Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1866-1868, March 28, 1868, Image 2

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l)c Itltckln (Sntcvprtsc.
Oregon City, Oregon :
Saturday, March 23th, 1853.
Subject to the action of the National
Uuion Convention.
For Presidential Electors',
A. R. MEACHAM, of Union county.
Dr. W. l!()WMSf Washington."
O. JACOBS, of JAtlkson.
Kor Rriircsentatirc in Congress,
Of Muiuiomuh.
For DUti .tt Judges,
Id District JOHN K EES AY, it Denton
4th do . V. V,r. UPTuN, of Portland.
For Uistriet Alt nine;-.,
2d District D. M. EISDON, of Earn
ed 0 " J. C. LOWELL, of Lion.
" A. C. G1RKS. of Portland.
Mb " C. M. FOSTER, of Raker.
Rata Scnitor. D 1. Thompson.
Jli1)rescn'aticcs. Janus Winston. I. Yi
Garytt and I). P. Trull in ger.
S.t"-''. Major .J. S. Ilinearson.
C!e; !c. J. M. Fi-t-.zer.
'Jrcasurer.John Meldntm.
A nscsc?;'. M . I 'at to rr,o n .
S.-xycrm'.c:idav: of FcJ.oolt.B. Killin.
;;:irveyr. ts. S. Campbell.
Coroner. l";r. D.ircla v.
Ou last .Jonu ty raorum? the Edi-
tor, together with almost everybody
. c , '
rise in tins part of t;.3 country, left
for Salem that mngnifici .-lit citv. d
like instances ba.enj n a capita
place nobody has any doubts about
iJiat. Well the steamer Utliance
bore us on up, Cipt. Geo. A. Pease
the intrepid, Charley Church the af
f.ible, and Joseph Mann the provi
dent, had chared of the si earner, so
far as wc were tdde to learn. We
know that Capt. Pease was at the
Sm IlIIii JV.
wheel, because we saw liitn there
. know that Charley was in the
Purser's office, b-.c tuse he c- llectei
0 q our fire, and we know that Joe. was
supervisor oi'the culinary department,
because he ond l ank A. II ill gave
us and everybody else a good square
meal. At the landing where Aurora
jdups it production i wo
board "23 puces of music," cotnpris
htP that cxctlhnt old brass baud,
known as the Pioneers of Aurora.
They awoke the echoes; Ciey m,-,de
tlQ trip lively with tnu-ie, from
thence to 8-ilem. VlntJie Wilson,
Kill Hand, and the rest of the dele
,ition from East of the mountains
l ad been do'mr by way of joke. On
be river we nut the fine bteamtr
J'jnnie Pa(loti,0iyvr command of
Capt. Jerome. The two steamii's
i-ame alongide, (broad-dde.) and the
band brought ladies, gents, and all
on board the Po?i to the giards,
touching our hats on we went.
Salem is a beautiful town. We
w i)Lhat its generous public would
'spread themselves" down to the
tails, and take us into their ir.eorpo
;te limits. We arrived there at
i bo St 5 V o'clock p. ji.
The deh gallons, preceded by the
'.and, marched up town. The hotels
xere all fined, and nothing else
might have been expected, so we
sought cur accustomed home in Salem
at the fireside cf ouo of its citizens,
provero'al lor his Hospitality, nere
we rested.
rrt . t: ii t-..: 17 .11 ; . i
Alio iaiu uniuii u,ui is
I IU oy oo ice, i.i ii Ma3 j.uu
by the leadmg Union men of j
Salem, for use daring the campaign;
. at a cost of about $1500. There is
some enthusiasm in Salem this
Hall was dedicated that n:ht. Hon.
Davio Logan, lion. P. C. Sullivan,
und ifon. E. L. Applegnte spoke.
Lgan made an excellent speech. He
handled the reconstruction plan, the
" Equality'' dodges of the Democ
racy, and '5 the Bond-!"' just right.
The " Ecpiality"' dodge he classified
into three parts: haul EviaUtj the
light to protection for life, liberty
and property, before the law; Pol li
ed ei'ial'ity, and Social equality
t-howing that in the latter, if Demo
crats wanted to associate with ne
groes, they could not do so i" unless I
the nigger was willing." j
cn the 2oth at 10 a. m , the con
vention met, and a permanent organ
iz ition was ifF.-cted by the election
ofllon. Jo-. G. Wilson, of Wasco,
President; B. Whittoti of Grant
county, Secretary, find Judge Willis
of Douglas, Assistant' Secretary.
After the Committee on credentials
and on order of business, reported
the Convention adjourned to meet at
4 o'clock P. II., to hear the report id
Committe of Resolutions:
During the interim, speeches were
made by several panics. The fol
wlns is the Hat 1
-1 resolved. That it is the highest duty
of every American citizen to maintain
ngain.staUtiieirenem.es u,o iti.ec;ntv
the Uaioa aul the paramount antborlty
... r,,ne;ii! on and laws or tile Lnstedi
.i , . . .
on.- v... -----
tafes smd to preserve su. uo oiuioi-oox
Th tworlc of recon
c(ril(,r.,m of the Southern states beiois
to the tUtive department of the gov-
"mt aad that wc endorse the thirteenth
fotirtcenth rA to ih Con -
fnitmioii ;uid the nets of Congress com
monly culled the reconstruction acts, us
the best plan yet proposed for the resto
ration ot the States lately in rebellion to
their former relations to "the Federal Gov
ernaient. o. Itesolvcd, That we are in favor of r.d
mitiing die rebel States to representation
in Congress at the earliest practicable mo
ment which the public saiety will permit.
4. llesoieed. That tin? national debt was
necessarily COn'iaeti'd fnsavo t!ie national
life and ought to be honestly paid, and we
condemn every scheme devised for the re
pudia.ioa of the whole or any part of the
debt as disgraceful to the Republic and
unjust to its cith-.eas. and that the propo
sition tj pay in 1. -g.it tender notes those
debts conn-acted to be paid in specie, is
only a mi.uer term for repudiation.
5. Jiesolced, That, under the Constitu
tion, the Federal Government has no right
to interfere with the elect. ve franchise in
any State having representation ia Con
gress and where civil government is not
overthrown by rebellion.
i. llcs,-'cc:l. That the right of expatria
tion is the natural and inherent right of
ad people and indispensable to the enjoy
ment of the rights of lite, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness ; that while the citizen
owes allegiance to the Government, the
Government owes protection to the citizen;
and that it is the duty of the Government
of the United State.! to protect all its
c.'i t-ns. nath e born and naturalize 1, in
the fall enjoyment of their rights as cit
izens of the United States, wherever and
under whatever color or pretence those
rights may be in vaded.
7. 17fso'vd, That the foreign immigra
tion, which in the past has added so much
to the wealrh. development of resources,
and increase of power of this nation, the
asylum of the oppressed of all nations,
should he fostered and encouraged by a
liberal and jur-t policy : and that we sym
pathize with all people everywhere who
ute struggling for civil and religious lib
er t v.
b. Es-tOiccd, That ihe thanks of the
Vir.'ricaa people are due to the soldiers
and sailors of the army and navy who have
perilled their lives in defense of their
country and in vindication of the honor of
its liag ; that the nation owes to them
oottie permanent recognition o( their pa
triotism and their valor, and ample and
........... ....... ..,..,..:: .. i ., ..e 41...:..
j MirVlVO!S v,!)0 h;ivi. roc,;Vl.d aistblh g and
i bouorab.o wounds in the service cf iheir
: counfiv; and that the memories of those
w!,0 have fallen in its defense shall be
i i;!;'- i grateful and everlasting remem-
:. liesvced, 1 hat we are m favor ot lib
eral appropriations of land and money,
by the Government, to aid in the con
struction of railroads.
After the adoption of the above
report, at 10 o'clock a. m. on the 25th,
the next order of business was the
nomination fir a member of Congress
Mr. Ihtker of L iGranJe, put in nom
ination Hon. David Logan, of Mult
nomah; Mr. Wliitson placed in nom
ination Hon. P. C. Sullivan, uf Polk
( ounty.
O i the first ballot 109 votes were
c ist, of which Mr. Logan had 54, and
Mr. Sullivan 51; 55 being nccessa
ry to a choice, no election was dc
dared, and the delegates proceeded
to ballot a second time, when Mr.
Lorr-i;, was declared unanimously
nominated, amidst the most vocifcr
ous eii' ciw.
Hon. W. W. fiuok of this city,
and Hon Jes.se Applegate of Yon
cailu, were then, upon vote of I ho
Convention, appointed to wait upon
the nominee, and ascertain if he would
accept of the nomination. Mr. Logan
made Lis appearance and thanked the
Convention for the high honor they
had conferred upon him, planted him
self upon the platform, and promised
all his energy and ability to fight the
great fitrhf.
The Convention soon quieted d.'wn
to woik, and the following ireritlc
men were elected as Presidential
Electors: A. I. Meacham of Union;
Wilson Bcnlby of Washington; O.
! Jacobs of Jackson.
Nominations of Delegates to the
Nationtii Union Convention beinti in
order, the following gentlemen weie
elected: Josiah Failing, J. L.PurrL-h,
; Maxwell Rumsby, M. Baker, C. U.
; Beakman and II. P. Kincade.
j Q1 motio thc Convention in.
st meted the delegates to use all hon
I orable means, in the National Con
! ,..;., ,.,,., u f
j .:iHOO IW .-tUI(T 4,1 IIUUllIMUUtl Ul
Genpraj LT g Grant fup prj
A motion to instruct the Delegates
to ue all honorable means to secure
the nomination of Hon. Schuyler
Colfax for Vice President, was dis
cussed and laid upon the table, for
fear that rebels woulnd consider it a
thrust at Hon Geo. II. Williams,
whose course in Congress was hearti
!y approved of by the Convention.
Tite deleg Uions from the different
counties nominated the following
j gs'iitlemsm as members of the State
I Central Committee:
juicer C. ?.f. Foster.
Itenton T. 15. Odeaeal.
Coos II. 11. Luce.
Currv M. Kiiev.
Columbia J. G. CapTe?.
Clatsop A . M on t ir o m e ry .
Clackam is 1. Killin.
Douglas I). C. Underwood.
Grant J. Ilobinson.
Jackson--J. J. Comstoelc.
Josephi n e S. W h i te.
ja;1e V. W. P.ristow.
Linn K. F. Russell.
Marion M. 1'. Ferry. Chairman.
Multnomah I. II. Mitchell.
Folk J. L. Collins.
Tillamook T. 15. Ifanley.
Umatilla J. U. I i.-k.
nion IX W. Litchtenthnler.
Washington W. I. Hare.
Wasco C. b. Lvnns.
Yamhill-Dr. J." W. VafK
i The Convention confirmed the nominations.
On motion, the Chairman nppoin
ted Major M, P. Berry, of Marion,
Chorinan of Central Committee.
Next in order came th nomina
c,f District officers. Following
! " ,! i T'V c , r , t.-
j .A r 1,1 Second Judicial D;s.
tion of Dist
of; ir;er. donn iv.-isav, or Herit
o! j i;,r mi Alton;pr -
on county;
i.u i i i ot ill r t ti .1 r i nro n t i l f ii
c -..uo., iU. lk,s
, .. r
i uou, ot u-uhj county.
- r -rth Judicial Dis
! net, U . v.. Lpto, cf MultnoTMb-
f p,,,, in v' ' ?
t r ,r n u ' C
. Gtbbs, of Multnomah.
For Prosecuting Attorney cf the
Fifth Judicial District, C. M. Foster.
Resolutions tendering the thatiks
of the Convention to the O. S. N.
and 1. T. Companies, and to Haley's
stage line, were unanimously ucL'pt
edv Als' a resolution of thanks to
Homer Smith, of the Capital Hotel,
tor his uniform attention to tht
wants of delegates while they re
mair.ed his guests.
After several speeches and a series
of enthusiastic cheering for the Union
ticket, for Gen. Grant and t lie cause
generally, the Convention adjourned
without day.
The people cf Oregon have chosen
as their standard-bearer in this cam
paign Hon. David Lrgan of Port
laud. Mr. Logan was not the first
choice of a large number of men w ho
felt that locality" might affect the
prospects of success of those who
desired that the Eastern or Southern
portion of the State should present
one cf their number; but, when the
solid delegations from the extreme
East and South, said to the Convene
tion; Gentlemen: We nsk it fur
none of us Give us David Logan!"
that became the unanimous wish of
the people, and he was nominated.
The enthusiasm which followed his
nomination is scarcely cescribable.
The Delegates left the State Capital
feeling that they had performed the
task entrusted to them faithfully, and
to the best- of their ability, everyway
and this feeling was encouraged
and their actions endorsed by their
constituents, upon reaching home.
On Thursday the steamer Fannie
Put'on brought the delegation of thi.--county
home, when they were receiv
ed with cheers on the wharf, and es
corted by the Oregon City Brass
Band, together with lion. A. B.
Meacham, one of the Pn s-iduitial
electors, Hon. W. W. Upton nomi
nee for Judge of the fourth Judicial
District, Hon. A. C- Gibbs, nominee
for Prosecuting Attorney, and others,
to the Court House, where Hon.
Henry Warren, acting as chairman
publicly thanked the delegation on
behalf of the citizens of this city, for
what the- had done in Salem.
Messrs. Meacham, Upton, and Gibbs,
briefly addressed the meeting, and
a rousing majority for the ticket was
HIE SPit Ee HE,1?
We regret that we cannot report a
few of the speeches made this week
at Salem, Portland, and Oregon City,
where wo have attended. Treason
and Democracy have fairly began
to quail in Oregon, and by the June
and November elections will Iiave hid
their hydra-heads forever. Their
multifarious evils could not be re
pressd by single efforts. Like the
serpent of Lorna they have been al
lowed to live until thc festering sorts
are literally abominable and now
like Hercules, the Union party pro-
pose to si ly them in Oregon. Their .
treasonable gashes have been cauter-
ized by the application of a flame cf
patriotic fervor among the people,
who have declared that the ballot
box shall prevent the further effusion
of patriot blood in our broad land.
As Hon. A. B. Mettchnm expressed
it Joseph and his brethern shall be
driven back into Egypt. Or as Hon.
W. D. Hare says: Their Goliah,
placed upon a negative platform of
principles, will meet the fate of Goli.
uh of old. at the hands of our David ;
who, standing firm upon the platform
of Freedom and Liberty, with the
sling of Truth, shall slay their Goliah
with the pebbles of Justice. The
burst of enthusiasm witnessed now nil
over Oregon (recollect it is not
confined to Clackamas and Multno
mah Counths) will expand, and
eventuate in disemboweling the car
rion carcass of Democratic Treason,
making its very eye-balls glare with
fury at its retributive death
A Pr.EVAUiCATiix. The Herald
of yesterday, no doubt feeling very
sore over the fact that the nomina
tion of linn. David Logan for Con
gress was the last spike to the Demo
cratic coffiii in Oregon, rather crook
edly noticed the extra trip of the
Senator to Portland on Thursday
evening and iu the course of its re
marks says:
'The musicians, not finding things as
lively politically in the city as they
expected, left their instruments on
board the boat."
Now the fuel, as we have them
from a member of the band, are sim
ply th'S. Tlv band went, at the ii -vitation
of the officers of the steamer,
and did not expect to be called upon
to go up as a body, thr uh the
streets tif Ptr:l nd, consequently
th,y wont as individual. Our i
f,,rmant is a Democrat himse,f h
hfi he believes in truth once in
it t
says ne. oeueves in iruiu once in a
while. It is evident to our mind
i . un l ,iuor.riTQ cviuir !n .rr-'
.iuui; ir u..... ... v.m.t
. ... i .. t i.i....!.
iuis tiecu n uy jeom. m t.es,
Col. T. 11. Cornelias was re-
. i c r
nnminated as Ja:nt Senator for
' Washington, Clatsop, Culambia aud
Ti Um -j. cou.llics
Last week reference was made in
these columns to a set of New York
swindler?, and we hope the effect
will ba good.
We observe that some of our State
exchanges are still publishing the ad
vertisement of Wright, Brothers & Co.
1 Gl Broadway, notwithstanding we
hive given the public caution against
them. They are "black legs of the
i deepest dye.'' Their advertisement
came through a firm purporting to be
"Temple, Eichardson & Co." Their
proposals were by us referred to par
ties in New York, and as a conse
quence we ';took no stock'' in them.
Since last wei k, we have received
the following letter, from a cotcmpora
I perceive we have all been bilked
by ''Temple, Richardson & Co." Is
there no way of guarding Against
such imposition? 1 presume Burger,
Schutts & C . are of the same stripe,
although I saw their advertisements
in the 'Waahhty'on Chronicle. I
have, as a last resort, written them
to compromise by paying something.
I wish every publisher on the coast
would refuse to publish trade adver
tisements from San FranrUco houses.
The sewing machine humbugs have
never found place iu my columns since
its first year. I found that the cash,
com mission, per cent., freight, dray
p.ge, and the thousand and one items
connected with the purchase absolute
ly took every cent of profit. If the
journals on this coast would resolve
not to receive such advertisements,
the cash would come, Let us try it.
We were never guilty of taking
but two tradt advertisements that ot
Remington's Armory, and one small
card, now in. We shall never take
another, and should our agents at
tempt to saddle such upon us it would
be sufficient cause for us to play
quits. As to Schutts it Co., our Co
temporary need not apply for redress.
We published their advertisements o
months on their own representation,
and three mouths on the rcpresenta
tinns of Geo.P. Rowel! 5c Co., Agents,
40 Park Row, New York, We need
not add that we never got a cent for
this work. Now, when a foreign ad
vertisement is sent to this office it is
either paid for in advance, or vouched
for by men whom we know.
As regards San Francisco, we be
lieve J. J. Knowlton & Co. to be
swindlers. All our business there
comes through a responsible firm
L. P. Fisher & Co., California street.
The Publishers need not be imposed
upon, and in turn need not impose up
on their patrons, if they will only ex
ercise a little of that very useful com
modity common sense.
Insanity. Insanity is declared by
medical writers to be a disease cf
high civiliz ttion Nations w ho are
the most civilized and enlightened
are more apt to be afil.'oted with it
than those who make little or no
mental exiition. It is very rare
among the Africans and Indians, be
cause they do not exert the mind to
any marked degree. Dr. Livingston
states that he found only one or two
instances of it among the tribes that
he visted; but one of the B kwains
whm he wished to titkc to Europe
with him, became insane from the
throng of new ideas which oppressed
him, and committed suicide before the
voyage was over. Insanity, uu'il
recently, was almost unknown in
China, owing to the strict despotism
under which mental activity was re
strained. Lately, however, the in
crease of the use of opium has en
larged the number of lunatics. India
is comparatively free from it. It is
less frt quent in thoso parts of Europe
where political freedom is restrained,
than in countries which have con.-ti
tutional governments. In France,
the proportion of the insane is about
one to one thousand inhabitant-; in
England, one to seven hundred and
eighty three; in Scotland, one to five
hundred and sixty-three; and, in the
United States, one to seven hundred
and Guv.
The MisEur of IIcman Life.
The 7niserytf human life is made up
of large masses, each separated from
the other by certain intervals; one
year the death of a child; years after,
a failure in trade; after another long
cr er shorter interval a daughter may
have married unhappily. In all but
the singularly unloi tunate, the i rite-urn
I parts that count the sum total of
the unhappiness in a man's life, are
daily counted and distinctly remem
bered. The happiness of life, on the
contrary, is made up if minute frac-
lions; the little, soon-forgo? fpn char
ities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look,
a hearlfelt compliment in the disguise
of pin ful railery, and ihe countless
other ir.finitesim ds of pleasur eable
thought and genial feeliiv.
The platform adoptt-d nt the
Union State Convention on Wt-dnes.
day, appears this morning in our col
umns. We ask every man in the
State to read it Those resolutions,
together with the Constitution of the
United States, the 13th and 14th ar
ticles added, would be as good a doc
ument as any Democrat could ak.
For the b?ne-fit ef those Democrats
who have never seen the Constitution
we propose to publish it, ia a fety
Sec. 1st. Be it ordained and established
by the City Council of Oregon City. That
the centre of the stone monument now lo
cated at the junction ot Muin and Third
streets in this city be and the same is here
by declared to be the point of intersec
tion of a line drawn through the center of
said Main and Third streets.
Sec. 2d. That the centre of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Main and Fouith srleet in this city be and
the same is hereby declared to be the point
intersection of a line drawn through the j
lire o ' Main and t ourta streets. j
Sec. ad. That the centre ot the stone
monument located at tne junction ot the
souih line of Sixth with Mam st reets bo
and the same is hereby declared to be at
the noint of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of said Main street and
the south line of Sixth street.
Sec. 4tb. That the center of the stone
monument located at the junction of the
northerly line of Sixth street with Main
street be and the same is hereby declared
to be the point of intersection of a line
drawn through the centre of Main street
and the North line of Sixth street.
Sec. 5th. That the centre of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Main and Eighth streets in this city be and
the same is hereby declared to be the
point of later sections of a line drawn
through the center of said Main and Eighth
Sec. Cth. That the center of the stone
now located at the junction of Maiu street
and Alley through Block 21 and 22 in this
city be and t lie same is hereby declared
to "be the point of intersection of a line
drawn through the center of said Main
street and Alley through Blocks twenty-
one and twenty-two.
Sec. 7th. that the centre of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Main street and the north line of oSocks
9 and 1:1 in this city be and the same is
hereby declared to be at the point ot inter
section of a line drawn through the center
of said Main street and the North line of
blocks line and twenty -one.
Sec. 8th. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Main and Forteenth streets in this city be
and the same is hereby declared to be the
point of intersection of a line drawn
through the ceuter of Main and Twelvth
Sec. 9th. That the centre of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
.Main and Fourteenth streets in this city be
and the same is hereby declared to be the
point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of Maiu and Fourteenth
s: reels.
Sec. 10th. That the centre of the stone
monument located at the junction of the
north line of block 1 1 and 15 with Main
street be and the same is hereby declared
to be at the point of intersection of a line
drawn through the center of said Mam
street and !he norlh line of blocks four
teen and liftee-n.
Sec. 11th. That the centre of the stone
monument now located at .he junction of
Fifth and High streets in this city be and
the same is hereby declared to be the
point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of said Fifth and High
Sec. 12th. That the centre of the stone
monument, now located at the junction of
Fifth and John Adams street in this city be
and the same is hereby declared to be the
point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of said Filth and John
Adams street.
Sec. lo!h. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Seventh and High streets in ihis city be
and the same is hereby declared to be the
point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of said Seventh and
High streets.
Sec. ltih. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Seventh and John Adams streets in this
city be mid the same is hereby declared
to be the point of intersection of a line
drawn through the center of said Seventh
and John Adams street.
Sec. 15th. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Seventh and Madison streets in this city be
and the same is hereby declared to bo the
point of intersection of a hue drawn
through the center of said Seventh and
Madison streets.
Sec. Hlth. That the center of tho si one
monument now located at the junction of
Seventh and John Quiney Adams street in
this city he and the same is hereby de
clared to be the point of intersection of a
line drawn through the center of said
Seventh and John Quincy Adams streets.
Sec. 17th. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
Seventh and Van Buren streets in this city
be and the same is hereby declared to be
the point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of said Seventh und
Van Buren streets.
Sec. l.-'Lh. That thc center of thc stone
monument now located at the junction of
the west line of Harrison and Seventh
streets be and the same is here declared to
be at the point of intersection of a line
drawn through the center of said Seventh
street and the west line of Harrison street.
Sec. l'.lth. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
11th and John Adams street in this city
be and the same is hereby declared to be
the point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center of said Eleventh and
John Adams streets.
Sec. 201 n. That the center of the stone
monument now located at the junction of
11th and Jefferson streets iu this city be
and the same is hereby declared to be the
point of intersection of a line drawn
through the center cl said Eleventh and
Jeiferson streets.
Sec. 21st. That the center of the stone
monument now located at ttie junction of
Eleventh and Twelvth streets in this city,
be, and the same is hereby declared to be
the point of iiUorseetion of a line drawn
through the center of said Eleventh and
Twelvth streets,
Passed. March .5;1. ISC?.
J. M. MOUUE, City Recorder.
Col. J. K Kelley we have always-
re-neeted as a gentleman, but
it seems that he is falling from grace,
as shown by a copperhead speech
made at the Washington II ill in this
city, recently. It is strange that the
Democracy cannot confine them
selves to truth iu this campaign. Col
Kelly departed from the f ictsso wide
ly, iu his speech, that Hon. J. II.
Mitchell took occasion a few e veidn"'s
after, before the Grant Club, to show
up the falsehoods, and correct them.
His speech had a must excellent ef
fect. The Frontier Index states that in-,
credible deposits of gold and silver
have just been discovered within 15
miles ot Scuders, in Wyoming Terri
tory. An exploring parly has brought
in several specimens of gold, sivr
and copper quartz which were thor
ougt.ly tested and proved to be as
rich as any discoveries ever made,
either in Montana or Cal fornia.
Congressional Election. Gov.
Haight has signed the bill changing
the time of electing Congressmen in
California. It will therefore bo ncces
snry for. both parties to nominate
candidates for Congress from the sev
eral districts, to bo voted for lit the
Procidentia! election.
WcctUly Commercial Review.
EvrEF.rrusE Office, )
Oregon City, March 27th. ISflS. f
FLOUR Imperial. Standard, Monitor,
and Harding's brands $C3G 50 tj bbl.,
outside brands So 00.S." 50.
WHEAT Dull demand at 90(5,95 cts.
OATS The demand is about equal to
the supplv. at 40c.
CORN MEAL $2 50$3 $ cwt.
FFFD Ground $25 ton ; Middlings
S20(Vs2. : JJran $12
ri'M'iT ":.-,... r.ri,o yhv -.nTi o-
Dl.kd Apples ,b t.xt.5c; Dried Peaches
nm, pin, in&r),
cullKl) MEAT Bacon rA lb 10c12c;
uam lh j.,c . Shoulders 57c.
jjAUD In ke-s 9 c: tins 10c.
-GGS 20c. doz.
BUTTER Ordinary to prime 1 lb 20
POULTRY Chickens TA doz $2 5C(-3;
tame Ducks 75c. '"A pair : tame Geese $2 50
) pair ; Turkeys 2 50(0 $3 pair.
GAM E Grouse 50c. pair, or S3 fl
doz.: Pheasants. 40c. 'r pair, or $2 doz.
VEGETABLES Potatoes bu. 25 cts
Onions j) lbs $1 5O0$2.; BeauscUU0
lbs $5' 55 50.
HIDES Salted "A lb45c; dry C10
rOUTI.AN!) 1'UtC'KS.
Flour Ranging from $6 00 to $7 00 "r
Wheat Lots offered here are taken at
$1 00 to $1 10 tf bushel.
Bacon Sides. (; 10c; hams. 1115c:
shoulders, C7c; SiuC-k abundant,demand
Lard In tins. WJQ1 1c; Kegs. 10c.
Butter Packed solid. 10 and 12c. In
brine, choice, 20 und 25c. Isthmus, bo
to otSic.
Eggs In good demand at 33c. doz.
Dried Fruits Apple's, packed in new J
bids 10c; 1 caches, 12ic. and lJc; l'lums,
Sugar Islands. 12j I3ic; SanFran Cis
co C. l-UtTMoc j Crushed, in bbl a.. lSjie ;
half bbls.ri7c.
Svrup Heavy Golden, best brands.
81(?,87e: Island, in bbls.. 35c.
Kite Hawaiian, 10 c; China, No. 1,
Coffee Java. 27c ; Rio. but little iu
market, 22c ; Costa Rica. 23c.
Fish Salmon, bbls. $9 00 ; half bb's.
55 0 ); Mackerel. $11; kits, 3 50, Cod
lidi. lt)c.
Salt Carmen Island 100 lb. sks.27 50 ;
Dairy 50 lb. sks. f-32 5!) ; best Lay. 100
lb. sks. S25 : 10 lb. sks, 16c ; 5 lb. sks,
Uc ; 3 1b. sks. Sc.
Advantage of Yeau9 You arc
getting into years. Yes, but the
years are getting into you the rip"-,
rich years, the genial, mellow year--,
the lusty, lucious years. One by one
the crudities of your youth are falling
off from you, of vanity, the egotism,
the insulation, the bewilderment, the
uncertainty. Nenrer and nearer yon
are appro iching yourself. You are
consolidating yeuir forces. Y'ou are
becoming master of the situation
On the ruins of shattered plans you
find your vantage ground. Your
broken hopes, your thwarted pur
poses, your defeated aspirations, be
come a staff of strength by which you
mount to sublimer he;ghts. With
self-possession and self command c f
nil things, the tiile deed of creation,
forfeited, is reclaimed. The king has
come to his own again. Earth and
sea and sky pour out their largeness
ol love. Ail the crowds pass down
to lay its treasure at your feet.
The private select school of Mr.
Cornelius, in this city, will epcn on
Monday Anrii Gi.Ii.
N one is born without vices, and
the best man is the one who is ens
cumbered with the least.
None will have, such a dreadful
parting with the Lord at the last day
' s those who went half way with
II im. and then left II im.
Bag Cai.pets. " 1 have felt great
prid.;, in new carpets before now,'' said a
lady acquaintance recently, "but this last
one made of old r.-urs as it is is the most
beautiful, alter all." And so it was cheap
durable, and neat- the colors perfect and
biendiiig so handsomely, were produced bv
the celebrated Family Bye Colors, of Howe
& Stevens notoriety. The popular drujrgists.
Simta iV Havis, -.ire agents lor thc State of
Oregon, but Bell it Parker have the dyes for
sale see advertisement.
How to Live Long Eat nvd
drink and be comfortable. Never go to ex
cess, and always be hopeful. Let the world
was as it will, be haiu-v. If it coos we!
1 nviLili; if it goes ill nevi-r cry, for that makes
ii no oeuer. i,e clieerinl contented, simple
ia habits, active in pursuits, sn-td purchase
"ui '414 uini'isiiiiu eioimnsi oi ivOiin ..v l isa
el. No. t'l Front street, Portland. Oregon
Then shall vow- .1 ears stretch out like a sum
mer s Uav, ana onr youth be perpetual.
i. urauiiN. CH.-.V.NCY BA1.1..
GRAB ON & Co.,
Wagons &, Carriages,
201 and 203 Front st., Portland, Oregon.
OCT" Tf n;on$ of every description
wide to order. Gencraljolb'utg done
with neatness and dispntrh.
Orders from ihe country promptly
auenartt ti.
North American S. S. Co.
To EQw York, via Panama !
.IL ship company will dispatch
The Elegant and commodious S.S.
. IT- i. I 4
O R E G fti I A ,
J osi-:ni Fctton- Commander
From Mission street Wharf, San Francisco
One hundred lbs Daygnye. free.
An experienced Surgeon on board.
Medicines and Attendance free.
All steamers of this Co. will hereafter
touch at Manzanilln, each way. Frti dit and
passage at reduced rates. " n
iTSr Passage tickets from Liverpool and
Qucenstown, by the Liverpool and Great
V estern .Steamship Co.'s staunch and ele
gant steamships, at unusually low rates.
r-T" Passu o e from Uremcn, Hamburg
Son hamptnn and Havre, by first- class sir's
ot the North German Lloyds, at low rates.
For farther information apr.lv to
v w t. 4. L NV- KAYMOND Agent,
-cor ttcr.v an(1 1'ine sts. up stairs
San Trauciico.
3cw Advertisements;
Wool Wanted I
la si it isi c& ii & Mro.
100,000 POUNDS
f Choice Woo! !
lor which the highest market
2)rlce will be paid.
Having followed the above business
Sii.tt.-eu years, in
And San Francisco.
I fec-l confident that I can ive perfect sat
isfaction to all who may trust me with work.
Persons living at a distance from the city
can obtain all necessary information as to
cost, etc., bv addressing:
J. A. V. ETiuOliE. Plasterer.
Montgoir.eiy st., near lStli, Portland.
Reference. e.Mactiamas countj- :
J. C. Tiu-llinceii, Ksq., Oswego.
In the Circuit Court of the 1st it e oi
Oregon, for the Comity oi Clackamas ss:
aii cent, ueveouc stamp.
Margaret S. Post, olaintiil', vs. Lzi a J. Post
defendant. Suit in ecpaity to dissolve mar
riage contract.
To Ezra J Post!, x u I Ufenditnt :
In the name cf the State of Ou-iron, You
are hereby required lo appear and answer
the con-plaint filed again.-t yon in the shove
eutitlt d actio-i, within tt n days from the date
of" the service of this summons opon yco, it
served within tiie said county ; or, it served
in ;:nv other conntv of this State, then vf :th-
a twenty davs from the data c-t the service
uf this siunmo-i upon yon ; and if yon fail
o lo answer, lor want thereof, tae plain-oil
will tak; judgment against yon. and if yon
fail to apne-ir in said court on the lost nay
of the term of said coutt, woich shall be he.d
after six weeks publicum of this summor.s
ihe lihiiiitiff wid apidv to the court for the
elief demai ded iu stud complaint, which is
tor a dissolution of the marriage contract
now existing between plaintiff and defendant
and that phuntiif have the care and custody
of thc children mentioned in complaint.
Ilv order . . Lpton. .1 nl;;e 4 tti J ndi-
cial District. S. ItLiCLAT,
,7t) Attorney for Plamtiii.
The co-nnrtnersliip heretofore existing
under the iirm name of Roscnstein i Men-
lelson. doini: business in Oregon Citv, was
dissolved on l! e P-lb dav of March. 1 -is. Iv
mutual consent, .1. Roscnstein and 15. Mt-n-dclson
ret:rini: from the lirm. All accounts
!uc said firm will lie co'lected by the con
tinning partners, S. Kosensf cm and A. L.
Mcndelson, and will hqomnte all claims
against the aforesaid firm of Roscnstein t
,'ieiH'ci.. on.
f '23.21
Citv, Oregon, I'.eda Kubler vs. Mar.-hail
Ii obeli's. Contest in tt!at'o:i to the W half
ol the W bait ot soc. -2. T. S K 1 Vv .
To said Marshall Roberts: The said Re da
Kubler having inede application at this otliee
to be permitted to proem e the cancelation of
your homestead entry No. '214, made upon
said laud, and to cuter the same, alleging
that yon iiave abandoned said land, and
making proof in support of said atic-g.-.tion.
on are therefore, heu-by notified that un
less you apnear within thirty days from the
service hereof, and establish your riiiht to
said land, such proof ot abandonment wi'I
be taken as true, and your said c-utry report
ed lor cancellation.
OWEN WADE, Register.
March 17, li. p20.4t
JLIfe f usti&i mc'o Co.
Assets Nearly $o,00n.0C0 00.
Dividend to January 1st, IStJT,
1,11 (j,;i'vo ts.
Dividend of 16G7, 4!l p)cr cent. Cash.
I gi:i!it ing, and assures ihe policy iioi.d
ki:s that they will, in this carefully con-ducid
company, obtain insurance at the lowest cost
consistent with t4ie safety of the insured.
Dividends Ann vnlly.
Policies it on Forfeiting,
After one. Payment.
Policies In con testable,
Credit, trircti fur j) irl of
The Picm'f.m if Desired
Prompt Payment of Insn's f
7All classes of Life imd Endowmcut
Policies ij-sued.
1 nrporta ul New Features ii
D'vdcuds, and Modi ft of Inturni ce :
The following are examples of the itera
tions of the Li.-1 (';--; iend. Policies ia.-ucd
in lb;')-3 only four ynirs ago:
Amour, t Piemium Added Tot:d
Ag?. Insured. Paid. to Policy. Amount,
-l.i f io,,.o. gi.-.s-o $.",,..72 $ir.,;7'2
S" ft, em) ,f-l l',s;S lo,-4S
7,-V-O 7os, ii.r.'S lo,-os
2- 7,ooo 571 L,505 l,"0,-)
JThi is an entirely new plan, originating
with tins company, and gives insurers the
largest return ever made by any company in
the same period. All information, books,
blank A; plications, can 1 ol taincd from
C. P. I LRRY, Agent,
loS Flout st , PuilhiutJ, Oregon.
Dr. A. D. Ellis. (
I in. W. II. W atkins, f Medical Examiners.
1831 1867
e. j. kobtf.u? & CO.,
Builders'1 Hardware and Carpenters'1
niacksmiUts and Machinists' Tools,
Coopers'' and Tanners'" Tnlst
Mining and Farmers' Tools,
Mill and Cross- Cut Saws,
SJiip and Steamboat Hardware,
Tart l'iich, Oakum, Oars, Packing,
Manilla and. Hemp Cordage,
Anchors, Plucks and Sluaces,
Powder, Fuse, Shot, Lead and Cerps,
Wooden Ware, Twines and Brushes.
Blacksmiths' Goods, Cumberland Co:d, Put
nam, New "o k and Griffin Horse Nails,
Malleable Nuts and Irons for Hag
gles and Wagons; Wagon Skeins'
and Iron Axles, ail sizes.
Hals, Spot:, AxU, Poles an.l Shafti, Dtnl
liims, Ha tail J!!oti, dx'., itv.
Agouti for. A. S. Ilallidir & C o., IVirc
llopi; 3; a mi fai tn i i t s.
CBT Circulars furnished on application.
Our facilities for purchasing goods in th
Eastern Mat-Vets being of a superior cbarae
superior charac
ter, we are enabled to offer goods ui our line
at as low rates as they can be purcfia--ed in
this market. We call the attention of deal
ers to our stock, which comprises the most
complete and extensive assortment of goods
in this line ever ottered in this market.
30 E. J. NORTHRUP & CO.,
131 Front Street, Portland, Oregon.
auction and commission
A. 15. ISicIasiFdsoii,
Corner of Front and Oak streets, Portl&n
Of Real Estate. Groceries, General Merchan
dise and Horses,
Every Wednesday and Saturday J
A. B. IiiciiAP.DsoN, Auctioneer.
English refined liar and Bundle Iron ;
English Square and Octagon Cast steel ;
Horse shoes, Files, Rasps, saws;
Screws, Fry-paus, sheet iron, R. G Iron ;
also :
A large assortment of Groceries and Liquori.
A. B. Eiciiakdson, Auctioneer.
Forwarding Merchants,
Hawaiian and Oregon Packet Lines.
Importers of San Quentin and Carmen
Island Salt. Sandwich Island Sugars, Coffee,
liice, and Puia.
Agents for Provost's fc Co.'s PresW-vd
Fi nits. Vegetables, Pickles and Vinegar.
Dealers in Hour, Gi air . Paeon, Lard fc
Fruit, Lime, Cement and Plaster.
Will attend to the Purchase, Sale or Ship
ment of Merchandise or Produce in New
York, San Francisco, Honolulu, or Portland.
Nos L'0-1 and 2 On California Street,
San Fruucisca.
If. North Front Slreet.T'ortland.
island Sugar and Molasses.
ex-llonolu!n Packet, and fur
sal? by
Motley's History of ihe Netherlands?
A history ol the United Netherlands: Iron
tliedea.fi of William the Silent to the Pi
Years' Truce i.'io.'. Ry John LoTimoi'
Motley, D. C. f... author of the "Rise of
the Dutch Republic." In four Volumes,
with port raits, two., Cloth,
Smiles' s History cf the Hugueots;
The Huguenots; their settlements, church'
cs, and indnstris, in England and Irehiid
Ry Samckl S.mills, author of "Self Help."'
etc. Crovvu bvo. cloth, be Vol edges, 1 70.
Duffs' D iok Keeping ti Sinsh and
Double entry. Practically Illustrating
Mcicli-'nts'. Manufacturers', Private bank
ers'. Railroad, and National Hank- account
including all the late improvements in thc
science. With a copious Index. Ity I',
Dt'rK. formerly Merchant, Founder and
Proprietor of De.fi's' Mercantile Collar,,
Piit.-lmrt;. Pa. 2oth edition, enlarged and
revised, bvo, cloth, :?:J 7o.
Mrs. Comforts' Fairy Stories. Folks
and Fairies: Stories IbP Lit tie Children,
l y Lvcy R sr vll Comfokt. With engrav
ings; sq uare -ito, cloth, 1.
Barries' Evidences of Christianity;
Lectures on the evacuees of Christianity
ia the Si'th Century. Delived in tha
Mercer street church. New Yoik, January
l;!st, to Feb. 21 st, ist;7. On the "Elv Fnun
datio!!' ot the Union Theological -v-minn-rv.
liv Allojkt !!.'. rnls. author of "Notr
on t!ie New Testament," -Vc. la mo, Moroc
co cloth, beveled edges, 1 75. 0
The Lovers'' Dictionary ; A Poetical
treasury of Lovers' thoughts. Fancies, ad
dresses, and dilemmas, indexed with near
ly ten thousand references as a Dictionary
of compliments and guide to the study cf
the tender science. Post Svo, cloth $3 5c;
giit edges, $4 25.
Maces'' Fairy Book; Home Fairy
Tiaes (CW'iV ' -pit-it CiitiU't'i ) By Je.v
M ale, author of "The servant of the stoin
r.c'i," A.C. Translated by M ary L. Room,
translator of" Martin's History of Franc?;
Labouh.ye's Fairy Rook." tc. With tn
graving. 12mo, cloth $1 7."; gilt 2 25.
Three English Statesmen; Cromwellr
Pym and Put. A course of lectures on
tiie political history of England. Ry Uoli
vix S.viTU, author of "Lectures on th
itiuly cf History," tie. 12nio, cloth $1 00.
Agnes Sfrlcklands Queens of England
Lives of the Ipieens of England. From ill
Norman Conquest. Ry Aoxks Sthicklaxi,
author of " Lives of thc Queens Scot
land.;" abridged by the author. Revised
and edited by Cap.oi.ink G. Pakkkr. I .arc
-2iuo, iloili, i'.2 Uniform with the .Sfu
dciti'ii Jjt.!ort ca.
The Kew Novels,
IlAttPER & Bk!tiieks, New York.
Playing for High Stakes; By Aniii
Thomas, bvo, paper 25 cents.
Guild Court; A London Story 7y
Geo MTcDonalii; bvo, paper 50 cents.
A Brother's Bet; or Within six Weeks.
Ry Esoly Fl v G.-. i: eCa rlkn. Svo, paper 2'c.
The Huguenot Fomil; By Sarah
Tytlkr. P2iik, cloth, $1 50.
MaheTs Progress ; By the authorQf
"Aunt Margaret's Trouble;" Svo, paper 50c
7'he Waferdale Neighbors; By tht
author of " Paul MasMe." Svo, pnjicr See.
Caryloifs Year; By the author of
"Lost Sir Masi-iHgberd." Svo, paper, 25c.
Stone Edge; A 2 ale. Svo, paper ,
'25 cents.
Circe; or Three Acts in the Lite of an
Artist. Ry Rarincton White. 50 cents.
T'ue. Tenants of Malray; ByJ.S.
Le Faxc. Svo, paper, 5oc.
Bird cf Prey; By M E. Braddcn.
Illustrations. Svo, paper, 75 cents.
e-HAur-Fii Biiotiiers wii! send
the above works bv Mail, postage paid, tn
any part of the United States, uj reC,ZV
Oregon Commission Agency
For buvin- and shipig direct, by tht
i or D".y"r , a classes and vane-
SHr Mer h luli, including Musical I
Itrmm'nVs' Farn.mg Impletueuts, Carnage.
and Machinery. , .
jr Faithful suenuou ... '" '- -
"the sfciuang and disposition ot Patents.
All orders and business i.ircti.- , ,i-
nttentioii. Gon' s smppeu in ik m.i c .
lowest rates, and insured to order.
ldrich, Merrill & Co., San Francisco, Cat
McCrakcn, Merrill & Co., Portland, Orego
.1. H. Moores, Salem, Oregon.
Thomas Monteith, Albany, Oregon.
J L. Rrownell it Rro., Rankers, 2S Rroad f
E & C. E. Tdton, 'Jo and '.'7 Liberty M.
M.Starr, late of Oregon. ti5 I-tbert f-
Albon Matin. Treasurer .auou uv
Co., 1 Wall st.
have on hand tor sale, m l" J0,
ourchasers. the celebrated UOMTO
t LVl M. ivy it-