Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 20, 1869, Image 1

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" orrosiTE THE
Odd Fellow's Hall,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Trarelers'snd resident biardcri will fine
Plseed In first o1m order, and In trerj
Way superior 'lo any In Ibis section, and
surpassed by any In the Stale.
And plentiful supply of Hie bsst of every
lb lug Ibe tnnrkut nlTorils will bo ob
tained Tor
No troubled will Ik? spared In iliwrve the pt
ront(je nf tlio traveling well m Ibe perms
at community.
Jeknnlllc, March 31, lftCC.
Peter Britt, yt
Photographic Artist,
Ambro typos,
Cartos do Visits?
doxk ix the fixest srvLi: of A'r.f.
Picture Itcduccd
Physician & Surgeon,
Ofllco nt III' ri'ilili;iicc. In ll Old Overbeuk
Ito'pltnt, on Or.-s.viu Struct.
OFFICE-Corncr of California and Tifth
Streets, Jacksonville, Ogn.
,n- will inicllcn In Jnekon and ndjncrn'
connttei, and attend promptly lo prutV Inim
all.. Ji-lii'lf
Xn tho Ovorbock Hospital,
f. uxtum:, m. i).,
OFFICE removed to California Street,
South side.
Jsekonrlll I.c. 2ll. IHH7. dr-eil-tf
WILL att-nd to miy wlio msy rrniilre bl
mttIcm. UfnVe at It K, llnni-IIV nrtlce
n Hie U hide 3d .Slncl. lnrknnvl.iinv:!tl
D. f, pOWKLt., K. II. WAT30.X.
Jnckioi.vttlr, Mrr-gaii.
Empire' City, Coon County, Ogn,
Warren Lodne No, 10. A. F. & A.Jfl
A HOLD lli'-lr rexular communication
'wyr on thu Wednesday Kvenhis or pn-ccd-V
inn tbe full moon. In jacksii.wu.i.k. ok
nao.v. A. 1IAUTIN, IV. 11.
C, W. SAVAOK.Secy.
Every Saturday Morales; r
For one vrnr, In ndvnucs. Toiir dollars ; If
not pnld within this llr-t six mnntln of the year.
in uniiars , ii urn pain uuui me expiration
of the year, six dollars.
OnerrtgrftOo' tlnrtr lcs). flrt In.ertlon.
three OlfjM 5 each rulwn,iirnt Insertion, nne
diillnrvJA'ilffconnt nl lllty per cent, will be
mailt-Wttiixo who advcrtlw bjr llic year,
"ticglil Tcndun reoutred at current ralci.
.'One of Lifs'i Piotarai.
I iw lhni In tlitlr junlk n I rrl.1.
Whtn lit i 1 1 ii. .ru.iuJ tli.ii ibrtf
I. fn inl. Iiiix, WTirt mt clUI,,
Llki Wlrii,kiry,;uuiig nJ iru
Ont iplilt trw wiihln th.Ir lif itU
Tb mrlDi uflt, lu lift llm' nir
IUi;b inlixl, lucfcli, lu will lniiirl,
AtiJ, ohl .littitM.iiiofbllii wjrlh.-
It iw brlilttl tliont till t oferiiXi
AnJ U.ii.LJ Mill. Inr un uf Llu.
At .l-ii 1 1 1 it lir il. ti-ilj llm if df,
It Ilk t'. inirt lufl Bi loJIJ hut.
Oil kri7 tuu tin alrvum of lift,
Ant iniUMlall B4tnr. uti Ihsdiiv.
M'btn ill kcuiuir tkt uriku wife,
WLu 'f nl liaj ckotJ till m wr
Ek Iwnwt iin hU niniiljr irm
Ai loftlr m fljutr t rrriwliii.
In tuiJrlli runl IUI1 Im.u lurm,
AuJ grwtJ lk gu.rJ br ll tailluij.
I i,v lli.m la Itirlr lionet uriort
Th.ltr.t hlllir. bit liuvnu tirjmtn
Anl ucli lit n, lint (uul. !
8tuiJ uuiiili Inile.J urilmUil
Ami lilK nii.l nll tlnajtiti L;lu
To Iniiii nikllluir ii.itil wltii.
Anl llijw, Ui, I unc U Jilmt wllkln,
JjiilHnl, jujUi k( Lut could briug.
Ok I I4 tucli aCtux r bill, lllljllt .-4H
I.IU. io, II imi rim.' u-lla ruundl
An I b.i llul uU, ul llul u ui in.
)llUl lijbt I.I. Itf. ou'J p.l. In luu L
1 iWm In tktlr bonit, nj m irt I
Ami on In, arm, n nwr Imiii U I
Tl..lr Uil uf Ilk, lu tiaii h, u'.r,
Toutouufjr Jo), 1,-it., Hj,,uSm
Nu lnr Urnii kli f I"r.
r.ir II v Kb '-" Iiii ptn.1 b)fr.
I. u, UiriiluUlf i itr,
fli.r l..i l,.r ii v. I biuixiui b.r.
Tin frail, fjlr rnn, livt gnu, tUr
Tlilr hulr i,ll uji.u lilt kii
IXnlt lliluit, til bl, w.M! llhJrr,
Aii'l, JInx, iir liitjiijatirjr.
An J Uiil kl lie i-l. miO i,J bl. Lruw,
An J itlll anit.111 iu. I.r ,U olug,
Anlb'illii.l Im'iiIi him mil iww,
IU.lwulil but II.II'i.IiiW ol.rlnjl
Olit wli.i.iKh.l.plln nf w..'.r, (.I),
Tkudik kioil ll p inn uf r k in t
Vmiili Lih.Jjj, II i.i, l..lli.r dt
Aulffju i. broil tJX'llitr pull
J.niurj Ilk, UO.
lotter From U. F. Dowcll.
Vasihnoton, D. C,
Jntitiury ITtb, 16C0. j
tub t.UAiu.vo nKncu.
An nil to bo rulonsuil without beinp
tricil for truasoii. The imlictinciits it
the Ciitnitml Court of this city against
JcffD.iviti ami John C. Uri-cki'iiiiilj'o,
have both been dimniscil. The Din-
triet Atlotiicy had tlio can- of Davis,
lJicekonriiltje ttud Stitutt, called, on the
mak uuy ui inu xcrill llOtr It) 90831011.
Tin: oKonoiA sn.VATotw
Have bcoti hero ironi the cdmiiiiphcu
intuit of thin session, nokiiig ndiniiuioti.
The majority ol tlie.ludieiaiy Commit'
tee have determined not to admit them,
on the grouno that the Georgia Leg.
lIattire expelled all the colored mem.
bers belore the Sunatnrs were elected.
This i right, just and ecMtititblc. The
true Fjiirit and meaning cf tho rccon-
htrnetiou act are lo give equal legal
20r 18G0.
make Utc negroes born on our soil, not
only Irco in nam but free indeed. It
is only doing justice to thoso who havo
long been onprcMcd. When thU n
adojited we can truly m; in the lau
guagtjof the Declaration of ludupcii
ilence, "All men ate created equal ;"
that they nro endowed by their' Crea
tor with certain uualicitablo rights;
that among theoc are life, liberty and
the pttij'iil of happiness Not equal
in intellect nor knowledge; not equal
in property orpo.fjMoii ; net equal in
fame, reputation or education; not mor
ally or soeially.equ.tl ; but equnl btfort
tie ic, having tho right to acquiru nil
thee by industry anpenievereuce,
without an owwor'n lah to make
him afraid. Our colored population.
will be far enough' bvhiud the whit
man niter thu law secttr-s to him the
right to Vote, and all the legal rlghti
of the nioft exalted. God speed the
NO. 6
,.. -,,-
..-- ,.w..r ,,,. .v fc.V Vllllll IV.II I l '
rightH to ull men born on American J,!"g and adoption of this amend
soil, without regard to color. The mcl,t
poorest colored man iu Georgia who rr.MAtn scrniAOE
receives a uiajoiity of legal votes has j '" niS0 deired by sereral mcuibers of
the name rights to a vat iu the Geor- Cungtrss; but this is not n Republican
i i LegMiituro as the mo.t exalted
master, who once owned a hundred
lavei". The Republicans nro deter.
mined that tline shall be no distinc
tion on account of race or color in the
United States.
It ! more than probable tltnt sore
headed atili-Miffnigu men, who style
themselves llepuhlican or Union men,
antl the Con federate Democrat;, will
raic a howl agaimt this report when
it is submitted to the Senate; but the
action of the committeu will be sus
tained. VtUOKVIA
Politician, insirt on a modiflcatiou ct
the recni,triu'liini acts. During tho
week a eoininittee, consisting' of some
ol the must noted UepublicanH of Vir
ginia, have been here urging a com
promise,) they can be admitted at an
early day. It is Mated that the Jinli
measure, several Democrats have pre
pared it. Soinu of them aro clamorous
lor it. Those who favor it are anxious
to have the word nex added to IMt-
Ste wart's amendment. There has been
a large number of the most prominent
advocates of female sufTrago around
the halls of Congtess during the week,
and they ate beginuing to mnko their
influence be felt. Female tiifhts and
female wrongs are real, and not imagi
nary, like t ebel rights. Suffrage would
tend to decrease the many wrongs now
inflicted upon them, find to establish
their rights. Tltcic are several bills
now before Congress proposing to give
them these privi'eges; but it is not pon
sible to pass either of them this wss
ion of Congicfs. It is time enough to
attend to this alter itegio Mifl'rago be
comes a fixed fuel ull over the United
The typo sometimes cut lanlnitlJ
tricks. In my San Prandcisco letter,
which wns published in tho Skxtixkl,
makes jno say that tho "iicf of the bal-
iu. urgraucti mo negro. nils u a
great mistake. It should bo the lack
or wanC of thu ballot that ojtiied tho
degradation of nny race.
Mr. Motion ins introduced a bill
giving Airs. Lincoln a pension. Mr.
Sumner advocated giving her $3,000
per annum, and then tha bill was re
feried to thu committee on pensions.
buo .Murphy's bill, after' two weoks
debate, in the Senate, has been referred
back to thu couiinittuo on claims.
Under tho new ruling of tho court
nt Topekn, Kansas, u lawyer is requir
ed to Maud up while questioning a
witness, and it too drunk to stand,
hu cannot practice.
The Right l.ov. Thomas Pearno of
Oregon, has been installed editor of
tho Knvxvillt HViiy, iu placo of Par.
son Hrownlow, who has been elected
Senat'jr from Tennessee.
Thu editor ol the Oregon Slate
Jlhjhtt Democrat has nt last found one
honest Republican nttd a correspondent
of llio SiurrixcL, who tells tho truth.
If ho would road thu Scs-riNKf. more
and Jtrlck Jmcroy less, ho would
learn that true Republicans uro not
all-aid of tho truth ; but that honest
Democrats nro nshamed of his ijmul
treason, and exploded Slate riyhti.
Tho Seuato Judiciary Committee
havo reported against Mr. Corliutt's
bill, giving Oregon a District Court at
Roseburg, mid increasing Judge Deu
dy's salary soas to pay his expenses;
and nlso against Judge Williams' bill
extending thu jurisdiction uf tho Court
of Claims to the Oregon War Claims.
Economy, economy ! and a speedy re
duction iu tho publlu expenditures, are
thu exclamations of every committee.
General Lauu battered our rights while
thu Government was nearly out ol
debt, for thu pitiful honor of being the
.A S.
s. m: farren.
Virginia Resocs'.rucilon.
followiii'.' letter from Ju Lo
States. It will be kunnntted bv kdiiim
.1 'of themon iirofniind i.taiiH.mi.n r, ' Democratio candidato for Vice Presl
, - - i .... .... .
tieui. 11 is now ton inn in gel Justice
riarv ci'iimim-p oi -Hi- r-ii.n-iin in
IIoue, hae Mibstantiallr agreed with l'i" the present and iho next Con-
the Virgin! i cninnitett to report a bill J!rvM- Its justness is founded on thu
nuthoriziug ilie admis.Uui of Virginia eternal principles of equal ibhtsbeforo
1 1.....! .1 l 1 . .ll... I.. ! I... I
Uud.rwt.od, of Virginia, ha, been hrn-' ' , " , "l'"m " "? "'"rwuB .'" "w ",u,u," ,f,u,,"'i ' ,cp C(,,or
ded us lui publi.iitiT.ii jnudlItt.iiiieiUtcuiiMitittii.il, wilh ttiu , " -x OJVngc compel their women
,.,.'. v, i,,; ,n ,L,,n,"l","zioils tlauset. in relation to dis-! t' doall the menial labor, and still
P.....V.. p.... . 1 1.... : . .. . I 'ranchisetneut niul thu trst oath trick- 'Ki' them no voicm in tho ufljirs ol I lie
vour'note inulYng tue to join I''" T"" ,'!1! '- ?, '" 'I""1""; Ch,h'" "'"H- men
suhutiuu with a CWerVAtive ,,.,.: !M.,1A,m,"V .,""' c"!'er unlrrwl j jl...iMll..li.ht ,,,,.! ,n.t labor
miltre from iryiiin, who n cii'i riii rt t . . . .1 1 1 . , . J
& M ,M1 I j.lT..s.ff oil till. fullfl I,... n !. ...... .! IsliriU'il (1(11111.11 l lliu I....I .i !.. ...
' jll. vti ki v I ,llSVt(Mf II tf tlfC fcUUsltl - .!. "witivu sib tnr IIGAU U, illV IIS
tution. This arrangeuieiit is approved , '". Wu have many women as learn
by the most prominent mcnibrift of !1'' " Queeu Victoria. They would
both houses of Congies, miiI of Svere- make ns good a Picsidcut as Victoria
tary S'chnliehl and Gencril (Jraut. The does a Queen. There is no good reas
rumniitieu from Virginin ssrert that ,'i why ihey should not have tho light
ll.i-re Is 110 Usui, iiiiu- in V!r,,!i.i . .jli,,,n In Villi' uml In luilil i(ll..,. '!'!. 1...II.,.
lleillltlOII ' b....-w - - v. .,. immui
in politics ; but I urn trulv glad that I n,'f'ro "'trage that they are willing to is thu great soveieigu in America. The
our Consetwitim friends aro making accept as settled by the last election. , women of America know how to wield
sueli lair piopositiot.s, and trust they I K,:u,:o wv.Ar.u. ' it better than Victoria . oes thu ...tl.
nit-s of Kugljiii,
Republjcms ate generally very gal-
laut, and so f.iriu this issue, thu Dem
ocruts arr equally gallant ; and pcih.tps
after unit ileal negro suffrage is estab
lished, both parties will concedn this
little boon to the ladies without mak
ing it a paity issue.
avc made but little progress during
it week, but still a charter with tliss
our Conservative friends on this point, tion of certitude." interest guaranteed on (he bonds, may
It would, iuiuyjudguiueiit, beinuuh) Jlowcvir this docs not citend aufl-1 bo P"ti for tlte time gteat Paeiliu
easier to eflect the r. suit through the ir,..t... -..:... roads, tiz: The Humboldt, ami i).
I ....;...... .I.... ll , ('.,..,..... .-........ '! r, .i hui VIIIIIU- , -..,.-... ...
to see inr. State reconstructed on tin
Congressional pint), mid also to Ji;m
the disabilities, imposed both by Con
gress and our new constitution, remov
ed from lhemselves and oll.ets who
sympathize lutihem.
My 0fliei.1l ilnties are very pressing,
llll'l precnine my iidiivu pinieip tllou
stieii lair pi oposiuons, ami trust they I xi:ui:o bun'iuim
will be met with u generous frankness, m... ,, ., ...i",... , .V.ii,,!,- .1 ,
by our Republican committee. I 'V'9 .nt lm tuUn a '"" fl,,a
We ouslil. I think, to s.iv to them Mr. fstew.ntt from tue Judiciary CV
that we will lavor the removal of all uiittee, Iims jut icporlcd an amend
diqiialiliciitions from every 0110 who' inent which will secure stiflrage to ev-
Srof'ui-uiSi:,:6 - ; .!,.,, of ... urH ..., r..,j,.
I have not a shadow of doubt umt 1 out n-gaiil lu race l color. It is in
thu first Legislature that shall meet these words :
under our new constitution will iiuine-j 'Amin.a XV, The right of citizens
dittelv. I.v a vote of more than thiee-, nf the United States to tote and to
fifths, remove all disqualifications (nun hold ollice shall not he denied or . jj,
every audi person, and our connnuteu j abridged by the United States on ae- ..
can salelv give the lullest guarantee to count of'rree, color or previous condi- . "
. j ...I ..7; .1.8 ............... . ... t it r in.
T'liedi: uifansoSco.So:; , . who are born out of the United ' 8" U X'acitio and thu
. is t . f Sitit li i'flfi Wuili jiild It' 1 .
Sxectttera Motice.
TUG undrr'lBMMl'liavlnc bren snpolnt""! b
111" County l5n.irlirJckonO'iniilT..SInli'
ofjOrfatn',Vc,,",'or "'r ''iH will sid Iff'
insjit of jiinmn" C'roslo'i 11'' of ssld county
dtssffi: All pron hslnc rU'm eIni
therlAte sr rrulir(l lo recnt tlii-m HI.
1h proper rouchurs wlilitn lx inonlh of thl
dte. to onn onii'-x-ciitnrs. nt tit r sI4.-im--atsr
Grant's 'a-i Ju sajd county ; and ill fr
tons lii'li'lild to said T'oliitu are required to
swkeJmmvdlaN pajne-m.
Jsnnsry 1(jti.jsr.3
HJdenflfal,! binds. tllcml at tbo wsrkel
of tbs n'odertlgned.'In Jaaksoavllle.
tsmKsr Mb ISM, if
W JH4.WMEIUCjtN:WlT. SO oants a !
AUtma "AHWIOMH WIT" GO 6v0ar.
stMs,if,T. r.o.vox
Because no co-! 'Soulh 1,4clfio ''' thoy pass
turalized under U '"!"' in ono rcai 0,nibus bill,
comoining tn strength o( all of them.
L I f 1 1 a . .
men cau be excluded oa the cround of I i,v"WT ,,a,ns narintro.iuccd an
Iheirsex. Petition after petition, cor-1 ",'Imenttohis Humboldt bill; which J
aro the same as tlnte imposed by Cuu- States, unr to wonirn.
gtess, being copied from the recuustruo-0re j fwri.jgMer can lie naturalii
II a mrniij, "mil "... .1U....0 , , 4 1 !... ... !...
mile thnw filth sit the . euislature. in. ",r m "" "'"r" "'""' """ wu'
-".- . . : : ' 1 . 1 ..i.. ..... .. .u-
stead ot iwu-lliinU of Cougress, to el-j
li'i-t tho removal. '
The number dinfranehised in Virgin-' ennz reaina of paper, and one or t wo ! "'y "k Congieas to guarantee the in-
j. is less t h.Hi 6,000, ami if tho Legi-in,j(1W 0 .mt- j14Ve 1,, r,.ct.jrt,(t ' terest on the bonds of the company in
Slu. a .1111. iii.i. - - .. . . .... ..
place ot the suu6tdus, asked by his orig
inal bill, This amendment wil bo the
basis and the extent of subsidies which
any company a ill gut this CtHsgress.
Senator Williams has also introduc
ed a bill to amend the land grant to
the Oregon and California railroad
company, giving one year further timo
to Holliday & Co., or to (lie Kastsidc
company to file their assent to tho
terms ot the grant with tho Cornruiss-
i loner of the General Lund Office.
Mrs. Mallory is lying very sick with
tho meule. The balaijco of the!. Ore
goniaus in Washington are Lb exoaJhtot
health, but poor spirit.
......ii .1 .1.
litre Mlll.l "V l.lt.C- Ulf VI till" B. IP 1114-, I . .1 T I r .
'.'. '. . anil r.(..rri4il tft I III. J i..l.rl.irt. I nmmlh
terial as the constitutional convention '"" 7, ' ;" ' ..
over which I ha! J.I11. honor to preside o( thu 'Ht.t. They were all re
was,-1 -would uiideitakjfto .emovo dis- jwrted back to the Senate by Mr. Steiv
Irauchisenynt from a tnotisind persons 9 with his smcndiiipiit, He saya he,
per day by it of those who are tnily u t0 p t, ;g ,rnp,1jIMet t0
and t horonghlv in harmony with Con- . .1 . . 1. ni
Si, as I m.derstand otir Conservative vote at the firat opportunity. 1 here
P. I ... ... -...I T !.. m ctni.U 9 lllll It. itlB lllltS atl.l It
Irieilrt. Iiroicss 10 ue, snu,a aunw.ju is - , -
fact. are. neither house should reach them dur
All wo want is a ncany acquiescence'! ;n ,1,5, Kilm one or the other wil
in the two and only two per manerrt aK8 botM,OU9C8 0( Congress iu the
I...I..XI11 j. I1B iTfllll I'lllllml II. Ill IIIIIBIIIII 1 J
r'.'i a.iflVair.. and unhli-sal education, early part of next Congress. As U
Theso secured, and then lot us .cheer- does not extend suffrage to foreign
fully wclcopie enlianeliisenient to all Chinamen, the China sticklers and ha-
who stand .upon these principles, with- u.r8 of t)0 C,;na xz j preg0n and
put regard to past difturui.ee of aoiton clJorna yoto pnAmwl
-Your,trUlr, hvithout obanndoning ,thelj ecooDftl
JohC. uKDEiuvoatb, 'prftdjudleea. This nmendroeat w'ih
pr opinion.
Wonderful Dicotry ot a buppoud An
tcdlluvlsu Human Bkoloton.
Day beloto yesterday, while the
qiturrymeu employed by tho Sauk
Rapids Water Power Company weru
engaged in quarrying rock for tho dam
which is being erucltd across the Mis,
usippt al this place, found Imbedded
iu tho solid granite rouk the remains
oi a human being ot glgauliu stature.
About fleVen feel below the surface of
thu ground, and about three feet and u
half betieuth thu upper stratum of thu
rock, the remains were found imbed
ded iu thu sand, which had evidently
been placed iu thu quadrangular grave
U'lltl'll ll.l.l 111.,. II . 1 11 .r ..... ... tl... u.ill.l
T. . inu nun. 1
;it remaijis of this
uutediluviau giant. Thu gruvo wai
twelvu feet in length, lour leut wide,
and about three tent iu depth, and is
today at least two feet below the pre,
cut level of the river. Thu rumaiiisiiru
complutcly peiiiticd, and nru of glgau
liu dimension, The head is massive,
measures thirty-one and one-half iuuhus
111 ciiuuiiiieruuee, our, low ill llio at
J'mntfi, and vtry flat on top. Thu
lemur measure tweuiysjx and a quar
ter inches, and thu flliitla tweiily.Hvu
and a half, while the body is equally
long iu propoaiou. Prom thu crown
ot thu head to ihu sole ol (hu foot thu
length is ten feet nine and a half iuclm.
Thu measure around thu chest is fifiy.
iiliiu ud a hall inches. This gi.wil
must have weighed at least liiuu hut,,
died pounds when covered with a rea
sonable amount of flesh. Tie petriliud
leuiaius (and there is nothing left bi.t
the naked bones) now weigh three hun
dred and four and a quarter pounds.
The thumb and fingers nllhu left hand,
and the left foot from thu auklo to thu
lues are gone, but all thu other parts
are peife. t. Over the sepulchre of thu
unknown dead was placed a lurire. tint
limestone ruck, thalruiuaiuudpurtecllv
separated from the surrounding granltu
rock. These wonderful remains of ui
antediluvian, gig intio race nru iu thu
possession ot a gentleman who has star
ted with it to his residence East. This
' faasM-Ay of ktttMS).
"Tfio daily life ot one of the rtestif
drunkards is like this ; Uporr getting
up in tho monillijf, nttor n heavy, restless,-drunkard's
s!eep,ie is miserable
beyond expression mid almost helpless.
Iu very bad cases ho will see double,
and his hands will tremble so that k
cannot lift to his lips tho glass for
which ho has n desire amounting to
mania, Two or throo tiQ' nlasscs ot
spirituous liquor will restore him to
t.tr that hu can control his muscles, and
get nbout without betraying hlacOndK
tion. Alter bulng up an hour, and:
drinking every ten or fifteen minutes,
lie will iiMially bo nb! to cat n pretty
good breakfast, which, wllli the nld ol
coffee, tobacco, and a comparatively
small quantity ol liquor, hu will be able
to digest. Altur breiiklnst, for somo
hours hu will generally be able to trans
act routine. busineiH, aud.assocl.ite wltU,
his fellows without cxcjtlHgtheif ilty,
or eoiitrmpt.
As dinner timo draws near, he feels
thu iieccssiiytef4 creating nu nppetito;
which ho oHviimcoui li.lies by drink
ing some of tlirft infernal compounds
whicli aru advertised on thu eternal
rocks nud mountain, aidcn ns Iilttors
a mixture of bad dings ami worse spir
its. There bitters do lash thu torpid.
powcMliilon.iU'Jincntary, morbid, flere
activity, which enables thu victim to
eat even nsiipiMnbiiudaut dinner. Tim'
talso excitement subsides, but tho din
ner remains and it hat lo bo digested.
This units for nu occasional drink for
ihrcoorfour bouts, after which, the:
system is exhausted, nud tho man feels'
dull nud languid, llo.ls exhausted,,
but he is not tranquil; ho craves acoa
initiation of tho stimulant with a crav
ing which human nature, so abused aud
purverled, uuvcr resists. Hy this time
it Is uveiilug, when all thu apparatus
of temptation is lu thu fullest activity;
aud nil tho loose population of the towa?
is abroad. Hu now begins hlsovenitif
debauch, nud keeps up n steady drink-'
iug until ho can drink 110 more, whesv
he stttmblus home, to sleep oft' the stis
pcfyiiig fumes, and waka to the borw
rors uml decrepitude oi a drunkard's
The qu intity of spirituous liquor rs
quired to keep ouu of theso unhappy
men in this degrading slavery varies"
from n pint a day to two quarts. Many'
drunkards consume a quart of whiskey
every day (or years. Tho regular al
lowiiiiuo of ouu gentleman of thu high
est position, both social nud official,
wio mitdu his way to the Inebriate
Asylum, had been two quails of brai.
dy a day lor nbout fivu years. Allan
tla Monthly.
'i 1 . 1
Governor Brownlow'i Valodlotory u
Tho Knox villa (Teiin.) Whig oflli
Oth Instant publishes the following
vnlrdlcloay' ol J senior editor:"
Thu H'hiy. n Journal I havo editni
fur Ihu last thirty years, now passes
into other nud more able and vigorous
hands. As 11 member of thu new coin
pauy owning the office, I shall feel a'
deep iutciVKtlu thu Hticcess ol the en
terprlse, and will do till in my power
to piouiotu ill Nitccess, In ruviuwiust
my long nud eventful career as an edi
tor 1 have this to say, that had I mv
life to liru over 1 would pitrsuu the
siinu coursu I have piirsuud,ouly more
so. If in past. Ijfu I have been violent
011 (.01110 occu!ou, my apology that,
like ihu Apoitlu Paul, on niiuy occa
sion I have fought with "beasts at
Kphestih." In taking my leave oi many
of my reuleis, I will remind thuui that
liufnru they wm u born, their puenls
weru siibsuiibuis of mine, I have,
however, thu consolation to know that
I have always taught both ehildrost
and pireuts to hold fast to the forma
of sound doijtrino; nud in defending
(hem I haye invuriably uttered the
words of truth and soberness. To my
friends I wish evury possible success ia
all thu undertakings of lifu. Of my'
enmnieH I havo 110 favors to ask, but
am willing to lut by-goues buby-gonea.
W, ll. lliiow.-it.ow,
Nic'ktiki ok Lanoiaou. Mt friend i
tho foreigner called on inu lo bid tare
wol. before hu quilted town, and, oa,
his detinrture. hu said. "I am going at
gentleman, it U slid, will scud the re
mains to Huston, uml possibly wu may
hear all that car. bu uaid on thu subject
i.y the learned in thesu things. It is
supposed by simu ol our ablest men,
among whom is General Thumn,, thai
many more skeletons will bu found dun
iug the process nl excavating thu gran
ite rocks, it this place. Spniu seem to
think that these remains were deposited
in this sarcophagus Prior to the forma
tion of the present strata 01' rocks that
now abound here: but. this ismwaosi-
jeotro.SMA Jlapidt Sentinel,
tho country." I ventured lo correct his
phraseology, by saying, that wo wero
acodsiometl to uiy, "going into the
country." Hu thanked iqu for this
correction, and said hu had printed by
my lesson, am) uddud, "I will kaef
into your door 011 my return,"
.1 1 i
Kindness to all, wjus tuutiy a, bless
ing ; visiting tjie sick, and adminisjer-t
lug tQtjteir wants knits soul wiibgnsk
iug feelings. (
There seems to' he 'little prectfesd-1"
diffVrenou between thu friend lhatdoe..i
y. a nu good aud thu euey UM
you uo Harm. - ,
i1" inn il
Thoro is no stiob'i thing-' mimi
ohairfbr tt'4isoorilentesl waai-4
Why is colfeo like an ax with twsWU
tdga ? fVrnuso it requires gi iadiag.