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JAl'K.rid.'CVCt.LIS i
Eatbrdat, December 15, 1883.
Settle Up. All persons indebted
to Dr. -J. f. Robinion for professional
cervices are requested to settle the
jtatne wiibaut delay. Call at the City
Drug Store.
Selling Out. Those desiring any
thing in the Hue of merchandise will do
well by calling on Barruch Fisher be
fore going elsewhere as he is closing
-out his stock at cost. A trial will
convince ysu all.
Notice. The members of the sol
iciting and sapper committees appoint
ed for the Christmas party are request
ed to meet at the Towa Hall to day
(Saturday) at 2 o'clock p. M. sharp, to
tmlce definite arrangements.
Auction Sale. The undersigned
will cfler for Kale at public auction the
following at )ii residence in Jackson
ville, on Saturday, Dec. 20lh: Five
thnad of cattle, three brad of horses,
unower, kitchen and household furni
rture. The sale will begin at 10 o'clock
tA. h. John Hockexjos.
To thi Traveling Public. The
-corapletioi of the N. P. R. R. has
relieved the C. &. O. stage line of
the transportation of an enormous
-quantity of mail, and the company are
"now prepared to carry all who apply
to 'them for passage, north or south,
Umd put them over the road in good
New Arrangement. From Ab.
'Giddings we learn that arrangements
have been made between the stage
-company and the railroad bv which
the latter agrees to carry the mail tb
Grant's Pass where passenger connec
tion will also be maje after Monday
next. This leaves only thirty miles of
staging north of us and in a few weeks
more the whole can be traveled by
For Sale. Mrs. B. F. Dowell will
Bell, at reduced prices, dress goods,
woolen golds, fringe, laces, table lin-
'en, gent's fine linen hem stitched hand-
'kerchidfi, underclothing for ladies and
gentlemen of very fine quality, variwt)
of buttons, lamb's wool and cotton
stocking)! for children, etc., very cheap.
Also school suits for bojR to the age
'of sixteen, from Brownsville woolen
Farming Machinert. Miller & Co.
f Ashland are agents for the celebrat
ed D. M. Oil'orne fc Co. farming im
pleiaentR, consisting of harvesters,
Imowors, reapers and self binders, also
the Morrison and Moline plowB and
Schuttler wagons. By shipping their
goods in largo lots direct from the
Jnnnufactori-is, and getting car-load
"rates on freight, ihey ore enabled to
ell much lower than others who pur-
chase in less quantities. "EnqnirR
Society Elections. The Masons
elected tho following officers this week
"for the en-suing year:
Warren Lodge, No. 10 C. C.'Beek
an, W. M.; D. Linn, S. W.; V. Jack-
son, J. V.; N. LatigMI, Tieas.; M.
duller, Sec ; R. S. Dunlap, Tyler.
Oregon Chapter, No. 4. R. A. M.
T. G. JleatneR, IL P.; C. Mingus,
King; A. M. Berry, Scribe, D. Linn,
C. of H.; V. Jackson, P. J.; C. C.
-Buekman, R. A. C ; N. Fitter, G M.
'3d Veil; G. W. Isaac. G. M. 2d Vei;
Thos. Clrmons, G. M. 1st Veil; Theo.
Cameron, Troas.; M. Muller, Sec; R.
iS. Duulap, Guard.
SaooTiNa Affray. Bud Thomp
r dob, "who once had a shooting scrape
"wilh 'Iho'Cale brothers at Roseburg
several years since, has got into trouble
ecain as the following special to the
"Oregonian" frcm the Dalles will
show: The stage driver, John Martin,
brings intelligence that 'Frank Mogan
'was tho: and killed by Bud Thompson,
at Prinnville, last Saturday night, be
tween the hours of 12 andd o'clock.
They were quarreling in a saloon, and
overybady left t'uem to fight it out.
Six shots were fired, and when the fir-
'ing ceased Frank Mogan was found
shot through the body six times, eith
i er of which would ha,ve been fatal.
-Thompson is under arrest.
General Invitation. A general
tnd cordial Invitation is hereby given
to the citizens of Jackson county to be
' present at the grand ball to be given
' for the benefit of L. S. P. Marsh, the
'builder of the court house. The ball
lis to be, Riven on Christmas night, Dec.
25, 1883, in the splendid new court
room, and will- be tho grandest affair
of the kind ever seen in Jacksonville.
This method of invitation has !een
adopted, so that no one can complain
-of being slighted, and it is hoped that
pft generous response will be made.
iC. C. Beekman,
, 'JLK. Hanna,
- . 1 G. Reames,
- -W.-M. Turner,
T. B. Kent,
'ClIAS. Nickell,
Frank Krause,
Max Muller.
iRELiqious. Rev. B. J. Sharp will
preach in the Methodist Church in
Jacksonville next Sunday both morn
ing and evening.... Regular services
at the Catholic Church by Rev. F. X.
3lanchet.,..R.ev. JL M. Russell will,
preach at Ganiard'a school house on.
Saturday before theifourth Sunday in
this. month, and at theJLntioch school
house on the following day,.., Rev.
M. A. Williami will hold services at
Eagle Point next Sunday, at the usual
morning hour.. ..Elder M. Peterson
preaches at Mound school house Sun
day morning and at Rock Point on the
following Sunday at 11 o'clock A. M.
. , . ,Rev. R, C. Oglesby will hold ser
vices at Brownsborough Sunday at 11
o'clock 4. u. and at Esgle Poipt in the
Sheriff Jacobsis out collecting taxes.
Wra. M. Turner is laid up with
bad cold.
Dolls of all sizes and prices at Little
i: Chase's. J
The distillery will start up again
next week.
Sol Wise cf Ashland spent a day in
town this week.
Thos. Raimey of Sams Valley is in
town on a visit.
Walter Jackson is in town on com
mercial business.
Miss Ida Fisher arrived from San
Francisco last Sunday.
Christmas tree ornaments and choice
candies at Little &. Chase's. t
Fresh "candies and nuts of the cVoic
est kinds at Little it Chase's, t
The ladies should all at Mrs. Prim's
for-millinery coods of all kinds.
For a cough there is no remedy
equal to Animeii's Cough. Syrup.
Pon Avery returned from a trip to
the Willamette valley this w eek.
Have you ordeied your suit for the
masquerade on New Yeai'a night
J. C. McCuIly and J. H. Iloody
paid Jacksonville a visit this week.
Don't forget that -April's 'fool day,
leap year and the comet are coming.
J. S. Howard has been re appointed
a notary public by Governor Moody.
Portland papers say that D. W.
Crosby expects to locate at that place.
A public examination of teachers
will.be held here on Saturday, Dec.
L. S. P. Marsh has recovered from
his late illness and is on deck once
P. B. Whitney and E. C. Kane
were in town yesterday en railroad
Mrs. P. J. Ryan, accompanied by
her son Luko, is "rusticating" in San
Beautiful album, toilet sets, vases,
picture frames and cigar cases at Little
Chase's. t
Why should the spirit of mortals
be proud, till you have settled up with
the printer
Nothing has been done yet towards
having a public Christmas tree "orthe
young folks.
The end of the railroad track reached
Chavner's bridge on Rogue river last
Thursday night.
All the cases of diphtheria and scai
Jet fpver sre convalescent now with no
new ones to report.
The" railroad pay wagon is expected
in the va'ley this week and lively
times may be looked'foT.
The Magruder robbery at Central
Point is still a mystery no trace of the
thief having yot been found.
Ode of Wui. Cameron's children
died of diphtheria at the home place
near lUnionti0n this week.
Green Bros, of Galice creek have
struck good paying rock in a ntw tun
nel just started in their mines.
A. D. Rockfellow & Co., Attorneys
and Counsellors at Law and Real Es
tate Agents, Ashland, Oregon.
The hogs taken up by the Marshal
last week belonged to C. Mingus who
redeemed them before the sale took
Con. Lever, a Jackson county boy,
is in charge of the construction train
on the 0. Jb C R.'R. extension as con
The Eastern Stars elect officers next
Friday night. Ruth Rebekah lodge
does tho same thing next Monday
Wm. Kreuzer has been on the sick
list for a week past and Wm. Ulrich
has been officiating as baker duritig
that time.
Dr. G. H. Aiken has returned from
Portland and can always be found at
his office ready to attend to profekS
ioual business.
Miss Ada C. Plymale has accepted
the local agency for the Portland "Hes
perian" and will canvass for the paper
for subscribers.
A fine lot of millinery goods, silks,
satins and velvets and everything in
the millinery line just received at Mrs.
J. S. Howard's.
J. S. Howard says he will not be
ouUold by anyone in his line of general
merchandise boots and shoes etc.
Give him a call.
New towh sites are being recorded
in the county clerk's office and lots aro
offered for sale. You pays yeur money
and takes your choice.
John Hockenjos has sold his farm
near Phoenix to J. W. Collins for
$4000 and will once more become a
resident of Jacksonville.
Frem Ayers Almanac a copy of
hich has been kindly sent to tins
office, we learn that the weather will
have the usual variations during 1884.
The work iof covering the Rogue
river bridge in Flounce Rock precinct
was done by James McDougal and!
was received by the county court this
No Ashland "Tidings" reached Jack
sonville last week and like the woman
that found a paper with an article
clipped out we want to know what was
in it.
Col. "v7. S. Stono and wife came
over from Yreka last Thursday. Sat
isfactory arrangements -were agreed
apon for right of way with the rail
road comranyand the transfer of deeds
was made this week.
A lot of household furniture, horses
and cattle, will be sold at auction by
John Hockenjos on Thursday of next
week: Be on hand and secure bar
gains. Jay Gould recently paid 21,500
taxes in Npw Yortr, and W. H. Van
derbilt $48,500, and both of them
grumbled just like you do when paying
James McDoaough and wife and
Win. Kahler and wife are expected
lack from their eastern trip iu a few
days. Wm. .By Leo will not return be
fore Spring.
Gus Delpey is now in charge of
Morat ii Chale's saloon after night and
whenever wanting a good lunch or
drink give him a call when satisfaction
will be guaranteed.
A letter rr ceiv ed from E. W. H.
acWoodville received 'too late for last
issue, will be found on this week's out
side. It contains a good de.'-cription
of how railroad tracks are laid.-
The Daily Astoria Independent is
on our table. It presents a neat a)
pearance topographically and is ably
edited. Tliii will supply a "lone felt
want" for the Atorians.
Gen Washington and Gen. Sherman,
by a curious historical coincidence, is
sued their farewell orders to the army
on the same dav a century apart
November 1, 17S3-1S83.
An eminent physician says the best
board for dyspeptic young ladies is a
wathboard; it gives strength of muscle,
a coed appetite, and supercedes the ne
cessity ot painting their faces.
If you want a Sewing Machine call
at E. C. Brooks' drug, watch, clock,
and jewelry store. His machines are
a little finer and bis prices a little
snugger, than any other bugger's.
The first train reached Rock Point
last Tuesday about three o'clock p. i
Many old residents of that locality
were there to greet it, some of them
never having seen a train of cars be
fore.v .
Keeler II. Gabbert, the enterprising
druggist and merchant at new Grants
Pass, was in town isveral days this
week. Horn r Hark ness is no w a part
nerwith him in the business at Grants
Any one having facts conneced
with the early history of Southern
Oregon will confer a. favor by com
municating the same to H. O. Lang,
the editor of the new history of South
ern Oregon.
Two men named Charles Feldt and
II. L Hansen were caved in at the
Simmons claim near Waldo this neck
and received serious but not fatal in
jurieH. They were working in a tun
nel at tho time.
About 75 hanlshave been discharged
from the road in the vicinity of Buck
Rock Tunnel. Work will be suspend
ed, with the exception of in the tun
nels, on the road during the winter
season In that vicinity.
The dai'y "Oregonian" was thircy
fouryearsold one day last week. As
a newspaper the "Oregonian" is one of
the best published on this coast and
compares most favorably with the best
published anywhere else.
Messrs. Donaldson Gardner,agents
for the celebrated Tabor organs aro
now canvassing this valley with good
success. Mrs. Aflie W. Cawley of
Rock Point purchased a fine 5250 in
strument of them this week.
The World has been feeling thH
pulse of republicans of the empire
state, and it finds that Arthur is tlin
cboiee of a majority for president. If
Arthur concludes to be acaudidate, he
will have the support of the old Grant
The finest let of toilet sets ever
brought to Jacksonville can be found
at Merritt Robinson's drug store.
A fresh lot of fancy candies of all kinds
also received this week. Take a look
at their stock when looking for holi
day goods.
The central station in the valley is
to be called Medford and the one at
Chavner's bridge is named Bedford.
With the passengers coming from the
south it is all right as they ran com
mence undressing at Medford before
reaching Bedford.
Mr. H. O. Lang, chief editor of
Walling's history of Southern Oregon,
returned from Portland this week and
will continue his labors on the work.
His trip below was mainly to gather
data for the work from records on file
iu the State department at Salem.
Villard's new house, corner of Madi
son avenue and Ffiy first street, New
York, is expected to far excel William
H. Vaudrrbilt's in magnificence. One
of the rooms is en'irely in mosaic and
the -adornments of two others is csti
mated to cost not less than 8150,000.
Tramps should "shy around" Ash
land hereafter. At the last meeting
of the Town Trustees, an ordinance
was passed providing for the arrest of
vagrants, who will be compelled, up
on conviction of vagrancy, to work up
on the streets tor the improvement of
the town.
The name of T. B: Kent was acci
dentally omitted from the sohcting
committee last week when the list was
published. The following names have
also been added to the supper com
mitee: Mrs. W. J. Plyniale( Mrs.
John E. Ross, Mrs. T. B. Kent and
Mrs. D. Linr.
To find the numbtr of tons in a
stock of hay, ascertain the length and
width of the stack, and also the dis
tance over it from the ground on one
side to the ground on the other side.
From this last measurement subtract
the width and divide the remainder
by 2. Multiply the result by the
length, and this product by the width
and divide by 512. This will give the
number et long.
Senator Edmunds has been investi
gating the prospects of successfully
operating telegraph, lines by the post
office department, add will prepuro and
introduce in Congress a bill to equip
and operate a postal telegraph system.
It is thiught that the President will J
also recommend the same plan.
Governor Moody has not yet an
nounced his appointments for the va
cant Judgeships in this and the Port
land districts. In this district there
can be no doubt of the selection of Mr.
Webster as be is recommended by the
bar. and leading members of both po
litical parties.
During November the contractors
on the Siskiycu tunnel advanced 384
feet; that is, they completed the .tun
nel for that distance, including timber
ing. This is an average of moTe than
twelve feet a day. At the present rate
the "Tidings" says the tunnel will be
finished by midsummer.
The "New Cash Store" does a rush
ing business because all the coods are
marked down to the lowest notch ex.
pecting quick sales for i-nial! profits
Call around, enquire prices and,you
will be 10 ivinctdTnit.jour pur 0 will
hold out longer' forrne"" goods boughi
than at anv other place.
1 I
A nigiit force was put on the rail
road construction work at CliavnerV
bridge last night and a train was rx
peeled to cross the river early this
morning. The work is being pushed
with all the vigor possible and it will
not be long before the end of the track
reaches the central station in the val
ley. The Lakeview "Examiner" reports
that a human head, partially decom
posed, was breught by dogs to the ranch
of Capt. Folltt at Willow ranch last
week. It is supposed to be the head
of Shaw, who was mysteriously mur
dered on the Madeline plains some time
since, his body being found with the
head missing.
M. J. Green is the railread agent at
Grant's Pass, having moved his head
quarters, from Glendale. George En
gle has also moved to that place where
he attends to Wells Fargo Co.'h
business, the stage ogeney and his own
business as forwarding agent. Our
merchants will note this fact and have
their goodp shipped to Grant's Pass in
stead of Glendale.
A correspondent of the Crescent
City "Record," writing from Happy
Camp, says the people of that section
will 1.0011 get all their supplies from
abroad, with connection in this county
by wagon road to the railroad, and
says only a few miles remain to be
completed, to enable teaming all the
wsy from Happy Camp to the railroad
in this vicinUy. "Yrtka Journal."
A letter from Rev. M. C. Mille-,
lated at Council Grove, Kansas, sta'es:
"I have not recovered tuv health since
coming from Albany hern, as you state,
(ho one of. your readers informs mo)
but am about as when I left vou last
June. Dj not think 1 am any worse.
Am beyond doubt in the first stage of
consumption, liit lower part of my
right lung has perished away and a
cavity remains. I am still hopeful
aud am being well treated here by the
people. My wife's health is pretty
When any druggist or dealer tries, to
sell you, or tells you that some other
rumedy is as good or better, when you
ask for Ammen's Cough Syrup, look
him in the face, and vou will see that
God has stamped upon his countenance
in unmistakable characters the word
cupidity, and by investigation vou
will find that he is recommending
some decoction of his own that costs
him only a few cents to prepare, or
some patent remedy upon which he
makes a largo profit. Ask for Am
man's Cough Syrup. Take no other.
Buy a 15 cent or 50 cent bottle. Test
it yourself. It stands upon its merits.
A Jacksonville correspondent of the
Portland "Hesperian" gives the fol
lowing account of a. wine supper given
here not long since: "The railroad
magnates indulged in a game supper a
few evenings ago at the club room.
But, oh! the perversity of human na
turf; the priss was ignpminiously and
ingloriously ignored, and that's why
one ill natured reporter designated it
"drunk and disorderly. They will
never realize how much pains we took
to polish our number sixteens with
i-tovo blacking, and the great waste of
ointment to perfume our chestnut
sorrel locks with bear's oil, and how
we huoted up back numbers of the
"Oregonian" to see what was said at
the Villard reception,', so a to be able
to fittingly respond to the toasts to the
press. But in vain we plodded around
under the pittiless stars waiting to be
bidden to the feast. Bat the cry "Lo,
the bride-groom couieth" was not heard
iu the highways and hedges, and morn
ing dawned on ye disconsolate reporter
with nary a chance to sample the solids
and liquids that made up the bill of
fare for a first class game supper. But
the reporter did not have to get some
one to bring him home, and did l.ot
hav'e to decline an invitation to dinner
on Thanksgiving because he hod the
headache. If you hear that Oregon
and California railroad stocks hare
fallen.it can be justly attributed-to
this disastrous oversight on the part
of these prominent railroad officials.
Notice. A large asfcorlment of the
celebrated New Home sewing ma
chines, the best ana cheapest in thn
market, have just been received at E
O. Brooks' store. Call and examine
them before purchasing elsewhere.
G. B. Caldwell was in town yester
day getting the hydraulic pipe for his
Williams creek mines. K. Kubli made
jou need for Constipation, Loss of
Appetite Dizziness and all symptoms
of Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents
per bottle. Brcoks can furnish it.
Dec 8, 1883.
The oldest inhabitant does not re
member such a Fall Ihey think we
will have a very ejien Winter, with
much rain and but little snow.
Grass and grain grawing finely
stock looking arid doing well.
Vegetable and other crops all put
away for the winter, but the bulk has
been sold so that prices for the bal
ance in tha spring no doubt will be
much higher.
Generally the crops of vegetables
was not so yieldy as last year, bat the
acreage was much larger, still Apple
gate has lost none of its great name for
producing tho largest and finest 'truck
in the country.
Scarlet fever has been somewhat
prevalent, but most of the cases now
about well and no new ones.
The railroad whistle is now daily
heard and many people from this place
are doing their trading at the new
town, which is putting on city airs
A farmeress ordered her hired man
to haul two loads of straw around each
apple tree result trees putting out
new leaves, now shn is mad about it.
The big shingle machine was moved
down to the railroad last week, where
they are making 9,000 a day, but will
increase to 40,000 in two weeks time
by using water power. J. Chapman
is-t'ie proprietor.
The new bridge ncross Applegate is
said not to be safe by its enemies, but
for information to people who havi
been lied to I will say that there is not
a stronger or better bridge of the kind
in the country than what it is, aud
further the bridge is the only one in
the county across said river and in tho
safest place a briJge could be placed
On the north side of the river is a
good drv winter road and a great deal
safer, for no dangerous grade like the
Clemens grade on the south side dis
figures the road on the north side.
More fruit trees are being planted
this fall than ever before, and my
opinion is that most people that bought
of the California fruit trees will wear
long faces another year, for the fruit
trees I have seen from there are not
to be compared with those grown on
Applegate, both in roots and beauty
and smoothness of stalks, and further
how do they know but what th-y
have imported that terrible pest, the
"Hed Scale Bug" and perhaps other
diseases that time will never efface
from our fair country. So in the fu
ture patronize "home industry" and
let their fruit agents alone
At a late meeting the minister re
quested the audience to sing some
thing, when the leader, a man of notes,
.stiuck up a tune but did not proceed
over 8 or 10 bars when tho minister
said "That is enough of that; when
you sing again sing something you
know and have a tune to it." Jat im
magine said voung tn.n'n feelings, and
thking into consideration that his gal
was silting bv him and he warbling his
sweetest and most dulcet notes. Said
minister was also hlunt enough to com
pare our school houses to those in Ar
katisas and the peuple to heathens,
when you know we are all splendid
fellows aiut we Simson.
Vt'oodillle items.
Woodville, Or, Dec. 12 1883.
Mr. William Harper and Mr. John
Woods some time since donated to the
railroad company their portion of tho
depot grounds at this place, and the
deeds for the same were duly executed
to day. The money to pay Mr. Fred
White for his portion has been all sub
scribed, and it now remains for the
company to get a deed fiom him, and
when this is done work on tho side
track will be commenced at once.
The trainu are now bringing up
bridge timbers from below. They aro
also distributing telegiaph poles along
the line.
We regret- to learn that Mr. M.
Janse, engineer in charge of this di
vision, and his assistants, Chas. Mc
Naughton, Dimmick, and W.,E. Small
their work being done, will
leave us soon.
The iulei course of these young
gentlemen has been marked with uni
form courtesy and the most obliging
disposition on their part, and their
many friends w'll regret very much of
their departure. Let us hope that
the young gentlemen will have been
so favorably impressed with our coun
try while here that they will come
back to us again.
Later. A deed has been obtained
from Fred White since the above was
written, and a gang of Chinamen are
here awaiting orders to go t work at
the side tracks and switches. While
I am writing this the surveyors aro
laying off the ground.
The telegraph line is beiny changed
through here this afternoon from the
stage road to the railroad. Ne poles
are leing set and" cross hire 1 ut with
arrangements f.r four wires.
Mr. Dolsen informs me. that by noon
to-day tho track would be to the Rogue
river bridge. The bridge, however, is
not quite finished; so that track-laying
will be delayed hero a dav or two.
E."W. H.
Settle Up. Everybody knowing
themselves indebted to thn undersigned
will find it advantageous to settle up by
Jan. 1, 1884, as our books, notes and
accounts, must be balanced by that
time. Little Chase.
Jacksonville, December, 8, 1883.
The CiiEAPLbT. Abraham, WheeVr
Co. have decided on closing out
their store at Glendale and. offer goods
cheaper than ever before sold in South
ern Oregon. Parties from here who
hava made purchases there say they
don't see how they can afford to sell
goods at the prices asked. Read
their price list. t
1H O.
Parker. In Jacksonville, iJec. 10, 1883,
George W., son of Wiley Parker, aged
G years ana 7 months.
An exchange says San Francisco is
reported as being flooded with counter
feit standard dollars, which are said to
be dangerously like the geuuine. The
counterfeit is of white metal, and the
die aud milling are almost perfect.
They are nearly as white as the true
coin. No one person in tin would de
tect them in handling them in the usu
al way. Still they "lack the true
weight and ring of the genuine coin.
Wells Fargo Co. found, in some
12,000 takn frem the Sub Treasury,
20 of these bogus pieces. The coun
terfeit is described as having a duller
appearance than the true, metal; they
are dated 1883 and with the San Fran
cisco Mint marc "S" upon them; hut
tho "S ' and '4883" are muddy, that
is they are less distinct, and not so
well executed as the genuine. You
can detect tdem by sticking the point
of a sharp knife through the silver
coating which will easily feel off.
The political slate for ooe ticket "is
said to be already fixed at the county
seat for the freeman of the country to
swallow at the nominating convention
and at tho ballot box next June.
bon, Ind., says: "B'jih myself and
wife owe ourliver to SHILOH'S CON
SUMPTION CURE." Brooks keeps
ARE YOU MADE miserable by in
digestion, Dizziness, Loss of Appetitt
yellow skin Shiloh's Vitalizer is a
positive cure. E. C. Brooks, agent.
WHY WILL YOU cough ShilohV
euro will give immediate relief. Price
10 cts. 50 cts. and 1. For sale at E.
C. Brooks.'
"HACKMETACK," a lasting and
fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50
c?nts. For sale at Brooks.
piately relieve Croup, Whooping cough
and Bronchitis. Call at Brooks.
plaint, vou have a printed guarantee
on every bottli of Shiloh's Vita'izer.
It never fails to cure. Brooks can
furnish it.
each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Reme
dy. Price 50 cents. Brooks, agent.
Armstrong. In Jacksonv He, Dec. 8,
188a, to the wife of Marcus Armstrong,
a daughter.
Tyrf.ll. In Chimney Rock prccint.Nov.
20th. 1883, lo Mr. and 3Irs.OcarTyrcl.
a son.
Masquerade Ball !
UMli liilll
Holt's :EtH,
JANUARY l3t 1884.
Floor .Manaoeus. Frank Kasshafer,
F.Gr-barul C. Wintjen.
UfcCErricN Committee. V. Schutz, G.
II. Youuj; and J. Matt.
Music Committed. V. Schmidt, F.
Luy and A. Uolin
Tickets including supper, $1.25 each.
Best of music lurnislicl.
Gexe:ial Committee F. Grob, F.
Lnvanl J. B'nlt.
flyer's Cherry Pectoral.
Orrrillc.Ohio, Sept. 10, 1882.
COLDS. " Having "en "object to a bron
chial affection, with frequent
colds, for a number of years, I hereby cer
tify that Aveb' Cnxmiv Pectobai. gives
me prompt relief, and Is the most effective
remedy I have ever tried.
James A. Hamilton,
Editor of Tht Crtscent."
"MUGlIead, Ohio, Juno M, 18C2.
COUGHS. " x h" "-"- Aveb's CnEiiitT
Pectoiial this spring for a se
vere conch and lnnjr trouble with good
effect, and I am pleased to recommend It
to any one similarly affected.
Proprietor Globe note".""
Sold by all Druggists.
Jacksonville, Ogn.
Thomas J. Kenney, Prop.
saddler shon in Langcll's building,
opposite Masoniq JIall, I am fully pre
pared to dff any work in my line with
promptness and dispatch. "Will keep on
hand a good assortment of saddles, bridles,
harness, bits, spurs, etc. None but the
best California leather used. Job -work a
specialty and prices to suit the times.
g?Qivc me a trial.
T. .1. KENNEY.
Jacksonville, July 1G.1881.
This is to give notice tha I have given
my son, Peter liavner, his time, and I
will not be responsible tor debts of his
contraction. THOS. CHAVNER.
Dardane'les, Dec. I, 1883
All work In my line done in the best man
ner. Satisfaction guaranteed.
&2 y"r fjp "" ii. I ?
Odd Fellow's Building Jksor;ille, Ort;oa
Pumps, m
Fuse and Caps,
Paints Oils, Varnish, Class
Shot,.52?ashs, Chains, Hosa
I have eecured the eervicei of a first clssi'
Mechanic, and am prepared to do all repair
ing promptly and la fuperior stylo.
1 I am receiving and have conolaatlj oa
hand a full aad first class sleek of
Ditr-aooDs, onsi boots, todacco
S-Everth!sao!a at reasonable rstei.
Jackinnville. March. 9. 18".
Don't buy "Boss .Boots' unless you
want the best. Seu that our name
.il- S3- C3 "C5-
is on every pair.
Laud Office at Rosr.ntnwi, Or., )
November 17, 181. f
Notice is hereby given that the follow,
in; named settler has tiled notice of his
.mention lo make Jlnal proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will ba
made bcloic the Clerk of Josephine county
Orcuou at Kerbyville, on Saturday De
cember 2!), I8SU, viz: Charles Ageo Jr.,
Pre-emption I). S. No. 8:J3 for the S K
f b E if Sec. 2.1 and NJoIM E See.
MT 30 S or It 7 West. lie names tlu
following witnesses to prove his continu
es residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz: Holman Peters, Milton
Itcynolcls, Robert Murray, Tlienpliilus
Murray, all of Josephine comity Oregon.
Wm. F. BbiNJ.vJiiN, Register.
ADtllVIsrilATO'l'S Noricn.
In the matter of the estite of John II.,
McDjniel. deceased.
Ni tice is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed by the County
Gourt of Jurkson county', Oregon, sitting
fn Probate. Administrator of the estate of
John H. McD.miel, deceased.
All persons indebted to said estate arc
requested lo settle the same immediately,
and those having claims against thecstatc
will present them with the proper vouch
ers to the undersigned, residing in Jack
sonville, Jackson, county, Oregon, within
six months from tho tirst publication of
this notice. A. II. Maeoi.y,
Administrator of said estate.
Dated Nov. 21,1883.
Bids Wanted
Lengths, 11 ft, 10 ft, 24 ft and 20 ft, by
12 inches square, to De delivered betwc n
Wagner creek and Ashland,
To oe delivered between Gore's ranch and
All bids mu-t be sealed and in the O. &
'. R. R. ofllce, addressed to O. A. F.
Morris, Chief Engineer, Portland, Oregon,
on or before Dec. 15, 1883. The company
reservin? the right to reject any and ail
bids. For particulars, see
D. Lorino, Jacksonville, and
Joiin A. IIunuJCKT, Ashland
Jt?rCrTO tOnncr day at bor 1
tpc X J S,OWSarap!cs worth .7
Irce Address Stinso.n & Co.,PortlandC
- isTL-sr
a S rrt te.7BH88?
JJj Uv - ,TtAStl' -U