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Satordat. Mat 2, 1885.
' Skawberrt Festival Tb ladies
of thn P.esbyterlan church, projoo to
Hare a strawberry festival in ashoit
tllur; of which duenotise will be given.
A Change Tim dnif, jewelry and
ho'iuti More, at Ashland, owned by E.
O. Brooks, wax this week taught by
T. K. Bolton, formerly of this place,
who bat lieen in charge for some tiiu
past for the owner. Mr. Bolton ie a
wideawake business uiau and ought
to do well.
Fire Thehoeof C W. Kahler.
en bin farm near Gold Hill, wax burn
ed on Tun lay afternoon. T. P. Kah
ler who lias lieen reiding there but
u absent with hi family at the time,
lout hi en' ire household and kitchen
furniture. Thn origin of the fire is
unknown, but it ii .-opposed t be ih
result of the carelei handling of
matches, or a cigarette stump that had
been thrown down, by persons viiiiinj;
tha quartz ledgo near br tl ere. C
W KHhler'i loss it about'$l,2t)0, and
T. P. Kahler's 1,000. No iui.yn.nei.
New ClU'Ilt. A no outsiders were
invited to tin- 0 Id Fellow's odehiatinn
liere on the 27th it becamn necfssary
to pet the cliuir from those connected
with the order, when the folio in:
selection wax made: Misa Ali'rDir
r:, Mises Sophin and Sophima Ih.
Iila Fisher, Genevieve Moire and
Messrs John A. River and N. A.
Jacobs. To say that they did well on
that occasion would be fupeifluou
and we heard it Temarked ni're than
once that it wax the beet cbor in Jack
touvile, mikinir no exc-pt tons what
ever. A choir contest will be the next
thing in order.
Wanted. A position by a man and
wife to take charge of a hotel in anv
portion of Jackson county. Loni; ex
perimcn is iheir recxmiiiemUtiiiu ami
good references can be given if re
quired. Call on or address Sentinel
office, Juckw.nv ille, Oregon.
AUDUCTIOX. A warrant for the
ariest of iheCliiniimait that got mar
Ifd bete last week was received frnni
Walla Walla, W. T., last Tuesdav
when Marshal Curtis and Constable
Crosby arrested the couple also taking
long another Chinaman that seemed
to have some hand in the matter, ike
ci ime charged Wing abduction The
i.uiaii was released mi a writ of
lulr.v Corpus by Judge Webster, but
the trial nf thn men hot been iioH
poned from one dav to another in
Jut c Fnudiay'n court awaiting the
ariival of witnesses. Yesterday morn
iiii two Clitiiaimn, accompanieil hi
Sir. Rand, a lawyir from Poriland ar
rived and the trial cniiiiueiijed atone
o'clock. Afier some leg! squihhltny
the case wssngsin continued until one
o'clock today when a decision will
pinhably be, reached. A reward of
$300 was cfjVred for the arrest of these
parlies and as thn prosecution has put
up the coin for the costs in thn ca-e
tax payers need earn little about its
final i emit Since her release the wo
man has been spirited away to some
jaunt the exact location of hick the
t-Hjceis making the search sa they
know, nothing about and the whole
ufTdr will probably result in a com
promisn jor wutui negotiations are
now pending.
I. O. 0. F Celkbiution. The Odd
Fellaw'a celebration of their CGih an
niveary, which took place at their
Hall in Jacksonville, on Monday night
last, was as pleasant a society gather
ing as lias ever been had in the state.
The exeicises began by an impressive
pravernnd invocation by Brother P.
G. P. Day, after which the brethren
sang Iim opening ode. A beautiful
quartette was rendered bv the choir,
after which Sister P. Q. "Fisher wel
corned the assemblage in a neat and
appropriate addrest, full of fraternal
greeting, and hospitable good will.
Brother P. G. P. Day's statistical re
port. of the work and progress of I. O
O. F. sine iu organization in Jack
sonville wat interesting and complete,
and such vnly at eoald have been furn
ishpd by on of the oldest and most
active lueiiibera of the Lodge. The
address of BrO. P. G. Plynialn was an
interesting outline of t'ae purose and
progress of the three branches ot the
order, their aims and objects, their
labors ani aeltMiremrsU and it eon
k rkeJ wtUi 4Mi' elegant JrH.ate to the
wentint; fheWiaithfirf eiemplificxilon
of the tenets otm order, and astonl
ing to theirj5ierativo influence, in
creased,.ptration in tlie work ot
OddefVllowshij The address wa
KiifhI in beautifullanguiige and was
Tgraceful and pleasing enunriation nf
the grand accoflipliahment of the order.
The music rendered under Mi's Dorrix'
tupertUton wa highly complimentary
to that Udy'j talent. Liitla Susie
Tarner favored tha audience, with a
solo, with organ aecotnpainment that
was pronounced thn sausical gem of
the evening. The sopper prepared by
the ladies of the Uebekah Degree nn
der the supervision of Mra. N Fisher
mora nearfy represented a royal ban.
qtiet than a o-.ilr sociable. The
table with plates laid for 120 guests
was spread with the mseniricent pro
duct ion of O'lr favored land, and oma
mented with fruits and flowers, wsnld
fcavt ifeffghted the heart of an epicure, j
Attrr supper all repaired to the lodge
roooi again when sor.gr wen aang bv
Misa Jennia Moore, JeTmnie Miller
and others, and a declamation by little
Misa Neitx which all present "enjoyed
and the was ca'led out Hie second
time. The dimensions of the betiding
weuld not permit tha invitation of
other than the families of Od Fellows,
and for that rrWM'it vsiaHtt a fa
SJjaJWf. .- "
Local Items- ' "
Bock betr tn drasxatatPspe's.
The touttty jailjtad tea vctupantt
I hit week.
Good brooms
Mensor's store.
15 cents
a piece at
Beit standard priatt
$1 at Mentor's store.
20 yard for
14 Kundt b st golden C. sugar for
$1 at Mentor's store.
Ladies trimmed hitt all ityle put
received at Meutor'a store.
A fool bridge now crauat' Apple
gata below the Drake farm. .
Dr. Will J.ick&on hat rettrued from
Portland on business tiip.
Ready mads dresses and aprons put
received at Manor's store.
O N. Hall is in town again looking
after insurance buvinett.
P. O. Wilson of lied ford made ut
a pleasant call last evening.
The Mackey case kar been tet for
Monday May ll'h by Judge Webster.
Tha Medford races commence next
Tuesday and lota id fuu is promised.
Now it the time to get ba-gains for
tha next sixty days at Meusur's alum.
Yesterday was May-day and a line
one at that but l-o picnics were held
W. K. K-nnsy and wife and Win.
Uirick of AleJford wer in town ibis
The regular May term of Circuit
Court U-gii.t next Monday. A lively
term is promised.
Bunxow ha been doing some line
painting on the ttisdofta and front of
G ob's beer saloon.
Cuiue one, comn al, now is your
chance for the ut Xi. GO days to buy
bargains ut Meusur'n store.
Robt. Armstrong returned from
Poitland this week and is paying his
relations here a short t isit.
Tlioa. Biley has tent for a new bill
iunl table which will soon be iu posi
tion at the Fanurr't Exchange.
The Eutetprise shaft hat row
rr ached a depth of filtr feet and work
hut been suspended for a few days.
Wliile btlow Mr. Maeg'ey purchas
ej a large stock of stores and agri
culural implements for this uiatket.
M. A Mt-G'tiuis editor of thn Med
ford '.Monitor" called this week ami
sa times are about average in hi
A number of the member of Med.
foul Lodge A. O U. W. paid Dinner
Loile of this place a fr.ilrni.il is.it
last night,
A. T Johnson and James A. Law
renin inteii I going to Suckr creek,
Juvphiiiecoun y next week on a pros
pecting trip.
M. Mensor has 'eased S. P. Jones'
old stand where ha will open on', a
branch merchandise store with Ym
Mensor iu charge.
A new sidewalk has been put down
in front of A. Cualn's saloon and tht
iut'de of the building hat also beeti
greatly tmproed.
Geo. Freeman talks of running the
stieet spiinkler this summer provided
he can get water and sufficient pay
from our merchants.
Pat AlcKavannugu fell in a fit this
week since which time he has been
coiitiiied to bis lied with chance of re
coiery appearing slight.
J. W. Hamaker, United States Com
missianer at Link wile, has sent iu his
lekignation to Judge Deady, and the
same has been accepted.
J. A Wilson has been laid up for
repairs fur several daysbut isnow able
to resume bis station as chief clerk in
K. Kubli's hardware store.
R Benedict has a fine colt sired by
W. Ray's stsltion, Easter. All horse
men admire it as one of the best leuk
ing edits thsy have aver seen.
Attend the Red Men celebration
May l2ih and rem tin for the hall in
the evening. The luxnsgert propose
making it the event of tks season.
The report of tin proceedings of the
Oregon Presbytery which took place at
Ashland last week, was kindly fur
nished its by Rev. A. It Bickenbach.
Tha ladiet of the W. C. T. TJ. wi 1
give a strawberry fettival tome time
luring the coming month, the pro
reeds to be added to the public library
A social danea at which seane thirty
five couples participated wat hell at
Win. Ravs' place on Applegatn one
dav this week and a good lime enjoy
ed by all present.
The regular lice for tieer at Fred
G rob's salorn has been re lured to five
cents a glass. He proposes keeping
none but the best and asks all bit
friends to drop in and ttnite.
Win. F. Herrin, Esq , of San Fran
cisco, eldest son of J. S. Herrin of
Ashland,- it one of tha counsel for
Sharon in tha eslebrated divorce case
brought by Sarah Althea.
Rev. Father Blanchat leaves for a
five months tiip to Canada next Sun
day aight. The Fa h T hat many
friends here all of whom with biui an
enjoyable trip and safe return.
The Esmond hotel of Portland.
which burned a few monfc ago, has
been rebuilt nd is" open for the rrcep
lion of gueftk. Thna. Quintan, the
former landlord of ine St. Churlez, U
I bo pronritor.
Th six'y-sixtb anmversary of Cld
Fellowship was appropriately crbdirat
ed at Portland last Saturday. Hen.
M. C George was president of the day
and Grand MacUr J. J., Waltai d
Jivfl th antietv v
"Whea'-voB want sonie'hing real
n:ce call on Capt. Caton at the Crite
ridaf saloon, lie it alwayt prepared
to fct-nish anything from buttermilk
to the fintst mixed drinks, mad of thrf
best liquors to te had.
Frank Bill has located at Ltgan
Cut, Arize na, for ihe present. He
does not give a very flittering descrip
tion of the country hut a that hit
business will bold him there for several
mouths, whtn ha will return here.
A. H. Maegly and wifa returned
troin their wedding tour tbit week
and Mr. M. has now settled down to
business. While alurnt they vi.iieU
San Fraucifco and Portland, taking in
the ocean trip between the two p aces.
Tka statistical report of Jacksonville
Lodgi No. 10, L O. O. F., gathered
and read at the cnleVatiou last Mon
day night will een proTii interesting
reading matter for the community at
large and we will publish it iu full
a xt week.
At the close nf the meeting of Table
Jtock EiiCHiii;iiniit on Tuesday even
mg a Ixrgrf nu.nber of the ladies of the
Ueliekah Degree by Secial invitation
asseinb'ed at the lodge room and were
handsomely treated by the brethren
jof the higher Degree.
Kliipel it Keaton nn Poorman'a
creek hays nt yet finished cleaning up
but keep working all thav can with the
limit d supply of wa er they now have.
Gun wet season would set thn Iovh up
high and their many friends hope for
it to come liefore long.
The "Astoriun" is authority for the
announcement that Dr. Calianiss, of
Astoria, formerly of this place, has
iieeii apKiiliied Insiector of Indian
Reservations for ibis tlistriit. in (lice
if ex Governor Newell, of O.ynipia.
We trut this reiort it true, as the
doctor will make a inoit efficient officer
in that depart inetit.
A quiet wedding wtx held in town
list Mundav night tr.a contracting
parties being Charle.SchuItt and Sirs;
Kate McDauiel, both well known iu
ihi place. Some little bird told the
"hooiU" of the fact, however, and the
tin can raieuade next evening made
the matter public We wish lliem
much j'iy iu their new rlatior
Our worthy f-llow townsman Rev.
J. A. Slaver, while supplying the tern
I oral wants of bumani y, is not un
mindful of their spiritual mct-fitties,
as be relumed this week from Deer
crrek, Josephine county, when he ha
lieeu bolding a ten days meeting, an. I
rept rts as the ieult of hi Islam 14
additions to the chuicll, 10 of ihrjii
converts during the meeting.
The fnlbiwing are the horses entered
for th- Metlfnrd races lota e pl.ie on
the 5th, 6th, Till and 8th nf tbia month:
'Dollv C." "Colonel R.""Blu; Moun
tain King," "Jim Lick," "Peggv Win
ters," "Mav Queen," "Jennv T,"
"S- ranger" and -'Lidy H' all of
which are, in good order. The track
is is first class shape and a big time is
Rev. J. W. Set wood, Episcopal rain-i-terofEtst
Portland held ser'ices at.
ihe Presbvtensn church in Jackson
Mile last Sunday morning.. The sacra
ment of baptism was administered to
one ieron on that occasion. On n
dav. May 10 Rt. Rev. Bi.-hnn Morris.
assisted bv J. W. Selwoml, will hold
services there igain, and in addition to
usual Sunday service theie will be con
firtiiatious, and communion service,
and the sacrament of baptism will l.e
administered to those who desire to
brcome communicants of that church.
When ready to start for Like county
Cal , this w-ek, C. W. Brobsck iif
Meiiford i as informed that a suit for
5,000 daiuigea had been entered
agai'ist hi iu liy the widow of William
Cwlwell for the killing of her husband
not long since. While Mr. Broback
did shoot and kill Mr. Col well a judi
cial investigation declarrd hi in not
guilty cf any crime and he. wat di
charged in cont quence, the communi
ty iu which he lived approving of ihe
verdict. Thn case will ceue up fit
trial at the next term of court and
Mr. B. hat sat the data of hit depart
ure at a time after iu clbte.
A rich str'ke has been made in
McDenough and Eahlert quartz ledge
at Gold Hill near old F.-ri Lane. A
tunnel hat l-eeu tun into the trail some
distance 1 elow the first, and thn rich
ore was struck above instead of below
at in1 the old tunnel. The quartz in.
sight it fully half gold and it it con
ttttaes at good, iht owners mav tonsid
er them.altreK bonanza seen. VVe hope,
it will prove as rich and extensive a
ihe fameut. Gold Hill of evaits) for
Mc and the bys are well deserving of
it. Tha ceutndtng interest is owned
by RsiWrt Kahler f New .Tac'auta a
former resident of Jacksonville
RfLIGIOCS iTKXs. ReV. E. Gittins
will preacn at Grant's Pane on Sunday
next.... Elder M. Petsrron preaches
at the Mound school house Sunday at
the usual hour.... Rev. A. M. Russell
of Ashland will preach st Medford
Saturday eieningjalso on Sunday
Jlder J. A. blover holds verv ices at
the Antioch school house Sunday at
eleven a. v Bishop Morris of Port
land will preach at the Baptist chtrrch
in Ashland Sunday morning and even
ing. . . . Rev. XV wi L'.n I nf the Episeo
p.I church will bold services at the
fresbv tertau church in this place San-
day morning. . . Rev. A. R. Bickenbach
lire iches at Phoenix Suuday fiiormng
and at the Fresbyterian church in
Jad'ionrilTa on the evenin'g' of the
same dy .. . Rev. Pi A. Moses reach
ml a the AntelotM school hntfe ves
terriay evening; at ifigle Point to dav
at II o'clock and at ttin basket meet
ing in Brownsboro nu Sumlay .... Rev.
M. Strae'en will hold clivina sen ices
at St. Frsacis church inEiglf P.int
Sunday merning at 100 o'clock, and
at the Catholic abort thk placaln
Vl?.J!5fii,f,& S.-3T. suto .u. '
Hill and whlie-iTstiiHj on a grassy
bink at the mouth Ml lie. tannel after
we had exhausted1 oaWH physically,
washing the 'voap" Aiff the quartz and
feasting our eves on the gold it dis
closed to our view, and menially, esii
mating, the ioib!" wealth of the
owuais, we looked -up for a
luomrnt in otter weariness, and
spread out before u, clad iu the royal
robes ol i-pring time, lay at enchant.
ing a scene as ever delighted the heart
of a painter or Inspired the tu of a
poet. Bick of n, and towering high
aliove, wat Gild Hill with its cover
ing of inagi.iticent piues ami rich un
dergruwth of fir ami cedar, and thn
gentle brrez-, a it lippled through the
foliage seemed ! wliister nf lUo un
told wealth beneath . T-l the left
was Tab e Rack with its dark bare
surface, and itsf-trmidibie squaru tow
er iu front, seeming 10. reilerat the
many blood curdling legeudi that
clustered about it in piuueer days-,
and at its bane Rogue River with us
tuagestit; sweep of waters, Wi uud
around it ami ditapjieareil from view.
To the r'ght was the blue line of the
Caseadn range with Mt. .McLiuglilin
in its spotlesa covering of snow m
bold relef ill the ceiiter, and a baser
peak iu thn clistaiiceji.Ihtle.iAluujit
Roxie thn venerabln sentinel nf pio
neer days, from which Dished thtsig
Hal of tires of the savages, sinking
terror to the heart of the few thai dr
ed to peiuir nn to this little E lrn, bv
their wierlm I wiiked light, completed
the magic cir la. Below u Bear creek
flowed to its caiifluencn lith Rngun
River, ami thn mag:.ificer.t foliage ot
the maiiv shrubs und treelets that,
bordered it-t Imuks compleied the
enchanting suanu of loveliliest lv
which we were surrounded. Tne po
eilde extent of the great mini-, with
its the shining ore that lay around
u had ceased to charm ut we thou-jlii
iiimu'eawe and bumble reverence of
the Hand that had gathried
in so small a -pace, so many mute tea
timsuials of this myxleriout iovn and
goodness. The pneinua metal that Uv
hidden in the earth lieneath us tild Us
of the wonderful lichra of" His love
that w-n could only hope 'to merit bv
f.iith in its inexhaustibln bounty and
Ubbrin its viuevsrds. Table i(ock,daik
and frouning spuke to us of the Great
B'ing, who had existed a wavs and
wnu'ld exist farever and rho bad hurl
ed it iu the fury of e e mental strife
amidst the lieauty of its surroundings
that it might stand lliiouuh succeed
ing ages ns in evideucn ofthepoer
and iiitjetty of the O im wlio b.id -x-ialed
ln-fiire the mountain weie Toe
g n'lymuruiuniig waiirsnf the liier a
II jturneved oil to tlie seas whl-pi-rrd
hi us of the "green pa-liirr and stl I
waiers"' of the lii-h-r life with the
great Ocean nf God's eternal goodness
beckuiilug ut on in the distance. The
towering snow cippr-d mountain in'
minded ut of the immulaliiliiy of Ills
tirouiita that ia ''unto vuu ami our
children and to llioto wliOj-rBjifiirnlr'
VMti atat nvditii ku !. T rsr .! 1...1
-- s insiii a sa, s,ltvj 44ji aim vuu
sha I call. Th b'uotu and lieauty
that was spread nut magnificent pro
fusion s-our feet told U-oftllB house
of msnr mansions and of the inex
haustible goodness of the Onet who i
gathering all the nations of the earth
into His kingdom. Not a human
liabi aiion, or mark nf desecration
mart the scene that would be a fit suls-
j-ct for thn haud-i of thn. old Misters,
and all can feast upon the loveliness.
even as they can partake of the bless
ing of Lie nal Goodness "without
mouey and without price.
Government Costracts. The suc
cessful bidders for tha contracts to
fumuh Fort Klamath garrison with
supplies are reoi ted as follow-: Beef
and mutton, W. J. Tuubey, 8 to 10
cents ir. lb.; natt, John .11 Miller,
$2.15 els ar hundred; (cut on res-r
vation) Wonleu i Knhn, $4S0ier.
t in; hay cut outside the reserva ion,
Mr. Mahr, 150 tons at $7.45 per ton;
wood, Worden t Kahu,. 52 48 per
cord; charroal, Worden b fairn, 18
ut. per bushel; freigl t transportation
from Ashland to the Fort, lletmes fc
Mai tin, 2 cents per lb. ''lidiugs.
Revival Tha Macedonia Bp it
chuich oil Deer creek, Josephine
county. Or, has had an interesting re
vival with the following results: At
a ten da; a meeting held bv elder J. A.
blover with that cbtfrctV, tirginfitiig on
the 18 b and cosifig on the 27th of
April 1885. "The church was revived
and strengthened, and sinners aroused
some attending the preachittg.whq sel
dom, or never had iluringjlbeir stay in
ihrs county. Tett tertoms -nlsllf pro
fession that tbhy were converted at
this meeting, Tanging-fftrth ten yeare
old to married Mien and women. The
church receive. I fourteen" nd litions as
follows: one by relation', thirteen bv
experience and baptism. Also bap
tised onn whom the church had eight
jerago received, bat from vat tout
causes had not been baptised. To God
be ell the praise. J. A. Q.
Wbft Bahy was sicfc; wa gave her
When sha was a drilti, she crid for
When sis became liiss, slit- cltirij to
, . castWrIa,
When tfie hid Caifdfenf sh gavt tUerti
Schui.tz McDamel In this eitv, April
V7,IB85.-by Hon, L- K- Webster cireait
judge;-Cintflcs fScb'nltz and lira. Kale
IGalbbeath At Ii5nkviller Jnril 17,
1886, la Mr.-and Mrs. Geo, GalbreaUi,
n. -
DcssAW-iln TaMis Roekipreciacl, April
36, to Mr. asdlfrs. Jfteipsggas.a son.
GOBBAXB la MMlora, I Betas y, Hpril
Mik. 18SI. so Mi.tmi Mf. Cf Gad-
Circuit Court. Docket.
Chat. Nickell vs. O M. Krewson;
to recover money.
Mary Donegan vs. C. D. Reed etal;
to recover damages
II C. Dollarhide vs. O. &. C It R.
Co ; same.
Grave Creek Ditch and Mining Co.
vs. John Rast, T. J. Crileser and J. C.
Fullerton; to recover money.
Same vs. sime; to recover money.
Jemima Culver and J. Dollarhide,
administrator of the estate of L. Cil
ver, deceased, vs. P. W. Olwell; to re
cover damages.
Raymond & Magruder vs. John
Swindeiif to recover money.
Margaret Caldwell, aduiinistrattix
of the estate of Win. S. C-tlilwuli, de
ceased, vs. C. W. Broback; to recover
John White vs. Wm. Pialtj to re
jover money.
Martha Ely vs. John Ely; suit for
Martha Fine vs. Edward Fine; same.
B. W. Powell vs. Alice G. Powell;
J. H. Redfield vs. GraceM.Red
lield; same. ,
W- A. Cusick vs. J. .n. Cusick;
Jos. Wilson vs. Xla Wilson; same
Nancy Anderson vs. J).P Ander
on;same. Frank Lorraine vs. Bernard Lor
raine; pirtition of re.il estate.
Henrietta Dejiooani vs. G. W.
Holt, et al; to foreclose innrlgage.
Slate nf Oregon v. Wm. Briscoe
and F. S. Biwer; same.
Stntn of Oregon, ex rel. S. J. Day,
vs. C lunty Court ot Jackson, et al.:
writ of review.
Chai. Nickell vs. M. E. Pogue. ctal
to foreclose lien.
O. Hnrbauuh vy. -T. T. and Susan
Raimev; to foreclose mortgage.
L Solomon vs G. W. Holt et al.;
to foreclose mor'gsge.
cnmi.VAt. cse.i.
State of Oregon vs. Ah Jim; held
to Hiisvffcr for burg'nry.
State vs. Juhn Myrtlr; hel 1 to ai
swer fur larceny.
S ate vs. Martin Market- change of
vnnun from Jo-ephiue county.
S'ate vs. Wm. Ma-;key; same.
Stale vs. Fird Frame; held for lar
cenv. Stale vs. Walter Tavlnrjsame.
State vs. Amanda McDaniel; held
for murder.
Anaid-ri!iloned ldra.
The old-fashioned idea that oi e
should never enter u sick room with an
-inptv Mi.mucli is a true one. The
i:atiiu juice is not secro.e.l in nu
euip'y Klniniicli) it is onlv v: hen food
is taken that the stomach and diges
litit commences ibat the gairic Juice
is present. All germs ate Kill-d by
coming in contact wiib healihv gastric
juice tlierelore a full stomach fortifies
one against contracting coti'agiousdis
eases. De Haven's Dyspepsia Cure is
esjierTalty ndarted to act Uiou the ill
gM.tivejuicosof the sH-sten atftl keps
them in a pure and natural condition.
In this manner it ensures proper di
cestiou and assimilation of thn fond.
It never fills to effect a cure in the
most obstinate cases of DvspepiiiJ,
Indigestion, Flatulency and Sickhead
ache. Sample bottles free at E. C.
Brooks' drug store.
Nobby Clothing jJt.ikk. Ashland
Oregon is the place for every man ntn!
hoy, old or young, to buy their Full
and Winter clothing and furnishing
goods because you can buy lietter good
for v our money and you will live long
and prosper, but if you gj nnd pay the
old fashioned prices for good and
then get shoddy clothing you are liable
to swear because you are cheated,
entcli coin because the goods are
shoddv anil will not keep you wrm,
and then die, and then what will be
coiiip of ycu. Go to the Nobby Cloth
ing Store by all means, take no such
diancesl Tailor shop in connection.
So you can get uny thing jou vant in
the clothing line.
CntLD's Sxow FnKK Every lady,
wishing a cl-ar, delicate complexion,
should use Child's Snow Flake. It
nourishes and freshens th skin, re
moves Tan and Sunburn, and, thenat
ural s jiearance imparted, renders it
iuiKssililn to detect its Use. Warrant
f tierfectly harmless. Sold by all
druggists, or by the manufacturers,
John A. Child i Co, Drpggiste, Port
land, Oregon. Mail orders promptly
attended to, Price 50 cents.
HfKrpt IheTVIiolo Hoave Awabr.
"Washington. D. C Mr. P.O. Mc
Cleary, a prominent solicitor of pat
rnl6f ihNfcitv, wcg troublrd for sev
eral wpfks with a M-vprn cOngh, which
not Olib d'privpir Iiim of bis slnpp,
hut annovtl others. The only thins:
whieh ilid him any cood, hsav. was
'in new preparation Rnl Stsr Couuh
Cure, a purely egetubla compound,
free from opiates, narcotics of poison
of any kind.
For Sals. The undersigned, desir
ing to remori to1 Portland soon, offers
all his household and kitchen furniturn
for sa'a at reasonabla figures. For
further particulars enquire at my fesl
Jenr. B- F. DowELL.
PfASO For SaIle. K. Kubli has a
n"rxt-b ass Hallett & Cuniston piano,
near'jr newthat Im offers fors'aleata
lmrcm. The id'strDiuent can lift feen
n Mr. Kib'i's store on California
TTinva Wtvrtri .TTifi nndersinned
wilf.jTay ifm highest cash pjica for liear
skins and all other kinds of furs, deer
skins, etc- Call around lieforn wiling.
Tnos J. Keyset.
"WasteiI &j iniddb.sceil widon er
desires to correspond with a lady alsout
tha sauia agw. Oj-ct matn'motiy.
Addnts J. R-. carBox 86,
JacksAQvillv, Orrgon.
AVllJ. YOU SUETfift with Dys
pepsia and LiverCompIaitnl Shilob's
Vitalizer is-guaraiueeu to cure you.
For sale nt E. O Brooks.
erable by that terrible cough. Shlloh's
Cur? is the rt niedy for you. Brooks
keeps it.
For lame Ba;k, Side or Chest ne
Shiloh'a Porous Piaster. Price 25
cents, tor sale at iv u. urooss.
A NASAL IN I ECTOR free with
each liottle of Shilob's catarrh wmsdy.
Price 50 cets. nt Brook's.
SHILOH'S COUGH and Consump
tion Cute is iold by us on n guarantee.
Tt. cures consiimiilton. Brooks can
fnrniuh it.
so quickly cured by Shilnli's Cure. We
guaiimtee it. C-ill a Biooka'.
CATAHRHl CURED, hetltli nhd
s-veet breath nccured bv Shilob's Cv
t.irrh Remedy. Price 50 cents at E.
C. BrooKs's. Naal Injector free.
WHY WILL YOU cough when
Shilob'ii core will give immediate er-
lief. Price 50cts. and 81.00. Brooks
keep it.
nnd Bronchitis immediately relieved
by ShiloliNCurc Brooks keeps it.
t - Habitual, Contlliintloa
Is h urolitic source of inierv':"ari'tl
many ill, giving rie to Headache,
Dullness, Fevers, Nervousness, R-st
lessness, Bilioun(-K, Indigestion, Pois
oiling of Blood, etc The bitter.
nauseous Liver medi'-ivrs, pills, salts
mid draughts formerly used to relieve
the sufferer, only nggravate the disease
and sicken tha stomach. All who an
afflicted iu that wav. know the inipnr-
lance of the remedy pleasant to the
pilaie, barmlesslu us niture,and Irulv
beneficial in its net ion. Tim trial
bottles of Syrup of Figs given away
free of uiargi hy our enterprising
druggists Merritt & Robinson of Jack
sonville prove that it is all that can be
desired. Large bottles nt fifty, cents
Of Southern Oregon, are hereby informed
that in addition to a 1 irgeanil elegant
line of
I have added to my stock the following
cUsi ot goods, of v.hich I 1m vc a full Hue:
Ladies' rurnishiag Goods,
Both Knit and Madia.
Iiifam's Wardrobe Complete,
As cheap as to be bought nay place; also
Under 4 years old.
A beautiful line nt
Consisting of Lisle and Silk.
Gloves, Ilandkerchicfe, Corsets,
Eojplxy-r 33Ja.trovLmt
And miny other things too numerous to
mention. I have also secured the
services of a
And nm prepared to execute all orders in
that line in first-class style at reaSonub c
rate. ,
Call and see me at the building form
erly occupied by A. L Johnson on Cali
fornia street. MBS. P. P. PRI M.
A. CIIALE, l'roiirietor,
CALffonsiA St, - - Jacksonville,
Has just been furnished an e'egant new
Eillidrd and Pool Tabic.
The finest brands of
wombs iygoDo&S & eisi
Always on hand'.
Notice To Tax-pa'ertf.
All delinquent tax-payers wfi6 will come
forward ana settle their trfXcs before the
I8th liny of 31 ay, IHsi.
will not be charged mileage or percentage.
I do this, knowins the scatcitv of money.
and that tax-p tyers Qnd it difficult to p iy
their taxis without any additional ex
pense. By avai ing' yourselves of thi
offer you can s.rve nnrniy
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
Jersey Bull!'
The undersigned lakes this mfrthod of
informing the public that ho now keeps n
fine bull,' Of three-quarters Jersey blood,
who has: lew superiors in Southern Ore
gon. in his pasture near Jacksonville.
Tiirftf.Q liirintr Irt iilflri lliptr elu. in
bis enclosure wiTl be cuarged $2.50, with
50 cents per week for pisturagc.
Forfnrtnif parttaulsrs enquire at my
butchershopin Jacksonville.
JUilJN uuiu.
JacVsonville; Xpril 2; IMS.
Ccuitj Trrainrrf's Second bailee.
Jacksonville, April 2nd, 1885. )
Notice I hereby riven that there are
funds 'it the county Treasury for the re-
iiemption or tuc lorowing county war
farrts, protested lip to October Oth. 1880.
Numbers 18W. 18Sil. 1887. 1884, 1883, 1850.
1858, 1853, 18C, 1877. 1601, 1&&, 1800,
1435, 1875, J801, 1800, 1803. 19t2. 1914,
1000, 1889, 1003, 1010, 1 124, 802, 15C9 In
tcrest will cease from this dste.
Newmas FisnEn,
i ounly Treasurer.
Jacksonville, March 20. 1883 f
Notice is hereby clven that there are
lunds In the county treasury for the re-
dcmptlon of county warrants, protested
tip to 'ugnst 3iri880 inclusive. Intentt
on tbe aase will cease from 1bic ditto.
t Newmax Fkhk,
,. TreMtmrot Jackson Co., Or.
OuM Fellow's BnililiBg JstkswTillc, Drtsot
c -
Fuse and Caps;
t, UU1 Cl, AlA.llOa
Paints Oils, Varnish, Gli
Sbot,3rushs, Chains, ifoso
I have secured the services of u flrst
cl iss mechanic, and am prepared to do
Sm rl
an repairing prompuv ana in superior
st) Ic.
In connection with the above I am re
ceiving and have constantly on band a
full nnd first-class stock Of
Everj-thlng so'd at reasonable rales."
Jtc'csonville, Jfarch 0, 1S78.
Jacksonville, Oregon.
JDHX MILLE2, - Proprietor.
cultural implements, tools nf all
kinds and a general assortment of shell
He also keeps the largest stock of, and
ali the latest improvements in
Pishing Tackle,
Powder, Shot, Stc
Give him a call and examine his stock
before making your purchases.
Of either sex admitted to the
On any week-day of tie year.
Tha Collegia Jonrnnl, containing inforas-
.ion of tha'courso of study, rates of tuition,
board, examinations etc.. and cuts of plain"
and oTnahiefrfal penmanship, free. Address,
Lock Box 101. Voszzixs, Os.
In writing, pteuse mention this papfr.
For Sale.
Owing to ill health I offer for sale" the
property in Ashland known as "Marsh's
Planing Mill," also the Kean Creek Saw
Mill property. I will sell tho whole, or
one half of either or both properties, at a
bargain to the right kind of a business
jnan. This is a rare chance tor an active
man to secure tne uesi Dusiness in oouin
era Oregon. For partitulas apply to tho
undersigned at Ashland, Oregon.
L. 8. P. Harsh.
Take Warning.
All Ihose knowing themselves inrfehfed
to the estate ot Madame Jane Holt, de
ceased, aro hereby notified that an lm
mediate settlement met be had af once
and thereby save rosts.
Jean DeBocoam
Jacksonville, Dec. 2t), 1834.
Saloon for Sale.
The saloon property at Chavoer'.
bridee. consisting of tho hotm liquors
and fixtures, is offered for sale at a!tsr
gain. For particulars call on
Thomas ('havker.
QMd am, January , last.