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JACKSON'. (k!.K l
Sathhday, Mat 3, 1884.
A. Republican County Convention is
hereby called to meet at the court house
at Jacksonville on Monday, M.i) the l'Jlh
18S4, at one o'clock p. u , forlhe purpose
of nominating n full county ticket nnd
attending to such oilier business as may
come Lei ore the convention. It is rec
omended that tlie primary meetings be
held in the several precincts at the usual
place of voting on Saturday, May lOlh ut
one o'clock, r. m.. The several precincts of
the county will be entitled to ou: delegate
nnd one for every 18 "votes and fr.iction of
0 or over, based upon the vote cast fur M.
C. George, member of Congress, at the
June election, 1882 which give the fob
lowing representation:
Ashland 9
Little Butte 2
Lcland 1
Manzanila 2
Pleasant Creek ...1
Hock Point 1
Stcrlingvillc 1
Table Rock t
Unionlown 2
Willow Springs... 1
Applegatc 1
15i Butte 1
Chimney Hoc.k....l
Edcu 4
Evans Creek 1
Flounce Rock 1
Foot's Creek 1
Grant's Pass 1
Jacksonville 0
4 jl
T. Cameron, Secretary.
Gave Bonds. J. C. Grddis who has
been in jail for seme thin past on the
charge of horse stealing, was rpleaed
this week by giving bonds in the sum
of $400, to aipear at the next term of
court. Young Watkins who was in
durance vile for luiceny has aUo giv
en bonds And been released.
Troublesome Tntns. Lat Sunday
was a lively day at Grant's Puss no le.-n
than three, fights taking pla:c on that
day. The most mtiuuh one was be
tween Geo. Justus and Nt-wt. Yocutii
in which tho fcimer was pounded over
the head with a pintol in the haiuN
of tho other inflict im: sotim uglv
.wounds on Justus' head. Tho pis o'
was discharged accidentally during
the melee but the shot did no damage.
The matter was in the Justice's cuurt
at last accounts.
Oregon Delegates. The following
gentlemen vveie selrclu.l by the Siati
convention to represent Oiegon in the
national convention of the Republican
party to be held in Cliicxgo iit-xt month
to nomiuaii! candidates for Pi evident
nnd Vicf Prcidriit. l'cxiltilions wete
passed instructing our tMrjatch fur
James G. Blaine of Maine for the
Presidency: Senator Uo'ph, J. T.
Apperson, of Clackanui, A. G Hovev,
ot Lane, O. N..Dimu.v f Muliii.jnmli,
J. M. Swift of Baker nnd V. J. Mc
Connt-ll of Yamhill
An Old Timer. We acknowledge
n i1e.iaut call this week Tioui J.
Waldo Thompson, who was mm of the.
first telegraph operators in Jacksonville
nearly t.venty ye.im ngo and afterwnrd
tho manager of the oliice at Yieka.
.-ii'aldo looks as young nnd is as j'liial
as ever and his many fiiewl-i here
were ileased to nic-L him mni talk
ovpr old times. He is now manager
of the telegraph oliice at Sin Difto,
Ca'., and the object of his visit was to
bring his wife who is the daughter of
J. C. Eubanks of Ashland to this
vallev in tli hopes of bem'titting her
health. Mr. Thompson sturts for his
home to dav.
Religious Notes Rev. B. J.
Sharp will preach at Giant's Pass next
Sunday both morning and evening.
The subject for the evening service
will be the ''Relations of the -State to
Liquor Traffic".... Rev. M. A. Will
ianis will preach in this place at the
Presbyterian church in the. morning
and at Med ford at 2:30 p. u Elder
M. Peterson preaches at thu Mound
school house Sunday morning anil even
ing....Rv Win. Pulh-ii ptc.iche-t at
the Heber Grove school-houii Sunday
morning, at 1 1 o'clock Rev. A. U.
Howlett will hold services at L"iie Oak
ecbifl house Sunday, at 11 o'clock a
M i.lr. F. X. Blanchet will hnld
uervices at the Catholic church in Ei
gle Point next Sunday, at the usual
niornirg hour.
W. Keeton, arrested some time since
on the charge of robbing tho stage near
Grants Pass in January last, nnd bound
over by Justice Iluffer at his prelimi
nary examination, now confesses being
guilty of the crime and implicates sev
eral others as being partners in the job.
He was one of the two who Mopped
the stage while the others shared the
plunder as full partners The parties
he Implicates aro Frank Howard,
Newt. YoSum ami Deputy Sheriff Bris
"COB of Grants Pass. Howard was ar
rested at Reilding by Detective Tlmck
er and requisition papers are nwaittd
for his transportation here; Bncne
was arrested at Grunts Pass last nijjhr
by ex Marshal Schuliz and Sheriff
Jacobs received information yesteiday
that J. G. Birdsey had Newt. Yocum
in charge at Mvrlle Creek.
Prohibition Convention. A con
vention of the Prohibitionists of this
county was held in the Methodist
Church in Ashland last Satui dav when
the following ticket was' uninitiated:
Representative. Jos. Sat lei field of
Table hock ami W. C. D.ilev of Ash
land; county judge. Dr. Kiihler of
Phoenix; clerk, J. Q. Willits ,of Ash
land; sheriff, A. S. Jacobs of Asliland;
treasurer, J. II. Ru sel of Ashland;
commiseitners, E. K. Anderson of
Eden and E. Emerv of Eale Point;
assessor, Jos. Pollock of Lland; school
superintendent, Prof. Royal of Ash
land. A. S. Jacobs has since declined
the nomination of that partv as will
be seen by his card published ebe
where, and Thos. H. Haymnnd of
"Woodvilln has leen substituted in his
place. While they have no hopes of
an election it gives candidates a good
chance to show the dear people what
office they want
Local lievis-
Ice-cream at Linn & Moore's.
County Court meets next week.
Everybody shakes hands now days.
Ice cream for talc at Dr. Will Jack-
Several weddings are reported on
the docket.
M. . Fogue railroad agent at Gold
Hill was in town this week.
David, Loring is with us again on
business for the 0. i C. It IL
Rial Benedict of Applegato spent
srveral days in town this week.
"Crushed Indian," a new and deli
cious breakfast cereal at Nutian'a. Try
Jacksonville Odd F. lion's did not
celebrate their anniversary last Satur
day. The Masons meet nr xt Wednesday,
May 7th, and work in the third de
gree. Mat Ober.chain has been quite sick
this week but i.s able to be around
H. P. Dcskins is reKrled quite low
with fever at his residence near Bear
Don't forget that Binger Herman is
the next Congressman from Southern
Bids for the building of the new
bank at Ashland will be opened to
morrow. The name of the Red Lion Saloon
has been changed to the ''Firtner's
There was not much "modesty" ex
hibited by the Ashland Prohibition
A correspondence from "Jael" i.s un
avoidably crowded out but will appear
in our next.
Report savs that Geo. W. Cooksey
liashi-rn i-ffered 12,000 for his faun
and that ho will accept.
Alex. Martin and Dr. Aiken have
rmurned fiom Flounce Rock and the
former is now at Links illr.
W. J. Wimer of Waldo is in town.
Hn is on his return home from San
Francisco coining via Portland.
Joe Solomon nnd wife returned from
Sn Fiauci-co yesterday morning and
will go to housekeeping for tliemselvei.
The first department of our district
si-liiol is in running order ng-iin. Prof.
Menitt having recovered from his late
Ever) thing in M"erritt'a new cash
store has been marked down to the
lowfstca-h price. Another new lot of
goods were leceived this week.
A called meeting of the Enstern
Star lodge will be. held at Masonic hall
next Thtnsday night nnd nil members
are lequesled to be ptesent.
Some extraordinary developments
in criminal nlFiiir.' nre looked for in a
few days but we are not at liberty to
make then- public at this lime.
Dr. Will Jackson will go to Ah
laud about the 15th mst to remain two
weeks. Parties irquiring dentitry
should remember the dato and be on
T. L. Knox las been appointed ad
ministrator of tha estate of II. Burle
son deceased and his advertisement is
published in another coluuni of this
Ci(t. H. Kelley. W. H. Atkinson,
A. P. Hammond, and H. D. Kubli
were the representatives in the Itepub
licau Sialc convention from Jackson
Travel between here and the rail
road stations ut Med fori I nnd Phoenix
ban been increasing of late stages
being crowded every evening to catch
the train.
Next Tuesday night is the dato set
forjudge Deady's Incture at Ashland
for the benefit of the Colleoe at that
place. A large audience will no doubt
greet him. '
If you want a Sewing Machine call
at E.C. Brook's drug, wat:h, clock and
jewelry store. His machines are a lit
ilo liner and his piices a little snugger,
than any other bugger's.
G. Q. Stewart, has resigned thp po
sition of manager of Portland telegraph
oliice and is succeeded by JefT Have.
W. J. Wuliis of Yreka has also taken
a position in that office.
Peter Reifer, Jr., whon father died
at Kerbyville a few dayR ago, arrived
from Detroit, Michigan, last Wednes
day and will go to Josephine county
to take charge of the estate.
The Northern Pacific Express office
is now fullv established at James. R.
Little's. Quite a reduction on freight
ha" been occasioned by the competition
between this company and Wells Fargo.
A rep-irt was in circulation
week that the Supreme Court
granted John Justus n new trial but
it provd a false alarm as no decision
has jet been announced by that court.
A number of fruit tree peddh-nt are
now in the valley es agents for Cali
fornia and Estern nurseries. We
have sevenl local agent here who are
responsibleaud the safest plan is to pat
rouizt; them.
Tho first passenger train will go
through to Ashland tomorrow morn
ing nnd nn immense crowd is expected
at i lie terminus lo see it arrive. Ash
land will likely be the end of the road
for some time to come.
Senator Dolph. of Oregon, lias in
ttoduceil bills asking Congress to re
imburse Hon. M. Riley an 1 Mrs.
Cliristean EUon for property deslrov
ed at the outbreak of the Rogue liver
Indian war of 1855-6.
Tim Democratic county convention j
for nominating a county ticket is
called for Saturday, May 17th, and
tho Republican hold theirs on Men
day, the 19t.li. The primaries of both
parties will be held on Saturday, Mar
Morris Mensor returned from San
Francisco this morning where, he at
tended the wedding of his daughter,
Miss Rosa, and he also combined busi
ness with pleasure and purchased a
stock of goods for his store at thir
Homer D. Harkness was here sev
eral day this week 'on business con
necled with the assignment made by
K. II. Gabbert, he still having an in
tesest in the business. Satisfactory
arrangements were agreed upon, we
Miller & Kretzer of Farmer's Flat
and Klippel it Keaton of Poorman's
creek have commenced cleaning up on
account of water failing. Both com
panies wit are glad to say, have done
well during .the small run they had
this year.
Hon. L. R. Webster, Circuit Judge,
and T. B. Kent, District Attorney,
went to Lake county this week to
hold the resular term of court. On
their return court will be held in
Klamath nnd they will be absent sev
eral weeis.
J. K. Mercer, who had served five
years of his sentence of fifteen for the
killing of A. C. McDonald of the
Poi tlaiid Telegram, was pardoned last
Monday by Governor Moody, in com
pliance with a petition largely signed
in Portland.
Chas. Goodwin of Williams creek
met with a serious accident a few days
ii go by falling from a barn on which he
was at work Ireiking an arm and sev
eial libs in the fall. His chances for
recovery were sousidered doubtful at
last accounts.
The Palace hotel and several ether
buildings in Glendale composing near
ly the entire town were burned lo the
ground last Sunday. Abraham, Wheel
er & Co's. store were saved but they
were damaged considerably by the re
moval of goods.
Walter Sutton has received the
nomination for representative from
Curry county on the Repub.icaii ticket.
He will represent the wishes of tint
county with ability if elected and we
sup ose there is no danger but what he
will be successful.
Grizzly bear are Killing cattla by
the wholesale in Sprague river volley,
James Taylor having Inst four cow.s
this way in onn week. The citizens of
that section now offer a reward of 20
for every grizzly killed in the stock
range ot that valley.
Postmaster Muller is expected back
fiom San Francisco this morning where
he purchased a large ftock of goods for
his stoic at this place. Some of his
goods havenlieady arrived ami ho will
novo to his new quarters sometime
durig the comiug week.
The May day panics hrld at Henry
Uiuten's place on Pcorman's creek and
at Mait Hurst's on Antelnpt were
well attended, several being present
at esch placa from here, and a good
time was enjoyed by all who attended
either onn of the parties.
Hubert R. Dunniway, one of theed
itnrs and puhliher.s of the ''New
Northwest," made us a pleasant visit
this week while on a trip of recrea
tion and business through the vallev
This was his first visit to this end of
the Siate and he expressed himself
well pleased with all ho seen.
Messrs. Roloson and Hcckenjos are
doing sC'iuc fine ami substantial ork
on the PoMoffire building and expect
to have it reudy for occupancy next
week. The building presents a much
neater appearance than before the fire
and is improved in every way.
The Rebek ah Lodge of this place
some time since present! d the suboi
dinate lodge of Odd Fellows a new
carpet for their hall and on Wednes
day last thy held a sewing bee unci
everything is now ready tor the laying
if the carpet in the hall. A sociable
w'as held in tho evening.
Moor.e Si Linn's ice cream and oyster
stand in Ryan's brick is now readv for
bushiess and they were started off with
a rush. Although not yet supplied
they propose kee ing oysters in every
htyle in a few days in any quantity re
quired, uive mem a call and we
will assure you good treatment.
At the last meeting of the board of
County Commissioners U. Gordon was
appointed supervisor of road district
No. 36, vice J. J. Knighton excused;
also W. E. Bish sujiervisor of district
No. 15, vice J. Richardson, and Mar
tin Laist as supervisor of district No.
21, vice H. Allison.
The demand for dwelling houses is
greater in Jacksonville now than ever
before and several nt-w-comers have
changed their residences to other places
on this account. We hear of sjme of
our citizens who contemplate building
new residences soon for rent and there
is no danger of wanting tenants long.
The cheapest and best route to San
Frmcisco is by way of Cresent Citv.
Through fare to the Bay city is $18
when taking the steerage and $22 in
the cabin. Onlv fifty cents extra is
charged for passengers from Medford
and tlose connection with steamers i.s
made every five days at Crescent City.
An fxcursinn under the auspice of
the A. O. TJ. W.ofOtecon and Wash
ingcon Territory will leae Portland
for the Esst on the 15th of May. Any
one cati go on the excursion. The fare
will lie: From Portland to St. Paul and
retjrn, SI05; to Chicago and return,
S125;to New York and return, 1G0.
Tickets hold foi 90 days. Application
must be made by May 1st. Address
John A Child or R. Newcomb, Port
land, Oregon.
Colonel White and family and John
Singletarv of Rock Point started for
Tacoma, W. T., one day.this week to
locate permanently. Henry White
and family have gone to San'.a Rosa,
Cal., but will return soon.
E. Diaiick and K. H. Gabbert of
Grants Pass were here during the week
on business connected with the assign
ment madeby the latter. Gabbert's'drug
store at Grants Pass was turned over
to Mr. Dimick by "Volney Cohig sov
eral days ago and the assignee will
have charge of the business from now
The Portland "Standard" has the
folWing: "Oscar Kilbourn has re
ceived a sample of rock from an ex
tensive ledge in Jackson county, which
liears a strong resemblance of marble.
It is susceptible of a high degree of
polish. It will be submitted to a test
and if it proves good the ledge will do
velope a new and rich product of this
Dr. Geo. O. DeBar, the South Amer
ican capitalist who purchased tho
Reames farm in Manzanita precinct
for 7,000 returned Ewi yesterday ex
pecting to visit Illinois and Texas
where he has landed interests. He
will then go to Venezuela , to remain
tor a while leaving l" frr'," here in
charge of T. G. Reames until further
Frank M. Nickerson, county C erk
of Josephine county, who has been at
Portland attending the Republican
State convention, returned this morn
ii-g and will start for home Monday
morning. Capt. H. Kelley, another
delegate, has also returned and both
sav that the ticket nominated gives
the best of satisfaction tt all sections
una win oe elected entire.
Mr. Einmitt, of Plevna, who was in
town t'lis week, says he thinks the
Klamath county people mean to build
the new wagon load down the Klam
ath railroad or no railroad. In ihn
event of .tlio completion of the Cali
fornia railroad to the state line, they
are expecting some aid from the Cen
tral Pacific people toward meeting the
expense of making anoj improving the
wagon road. It is reported. also, that
the Yreka people have subscribed lib
berally to 'he fund. "Tidings."
Nine members of Table Rock En
campment of this place accompanied
S. J. Dav, D. D. G. M. of that branch
of the order in this district, on Mon
day last, to institute un encampment
at that place, a lodge having been
formed there with fourteen charter
members. The name of the new En
campment is Pilot Rock No. 16 and
the follow ins aro the olhVers: A. I).
Helman. C. P,; J. R. C-rv, II. P.; L.
McOvll. S. W.; E J. Farlow, Scribe;
II. S. E.uerv, J. W.; W. W. Kentnor.
F. S ; II. O. Myer, Trers.; E. DcPeatt.
Guide; L. A. Neil, I. S.; A. Bish, 1st
Watch, J. Houcfc, 2d Watch, El. De
Peatt, A. Bish and J. Houck were ap
pointed trustees and finance committee.
I'osliiSlrc Dlrrrtary.
The Jacks-willo poslofllce is open
daily, except Sund.iy, from 7 o'clock a.
m. to 8 o'c ock r. m . Sunday, from 9 a.
m. to 10 a. M. Money order" business is
open daily, except Sundays and legal holi
days from S) a. m. lo 5 r. M.
Mail for the north and south closss
daily at 4 r. ji . Slagc le-ivcs at 4 :30 r. m.
(K. It. time), it arrives from the north and
south at 7:30 a. ji.
Mail for Crescent City closes Sunday,
Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:130 r. m.
Stairc ieaves .Monday, Wednesday and
Friday 2 a. m. From Crescent I'ity it
arrives Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
atC:"0 r. M.
Mail for E:i"le Point c'oscs Suml.iy.
Tuesday and 'lhird.iy at 8 r. M.slasc
leaves "Mondtv; Wednesday and Friday at
C a. m. from Kagle Point it arrives Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday at 3 r. jr.
Mail for Willow1 Springs closes Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 a.m.
mail leaves at 0 a. m. from there it uirives
on the same day at 12 M.
Vail for Unionlown closes Monday at
12 it Stage leaves at 1 p. jt returning
it nui.-cs hero Tuesday morning at 10
A. JI.
A Republican county convention is here
by called to mscl at the Junction House
at W.ldervillo Josephine county Oregon,
on Saturday May 17th, 1831 at 1 o'clock
r. t. for the purpose of nominating a
County ticket and to fansact such other
business us may come before said conven
tion. It is recommend that primary meet
ings convene at the tiaual place of voting
in the several precincts on Saturday May
lOlh 1834. at 1 o'e.lock r. M. The several
precincts of the county will entitled to one
delegate and one for every 13 votes and
Iraclions oi tor ji. U. Ueorge member ol
Congrcssat the .Tune election 1832 which
gives the following representations to-wit.
ICerbvville -4 Slaic Creek 2
Waldo 2 J Althouse 3
Galicc creek 2 Williamsburg 4
Jump off Joe ...4'
Titos. F. Floyd.
Dated April 21lh 1884.
Woman Suffrage in' tiie Prohibi
tion Convention. An impression
may be made upon the minds of some
Ilia, the convention of last Saturoay
was unfriendly to woman suffrage.
Such is not the case. Its action on
the subject was not dictated by any
spirit of hostility to the pending
amendment but in order that the quex
tion might le left wholly unembarrased
and without being involved in nny
way with that of Prohibition, It is
supoed that person illy nearly all the
members were in favor of extending
the sufFraue to women, but it was
thought the wiest plan that each
question should stand beforo the peo
ple upon its own merits. -
B. J. Sharp.
Jacksonville, Or., April 28, 1884.
Clovinj Out at Coet.
Our fintir stock of general mpreh.
nmlisp, in whole or iniart, ir now for
sale at cost with a view of n clinngi
in liUR'ties. All indebted to us are
notified to call and settlf without de
lay. Reames Bros.
Jacksonville, Jan.-5, 1831.
DEXTistRt. E. L. TpwnKPwl. D. D;
S., will l.e in Jacksonville June 1st,
1884, and remain tun dayi-
iTAOK Robbed. Last S-turday
evening, the down stage was stopped
about a mile below Sweetbriar, by a
highwayman, who ordered Smith, tho
driver, to throw out the express box,
and made the demand a number of
times before compliance. The box con
tained nothing of any valup. The rob
ber was undoubtedly a man named
Bdssett, who had been arrested with
another robber named Frank Howard
by Constable Doney, rome 15 miles
further down the toad, for robbing
Chinamen. These are the two men
who robbed the stage in Oregon at
Grant's Pass some time ago, and were
racked here by detective Thacker, em
ployed by W. F. k Co., and thence to
the railroadcamps on Sacramento river.
Bassett, on getting away from the con
stable, immediately proceeded up the
road and stopped the down stage, and
it was expected he would s-op the up
stage, with Mr. Vance of this place
and another gentlemtn on board, who
were well fixed to take the rascal in if
he made such attempt "Yreka Journal."
a positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria
and Canker Mouth. At Brooks.
Fur lame B.ick, Side or Chest use
Shiloh's Porous Piaster. Price 25
cents. For sale at Brooks.
"HACKMETACK." a lasting and
fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50
c.nts. For sale at Brooks.
able by that terrible cough. Shiloh's
Cure is the remedy for you. For sale
at E. C. Brooks'.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by in
digestion. Dizziness, Loss of Appetite
yellow skin Shiloh's Vitalizer is a
positive cure. E. O. Brooks, agent.
Farming Machinery. Stiller & Co
of Aihlaud are agents for the celebrat
ed D M. Osborne i Co. farming im
plenunts, consisting of harvesters,
mowers, reapers and self binders, also
tho Morrison and Mnline plows and
S:huttler wagons. By shipping their
goods in large lots direct from the
manufactories, and getting car-load
rates on freight, they are enabled to
sell much lower than others who pur
chase in less quantities. Enquire
For Sale. Mrs. B. F. Dowell will
sell, at rtduced prices, dress goods,
woolen goods, fringes, laces, table lin
en, gent's fine linen hem stitched hand
kerchiefs, underclothing for ladies and
gentlemeu of very fine quality, variet)
of buttons, lamb's wool and cotton
stocking for children, etc, very cheap.
Also school suits for boys to the age
of sixteen, from Brownsville woolen
A Card. The Prohuition County
Central Committee has placed the name
of Thos. Haymoud on the ticket to fill
tlie vacancy caused by the withdrawal
of Mr. A. S. Jacobs.
B. J. Sharp, Chairman.
' Jacksonville April 30'.h, 18S.
s -
Wasted. A good girl to do gen
eral house work for a small family.
Light work and good wages. For par
ticulars enquire at IIubbnH'Klandoflice.
IIosiE Ham, On Williams creek, April
20, 1831. by Kev. O. W. Hoxie, Chas. A.
Ilosic and Miss 3Iaggic Hall.
3orckh,tek Eentsor At Ajh'and,
on April 27. 1884, W. W. Bureklwlter
and Miss Ida Kentnor.
Parker Waters In Jacksonville pre.
cinct. May 1. 1884, by Rev. R. C. Ogles-
by, Chas. Parker and Miss Nancy
Wood In Tabic Rock precinct, April 20.
1834, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood, a
DkPeatt In Ashland, April 10, 1884, to
Mr. and Mrs. E. Di?Peatl, a son.
Kiloore In Lanjrell Valley, April 14.
1881, to 11 r. and Mrs. David C. Kilgore,
a son.
.A. Cevrd.
To the Central Committee of the Prohibi
tion Party.
Gen'ti.eiie': Having been informed
that I was oominated for sheriff on the
Prohibition ticket, I would most respect
fully decline the nomination. As I will
be a candidate before the Democratic
county convention f.ir sherifT, I cannot
possibly accept your nomination. Never
theless 'I thank vou for your kindness.
Very respectfully,
Laot Office at Roseburo Or., )
April 23, 1884. j
Notice is hereby given that the follow-wtr-named
settler haa filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said p root will be
made before the Judge or Clerk of Jack
son countv Or- at Jacksonville Or., on
Saturday June 7, 1884, viz: Edward Lis
ter, homestead No. 3038 for the NElf
of S E if Sec. 22 . and N W hi of S W Jf
and 5 ot 2i w sec. o r iio mi a .
He names the following vvitnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, said land, viz: J. D. Al'cn,
O. C. U adc, S. B. Maybell and E. A. v ade
all of Grants Pas Jackson co. Oregon.
Vst. P. Benjamin, Register.
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the County Court of Josephine county
State ot Oregon.
In the matter of the Estate ol II. Burleson
Notice is hereby given thatthe Admin
istrator of the estate of II. Ilurlcson de
ceased has filed in the county court of
Josephine county, state oj Urcgon, his
final account as such administrator, and
by order of said iinrt Wednesday the lCth
day of June at the hour of 10 o'clock a.
m. is set for hearing objections to said
final account and the scttlcmnt thereof.
And all persons interested in said estate
are hereby notified to appear and file his
or her objections to said account on or be
fore said day.
Published in the OitEGon Sentinel by
order of Hon. Garrett Crockett judge of
said court. T. L. Knox.
Dated April 26th 1834.
Proposals For Flour.
Office Purchasing nnd Depot Commissary
Vancouver barracks, W.T. Aprl21, 1834.
SEALED PROPOSALS, in duplicate,
subject to the Usual conditions will
be received at this office and at the offices
of ths Acting Commissaries of Subsis
fence at the fallowing named posts, until
12 o'clock noon on Wednesday, May 21st,
1884, at which thrieand places they will
be opened in the presence of bidders, for
the delivery on orbefore June 21st, 1884,
of the following amounts of flour, viz:
Boise Barracks, I. T., 21,560 lbs.; Fort
Coeur d'Alene, I. T., 31.300 lbs., Fort
Klamath, Ogn.. 13,720 lbs. ( Fort Lapwal,
I. T., 24,500 lbs.'. Fort Spokane, Vf. T.,
43,120 lb.; Vancouver Barracks, W. T.,
58,800 lbs,) Fort Walla Walla, W.T,, 1B,
CC0 lbs.
Samples of the flour (not less than two
Eouuds) proposed to be furnished, must
e submitted with the proposals. The
flour to be tested by baking before ac
ceptance. Proposals for quantities less
than the whole required will be received.
The government reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids, and to diminish, or
with consent of the bidder to whom award
is made, to increase the quantities called
for, as the exigencies of the service may
Blank proposals and printed circulars
stating the kind of flour required, and
givimr full instructions as to the manner
of bidding, conditions to be observed by
bidders, and terms of contract and pay.
ment, will be furnished an Application to
this office, or to the A. C. S. of the post at
which it is proposed to make the delivery.
Envelopes containing proposals should
be marked:" Proposals for flour at
," and addressed to the under
signed, or to the Acting Commissaries of
Subsistence at the posts to be supplied
Ciptsin and C. S . U.S.A.
"Will tho comlnr man moke !" ni set
tled br Prof. Fiik in bis dunning pam
phlet. Beiaji.moraOTer.tlutUianUonal
wy to cm tobacco la through tha pips.
All agm that only the beat tobacco ahould
be need, which is the best! That to
which Nature haa contributed tha moat ex.
qulaite flavor. Blackwell'a Bull Dorham
Smoking Tobacco filla the bill completely.
Nearly two-thirda of all the tobacco grown
on the Oolden Tobacco belt of North Caro
lina goes Into the manufactory of Black
weU. at Durham. They buy the pick of
the enUra eectlon. lleace
Blackwell'a Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco ia the
beat of that tobacco. Don't
be deceived when you buy.
The Durham Bull trade
mark la on
eTery genuine
Blackwell'a Genuine Bull Durham
la the choice of all Judge of
Smoking Tobaaao.
Words Fail ;ts
Selbv CAItTEit, of KsahTtlle, Tenn., "for
tho benefits derived from
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Ilarlng been sffllcted all ray life with Scrof
ula, my system seemed saturated with It. It
came out In Blotches, Ulcers, and Mattery
Fores, all orer my liotly." Mr. Carter states
that lie wns entirely cured by the use of
AVER'S SAnsAiwiilLLA, ami since discon
tinuing Its use, eight months ago, be lias lud
no return of the scrofulous symptom.
All baneful infections of the blood are
promptly remoretl by this Unequalled altera
tive. ritrrAitnD ut
Dr.J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists; VI, six bottles for 55.
Hair Renewer.
The Best is the Cheapest.
Safety t. Economy It Certainty of Good
Theso qualities are of prime Importance in ths
lection of a preparation for the haln Do not
experiment with new remedies which may do-"
harm rather than good ; but profit by the ex
perience of others. Buy and use with perfect
confidence an article -which everybody jtnows
to be good. jTaix's Hjun Rexewzb will not
disappoint you.
mzrARiD nr
It. P. Hall & Co., Nashua, N. IT
Sold by all Druggists.
Assignee's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that Kcclcr II.
Gabbert, doing business in Grant's Pass
Oregon , has assigned to the undersigned
all his properly. Ixitli real and personal,
for the benefit of all his creditors, rateably
and in proportion to their demands, under
an act of the Legislature oi the State of
Oregon, entitled "An act to secure credi
tors a just division of the estates of debt
ors who convey, to a signees for lite ben
efit of creditors," approved October 18lii
1878. All persons having claims against
the said Kce'cr II. Cabbert. aic hereby
rcquirei to present the same to me. prop
erly verified, within three months from
the date of this notice. All rersons owing
the said Kecler II. Cahtcrt, arc requested
lo make immediate payment to the 'un
dersigned. R. D15IICK.
Assignee of the estate of Keehlcr II.
Grant's Pass, Oregon, April 21st, 1884.
Vdl3.ll.XLCl, Or.
Four courses of study. Normal and
Commercial College, Preparatory and In
strumental music.
Foi particulars or catalogue apply to
the undersigned at Ashland, Oregon.
Hotel For Sale.
Owin? to the death of mv wife Madame
f.Tanc Holt who has had full control of the
U. S. Hotel in Jacksonville since it was
first opened, and desiring to change my
business I offer for sale the building to
gether with all the furniture and appur
tenances thereuntobelonging. The build-
ing is a new three story fire proof brick,
well furnished and is the leading hotel of
the town. G. W. Holt.
lajl I aWi"(C
Gild Fellow's Building JoeLsoniilr, Grtgen
rm.snEEr iRox.Cvypi-r-.n. lead.
. Fuse and Caps,
Paints Oils, Varnish, Glass
Shot, Brush s, Chains. "ZZoza
I have secured the services or a flrst-
cl.tss intclmnic, anil nm ifrcpnrod to tin
.ill repairing jiromptlv ami in superior
Inconnection with the above I am re
ceiving and linve constantly on hand a
full and first-class stock of
Everything sold at reasonable rales.
Jacksonville, 3tarch 9. 1S7S-
BS CitK J i IT.-' i
wnw!"r; S7t.fu j.-
!l.:r.j,:. -x-it? -k-t
fWHi" !-..;.-' JS
r -if.r x- -m ..-,
KiiR'V4i?' '
Don't buy
want the best.
T.oss Hoots' unlesi
See that our name
JSL- - CC verm
is on every pair.
given by
Pacnlionlnv Trlb3 .No. I Imp.
o. it. SI.
Monday May 12th, 1SS4-
RkcettioS Committee. David Crone-r
miller, Fred Grob.E. 15. Vatsoi,, ILK.
Fix)ou JIanageus. J. R. Little, Wm.
Mcnsor, Chas. Nickcll, A. P. Eddy, James
Gucrrin, Frank Stiadnvin. x
JJecokatino Committee. I). W. Cros
by, J. T. Roloson, Prauk Lorraine, J.
Parks, Henry. Piipe Jr.
Gem:uai, Committee J. G. Rirdsey.
J. Whinp. and Adam Schmidt.
Ticket" including supper 3 00. lite
best of music will be provitkd and all arc
Nervous Debility.
E. C. WESTS nerve and brain
treatment, a snecilic lor HyMuria,
Dizziness, t'onvulsimis. Nervntw Head
ache, Mental Depression, Loss ol" Memory,
Spennatorhoca, Impotenry, Involuntary
emissions, premature o d age, caused by
over-exertion, sclt-abiisc or over-indulg-
encc, which leads to misery, decay and
death. One box will cure recent cases.
Each box contains one month's treatment,
ono do'lar a box, or six boxes for five dol
lars; bent by mail prepaid on receipt of
price. We guarantee six boxes to euro
any case. With each oidcr received by us
for six boxes, accompanied with live dol
lars, we will send the purchaser our writ
ten guarrntec to return the money if tho
treatment does not effect a cure. "Guaran
tees issued on'v by
Woooaed, Clarke & Co.,
Wholesale am' Retail Diuggists, Port
land, Oregon.
Orders by mail at regular pn'ciA.
- "teas??
2 03 I
wb tt
zl g a E
a i 1
i ryjy
ill r. r".i
w.i in avjrvr- .
AfVl-i I--
TIT 114 -I