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JALKodA'V ll.!iK
Saturday, Acqust 13, 1881.
Land OSleeat nosclinrs. Ozn.
Jane 30, 1SS. J
To All Tfhoni It may Concern!
Xotlce li hereby siren that I have denl:
nted theOKCGOV I'..TI.Vr.L at the paper
In which I ahull hereartrr publlh all pre
eaptlon, homctfead and appllrallons
tor mining patent for lanrti l)ins uear
JatksonTlUe, Jacluon conaty, Orrson.
XT. K. n i:J.l MIX, Rrslster.
Lost an Eye. Michael Parker, one
of Surveyor Wra. M. Turner's assist
ant, in "chaining" through the brush,
the other day, had an eye put out. He
was trying to dodge a dry limb, and
in doing so ran into another with his
ye, entirely destroying that member
The unfortunate man bad to go to his
home, and Mr. Turner is minus one
A Floral Prodigy Mrs. D. N.
Sirdseye on Rogue River below Book
iPoiut is very fond of flowers. Among
the many floral beauties at her resi
dence, is a pot plant fuschia of the
Mack prince species, aged about 14
Months, and 2i feet in height, on
which a few 'days ago Mrs. Birdseyo
. counted 80 blossoms in full bloom and
MIT BIS BO, JLHU iUA.lt lililUI. 1UO
kr If -KT T1.-
Portland correspondent of the San
3?rancisco Chronicle, under dato of
August Gth, has this item about our
railroad prospects: "The surveying
jiarty in the interest of Villard leaves
jiere on Monday morning to locate a
"route from Roseburg to Cloverdale,
'Cal. This will leave Jacksonville out
in tho cold by this new plan of the ex
tension of the Oregon and California
The Grain Crop Notwithstanding
the fact that in early spring the pros
pect for an average yield of grain was
very far from flattering, tho weather
during the summer has been such as to
bless our farmers with what we are
told is the best crop that Southern
Oregon has had for years, and as the
protpect for better prices are good, our
people are looking forward to a let-up
of the stringency of money with no
little satisfaction.
Judgment Rendered. Tho two
cases of the United States against W.
C Griswold and others, in the U. S.
Circuit Court at Portland, were both
deemed yeslerdav in favor of the plain-
"tinjcixcept as to Alberts, Hill, Dur
ham aitd. Thompson. This decision
Sives the United States and B. F.
.Powell about twenty-seven thousand
dollars worth of property to pay their
judgment of $35,2:28 in the District
Court for Griswold's frauds.
Freight San Francisco to Smith
River. Tho following letter from R.
D. Hume, dated at San Francisco, Aug.
Cth, and addressed to Clias. Hughes,
.. Krhyville,fixii!ains itself i "You ask
tne if I would contract td'deliver 3000
tons of freight yearly at the mouth of
Smith river. 1 suppose that means
inside the river. In answer will eay,
I will contract that amount yearly nt
$5 per ton. Hoping these figures will
meet your views, I am," ic
Chaupions Election. At a recent
meeting of "To Tho Front" Council
No. 13, C. of H., the following pincers
were installed for the ensuing term:
J. N. Gotcher, Y. C; P. V. Shoemak
er, M. C; Lizzie Kiucaid, Lt. C; Jay
Davidson, Herald; Dora Godfrey,
Scribe; C. T. Davidson, F. S.; M. M.
Davidson, Treas.; Ira Sparlin, Warden;
David John, Usher;. Josie Gibson,
Messenger; Lola Lavton, Prelate; A.
Watts, P. W. C; " Hannah McGee,
Asst. Scribe; Mrs. Gotcher and Emma
Nail, Aids to W. 0.
Mr. Howlst's Affliction. Since
our last another of Mr. Howlctt's
children died of diphtheria making
four out of that family within one
week. The stricken family, thinking
that perhaps the location of the house
the) lived in might have something to
do with their sickness, have removed
to Mr. Linkswiler's residence on An
telope creek. A fifth child was quite
low and not expected to recover when
the messenger left. The deceased
children were aged respectively: the
boys, one fourteen and the other seven
years; the girls respectively C.V and
four years.
The Road Located. J.S.Howard,
"who is surveying a railroad line
through the vallev. passed through
festerdav. He says that
distanco from town he
ra. telescopic view ot our Uourt
LHouse and decided on running aline
"through the center of it,as it could tin n
be used for a depot also. Upon closer ex
amination, however, ho found that the
line run through Col. Ross' barn in
stead of the Court House, and Howard
now excuses himself by saying that he
thought some improvements might
have been made to our Court House
since his absence, sufficient to cause the
TnE R. R. Survey. Howard's sur
veying party reached Conrad Mingus'
farm on the stage road 3J miles south
oast of Jacksonville. From hero they
took a northern course, which led them
through Heber Grove, Mrs. Chambers'
and Lever's farms, on toward Willow
Springs. From the main line of sur
vey at Mingus' field a line was run to
Jacksonville. This line was brought
through by Bellinger's and Ficke's land
and Airs. Bilger's orchard to the Court
House. The distance from the main
lino at Mingus' field to the Court
House is three miles and 6G0 feet, with
a fall of 50 feet to the mile. This sur
vey established the altitude of Jackson
ville in front of the U. S. Hotel at
1640 feet. As we go to press the
main line of survey is running via
Willow Springs toward the Chavener
Pay your dog tax.
Ask for yoi'r bill at this office.
More weddings are announced.
E. Jacobs says he will not be under
sold. You can get bargains at Brecken
feld's. Plymale is having his buggies newly
John Bolt and Jack Layton paid us
a visit this week.
The town hall has been supplied
with flew benches.
Ed. Simons is hauling new wheat to
the steam grist mill of this place.
Preaching to-morrow at the M. E.
church, by Rev. M. A. Williams.
Henry York will not go East as he
intended on account of poor health.
The Jacksonville flouring mill re
ceives large amounts of wheat daily.
Bishop Haven was buried August
4lh in lee Mission cemetery, Salem.
We regret to learn that the little son
of David Peninger is still quite sick.
Rev. M. C. Miller left here last
Monday for Roseburg and conference.
Hoop-playing affords the lesser Jack
sonville youth unbounded sport just
George Frey of North Fork of Little
Butte was in town a few day this
A. S. Moon has been appoined Post
master at Sam's Valley vice Mr. Paine,
Joseph Satterfield and Ben Hay
mond were among our visitors last
Thursday. '
Henry Kubli is still quite low with
fever at the residence of his brother,
K. Kubli.
Win. M. Turner's surveying party
is expected back about the middle of
The atmosphere is getting very hazy.
A great deal of brush is burning in the
A family from Nevada arrived on
Butte creek last Monday, intending to
buy a farm.
Rev. J. S. McCain and wife passed
through here on Mouday on their way
to conference.
The reader is referred to our first
outside page for interesting vagon road
matter. Read.
Tho Statesman says Dr. A. M. Belt
is lying dangerously ill at his residence
in Independence.
R. Koehler, manager of theO. & C.
R. R., is expected hero any day on a
tour of inspection.
During Tom Kenney's sickness Mr.
Langell has been tending to the for
mer's saddler shop.
Read the fee bill agreed on by tho
physicians of Jacksonville as published
in another column.
E. H. Autenrieth has gone to San
Francisco for the purpose of having
one of his eyes doctored.
Peter Boschy who has been confined
to his room by sickness is about again.
Tom Kenney is also better.
. Robt. Farrell, traveling agent for
the San Jose Mercury and S. F. Chron
icle, gave us a call this week.
Geo. Chrystal, Jr., is entitled to the
thanks of the Sentinel office for
some very nice pears and apples.
Another excursion j.ei steamer Gen.
Howard is announced to leave Link
ville for Pelican Bay August 21st.
Dr. Will Jackson has just finished
moving into his new residence, former
ly the parsonage property on Piety
The Squaw Lake Mining Company
has a force of men employed putting in
the dam washed out by last winter's
Dr. J. S. McFadden attends to tho
sick in Applegato precinct, Wo learn
that he has a number of patients under
his care.
E. C. Galer of Williams creek was
in town and favored us with a call
He reports considerable sickness in that
Mrs. Wm. M. Turner returned on
Tuesday from Big Applegate where
she has been visiting at the family of
S. R. Taylor.
We would like to know of what ma
terial a "castle in the air" is built?
Also, would like to see the foundation
of said castle.
E. Manville left here Thursday on
the stage going north. He thinks he
will probably not return until Feb
rffary of next year.
A liberal reward will be paid for the
return of a pair of saddle bags taken
from the fence one night this week and
no questions asked.
Our acknowledgments are due to
Geo. W. Carr of Griffin creek for a
basketful of Siberian crab apples.
They were very nice.
C. B. Chapman has sold his interest
in tho Linkville planing mills to Fair
child fc Goodin, and removed to Jack
sonville with his family.
Important closing out sale of my en
tire stock of Summer goods in every
department. Call and get bargains.
' .Newman Fisher.
The improved Wheeler fc Wilson
sewing machines make the lock-stitch
without using a shuttle and never
breaks your under thread
C. B. Roslel is fitting up the Neu
ber property on California street in
good style, and will soon bo ready for
business at the new stand.
Gen. R. V. Ankpny, who sometime
ago had a leg broken at Lakeview, is
improving rapidly and expects soon to
be able to attend to business.
The Tidings says that Charles Wol
ters is the butcher at Nick Ficke's
shop. Mistake. Oharlpy is clerking
for the Madame at the U. S. Hotel.
From Superindent J. Brandt, Jr., we
learn that work on the extension of the
O. & C. R. R, south of Roseburg will
begin some time in September next
A son of Judge Bellinger, says the
Oregonian, joined Major Stahlbers
company of Engineers who are to lo
cate the railroad from Roseburg to
Invitations are out for tho marriage
of Miss Effie, daughter of Sheriff
Bybee, and Clias. Prim, the ceremony
to take place next Thursday evening at
nine o'clock.
Jerry Nunan left here on Tuesday
for Waldo to see about the estate of
Hyacinth Carron, deceased, of which
estate he is executor. He will be back
in a few days.
Messrs. Dan Cronemiller and John
Cimborsky returned on Sunday from
Portland, where they have been at
tending the grand lodge of the Imp'd.
Order of Red Men.
Judge Silas J. Day and family left 1
hereon Wednesday for McCadisters
sodn springs on North Fork of Little
Butte. The family exppct to remain
at the springs three weeks.
Horace Sejbert informs us that
work is still progressing at his quartz
ledge with the most favorable indica
tions. He has about seventy-five tons
of ore on the dump at present.
Our Canyonvillo and Roseburg
friends are not "overly" delighted with
the performances of the Kentucky
Colored Jubilee Singers. They con
sider themselves "muchly" bilked.
Justice J. H. Hutfer, of this p'ace,
proposes opening a real estate office in
this place soon, where everything per
taining to the transfer of land will 'be
attended to with promptness and dis
patch. The papers sav tho new comet is
visible to the naked eye, but you have
to get up at two in tho morning to get
a squint at it. The star-gazer will find
it in nearly the same position that the
late, comet was seen.
The Portland Business College is
new under the management of A. P.
Armstrong as Principal and J. A.
Wesco as Penman and Secretary. Mr.
Armstrong is a Jacksonville boy and
e are glad to hear of his success.
In making up our list of tourists
that have tjone to Crater Lake and
other points of interest, we inadver
tently omitted B. B. Beekman's name.
B'.-n is determined to get as much
good out of his vacation as possible.
Two or more surgeons from the Pa
cific Surgical Institute of San -Francis
co, -.wiU bo"iu- Jackson vilioitlio"T12lh,;
n3tbjand,14th.oLnext. mont!ireadyto
aUcVd?oanycasesjtlmtthly TmaVe i
caueti on to treat. irau their card.
Dr. Aiken, who came up from Jose
phine county on Tuesday, says there is
still a great deal ct sickness in that
part of thn county. In Mrs. Kuglw's
family there were still six of the chil
dren sick with several quite seriously.
Judge H.K. Ilannaond County Clerk
Henry Klippel tcok a flung trip to the
mountains between here and the coast
one day last week. They were to take
in the Cinnabar and Squaw Lake re
gions, but went no farther than the
An emigrant wagon, well loaded
with children and household goods,
passed through here on Weduesday
bound south. So far this season most
of the emigrant wa:;ons which passed
through here headed in the other di
rection. A. C. Jones, Eq., and his son
Homer returned last Saturday after an
absence of some six weeks in thePuget
Sound, Willamette and Unipqua coun
tries. The trip has been very bene-
licial to them & regards health and in
formation. It is reported that the Sehieffelinsof
Arizona have purchased their father's
farm on Rogue River for 59,000 and
presented it to their brother, E. S.
Schieflelin, who has had charge of the
dace for some time past. An accep
table present.
On Tuesday Justice Huffer's court
was wrestling with an assault and bit
tery case from Johnnie Mule creek.
The case terminated by the jury bring
ing in a verdict or not guilty, and a
general discharge of the parties impli-
caiea. .Let us nave peace.
The party given to the little folks by
Madamo Holt nnd Miss Celita DeRo
boam At Holt's hall last Wednesday
evening was surely a success as-nearly
every youngster in town, both malfl
and female was there, and all seemed
to enjoy themselves hugely.
J. P. McDaniel, Henry Kubli,
Philip Miller, John Donegan and Ed.
Booth returned from the Cinnabar
country last Tuesday, having been out
nine days. Plenty of soda water
and a good time generally was the re
sult of the nine d-iys'' campaign.
Bishop Kavanaugh of the M. E.
Church, South, preached at Albany
last Sunday to the largest audience
ever assembled in that town. He is
in his 80th year, and preaches with
much of his youthful ferver. Bishop
Kavanaugh wi 1 visit the other confer
ence nt East Portland on the 18th.
L. Samuel, Esq., was in our m-dst
three or four days, working up the in
terests of that superb illustrated
monthly, the West Shore. He, is gath
ering material to be used in his forth
coming issue on Southern Oregon and
its resouries, and we are pleased to
learn that he has mec with very fair
Considerable hay baling is going on
in the county. There seems to be a
disposition on the part of the farmers
to provide an abundance of hay for
next winter's use whether for home
or outside consumption. There is noth
ing like having a good supply of every
thing on hand, whether tho winter
months shall prove mild" or otherwise.
Frank and Eugene Savage returned
on Tuesday from Boise City, Idaho,
where they have been since the 4th of
June taking a look at the country.
Idaho, they think, is not as good a
country as it is cracked up to be, and
besides there is no place like home.
Ladd Savage and Geo. Howard are in
Linkville, working their way toward
the Rogue River country.
Mrs. C. Schieflelin and her son
Richard from Los Angelos - reached
here last week. They are visiting the
o'd homo on Rogue River, and are re
ceiving the congratulations of their
old neighbors. Old Mr. Schieflelin,
we learn, was not enjoying the best of
health in his new home at Los Ange
los. The latest ailment on- the cat
alogue with which the old gentleman
was afflicted were the mumps I
By far the largest timothy tops we
have ever seen were shown to us this
week. They were grown on the Lan
gell stock ranch in Lako couhty and in
length they measued,Q."ifcht5U.tj
seems to us it would'nt take so very
many of these heads to makeji bushel
of timothy seed; and judging from its
marketable value, this s;ed is the most
profitable article of agriculture that
can be raised by the farmer.
Uur State University at Jiujene
City is now on a sound financial foot
ing, all the outstanding indebtedness
having been paid off with a donation
of 7,000 from Henry Villard. The
management is now in good hands ami
the corps of teachers cannot be excelled
anywhere. Jackson county has four
scholars in attendance when in session
and several more contemplate com
mencing soon. Read their terms in
another column.
J. E. Eldredgo the editor of the Dffl
Norte Record is n ubiquitous business
man. Besides being printer and editor
he runs the Crescent City photograph
gallery, is the city undertaker, furnish
rs the music at the public dances, is
society lamp-'ighter, has an interest in
a meat market and is a member of the
boiraof alderman of Crescent City. Mr
Eldredge. is a tetotal disbeliever in the
nonsensical adage: "too many irons in
the fire."
Tho Wheeler it Wilson new sowing
machines are adapted to every
grade of manufacture of stitched
goods and every kind of do
mestic sewing. , They are superior to
all others in point of speed, durability,
precision anil ease 'of operation, reg
ularity, strength, beauty of stitch,
range of work, faculty of management,
perfection of construction and cleg.ince
of finish. They are declared by the
highest authorities the best sewing ap
paratus in tho world. " " T.
J- - , t- -
of the vegetables in
Hoxies garden near I'hoenix are as
. .- .
suming very large proportions. The
beets and rutabagoes are already very
heavy. One beet and one rutabago
by no means the heaviest in the gar
dctr patch attracted our attention.
In circumferenco the beet measured 23
inches one way and 25 inches the other
way. The rutabago was 23 by 28
inches. Neither of the vegetables had
their growth. Mr. Hoxie does not ir
Obituary. Gen. Martin V. Brown,
for mere than ten years publisher and
editor of the Bedrock Deuiocrat, Al
bany, died of consumption on Wednes
day afternoon, August 3d, 1881, after
a lingering illness at Lower Soda
Springs in Linn county, aged 38 years.
At the time of his death and for a
number of years past, he held the com
mission from tl.o Governor as B'iga
dier General of tho Oregon State
Militia. He also held the office of
State Printer for the period of four
years. Deceased had come here from
the State of Iown, and was a Democrat
of the most pronounced tvpe. He was
in tho full possession of his faculties to
the last and passed away expressing a
hopeful fuith and strong belief in Chris
tianity. A bereaved wife and many
friends survive to mourn his loss.
Having been a master Mason his funer
al obsequies were conducted by mem
bers of that order.
Oregon Alkali Desert. George
Schumpf returned Wednesday from
Camp Harney, where he has been
bringing in seyeral passengers. He
says - traveling -'JtrouhUMgrwa
aiKuu ueserb is any tiling nut ptcasant.
The want of water fit to dfinkj is the
great desideratum of that country. One
or more artesian wells sunk at inter
vals along the line of travel, would
prove an incalculable blessing to both
man and beast who have to traverse
that thirst' country. Congressman
M C. George could endear himself
greatly to hit constituents by advo
cating the construction by the general
government of some artesian wells in
that section, and Mr. S. hopes it may
be done. And so say we.
TER. The College Ceroma fojr tho
month of August is before us. It is
published quarterly by the faculty of
Ashland College. All friends of edu
cation and especially of Ashland Col
lege will find in it a publication of
great value. We see by this number
that an effort is making to place the
institution on a sound financial basis,
by raising an endowment fund of 520,
000. We hive a gentleman in our
mind's eye, wh'pse heart is in the work
of education who' if properly approach
ed by the right man will, we believe
give $10,000, proved the Trustees of
the institution fcfltiienAt)ier ten
Concerning the Wagon Road to
the Coast. The following proceed
ings of the Board of Supervisors of
Del Norte county, Cal., wo extract
from the Crescent City Record of Aug.
6th. These proceedings speak for
Horace Gasquet presents and files a
petition and statement that he is about
to construct a wagon road leading
from the forks of Smith rivor up the
Middle fork of said river, on the left
hand bank thereof about four miles;
thence across the same; thenco to the
mouth of Patrick creek; thence up Pat
rick creek to Shelley creek; thence to a
point on the state line between Cali
fornia and Oregon, about three miles
east of the Robins' Nest, being twenty
miles in length, and intended to be a
toll road; and prays this Board for an
order appointing two commissioners to
act in conjunction with a commissioner
appointed by said petitioner, to lay out
the proposed road and report their pro
ceedings, together with a map of said
road, to this Board. Wherefore, in
consideration oE the premises and the
facts stated, it is ordered by this Board
that N. McNamara and J. F. Frantz
be, and they are hereby appointed com
missioners tc. Audit isfurtherordered
that said commissioners be, and they
are hereby required to report their
proceedings, together with a map of
said road, to this Board on Monday,
Gct:"37TB8i:Aird itTsfurttoroTderT
ed, and it is hereby declared that the
pay for the services of said commissio
ners appointed, and all other expenses
incurred bv reason of the laying out of
tho said road, and all expenses incident
thereto, shall be paid by the petitioner,
and in no event shall become a county
Playing with Fire and not Get
ting Burnkd. A ridiculous sham
wedding took place at the office of the
U. S. Hotel on Sunday night last,
which came near resulting in an as
tounding catastrophe. The bride
groom was a double witted San Fran
cuco runner, and agent of the Morn
ning "Call," in 'the full Bloom of life,
and the biide a slender Jacksonville
youth of the male persuasion, dressed
in female clothing. The so-called
brother of the bride threatened to
shoot the young man if he refused to
marry tho girl, whom it was charged
he had seduced. A minister was called
in, (also a sham petsonage), to solem
nize the marriage, and the culmmatiis
point of the faice was reached. The
fun was a trifle too much for the "per
force" bridegroom and half-crazed he
strenuously protested against the whole
proceeding. The farce, after it h.id
gone its length, was brought abruptly
to a close by the Madame diiving out
the hilarious wedding guests and the
would-be brother of the bride. And
when the true gender of tho bride was
discoveied, he too was fired out of the
hotel. Two newspaper men, one rep
resenting the S. F. Chronicle, and the J
other a Portland paper were present,
who will write up tho disreputable af
fair for the benefit of the public with
'the names of the parties imniiciui
.l.wilt ua I leu ina.uiii'', uiiu some
had better stand from under
A DirncuLT Journey. George
Schumpf who went to Camp Harney
after some passengers which he did not
get, had quite an experience, both
going and coming. As he had never
been at Harney before, he found the
distance very long, especially the stretch
of rond over tho "desert." The distance
from Jacksonville to Camp Harney via
Lakeview is 48i miles, which he ac
complished in eight days, but losing
his way the distance traveled was con
siderably increased. Both of Mr.
Schumpt's horses took sick from drink
ing alkali water, and he w&s compelled
to hire a span of fresh horses to drive
home with. Recro'sitig the desert
from Camp Harney he was accompan
ied by Ladd Savage and Geo. Howard,
and between the threw the grub supply
grew so light that they had to travel
several days on homeopathic rations.
When they got into tho station they
were as hungry as wolves. Mr.
Schumpf sayi some of tho valleys trav
ersed weie very beautiful; at one place
he saw a herd of cattlo 50,000 strong,
at another a herd of 12,000, with the
grass knee high. Eastern Oregon is a
great country 1
A Broad Hint. Straws tell which
way tho wind blows. G. Karewski of
this city is ono of tho heaviest mer
chants of Southern Oregon. Since the
opening of spring he has had hau'ed to
him from tho two points named tho
following amounts of freight: From
Roseburg 15,000 lbs.; from Redding
(S. F. freight) 04,000 lbs.; from Red
ding (Eastern freight, agricultural ma
chinery, etc.,) 100,000 11)3., or 149,000
ljcund more freight from Redding
than from Roseburg. J lie above is
the showing of only one house. How
many other houses in Southern Oregon
could show a corresponding prepon
derance of their freight received from
Redding to Roeburg? Let Portland
take the hint, and push tho railroad
into this valley.
On Thursday Rev. D. A. Crowell
and Prof. Rogers nnd Mrs. Rogers left
here for East Portland, the seat of the
Oregon Conference M. E. Church,
whiclrconvenes nextThursday, the 18th
two or jkiiei: M'i:r.::os
Of the Pacific Surgical Institute, 305
Kearney street, San Francisco, will be
nt the Metropolitan Hotel, Roseburg-,
September 8, 9 and 10; at the U. S.
Hotel, Jacksonville, Sept. 12, 13 and
14; at Houck's Hotel, Ashland, Sept.
15 and 16, and at the Franco Ameri
can Hotel, Yreka, Cal., Sept. 19 and
20, fully prepared treat all cases of
Spinal Discasp, Knee and Hip Disease,
Club Fcot, Crooked Limbs, Paralysis,
and all Chronic and Surgical Diseases.
As this Institution is unequalrd in
facilities for the treatment of these
affections all who are interested should
not fail to see these Surgeons.
Fewer flies.
A long-sighted Democrat.
Jim Birdsey in bad humor.
The C. C. wagon road completed.
A R. R. depot on Nick Ficko's land.
More water to sprinkle the streets
The '49 prices abolished in Kogue
River valley.
Ministers preach shorter sermons
this hot weather.
The City Hall of Jacksonville fur
nished with seats.
A photograph of the North Pol
this warm weather.
A foot raco between Jas. A. Card-
well and Joe. E. B?ggs.
An electric lamp on the liberty pol
at the Court House yard.
A less number of attempts by young
men to grow chin whiskers.
The man who has never said he
would not go to another show.
Riders of horses show more mercy
to dumb brutes this warm weather.
More married men contented, and
others not so frisky while wives are
The widow who despises matrimony
jsufnciently-to-be unwilling to try it
over again.
A new way to pay old debtsl
Wherein the "blessedness" exists of
a bachelor lifel
What objection Sargent Dunlap has
to married lifel
The origin of "Smart-Aleck," and
whether we have one in Jacksonville!
How many seconds it took a certain
gentleman to make his escape through
the U. S. Hotel window
Who is going to inherit Samuel J.
Tilden? Poor fellow, his income is
only 51000 per day.
Who told the Portland Standard
that all the O. it C. R. R. surveying
parties south had been called in?
Who the officiating clergyman was
who solemnized tho sham wedding at
the U. S. Hotel last Sunday night?
IIow John Bull would like it, if the
people of British Columbia w.ould an
nex themselves to tha American
LUt of Letter
Not called for in the Post Office at
Jacksonville, Ogn., August 10th, 1881:
Max Muller, P. M.
Anderson Mis? M
Baird Chas S
Cleary Mrs Emily
Currey Jauius L
Eddiugton Lulie
Edwards Philip
McMahou Joseph
Manville Geo W
Miller John F
Mortimer Thomas
Munkms William
Pierce Florid
Rot en Sadie
Sanders Martha
Sherwood Ed winE
Smith Mrs L
Swiiiay J AV ;
Vest M J
Williams HC .
I Ford Wilbur I
Garrett Wm 2
Geary Miss Mary
Hurdmun J T
Holt Jas
Johnson B S
The Benedictines. Fathers Adel
del in Odermatt and Nicholas Frei,
formerly of Switzerland, moro recently
of Conception, Npdaway county, Mis
souri, are now in our midst on a tour
of inspection. They came to this coast
for the purpose of finding a suit
able location for the establishment
of a monastery of the Ancient Or
der of Saint Benedict, of which society
they are members. We understand
thev are very favorably impressed with
our beautiful' valley and nowhere do
they find the outlook better for build
ing up the Catholic religion among the
people. We also learn that a gentle
man has been found in this county
who is willing to pay 2,000 toward
the establishment of a monastery for
Benedictine monks.
ROBERTS At Vancouver, W. T.
August 3, 1881, of malignant ton
silitis, Jennie Alice, daughter of
George and Fannie Roberts, aged
8 years, C months and 22 days.
PREFONTAINE On Foot's creek,
August 7, 1881, of cholera infan
tum, Maggie, infant duughter of
Wilford and Nancy Prefontainc,
aged 4 months and 5 days.
KUGLE- C-' .WiH'onis creek, Au-j.7,
1881, of typhoid fever, after an ill
ness of two weeks, Jennie Kugle,
aged about 20 years.
HOWLETF On Big Butte, July
30th, 18S1, Alford Willis Howlett;
nged 14 years and 7 days. August
1st, Bertie Prescott Howlett, aged
4 years and 11 days. August 2d,
Martha Ellen Howlett, aged 5 years,
G mouths and 17 days. August 5th,
Wilber Herbert Howlett, aged 7
vears, 9 months and 4 days. Chil
dren of A. C. and S. E. Howlett, all
of whom died of diphtheria.
Office of SciiciVrz & Vox 15 vkokx,
129 California street, cor. Front,
San Francisco. )
John L. Bukxs, Agent.
To the Trade: Practical experience
has demonstrated tons that the trade re
quires a choice old Bourbon for immedi
ate use. For it is well known that straight
whisky tlint is absolutely pure requires
age, great care anil attention, and our old
Davenport whisky possesses all the above
qualities. The grain used in the distilla
tion of our J. II. Davenpott whisky is
carefully selected from the finest, richest
and very best grown in the state of Ken
tucky. The water is drawn from one of
the tinest limestone springs in the state,
the peculiar properties of which have
gained lor KentucKy whiskies such world
wide celebrity. This process makes our
J. II. D:.vcnport a pure, hand mado, sour
mash vhisky, and we claim that for deli,
cacy of flavor, purity and medicinal qual
ities, it stands unexcelled.
Yours truly Scnm.rz fc Vox Bakgex.
From and after this date J. P. McDaniel
& Co. Jacksonville, will keep the justly
celebrated DavenporU pure.straight whis
ky 'exclusively.
1881, by Elder Martin Peterson, at
his residence, Mr. Henry H. Mitcl
ell and Mrs. Mary E. Nichols.
McCLENDON In Sam's Valley,
Aug. 7th, 1871, to tho wife of C C.
McClendon, a daugter.
NEIL In Ashland, Aug. 7th, 1881,
to the wife of L. A. Neil, a son.
YORK On Applegate, July 1, 1881,to
the wife of Henry York, a son.
recommend it
tho "World's great Pain-lic-lievinjy
remedies. They heal,
soothe and euro Burns,
Wounds, AVcalc Back and
Rheumatism upon Man, and
Sprains, Galls and Lameness
rpoa Beasts. Cheap, quick
and reliable.
EPTTHT3 o! dlscnstlns Mnom,
SnuHos, Cracliliag Pains In tho
Head, Fetid Breath, TJoafnoss,
and any Catarrhal Complaint,
can bo exterminated by "Wei So
Keycr's Catarrh Care, a Consti
tutional Antldoto, uy Absorp
tion. Tto most Important DU
oo very sinco Vaocination.
srsw-ycryf-gT-. l-.: l:-- .."-ts;
Calirurnla Street. Adjoining
Jacksonville, Oregon,
Latest Pattern and; made from
mr runnr
illl California Rlako.
A full Assortment of
Ladies' Dress & Fancy Goods,
AUo a large line of
Men's and Boys' Hats.
Gentlemen's Undrwarc, Suspenders &e.,
I also keep a full lino ot
Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Spices, Canned
goods or every description, a lull assort
ment of
A large quantity of
Crockery anil Glassware,
All of which I will sell
Extraordinary Low Prices.
My motto will be
Country Produce taken in exi&ango for
I am also agent for tho following Stan
dard Insurance Companies:
Foreign Imperial, London, Northen and
Fortign London and Lancashire.
Home Fireman's Fund.
Home State Investment Ins. Co.
Home Commercial Ins. Co.
Home Western Ins. Co.
Traveler's Life and Accident of Hartford
Risks taken at lower rates than any
Agent in Oregon, and will guarantee in
case of loss, prompt payment.
The Hopkins Saw-mill
Tony and Lindley
Has been fitted up in first-lass ordor
and the lessees are prepare'! to turn I an all
kinds of lumber on tne shortest notfc
All kinds, of lumber sold as cheap as
cheapest and all orders filicci urouint!
All kinds of country produce taieiT
exchange for inmner.