is most astonish.
ing to see what a difference one doien
ycarahas brought alut. Tho axe has
' . . .
been used unsparingly, and is still to be
heard on either aide of the river at all
hours of lh day, Hut probabh to give
your leaders aome Information of the im.
provemenla thai have been made in the
sray of traveling, would not be amiss.
W lisfl on board lb Steamer IH
Whitcomb, asxloaour arrival al Portland
aaw lb tpUndld teanrrr Willamette,
team up, and nearly ready to be off.
y afteC th Whitcomb landed, th
tt haul4 In ber line, hovd off.
her bell and put out. She wa a
aylaodld tight, certainly, a perfect streak,
aJie) when under full way, I could coin
par ber to nothing but a snow slip rush
ing down the mountain, taking all before
il : her wheel invisible, the bank of foam
at her bow, her for and aft dig at full
length stretched out as though nailed lo
a wall. Just at this lima the bell of the
Let Whitcomb began lo glnglt, which v. tt
a signal for the pesteugers lo come on
board. ThU done, she shoved elf and
-i... r. i. -. .1.- turn...
uv.,k iiib iiiiiiuira aiicf t,,w i,iBiiirt,i-
!( itsss f .l Wlilf .itnts ( n lnlltiitiilsr
.,.,,, , ,. unakinc on of the company
and being high pressure, the appeared to, , ., . . , . ,, ,
,,,. ... ,,-n .. Iho Superiiitenilenl of Ind
raise her vo co and say to the W i amctlr, ' , , , r , . . ,
am coming,
We soon had a full iewof
the fait illameltu s slesm ; tho was lo
all appearance tplitlinj ihn mcr.juiie in
ksan aesrl lias Hhs IIiii h, ,ll.alin,
,.w, .,., -,,r. ,v H ,w ..,...,.,.,.
'n .,,.,!, i hr.-,lf..l,nl.1. wm,i.,"W -....- k -
sight of her broadside. When she struck
tho up current, I thought never had suds
been made ou so grand a scale. The pas
senger oucsch, boat appeared to bo anx
lout; uoui uuais inaim ior 1110 norm line '
of lb river, .gainst tho strong current, '
and appeared to defy tho'poworof w.l.r.
,, ;. ' , . ,-x ,
I he Willamette n.ared the ..ore; tho
Lot kept on Ihe outside pounding away,
at much ai tu lay, I wiili to ilu IioniMo
' I
the and of rhv nailviiv. Thin we a'r'"' ,.---,,.-
., , ,. ,,, ' , ,,
side by side ; now old Lot takes his uoto
,,..,' , j 1 . 1 1 1. ..t.
lllllji slir.Hnrtu, li. I.lrn. Trlulit .f h.
n ,11110 .iil-.u now no ipso. iriKllI mi inn
r 1.1 urn, .. 11
foam of the WillamelU, ,id aoos a clear
, ...1 ,., ,,,,. ,. ,
""" "" """ ",
l.nf.llt n,ir..il flip Kj a, il ni.b
. , . , , , . ,
mountain man feel as good us coining sic.
. , , . , ." , . 1. in
toriouily out of an Indian fiahl.) We
then look the .bore track, and saw on our'
arrival al Vancouver, many persons look.
. ,. . '
tf I
Tho Lot Whitcomb'. bill rang, tho en.
ofnn .Innnetl. Nn .nmt.r llinn ua Ii.iI I
got ashore, Ihsn the Wlllainttto again put
out. Our bell rang all aboard waa tho
orders so off again after Ihe Willamette.
Th Lot Whitcomb alKiok herself, and ap.
peered loaay, well, if I mutt, I can, soon
jv wsnt and soon aaw we wer gaining.
w lien wo nearennt. ueicns, in willam
etla (topped and sent a boat on shoro ;
Ibis dotentlou put ua to lar sliesu lljat wo
looKeaoenina wnen w warned lo see her.
W went on to Astoria, and soon after our
anchor was let go, lh Willametto hove
In sight, She csrno in, dropped her an
chor, and looked somewhat tired. The
passenger or the Lot Whllcomu all join
me In compliment loCspt. Alntworth, and
A. V.. Walton, Clerk, forlhtlr kind alien,
lion lo ut and our families while on board.
The Sea Gull went to sea this morning.
All Is quid hero, eVo. eVo,
Respectfully your,
nrfliKRT NUWF.l.L
lnkllo Meeting.
Al a large and enthusiastic meeting of
the elliaent of Oregon City, held al llit
Oregon lions, on Tuesday ovenlng, the
S9d Inst., for th purpoee of taking leave
gala elect to lh Md Congress ol the Uiil.
ted Plates, prior to his departure for lh
National Capital, and leudcrlng him a
puhlio oipresslon of opinion In regard to
his distinguished talents and services. and exloiided his hand, vary politely r.
Grn. A. I.. Lovr.jnv was railed to ihe( marking " I bellev I hate Iho honor of
Chair, and Asahel Hush appointed Store Making by the hand nur .Superintendent of
On million,
Hon. W. W. Duel, A. li. Wall, An wry
Hoi brook, Wm. K. Kilborn, and James
Walr, l.irs., wero appointed a committee,
to draft a series of resolutions, expressive j troduco him In llie gentleman un his right,
of' . tense, of tho meeting. Dr. Darl, the Superintendent. Tho Dr.,
The commlllee retired and subsequently who was mounted nn a small whitP-faued
reported Iho following resolution", which, iuy, wore si sloiiuhed hat, hrowti linen
on motion of Medorum (.'rawfuid, Ksq., , pants, and an old coal that looked consld
wero unanimously adopted. ernbly the worse for wcar.J After enjoy.
IUiolct'1, Thai, aa friends of General,
Joseph l.ane, without (liilinction of party,
we tender lo him our1 heatly and entire
approbation of his acls as Governor of!
drUon Termor. and devoutly wish that!"'" "l pulon board II. ferry l-.at,
bis re-uiiloH with his family, may Im aaudour horses weiopnpared foranlm
orownlns happiness to a safe and pieatsnl.lng lo the opposite shore. Mm anon,
iournev home. I
litioirtil, lliat,
while wo remember
Geniral l.ann's aurnoy in bringim: to trial
and punishment lh WaiUtpu murderers
In bringing back lo duly the iles nlng
soldiers his efficlnil aid In the lata Indi
an difficulties, and tho ability, energy,
fidelity, and purity of purpose which lias
charactorfired all his publio acls among lis,
Il Is bul Ailing lhat we express our appro.
Iiallonnnd adndrallon of his course,
lltiolrnl, That General I.anr came to
us coverrd with military glory, and lie
Isaves us upon the butiiipss of the Terri
tory, clothed with our confidence and at.
I On nvotlon of Capt. Kilborn,
' A. It. Wall and Amory llolbmok, were
' appJinleJa Cvminlltre lo transmit a copy
" ''" lorego.ng rstoiunoni to v.eierai,
I .. I II .:. I I. ..........;,., I.. 11.11 I'
i """ "1 ,...-. ,
1 The coniimllro introduced Gn. Lank,
wlri briefly and appropriately addressed. , (.ltpiimi'
iho audience, llunkliig them for the flat. iPIiry Wilion,
taring manner in which ihry had been!j j. simnmris,
pleased lo allude lo hts past services, anc .j. yt Chambers
pl.dged hit highest endeavors to merit In. 'The comm.m-r rrlired, snd .hon't
th futur the confidence and apprul.al.on) lirillgM ,,, (0 MMnR ,holr ,,.,
Ihey had expressed. That hating dellberaled on tin. mull.
Able and pertinent addresses were also ()on of,,p northern portion i.l Orepsn, It.
mtde by Messrs. Holok and Walt. w,m,( .,, iu rc,Brap,u ,, rrllrr, BIlU
On snotion f A. Hood, Esq.,., i .j,.,,!,., Coiprl win, il,. Mgtl,
Th. Secretary wa, direct to irautinl. , ,,, rv , ,,cJ (t ti
a copy of theprooeedtngtof th wciing' . inipollInl, of , ,ll,,JfeI l0 ,
toGcn.LiMl. inhsbusnts north of lh.-Coluinlis nrr,
On motion of Mr. Wail, ., . .,,.,, ailll n ,.,,,t,v tr.
The dllort of lh eeral newspapers
of the Territory were requested to pub
lish the proceedings of tho meeting.
Whereupon, on motion,
The meeting adjourned, w ith three hear
ly cheers for General Lank.
" Cv- Jul ly- ,',',
fcoitot hrsnri
fi.... v.. ti.. i . I ,i.. ..1. ...... el
.inakinL-oneoftlmconipsny lravolli.it with
dian Afftlr on
' I.IU !.. ..... I. .1...- A ll... -.h... ....,.,
, ., ..,..' ....'. 'r
. '
1 win wiiii 1 aiir uniiiiHiuii iriatin nrniio ui
uur rimnriin ii'ijr.urr iui "im ntiiwi
... -. i - --.I .. 1....1. ...... i.-
li U HIV lill7 a sliu we ll l vil illtaj w m ivpiH'i
, , , ..,,
As wo look our deparluro from tho
Dalles our cavalcade made 1111110 an nn-
, posing apjiearance liot only oh account of
1 its numbers, but fiom llunarlely of 1 bar.
, actersnf which II was lompotsd. Ther.
, ., ,
f" "J"' 0.nT.tt ,"U,:,l''r-
" , V,'? " '," ' 'l ' '"f'",U"';
(who Is blind) his favorite daughter, and
. c.cr. ol Ur.ds belonging lo thai
Qur y
. . ,a . ,
lunr-fwi lurfifitv. ninl iihtniff Hi I ml ill 11 Wisrn
Mho same number, besides leu or twelve
. , , , - ,
'extra ones lo terve us if ours should give
. n I
, . ,n, ,
oulonlheway. Thus prepared wr start,
, , , , , , 1 , ,
'oil with our train of filly horses 10 v s It
..l -.-I.. . -..-... r. '
,,, u.muiu M will,,, J ,v ,,,.,, v, u. . ,
, ... . , ,
I'rely unknown, lo thtae whe are a
"'.ycquinied win,. n.l region or conn.
tmf II will I.A HMnan&u..B -. . a ll..
""" ""' " """"' ".'"
much of Iho lime, we wero enveloped lnl""s a ione mat win cm
nl...!,! ,f ll rnlta.il atn l.u I La slrAiiii
" "" "' Z.Z,?' Z. "
of the year. We passed rapidly over this
open country, where not a shrub or tree
was visible, and at Ilia end of 10 miles
readied tho De Shulca or Fall Hlvor.
When we came in sight of ihltilrtsm, we
discovered on Its bank far below us, a
large company of trawlers who had jutt
arrived thefo from Ft. Colvllle. A wo
approached tho rlvor, we aaw before u
tents and horses Iu large numbsra, and a
grest many packa slrswed along th short.
Among the company were several French
men, (formerly belonging to ihe Hudson'
Day Company) and their wives, and a
large number of Indians. A soino six
or eight of us rode up lo the encampment
and halted, wlih our horses In Un, all
beaded towards lh lend, there camo out
a tall gentleman, dressed In a long black j
gown reaching to the ground, whose whllo
Rloka and wrlnklsd vliagr, gar him a
venerable appearance, Hailing a mo.
mont lo survey our gioup, lis fixed his
ye upon ono of our company, who rod
a fine whit charger, and whoso full,
round, rubicund face, silver-gray locks,
and blsck still (that showed through th
1'iit in spots) gave him Iho apptirancouf
en official dignitary, whom lie approached
Indian Affairs." Th rnllcnian of the
white tulUin, wild some Utile embarrass
ment osptesned his rrgirls Ihnl ho could
not take hlni by the tmii.l in Ihst capacity,
but said Im would Iske tho liberty to iu-
in with us a hevty laugh at his mistake,
tho Catholic priest led off the lyee In his
lent, where a friendly ohlt ohst lalcdtill
i:. w
114 III HHK-UtiK
lnbllr nming.
At a nieeling ef the dllwns of Low it
munly, aiemblel at Olympic, un llie
afternoon of iho llhof July, Ifl.ll, nnma
lion of Mr. I. II. Chapman, Capt. C. Cros
by was called lo thr chair, and A M
Poe appointed Secretary.
Capt. Crosby, Col. Kl-ry Mr. Chapman,
and Moj liohlsUtrough, severally, ad
ilrrs.eil the mteilng an th" titiiaflon and
wantt of that poitlon of Oregon Territory
iioTlh of tho Columbia rlvi'r, andun motion
of the litter geiitlemsn, a ci.nuuitlee of
7 wss appointrd by Ih rhalrnian In rr
rfU), ,( ,,,,, f ir f
. . ' .'
a1(, Mrw, of ,,, ,n,llfli -lhf lUl,
then appointed lhe "fallowing committer
V. I'lTt.
II. A tioMtUirruc,!,.
Hani. II Crockeit
ollinirl ,, n ,,..,,,..1 ror,,.tlon0r.M
ngales from every prec Incl In Clsrk, Low .
is, and Pacific counties, assemble al the
house of E. D Warlnst, Esq, tn ihi.
Colil7 iner, on I'ri'Uy, llie yBth ilny of
' August ursi, to takit into tt refill comM
rratit.ii, the present peculiar position "I
I llit northern portion of the 'IVrntorj, it.
wauls, th l,,t unihoil of siipthliirf thoi"
."- I'n.pr.e!, oi an .uriy.,,
i...s ....I il. - . . s" t
pnl lo Congress for a division ofihn'l'i r.
ritory, loiM-ther with tilth Mhcr miitrri
as may bo of imiiinlhtti Intrrrsi lothem
selvet and conUiluvncics . and that there
torv li
Itrtolrnl, That the envcr.il election
j precincts in Clink, Lewis, and Piicilio
toiintlcs, l,o larneitly nqurtled to trri'l
inch nurnlier of delegates at ihey may
deem pror to a griiarnl convention to
I"1", ' " Waibaw, on Iho Cowlitz,
", ' 'fJ'' "'" ?"''"' ."V' ,WI' '?
. ii- mm lu'muvmiioii inr iintircsi aim
K-";."'' -elfaro of.he Trrrilory norll, ef
'"'""'V '7,'." ''"'.f " 'r.!,-
I llfohtil, 1 hat tlm procredings of this
' "'"-K be .lRnl by ihe Chairman and
Socre. ary, and fo,w arded to each ele. t
prrcincl, and to a .territorial nowinapor
t? in .1
,or pumiiauon.
The above resolutions wore passed
unanimously, and tries mealing then ad.
C. CK0SI1V, Pret.
A. M. Pot, Sec.
Oregon papers plvaso copy.
wliu ,,,., u ,h, ,Mnc(, of
.1.. . .. ...III 1 .1 I.I il.l 1 ....
".r poo , win m mo en-i.i.nu ....... ro..-
The "Golden Age"hM como.
Tim Casuo or THU IIaiik Gumikn
Ana PiaxcT run Wtur Ynmr, is
now ft tils at Portland, am,tVhlcli will U
found Urn atatrlmtnl ef Ibt bt.1 Itlad of ini
tial, all Im ri" wd"i "J ' f lb' etnaot
fall lo pbuo Iht buvtr.
Blttktlt, top'r, walls andooloitd MacMutrt.
Ilaslt o4 tlitts, a Itrft sad tsried tiwitnital.
Clslklaf , st all Uado wtll mid..
I'ratUry sad aisstwtit a foil wtMtminl.
COW, iruud,ls Urn enrktrti Mils t twttt,
lloors.wlNdoK't, klioU slid loeU.
Kurnllor of sll klwh, ratUitajt t, sIismi, c
Aha Iwe spbadid pluw font,
OrlssWisttt, fiiiiBowdtr, iliol sod bid.
Ilariwus, u, mill ttwi, tools Ac 4c,
Ifollowwiro i full uwrinitul.
Iron, tlttl, ntlb, kf tiwl liorw-thott.
I'llnlt, oil, lurptiiUno, ptlb .nd gU.
1 Phdi for wrllt, rle. and iplcM of all torts
jSlovtsof His Usl klndt Tor baalof , lie.
Kyrups He girt whllt ind brown.
Sotp, siircri, miMUi ind bridles.
Bopo of h.rop and Mtallt, duck sod otkum
1 oUcoo. hi in and rlntgtr of lh. bttt kinds,
I'ortltnd, July SO, IMI, 47.
wt - ..: