Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 13, 1869, Image 1

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mmi tMiiimwia
m mi i i ii thiwii Lljsw "i
,t. , BDsiNEsgr K0TI0K3. sassssaaessasssai
Mj.Irw-'i l i -1 r ' . :-.r - J" i
Peter Britt,
f jphotographic Artist,
JACRSfavlkLp, OREQOk. '
7ho t egrapk s,
Cartes de Visits
eoNMJtrriiE fxest stiv.k of art.
Pictures Reduced
DR. A. B. 0 VEtlBECR
Physician & Surgeon,
Office nttil rcftdmieo, In Ibo OIJ Overbeds
IToipllnl, on Oregon Street.
OFFICE-Corner of California and Fifth
Streets, Jacksonville, Ogn.
lit trill practice In Jnckon nnd adjacent
connties, and attend promptly to prufeaalonal
Hi. fcb2lf
Xb the Ovorbock Hospital,
P. giujiji:, ill. D.,
OFFICE romovod to California Street,
South lido.
Jickronvillc, I)rc. !UI, 181.7. ilrc21-tr
Wll.Ii sllend In sny who may renitlrit Mr
ervlcei. (mice at II. K. DiiwiiII'h offlci.
n tbe Kait fide 2d .Stri-e t. Jsctoniivllli. novilf
n. t. POWELL, K. U. WATS0.V. '
Jucloomlllr, Oi-goit.
T.niplro City, Coos County, Og.
Warren Lodge No, JO, A. F. & A M
A HOU) their regular cnntmuiilcntliiiia
VS itbj.
0. W. sUvi
-'X58&2&XLMj??! mtel
'i fitmitu,
vol. xiy,
I'lll! OilEfM
iumi nutni
Krcrr'Satuninv Morntnv by
For nno yenr, In adranoe, four, dollars i If
not imlil wit , i, it,, iir.t .1. ,i..ar .,. . ' "
Hrn jlnltnra i If not paid uutll tli. expiration
uf the year, ix dollar.
One witiaro (10 line or leu), flrat Innertlon,
three dollr ; each niWcpu'itt Insertion, lint
dollar. A dl'count ol flity per cent, will b
made lo lbne who ndrerMiHi l,y they cur.
jWLi'pjl Tenders received tit current rates.
e n
vJl?ll'JlfJtll-Jjl'i: '"
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... . '.'' II !.. .II ..,,. ... ..... I.I, . .
- - ; T Jl- I I II
FEBRUARY 13, 18G9. NO. 4
"" "" ' " "- - " t " ,..!. -.1
- -7 'P nmmimmmmmammmmimmmmmm
fortvardt'tl duilr from the New Yni-L- imtiA.. rti t...a.xI ...hi 'U.i..i.i.i
the Salt Lake City post oflici-. leavinc VollMn WM clrculntnl ami slgncrl br
080 lintltlilN ol tlinil mnttur ilnilv n,..U. all tllO Democratic llininli'urn n( I'm
liviTi'd. He ulgn alK'fjetl iiithoinakim; gross, for that punioic. AttorhoyGcif
, Srir,?1'.0!--.1 'Anvi"R b"' ftin-n cral Kvorts nrvonte.l It ' to tho Prosl
j 'vi ?i aj
Come Down, Father.
Oh. f4tlir,dMr fAtl,r, comi ilown will. Hit itampi,
ill driiinuWr'. lilt li uninl.1
Slit MM tl, ttouM itnJ II tllil lionie fruni thl iliop,
At louti a. , flounc, wr U14.W,
ilf luw ilrtu from Hl.wmf. U duwo lu Ik litll,
Tli Lo; lt not l.ittt wllhaul f
!' notLhif Io,ihh will, rnu'i (g lo ib. Lll,
bit pl.K itnil Ilia alitf Iwy ,
Couiedovrut Ciu,.iljwut (XuitUiiwiil
l'lcut faltitr, ilr fjtli.r, uni duwn I
Oli.Uartln toi.t Yule, uflli. cktIJ,
V liu ctl.i In L.r t uoni .11 .tuiit,
Ob, liu tviiM rt.Ut Ltr ni.it ). tlful lain,
So, Miliar, UU alumj-a juu'll cuuia da it.
Oil, Ullur, JfJr (itkar, cuuia down vrllL tka lUoipt,
l; emit r nut III lu U lain
Tlia balrlraaiar ulj ha would nut do thau up,
Uulf.a I cvuld pi lilm nfir.u
lit unlj a.kcd tvtuljr Ik ,lta . naw aat,
And Ukt tLa uld Lair In aialiauga
lla.ldaa, ', bit VKttihU'a nwfull; ruu,
Andaoutr bull lilr will tuvkalituga.
CouiaduHul Cuua luwul Cvma dutful
l'lau. hlliardaM ftiLar, cuua Uuwut
Ob, filliar daar btbar, coma down vrllb Ilia itatnp.,
Ttiacatilagali .tlllii( blu
hUtotl la liUiag, Ilia atla ia angasad,
Audi wul ti, luaVa kwJ auuw
Uj kluf t. liia tatu claabad, lujf lak liu Uin dj.d,
llul Cuatlajr vgu'l laka ua lu,
Unla.i iuj "vju..i Ilium" li tnuuiaJ with a tlrd.
And 1 hi naw ciLlacluJu.
Cuuiadjonl Cuuadaxn! Cuuaddwn I
I'l.j.a (4lkardtr hlbarcuma Ujwnl
Ob, (atliar, Uair fatliar, ooma down with tba lUmpi
Ttia trulda MUiidad aiaaplnfl' awaat
Ua Ijv'.ad f'lDi llia'UllKa llhl up Ilia) lda Halra,
AadMWIiatabar daar litlla fral
A iar Ur( luwall liaralwuldaia anciitJ,
Ilarpra'ta wliltahaajut putun;
d aUndiiiK iinlwad,
opU,j w.atiua.
a w'
ir"tuia Jjun,"
lians TTiliirtllOc
it. r. ooviii
A '
. v
V -i?Lr' . .
S, HP ariWiSBaP
i ' n ii ana, . i ii iiiiii ayKAaal
: - LOATC "L'i-AJb
. jSTQMaMOimifj K
.TRY ' W pm?
, V lt-Xa. rnkaa ffSKSS 1g.K :ytt Sm
r.aAlH&wa.aMfjyiiajwwif . , tltllsji
i !s m tti iii9itijjBiLss)-ii ' K jL
to Wi.l. Kirn .f. n.. r.Z . ,,.,. 'r"
wl.cn.n.re.poriilblel.M.lewhaJlotRsn.a J,0"1', " A''W Strtno oftho
to do the satno work for 10,000. I Maryland delogntinn hnve Won paVtlc-
Mr. TAKKE sjioke ol Indians con-'ularly nctivo with ruflTciico to this par-
hZ V, "!r"K h.lUt thT ,Ml.l,,lry l,0,u ' t,on' U u l,,0''t that Johnson be-
or,l .,,- T""r-.r" '.?,", "' ,,aul'Sl. full Wlowship with tho
. . - r
Humontf an Epidemic. ' '
There arn a lew mcu ih' Cincinnati
who inako a Hying by telling cheap
Bt5;-.ahI llll
;F bWliei'
l..'& . .. J.
Tltis resolution came up airntn to-day
tor disottssion.
The claim of Suo Murphy of Goor
gia, for propurty taken by an officer ol
the United States, has dieted a large
discussion in tho Sjtnlo. The claim
U only about $7,000, but it made prin
oiplo of great iniigiiittnle. There np
pears to be a general ilisposition not
to pay for nny propurty destroyod in
the rubolious Slates, however moritori
uui. rOMTIfi.U. l)ISAIIll.lTIi:i
Continue to be removed, so n to allow
rebels to hold office. On the 0th iust.
an amusing ineident occurred in the
.Senate. TheSenate took tin the Houae
Hill to relievo the political dir dlities
ol II. V. JK-st and Suimitl Phillip, of
ISorlh Canditia. Mr. Wilson xplaiu
od that they could not take tho oflicus
to whioh they had recently been elect
ei, until tho bill was passed. Mr.
Howard wanted some ex lunation. Mr.
Abbott remarked that he hud just re.
eeived a dispatch liom Gov. Holder) ol
iNortlt Carolina, asking the passage of
the bill. Mr. Howard said this was
not enough for him ; ho would like to
know whether lhee gentlemen had
repented sufliciently to deservo thla
clemency. Mr. Abbott, amid gnat
laughter, retorted : "They both vote.!
for General Grant." This was consid
ered genuine rebel repentance, and the
bill pased without any further oppo
sition. Tin: itosnnuitG axu coosn n.Y
Wagon-road hill ptnud the Senate
yesteiday. This bill was introdtict 1
by Senator Williams r.boutr. Tearmro.
It grants to tliu Jtatc of Oieuti time
alternate sections ol liu I on each Me
ol the road, and if thoo tine" sections
have Iicrti appruprir.tcd in nny other
way then tho dellcicney may hj made
up within six tuiles of the road. The
distance i'j fifty or Mxty miles, and
through t tough sonntry ; l.at the road
is very tieccK-iiy, Mid l.i.uil.utloi.
will scn.rptUA the bill. The read is
to be cuiulruottd within f.vo years or
the l.tiuli sio to revert to tho Uuited
Senator Williams lias prepared a bill
for the government of Ahtxka, which
will probably pan buforu the adjourn
ment ot Congress,
Captain While, commanding tho Uui
led Stutes steamer Wynudank, x. ho has
ln'i'ii cruising in tho Alaakian v.'nters,
litis torwnvded n report, nhich has been
pent to tho Senate, by the
.Secretary of the Treasury. The
capl.tiir gives a glowing description ol
the fisheries, mid of the xeal r.ttd lur
trade, lurnislivs interesting statiatio,
which lease no doubt that tlci.ew ps
hesbioti will proe of great vnluu lotlit
crals, will obey their behests,
Senator Nye's house was entered by
thieves on the 7th Inst., and $2,000 in
money and a quantity of valuable
were stolen.
Johh Minor Bolts, of Virginia, died
nt his residence on the 8th inst., nnd
was tinned at Ihclimond on Sunday
last. He was a good loyal citizen du
ring tho war. Ho was legardednsone
of the most briliant men of this gener
ation. '
Tin: 'iXAt'nrr.Vrio.v of oua.nt
Will be a grand nfl'.iir, nnd at nii;ht
there will bo a magnificent ball in tho
S. (J. Eliott, J. II. D. Henderoii, J.
H. Mitchell and C. Temple Emniett.
of the firm of Hulliday tfc Co., aro all
here looking alter the interest of the
Ea't-side Railroad ; and Judge C)rtts
Olncy, S. G. Heed, 11. J.IViigratutd J.
H. Underwood nru advoeatinir the rotlfjO
to Humboldt. Hulliday tfc Co. nio-il;
ling for a chatter to b graittetLtoTajn.
gni it Co. from Humboldt, tlniirrsect
theii line at Jnckvonrllljjro 'JEupene
City, by way of DiaiuniMPenk, but
not to Portland. Theiroppodtlou w II
have a tendency to ;ftat' the charter
to Humboldt nltogctlYcT, pr to send it
by Diumcid IV.-.l A don't varo vho
builds the road, but I shall iusirt on
the charter compelling iUfpo thiough
itogue ltiver Valley.
l" i
l- I
III.VC10.V, u v.,
(itiary li in itjuu.
: Co'a spcculatioiii nie
ttunlioit of Congress.
if lllinu'ts introduced
aoluton ;
IGlh December 1 0de
d to ihu committee,
Pos' mister General,
suhitfuii of ihc loitse,
nd whereas it nppears
i atiou Iron) xpcciul
ii, Gooige W. Mel.eil-
ant ruMinasler lieu-
Wells, Fnrgo it Com
tori for the iruiispor-
il, have not piovided
ivs, anil iiiav cjni,a
aiTted to tho exclti-
m liich Were left on the
r ami week after week-
ItiJ; and that, on the
r,ii tiiuoHaiHl pounds
eie piled up in an oiieti
fw.hereas it is reported
-'lit tl at the employees
1. 1 i. '....'i ... i
m "iiji.uiy nave nan
he letter mails; theru-1
it.. TV-.- n.... Government. The old sea-dog is ven
n infill. minute in hi "log," and the icport i
tt Company until it graphio and coiunichcfiivo.
e ill.KH inin Mm i-nn r ,'i'i.mii iri -dBMlB 'i niiiaaak- iik-l-
m.v.. ."" - " - "-'a- ....-,
I.. i,.i.. Co'l)n,ir. Hus been held on the uruTtw.Llon ol
i. in ma li,ii-.ri nl . ... . ...
m nl tlm l.. Sn.u benntor liilniunils. to tno eiiect mat
"- " - tl I lllliaii
lectins the "ieii,,.,,,.,,. the five-twenty bonds ought -to bore
In carrying tie nixh tiwlwi n gold. The debate on tli
.i i: .in.i " liiopositioii took a wide range. It was
' MllkVll.ll fa I ,,,. , . . ., ....
ii up and offend K., ur,l,um'u u ,n liau,l,B ""ui''
House, nnd ilu :.. and (ipnosed by othera. It is evident
fnly of it shouh.he horn the course of tho dobato that it
iiaHte, General, wh.h will be diflimilt to concentrate a major-
"lattlio Postnu. ,. ... .. -
corop ,. ny oi lite .jOiiato in any meaauru nun
ind ihat L!!L'?,?m1 ,'' before the Senate. Tho currency oues-
H"'nre been ndA'"n w'" 'e liKly to go over to the
6im8ioru.,.i .. ... o .
ppivy-iiinv vyi'iiirai.
Senator Williams will mako a speech
oi-this epiestion at tho first favorable
opjftrtunity. lie wjll advocato the
findti(r of the debt, redeemable nt tho
plonsut) of tho Goveriiment, without
egard to any fixed time, and nu in-
ease ofthe tariff.
Taclflc CoasfBretfeT
Indian depredations are on tho in-
croKic in Colorado Territory.
A vein of iiiuc'.silvcr has been tlia-
covetcil iu SnUnn county, Cal , sereti
milt'E ftoin ullejo.
yalt LnLii city is now within four
lays oi Chicago, by mage and rail
road. A r.tilioad is projected but w. on lfea
dlesburg nnd Ueiioinn, a distance, of lif-ly-flve
On the 23d the Lltion Paoitle J.'ail
road wa laid to tho one-thousandth
mile post,
A bill hr..i p.iscd both houses of the
.Mont.ui-i iegiilutttre, rciovingthuraji
ilul from Viigiuia City to Montana.
Il is reported that a woolen factory,
to cost ninety thousand dollars, il to
be erected nt Eugene City.
Sivty-llvo niariisL'e liei-'iiBo were is
sued iu Lane county and eighty in Ma
rion during the year 1608.
There are thirty Ihu vessels en loute
fur this conxl, loaded with rtilio.td iron
and rolling .clock, iiieUulinj; eightaen
Up to this time thera lias been no
snow in the Willamette valley, ami
veiy little on the hill within sight ol
tho valley. There has lceii no dee.
mg nt nil. We believv IhiaUthe mild
est winter over known iu Oreguu.
Frotsctlon to Kovrtptner 1'ubU.aori.
Tlie following are ibo laws of Con-
yment unflo
di'rired that
Adopted and
psaieral i .nnA tl
---...nun 10 u,
.A i ..
i .iro tne Driw.J
'natter, it was ahiwn
winot Uottjbwi.n
v. . , 'Zir-f't
-yuuu, qa b4B
MAI I'til a 4ln Tint 'Pa! tltVrial ftal
acctWkrj afUr th faot lor th ainssi-
gre.s, touchiog'the liability of substri
hers to r.cn'.t)Cf.
1. Subscriber who do not give ex.
press! notice to the contrary, are cm-
xldervd us wishing lo continue theii
2. II subsurihers who hare not psil,
order their' papers stopped, the publish
er uiny coiilinuu lo seird tliim until
3. If subscribers refute or neglect to
lake their papers from the office, they
aro held repousihlo until they have
settled tho bill, and ordered ihu paper
i. If snlpicribers remoro to other
places without infrfrmitig tldtblislirrs
nnd llietr paers aro oonttnued to the
former direction, they can be held "res
ponsible. .
5. Tho Courts havo decided that re
fusing to tako a paper from the office,
or .removing mid .leaving it uncalled
for is prima ncfu evidence of inten
tional fraud on the part of such sub
scriber. Two boys aged about 18 each, bad a
prite fight at San Francisco on Sunday.
signs ot various klr.ds to hang outside
corner groceries, saloons, etc. Sinco it
was recommended by the' board of
Henlth that a sign inscribed "Sinnll-pox'
should bo suspended in front of houses
where that disease prevailed, one ol
the most enterprising of tho eheaji-sign
dealers prepared n quantity of them
to bo ready for an expeoted demand.
Yesterday morning he tailed with hit
assortment nt a largo beor saloon over
the canal,
"Want any signs?" he inquired o
tho portly proprietor.
j raw, .tin nans, -i vntiiu a s
Sawdust Vnitted," 4
Iff .-- f. t. ., ..,4l .. a
iirre ii, u, nam ma dealer, who
wan n bit of n wag, handing him on
of his smail-pox signs; and receivibV
I.! , . f. "..
iii pay iiepartvii. p'W ijp
ti. .. .i..w 5?? .-
u u,iaiiFivuiin Actiioti, suppeving
it was all right, atid'iioi Wtiif ablo to
read Pnglish, liuiij-UMo 0f his
door. Puojile nafefcff3ri tho walk,
saw tliepignHr'Mdl ntj ,urrr,j
to tho othriilaajifjf the atrcet. He.
gular ousHoiWerii cams, caught sight of
the otaJWulMuscription. with a hand
ofitlitfiTior-knob, nnd Mole away, re
marking that thfy guessed thor wr-
mi'i very dry that morning, inyltow.
An importunate creditor, whom noth
ing could daunt bo lore, blanched, at
the sight of '.ho sin, and, rjolng JiOme,''
ho went etrniht to bed.
In tho meantime the saloonkeeper
was wotiduriugat the absence of his
customers. 'ilia reuulnr forenoon
lunch was fljiruad ttoifp, boiled tripe,
llolotm sausMi'ejt'oiyod liver and on
ions, snuer kraut and hi own-bread-
but no oitu lo partake ol il. Jteing of
a social ilisrojlliou this soliltide was
optri-hMivo to him, aside from Luiug un
profitable. At length one man did conio lis and
call for a trlacs of beer. Hi. facu was Veni
d.oply pilled. Ilu had had it,
"1 seo by your sign out therp," said
llie man with :. niolloaxif his I.cmI to-
wrt.'.' ibo froiit door, "that yo'a1 have
gut it here."
"N'eiu," replied Hans, supposing that
lie alluded tocawdn.t wanted; "I don't
have jjUl 'cm now already, I yoosl
puts out itiiuo cigusol gctch 'em veil
iliv gomes dis way, all the vile!"
'You Wont to catch Hr" said tho
ciisUiiner In aiifaxument.
Yaw, thr.t'j what'u the madder. I
vanis whole loids ot '(.'in. Good ting
tu have mil er liouee, I pauks em up
mit der cellar tint sbrittgles the floor
mil in' mloon nil over 'em. It gleans
out a ho'iac bully, inliid I tell you,"
"1 on re light," said the stranger,
"II mull-pox Won't clean out a house,
I don't know what will,"
"rchmall-box," tsid the astonished
Dutchman; "vat you tileuu by -jhuiall
iiux, hey?"
Kxpluustioni, or cr.u i re, ensued, and
the wmth of that l.-a'jjrker and lunch
xctler was fearful lu Uviiold. Could he
litre tustcned his cm brace on th. t
painter at that time, hu would -have
"died nnd made ro i'.ni" more.
Tht Start and Stri (publisW al
Auburn CaL) is responslbU 1W the fol
lowing: The, old saw thkt "the court true
Jove nins not amouthly," received aa
exemplification last Sat unlay ev'tajng
heart oi at least ont ofthe partita t
flutter like a wounded aige heti. It haf.
paned tliusly: One Dr. II a, of our
town, and who, by the by, list beea
the sulijeot of some startling and co
mical ndvef.lurcs'dtirlng his residence
In Auburn, ilh the gallantry which
made hlin'faWcm. laid siege ts the
heart of a fair'ilaughlcr of the chief ci
ty of Suckeftlolii, and poured hie lay tl
love into liljr willing cart. But "therVa
many a slip 'twixt the cup and thelip,'
and tho dpctor's derolnjn was dtstlMsl
of be rewarded only with bUsted4rjp
and the bitter gall of disappointment
lor while tho lady fair found it very
convenient to havo a irallatit caraFer
toxaeortjicr to ChiirchitJonessotrcea,
IIM.tKe hymn for her at church and
f.to whWt nway tho long Winter
eBinfjtfcr a gamo of whist, she had
1 Mfrff bestowing upon li e man of
hWrhe strove. Not much. That
mm incomprehensible ol female wo
nan's charms, safely hid from mortal
gnre, beat lor another and quickened
with every thought ot him. The ab
ent dear at length put in aa
unexpected and, to tin doctor
iinwelconio nppearanco Inst as ho
and his treasure were about itartlng to
iittrcii. i he fair one dropped our Aa
biifiisfrlend. nnd with a little scream of
feminine delight, threw her arms around
tho stratigcr'arncvk and planted spot,
lii niuiiiy men una oi most uitngs with
which JttdAS betrayed theaMtr. !.
versinc.. In- was iitltil(,.-(l)1t,hf .
cientnd Hoss!, Order of K CI a a.
jIsnsTltug Was tlm doctor morVatt
nlshed than at this meeting of lw W
paroled kindred spirits. Without wah
ting for an .introduction, ha sloped
uw v trough a a k passage, and later
it tho evening, Mtless and costless, U
golden locks streaming in the wind, he
was discovered iwrambidmliig a back
street, ringing tbatjrlld song called
"I don't tare a d n," which Is mac
by tho boys ol Chicago. There was 1
happy wedding in town last Monday
The doctor was simply "a looker on la
The editor ut a umn .muy paper
says the young ladies of that town me
the neckliis ot their male friends for
.v'trl,. Wnt-.iti-r l:nr flm wrh li
Gold is tuuud in lvitij ii io counties
in Noi ih Csrolina, raid llioa.nuual )!tld
u intimated nt SOO,000 pu the Char
lutlu Miul Stipt-riuteiideul &.iys,
. 'i a .
Tbeiv aru VO.OuO oil vvlls on the
eaiAern i-hore ot the Can pi an Sea, that
yield ft,0o0,000 barrels ol the fluid
A Louisville pnuier, Wm. McMahon,
was ialelr iutormed that a fortune of
f 10,000 iu gold had been lelt hitu iu
To do the thiug properly in New
York at wedding, the bride mnst'haw
eight bridesmaids, and a hundred dol
lar poodle nobles toe one sue ruarrus.
During the eillvniul ot an estate iu
Sn Krocico recenily, U was discov
ered that a brother f dectd bad
oastved lum tor loss of Urns bi at-
ta4tag the luaoraU
loys AndOlrls.
Though brothers ami sisters, yet what
a iilkiuji'dlfieieiico in thu naturo arid
dispositions of buys and girls How
llku it tender floweret, depending i a
mo upholding support, Is the one
how bold, headstrong and independent
thu other. Hoys tend naturally to fun
in out-of-door life leaky boots and
hocs, nnd torn trowsers, Girl tead
tu thu sober proprieties pensive poe
try, hemming handkerchiefs, and a
low calls on the neighbors. Hoys
grow; girls come tip. Hoys are eusr
gelle, and llku a brush ; girls efTetnl
natc ami run to soft words lusttad of
hard blows. A boy of ten has seen a
ijood deal of Inside life on the outsldo
hoi Id; n girl Is as innocent ot it as she
is of ii kuuwledgu ol the liiliabitants of
ihu iiiouii. Hoys laugh: gills simper.
Hoys run ; girls hop ami skip, Hoys
c thu elephuut ; girls do not know
that such nu animal oxislsin thu cities.
Hoys have a long vision; girls have a
short one. Hoys have a chest with a
pair of active, working lungs in it;
girls liavu a valise with something like
i squeezed sponge, which israrsly used,
mil then only iu a trifling way. Hoys
travel; girls suy at home Hoys ars
wild ; girls tunic, Hoys are indifferent
is to whether school keeps or not; girls
ire keenly seii.itivo oil that point.
Hoys never make thu acquaintance of
Mrs, Grundy ; girls aro early at her
teet and always her slave. Hoys like
lirs, but they don't liko to be
ike them. Neither a girl-boy or a
hoy-girl is fancied by either boys or
irls. A true boy always stands by a
i rue girl, and a true girl always has aa
ibi)ing faith in a true boy. Hoys and
irls are very clever and necessary W
ililuiious; but the world is more ia
lebted to and depends more on beys
thau girls.
A New Papkk. It will be seen Ibj
in advertienint in this issue that D.
William Douthett intends to commearn
the publication nf a paper, cither ia
tins place or Hamilton, as soon as tha
naterial and printers, now oa the war
here, arrive, Wa haye heard (Utata.
paper is soon to be published at fUivec
Springs. TruuT4 Oity JVai.
. ri
J-"- -