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lATOtrUT Morsihu, Aug. 7, 1800.
The CretcentCity Road-
It is na!i by f vataitcn and others,
that the Toll ".load between Waldo
ami Crescent City, over which all the
Jacksonville freight in hauled, i, this
season, in a very rough condition. It
appears that tho tolls .am colloetcd
with gcat regularity, but that the
lload Company havo paid but little
attention to koeping tho road in a pass
able condition. There is much talk
among our teamsters and merchants
regarding this matter, and il the road
is not repaired there is every probabil
ity that the freighting will next season
be done by way of lied Mufls. They
claim that there are advantages of trade
oiuhat routo that will mora than com.
pensate for n slight difference in freight,
nd thaUt can bo traveled mtioh uarll
cr thaa tho Crescent City road can. If
tho freighting of Jacksonville goods by
way of Crescmt City is nny advantage
to tliaiflaoe, its merchants had bolter
see that tho road is kept in good con
dition, a the tcatnstora cannot well af
ford to keep (tin repair and pay heavy
toll besides. "A word to the wlso is
Tub ( Verier. -Senator Casierly'a
staterinn: tint the Chineso are the
"mo: ruga; and industrious people on
llu I;.. e of tb v irtb" ius had thu affect
of j,i ii.f, r. new impetus to Chinese im-mi;-
i"c , iid j.ucetl tho aristocratic
'Oe er. ol tho Kaiton tbosideof
t'.i 'i. i.npoiters, we give tho fob
li'i .,: eftim-t from that orthodox
T . i c"i..io crgan, the Now- York
An r j'irilou like this, (mm a source so
intelligent, will only confirm the South'
crn phiutfM It their Impend estimate
of the advantages of employing' Chi
nese laborers. Tfwre is no law to pro
vent their coining ; and if thenegrora
should object, tike the California mi
tiers, they Imvo no power to prohibit
tho owners of plantations from consult
ing their own interests.. Considering
the vier taken of this subject by the
Ko'uth, we doubt whether Senator Car.
serly will succeed in making opposition
to Chinese immigration a Democratic
If our Domocratiu friends are slm-oro
t" their out-cry against Cliho.o labor
lepeal of ta Income Tax.
Tho repeal of the odious Tax, known
as the "Income Tax," which originated
during the war, is now being deman
ded by tho pcoplo all over tho country,
without respect to party, and it will be
the duty ol members of Congress, at
tho next session, to comply with tho
almost unanimeus wishes of their con
stituents In this particular. It is im
possible t enforce its provisions equally,
as is apparent Irom tho books of the
revenue officers. This makes the law
dctostable to all right-minded men.
Wo shall, in common with all our
country-men, be glad when this tax is
altogether abolished. Its inquisitorial
character has made it narticulailv ob
noxious to tho people atcl it is indeed
at entlro varianco with tho whole spirit
ol our institution. In all tho older
countries of tho world, where oven the
most tyrannical nnd burdauiomo form
of gorcrnment prevail, it has in the
uourso of yean, undergone many and
important amelioration. In copying
the system of taxation from such sour
ces, wo have taken steps backward nt
last A hiuidred years. Whilo a devast
ating w:r hsted, on the success of
which not only tho destinies of our
country, bat the liberties of mankind
If ponded, the government therefore
letter Freai Pilot Sock.
A multitude of business perplexities,
and tho painful condition of my sprain
ed wrist, have combined to prevent mo
from giving an account of my pcregrui
ations and observations during thu past
three weeks, and now I can only make
a brief rccotinoisaiicc on what could be
made to appear by a more efficient wri
ter quite an interesting field.
Tilt: TRIP lO ll'lB COI.fMIU.V.
On tho morning of tho 13th lust., I
had the honor to leave Portland in com
pany with our Congressional visitors,
and a multitudo ol Generals. Judges
nnd other distinguished characters, for
an excursion as for up the Columbia as
Cclilo. Having lull Portland on tho
steamer C'ttscudtf, we soon reached the
Columbia, and at about ten o'clock ar
rived at Port Vancouver. At that
place wo onlj 1 layed sufficiently long
to disch irpi' a .mull pirt of the cargo,
and then Mcitncd onward toward the
Cacndo chain. Hcforo twoihours had
clnped lofty crags, on either hand, nnx
unit oc.irpmenti of vast altitude, and
fir covered peiks, rearing their sum
mits t'l is in Is nl feet nbove tho river,
told in. that ue.woro in the verv midst
of thu Cueido mountain', where, by
some great convulsion of nature, that
great chain has been torn asunder to
, Wliiif narrow and immensely ' Water Rights and Irrigation No. 3
deep, alter which we continued on our mvKM. & watso.v, ait'ys at law,
waV to Dalles City, where wo remnin- J MTOtlMJ,t 0K, uot)
...i ..i.i iMorninif. The moHt notniito
Lttter FreaYta Hex,"
''AIM 111111 A ,n .. .
. 1 leather mM
I, Enc. -yagcon the j Thoro , ennr in a;tloo ,. ber ! -' , -- .h. ,1
onsuimr day was our meeting with the :2 l.no . Imm the lop, water rf.rml.rf, ,, . ' " "t i, Dpon
Iron, its natura. channe. -I.onl.1 rend iwrtcr . ,,, JV J.
divot. j.. ... l m i are dj.
v -" "'! uniiiie ami r.il,
irrepressible Oeo. Pianeis Train nt the
Lower C.iscai'es on h'n way to distiu
guish himself as the champion salmon j A subscriber last week enquired into the grain JL. ,v 'j,. ''liB
fisher of tho Columbia. Of course "what do you mean by ri,,,l,m ,.. cln u.an,slvn' " ,lUc '"a
both steamboat and tntin had to re- rerorV and this week another inquires (jiUl n ,,B, , (j ,
main until George Fmncl, with char-'what do you mean by riparian ,,rf IIt.r- frm your t ,u , , "tn ol
nctciiitic vehemence of language and t,temtntV Heforo proceeding further ' rMfileallnir Alex M i U.' U"
a. I... l..w i.niMin nl' lii.H let us define theso terms no the must ' i "' . . . . "ilCr anlrCoL
ui-nuiiv, jji..v ..-. ... -w - , .... . . itossnnnr.ir in in. n.n
UlllL'lillU "in iiiKicmiuuu ll
varimiHliotiire, skipping from one to
another wnh mi 'i rip, l.ty that it was
an fficirl to I -llnw turn with the mimLJ
.. ... . I.... -i ..:.Tn
Jie accilk(MI "il' v iiij;i i:.iniiiiii . -.-
tors of having '"U. captured by the
lhiik ol California, piiuted a glorious
pictuic of Otegniv's Intuie, but malign
ed hef iieoide, represented American
women as in a state of abject slavery,
renounced his allegiance to the l'n"l
States, det'lared himself leader J V
mint AMif:. ...
"ni. nr ,nn , ..... " J
Klparlat, proprietorls defined to bo ..;, .W3amon'''olf
, A I . ' ...- .. ...I uill'PI.
I lie owner ui muu uuuniuug upon a Wa
ter course.
The term tttttMtut has been various
ly defined by different authors. Hon
vier in his l.aw Uictionarv :is "An
was largely excusiblc or electing to ullow tho mighty Oregon to rush on
. ifltllO. . w
carry the war to a triumphal),' iftio.
Out of the uecesity for raising a .'uill'
in of dollars daily, to meot life daifv
duruands of the republic, grew this ob
noxious law. It had no other reason
for its existence, and notliiug.else could
have palliated in operation, which
turned the great army of revenue in
spectors into special detectives with
every man's homo lor thw field of their
inquisitorial exploits. Tho urgent
need of tho measure has hapily passed
away, and iu Us absence the tax also
should pass away. Iu 1811'.', when the
original law w.t framed, tho fact was
distinctly understood and so announced
bjr the frnmors of tho act, that it was
rcly and altogether a war measure.
Hut now tho story is changed ; our
statesmen havo adopted new views, nnd
there Is every prospect tint this harsh
nnd burdeusomu tati&s to continue in
definitely. .Section 110 of thu amen
ded act ot March I, 1807 illsttnctlv
fixes a date for its termination Ifay
Ion. McKay arrived here launbtt
direct ,om camp Warner. A U
-Mcintosh lea Warner seine time i (
nnd us it was not known uUr I,.
t ici in in nun wii-iiiiiiurv ti.s "All ,,..,, .1 , "
easement is defined to bo u 'liberty, ' "c rcl',011 wcame gmml that
privilege or iiriviiutmic, which onu man i "L M'1" C,UK """ the mountains sit I,
may lisvi- in the Itiud of another, with- the Snake Indian-). The muim,,t
i it r.ilit ; 11 m.iy arise by deed or tire-'. was int. imc atnom- ilm .lit '
es, det'Iared himself leader . J t' . riiin ti. nl .Melvii wis I il I , Kl"
ic ritee, preached nn orthod s.-f- "I ni nil ino irpor.il hcredimont, ,.' , ,. ..' "'" "' "' ,,,L' m"
, and then a discurse in the Vn. -v.d '!..: spm.ds nearly to ; the -r-i-1 '?"",, U'1' l-'lLo,v",,',yt fct-
" "V -'"roiiiitii'ii ailUciMufpl
by a pa. y of ritlre,,... wf, Wi(,.,.
.1. .. ... .......- ..ri !..ii i t
ncso tongue, cave an .-.ceount of luh ft-r- . " V v' ' . " ' ",v un " "wv
-- '"... ! .1. .-..,. n-.i, :.. i.: nv n iinnv- m ii:...... ..i . ...
..i.i.. -i.i .. i).:.!. I. .i i.! 1I....1 ii- ' MiniiHiiu iii ins irru.il i .- 'vii. hi hi iifiiMti..
iiiiiu lain on jiriiinu i4)iiiiiiin.i, iiruu uu . f- . . . , ,, , -...v. ,,
some sulpliuriu e..iCrain. deel-ired t!eo. wo' k " ' wni MV- wscmeiu I,,,,M. ,0. W' Ml"'-h. "fi-.i.l .Kltrraia-
ilo.lgo tint onu neighbor hath -''' ,0 h.vg him right ii
why do they employ It ? I M place -'that the taxes on incomes heiein " im-
re can namuadoxencoo 1 constitution
nl Dimoemts who havo Chinese cooks
and dish washers and wo naturally con
cludo that the whole question in con-
rniicu oy doiiats aii-l e.-nts.
Pom I.AMI Ac. incur ami Kkuack
Skni.vahy. We li-ivo received tho cat
nloguu of this seat ol Icirningfor 18u.
it comprises, males llU, females 111:
posed shall bu levied on thu first day of
March, and bo due and payable on or
befora the thirtieth day of April, iu
inch year, until and Including tho year
uigiiWrn liundro I and seventy, and no
longer:" That, wo think, should fin.illv
rvuiu uiu uiaiicr, p.irucuiariy wnen we
consider tho character of thu tax its
many objectionable features and tho
total 2."3. Tho 1st quarter Ix-trius "igency that called it lorth, which no
fifcpt. dth, and ends Nov. loth ISco. ,0"Sor cxIt- 1,ut B"ch bt not tho de-
ard to the km. No American that
has not pascd thiougli this wonderful
chnstn, with its frowning c!ilh its ev
ergreen groves clinging to volcanic
mat'ses thousands ol fvel above tho wa
ter's pJge, mid its water-falls, loig
theniselvvs in spray alter one nst leap,
only to gather again, pcihap, and
plunge a yet gri-uer niMnnco towards
thu Columbia, should uroi-t thu Atlsu
tie .to enjoy thu natural beauties ol Old
Kurope, and I coueeivti that no Orego-
ni m who h is not bulked upon the mag
nificence ol Columbia scenery should
leave his own .Slate, oven to viit the
grand gorge of Yoseinlte.
At noon we were at (ho lower (' i
cade, and ehaiigiug ft out the steam
boat to the cars on the Cascade Hail
road, we sped behind tho iron equine,
in n period olwolvo minutes, to tho
upper Cascades, a diifmee of abouj.
seven miles. At the lait mentioned.
'll.T-'O WO wen oii u;.,:.!' '.'! Omontii,
nnd ariivt-d at tho Dalles al a little
pist two o'clock p. iu, Wrnt tin into
tho town, which by thu nay is wellrit-fplii-hed physiciiu
DontM fi-
detr, in America, and .he onlv ', i ZZL .T l.l'u,rVhf,,.Cr,.,,lli0n' i ''u "I""' ,,,im lyl
..,.,.,., "Hlioiit prolll, nnd it U illiMt rated as to Cum p Warner, wln-rn d,. ui
man h,t ciild reach thu IWIti.ti.il , Wrt) r k through b'sh.nd.orM.eh ' trouble in v.t S , ,,,.M
chair in S7i This fearlul torrent of like. And. iu nnot.ar ,-..... I... ..nr. . "I,lt "l.M,",vil' them Hut ittr
.v..r.i. .,.i..i.i...i :.. : i i in I'Kinir illnimil,,i,4 .,r,.i,, ,,:" ''"' lit I lie wruaL- h-iii.l.,.1
Mum.! riiiirnivM in .iit-ii. niiiiiii'i aim n n "- -'. mii. my nru- Sff i i ''
a short time alter we we.e rapidly l"'M' "l,c? k.nt ri',,,?1 -V, iln JJ'-'"l'li.issliiU. turn , up t CW.
I 1,1 It III... Il.sllt (i. a. ..II.. a.. ..... .. t IlilkilHii
steaming doun the ri.er At Fort , 'MuuA Tl T Snake Indians ,rc , ,, ,,
nncoiiriT a military band gave us a . find n, iwnr , ,(. ..rei.sed bv I r, J'" '.,,,, '',C'r "U
Hjrenado alter which nothing of panic! "ne person over thu laud ol another, ""- M",IMU Uioms-ln. Tliry
liar eonseqiienee occunrd until ue ' uhl ' The right acquired by time l'"'c '" ",0I""I ll'tf g-irri.e;, to Ue
. I ... .. ....I 1 .. . a .1(1.1 .Mi.!.. I -1
to send noxious vimnis mir -i, mil, .,'. uud trade mini-dL-i,ni.. 1...1 i..
I,, , , - ........v. o -, --- r..n,v v.i'i nunc
; ''i:."".:: ter. ":'? inxnuvaum
'.". --"'"' : v-i-eineiin , or les.S llituifnnr.i- u-.il. il.. r...i..
' ' .ii'iimi-.
I nnd St will be a y,nfv j,.,,,,
.. .1. f . .
reneiieii roruniiii nifi tiirneit our vim.
tors oer to lieu llolliday, who iiniur
uatoy gatlien-il tliem on board the i. -ire these! It. thev arc Inpornor,! - ",l
Orlfommt and started with them lor I 'hey lire Imposed iileoinoreal mimrriv. I :. a '""tf "'""fi
Puget Sound. (Sco letter bv C. in the u",, "ol "P011 'ho owner thereol ;,(. lK',' ' '" outbreak il ilm udUu im
Sacramento L'nimi.) )m'i t"""-T no "'" to n p.u'.ieipalioii aowel l ramble arnuiid a, they
rovi'l i-Hinv I i1 'l"'ll 'Vi MICf. pinpor-
COMUMIO.N. v : lib, they an.' impoM-d for the blue-
In fralein nothing ol espucial import Hit ol rot unreal iir.,i,.nit-. . a.i.
has occurred lately, I believe, of more I'hero tnust b. two disiiiiit tenenients!
jonsrquenre thiiii thu ehnngu of uwti r''lu ''"'M'lj-'nU. to which the light bo-'
prisentatinn of a eauo nfnrtist u work- jary tint the dominant and servient' cs-
!... I... .1... I . .
iii.iiiniiip ii uiu iiiuiates oi the tieiiituu
tiaiy to Marshal II, Woi ir.iyr.
..... ... .. ........ . . .. '
tnteshoiihl be in contiLM.it v uiil. rm-li
other, A emu ran for a tight to pacs
A vildidr belonging tiCait. UuaW
eoinpiuy nt I'lannth, wa. drovrmd in
Wi!liamnii rim l.vt u-ek while til
ing to f.ir I the stream on hnrsrbirk
We learn that a jiuty ol i!cnlurr
eekor. from Kjigue Kiver ulley m
now at Lake .Mnji-stv, cruising umn its
iiiucnnu piniu Hai.rm a imat i.utlt
' over the It. UN nl mi.-il,..i- I. .... ...... .
V I VV, w """NJ h"rt,,l""'."u I met extending ,,y to te. n.o.aiy , "' J1"'!'"''. , " h remirH-d .hit
li . and he eon.meneennt euicisei disturbance of The owner's ... "' -Sf ! UV-"ir "' l'a,tl' ",nP ' ,f if
i thv I niiers lv. I havt'ontov-...! ...... 'Tho . .rim.... i'.....i. '...' .. . ..' . ladies, von mav we I im.V'iiu- that il..
Iluxl.en.clv well. eoiiMder!,,,. ,lin, ' i !hu owner or occupant ot the .,,.,-' :''Jrc 10 w ami CT,.lorv Like Wajn-y
Tie tnutees elulm that i is not sur
.PMmkI by any suhool in Orogou as a
i mvjuw ct nt quiring a thorough and
practjaul (muIii education.
Xixon of tht Yrtka Journal propo-
sos to do tho Coualf printing: of fciski
you oomity t so cr Joht less than it
is.bei.ig douu byhU Ucuiocratiocotem-
porary. The Domocratio board of
supervisors ,hvo not yet decidod
.wh.ther they hould .save a brtro
'itaOlllt ol nnnn I. ,1 I .
' I'eopie or loroc
UieuUo.aupport a, (ensiouer because I
runs -with tho,uiaj.,rity.
Pullman, tho celebrated palaco eat
ing and sleeping car man, is now build
lug a grand church car to run on Sun
day trains to run on tho Union Pacific
Railroad. Wo suppose it will bo run
by a high pressure preacher, and havo
little "boll" iu ono corner for tho ton
fit of thoio who are sportjngly Inclin
Joski'iiixk Cou.ntv. Wo learn from
Mr. Caldwell tho Waldo mail coillne
.tor at times aro still very dull in Joso
.phJne -county. Thero is oonsideruble
sickness thero at present mostly chills
nnd fever. An old man named John-
son mio rid b.en it soldier under Gen
eml Jack m .(led nt Wldo a.fowdays
ainr". Ho was in his 74th year.
WAMiisirox :.I...u-.Thomas Mc
KfiwI-. .'.nd Ilnskilt Amy havo purcha-t-ju"
tlta fine pi'coo of property from Mr.
Ilopwood. Tlio brand of flour hereto
fore munufaclurod at this mill has had
uuuj.cclle.tt reputation but the now
,o'ni n,onij 0 m.,ko lt g(i, beUe.(
tmvlllir ll.r......!.! I . ..
, ... a ..,.-v-vjujy overnuuieu too ma
termination of our law-givers. They
propose to give this act a nuw exten
sion of life. It is announced, on good
authority, that thu bill of Mr. Schcnck,
ol May II, 1608, will, during tho next
session of Congress, become a law. If
we may believe the statements of those
who ara in tho best position to know
anout it, the fact is already a foregone
Against tho ro-enaclmont of any such
law tve. earnestly protest, as a measure
unjust, mi-republican in every ono ol its
provisions, And owl only on theso
grounds, but because it is unnecessary.
The public credit may to maintained
without it ; thero aro other avenues of
revenue less of, noxious to our citizens,
less burdensome, Sf more benefit to thu
people and tho country. Let thoguai.
diaus of the country finsneos turn
their attention to the capabilities ol tho
uatcd and important, and alter Inspect
ing thu machine shop, soinu other in
i!utr':tl institutions, and :i taleuted and
well educated monkey siisfreuded from
n wire iu a beautiful and Well ui ranged
garden, we took I ho ears tiniu mid in
mi nstonMiingly short hpace o time,
were nt Culilo, a miiaH village fifteen
intli-s nliovo Dalles City, nt tho montl
ol tlio Uesehettes river. Hero wu I...
spected thu warehouse of thu O. S. N.
CcV., whioh is about nine hundred feet
long and njqartiilly about twenty-five
foot wide. Wo remained at Cclilo a
half an hour, nnd tho members of thu
party were usually occupied as they
had generally been sinco wo left Port
land. Somu were, disuniting tho grand
eur of Orogou scenery, some the tiros-
pout of government granting franuhiscs
lor certain internal improvements, some
making succcsslul attempts at wit, and
soino mUcrablo failures in their cfWu
to bo particularly bright, some clo
quently discoursing on tho greatness of
our nation, and some on tho Quo flavor
of Columbia salmon, whilo Judge Ke.
loy, of Peiiuiiyhauia, a fuw other notn
blu Qoutlanioii and mywlt made a trca
ty of poactt and amity with an impor
taut re.l brother who stood nuar by
with a fuw companions. During tho
conference said Indian chief announced
tta . ... ""lima lijsA.tn'A it.lAiitA
have a long while boon nllended bv a 0l c! WI"1'" "lv Wi' !l '"' n , r , X ,n,i r ,i.. j;.
flirgeon.Jin.lcired for by an acom w lbs rjgliUol a rlpm hi. pn.piie- v ,.),!, ,l( ,,, i votir liitlr
My I'm? is one that ' r " ,ilu" Umo l ,n,w' cl,vi ,f" t,,om ,0 camc ,,lt ',wi '
deal ol interest t J ing tre.un .f water, mc to use It for will be glad to do all in our limilhl
,,,,. ,0CKi ; any m all hiwlu. ,...r,.u,. , bile It is I M tS'!
Salem. July SIM, ImW. , J' K, H "slum riirniui, over his I ,, nmw p rrmfltion, M,
, ,, - . , I ' ,,", ,lllt 'h specific water that nny I hd,-. Cmno out and try It. Yiv.Vot
Mmji-i.mi Ciii:. Ut heir that be thus i.a.slii' i not I.U .,niv v. . '
ibout thu h-t of July a young mail by lecpt iirniib its use! in.r li In. iri..l.t 1 MAUHIHU.
this i-omuiuiiitv.
llir iiiinn ol iruntor. ol llr.r.v.Kville, to detain it oJieiwi.e, since the lights ' kuk.n'CII .wii.i a. IU..7 "5J5.
formerly ot Iloguo Iliver valley, .vhilu ol all ripmian proprietors t n nn Ti.ml.iy. Juljr sail., l.y f. TinkHsm J I. .
driving ',u,p through I..M Kiver val- U.cani, i i.-pcei ..!, ho wateis thereof, UT11'"' '" '
e, got onu ot those largo green fi.e r,., i thi-eyt-of the law, equal and JJeVKII.-MATIIBiVS -.".n-". ,V.
in h.s ear, and it being several hour- I, he ,-,,... T 1.11....1... ., L. .. ' . V",",t.r-,.,.. -.1:. '.'' ';. J': . TiA L'r.
1 - " .''w, mm, ,, .in. 1r.1v iir" MV.ll Ml umiiw Vll. ,v i- -- -
tariff, or to nnv other sourco nnt so
onerous o distasteful to tho publio as l,mt ho. was ready talehd'all thopow
tho income tax. Hitherto thuv havo ors "! ''Is body and soul towards tlio
htloio he could get it out, hb. ear be
(Minu lly blown ami troubled him so
much us to nearly drive him mad. llu
started for Fort Khtuu'.li on toot ami
nlone, traveling a distance ol (10 miles,
in two days, to procure medical aid.
I pon his arrival ho immediately called
upon Dr. Tolnian, -Surgeon at the post,
who succeeded iu a short time iu extra-
calin-,' kuvural wormi threu-fourths ot
an Inch in lu.igtli, which hid eaton in
... .I....
.. ...1 in. 11. updii using a Nyri.igu to
wash out hit. uar, thu niediuino whioh
was injomod into it, run out ot both
his mouth nnd iiuac. Ho Seas hj far
relieved that thu second day altur tho
operation ho started for homo nearly
Well. Tho operation was performed
tho Nixth day.
ot these to sutl'i-r k in llnu.-I., il,.. ... Ms. !.
prictnr below is equally Mringei.t and '
imperative nc his tight uas to have it
flow to hint fretiMhe projirietor aboe.
These rights of" riparian pioprietors,
though coming under thu head of what
are called "Xutioi.al KaxcmcnlK," aro
not, in fact, tho ie tilt of any supposed
grant, evidenced by long acquiescence
on the pan id a supeiior, of tho flow of
the water from his Inm to the and be- .?' "' ftwr ttj'tsl J-. sur Is ii.
low Tlw, r!l. 1 ,(. : .. fiirm-r. r,i nvilnl In Lrlii; IW " Ti
ion. I lie right of enjoying this flow, r Uimiie4l.rcilm.. , ' -V '
uiuioui iiixiorii iiu-n ui. i, :.... 1... iiimi..h- -
- " 1. illipilWII iiv
any other proprietor, is awjurc ixitura'r
mill is nu incident of property in tho
laud, nt an appurtenance to' it, MU
tho right ho lint to enjoy tho soil itself,
iu its natural slate, unaffected by tho
tortious nets of a neighboring land
DIKP. , .
FKIIU.V hi JnckM.iiTllU.tsliT.nrrjirJ
Snr -lhrii.il. Calhsilnc fc hk, l H
.r 7 inni.ilis anl 7 itji. t
" Tlonr! nirll TW '
I IIK.ii...crllr hsrlnxr""'fllu':
I iMimv r llor.p Jfmi MiFt'
Ws'liliiKlnw Mill. Awn " '
NOTICK . Iierl.jr Blfn Ihst until rt'!'-1
nl fuDl.inbtr iirl.erUeioirr''
yielded to its operations, if not always
ciiccrmiiy yet with patience; hereafter
(boy will not yield to them except un
der protest and dissatisfaction. This
is ono of t.'.oso bad laws mentioned iu
(rant's inaugural address, which should
by its own want of merit work its owu
.nrotii.iilnn ui i, a ....:.... 1.. .
... "" "" r nn.-ip.ee 01 univer
sal liberty. Hu also declared diis in
tentiona to do all poiwlblo towards
wring mg an roaiiKinil to reallro thoii
I.ran n4 iliorls ri.rum-J,pl"f, ci Trr-
t .. ii-asl roM. pii.Mnft ur tnis ''"";
Wh.ro IIih wl.ul U btuuk'ii iM'W'E
I i I... U-lll tU Ml W
n - 1... .. . '. . " i . tii'iir in pnnioriii.". .. . -
oojii'mmkntahy to "Ln."I)i H0v 1 , ' '" r il luseparnlile i.icident to I '..U'.i ..I i.r!J. r..r k st
well, resident physician nt the fSirotz , n-iiftiiiip ol land, mudo bv an in
Ilesen-ation, says it would pay farmers I1)1'"''" rulu 0' iiW ai "bso'luto and
on the, outside better to como and U;kyj,i",, rl8ll, u"1 t,ai h' 'Q lost by
.vn-...ii 01 inc iiHiianH than to bo to a a "' ,,v-'"y years an verso pimsess-
.".. .a.ih u
Aniiuxi. Mii.ti'i.
MUnd Flouring Mill
'"M until S,
.'frturu too
ruseni. nt
They jyy ttqw re,dy t0
aro now
wtit. ' ,;. "' excianeo tor
5!t Mii.ll Hopl. 20th. 'I'liol, .......
"upuoi.can paper lias entered on jts
soventeenth volunino with increa"
prosperity. It is a very model of a
eountry paper and Iro. Nixon richly
deserves success for his energy and en-torpriso.
A Telegraph Office Js soon to bo
opened at Grants Pass with Mr. Ma
gruder as chief oloutrician. It is intcn
$4 for a repair station.
auKrrr,-.We should havo credited
nu article on tho outsido ol last iunn
.entitled "Jackson County," to tho Sta-
true relations towards tho Urpat Spirit
and 0erior Wood. Started on re
turn, aud a mils and a half below Celi
lo tho oars woro broucrlit to a stand in
porratt tho guests to visit tUo salmon
-TIum excellent ",,,ey tn'4 reat Cascade, whore
tho. waters of tho Columbia rush furi
ously over nnd between immense ledg
os of volcanic rock. Tho river appear
od to bo just literally filled with fish,
nnd tho manifestation of enthusiasm on
tho part of our visitors wa wondorful,
Nino 01 ineni, with gig and spear
aud net, for an hoiir stood like spectres
in tho mist of the fall and rolled out
tho floundering salmon. Wetting tin
der way again, we only paused to tako
a look at tho Dallos, where tho waters
of tho great river aro confined betwoou
masses of atone scarcely a hundred
vards inaj-t .ui l n. . . .
f, -f-..twm, nWI HIH l-rOUmlMU
.Usticsof Oregon!' '"Wo n,?w do , would actually sri-m to be iufndi!i
Statu Fair. While tho Doctor is niiitu
pompliaientary to Mr. Indian, itmrikes
ui' that bo is very rough on thu Statu
Hkaud FnojciMr. " Wm. Clarko
formerly telegraph operator hern I. ...
agontofthoU. P. U.U. ftt Wahsaloh
under a handsomo salary. Ho bu
charco of tlUf ,nA -..il. . .
... 1 1 i . . "v,S'n uusiuoss
and also of tho telegraph office at that
NBWM.A,.1!,rc...u:8i7clai,d hu
sold tho Oyon City EnttrprUe to
partie,, who ,t i'beliovud will make it a
Democratic sheot.
fill ji Jjf.aUfaift ?r.. . a
into tho hand, of S. A. Clark who has
changed its name to tho Oregon Union.
. ..i maKe 11 a live Hcpubli
Ue An.Ai Jt,utri U aooi.
to be started at Corvalli., n, 0C
U to gobble up the "inferior raoe.'S
rT"l"i Tom ..leaning out
Pemofirary. K "
aiii tltc proprietor mav I.e..!.. tn
eerciso his rights as to the water when
ever ho pleases. Hi, right does not
depend upon tho exercise ol it. Shaw
.. .. Mm nnu auiu ju.lgoof Massachu
setts in Johnson v. .Ionian, thus states
iu a summary form, tho right of a laud
propriotor to a natural b.i,,..
flowing through tho saino: "Every
person through whoso land a natural
watercoiu-so runs has a rlii .....-..
ln .u. 1. ' . , . " ""
J ' V . . ni" ol "1 It Passes
imougn .us land, to all the u,oli, pur
Rosos to which it may bo applied j and
no proprietor ol land 911 the same wa,
torcourse, oithcr above or M.i 1... .
right, unreasonably, to divert it from
flowing int0 lli8 ,)rcmj8t.8( or obltnwt,t
igil III! 1 ,. . a, il)
Al.li.il Mills. Auit-aih. !
""FaWicijxivbwitv," ;
m;v s. 11 MAiuH,n, I),....... rn
GKO.II,GOf.MF.It,A. M i'rtf of 'r,bJ"
JO'S. W. MRjlf, A. M.ii.l'wr.'f UP
A. J. ANPKHSIJN .M. IJInelpsU'ilfW;
Mlt.V.t J. .4NORU80V.l...r,r;iTr
Seltullfle. ColUglste ssd LsdlM WW""
Mualo tsuihl. . . .,-ji
AUitmy Vts bClsi tbs Ui "J.fTi
of J ny. Col lego year bf is th rl "'
ol .Ji.giitl liet.
For psr.lealsrs address! UlM
n passing from thorn
l x '-- . - -
emsjs?s.fcsi -t TJ A
nr tn ....
d..r :. t. ,."-' - w. "P or
tnVi . -, ,ttPParPV annexed
o tho soil, and pusoa wltn UnotM;
oanoment, noras an nnnurti.nl..- k..?
"parcel. Use does not create it,' and
-7' up7 or 8u,,Mj.,d il.
Unity ot nosseastan ni .t- . L
tha I iMd With JHU ftbove t SJZ
Adminiartrator'si Kptiot-
GttsU of Samuel ti, ifsll iu,w
Ttis u..deniBacd bsTlns Utb .SrHiUWS
lbs (aiily Cowl of Jwk Cousljr.WJC
AilinlnUlratn or ika ahdra MlsUiSli " .
bsvlnjrelslmssfslsst ssld MfejfKvSjS
aoliRsd to irwai lbs mm, dulj f4n"f' " '
unuf rfijrm-u ui bis rriliuc" TT3iIai
In tsld 8iilyKllMe lx-asisIiaWyjK
brreof. And ll Prsoas 4K WZ.7Z:
Ostrd JhU Uih. IW. , - -trme
' z-i nrtVwrR
" " ,,tn pl"J?Uish it or suspend it,"
j.ooTiur, . ,
. . . ....f u.t..au.