Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, June 26, 1886, Image 1

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OftJGOd SEtfflHfik
.-hlvertisemnts will bo Inserted in the'
Sentinel nt the following rates:
Ten ines, one insertion $2 50"
" ' each subseoucnt insertion. SI 00"
Jacksonville, - -- Oregon,
f E R M S
One copy. Per Tear, in advance, t'4 SU
- Legal a(lvertiscnienU Inserted roiw
Job work or all kinds done on prompt?
notice and in workman-like style,
A l)t-toaii to Ycmly AtUertlMn.
as PSK 1'EAR,
v '
&3tS&? a AKvA &&$&
i ... . tjit i- -n - -""-- m
T. R. YfWN(J, J!. D.,
Physlcan And Surgeon,
Central Poist, Oregon.
Calls promptly attended Iff at all hours.
it aol-point" oreoo.
Having located at this- p?acfl f asfc a
shire of the patronage of this section'.
Calls attended to It any time.
XV. EVmi-rMAMSOlfc
Medford, Oregon.
All business in my line will receive
prompt attention-
Jacksonville, Ogn.
Will practice in ad the Courts of the
Rtn(e. 0 fflcg fa Court ll .-.:
jACk'soAvittE Oregon.
VVTil practice in all the Courts of this State.
Office in the t ourt -House.
tiraduatcof University,-Leipzig, Germany,
Physician And Surgeon.
Calls attended' to at all bonrs day and
night. Office opposite Slover Hoicl.-Jacfc-Aonvillt,
K. I'Tjcr, SI. !.-
Iv IV Geary, . I.
3Vociror-c, 3x-.
Offices. For tiro present will bo as
Jacks tmvilo, Ogn.
FFICE-Af City Dnrg Store. R-i-dence
on Fourth St., op..osilc 31. L.
(Jails promptly attended to. Jay and night.
B. F. DOWEl.Lj
Portland. Okegos.
All business placed in my fiands w'.ll to.
etivc prompt attention. Special atten
f'mn givento collections.
Kotary Public, Eeal Estate Agent and
6llte or
JModforcl, O
I ntafe conveyancing ami furnishing ab
Iftracts of l.md titles a specinhy. Loans
ffcj.vliatctl ami ro ledums Hinder AH
Business inlrustccf fo my Circ will receive
prompt and carelul attention.
jacksonvillk, oreoon.
Teeth extracted at all hours.
kfuiiliing gas administercil,
"if desired lor which extra'
Charge will be Inidc. Oflke on corner of
California arid Jilli street.
M. 0. alBBS. Ir. . STKABKf.
Rooms 2 and 4Strowbriu'gc's Building,
tVill practice in all covins of record in the
State of Oregon and Washir.ton Tcrri
tojy; aad pay particular attention to
business hi K"derl courts.
Four courses of study. Normal and
Commercial College',-Preparatory and' In
strumental music
For particulars or catalogue' apply to
the undersigned at Ashland, Oregon,
it. G. ROYAL, A. M,.
Send' si cents for nostacc.
and receive free, a costly box
of goods which will help all.
f either sex. to more money right away
titan anything else in this world. For
ncs awVit the workers absolutely sure
JMoeceeddreMTnu? & Co., Augusta, Jle
Oregon & California R. R.
4nd connections. Time 2 days.
Fare from Portland to Kin Franclico 833;
to bacranif nto $30.
Close connection; made at Ashland
fcith fclages of the California Oregon
and Idaho Stage company.
East Side B-lvisibn.
Between Portland & Ashland
. Hall Train
Portland.. 7:30 A. M..Mcdibrd...3:24 A. ii.
'3Ic-dford..3:25 A. M.Asbland...4:l.r) A. ir.
Ashhmd. 9:30 p. m. Mcdroid..l0:10r.ir.
Medford.l0:ll r. m. Portland.. 4:2o P. m.
Alban) Liprcss Train.
Portland ... .4 :00 p M Leban'cn s,. :20 p' M
Ltbanon...4:43 A Jl'Portland. .10:03 am
Pullman Palace Sleeping cars daily be
tween Portland and Ashland'.
The O. & C. It. It. Ferry makes con
nection with all the regular trains on the
East Side Div. Iron loot off St.
TTcst Side Division.
Between Portland & Corvallis.
Jlnll Train.
Portland 9:00 A m arvallis...4:30 pm
CAjrvallis.4..8:30A MiPoitland...3i20pM
I.sprcss Train.
Portland 5:00 rsi
5Ic31innville5 :45 am
JIcMinnvillcS OOrM
Portland.. .8 :30 am
Local tickets lor sale and baggage
checked at company's up-town office, cor
ner Stark and Secoud streets. Tickets for
principal points in California can only be
procured and baggoge checked at com
pauy's office,
I'ornrr I' and Tront , Portland, Orcson,
Freight will not be received for ship
ment after five o'clock r m on cither the
East or West Side Diviiions.
It. KoLiiLEif, E. P. Rogers,
Manager. G. F. & Fa3r Act
Citation to Heirs.
Injhe County Court of the State of Ore
gon for the county of Jackson, sitting
in probate. May tenn. 18b0.
In the matter of the estate oi William
Briner. deceased.
To Lemuel Briner, Kiizabetli Briner, Ma
tilda Foster, JIatilujNiccwarmer, fclsie
.Ilan-ey, TIios. Briner, George Brinier.
'l'ernina Glandon.
that B. C. Goddard Administrator,
has filed his petition prayiiigfor an order
of'-iirtcouit to sell the following des
cribed1 fear property belougiug to said
e tatc, to-wit:
Lots No. 1, 2; 3, and the W 1-2 of the
N E if and the N W if or the - E 14 ai:
in section 2, Township 37 south, range 1
west, Iffciifcd in Jackson countv, Oregon,
the li.mcstead claim of Win. Briner, de
Tbercfere nt(ce Is herelij- ciTf n to tltp licirs-at-I
offti ideirMp lliat llie prayer of faulpititlitu viUbe
be-tril ami lc termincU at (lie usual place nf lioMing
Ctiuuty Cicit in Jacksonville, tn wiij county anJ
Slate on Tuesday, Jlini-8ili,lSS0,t lOo'clocL A. SI.
irtvriitchtime tlie slUlitha and all other, iutcrested
Iniindf,tateare Lereb notified to appear and sbon
cuue, if tliey liave, nbi an order ofsdle sliould Dot
be ln-idea in the afore-utld J etllionpraeilfAr.
l'ubliftlud bjurderof Ilou.U. llrl'eatt. Judge.
Atti m: M. II. PAIIKEK, County Clerk.
MRS. J. m. am,
OTaCltsori-cillo, - - Ogn.
Having moved to a new location on
California strce.V at the residence of E.
Tl l,nrtr?l,- 1 licrMiv- nftt m- frinnilc
'amfthe public generally to give me a call
for anything in the line of Dressmaking,
fining ana uuitiug,
Dress Patterns FuniislieJ.
My prices are regulated fo suit the
times and satisfaction is guarintccd
Lc-d Office at Rosehuro, Ogk., )
May 20, ISSfi. f
Notice is hereby giten that the follow-ins-named
settler has filed notice ol his
I intention tn make final proof in support
01 111s cianu, auu itiut sutu pruoi witi ue
made before the Clerk of Jackson cflunty,
at Jaeksonillc Oregon, on Tuesday July
Cth. 18SC. viz-: Elijah Smith, nre-eniplion
LD. S. No. 4428 for the S E if ofN W if.
MC2( townsinp 3 soutu rangeauest
He names the following witnesses to
prov his coutinuous residence upon, and
cultivation of said land, viz: James Jeff
rey of Jacksonville, Win-. Rav, Alex. A.
Ingart nd James McDonnah all of
Uniontown, Jackson county, Oregon.
Wm. F. BiiNjAMiN. Register.
County Treasurers Notice.
Office of Treasurer of Jackson Co )
Jacksonwlle, Mav 14 JRSG. f
there are funds in the Cbunfy Treas-urj-
for Uic redemption of the folhming
couuty warrants, prolestcd up toJUfyO,
Numbers 093. 709. 830, 833, 837, 832,
S4'i,402H.849,8D&;.779,333. 903, 11)01,71,
727,153,39. 51, 9i)i, 810,752. 93,97,132,
870, 14G, 139, 14S, 147. 195. 149, W2.-W0,
1 14, 133, 125, 94, lil, 45, 11C, 501
Interest on the same will ccaVc from
this dat. Jf ewmAS Fisher,
Couuty Treasurer.
WANTED A capable rdah or woman,'
of unusual energy, to take the
agency cf this or some other county lor
the "History of California." To the nsht
party it will pay $ 100 to $300 per month.
,.! T hrDOAr ir . r :j
iuuii-ss f 1. iio,, juauacr weejucu-
rnpiisnmg uo, lu suiter street. san
mar27 1m.
Wk Is U lit! H I11&
si, &
Absohttelu A
Tree from Opiates, JJmcties and J?oisotu
SAFE. te?m.
Ceres Hhei 2""r, Hccta,
1U(L1. UfZtla'a ACOlDttUe,
Pi:iti 1 iiTY cTS.
I AT nHu;br A'l DZMLES.
The Greater E;di:al Tnnnrpa of ths Agol
KPg3 LIEi.
X.ose of nppctltCt Bowels costive, Pain In
the bead, w'lU n dnll scneation in tbo
bacU part, i,in nuilcr tbo shoulder
bladCf Tullncss after catluc, with n. dis
inclination to exertion of body orinlnd.
Irritability of tcinpcrV IjOWpirItsf with
afcclinjof hr.Tinirncslcctcd nomedutr
W'czrincs', l)izzfncst, riutlcrhiznttho
Heart Dsts before tbo cjrc, Hcndacbo
over tbo risht eye, Iiestlcsenci3t vith
fitful drentns, Ilitcbly colored L'rinc, and
TCTT'S riLLS aro cspeelally adapted
to such casc, 0110 dnso ctfects such a
They Inrrtafco tho A ipctltc,ncd cause tho
body tn TaUe ou Ilcii.thu the Mtcm is
nourished. nrl bythur Tonic Action on
the llsestive Orscai, Itrcular S tools aro
lrodurf1 Prlee liftc. -4 ft rinrray t.X.Y.
C HtlHBtfa
J. S3rlKfc
SJ7 UBkiua iiaufcia
finAT niTCi or Wnisscr.s ohanced to a
GLOsir iiLAcr; by a sinsio application o(
tlU- Dye. It imparts a n itural color, acH
iistamanccufly. feolil by Druggists, or
ent liv express on receipt of SI.
OfTioo. 44 Murrey St.. How Yor!
tTaciiSQnvilie, Gr.
At the olu stand of S. P. Ilnnna, in Crone
miller's building, ktt ps ou hand a
lull Kne of
Wagon Material!
And is pi ared to do all work in his line
on sh' I notice and id a vnrl.ni tnlike
man cr. Vehicles of every des
cription made to Older.
Repairing A Specially.
Terms reasonable and satiifacation
guaranteed. Geo. Rieves
The Bitters' Guide is Is
sued March and Sept, each
ijcar: 216 paef, 8xllJ
rjnchcrf with ov-r 3,300
illustrations r hole pic
ture callcrv. -ves whole
sale prices direct to consume jn all goods
for personal or" family u Tells how"
to order, and gives cxar cost of every
thing )ou use, catt drir wear, or have
fun v ' h. Theso iuva ible books con
tain" information gleincd from the map
kcts of tha world. We will mail a copy
Free to any address upon receipt of the
postage 7 cents. Let us hear from you.
27 : 29 Wolicli Arcane. Cilcixo. III.
Men Thi'j
tfiey know all about Mustang Lin
iment. Few do.- Not to know is
not to have.
WQ be auTled FREE t. an appUcutfl. ao-1 laeiifunoer, et
Jut Tear Tltboat wderlar it. it conuloi .boat 120 pacel,
CO lUMtnaofit. prlecj. accsrate dcurlptinni and eataitt,
tfirerUoAt farpttBUoe all rarietlea r VEGETABLE
aad FLO WEB; SKblS BULKS, etc loTtlaaM.
t. an. eapeciallT to atarkrt Qardraer,. Send fbr It.
D. M. FERRY CO., Detroit, Michigan,
We cucttv.i to act as So!I;Itors for Patents,
CsYeiJs. T-Je Marks. Copyriirtrts. etci. lor lha
Ct.it: - a. -s, taj atla. Cubs, England. France.
litrisii) Ct.- t.e tare tad thlrty-tlic
c.-trT fxiicrlrufc.
.It. KiUu 1 tlJU'tBrsareRctlced jithe
fciEvTric 'JiliKAi lblhir!reardT!lcrdid
i .ostritfd wcclly i aj cr. $3.20 a year. slK.ws
ttePr .TUt fi . clei cc. 1 itrj Jntcrcstnitr. and
cos aa en 'rrvius cirrulaticn. Address jiUhK
X i".i, "ate t SoUctirs, pub's rl .cIEXTinc
oJCSiCAi. Sia Uroadway eK' Ttrt.
lt 1 r-k-i:HJiii PRi,t5 'rpe.
a week in your own town . Terms
and $5 outfit free. Address H"
Hallet, & o., Portland Maine,
eft- 2&&2Eigm80&Ad
$ rTFrv THE GREr'TZWnt?fW
Fort Klamath
We understand tbatthrSecrsUTy of
War has lately issued orders to aban
don Several of the Government posts,
among which is Fort Klamath, Ore
eon, ard we think be has eftiwir shown
poor judgment, or else been il advised
by other parties in regard to Fort
Klamath. Since this order- has been
issued ws fcsve' been in constant re
ceipt of loud remonstrances from the
settlers of that faft of the country
entirely unprotested from" the nutn
crous predatoryihandg'jPPrto, who
are onl) kept in subjection by the
presence of au armed force sufficient
to overawe any attempt at lawless
ness In our estimation, any parties
suggesting the abandonment of Fort
KUniath either are endeavoring to
make polirrcal capital or are in an at
tempt to make a cheap reputation for
econemy, that would prove very much
the contrary, as the massacre of Gen.
Cauby is still fresh in the memory of
OiPgon; and to ajstlti leave the settlers
unprotected by militia, voul'J bo like
leaving a babe it? ibe haudi of some
savage animal. Thefort is Totaled in
a thinly settled portion of the State,
about 4000 feet above the sea level ou
an open plain. Thtf grjund during
the whole year is covered with frost,
and it is impossible to utilize this land
for farmiug purposes. The only um
which can be mado of it is for grazing.
The natural resources are alnioUeuliie
ly undeveloped, and the Indian agency
is six miles distant, where Iarg-t bodies
of Indians live, whoso pursuits are of
the most peaceable nature, OT.-rng to
the simple and convincing fact that
any uprising would be promptly quelled
by the military authorities qunrtertd
in close proximity; and there is no
reasonable doubt that the spirit of
peace now so prevalent among tha
citizens, as well as the Indiuti would
be seriously disturbed by abandoning
the roM. There is no denying that
the natural antipathy existing letwttn
. ' " t
whites tnd Indian, generally taJeir in
connection with thu fact that the
nearest fort would be disUnt several
days journey, would encourage the In
diaus to drprtdalion, or to summarily
resent real or fancied rnftfrics. This,
of course, would cause bloodshed,
and possibly a prolonged and expen
sive 'ar, destructiye ulike to tht'pres
ent and future prosperity of the coun
try. While the country is sparsely
settled, still it will rapidly advArce,
provided the settlers Can he made to
feel that the government will protect
them. Under such circumstances the
development will be such that in' time
the fort can be abandoned and the
country still governed.
The run of seals along the cast is
almost phenomenal in its excess, it
being difficult to overstate their num.
ber, which appears to be counties?.
Herd after herd of thousands in num
ber are wending their way to tl e
north. Old sealers say (hit uev-r
in their recollection were tne anni
mals so numerous and had it not
been for unropitious weather thu
catches of the schooners wou'd
have been enormous. Gsld Beach
A' theif in Fort Valley, Nc, hired a
little negro' to go down the chimney
of a certain strre and Opened" the back
door promising him fifty cents and
half vlmt he could carry away. The
boy went down several feet and then
stuck fast and he could go neither
way. He yelled for a long time be
fore he was heard, and seemed very
glad to go from the chimney to the
lockup. "
Skeleton of a man in a sitting pos
ture was unearthed in Nevada sity on
May 20th, by the workmen engaged
in grading in the streets on Aristorc
racy Hill. The oldest inhabitant is
unable to account for the presence of
the remains fn" that locality, being
more than a half mile from the neatest
cenietty, and no one remembers of
auy ' ie being hurried there.
Ir. Carl Schurz denies that Mr.
Randall's proposition to certificate
the whole eligible list of a civil ser
vice examination is inimical to. re
form! Every sensible mau felt that
it was.
The Oregon senate will consist of
twenty republicans and democrats,
while the house will probably be re
publican by two majority.
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A Snake Story.
l'h almost incredible storY recent
ly printed-about the death of a boy
near Grand Falls, Maine, from hemor
rhage caused by pulling from his
mouth a live snake which had grown
to his flesh proves to be literally true.
The lads name was George Murichson,
and his age is 8 years. He was
bright little" fellow, and lived with his
parents on a farm about four miles
from the town. Early last winter the
boy began to act strangely tick. He
had a moat v qracinus appetite, and it
was impossible for him to get- enough
to rat. Hid friends got alarm ( about
it and sent for physicians, who began
dosing him for worms. As the winter
wore on the boy grew worse and worse.
One day he fu'.t something crawling
up from his stomach into his throat.
He almost choked to death, for the
crawling creature tried ineffectually to
come out by the nasal passage. In a
short lime the snake (for such it vra)
forced his way up-the boy' b throat and
stuck its head out of his mouth. The
lad's sister who was ntarby, saw the
had of the serpent just boforo i'. drew
back into the boj's mouth. Vvry soon
the s'iake stuck his head out a second
time, and his lit1 le sister made a grab
at it and pulled fiom the l.oy's mouth
a live snake fourteen inch' s long. It
hail a piece of llcsh at'ehed to its tail
nearly a-! large as a hen's egg. Tl e
bov lived a short timer only after the
snake was taken f.-om him, dying of
violent hemorrhage. It is supposed
that the boy hud gone to sleep in some
field and that the snake bud crawled
down his throat. The reptile has been
Dreserved in alcohol.
Governor Siriuford of Alaska,
who has gone Co' Washington makes an
interesting report of the managoment
ot affairs it that territory. There is a
law prohibiting tha importation of
whiikey into the territory, yet very
inferior whisky is cairied tl ere and
sold at prices rangina from 8 to 512
per gallon, thus aff'iding an enormous
profit to the liqtl'of dealer. Governor
Sniceford hid occupied the govern
ment house but a. littli while when the
outgoing marshal presented him with a
bill for the furniture in the house, am
ounting to over 200. Afterpayiuglhe
t'ill the goverrror' learned that the
furniture belonged to the government,
!-ut it was too late to recover his
money, as the ex marshal had' ab
sconded. It nasr also beerr ascertain d
that thu former officials' have been
in the habit of riding on the steam
ships on passes and then collecting
money from the government a'jif they
had paid their expenses. These peo
ple thought that the governor was un
necessarily squeamish and particular
when he declined to follow the prac
tice of his thrifiy prjdecessors.
We say to readers that we" believe
that the intuition and duty of all
kinds of popuTar government is to
promote the interests and protect the
rights of the misses of the people.
Fur us to accomplish' this it is our
duty look out for the interrstests of
our own people before thove of Canada
or Europe 6r Asia, and that to do" so
properly will set tne American' labor
high above that nf foreign nations'.
But besides this, inasmuch produc
tive industry is the hub of the nation
al wheel, it raHst not only be protected
but diversified, and its dcme.tio' hind
erances removed that the labor employ
ed in the pursuance of its varisd inter
ests shall have a just share in the
benefits to be derived, so that labsr
shall stand on the same plan as capital
sofar a government protection reacbes
and that labor then must enter upon
pits own broail Gdld of rffirt which
offers reward to every industry, tem
perance sad education; so that he wlo
k will may buildand engrav-R golden-
letters on ths battlements of time.
Friday night there was a big storm
At the mouth of the Columbia river,
which lasted until Satardav. Many
daring fisherman were caught plying
their vocations, and in- all twenty
seven of them weredrowneJ. Among
Lthosa who were lost were tlilly Lynn,
a pagilist, who is Well known herej
and a man known as Big Steve.
Since the defatof N . L. Butler for
congress, bis wife has given birth
to twins. Wonder if they are boys?
The Governor of New Yorkjfhas
signed a bill permitting wunen to prac
lce law there.
Obitiiarjf of Mrsf frillie F-MacCrimmon-
MAcCnisiMOX-Trilie-' F. Klippel.wifeof
John C. MacCrimmon, departed this"
lite at her home m .North laKinia, v.
T., June 8, ISSO.-alter in illness.ot two
"wctks, agtl tiTenty-ninc years, two
mouths acd one day.
She was born at the G'rman M. E.
parsonage in Springfield,-Ills., April 7,
1857, and in th" eleventh year gave
her heart to Christ and openly unitstr
with the Methodist Episcopal Church,
of which she remained a member until
the end of herearthly pilgrimage. Less
than one year ago she gave her hand
in marriage to her now bereaved hus
baud, and they both left this city with
bright hopes for a long prosperous anil
useful career at their new home. Ala,
how futile are all hum-in anticipation--!
Her illness bad its origin in prematcVe
confinement, her child surviving but
four hours. Ten "or more years of her
riper maidenhood she was very useful
as a Sunday School worker, and the
members of her clashes in JacksonvUlle
and in our German mission school in
Portland, will nevor forget the pre
cepts of her example and teaching. Iu
disposition she was gently kind and
unassuming. Prominent in her relig
ious character was a strict conscious
ness, combined with a quiet, hopeful
cheerfulness. To her venerable pa
rents, her beloved husband, her three
nrotuers and one sister,, with many
other friends, her memory is precious,
and they may well cherish the rich
legacy of an upright, cbris tan life she
has left to the-m. Appropriate funer
al services were held at North Yaki
ma, conducted by Eev. Mr.- Fish, of
the Columbia River conference. -"She
is not dead, butslerpeth." F. Borc',
Her former pastor.
Portland, Or, June 1G
Wn regret to chronicle, as' we do
this week, the death of Mrs. Tiliie F.
MacCrimmon. daughter of Rev. and
Mr.s. Adam Klippel of this city. She
was one-of theexcollent of the earth,
worthy to live but ready to die, and
from her place and promise of useful
ness on earth has gone to her higher
place above. The sympathies of many
friends are with the bereaved. Ed. of
Pacific Christian "Advocate."
The railroad construction superin
tendents are troubled a good deal with
the white hands they have been em
ploying lately, most of them working
only a day or two after being passed
up over the road fiom below, other
wise the work would go on faster. The
company are therefore compelled to
depend maiulj ou their Chinese hand,
and are tjffngni'g' up all tire' Chinamen
that can be engaged anywhere on the
coast, to put the road through speedilv.
The grading has been completed for
a long distance above the end of pres
ent terminus .at Gibson's and if the
bridges are built as speedily above
Southern's as below, it will not be
long before trains can run up to Bail
ey'n oda Sprius.
The railroad men expect to have the
road completed to Sim Southern's,
(Huxel Creek) by the l"st of July, to
which point passengers and express
matter will be delivered and received,
thereby reducing the distance between
railroads to 1 10 miles. This will leave
only about 9 or 10 miles more road
building to' reach Biiley's, which
point it is claimed, will be rtaclietl by
August 1st. After leaving Biiley's,
the work will be in Siskiyou, as Bail
ey's is close to the county line.
Wants To Find Her Niece Mrs
Clara Thompson is very anxious to
;find her niece whose jiresent name she
does not know, but whoso maiden
name was Clara Ileger. Will piper
throughout this state and Washington
territory please give publicity to this
paragraph? Information may be' sent
to the "Oregonian."
A cafile foom London' on the 6 h
says that there is lit'le hope that Glad
stone's home rule' bill1 will lio ptsljed,
but that Parliament would be imme
diately dissolved, itnd anbther election
called for.
Nice jSIace, East 'St. Louis. The
whole police force has been detected in
n conspiracy rob the b&riks.
One hundred and fifry immigrants
from North' Carolina arrived recently
in north Idaho.
A b'oody war is said to bfi'in pro
gress upon the gold coast ot Africa.
Why Eve Didn't Need A
A lady writer in one .of our ex
changes furnishes sormr res-snns why
Eve did not keep a girl. She says:
"There has been a great dfal said
about thu fault of Women, arid1 why
they need so much -vaitinjf on. Some
one, a nian of course,, has tfc pr
sumption to ask, 'Whv, when Ev waa
manufactured out of a spare rib, a
servant was not manufactured- to- wais
on heit' She didn't need any servant.
A bright writer has said: 'Adam never
came vv hining to Evo with a ragged
stocking to be darned, button' to-ba-seeded
on, and glov'es to h mended
right away quiek now.' He never
read the newspapers until the sun went
down behind the palm trees, and be,
stretching himself, yawned out, 'Is
supper ready, dear.' He made the
lire and hung the kettle over it himself,
we'll venture pulled the radishes', peeled1
the potatoes-, and did everything elu'
he ought to do. lie milkej the cows
and fed the chickens' looked a.ttr thu
pig himself, and never brought horns
half a dozen friends to dinner when
Eve hadn't any fresh poinogrutitttes.
Ho nevaY stayed out till' one o'c'otl: n'.
niht and tien sco'ded bccau.e E-e'
sitting up and crying iniwe1 tle twvtp.
Ho never loafed around corntr gro
ceries while Eve was rocking little
Cain's cradle at home. He never
called Eve up from the cellar to' put
aw ay his slippirs; not he. When he
took them off he put them under tha
fig tiee beside his Sunday boots. In
short, he did not think she was especT'
ally created lor the purpose of waiting
upon him, and he wasn't under tb
impression th tt it disgraced a man to
iighten his wife's cares a little. That
is the reason Eve did not need a hired
girl, and with it is; the reason that hot
decendents did.'
si Mystery.
Every one remembers well, who iai"
passed that way,? ibe olu New Yb'fc
House, which standi a short distanco
below tho foot of Scott mountain, in"
Trinity Valley. It is situated in ohe
ofihemo3t lon'y and un-frequehted
spots to be found in this region, for
merly it served a3 a stopping plate, for
trav lers and teamsters, liut 61 luc
j ears it has been deserted altogether
save by an occasional tiaaip o' hunter
that took rtfuge in there for" a singln
night. Last week it touk fire end
burned down; curiosity prompted
some of the passers by to look at tho'
ruins, when to there amazsment the'
outlines of a gravo weie discovered
beneath where once stood the house.
A croMof persohs was eoon collecteJ
and the grave opened, when tneskel
ton of a human being was discovered
that must have lain there" the last'
twenty years or liiore. And nbrt the
question is who is the myserinus dead
that has been burried beneath the old
New York housel What murder and
robbery t'bok place there so' long- ago'
that all the traces of the missing one is'
lost? Already we hear the first of tha'
numerous stories that will spring up'
concerning this ruvstery. It is said
that about twenty yrirs ago a man
left Indian Creek mining cirf.p with
a large sum of money and was last
about half w-a) down Scott mountain,
since which tiuio he ha3 noVer been
beard froif. It will bo strange' indeed
if after aU these silent years this mat
lers hould be traced up and brought'
to light. One thing is ccatain, viz,,
a murder has taken place at this sp6t,
and the victims bones wero burried
beneath this old wayside stopping
place. "Scott Vallsy 'News."
Washington, June 14. ThV Pres
ident today a-ppoihted William J.
Bryan to be postmaster at Sskv
Fiar.cisco. The appointment is gener
ally considered a good one" At Sarf
Francisco. Ho was formerly city"
recorder, which position lio discharg
ed .veil. He now-owns a drug store.
Mr. B was appointed postrsuMer
on the joint recommendation' nf
Jsu D. Carr. and others. Jolyi P,.
Irie-h and P. B. Tully were first
choice but so much fractional oppo'.
sition was- manifested that they fin
ally united on fe-yarra secohU choice
Throasli trains froii Montreal for
victcriu will begin runirlg-ou" lha $
of Juv, and through telegraph er
vice will be;in at the same time.
The cyclone is the anarchist of thi
air, a sort of a sky crunk, aud a w.iya
out on asir.ke.