Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, August 08, 1868, Image 2

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For Ireliliill-l nitrlurml
0. JACOBS, of Jackson.
WILSON BOWL-BY, or Washington.
A. B. M EACH AM, of Union.
Saturday Moiixi.vo, Aug. S, 103,
An Attempt at Swindling Exposed.
Our neighbor kindly tr-.&ted the poo
le to a "little more liyht" last week.
Wo propose to give them a combina
tion of the elements still more light,
so they can see without spectacles, and
also to ventilate with a little more fresh
air, a very pretty little scheme of pub
lic robbery, that failed for want of
enough conspirators. Wc will state
tacts, and let the public do its own
commenting. It Is somewhat unfortu
nate that the conspirator against the
pnbltc treasury is not a Republican,
the charge would be believed so much
more readily; but as he belongs to the
pure and spotless party, that never
steals the people's money, his proposi
tion is just so much more infamous.
At the meeting of the County Com
missioners in July, no aotion was ta
ken with reference to the County Hos
pital. People had been g-umblin?,
and the board had to wait, for a little
dose of financial "light,1' lrom the Jif
vcilklo guide their slot. Pondincr
the August meeting, the last contarc -
tor, Dr. Davis had a remarkable dream.
He dreamed he was a black Repuhli -
MMM H.i .... iiu i. !.. ..
kuu, aim iiaiurnuv iuii a miie on me
"nip." He discovered that he had lost
money by the last contract, and as
there wis quite a handsome sttm in the
Hospital fund, concluded to soafbirit.
Meeting Dr. Overbeck, he observed,
UW ell Doc, I have a little proposition
to make to you. I lost monuv on that
Hospital contract last year. I want
to make some now and go to Califor
nia. You want to bny my place, and
it you only play into my hands I will
put you in a way to get it." "Well,"
remarked Overbeck, "let us hear your
proposition." "Now," said Davis,
"hero is just how the case stands. I
want the contract at a good round
price and must have it. I hare got
Childers dead in tho door, you arc all
right with Heber, and Duncan dare
not open his mouth for lear of public
opinion. You put iu a bid at two
thousand or more; I will put in mint
at about eighteen hundred. You make
it all right with Heber and I get the
contract. I only want it one year at
these figures, and 1 icill r?iee you a
bond to htip you yit it at the tame
rate ntxt ytar, and sell you my place
Alas ! for the suecess of this uie lit
tle scheme. Overbeok "was'ut 011 it,"
and Davis was very glad to take the
contract at tight hundred, just a thous
and less thau he was actually able to
take it for. Malicious tioople will look
on this proposition as rather question
able, but really tho Doctor must be re
garded as a vter self-sacrificing Indi
vidual to "cornrTHown"a thousaud.and
take the contract at just about onough
to pay and board a steward, throwing
in diU own services for nothing. Some
may think, that as he was willing to
take the contract lor eight hundred,
he proposed to steal the other thous
and, but Democrats never steal, and
what people thiuk is none of our busi
ness. Tho people are aware that the con
tract has been let to Davis. Three
bids were oC'ered. That of Davis be
ing the lowest was taken. The honor
able Couuty Judge having the casting
vote gave it iu favor of Davis, after be
ing fully awaro of his infamous propo
sition to Overbeck, and many will be
just charitable enough to think that
-the judicial ermino should bo stripped
from his hhouldors, as it probably will
be at next election. A prettv guardi
an, truly, of the public interests, who
will entrust the care of the sick poor
to a cheap doctor, who had just tried
to get up a conspiracy to grab a thous
and dollars out ot the people's pockets ;
and he must bear his full share of what
ever odium is attached to the proposed
People can now see what all this
Democratic "blowing" about friendship
lor the poor amounts to. When the
poor are sick Democracy says a cheap
Doctor and a dog's death is plenty
good enough for them. When the peo
ple -are ,not watchful Democracy would
rob them and err "stop thief, you in
fernal black Republican!" Oh no!
Democrats won't Bteal a dose of small
pox or a streak of forked lightning
Oregon Branch of the Pacific Railroad.
Do wc wint a railroad ? Let this
question be asked of every citizen in
Southern Oregon and nine out of ten
will vcrr seiMblr answer, ves! Wc
- i M
do want a niloadt slit- producer feels
its necessity, tho consumer demands it,
to lower piices by bringing competi
tion and opctingncw channels of trade.
Wanting a raHroad will not bring it,
newspaper tlk will not build it, com
panies with i largo capital on -paper
can do noth'cic; but monev alone will
accomplish the object. The people ofj
tins state dcveive themselves it they
think a road will ever be built with
out a government subsidy, and to in
duce government to give assistance it
is necessary that the road be of a na
tional character, from which govern
ment can reap some benefit, and in a
reasonable tinie reimburse itself. The
projected branch of the Pacific road
from the bend of the Humboldt to
Portland, running through jloguc Riv
er and Umpqua Vnllies is national,
and not local in character. It will
open easy communication through a
large region of country in which Gov
ernment expends an iminenso sum an
nnauy ror the control and subjection of I tomey, a circus periornmnec wnicn a
the Indian tribes. It will bring purcha- j large number of jwople desired to wit
sers for millions of acres of productive ' ness. We do not justify public per
lands. It will be one of the great com-1 forniances of this kind on Sunday, bat
tnercial arteries connecting the East a man's mju1 stands like a tub, on its
and the West through which craigra- own bottom, and if people choose to
tion and trade and prosperity will enjoy themselves by attending a per-
surulr flow. The railroad Committee
ofConsress. of which Ir. Alnllorr is n
member, are ready to report a bill car
lr at the nest session. Lrantin- e-overn
' ment aid to the amount of thirteen
I million dollars to this road, and the
1 Jwople of Southern Oregon may tlmnk
Mr. Mallory and Mr. Dowelt for the
provision in the bill, obliging the road
to be built through these valliw and
i preventing its
Mountains via
crossing the Casmde
Diamond Peak. Onr
i Congrmman 1ms been tireleM and de-
termined in guarding the interests ot
this portion of the State, and if w e will
onlr oooixsrate with him an actual
00 operate
live company, backed with millions of
capital, will be organized, and at work
on our road before next Spring. Mr.
Mallorr has done more than his share ,
nircnuv. it wc aru in vanicbi aim waiu
..i ..1.. Ti . ;.. .. t .
.0 puili onr own interest it is time we'
did ours. The bill will he reported on
favorably, but its passage will be con
tingent on ofliuial data showing the
practicability of the proposed route,
its distance, the different altitudes and
the difficulties to be overcome. El
liotts survey between here and Port
laud will furnish sufiicieut data north
ward but iroui the point where the
road will diverge from this vallev to
the Humboldt, Congress has nothing
but hearsay evidence that ahe route is
feasible. It it the duty of the Com
missioners of Jackson and' Douglas
counties to furnish the uecossarv intor-
I mnlifln. Tin? tmlili in?i.rwt rlfminml..
, ... ......... ........nun
it and a rough, general survey of the
country between thi valley and tho
point where the Pacific road will be
tapped will insure the passage of the
bill early next session. We call the at
tention of our citizens, and of the Com-1
in!&iiiniirr r tlilil nnd r)nMr.!i.i ji.ihii!a. '
..... .w.... v. .... .... w.9.(.if W.lllllVil
to this important matter, and urge im
mediate action. This idle waiting and
watching for some one to build a road
for us is folly. If we want a road we
must help ourselves, and if we are uot
willing to do that lot us quit talking
about a railroad as even among the
probabilities of the future.
On How SwKcr! The action of the
National Democratic Contention ha.i
had a most marked and wonderful ef
fect on the olfactory organs of the great
u washed party. Time was when a
nigger smclled extremely loud; but
that time is no more. Once the black
man was the very inenrnation of bad
smells a kind of combination between
sneeze weed and skunk cabbage, but
tbat immortal assemblage of Democrat
ic wisdom sprinkled him with the otto
of roses, extracts of hyacinth and japon
ica, and ho smelluth sweetly. A short
time since if a Democrat passed black
'Sain" ou the
street his nasal organ
was elevuted to an angle commonsiir
ate with his white digr.st. I"ow if a
fellow Democrat meets tho aloresaid
"Sam" the organ assumes a roman
form, tho d d nigger is regarded as
a colored man and brother and a wish
is expressed that ho was only back in
'olo Virginny" to give a good straight
vote for a White Man's Government.
Things is changed ! ! !
Mom:.: Cm.i8-riAxrrv.-Go.ng to '-v .W" Jf'n' tn..th ilitutlon
... u 1 1 . ! M(l declnred ho would rather die first.
Church regularly with a countenance IIero j3 onc caii0 whm ln g,ck Un
covered with self santification, a.nd J are unwilling to take the doso provided
afterwards voting cheap medicine aud for thetn by the charitable munifinence
a paupers coffin for tho nick poor I of tho Jnck6on county democracy the
that'6 modern Christianity I ' lriends of tho poor man (?)
mmKrimmmmmmmaBmcmammttamiammmtOffMmmsmmmm . - LTtom cwnmerchi.) Timely Warxixo r . .i"--5:
Pharisaical Zoul.
When the Saviour rebuk edthc Phar
isees, bo depicted n elav of men sleek
nilv livr,r.,.f'ilir"il nml (Uitirel V tOObll'KV
with other people's souls to "take-care
ol thcl? own: Nineteen ccnturiesnavo
i slid away, but that peculiar class of
people are still to be found. They are
not confined to puritanical Xew Eng
land, they are not all embraced in the
Republican party. We have n-cii just
such individuals here, shuflling and
sliding alone, afraid to hold up their
heads nnd look the world square lit the j
. . .
j face, lor lear some mean
net :nielir lu
recalled afraid to speak
per, lest the devil might near them and
have a key to their thoughts, yet feel
ing kecnlvtlic importance of their own
sanctity. We have no objections to
these modern Pharisee as long ns
trior mind their own business; but
when ther intrude -on-the business of
others, or interfere with what docs not
concern thenii we
feel constrained
criticise them.
On Sunday erenlng a few of these
zealous !ndt idtials workc 1 thonnelven
up into a fit of vertuous indignation
- 1 nud stopped, through tho District At-
i formauee not unmoral or improper in
itsulf. we do not consider that they
endanger the spiritual welfare of any
one but themselves. Some thought
differently, and their snnctimonious
voices were raised asainst the viola
tion of the Sundn v law. All ri;ht S en
foree the law by all means, but "tar
everr man with the Mime stick," no
matter who he mny lie. Why? we
nsk, is it that these over righteous med
dler have nnlr discovered at this late
dnte, that there is a Snndav law in
. .l- w. -...,...;. .-.. ...
lree J Krerr Snnday tbey ee it vio-
j itcl nnaer their very noses ; they hear
! the rattling u( billiard balls, the uliak
of glares and the ring of money at j wr the Hice hule humot ,.), Having
gambling tables, nnd their religious , trotted hi" wile in 2,M. This is un
sensibilities are not shocked iu the oWitedly the lar-t prW ovei
least. Why? Because it is done by
t iiiaI- unlit ua t.i,.i,jJ ...i .-..
I.. .......
i " u muuus ; Huiri,
w"e ve-es nicy want, and tuey have
not the moral courage to oomtmiin,
They dare not do i: ; they know they
would be tabooed nnd eoffcd at, and
they are uot at all ineliued tu'bear jmr
secution for their -Masters sake. We
would rcsnectfullr suggeu to those la-
" IlltSl aaA 1 M awl llli! .hi ... l.TC ...teu I A A mm
iia.iu.ii -.u.iKimiir ui twmiv iiivraiuy,
either to mind their own business nud
attend to the ialvatiou ut tlwir own
souls, or el.e to cloe their mouths
against "camel and 'gnats" alike, and
tako notice of the ireqtient violatioiw
oflawamlj.ropriety to be met with
... uiwr . orj .m. ,
A:.otiibi: Goon I.viii..v. Wc are'
under obligations to R. Dugati H,q., ,,',,, " 7" -"
ofC.u7citv.forthefollowi0r mi.f '5 lM'M CVf,,!L
. . ii. iii .. i
ionimiiuii, uuuvr UB4C ui aiuiv .uiu;
C.'T,. . .
jvtuiiiuvii iiiuiuii.i, itTneii44i.ivea
r.nm bit .1.. .w....t..., .... .1... !...
iivui mi 4iiv litiiuiiwn mi uiu tuv.vr
Klamath, started out from Klamath
Dlutt'lnst Friday night, and in a few
hours discovered and shot the Indian
that hilled Win. IJryson. They cut
off his head, brought it into camp, and
laid it at the teet of Mr. M. G. Tucker,
who handed it over to Lieut. Tracy.
There arc three more of those Indians
who bad a hand in the killing of Dry
son, Mill at large, but it is thought the
Indian scouts will soon find them and
bring then in, dead or alive (better
dead.) .Captain Pollock intends to sta-i
tion a company of soldiers ou the low
er Klamath, half at the mouth of the
river, tho remainder at Klamath Bluff,
making those poiuts permanent posts,
and has sent to San Franoiaco for an
other company.
In our opinion a company should
have been stationed at theso points
long since. liver since the removal of
the company commanded by Lieut,
(now Major General) Crook, from Fort
Ter-Wer, those Indians have been too
independent, and those at tho mouth
of the river have frequently stripped
travelers of nearly all their clothing be-
j fore they would ferry them across; and
tho presence of a few troops would be
a wholesome check.
Wo.vr Stand It. Some time since
a poor fellow named Hall was struck
with paralysis over on Applegate. Be.
coming a burden on his friends, it
i was determined to remove him to tho
j County Hospital but ho plead pilious
The Silent Soldier.
"Silence is golden while talk is
brass," says the' old proverb. Never
was the above pithy truth so well ex-
! amplified m in tho successful career c
i the quiet and'tuoughtfiil mat., who
quiet amriiioujriuiui man, "---
subtle brain unraveled thctamrieu "-
nt doubt nnd disaster that yurroiiiiuou
" "... .. .... 1 .:.
abovcTa Whis.j,cnt m.-thinkor whose buy brains
i-i.. ...-.vl.r. imn limn nave uci'ii -
lms no time for thinking. no etcr
heard of C.xsar or Wellington boasting
of what ther would do? N no ever
set -wech ot Napoleon
W to whom the world
ren, a windy
to! t1L. tirst? Those to
the first? Uh05t.iowiiui.iuc .
is most buUi.U'd, hi arm-, mi letter, In
religion, in science, have been quiet,
sedate men, chary of their won!
ils but
ever tneanint: something when they
spake. S
lent ccneral
that come
the mind's deop mine, nnd and not the
!.. nnd tln.-ol m tations that too of-
. . i i ..;.... .1 ...
IVII r.v ......
of mankind. Grant words are like
his acts. iueiMve ivowcrlul, meaning
hi1 tho lew sentenees that lmve len
AU'Kot- OcKooxsrocK. It seems
1 ... .
,. tnai onrnwr. rirr r unviiiko.i
fl a .....-.- L . B Lm likh.! j h4
o it is with our great and si- 'r'tZlZZ
. His thoughts are gems , , , uhlcIl tl lJMt0 , ,
"littering and priceless from PreMdent.l art authorfcul to construct il'.'
...... i.t :n i... t i v in Miiincft witn tuat xtriioii or Mm -"-"" .
lirawil iram llllll ni" ibiiisiiiuvi, ,, .; i i ,m...1.h. :.. 1 Vi IIMetitftninTrfll
""" -""" - . tim. to be eonstrtieieii dv ine "Junior- M.riiwiiiu tw
i.neuc W13UU1H. ,- ,i wreion nanroau VOrniianv" i,,t-i
the value of their twk somewhat, on at gtvnt length to titruiih .Mr. Un
Judge Toltnan, of Ahhutd, sold a ton with in-t ruction ad "forni',"
..!-.- 1. u.. ..k- ....i.- i "MS-nt,. showiii" the Uoniiuiiiy how they mu-t
Rifle," ra.twiater for ,aHl thought
-""- --- --
he w setting mmrly hb valne. lie
I r. taken to Saa rraneio and imwe-
... .
d"ly pcatoe. into outer .
'? " J "'" "" ""
tion that the colt has again been Id
brought by an Oregon raided hoie,
1 . . . tt
, niui inn hii i niniMio nuvtri Hrtt wftu
j ..-- -- - . --..
1 a" lire mm mr v.oMr wrai w
Oregon stook only noeil bringing out
to insure thctn a hattdome jirolit. , "? quettion the matter.
IIokbAa!.v. Dr. Jos ItoltiiHon , Sua daylst7.
retnrneil on Snnrlay (rom a viit to J Tie following a oopy of the Sun
'arhington. Re came overland and day I.nw now in force. Wc publili
says tbat tbe cnn wiit tw ranmng
tkronch from CUiaa-o to San Fmnok
co by October 1 at 1 3B. All the work
! U In l)l of id. i-nnfnua.. II 1..H
Mr. Malloeyh.nl at work for th. in-
intortat of the Slate, jwrticnlarly tho-e
I of Southern Oregon. It is his opinion
th., Mr. M. is aUi theonlr livemem -
Wr m.r ,a4 tJ g,,
T v;""-,,"" T.
lOT ine.ew linglaml .uutuul J.ife n.
... . , , ,
suranee (.., has leon in town the past
I i,
From the limited examination
i .. -., . .1 ,
noiiBii-giiiii 4IU- Minji'ci, me com
any Mr. II. represents is the one to
insure iu. The Agent will probably
ie in me vnuey a low week", so as to
give all an opportunity to examine the
subject of Life Insurance. See bis add
:........ i -, i
nay. jncy nave conn
tne uuilding anil intend to keen a first
..... . . -
-'las house, where a " square meal" ora
delicious glass of ice cream can be had
at any hour. We hope they will meet
with tho patronngo they deserve.
Woxt Pay. It is naid that Leven'a
reluses to pay the reward of $1,000 of-1
fered for the recover- of his money, on
the ground that tho full amount was
not recovered, and also that tho par
tics who captured the robber uero on
wages and not entitled to the roward.
The case will probably be taken to the
Salcu, Aug. Oth.
Last night about niue o'clock. V
Snyder, who was returning from Vrcka!
T I: T ,""l"u ruau ftl,0"t one i
mile Sontli n .TAr..-.n 1 i, .
waymen, one of whom put a pistol t0'
his head, while tho other relinvMi i. '
of ?200 in coin-all he' U Notllin" !
is yet known as to who the robbers are" '
ConnEmoxir;:,;,' nl t, ' '
25th, we made it appear that it wn ,'
"V" ".""" was tho latter
w ho was the unfortunate victim.
Apvinv . - . t
attkntiox. Attention i cal ed tn
C, Greenman.
4..U uu.o iiuuiw oi .Messrs. K. II. & V
T -.
says Hie
mutt comfi"
i" r i .. .Hi ', ",v "vl' ! i-H II lit llunn, linibn, Smth. khnaut-B, ,
Pi-nnTi-V i.i .. r erol il rug stores doctor Miop, iindcc "'i-'r " f ii. " J v imm,
ii.oiLL KiivrAuiu.vr. Messrs. i mlo il.?.-.. c-i.i. t.. ' i' V i i. tr . ut. ttnv, 4.1 unui
oter and Theilakor will or..,.. t,W l..il,.'.r. n..., 1...1... .... 5, "' n t'"' I Up""-
... n . . .... .-.. .via, nun an Circuill-i TJ. vpnln T mjr Uu.Mr' kl, c.l I -
u J.esuurnnt, next to Bilcers. to- IMnnees of necessity nud inerev muv Lei k-ii ui -tour. hiiiIjhihh in
in . . . w ..1. ..!..,! : l.j 1 . . . . ' 1 tlir cwiimcDCrU luluf f uuiC4icu.lt J MuitAUUftuUlB.
. .. t.. P..mmtr 1
The Railroad Land Grant.
Some question has been raised by in-
tcrcsted parties whether the Oregon
Central Hailroad Co. on tho tt cb side
B0llja receive the land gnted V
i,n.rrLt?- Wc think the matter has
ioSm. settled beyond all dilute
The WwI-mJo company filed its pa-
lieriiuiin.'iiin.' -,Vi ---.:-
ISgrSS'And noJf'-lu" the Imb
1 ' ., ... ..
,. i i.,..,,- tiiL, ,,.retnrv states twsi
l:vcyi t,m Tlie grant ot hinds to aU
, tlie construction in no yregou wt
-tral Railroad, was made by the Ae
"l-FOV-l MrW?UK
, ,t wld lor lho c0,
a noa, aml Telcgrajih
onstinetion of
lino (mm
J90me ll0iul 0n the Central Pacific Rail-
road in California, to J'ortlaml in Orc-
Vmhr the authority of this Act,
that rtio oj tald llailrvud and Til-
vffiv urn mi '" " "I yrtyoii,
IxpiUnino at tl city of Portland,
. flW7IHl".' IK ''.
. On"ron. ami running uieree soutiieriv
tMWiU, u,e Willamette, Vuirqua and
l0?tn! Ritr alks to the .-outlieri!
r.1 ... - . II... ...,ll....
i litmndary of Oregon, wliee the Kanie
. . ...!.!..!. ii".. 1 t),.n i:. : u... :
. l
-.. V-
, 'rUe ecrctarv oi ti,e minor coes
. ..Iu Ka..1 Ia.m etk.iM laaikilj .! i It
inw lhm inm vatt. ,mn. Thl.
.t.n.trv lu dimt-. tlw
fiiiiiig ol
niajn of fflww .and afco a urar
1 of the
, " II! I .1 I .. t!..l. I
T'-V"" "V " " """ ""
. Tbt. Srcrvtarr con-iders the West-
bJlle rjomjifiav ontitlwl to the hind, niid
toe papers now niei cotiiitute a eon-'
t tract between the United States nud '
the Company which the Govirnuuiit '
..11 ..-. 1 ...1 . 1.. .. 1..
"'-" Vl!""; "' "r".. ;
-- - I? 1 .
. i . ..f.i ..... .
fomiiuts wiui us jmn ; aim u unit
no niea inni uie Legislature or urrgon
will ever atti'tupt to untitle or in any
, " "'"l" '' w, "iinet morney
"' " l ' milm
SlH.-ui:il 4H.kiun f mini
ol ' s0.' 1" w'
-1 ' Tto nmtnd an act entitled
. iii,.jj ft it i i t
jW. W
thtir tmnMmtmL utcd OetuU-r
, I8W.
1 Ji h Ltglthatwt A
, MmUy o'tht State of Ortgim : .
' Seitjo.v 1. Tlmt section 053 of the!
' " entltieilwt be aiul .lie hame s
. ,,,!,!,ed' "'' lhr MMS I
l""' l" increoi:
tac. 053. If any ;eroit shall kec
snail Keep ,
Hieii any i.Uro, nhoii. "roeurv. ball
iw, I
ley, billiard room or tippling honw,
, ' " " 'I "' "
plaoe ol amusement, on the first day of
the week, n.iiiinouly called Snndav or
iur 'utihiu ui moor or irame, or nnv
tne ..M tmv. Mieli noroi). iiiKin Mn.
v ... . ...... J I " - --
' " " lrrt .' ""?." " Pnwliwl by a
j f)v dollar, 7W.a11V rLl'T i
noiiar, j ronaea, ijmt the above
oil as que-tions of'f'net for the jurv to
vii-riiuuc, wnen tne oilencc is tried by
Approved, December 18, 1605.
Stjck.vkv'is Cnicfs. This troupe
performed iu this place on lust Satur-
miy evening to a large audience. The
gymnastic performance by the Dono-
van Bros, was good iu fact, the bout.
that has yet visited this place, and is
well worth seeing.
"ErvEct av pEusKctniox. John
Moon, who was so brutally beaten on
election day iu Sam's Vallav, nnd sub
Kcqueutly arrested by bin 'pemeeutors
on a charge of assault has become in
sane. e"veiv-.Mntu nt Ashland are
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