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Saturday, December 23, 1882.
land Ofilrent Koocltnrs. Ocn.l
Jane no, ISM), j
To all TThnni It may f'mircrn:
Notice Is lirrrb) glwn Hint I lintc drls
nnicd tlicOIUXON M'MItl ns Hie Iarr
lu which I khnll lirrraftrr publish nil pre
rmpllouti liomofrail nnt nipIlrntlon.
fur mining pntrnls for lamls I J Ins near
Jacksonville. J.irU.oii muni), Orrson.
W. V. lil'AJIMIN, ltrsislrr.
Fob Sale. Four thousand pounds
of Liverpool salt coarse and fine at
Nick Ficke's butcher bhop:
Hian Mass. Row Father Blanchet
will celebrate High Mass at the Cath
olic Church on Christmas morning at
eleven o'clock.
Wanted. Several hundred bushels
of good grain of every.dcscription, for
which cash will be paid. For further
further particulars enquire at distillery
near town or address inc at Jackson
ville. N. K. Lytle.
CnmsTMAS Tnun. Members of the
Presbyterian Chur?h ars arranging to
laro a Christmas Treo on die evening
of the 25th, when a programme of in
teresting literary and toucical exercises
will alo be furnished. Everybody is
ScnoeL Adjourned. The directors
of this district done" a wise thing this
week by ordering school adjourned un
til January 2d on account of the pre
valence of scarlet fever. Although the
diseate is not spreading any it is a wise
precaution in preventing it doing so.
Married. A very quiet wedding
teok place at the residence of George
M. Love last Wednesday evening, the
contracting parties being John llanley
and Miss Mamie Love. There was no
one present bos'des the members of the
two families. We wish them a long
life of prosperity and happiness.
Relioious Notes. Rev. M. A.
Williams will hold services at the
Presbyterian church in this place Sun
day morning and evening. .. .Elder
M. Peterson preaches at Eagle Point
next Sunday morning Regular
services at the Catholic church, Rev.
F. X. Blanchet officiating. . . .Rev. A.
M. Russell preaches at the Neil school
house in Ashland precinct on the
morning of the 24th. .. .The second
quarterly meeting for Ashland and
lacbouville circuit, M. E. church, will
bo held at Phtunix on Dec. 23d and
24th. berviccs on Saturday at 11 A.
31., followed by quartet ly conference.
The Biteu Bitten. Some wags at
JLiukville bought ten shares of stock
in the Keiuble Investment Co. of
Chicago a swindling concern and in
payment for the same forwarded a
draft on the Bank of Wocus," Oregon,
nnd signed by J. Snipes. Kcmble fc
Co. thought they had found a big suck
er and placed the check in the hinds
ot a. Chicago bank for collection. From
thero it went to W. F. & Co. at San
.Francisco, who f-ent it to Ladd &, Til
ton, Pot Mann, and now it is in the
Lands of C. C. Bcikman of this place,
but no collection has yet been made.
The bank of wocus is well known in
Lake county, on which Jack Snipes, u
well-known pstton of the bank, makes
numerous drafts and deposits, and the
account should be settled.
Concert at Phoenix. A Concert
will be given at Phoenix on Friday,
Dec 29th, for the purpose of raising
money to get a library for the Phuenix
Sunday school. It will be held in
Culver's Hall. The ladies will serve
refreshments in connection with the
Concert Followingis the programme:
1st, Opening Voluntary. 2nd, Anthem
"The Lord will comfort Zi'on." 3,
Quartette "Eula-lie." 4th, Duetto,
"Speed Away." 5th, Recitation.
Gth, Solo and Chorus "Watch on the
Rhine." 7, Glee "Distant Horn."
8, Solo "ValeofChamouni." 9, "Pro
fundo Basso," Comic, 10, Solo "The
Tempest." 11, Reading Poem "The
Last Song." 12, Instrumental Duette.
13, Anthem "And it shall come to
Pass." 14, Refreshments.
Dn. Geo. Kauler, Com.
Society Elections. Oregon Chap
ter, R. A. M., elected officers for the
-ensuing year at the meeting held last
Tuesday with the following result:
T. G. Reames, H. P.; J. N. T. Mill-
er.K.; A. M. Berry, S.; D. Linn, C, H.;
Will Jackson, P. S.; C, JO. Beekman,
It. A. C: C. Mincus, Treas.: Max
J Muller, Sec; N. Fisher, G M. 3d V.
jl. vyameron, v. m, za v.: a.. U. tllll,
G. M. 1st V.
Hope Rebekah Degreo Lodge, I. O.
O. F., of Ashland: N. G., Mrs. Grace
Fountain; Y. G-, Miss Delia Penneba
ker; R. S., F. 31. Drake; F. S., JI. C.
Jtlyer; Treas., J. D. Fountain.
Alpha Chapter, No. 1, O. E. S., of
Ashland: W. M., Mrs. II. C. Hill;
W. P., M. A. Walker; W. A. 31.,
Mrs. Alice Butler; Conductress, 31iss
E. F. Daggett; Associate Conductress,
Miss Ida Muller; Treas., H. C. Hill;
Sec, Miss Addie "WiWiire; Trustees,
Mrs. Jacob Wagner, 3Irs. L, F. Will
its, 31rs. J. S. Eubanks; Represendta
tiro to Grand Chapter, Mrs. M. E.
Warren Lodge No. 10., F. &, A. 31.,
reelected the following officers last
Wednesday evening: W. 31., C. C.
Seeknmn; S. V, David Linn; J. W.,
Dr. Will. Jackson; Treasurer, John
Sli'lcr; Secretary, 31 ax 3Iuller; Tyler,
R. S. Dunlap, re elected for the twenty
second time. All the installations for
tthe different Masonic orders will take
place on St. John's Day Dec 27th.
The Haymaker of the I. O. R. 3L,
elected the following officers last Thurs
day: G. S., J. T. Roloson; G. V., E.
Jacobs; G. C. C, Geo. W. .Brown; G.
S., T. T. 3IcKenzie; G. 3L F., David
Cronemiller; G. P., James G. Birdsev.
'Twill cure your cold.
A Merry Christmas to all.
W. S. Webb will open a saloon
Little &, Chase keep all kinds of
holiday goods.
Miss Emma" TJlrich is teaching the
Rock Point School.
Your special school tax is now due
so is the county tax.
Wells, .Fargo Co. have discontinued
their office at Wolf creek.
Three Farms for sale. Enquiro of T.
G. Reames, Jacksonville, Oregon.
There will be lots of Christmas balls
and every one can tako their choice.
Adam Schmidt is building a new
residence for Thos. Gilson at Sterling.
EmmaT. Loosley has been appointed
Postmistress at Klamath Agency Ore
gon. ' ,
Max Rostel started for Yreka last
Thursday to open a barber shop at that
Reames Bros.' have a fine assortment
of good jewelry which they are selling
Notice the new illuminated fiign at
the New York store and call there for
Go out to Granville Naylor's t day
and win a turkey if you think you
can shoot.
J. P. McDaniel officiates at the Table
Rack saloon during the absence of
Chris Wintjen.
The Ashland Woolen Mills made be
tween 900 and 1000 pairs of blankets
in November last.
W. G. Kenney is now employed at
Happy Jack's and ho can mix up any
drink you cjll for.
The Yan Yan Cliinarobbery case is
before the Supreme Court defendant
asking for a new trial.
Judge Hanna and Sam Bowden paid
Josephine county a short visit this
week on mining matters.
Chas. W. Savage and John Noland
are on the sick list. Lidd Savage is
in charge at the New State.
The Salem Cre department has just
received a new steam engine. When
will Jacksonville follow suit)
Orders for cement pipe are now
being taken in Siskiyou county by
Smith & Tolman of Ashl.md.
A new year's party will be given at
C. C. McClendon's place in Sams valley
to which eveiybody is invited.
O. F. Topping came in from Klam
ath Agency this week having complet
ed the ew school house there.
A poor quality of coal oil has arrived
in Jacksonville. It is .said to have
been shipped litre from Ashland.
The plaintiff in the case of Selph vs.
Morgan secured a verdict for 29 in
Justice Hufier's court last week.
Josephine county has a copper boom,
some moro valuable deposits of this oro
having been found there recently.
A good attendance was presentatthe
dance at Uncle Dan iMsuers and every
thing passed off pleasantly as usual.
Ellis Beggs has resigned his position
asdtiverfor the O. & C. Stage Co.,
and is succeeded by Frank Martin.
Considerable rain fell this week but
not enough to rive the miners work.
The northern storm did not extend this
David Linn started for Eugene City
last Saturday to visit his brother-in
law Judge Fitch .who is still quite
If you have not yet selected your
Christmas presents call on E. C.
Brooks at once and make your selec
tions. Judgins from the number oE mar
riages that are taking place we have
concluded that the cold spell is not yet
The street lamp in front of the City
Hall has been fitted up so that it
now makes as bright a light as any of
the others.
Deeds, mortgages, and other legal
instruments neatly and accurately exe
cuted at A. L. Johnson's, Land and
Law office.
Curtis Bros, received their giant
I this week. They will have it in posi-
tion at their mines, on Jackson creek
in a few days. " -
Two children o'f Robert Emmit of
Plevna, died this week of scarlet fever.
Several other cases are reported in
Klamath county.
Prof. John B.Farley hastaken charge
of the school near Thos. 31cAndrews.'
3Ir. Farley's services as a teacher are
always in demand.
A corporal and four men came to
Ashland yesterday to take the two de
serters arrested near there back to
Fort Bidwell for trial.
3Iiss Eugenia A. Kelly and 3Iiss
Annie Miller started for Fort Jones,
Cal, on Thursday last, expecting to
stay until after tho holidays.
3Ioney loaned, on good real estate
security, and book accounts, notes and
"dead-horse" bills collected, at A. L.
Johnson's Land and Law office.
Wells, Fargo will soon establish an
express line over Pat 31cMahon's Cres
cent City mail route. It will be needed
when the wagon road is finished.
The distillery will be ready to com
mence operations by January 1st, pro
viding the revenue officers complete
their arrangements ly that time.
A suit has been entered against
Josephine county by Wm. Justus for
damages sustained by the latter's team
going through the Sucker creek bridge.
A. L. Johnson has taken the agency
for the "Northwest News," the new
daily to be started in Portland on Jan
uary 1st. Give him your subscrip
tions. Wm. S". Webb challenges Henry
3Iensor to run a foot race for S200 a
side, distance, CO yards, race to come
off twenty five days after forfeit money
is put up.
C. W. Lomler, advertising agent at
Portland, has placed us under obl:ga
tion for a German almanac of his own
publication. Our German citizens
should all get a copy.
The total number of Indians in Ore
gonandWashingtonTerritoryisl0,5G2, of whom one sixth are males of 21
years. They have nearly a half a
million acres of arable land.
A fine oil painting, the work of 3Iiss
Anna Benner, is on exhibition at the
express office and is a fine pieco of
work. We predict a bright future
for 3Iiss Benner as an artist.
If you want a sewing 3Iachine call
at E. C. Brooks' drug, watch, clock,
and jewelery store His machines are
a little finer and his prices a little
snugger than any other bugger's.
A new cross-walk is being built
across Oregon street, from the Table
Rock saloon to the new York Store.
Herman-Helms will also have a new
gutter built in front of hit) saloon.
A heavy rain commenced pouring
down last Thursday which has con
tinued without much interruption up
to the time of going to press and our
mining population is happy onco more.
We acknowledge a pleasant call
from A. D. Bockfellow, real estate
agent at Ashland, this week, who in
forms us that numerous real estate
transfers are being made in that local
ity each week.
Death to rats, mice, roaches anu
ants; Parsons Exterminator. Barns
granaries and households cleared in a
single night. No fear of bad smells.
Best and cheapest vermin killer in the
world. Sjld everywhere.
Wimer it Sons have made applica
tion to have the receiver of Wimer &
Simmons mine near Waldo, Jas. II.
Hansen, discharged, and Judge Hanna
will hear the argument of counsel on
this point on the 27th inst.
The clerk of Douglas county last
week recorded tho deed of transfer of
the charter, right of way and other
property of the Roseburg it Coos Bay
Railroad and" Navigation Co. to tho
Oregon Southern R. R. Co.
From the Shasta "Courier" of last
week wo tase the following item:
'Born In Shasta, Nov. 2Gth, to the
wife of James Eligh, a daughter, 1
pound." At latest accounts both
mother and child were doing well.
No mail arrived from tho north for
sevpral days this week on account of
high water washing out some of the
bridges and trestle work on the rail
road. Repairs have been made and
everything is again in working order.
If you want to see lots of fun nnd
haeagcod time generally attend the
masquerade ball on New Year's night.
No pains will be spared to make it a
success and the best of music has been
secured Niles' band of Cottonwood.
A heavy storm prevailed north of us
this week causing considerable damage
to bridges, etc. In some localities 10i
inches rain fell within three days, and
at Pendleton some parties had to climb
trees evcryimng uetng nooiieu lor a
The Supreme Court has reversed
the decisiou of the court below in the
case ofthe Weeks brothers, the In
dians sent to the penitentiary from
Lak county last year for horse stealing
and tho cases will have to be tried
A change in tho home stations on the
stage line is now being made and Supt.
Carll informs us that everything will
be in working order by to morrow.
The drive through this place will then
be from Rock Point to tho Mountain
Oregonian Pocihontas Tribe No.
1, I. O. R. 31 , will have a public in
stallation of officers on the evening of
January 5th, to which all the breth
ren and their families are invited.
After the cermbnies a social re union
will be indulged in.
It is not necessary to state that all
who attend the Ball at 3Iart Hurst's
on New Year's night will have a good
time as such is always the case. 31art
also wants it distinctly understood that
no one need soil their good clothes in
diving into tho soup for oysters.
The proprietor of the "Weekly Stand
ard" has reduced the subscription rates
to $2.50 per year, if paid stiictly in ad
vance; otherwise the same as hereto
fore. Send for specimen copy and
subscribe. Address "Standard," Port
land, Oregon. Tho weakly has no su
perior in Oregon as a newspaper.
The county court of Lake county
has just ordered paid the bill of Will
iams, Hill, Durham, Thompson fc
Mays (lawyer?) $100, for written
opinion in the matter of the mandamus
issued in the case of Kubli vs. Nurse,
treasurer of Lake county. One of the
Commissioners objected to its payment.
In pursuance of telegraph instruct
ion, Constables Taylor and Walard ar
rested two deserters from G. Co. 1st
Caw, at the Soda Springs Hotel last
Friday. The two men, Jas. 3Iulliu
and J. B. Laning, left. Fort Bidwell
last week, each taking a horse, saddle
bridle and complete cavalryman's
outfit. They certainly did not evince
great sagacity in following, the tele
graph line direct from Fort Bidwell
to this place. A dozen different routes
from Bidwell would have taken them
in directions in which they would have
escaped the possibility of telegraph in
terception. "Tidings."
Robert A. Miller -i Jacksonville,
says the "Oregonian, is engaged in
writing a book historic and descript
ive of Southern Oregm. It will give
descriptions of the jeautiful natural
scenery of that secttoi and an account
of the""flush times'' rf.Mrly days, In
dian wars, etc The sponing chapters
aro highly spoken of.i
Don't fail to attenrthe masquerade
ball to bo given at Bolt's hall on tho
evening of St Valentiie's Day by Ruth
Rebekah Degree Lge, I. O. O. F.
Nothing will be lejl , undone, as the
wholo managemengfis in tho hands
of the members of fts order, and no
one doubts their mating it a success.
Read their advertisement
Considerable compliant is beingmade
of late at the way cei&uu young hood
lums act on'sSh.jOUtsida of the churches
while servt&jfare beng held within.
Unless a stop is put to this at once
some of those enjaged in it will
find themselves' in tie lock up some
Sunday night when ifys old man will
have to come round to ledeem them.
A larce number of the white men
employed on the exts;
"?. e rail
rand smith of lipre liav
by tho company, and
that tho fears of the
on county
fjfcople-aro well found.ee
it will be
soma time li.ioro1heZoi
land unless the co'nparty7propose to
build it exclusive by Chinese labor.
"Independent "
Among, the telegraph dispatches of
the 18th inst. wc find an item saying
that a 31iss Haley', aged about 18 years,
had committed suicide at the College
in San Jose by taking strychnine.
3Iiss Leona Hniley, daughter of John
Hailey, Superintendent of the Over
land Stage Co., is i pupil at this
school, but the fact that no intelligence
of this feet has been received here by
her relatives it is not likely kto be tho
When an editor nnkex a mistake
in his paper everyone whq reads it calls
him i liar. When a private citizen
makes a mistake none know it except
a few friends, and they come around
and ask the editor not to publish it.
When the citizen dies the editor is
asked to write of all his good quali
ties and leave out the bad. When the
editor dies the private citizen says:
"Now that old liar will get what he
Did any scientific physician knew
the formula from which Ammen's
Cough Syrup, is prepared, he would
not only recommend, but prescribe it to
his patients troubled with a cough or
cold, or any disease of the throat and
lungs. Try it It has no equal. For
the benefit of those who would say,
"Another humbug," a trial 15 cent size
is prepared. Ask your druggist to get
it for you. In bottles at 15 cents, 50
cts. and$l. i
Gen Farnsworth, ox Congressman,
thinks nothing worthy will be accom
pished withthetar;ttnJ5-Bes5ion; that
Pendleton's civil servicp-bU!, urn sun
ilarone will be pasSedffyjat in 1884 the
Republicans will be'divided in the con
vention and tho result will be that
third-rate man will be nominated.
Blaine don't want the nomination, nor
do any leaders except Logan. Ho is
going to throw Grant overboard and
cutaloof from all factions. Farnsworth
is mostly in Washington now, al
though he calls Chicago his home.
IIolloway's Pills Never Despair
Something that never fails Fever
and Ague To the sick it is of little
consequence how they are cured,
whether from a rational view of the
disease or by the rules defined for the
guidance of the profession, so long as
the cure is certain and expeditious.
To a sullering man the question on the
relative merits of quinine or calomel ir
uninteresting. The," faculty may
wrangle and discuss their various theor
ies, but Dr. Ilolloway'-s treatment dis
pels doubt ere the disciples of Escula
pius have finished the first stage.
IIolloway's Pills are the only remedies
which effect a speedy and radical cure
without danger of a relapse. Bead
the advertisement elsewhere.
Important Caution. None nto
genuine unless tho' signature of J.
Haydock, surrounds each box of Pills
and Ointment Boxes at 25 cents, G2
cents and SI each.
rXgTThere is considerable saving by
taking the larger sizes.
IIolloway fc Co., New York.
Best Bargains Oitered. The larg
est arrivals of tho season at the New
lork store which has this week re-
ccived the most extensive and finest as
sortment of general'juerchandise ever
offered in this niarkttL'onsisting of dry
and fancy goods, notions, clothing, and
the best and latest paterns of of boots
and shoes, hats, caps, etc., which will
be sold under the hammer. Call and
see and you will find it to be so.
Klamath Agency. There are nu
merous applicants for the position of
Indian Agent at Klamath to fill agent
Nickerson's place, whoso term of office
expires some time next month. We
have heard of the following: Capt O.
C. Applegate of Klaraatn county, A.
G. Rockfellow of Ashland, N. Langell
of Jacksonville, O. F. Topping, of
Josephine and L. M. Nickerson, the
present incumbent It is a possibility
that some of them may get left
Races. Another race has been
made up between Simpson's "Captain
Jinks" and Hanley's "Billy," the race
to come off at Card well's track on Christ
mas day. The distance is a quarter of
a mile and the stakes are $100 a side.
An interesting race is expected, as the
horses are said to be well matched.
Lost. On the ?st of December on
the road between, here and Chavners
bridge, on Rogue Oliver, ono box con
taining three men's hat3. The. finder
will confer a favor and be liberally re
warded by returning to this office.
i&L would
TJ. S. District Attorney Watson his
received a dispatch from Attornpy
General Brewster directing that tho
Griswold property at Salira bo sold on
Fob. 8, 1883. The circumstances con
nected with the suit brought against
Griswold by B. F. Dowell on the part
of the United States to recover money
obtained from the government by
fraudulent vouchers aro familiar to
all. The case has has been in the U.
S. courts for years and the sale has
been postponed several times within
the past year in order that a motion
for the pardon of Griswold might be
passed on. The order for sale mar
probably be considered as the conclu
sion of the matter. 3Lr. Dowell ap
pears to be in luck at present in regard
to law suits as Judge Sawyer has lately
decided the suit brought by him
against Jesse Applegate and family in
lm favor. It will be remembered by
our readers thai B. F. Dowell and
Jesse Applegate were the sureties of
S. E. May, onco secretary of State.
3Iay was a defaulter and Suit was
brought against him and his sureties
and judgment recovered. After Dowell
and Applegate signed the bond of
3Iay, it was claimed that 3Ir. Apple
gate transferred all of his valuable lands
to his children and Dowell had the
whole of thadebt, amounting to nearlv
L-j-i$H;000, to- pay to-tlm -SlatP.JTi!Ln
covered a judgment at law against Ap
plegate for one half, and then no prop
erty could be found. Dowell next
commenced suit in equity to set the
deeds to Applegate's children aside on
the ground that all of them were with
out consideration aud were intended
to defraud the state and Dowell out
of the amount of 3Iay's defalcation.
(liilnlne anil Arsrnlc
From the basis of many of the Ague
remedies in the market, and aro the
last resort of Physicians and peoplo
Lwho know no better medicine to em
ploy, for this distressing complaint.
The effects of either of these drugs
are destructive to the system, pro
ducing head ache, intestinal disorders,
vertigo, dizziness, ringing in the ears,
and depression of the constitutional
health. Ayer's Ague Cure is a veg
etable discovery, containing neither
quinine, arsenic, nor any deleterious
ingredient, and is an infallible and
rapid cure for every form of Fever
and Ague. Its effects are permanent
and certain, and no injury can re
sult from its use. Besides being a
positive cure for Fever and Ague in
alt its torms, it is also a superior
remedy for Liver Complaints. It is
an excellent tonic and preventive, as
well as cure, of all complaints peculiar
to malarious, marshy and miasmatic
districts. By direct action on the
Liver and biliary apparatus, it stim
ulates the ystem to a vigorous, healthy
For Sale et all Dealers.
The Sunny South of Oregon.
C. W. Burrage, who has just returned
from a trip to Southern Oregon, re
ports that the Iato storm did not ex
tend south of the Calpooia mountains.
During his three week's stay in that
section, out door operations were not
suspended an hour on account of rain.
Mining operations arc at a standstill
for want of water and the miners pray
for rain in vain, though they expect
better luck "when de wind git right."
Farmers have taken advantage of the
fine weather to seed a larger acresco
than ever before in expectation that
the railroad will reach the'n next sum
mer. Hay in the Grj.ve creek country
is 50 per ton, and owing to the forces
employed in the railroad construction
farmers are obtaining better prices for
produce than over
before. "Oregon-
Motlu-r Died of salt Ktiriim.
J. W. Adams, Newark, Ohio, says:
"Cuticura Remedies aro the greatest
medicines on earth. Had the worst
ca-.a Salt Rheum in this country. Jly
mother had it twenty years, nnd in
fact died from it I believe Cuticura
would have saved her life. My arms,
breast and head were covered for three
years, which nothing relieved or cured
until I used the Cuticura Remedies.
To all who are suffering from the er
rors nnd indiscretiousof youth, netvous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhood,
itc, I will send a reciepe that will
cure you, free of charge. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America. Send a self ad
dressed envelope to the Rev. Joseph T.
INMAN, Station D, New ork City.
PANKFTT In Sam's Valley, Dec.
9th, to Sir. and Mrs. W. H. Pankey,
a son.
BEARD Near Jacksonville, Dec.
14th, to Mr. and Mrs. John Beard,
a daughter.
BROWN Near Ashland, Dec. 21, to
Mr. and Mrs. R. Brown a son.
dence of the officiating Minister,
Dec. 20, 1882, by llov. M. A. Will
iams, Wm. Addison and Miss Efiie
E. Blake.
HANLEY LOVE At the residence
of George M. Love, Dec 20, 1882,
by Rev. M. A. Williams, John A.
Hanlcy and Miss Mary H. Love.
No cards.
Pass precinct, Dec. 20th, Jas. H.
Croxton and Miss Emma Simmons.
SIMON In Jacksonville Dec. 17ih,
Charles, a son of Mr. and Mrs. P.
Simon; aged about 14 years.
DANIELS At the family residence
in Jacksonville, Dec. 22, 1882, Re
becca C. Daniels, aged 7 years, 4
months and 22 days.
Lasd Office at RosEUtnto, On.,
December, 13, 1882. J
Notice is hereby given that the follow,
ing named settler has filed notice of his
iuteution to make final proof in support
of liis claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Judge or Clerk of Joseph
ine county at Kerbyville, on Saturday
Febi uary 8. 18S3, viz : James LyUlc Home
stead 5o. 2"SG He names the following
witnciSC3 toprove his contnuous residence
upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz:
J. F. Muck, rharlcs Decker, of Waldo, T.
F. Floyd, 1 lias. Hughes, of Kerbyville, all
of Josephine county Oregon.
Wm. F. Benjamin, Register.
Land Office at Rosebcro, On., )
December 13; 1SS2. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler lias filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof wt'l be
made before the Judge or Clerk of Jack
son county, at Jacksonville, on Wednes
day, January 31, lSfO, viz: Joseph Shoe
maker, Homestead No. 4002 for the E
SEW Sec. S3 T37SU4 andEJofN
E '-4 Sec. 2 T 33 S R 4 W. tie names the
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and culti
vation of, said land, viz: Alfred Carter,
John II Cantrell, John Johnson and John
Bolt, all of Applegate, Jackton county,
Oregon. Wm. F. Benjamin, Register.
under toe auspices op
Ruth Itebekah Degree Lodge
NO. 4, I. O. O. F.,
February 14th, 1883.
Itrcrptlon Committee.
Misses Anna Bilgcr and Laura Hubbel,
Mrs. Mollie Krause, Mrs. E. Slurgis, Mr.
Fred. Luy, John A. Boycr and A. II.
I'loor JIanasers.
Kaspar Kubli, Henry Klippel, F. M.
Drake, E. .1. F.irlow, Chris Ulrich, R. II.
Moore, T. T. McKc.izic and Frank Krause.
Committee oT Arraustnients.
Mrs. Rachel Fisher, Jane Kubli and
Louisa Savage.
No maskers admitted until recognized
by the Reception Committee.
'lickcts including supper, 515, each.
Children under J2 years, 50 cents. There
will bo a special table for children.
The best of Music has been engaged and
no pains w ill he spared to make it a suc
cess in ever particular.
Land Office at Rosebcrg Or.,
December, 7, 1882. J
Notice is hereby given that the follow,
ing-nained settler has tiled notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support ot
claim, and that said proof will be made his
before the Judge or Clerk of Jackson
comity at Jacksonville, on Satnrday, Jan
any 13, 1882, viz: Riley Phillpis Prcemp
tion D. S. No. 7C!) for the N of N E 14
S W 1-4 of N E 14 Sec. 21) T 30 S R 2 V
He names the following w itneses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, find land, viz: W. Dunlip,
John McKce, Anderson Cantrell, John
t'antrcll.all of Uniontown Jackson county
Oregon Wm. F. Benjamin, Register.
Land Office at Rosnnuno, Or., )
December 7, 1882. J
Notice is hereby given that the follow,
ing-named settler has tiled notice of his in
tuntion to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made
before the Judge or clerk of Jackson
connty at Jacksonville, on Saturday Janu
ary 13,1882, viz: John A. Gleave, Home
stead No. 2,011 for the S. W. U of S. E. J,
Sec. 3, N. W. 4 of N. E. if & . y, of W .
14 Sec. 10, T. 41 S. R. 4 E. W. 5l. He
names the following witnesses to ptove
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, said land, viz: James Purvis,
Samuel Colver, ofPhotnix, James Spearin
William Ward of Pioneer, all ot Jackson
county Oregon.
Wm. F. Benjamin, Register.
B. F.
Recscr, Plff. 1 In the County Court
vs. Vol the Statu ol Ugn.
'E. II. Romans, Deft. ) for the Co of Jackson.
Action at law to recover money.
ToE.II. Romans:
Oregon vou arc rcouired to appear in
said Court and answer the complaint of
said Plaintiff filed against you by the first
day of February term 1S83 tb-wit by Mon
day the 5th day st February 1882. -
And you are notified that if you fail to
answer said complaint as above required
the Plaintiff wil. apply to the Court lor
the relief demanded therein, to-wit, for a
judgment against you for the sum of forty
eight aDd ninety seven one hundredth
dollars with eight per cent interest per
annum thereon from August 30th 18S0
and the costs and disbursements of this
Published, by order of Hon. S. J.
Dy Judge of said Gourt, made the 11th
day of December, 1S82.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Union India Rubber Co's
Pure Tara Gam
B. tare tbe Boots art stamped CRACK PROOF
onth.he.ls, anil Imr. tho 1'UIIK GUM SPRINGS
on the foot anil instep, which prevents their cracking
or hreiklng W.are now making them with HUB
BKK AND ASULST03 Seles which will mat., them
last more than twice a. long as any Ilnbber Boot,
Goodyear Rubber Co,
R. II. PEASE, Jr. )..,
S.M. RUNYON. AS"its,
Ban Francisco.
oeiio en m ue '
Geo. W. Brown, 48 Marshall St., Provi
dence, It. I., cured by Cuticura Resolvent
grtood purifier) and Cuticura and Cuticura
oap (Uic great skin cures) of a Ringworm
Humor got at the barber's, which spread
all over his cars, neck and face, andlfor
six years resisted all kinds of treatment
j31t1t TTii Trxor,
F. II. Drake, Esq., agent for narper &
Bros., Detroit, Mich., gives an astonishing
account of his case (eczema rodent), which
had brcn treated by a consultation of
physicians without benefit, and which
speedily yielded to the Cuticura Rfsolv.
cut (blood purifier) internally and Cuti
cura and Cuticura Soap (tho great skin
cures) externally.
Scald. Xoad.
II. A. Raymond, Auditor F. TV., J. & S.
R. R., .Jackson Mich., was cured of Scald
Ilrtid of nine years duration by th Cuti.
cura Remedies,
Hon. Wm- Taylor, Hnston, Mass., per
manently cured of a humor of the face and
scalp eczema) that had been treated un
successfully tor twelve years by many of
Boston's best physicians and most noted
specialists, as well as European authori
ties. 3VZ111S. OriHt.
Mrs. Bowers, 143 Clinton St., Cincin
nati, speaks of her sister's child, who was
cured of milk crust which resisted.; all
remedies for two years. Now a fine
healthy boy, with a beautiful head of hair.
2?xi.lli3a.?; XTrvixr.
Frank' A. Bean, Steam Firo Engihe 8,
Boston, was cured of Alopecia, or tailing'
ot the hair, by the Cuticura Resolvent
(blood purifier) internally and Cuticura
and Cuticura Soap (the great skin cures)
externally. Which completely restored hii
hair when alt saiu lie wouiu lose u.
Tlio Cuticura frratment consists in tlin
Internal use of the Cuticura Resolvent,
the new blood purifier, and tho external
use of Cuticura and Cuticura Soap, tho
great skin cures.
Remedies arc for salo bv all drnggiats.
Price of CrncuitA, a Medicinal Jelly,
small boxes, GO. ; large boxes $t ; Ctrrtctnt A
Resolvent, the new Blood purifier, 1
per tiottle. Ccticttra Soap (the queen of
medicinal and toilet soaps), 2."c. Crn
ctjr Mkhicixat. SiiAYixn Por. 15c
Principal depot, "WEEKS & POTTER,
Roston, Mass.
a ft .. 5'
f-Z" l' r- F
u fa
Sanford's Radical Cure.
Clear head and voice, easy breathing,
sweet breath, perfect smell, taste and hear
ing, no cough, no distress, by using San
ford's Radical Cuke.
Sneeze until your head is ready Tto fly
off, eves and nose running watcr.'throut
parcludand blood feverish or tako San
ford's' Radical Cure for Catarrh and b
cured .
AVitch Hazel, American Pine, Canada
Fir, Marigold and Clover Blossoms are
what Sanford's Radical Cure is made ot.
One bottle Radical (Jure, one box Catarrhal
solvent and Sanford's Inhaler, in one
package for $1. Sold everywhere.
"wy sis Gentle, yet effective,
3Y 11WV' tJilo.irn rnndnrrnl T IK
VOLTAW electmc plas
ters one hundred time
i., -.."-. fc"--'-
s. t--i-j ev supenur to uii uwci
ASTE plasters for every Pain,
Weakness aud Inflammation. Price 23c.
Sold everywhere.
Mrs. P. P. Prim's
Millinery Store.
1 and complete stock of Millinery goods,
consisting of
GcRlltmtns' ami Ladies' Handkerchiefs
Call and sec them at the building form
erly occupied by Dr. Robinson on Califor
nia street.
Monday, January 1, 18S3.
A grand New Years Ball will be giTen
at this place on New Years night to which
everybody is invited. The usual good
supper and excellent music by Messrs.
Webb and DeVis will be furnished.
Tickets, $2.50, which includes dancing,
supper and liorsefccd.
Taylor Family.
Will perform at Big Stickey school
house, Wednesday evening, Dec 27.
At Central Point, Thursday evening,
Dec. 28.
At Willow Springs school house, Fri
day evening, Dec. 29.
At Foots Creek, Saturday evening,
Dec. 30.
Full troupe and fine string band. Dance
after each performance.
Admission CO cents, chi'drcn 25 cents.
m, n
sj2? uj a u u uu
5-s KTti