Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, June 05, 1851, Image 2

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7, . s, IVIMMflMMHViltfUAMMMlMiMII1AflniliwmAaklkAdh
ft omuoncitti
D. K KimtDtTi RMTOR.
OSr Tho election pat'-ed off very quiet
ly In this city on Monday. Though there
wtomolectlonerlng for Assemblymen,
yet UooJy notes and igry contention,
we km fleeted to My, m totally avoid.
ed. " For etembtra of iho Legislature
there wet, ootulderable Interest manifest.
csj, end no one, even tho most 'knowing,
could conjecture, with tny degree of cor.
talnty, at the close of the poll, who were
the tucccsful one.
(Qr Messrs. Hedges it Dtrlow have re.
eclved the contract foe carrying the mall
from Oregon City to 'Marytvil'r, via tho
river. The contract waa let at $3000
, OS Two atearoera aro now iu the Co.
tuuht river on the bark Suocesa: the
one propeller, the other steamboat
thejMlre to be pieced upon tlie Columbia
and Willamette riven.
O.The office of the ITeefcra Star liat
been restored to Portland, from whence it
it to be latucd in future. The paper will
be ittued aa usual, on Thursday. The
removal will cause no delay aa to iu res
uiarapptarance; to the editor informed us.
$3" There is no liquor sold by any of
the proprietors of the different hotels of
mm city, inu it certainty encouraging
to the laborers in the temperance cause.
KT The rropeller DIack Hawk runs
iter regular trips Between tmii city ami
Portland, dally. t
OCT The I loonier is to perform, it is
aid, between this city and Dayton. She
it to go up ooo'day and return the next.
We are pleated to see eo much of a con
venience for tho accommodation of the
traveling public, with fair prospects of
having it extended at no very distant day.
03" On Wednesday of last week, Ex
Governor Geo. Aberhethy returned to this
cllylafter an absence of neariy a year. In
goodj health-, leaving hit family In the
States. We return thanks to the Ex.Gov.
far late papert from the States,
Todd 4c Company furnished ut papers
of the latest datea from the States and Cal.
ltbrote aoaae tl bourt hi advance of the
ataJU Tbuughtlieycame too laM favour
," list iitsti. we appreciate the'tndteverld
fcvof ue with the meet Msre tMte He
let. That U He kind oftpint we would
tabs iaeulcate.
Mr. FtrgUaondeeerveaoar ihans,too,
ibrlale papert. Gregory's Express. 'at
utual, funMshed ut with a full file of the
Alia CallfontLi. Success to the 'enter.
prising firm.
(& The keel of a new steamboat about
being built, was laid at Canemah a' few
daya ago, by Messrs. Hedgtt & Barlow.
She b to be 100 feet In length, with SO feet
beam. She is to have placed on her two
engines of 40 hone power each. Sho it
-' atetlned to run the upper Willamette to
the ktqd of navigation. A steamboat of
such capacity is much needed at this
Wauxrrre. On hasty visit to this
place a fow dayi since, we noticed the
skeletons of tome four or fivo buildincs in
the course of erection. Oregon Sptclalor.
These are just the kind of "Vcmtlns"
mat giaoaen mo eyes 01 pioneers. tai-.
cage journal.
The kind Bl.Iefrton.that.r.10 I rrn
moving about the streets of Chicago, aflor
few years' rcsideuco, are not much cal. '
" - -" s,.-- ... . . . - .....
culaled to "gladden tho eyct" of new.
corners there.
(UT A fine and aubftanf.1 bridec lit
Iin ...aiiuI ..... ii,. -.,,1. r.i, e .1..
S" ,".c,e, -.rf r 10 n?rth 'C
nailO river, 1UU miles abOIC fort L.ara.
!.. Jlr.Ml. . it.. m..i. ir.si.ii i.t 1
Oregon and California. Immigrants will
'" ..fcV.IT -.. ...W IWUtU IV .y.l. II..V, I
not be subjected lu llio same delay thlsiheanl scleral reasons a.signcd for 'sis '
i'tar lhaf ihcy wero last. .'course, somo or which'aro nol so credits. '
n. . .' . . 1.1- .1.11.... i.nu.... r..i.r.i. ii..t. 1..
niunt thine, sometime, cut be.t. ll Is
no recommendation r,r n i.ar.r.l.nlfo il,m
ilis.harn. So. it Is nol alnav. lluskeen.
c.t wilt hat are most cffcctlo In life o,
convcitation. Exchange.
Tho cultina wit orour reil,bor as a'p.
..,,.. '?-.." .'..:.. .... ,'''1:L ",T.
above ; it Is therefore made
.' ,"',' F6"? " "!"""?" V "'
: IIIBIIO .Or .11. e.OO.
elal benefit, withthchopolhalho will havo
mcroyonlho "easy." A little ol ilia in.
tended for our post matter, nhoso crucify
" ?,Fw i"" V Ul "' UP '",lro'
We ting dumb.
OiT Wo learned a few days since, from
n relumed miner, that a lump of gold
worth $3,300, was found a short' tlmo
since In the Chaste diggings. That will
enablo tho fortunate mun to fill one pocket
".in a root
n.LST5rcT'r, .. J5KSJ? S.'SZitZ,
lion on Monday, Juno 2nd, Git.v. Josxra
.-m ....ivuvu ii'irifaiu, iv rs"piwlll
Oregon in Congrent for iho next twoyears.
Hit opponrnt, Or. W. II, Wilson's rote
will not, when the result Is fully ascer
tained, reach 400, whilst that of General
Xane will be, probably, about 1000.
Thty are both Democrat..
6 On Fridav.laM. Anton Dart, lisn.. '
a..-.t.......i .'Lft-.fi... irrJt.i1.. '
ciuiiinciiu.iit vi iiiwiuli naKiiv, ion iii-ii',
acoetnpuird by hit Interpreter., teoreta
ry, and other aetbtantt, upon an expedi
lion among the fndlant east of the Catcade
Mountatnt. lie took the steamer iroi
Whiteomb tothe Cascades, at whlchjdaco
boats were to have keen in readineas to
convey tho party to the Dalles of tho Col
umbia. At Ihit place he expected to meet
delegatloni from a number of tribes east of
the mountatnt, who aro disposed to rcmon
ttrate against the removal among them of
any of Ihe tribes from the cast able.
At the Dalles ho will lnvcs!rga!c the
clalmt of tho Minion Society on the gov.
ernment, and alto those at Walla Walla
and In the Cayute country, for losses sus.
talned. From thenco tho routo will lead
through the countries of .Vex Perce, Cerur
de Lalne thence through-Okauagen, and
across the Cascades to Pugel't Sound, and
after visiting the Indiana of that neigh
borhood, he will return to Oregon City by
the Cowlitz, Columbia and Wlllamctli
rivert. It It expected that the trip w ill occupy
about two moalhs, and will be a very in.
lereeling one that much useful Informa.
lion will be obtained, and a good feeling
produced among tho Indians by the lr visit.
Permission has been asked of the Superin
tendent by the Net Percea and Flathead
tribes for an ally, to wage a war of cxler.
minatton upon the 8nake Indians, for long
continued aggretalort upon their poises-
tiont pilaging and dating robbery being
among the counts. They are very solic
itoue to get the asked for assent ; but I lie
Superintendent bat sent tlietn word that he
came as peacemaker, and could not coun
tenance or tolerato any tuch watliko de
Rivxa and IIixBoa Dill Failed.
The papers of the western States arc la
mentlngtbo lots of tho river and harbor
Improvement bill in the Senate, at
close of Iho late ttsslon oi 'JongrrM
Cass comes in for a liberal share
for contributing to tho bringing
tuch a result, by offering ameudment
amendments, with no apparent design
other than to cripple and retard its pas
sage and havo it passed over with the otli.
cr unfinished business of tho session.
m.. ..1. L ,! .... e . .
ine west uas oecn peculiarly unionanaiOhat t,a slar lc, rili,r Uts list I liday
in obtaining appropriations lor tho im.
ptovernent of her rivers and harbors ; it
appears, too, that in the choice of repre.
tentative, there it an equally great mis
fortune; even some of the most prominent
aaembert oppbee the very taterettt for.
wfttesVtbey are eeai to WtMim i
protect. The 'only cotJtaa left to be pur
tued with tuch men, U to give them the
go-by, at they did Col. Benton v when tbey
prove themselves unworthy of the trust
and confidence reposed in them. Until
some tuch course it adopted, it is useless
to expect an impartial and proper repre
tentation.. Wlien a representative places
hla individual interest above that of his
country'., he is not fit to servo in the ca
pacity ofa representative.
tKT Our ntighbor teems disposed to I
harrow up things connect wl:h1hr or j
01 mo ucau, wineii, 11 invc.ugaicu, Kt f
result in no good to the living, nor reflect
any credit on the fijrmer. Itnaiourstish
.. . .... , . .
that this matter should havo been left to
tlecp with the dead, and, If possible, sleep
Iho sicca of death ; but our neighbor is
.evidently, guilty of nn indiscretion, and
evidences more spunk than manners, tiy
Ids nretended ivmnalhv for the IhinL'.
'..,.' '.,... ., I...
,. ,. inniirr IIIBI UUt7S I1QI ITOIlCrril US
on0 way
bc(n sltbl
nor the other; but as it has
1 submitted lo liicdonarlment. and in-
ilruc,ont solicited, they will bo forth.
irnminff In duo time, to iimnrrlv rroirrn
ll,n arllon. of thn nsrlln Intrrritrd.
o - -- ,-.-,- -, B
. . , "J. . ,"., , f ,' " ,
itallnjr Ihe subioct of illegal franUnff, is'
- - .. .- -
moro than we can divine. He have
blc-dcli.acy, however, forbid, their be.
Inn mentioned.
. . . I
." htaa.Iverli.cmcnt In another
icoIu.rTn, It will be tn lliM A. II. 1'rlur;
iV.'f C" C '"I" f ""',O"'80r' ou,',:
This houso has been newly fitted up, and
Iho proprietor is enabled to make ids cus.
l, - ,.. - ,nr.rr Hnl.t ti.rntiln .'
tomcra comfortable. Hold keeping I.
Vt a new business to Air. Trier. Ills ex
... ."J
thould cnhllo
il natronaL'fi of
nerienco in Iho business
lilin to tho confidence am
.Ibo public. It is with pleasure that we
..'.." .. ....
aimuuiiiu HIU l.w. 111., ii'iuwis VI lll.j Itl.l'l Q
.... ..a. i. r.H. .,... it....... nr h. 1 1... i
are not told ai nils house, ami ll is but
f....t .. si. l r ti. .! .. .i...
three or four months previous lo Ihe close
of his propriciorshlp. Ily this move ho
Ml ... U.VU...IV...II ', . IIII9 lll'JIUIIwl
hat hcon tho means or confining tho retail
,'Mnt for selling this good ball In
lion. May his shadow never grow less.
QZr Grace Grccnwoo.1 In or opinion
that Gen. Houston would fill Ihe Presl.
dential chair pretty well "only let him
be under bonds not to whittle the arms
This Plesmuro Irl.
On Friday, the SOih, ult., the steamboat
Lot Whllcomb, started from this city on a
pleasure txcu.Slon tq'tho Cascades, stop
lng at Milwaukio, Portland, and Vancou
ver, inoretiy allowing mo peopie oi immo
placea respJclli ely, an opportunity to vlslr
Columbia river.
(lulto a rcclsMp,
number went from this place, of the stern
er ox ; but the number of ladies, owing
to Iho threatening aspect or Ihe wenlher,
was small, Milwaukio did much Utter :
Iff 0'
llio ttv. UV InitUi.ln.illi'
1 .vrtl to '
(hd end of tho string" took n rid on the
rail road, which being down grade went
1 lru.ni.Mi I. -. .....l 'Pi... -,-.1 1. ....
pletcd for about three fourths ofa mil.
ive wero agreeably surprised to sec
I no extern 10 wweri Improvements Bvr
been carried al tho head and foot or the
Cascades. A steamboat Is being Kultt
there, to run from the Cascades to tho
Llnllcs. It is 00 feet in IcPKlh and tt
ttotk harmoniously.
The boat relurneil In Milwaukio on Sat.
urday. In passing Vaneouser tiov. Og
den rcturneil Hie salute by firing seven
The best feeling prevalleif all the
The parly returned lilehly de
nied with the excursion, havm; seen
jell on the tray to admire. No accl
pastentcr. to Iho Propeller
Willi nnn fitnilrtt tltn e-Mlilnrial rnrt
s ere fully renresenlcd: bra. Waterman's
engtgcmenls bciug tuch that ho could not
l.n nnn .ifllinnnn.lw,. A frlomt .ll-.r.!.
I - -. ...v .. . ,.--.
n hilit.
.. .. ; ; , ,
KT r roin a private letter we recelsed
ptrthelast mail from Illinois, wr make
U . . 1
ie following extract, written by one ho
traveled the overland route to Oregon im
iseatoo, and aflcr a abort slay of fcurbr
fisas.jBontha relurnoj to thtaMiojii fas hi.
famBr with tho Intention of making Ore-
gon nit future borne :
"There aro a (treat many peothvon
the move for Oregon. am besiegtd by
anxious inqulriert about Oregoo, on all
tidet, every time I make my appearanro
in Ihe streets or Peoria, l'havo replied
to their eft repeated inquiries- until I am
tick and tired of answering them.
" Ihe people here aro unwilling lor me
to tell them that his a cood country, be.
causo it lakes away to many of tbcircit. I
ixens. I don't tell thorn any big stories, t
nor advito them to go. I just speak of;
'"'"S ""7 re. ami leavo eacn ape to
..,,..,.,,.. rpil
w 7" . " L---rl
county alone who atait Tor Urcgoq. Cali.
forma is dead ! dead ! I I do not hear it
mentioned at all.
Qkcgon. rue persons wero, upset
from a batteaux of wheat in tojtrrtn
o Kock liland, in tho inoulU-wftTia Cvl.ini.
bin, on the -." tli of January, and dron ncd.
Their iiainos Here S. M. Morris, Gcorrio
tt IK,,.I... Tn.n.. 11......... in.... II
n ...i'h-m ' .
-' "'"'" .lupp.
Tl.o iniiddy.liea.led editorH that preside
o.rr thccoluinnsof llio Ckiempi Itrmotrat,
fiom tthich we clip ihr nlwvo, scarcely
rierquolo mm our paper without ni-i-
..,. ,.
' .... ....... !
reprceming 11
wisnlinf it I lii.l tw.l tl. l'lMKia.l
wl" guuiy 01 prrviou .ii.retirosoma.
... ......,,.. J ......11...
""'" -'l''""i "'"'"""i "" "' "
,i,. ,! 1. ti, .. i n.i-
WW ..- ...w ..w.tw... w. ..'...
Island alluded lo, nro four miles alwo
tlita city on the
of ., (rl ,',. II0U
i Willamette river, inttca
ulh or thu Coltlnllll-:,
.,.., do not nfUl. ,cnlure .,,.-,, .,,
'. I. r.i... rvi ' I.!, r.. ,t. ...i i... t
mouth or thr Columbia, for ,he Very U J
I vrtinrta I si llin unrlil I
... .. . ,.
"""ni ... um wou.
Dr.,Pr.nATK IUciikwr. An Orrgon
editor, after announcing tho arrival of u I
Lewofladii... who base, r.ntmin,l in'ihnt
,rI,ortf fir .,, , llrrio n 7- ,.,:. i (.,
. ' ... '.'.... T ." .
'ho young Mm how lo shoot," gonorJusly
'oiTcm his .services tn any ono of llipniwhol
i,v to kind enough to accept hit piraon i
i i i " , ..... .' . . ,, .' ..i '
im K-n.-r. ..I uiieriiiieiiuiiiX llio nun..-
.1.. nn.,irii.,.i..i i.r.tv r i... r.i,i. true ctiaracier mm ormin oi ino iwi iiimTn,.,i,u,r.,-.
i Ti "i " , . ,Ji i .i'. i m.,iinil AorlenliiirnlHoelnlv and S, K. Ilarhitt', 3ft, roiiti' In I lilnii, past near UlKHles. Iho
WVc.trrCy,riv0tVrfe& " f-"'V 'Vm'r,r...wW.-IM.r,IH. dr., .iwk w.t .III on tho ,9B,h of F.lru
not : '.ImS ladv renresentatlve V Thief Factor of Iho Hudson's llav Co. at CaUtl rrrelved IIM votes-llenj Jaok. arv, Iseiweru Wetind halfpa.t fije p. in..
couver ua unrrniinir.l hv U,ll.. 10.1 i"R I he agent, and n I so n memlr anld I'riee, 30. tl'i "I'lth at IheTlitrarc." nt Iho town, Tell
Thr-lial to Hd. m tfiree I rir' solely. Vhr piinclpal member, he r.-M IW 1W-i.rrr.-MnU.rl Canfi.M re .wil. an an fill ..rath. ..-enihelmhiR Ihe
the Ca7c.5eT.ho nnu'r 'for'lhM olsunco rjtrni arc I)?. Joh'n McCaughlin, u,!d celved .00 ,,.c, and I.. I. V l.n T-.ttr. .drrr. of lh.; ; u.Ulnn I. luy, Ft tfran.
It a succession of ranlds Home of the George Hohfsts, Amoilcancitlrcm. cite. OS. ailgatloii Com ai y, whilst the iowcr
HVffiffi She! .lies' ""'"-'. That from Ihe )rar'l9lUo Afr.- Daniel S.e.van, IOI..-II. of Ar.ya Kiile. whlrli command, the en.
KoX prefe rcJ n cUntt stawbTr s "-" ' M. " Tholnift for and in (laker, 70,-Trulllnper, Ift. trance of lis. harbor, and several other
Zi ilEh Ivlng XlotxtekU, behiirof ,ld society, now claim, and it. i ForJu.t,, olhr JW.-t! Harrison, tart, of ihe fori llcatlon, sustained great
!' ATlTiii?" ? ... I" ''?..":,,,'. .... -It ,nM..,l ... nfil.nJMI Win. II. Cnmnbe . 01 . ..'. Car. 11 urv. as did llkettl.o many dwell nit
iu atzrHiiiuiuirr riirr inn tYtfKti inn m i i -vistis.s-"s -v ! snust sn. i.(n---t r -.
reel beam. T he Caseadn poinnanv have IteiiM, no Parns, no houses, Bint im carilrns, '
had a sawmill in successful operation for nor Is thorn any porsonorperaonsrngaged , hl,m,Ji-lx,,.Inrl,,H .. .. . i r"'Hl ,lllot,"lVtI V'1 ""","''"""! ',',n-v
MRU ! Z. A fiaXat U Wt TulU for pumnll whatrrrr. for .aid society, I , Kor Ciuuly Trea.urer II..I.11 ('anfirl.1 '.,,,1, ..,r dne.l up, whilst In arid .s
STtitAr 'MK&C$Zhl HMn I'" boiitidarlct of ..Id claim. ' , ha.l 09.-1.. I. I UTMia rt. r.ht ,e jet hair gu.lied out, jhang
boutii Lb." e. RoktJt Tlltlt mM utll.r,, tal!nj, j For A.v..r G. IVullinger had r.O,- log U,. I- feature ,.f the raith's sur-
We wre trulv deltL'htetl nitli the trin. Iho lands and impimemcnl. of many or, I'. Stewart 7. face.
Thoomcera if The ba 0 gentlein.nfy the citizen, of the Fulled States, who! V County Conmils, loner I ). Iri, In,., Tl,o tou. .ri.es Is.y. whleh cont.hie.l
andobllcln-'.andttcre, durlns thccntlro come under tho provisions ..r the lale Or. "had 07. K. S. I.cavit HI, llemamlii ,ntm lollw., , .,,,, ,,,, cn atauillng,
MtJV&'MXlicZ , 'Pn Land lllll. i-k-HJ -J. I 'rleo '.-''".' ; I .ml no let. than flOO hum.., being, aro
fortable. Ittiovcrhasteeiinurlottomect .Vro.'rr.f. That said cilirens receive, l-or Justice r ihejeai J. 1.. Ilrown rrctiulir, ,d under Iho ru,.,.. whlih
with so orderly a crew, and ercrvlhlne arnings and threats in their turns l ' ," x V ? 11' , . 1 1 . 1 1 ",'"r ouM base Iwcn awfully aug.
........ 1- "ALa ..,...,. .S leavo their urrmi.es! Though .c'nlr I For Con.lal.le S. N. Chamberlain had 1II.r m, l0 ,llock ca .flrrllBh,r.,
, Gen. 'lent occurred, if we except Iho loss In the m" ihtiiiitii irriiurn 1.1 nnjiu wiui u. .-m, v , .11. M.Mi, 7, A ."ulgrr, 11, "ru -nun inn ian, 1.1 iiiiiv wiicvuu,,.,
. . .1 ll..l. .'t.lli.ii. Irt .!. II.....-I I !nv..i.innt .. II-, l- .1 ' ..r.. a 1.111. 1.... ....... I. tl. I, -vm .ll,.., h.1
oraLur ooa. 01 several i.uckcis 0111 01 one wneei. .v.,..- ...m. . r( .. ninrr. u. ... ... ., ....... .,..,,,...,.. ..,.1....
This accident caused ihr Lot Whiteomb , fr a .prely ndjusimrnl orour tights, and prohile Judge. Ot tlie s.ites can A. The sutsitor. at Mnkrl nlari.icd by ll.
about of 1, , , ,. , , , , . r,nili. ., ,..,. not Ionic llio buithen lo our on n Impotent 'P. Smhh rereltc.l ! P.. WiitLrr. II. tepeati . I shock, which rre still oteurrinir
. H . . . .! .. ... . I 1. .. .. ....... . . ... . .. A.' .'.. .-. A .. .1........ ..t -
,ui ler her
s nncnt. I hatrfditor kiinwt how tdn in poumt, an going in .sir. rsenaior iwriaiui, "'"""", """ """ "'"" " " --"-a
hint, and ifho ninl married .ho X It of Aikan.a,, under hi. own Trank, went oPN.w Yorkc ity forohstrucllng ho aide,
svill li.o fault of hit. 1 f'' our city Post Olhcc to Iho mail boat wnjlt with ihelr Imxe., I..le.,nnd barrela
I,,nccsl ,l'0' " atormaii in such a prcdica.
I meni ns an baineiura shouiii bo pUctl in
........ wi. i.w. i. n..vi,,., wu l.w. ..I I
r ho baoks out hols lessor a manthan '
' "T ,""" ''"" ,0 '.": T'".?
shining'of il wo want In soo him walk
up to lliQtBcriwO without faltering, wjlh a
firmttcp and determined reeolvo to do ns
all right-minded men do. There It onn
thing corlaln, ho will never ,bo a completo
man until ho fulfillslhat part ofthes1tli
ture thn. enjoins, marriage,
Public n cot iua nt Nlrllncaont.
' I'urnuanl to nutllo notice, n meeting or
tba ritixens nf Ixnil County assembled at
Stellscoom, -Miy inth, 1831. Tim call
to order wat tucceedeil by tho election of
William T." Oauuherty. V.vi., I'roldint,
and Joseph S. "yj''"";- "rP?.
. Oj moio.i. D. t. I rownfleld, 1 i..,
htlel(y slated Ihn object of tho meeting,
aftor which were submittrd tho fullnwlng
resolutions, which were unemnculy
adopt cd.
litscltdl, I hat o make puMin me
Caicmle rnngn of. Mountains, Uiunil
north nml south by rivers Punllpand Nes
jually, Inelnding an area or moro thai
'fiOO snuari miles, all which ho wnrnsthi
Puull, ,0 pccl, as iho possessory rights
" " ".v j ""7 " '""
It,t,-J:t Tl.nl .In-.. IWainlUnrrt
.nt !. ..I.! I'l,l.l- .II...Ul.l,n.l ll... Tnr.
mcr bniindarlea of tho claim of said sorl.
.'...;. ti... ..:.i .....1.,.. 1..... n
-. . . .1
home., Ihr said Tholmir tiuuhl U'O tho
first mean, in his unn to eicel ihem.
. )itto!rt, Tiat such conduct is greatly
inimical In the sneeilv selllenie.it and
pnprily f-r llio cninlry. And sueli
licttlll.ri.l iu an .imriiuan I ...r.rn, wii'i
thai on Aiifrican nl, 1. more than a Irrr-
man will I Tnr. Tlieiefore, n call nn
H'tti'ttil, i hat e reganl llio I uget
Hound Agricultural Society as being a
"m 01 irau.t aim pret inrenlc't i.y
tho slirow.l cunning of l.ngli.hmen orin.
lluence, tt bo forO'tll the toliCY illtlllenO
' 'g nieir siotcrnmeni bi me .euiing ni
.,, . . .'., ' ..,. r
, tho iuniiary question. 10 iirgo as n pro.
. posilion Iho donating themselves a large
.,. ofUn,.
ii ,lvrjin. .,;,. Th.t ihr trrre.
I -- t -..--.- , - .- . .- t-
Ury bo dlreclr.1 In furnish Ihe diirrrrnt
pre,,,,, ofih0 Territory, a true ciiyonhe
. foregoing resolutions, 'and rerpeclfiilly re -
ictt their pobKcallon. t
y, p. DAUGHBUTV, Presl.
Joskth S. flioenKAxcs, iSro y.
Foe Hi. HptcUtor.
Tho aletmrr Hootler, I hm informed,
mado nn dibit on Thursday last to lisll
Lafayette, ulih a parly on board from 'ho
town of Das, ton, uho were liivilrd by Ihr
captain to take a trip on hi. boat ; but up
on a thorough trial, loumi a lack nl water,
and Iho llttln party returned lo ihe town
of Dayton, where ihey wero pleasantly
cnt.rtalned by Gils Taylor stud lady.
Captain Swain pronounces Dayton tho
( hea.i 01 navigai on, on 11,0 a.ni.lll rivrr.
(.... nf ,iin tOOMi.r. ....J ,.1. r,.
--, --...,-.... r::-
,.! asuro n rrcrm.ircndlng 1.1m, .. ell .
tho Mof.totlm irnvclmr. - -.a.
1 I.r 1 ,..,..,. tail iui. - ,., ..,.!
tho year as for a. Davlou, with nil tl
case imaginahlr. Mho will run regular
ly between Oregon C'ily and liny ton, ma
kiuga trip every Ittoilajs. Thlt will he
n conveniencn that has long been wanted,
and since it has becomo u regular one,
will bo fully appreciated, by not only
travelers, but llio business men generally
or the upper rnuntry
loins, iVC,
M. H.
CrtrTho '(.'In eland Plain Denier" or
March SO, announces thai "the C'inrin.
nati and Western-Hill Itnad Company is
boing organized. Tho object for wlilih
ihn rhnraelrr un. nrjnlnl i In corlstriiel
"'0 character a. gMiilnl is 1.1 construct
,,, U Jllllt;,ioll ,oaj in India,,., and by
n n.l Ivn... I'liwiiiinnli tir.i.1 In imniinn
. - ... .
that lino lu lmlinnaoll."
i ii.u.ui.iiiivi.s.
Wr would like to bo informed what
kind of a cAaroeer waa granted lo Ihn
company. 1 Ho company must liasu been'
. " it.
lrCf compo,c,
nt matorial,
ch a grant
Lecislaturo ui
piled up consistently lth hlcl,
OtrThoLouiivilloCouricrtay. S ".Some
welvuor thim-Rii bag. or mail umller,
seluhlmr unuard. of thirteen huudee.l
----, .-... ..................
ucilntf Boulh.
. . , . '.i i. . . i.n . t. .. i ,1,,.. . -. it... i.. ii
.1 a. it wa. ui Mien m-eor. . .v . . ., ,..,. ..,. a I ".'' ...,. , ,, ..annave en...
lo give them character. , ' ii'n - ,.",, " .iriiniieii largely 10 inn wraun nn.l lo tl.o
hafl been asked of Iho la.u WiiiPn,lljjrUHiiii.HlllHn I ,,,,,. of 0.,r o,,t ry. Trace ll all out.
fOrciioii, it ...IkIiI havo been ',.'',,,"f!!,; -"..arrison I. elected Inthn 1(y loro ,l0 ,IOII,all( ,cn,t M,r-, of
Theln were ihihlcrn thr. bushel bao.'1'. kwplng walch over the largo whole
received at thu I, Inn Cily Post Oll'ico nt
, , . ,. ,,...
" li,"c' a"'1 'fn"'"'J ,0 ono ,"ll!vlJl"''.
which had to lie transported across tho
Isthmus at an expense lo Ihe Government
of 30 cent, per pound.
(C.T Tho rivur has ilscn during tho
past week several Inches, al litis plauo.
Wo return thanks lo our numerous
friend for ikclr promptness In furnishing
na returns of llir ehcllou,
' lllccMuia.KcinrH'.
OitKtiOM (.'iml'tirt wt, ' pflrgatt
la Ceagrew Or tlititates polled, Joseph
Uns rewhrMSfW.-lf, Y" '1
aiidftscatteiluf.' t ,
'IW Coiftlfff. A-. Ic'Love-Jiiy received
J'J'J votes, (no nppotliloti, W. W. Iluck
having withdrawn), scattering 4.
For Htyrtttntitllrti. tleorso It. Curry
received i7 volet, A. K. Wall, Iftl,
V. T. Msll.K'k, 10ft, M. Crawfonl, 10 J,
and M. M. MiCarver, lllll. tcallrtlngn.
For Jwigti of ProMt.l lector Camp.
tee. 7.
CiiihiiMi-. Illgtnw, 73.
Ni1.w1c1.11: nu.riM r.
Fur Delegate Joseph l.mir had 70,'
W. II. Wllwit tt.
' t Of IrOIMU'U A. I,
Lovejoy had 70,
SCaltl'lllll! '-
'ot Uepreiienliillses A. , Wall had
M, W. I'. Malloek 07. G. I,. Curiy
a 1. M. ,M. .Mclartrr 17.
l'. I...I..A..e llrnl.nl. I l ..!. I .....l.itlt
I ... ..Il.'. IV.',...' .... ..'. - .........
I '."- '.' ""glow I, acallriliiB 1.
' I or Collector I . uoltenburg na.i 1. afer the laN.r. of the day. 'he village
. ;,, 'ur 1'ar.ilM T (if the vcleaiof Chl-tige ha rly met uiih tho sauw
i.,0l.l r.p lllmiin in Cin.iro... Jmnih fole the upper part or n Iiul'o inounlalii
l.ano received 43 ole.,W. II. Wilson,
ll,M.ficAllerlng I.
por ,V;i-fien.ilir- Of the soles cast
' n lll.lmn rreniiril 13. It TlioiuPn
.(Viniity TreatUrer
P. II. Ilarilenbiirc rrrr n l." intra Tor
Wrtsor 110 npiaiirnt
Vorontr. Stephen Collin recused
loirs, nml I.. II. Ilastill".. I.1.
MKmlir Slillcr recriicl '.'t votes
-----, :". w.
. Justice or the Peace nnrpiK.nrnl.
ConilMt. C. C. Mlllei rrcelsnl 13
, xotos, and Geo. ShambriK.k, Pi.
. c.uir...:i i- i.vi. 11 1
. , ,4.4 Jil'linri . . nils, III Hllimil ' -a, ..-. ,......-. . -
and John (..GiIiThi, each rrcrlsnl fl ntrs., Ihr fnn.ous C.do.fljs i.r Itl.ndr., which In
Hugh Hums received I sole rnrcouniv it. d.y wa reck.mr.1 ..no of tho Misen
, Canimisilonrr. ' iwnndetsi.r the hoiIJ, MJliriii slims
f '-i-i iu.'. ... ky an rarthqHalVj.flyear.rt.efoirChii.1.
II11.1 anouoi-uii. June !l. and SO ears afier it. rrrcllon. Ulug r
llli.isnnuoriili, June 3.
Mr. t). J, Sthntlfy :
Dnstt Sin I nd von the rrsull of ihe
election al this place."
A. Nri.GFIl.
Dclrgilc-I.am. 110.-Vis.,n J ,'
I ancasicr I ' ,
' Ueprrsciitalises W!ro I33,-Kin
Ml 4n1it.tr Ml
I-I lWlf," 1
A. I .Snnlli, 1 10 for Probate Jud)
GnlTin, ll, l.yiuari,
full votes for
School (.'ommiuioucr..
FstnND iS. I .oii.l )mi tin? suite of Iip
tx-.lW at thU place:
I- t l.t.a ... ...!.. tl I .. l
, , w , i
, , .wi..My-llalli Wil.
, i,,.. .,.. :. ,,, v... ,.
tt.s I nt .""l i".'l. . nui.ti,.".! 1 . ., r.i'u.
1.:. 1 ,,,-. iv... si "tri.... mo i...
.Sil'er'il """'";
" AMiiT. S.u Ill vote, for Probate
, j 1
r-.t.'.i. ti u'nti... in- .,i. r... n ...,..!
T aliir-r
D. Ilahienburnh lot vo'e, for Assessor1
I.. II. II.Mii.iE. 0 1 vote, for Cormier. '
u...i ..! n-,7. in.. ..., r ...
nlephen ('..thU 10'J sotea torUoroucr.
Hrl mil KtMilurr.J. C. (JrllTm 3II.
C. litl., .Vi, II. I.ymaii .Vi.
'" "."- '
Justice nl ll.e Pence for llils precinct A.
1.. Davis elected,
f'onstahlo for this predutl William M.
Iliggln. ilideil by I III majvily.
At Suu tin MuimI. I.uno , Wilton 7
, ... ii m .,,. ii. ...
in nrpiriiiniii.N.ii nrnr -ii. iviiur '-n.
I "' r'sjss,,,,.,, -. ,. ..-. .... '(,
n,,tl,;"l7l' J' . .... ..
I ..,,, ... ,,,, k . ,,, , ..
.....:'.... : i .. T. . -.
'. ,',," ." ""'I-1'" I
..... . ,,,, ,,
; .Swit.ler'., I.ano 31, Wilson 'J
.'ouvcr, l.ano !I0.
A MAVOtt llNINn lllMSBLr
,....,..,,.... fil, ,,,.',.
nrgooda. Homo of lliesullorcra retaliated
, talo establishment of thn mayor, who It
hlimoir a merchant. I ho other day thny
naught (ho mayor's employees napping,
entered a complaint before hi. honor, when
ho roadily fined himself llirro hundred
9tT i. Mr. Hmllh," said a Utile fellow
lhd oilier evening to hit titter's l-au, " I
wish you wouldn't pralsaour Ann Marla'a
eyes any moro. Vou'vo mado her to proud
now, lliat alio won't speak lo cousin f.ati.
ra, nqr help innther the least bil.'iw .
on I ho l.rg sla- , , "v ih. i. n . ,. ' immo ni"' promt K)sitiuii among tho na.
. . i " . to huso been electri : Ilnntn i (;.. J. (. .i. r .i ..' .. ' .m.i. i.. P
, .n.l .ir.,,... '-uwiioii i ,r maiiunsriiuiiiy. nrntnerilv. fn ow sirs uau.a nn. rir..el n.
Finn lh Nw VmK fun, Ati IU.
T'rs4kln IUrlltiinki In Turlr-j'.
TrrHWn Dtilrutlim of lif aid Prop.
rr(y, Accmuitt' from .Malta announce a
euucestlon nrterrlMo earthquakes, which
ha vi been felt nt Mtkrl, a oily of Ailolla,
Turkey, on iho Mediterranean, and nt Ilia
far-famed rlly and Itlatul of llhodet, which
is situated Ml miles out from Makrl and
tho Turkish cnasi, Hlivdes is neatly In
the san:i latitude as New York, and Is ills,
taut from hero sit, thousand miles, lis
population Is iwm. Tim F.nglish Mall
steamers mnnri'ling with the Oierlaml
housi a, some of n I1I9I1 w ere shaken tolhelr
terv fiiiiudalloiiv nu Iho ruck vlhnra
rrnikcd throughout, Tlieoselllatlons wem
from nest In east.
At Makrl, nn the main land, mid Its im
, mediate uelglilmtlio'xl, ihn consequences
. hao been most dlaslrnu.tlid heart. rend
liig. The hole isf I.'ip huU. dwellings.
an.Utorr., lately ererted in ihn town, halo
'liern lesellrd in Ihe n-iind, fissures havn
hern rormeil ntlioscrv'Mrecls.iroiiiMlilrli
I 1.1. ...... ....... .r..w.r . ...I. iu.1.1 1..I.H 1 1 U !
IJ,.,I,.IV,. ...11, . .,,i.,i 1J... ...... w.. J , w."
Uirn ,,r inhnLltantt rollre to lliejr home.
' basing rallen i.itit, and hlmkcd'up, lh
nitinti pill u. i.n.riiiiir, 1.1 vi ..iitriiiiiiij; n
the dwellings round alwut its base. An. '
'other Mil tee, more Inland, has lirco liu
slighter ualuir, hail flril lor taWy mi
lioanl small riafl and fishmi; Irnats, cai
ryiu Willi uieniHiini proprny uiry cnji.i
I frnintiii.r lutiiua i,.g niil ii.Mii bdiralli ll."
ruins of storehouse., mot of nhlch ha.
been reinoird lu .Sum Ithclr., ami ether
At Saiusonii ,i siunrt shok tias frit on
ihn 'J.'.ll. nf February, hut ll caused iu
latn.gr. Our readers ill iruieinher that
land.'O sears afier it. rtecllon, Iwiuc nf
ihr enormous ss right nf"f3,0(10 lbs.
AliiaxOiiiraimNxiMu. The Now York
Day Honk says th.il some lime since n higli
church clcrg) man nl iho Prote.laul F.pis
copal ihutih Mini from I my lo iak
charge, of a cnngregallmi in Coiinrelloiil.
t '"" n IHJIItjrClI IIMirsi ui un luiril.
lly hi. 7eal and efficiency ho wmn ralrl
Ihe prnsiK'cl. or ihr congregation and put
everything In a prornu. condition. A
Ton Sundays ago, bo gave nollen lh.it Im
was about to preach bis f.reuell srrmusi
ha. lug accepted Ihn pastorship or iho
.Si. Thomas chapel iu Hronklvii. Presl
uu. lo Ibis chatigo of iho fiol.l of Lis live
fulness, i . resirted that ihe clergyman
In question had insriglrd and seduced Ih-i
daughter or 0110 or hi. ttr.lll.lesl parish.
, iptii-r navinir tisiirn iew iiatcu 111
rm.ipa.n uitlitho girl, who wa. discov
re,l In 1,1s rm, under llio Ud. Alteinp.s
tterr uudo to hush tliv mailer up, but
without success. A romiiilltra or (fen.
,'cc,il:l" c,0,"v '" i,i,r'' HlalyM
""Tl"1'1 ll WI;W",''Bniliw 1 and
a!"' ' '-tl.tlaalfr.l 0..11I was held with
closed d ur, at w Inch tho mailer stasia l-l
, ' , , ,,, .. . ,
'."" (,,t ,HO f rk..-lfclliy Alllflrr-
SVl'lrtlC t
AMRtiu an MrciuMia. 'I'lni wealth of
n well stnri'd iiiiud, ll.n big li.in-1 and stout
nrinof tin- lu.luitriomiiiecliaiiirnri' svorlli
uiorr, lor llio perpetuation of nur u'orloiis
inclplrsof pncninciit, mid for llio tiro I-
i""" r-. m
. i... ...
jlho wuld. Aire
Ilril V III llll T f 'lllll
iliilry, tlian njl Iho got.) III
a .ly haw llieir ncieiililu!
iresearcnes, tueir
-- w- - r. -........
uncasing mi'l untiring
.ennray, I'u-ir many Invrnl lo,..,..iui ineir
n i nneri.M impmvemouit in mac.iinery.
K" " ",,r " "" "rpuunc gior.oua
i,oy full in aiicrrasloii under jourobser.
. vuliuii, and you will find American me.
clianies and artisan. hac proved lo lie, iu
their energetic mid Indusirimi. career,,
among Iho priiM-lpal ugenl. In cITcnlliig
American greatness. Stltnlife Amtri.
Wriiubiit Ibom Cannon. Arv Impor.
tant discovery has recently lieon mndo by
n young man residing In Hufl'alo, of a pro.
oua. for the manufacture of wrought (ion
cannon, whoh bid. fair lo eclipse all pre
vious Inventions fur addinu to the terrors
of war. Tho prooest I. sory simple, It be.
yond Ihe dunce of failure from over heal
or any other causa ; nnd il. cott it SS per
cent, list than Iho beat nnJ cheapest math-
odt for casting, whllo Ihe strength ft far
greater la proportion to weight lhan hat
heretofore been attained either In wrought '
or out Iron cannon.
I!. .
? tM