Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, April 11, 1868, Image 2

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" i
ron the presidency is 1808,
ui.vsi-:- i. mtAvr,
or tnt vmtid mm.
"Will -Un. "" ,nJ W,llfu MrTnl." Th po
p biTt ranl forrMnott-punltltnunl for It.llor..
fou Titn vioi: piiksidency,
OVA). II. WII.I.I 311.
or osiooi. . ., .
IkMh lutjMt U Jll" ' " Nton4 Cslon
Order Out of Clinos.
At lust, now tlmt tlio power of a
wicked and traitorous ruler has-been
broken, tlio Southern rebels nro to feel
the iron rod that their backs have bo
long been itching for. Tito system of
terrorism nt the South has assumed a
iormi(biblc nud tangible shape; and nn
organization, having for its end tho
suppression of lrec oiinion and speech,
for murder, arson, political ostracism,
a.id ns n vent for tho devilish animosity
that has never been half disguised
Bince tho closo of tho war, Lf,. been
discovered nmong tho Btippimnt and
down trodden (?) chtvalry. They have
boon sowing dragons' teeth, and if they
reap tho iron rule they so well deserve,
it is their own fault. Order must
come, even if it come through disor
der; and if tho Southern traitors have
not had enough ot fire and sword, they
are fast approaching the point when
they will have a surfeit of it. Johnson
The Mnn Up the Tree AgaiH
7. .t.,i tin.
!-,, enough in town r;;.rcd
satellite, "there -. . ,
danger nt all."
t fl,.nM itllV
fn..1lV. SO as tO UO H.H.-V -
Satuuhav Mouninii, April 1 1, 1808
Ujndon State Ticket,
Fok Congiikss:
Of Multnomah County.
Fok PitEstnKNn.iL Eluctous :
Of Jackson County.
Of Washington County,
Of Union County.
Tun statement of the public debt
just issued, shows a total of 62,0 f 1,7 10,.
JJ32. Cash in tho Treasury, 8122,600,.
The California Union State Conven
tion met in Sacramento on Tuesday,
March 31st; It declared unanimously
for Grant.
" An opinion has been delivered in
tho Supreme Court reversing the decis- counsels ot Northern politicians they wunj 10llure,i wn, two
ion of tho Circuit Court of Louisiana, i have readied a climax mat iiomanos . jluni,5ly 0f tliul
. !.. t. .! ..! II . .. ..f !.-.........('
.-. .- ...... Btnn.1 it tin lnnrrer. ' Iu,.t. nn tnore S no
He promised the bed-rock democracy, ' ., AH right then," said li s iimjirt ,
if they ever craved out of their holes ( if wo cn ly drive the i.x .
again, they should hear from 1,im' ncr and them dn 'nougj
The warmth of the sun and of the po- ,,, ovcr t0 the " imhT " ' J , JJ,,
litienl canvnss has made tho "snakes" ,gc0 ,1L. wny clear; it look '' b
wrigglo around so very lively timi our ; voU k0w, to nave men. ii....j,
reporter concluded to climb again and j our fikirls. but some of them arc roe.
see what they wore about. What a lc10gll t0 think if you arc omimlta
i.!- ....t.i....i nn! From t.i -..., n Imlf black and halt m-
RTCI1U II1UL il.D UPlulll.-inv.. .,""- - . LI1V VI. i.
. . . I . .ill nun
tho head of tho valley to the foot there-1 ,iopendent and wipe you oui.
of, the snakes wcro In motion, wrig- )mI m laughed the "leader as lie
gling, squirming, crawling, hissing, ' mnt.ked his lips over some more ap
and distilling falsehood just ns the obi J ,,le-jack, "I have the bit in their mouth
Serpent did 'in tho Garden of Eden. ow nmi y BMOw them that when a
r, mmi u-n nlmiit to descend nud re- !, nuPIK n colt, he can ride it just as
nortthat tho "bed-rooks" would cor-1 hc nt.nses." Aftorfcclingtlicedgcofhis
talnlr cobblo the "calico" or "brihd-cim..i.ru uth his thumb, the lead
and;huttor" wing of the Democracy,
when he heard a most terrible hissing,
and looking down, saw a couple of
Copperheads approaching tho root ot
is almost powerless uow to assist his i ,.. tni0 i. occupied. One of them
fellow traitors in the South, and the wng ft fontem-jawed speeLnon of tho 0,rjCC ,t i,ns f0c scruples as to the
good sense of nil men must teach them
that the peace of tho country has been
long enough disturbed, and that jus
the and thu laws must be enforced
re-atlirmiuc: thu leiritimaov of -Mrs,
-General Gaines, nud continuing her in
all lior rights ot property.
Our. neighbor atl'ects not to perceive
tho "split" nmong the Democracy in
.' th'is county. If hu had heard the Chair-
J mau of the Central Committee reading
."the riot act to tho "leader" oil i Monday
morning, he would not be quite so ob-
ii -s.
cr" slipped it .down his breeches leg
again, nild carefully folding up their
documents, the pair retired and lelt our
man to note down tho result of his ob-
.. sv ....h..tM t tit unnil nf
nervations, vur njiunvi . "
... i ... i . .... nrimlnc ns In llie
was ft iaiHcrn-j- -i"-- - oincc, nui mis sumu r.i....- - -
" lost cause" Democracy, nud seemed I mcnn. t0 got ;,, Hc thinks ho would
to speak with nuthorit. Glancing I j,c )oru Ci.ran of reyard vith the
furtively around, ho irew mini "i hed-rock" tribe, nut is iiiiwiiuii; '
! ,.nrkit n iiinn of the vinous precincts , ,;, ,i. ,i0 .1..,,. 0n K. leaner 8" icei,
no matter by what means no matter t()0 cou,,ty, and frcm his biceches -j ms y resolved to light it out
nt what eost. We have heard a cry of I jlg n nwnl lookiig cheese-knife, j wjlj, i,js ,m. jdependents,fliid make
" tyranny to the South "Irom Northern j w.Jj,,, ,c laid on tho aper to keep the ,0 comj,romic; and il hu can't be
poiiticians, but. every day gives addi-, wnul ,yom aisturbln; il. " Hri"g ottt Constable without looting Ids self-re-
tioiial evidenco that the only and real tj)Q jj p. K,,j, IL, t0 lis confrere. The I fCKl lt. ,i01,'t Want the otlioe. lie ex-
tyrrfnny is on the part of the Southern J j. waJ ortH.omHig It was covered 1(CCls t0 ,c 0n hand ngnin when the
people towards those who are inclined i w.;ti,tliC names ofnilthe" harmonious" .,ajr ncxt meet, and if they don't want
to obey the laws and nsslst in restoring I f.njv this couiiiy, nnd opposite the' l0 h exposed they must talk very
order. Flushed with hope and "' ' lm,m.'8 ni.nrlv htlV of them was the 'j0Wt
... i i... it... ,i,i..ii.ti i . ..,.. .(-.i...... - -
iinimy euviMii.igv.. ".'- bhicki-st kiuiMH it nmrK; some ..v... .. v,l1i..n for Cuii-
marks to show ""
ieir (iisaueeuoii.
CniCAdO, Oth.
In tho Connecticut election ninety
III es -ind towns give Kngbsh IB
one cities nun t D .
no5 votes; Jewett 6,0.1. '
-. .,.'.- .iu.ut a thousand, lhe
m mipkf- h.m. Y(, ,;, 7l,,.
. . ii..i,r- .wfinl wivh KiigU.li'
Atlanta (ta-) mu
General Jleade has issued an ii.'Mor
tant order, referring to numerous nctj
.1- ...,i,i- abmiltniipoiisly poriietrntcd
ill mi.'M'j - , . , i
with publication of incendiary articles
and sending of threatening letters, indi-
eating concert ol action to euect elec
.:.. i... liiiimlilation. emanating from
a secret organization. General Meade
warns nil from participating in u.i.r
cAtiiaitinn, nnd assures nil law-abiding
..!,!,.... nf nrotcction. lie forbids the
publication of anything counselling in
timidation or tending to bloodshed, nnd
warns newspapers containing such ar
ticles that he will top their publication
ami try the oll'eiident by military com
mission. Public writeis nnd speakers
ilmmiished to refrain from iiillnm
.Il..f In th. wail.1 wi,, tLSaJili,
mi HKniim intnu. or tllm.U. Mlk.i 'iZiVf
Krrat .ml .if hmllh h H k.7itS,S.i. !
kI. nn.1 I1I...I rripiUf Wnnlt.SirVf'lMi:
iimi 10 uoi i. mini Drjr to lunm. mi ..r " '
Now. Il I. n tl. I--ltlT tn.1 ,IHL tku ,. .
w, tucii biilwnrk ml wiiiml Ut Ih.ftaii ""ti
T)ilf?'i'n'ITon'cl, lnrn.MiTtll,lL.j
tor nrrj tjmfmi oW'ttrmm), mi.,!"!!,
The Mtt or It I. II. 1. 1 ricnMiU ltmm'.-
to corr.f t Hit j lilt nf Hit StuWKb uf, SiJ1
.. work, nnil tmibk It tnrwl.t.n,l L..J'."l'"n
-' .! .r... I .. "-"iilIflM....
Ins nn-nit"- Jin l.n-lenry ,4, tttnn,, i'JP
.w?;. ,.. - - - ;?-- j- 11 mi iw,,-
.. ii.. .......- time.
... ."IT '' . ...
Hin.lbbi It I. lu iiO'l' Mf MMUTBHit n,.,iL2J
Tonltf, limn tiiil.biKrnil 'kf HJM lni T
prucrri with ilwnoiH i'l" M flirj fchlihi, JZ!
onljr ttiipafjr anil fliuit Ibr ttM of diiOH lot inti""
Itiipnrtniit Crrjlficntti.
ritoUtlM llltur. Imtt Wr.( BIT f. ""' Ulin H
1!IT. W. It. WA0l0.lR,)MrU1j,it.
" Tlmu wlllMinliMtwt Iimj.
riMitnllm llltltM. rlhlil,niH,?2.llJ
tb.li .1... Tb, fiUmi; At. ., KSAiXk-'
t j litbwnni ;,,,.
Mulht.llualMtHliiiiirKbltc. TKTSW'
llllt.r. bat turl m.. 1" "Wk
IlKV. J. 8. CATII0HX, tKiHn, X.I."
ii .... I t (n th, rUnUtlo, Liim i.
bunilrril nf irnr ill.illfd .,101m olib, th. mLTt22
ln( flMt. """
O. W, D. ANIttTi
SiiH.rlulrnJ,nl SIJI,M' If our, Unclaut 0.
1 The I'hnUtloli llltttr. umV. Hi. ,k itrm- , l
I rtiil.l l,tlllUtit.nn.tiif.iliau.i.l V.i,,..'. . ".
severe nnd decisive action on the part of
David Logan, the Congressional noni
..& .i .. . .. d t .. II ttifi tl
Xn'." Hillil lie ri llc-llliiBii:i. ui.. . --. . . ,
.. .... i..!.!.. i t...i..:.... I ' : .: . " . . . inniwit tlio Ki'iiiiuieniiiariy in vivuwii,
u.onii.iiaryu.iuK.r.1., ..... j .. B...B ,l0 0,1 chief nt Kock mini: ne wonv v () jtl - .j,,,,, 0,
Irom the tone of General .Meade s or-, d ,(J a jbICIi l0 think that lie can Siirlii"fivlf, Illlnnla. He wnt. bom in
der, the "milk and water" policy that Lm.ml t() ,i8 0WI1 business, and that Xorth Calilornia, but went to Illinois
would treat them otherwise than ns , Sm mnn g,,ot tho old veteran; at an earl v age. In lbM'J hu eiuigra-
half whipped rebels, Is likely to be dis- ho ., ng unl slur our ted Irom Illhrnis to Oregt , wljjn, he
,:oml,,uu,L nieetings. Give the Judge another J'" " i;i,l,lk,yicn,ll,M.rtcfljrcSWN
aie ad
matory appeals; the military ouinjiinn. ', 'W.
Am are instructed that when in their :t,llo)rrS!!,Tu,l.T,flSl:urt
judgment it is neees-iary to organiw .mr.UAtut w. n,i rUi.ngT.U,wumMi,
lorces limn amoi.gsi iuw iniimiig .-, -VK'Hi.VifflSiyST!
.ens to preserve order, the expenses of : ,.., .w 11 .m,, mi-i , rn,. ,u,
such lorces are to be assessed on conn- ( sohi i.t ii nrujtRio. onM .1.1 rm UMku
tics nnd municipalities. 'I ho l.cneiai i, n. nitAKK,kC0
A man that can carry water , . . j. nl)l)lll ,00 vuU.
Vi TiiAVii in 1111:
.'prominent Democrat from -Eden prc-
.cinct in town on .uomuy. nenppeu.
" appeared to know everybody, and
went round'slmking hands with ev
c uryone. ns it lie wns mighty clml
to see them, or "any other man." May
.Mic he would like to bo Sheriff? Ho
fgo6d!loolaig fellow, nut iiniuriiiiinw
MiyAyJzr .tlllH IUO iiemni oy,ti..fcf..
Wnrt l-'AVfii! Cuin'ksi: L.viiou? Tho , mark!
plissotiri Jltpublicun, the oldest am'. u both shouhJ'M.. 11 entitled todouble Inthelollowing vearhetnnagainoutlie
1 mon inlluential iromocnitlo paper in ' infamy, oud lie can't fill hi bucket at same ticket lor Congress, and wax only
tho West, is uow advocating the Intro-1 our spring-we'll live to kill Mm yet. my ."" " ,, Mn-V. When
diiction of Chinese or Coolies into that C.ive the Chairman two more cme i..,,,,.,,,, nartv gm-u-tided 1
Suite, and recommends the farmers and him !he is n thorn lu our side, and lie whig, he trnuslerrcd'hi" allegiance
Suveku TnsT. 'llio "leader" of the
niiiius mind cltit'iis to aid in tlio nr-
rest ol those 'minting litis order, nnd
mlmoiiMies them that unless nets of
intimidation and violence are cheeked
and punished, bloody retaliation will
be provoked anil public security endan
gered. "A secret oYdcr, calling' them-
nelvc tho "Kukklux-Klan," has Keen
d'Hcoveied nt Mobile; they placed pow
der under n building where n Kepubli
can candidate foi Congress was tospenk,
Mouii.t:, Otli.
r:... ...... I s1niiiiitirit wlll.lll-llllllllir Hill).
liiauufncluieni of other States to net (ought to have a blaek mark ns long ns (,. t tv U imt nyr never was tie- ... . . llf ,,. , ... , vs.,.ti .. v..,.v
on itsadvicea,,dprocurethei,Maborerslhis own yardstick. ''Spot tho drug- vo
a 11.!..- n't... r ...-..,:. ,.. 1,1.1 im u-mit KitMini-i our minority 1111111 m -. . ... - - .
irom uiiiiiii.
IVl.lV Vilflf. iAn t).1.
..... . ... n, ...v . .up I.
and 418, Front Street,
Snn Frnnclic.
Agonts for California tied Ktrih
The Dcniocnitle imi.ors git,lic wnul support ouriinportud lint
nt itio nuili rrpiinrallv advocate the tor School o
... in. .,..... 0. m-
im'ii.ii i 'ii in'i" ... ' .-; - . . r . , 1
. . .,.,...,)) 11(1.11 eillv with Congre and nganiM .lohn-
mpennte lent. So, (o. mg ,
" leader," by the eternal ! tM)mvorpoliticullr. rile and his Dein-
tmtinrt-iilnn nf CliluoKu .laborers, nud nrocceded the
.,..... fr..liili..rn,b.(M-ndiiiLMo white I will mark their dooi-.po-ts n those ol l0crntio onnoiieiit (.losenh Smith) me
men. Tho Union party has never, in , the Egyptians were marked ol old; l.j well known throughout the State, nud
..... . .i. .. e. ...!. ...:i ul...... 1I1. mi flmi 1 miiiin nn. imrlv. i '"""" "" ".'
"Democracy in this county has decided J -; ' , , cJiuon. ,. Xo;v
' to exclude nil from the blessings 01 ut-i 1 , ' , , .
'filiation with tho
'"'who cannot show
ted nnd iiiterestin
l.ogan is a lawyer by proresion,iiiul
" white man's party" w"t".n,yi "'ways declared in favor j for the progruniine," continued he, al- aullf .j yt..s ,, nKr dH jrv .,u.
,1 , .:i,n,Lrv of free "labor nud the rights of poor ter soothing hU riing eliolcr with a ,yer, he isVaid to have no superior on
. ' ",,"1 T." j ,ZZ I white men. Democrats nud Dc.no I draught of apple bnindy," how stands the l'aeilic Coast. Ills strength Knot
elevate. Eden m ,m l u',"Tl!,;ai "" , '" i'"ti ,
. . , , sagacity, intuition, or whatever else we
nig one, liv n . tlIj tHHt iiu'iilih-K or elements
I.jmn'. iUjn.lU lii-rrt rotnlrrlinnnklnmiM
tufrrrTlhlntiif Hit lu,t t(m-1w,latM,i
I qitlto. Anil, Hu,,
What I, ulUilr .urriMix In r,(wibtt"
tie l. tbl iMiltlliiliiJln lit Imutl datkbiwl
I, iwifitlly liuriiilfM to ni.nVM J "
Il Miillnb.l.l nr tiltn llh Immli. Uhvf
LlMllnwny uftmliirnt ilbiiil,MclimWMUII
t'HKK 1110)1 I'UIIUJ.
ittlldt Iim em l,niwb4iiiih4
Judge Underwood Hits prdereiljlcil
Davis to npyviir lor trial nt the -ny ;",, ,., ,n kwmll. n uij-4r-f
1 .1... !-... 8. ft 11!.. 1 1 o-.l-.1 irtlUu. McunnitnT rfh. Iiif
when it is asscrtcd.lhat Chiel JusVce .'SKyi ,;WiiVa""E
lln 11 n iDiliaiitft r mumtiwii
ItanlnillttlliiN urmuniflrni. siilH'r"
curt Ibe K.niiliit If yuuln.l't jiI1IUi,iW.
" SuU U Urnilt tin! ''rtl'f' wilkthr!li.
ed in the rebel army, murdered at least
' ono nigger or wallowed right smart in
crutic newspapers linve tho splehouorof 1 the roll? Aihhiud oiiud
;,..v ...h-. - ......----- --D-- - -,, . . . - , . . ... I .... C...I! I.
- - 111 1-. i. a.......... i...a ....... . 1. ... . . ., . tniiiiuiii.v iim in asi 11111. 1 mill t iiiiioiriiiii unit .iiitriiiiir . 1
'tllO lllal llllUII. JVliyiino linn mini 1 iiiivui;iuiii 1..111 i.ii.'.'i.f, iu iuh.hiuu- i uhv, ......j,...- .., 0 ., -- m,,..
..I. II ...I..... .1... ...I1.1U .. lii.L-.ni , ., . -.I- l.l !..... .1... I'.. :...! ............! riVm.i I. 1,11.1. ill. 1 11 I
.III HIIUII lliu luiivin fu. ..vi... I (OH Ol VOIIIte III.Mir llllll HIV lllllll. IIIP VIVVK unv, jiiuiii i.iiii.iim. .... v
air." hurra
B( is ;o bo considered p " black 2"
V1, -iloKC SfUiTixii. Tho splitting, (.oj
"::'ar, uinoiig our Democratic brethron,!
" has been confined to questions of prul
" crence for candidates; but it now seems
ns if somo ol tho " harmonious" fellows
tood n good ebance to get split wide
'Jfopen. It Is said that the " leader" has
'-procured nn immense knife nbout ft
ft yard long. We earnestly hope be don't
.44;iutuiul to slice up the " brvud-aiid-biii-n.erV
Democracy with it!
m .-
.-: ''Tun Democracy in tho East are dc
''"'noilucing General Sickles, for charging
"' ono hundred dollars for two speeches
"' during tho campaign in New Hump
"' Bliire. As the speeches were not, made
''in their behalf, it is none of their bus
iness ; but wo havo heard of i cuirge
.that tho gallant soldier made in a cer
' tnin campaign in another State, at
t Gettysburg, thut cost Democracy cv
'P'crulivoicviiml sticks "till yet" iu (the
j,, .Democrat iu crop.
' '"We heard nn old " bread-and-butter"
Democrat remark yesterday that he
''was voting tho straight Democratic
:'" ticket when thu "leader "was dodging
among tho brush of North Carolina
with n tow shirtun such as striplings
9 wear in that country. Almost evury
Democrat 0110 sees iiow-a-dnya has ei-
7ther voted for Jackson or served in
c,iL'eo'fl army, and they nil seem extreme-
-iuJy:anxioiin to prove up their record.
tu-. xliY Daiuiomoub. Our neighbor
is inexpressibly astonished at our con.
tinucd reference to tho local troubles
""ninoiig tho Democraoy. While nssur-
V" ing the outside world that tho most
fcfl'intouso good feeling prevails nmong
ow tho members of his happy family, ho
''3 Isjierhniis unaware that numbers of
them go nriued in anticipation of per-
I ...........Iah Oil. llill.f llllll Ifl fllM.
e'iitly ashamed to neknowledgo that a
largo luimiior 01 ins puny, won nun
MeoiiHtitiiti6nnl obieciions" to fightinp;
,for thoir country when it was in jinn
"or, nro very anxious to fight for a lit
'tlc jiublio' plunderwliell tin opportunity
jc offers. An funis tho desire for plunder
is concerned, wq ,piust ndinit tiat, Du
mocraoy "h governed by the utmost
"" , which enable their fortiiiiule possessor
steal one nu them ns we did before), to uiiilerstuud, sympathlo with nud
' Slates, and u ith them alone rests the ri
A j. !
I.. ...... nll.il. HllH..illl.lllllt II lllllilllllllll .... -. ..lu,.ll...l. ......... ........ .III......
iPiiiMiiuii 111 iiniiMiin in .1 in jiiii.iv.i Willow Springs OIIC, UanlaUCllS one eiiiiiriiiiiu-in.iiiiu. nnuui-in in. imnnr,
ratio of heathens into the co?rotry, to ' ,.ri.l.i.w fc.,,.-....i ,u ' If eh-fletl, he will tnke high rank
compete with poor white httmren. who , . 1,l,t BreBk; ""SJ-'Ml-! " .j tho Holl!tu , l,.,,n.st.lltates as n
earn their bread by honest toll. companion. "Curse Untie creek to the ! avlulvr. particularly iu that ruiiiilni!.
- Ho west depths of h II. said the "lead- inrli.iriiiiiii!iiii iliiliiitniiiidliiinil tulmiul
, er,
iventv nine names , ,
Tin: lollowiug resolutions wereuuan
iuioiisly adopted nt tho ratification j l,,t.rot,nl j,n.c
meeting last Saturday. They have , ,wvo ft j,,
the old ring uhoiit them, anil show that
there Is 110 faltering among Union men
iu Southern Oregon :
JUtuh'id, That wc heartily endorse
tho platform adopted by our Suite
Convention each plank individually,
and tho whole collectively ami that
wo agree to stand upon it, and main-, phty them out on the bi
tain it in our caudidntes at thy polls. t j, ,, 0 wroI or t,j
litoleil. That we have 111 David ,,, Vi . 1
T.. .,,.., ,1 nnliiicn! thi.iker. nn C will spring the tWO-th
nblo nmtor ami H truo represeutntivo them nnd light them till they compro
of tho Union party ami piSt'onn of our miso on ono of our reserves; nnd if we
young State; ouo'who will do honor nre nblo to accomplish that, wc can
to yri-aoii nun 1110 nan 01 nngrcs. fco t h , t0 c,,.,,:,,
Jl&olved J hat wo recocnuo in our ' . ... , ..,... .01 '
candidates tor Presidential Elector viz: aim w0 w, n.akcino-nuori.iy.ocuooi
O. Jacobs, U. lent-hnm mid Dr. Howl- jSHpeuntendeiit, ns wo must provide for
by men of sound political integrity I him." " Wont them independent fel
on whom wo cnn fully rely during tho I i0W1, wllco wlt. ,our hundred nnd
npproachinp; political canvass. twciitynino march down to tho "prL
Pouticau Tho Demoeratlo pre-1 "ary I" They have no ono nmong
cinct meetings are to be held next Sat-1 them to ninnnge a precinct but tho old
"there is too much intelligence eouliict, which so olten decides iu n
inct is lost." " We inmeut the late ot measures which
tidtweotvnit.e names ' Imvt-tost yenin of labor nml nursing
inni iri'iiii" nin .in.. .i . , --
Uit, Ibmiiiiir nrllcltrirrJIminsl -Mul
r iitmiii".!." "
iinlny. The day fixed for their Coun
ty Convention is Saturday, tlio 25th
Ilujfovun. Tho Telegraph oflico has
been removed again to tho Suntinkl
tn lirilwr ttuiin til flitii rwiitit
iu Jacksonville; nnd it n single man The Ttepiihlienu pnrtv have a small
winces nt the primary, I'll twitch the majority iu Oregon, to which the Pre-,
nose oil him." "That gives ushixteen idcnt.nl' canvass mut give strength
votes in the Convention, nud that's nil , riU,,l,'r tlm" otherwise. Logan's per
il 11 hi 1 1 1 1 .1 . soual stteiigth nud popu Inritv lidded
wo want. "Ah!" chuck ed hegren , ,t, tl,H mw?vunm is Vlecthm. The
Aeiuocrauo . nangtioooie, - wo win , t,ird time is the charm. S. J- Hullo
ballot ( nnd if j tin.
s look scnlv. ... . - t . . .
irds rule on I . 1,".: owS no of the resolu-
nous 111 me riatiurin just adopted ly
the Union party of California. It is
identical with tho expression of the
Union party iu this Stntc in reference
-fto the rmhts of American ehi.im
abroad. It is somewhat remarkable
that tho Democratic party, with nil its
ttlubbciiiigjiro.csMi.il of nympaihy fur
the oppifssedot other lands, never
takes the lend iu deiiinndiiiL' protection
Ltor our naturalized citizens abroad, n'lid
i-iin-B iiiuiiiiil; uir nielli III IIOI1I0 CXCCpt
on election day:
Jimilved, That it is tlio bouiideu
duty of tho National Government, un
der all cireiiinstnncfs and at all hazards
so to use tho national powur.fn iu fn!
est extent without hesitation and with.
Chart will preside.
. W.MiiMiroi.,,th. .
Adjiitaut.fieiiir.il Tltfiuas a pus
cut nt the usual Cabinet meeting yes
terday. General Grant positively re
fused to net lu the removal of Govenmt
Pierpoint. He telegraphed tn General
Schollehl to carry the ni tier iippointing
Governoi Wells into effect,
. I I . l M.I
ii.., v....n,;, ijirn ,111, I
At liiill past two this morning, 1.
D'Arey .MiGeo as shot ilvad ly 1111 ! eJiS.STKurtc1' "
unknown assassin, llu wits just leov- Kiucmatixm, 8ihsTihIi
ting the I'lirliauientary-houso uid.wiis St.)k Si"yv'' Km Acsi.
iililnriiii, ll... .1 l.l- I. ., I. .:.. ""'I'l... I 'r '. KmiUMM.
.,.. 1 H.p iiiv iiimij wi inn niiiuir, a i.v uniisn,, t 7 llftoH
I ball pas,ed through .MeGee's head nnd . TZ
lodged ju the door. The city ot Oitn-, 1011 nonsu
wa is in-the deepest gloom. Pnrlia-I uSxM
mat .a ... " I l Vl'MIIII " --. -f
ineiii iiiiiiieiliatelyailjourned; the Hags, . ... , .. ..m"!
..... ..I i...i, ...... 1 .1 . -.. . .. ... . .1
iiiv 111 iiiiii-iiiii
other Fenian raid is feared.
Chicago, 8th.
The election iu Wisconsin yesterday
for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
nud Associate Justices, icimltcd iu the
election of ltcpulicnn candidates by nn
estimated majority ol 4,000.
Cougi csiimn Axtell is lepoited to
ho on his way homo to California.
JIM,., if. ! . . .
.... ..viDiuiiu 111111 ai Austin was
veteran nnd tho "counter-jumper," and
as tho first is standing 011 slippery
ground, ho wont be in the wny, them
calico fellows nro nil wooden-hends,
nud I nint much afraid of them, " To.
Catholic I.nteluoknck. To-mor-
morrow " said tho " leader "" wo take . out lelay, that the rights of
iiui-rieiiii ciiizcu, nnnv
urulized, shall bo full
homo and nbrpad ; nud
building, where the oierator can al.j.l01l ,, t,ero we ,,' American citUen, ndtiveborn and nat-
ivii vii mi iiiiiiiii hi, inn mitj.ti. kviii-ii mil
'" - -- --- -
viDwiiiiviv. I r II IT I1 1 .
luimtv mi-, 111111 a win snow up tueir
record 111 such 11 wny thnt it wiiwf
..w.i:....i ..i.n i" 1. ii ."-
then, on the hip; they havo no one to , a Jd " J . tf. , "
no foreign nation should b? permitted
row (haster fjundayj, -nev. outlier i stick. o must help Chad wick out
ltlanohct will hold high mass in the 'and charge it to ltenms; that will floor
Catholic Church. Jleuaon and Jfiiith 1 tho gentleman J" D n that Express
will bo tho subject of tho sermon. corner, and them blacks thnt havo
Eactku Monday. Thoro will be a j tkc, the stump for us at Ashland
gnylimoattho IT. S. Hotel on Monday they hurt! because they play out our
next. Mr. Home is to give ono of his, dodge; that tho blnckH nud bread
pleasant parties, and everybody is in-1 and-buttors are affiliating together.
vite1. ! For God's sako-can't wo ohoko them or
' ,. V,T ! shnke them off? That infernal 'fool,
hi-Bitcii of buN.v.0,OiLj4AM.- the mongrel Chairman, bleats nil round
1 "StSrS ' town .that ho is with t.s.and the cursed
structiou, with which wo present tlicm Sentinel hits tho Independents just as . jm-nt iaal.
this week. hard ns it does us. " Vim don't count twentv-fimr,
to arrest and punish nnv Amerii-nn ,.w.
izen for any offense committed upon
our own soil,
PuospKitnus. Tho Mnrysvillo Ajh
peal, one ol the most nblo Union p.v
pers in California, seems to bo prosper.
ing. Jt comes to uh regularly with ft
miu ruiiiuiiu.'iiiiii sneet. i.ong may
It and its principles flourish.
Wiiii.. it...!.?... .
' fuiiiuuiiiiB gain voics 111
Connecticut, tlfg llepublicnns gain
thirteen membors of tlio Legislature
Jnst year tho Ilcniiblicnu mnioritv on
llllll.t ..... 1 II " T. .
iis eievcn ; tins year it is
unt plot lublt. l "'' ' ,. .,. io u
liifctmp on iK5iiie"-i-
ClirUlliuiim HlsiVrutb. l'l'',ir' '
Slnikriilli, Durt'iiOaut.
suit iii Kauitr " D,,JiM
To Hmiry filii.l.Tolb 1 ; You M W
ppsr hi MM conn, mm ",. ,iluW
1... ....! I
..yi.ii.ii on me 7t , Jt W(8 t finii.t ei nuinuiiiniiir. iui ""' -'j Mm
uruiiimeU-,, , (?(, 704. mo of ic,mice ; or If '"'".'"JfrflJ
p.... -11 .
..it snowing pithy correspondence
Irom Hock lV,t iw,.aU, l)mt tho
Democi-acy iu that section don't nceni
inclined to "enthus.e" ,!,. Tiey
probably l,!lVe more profitable-employ
incut : ' J
' ., '1R)CKl,owT,A.niLfltli,i8fl8.
u:nuSkn.nkl: We had one of
" 'u....s.ast,e Democratic meet
gs hero on Saturday k I over witih to
eo anywhere The speaker ca,ne,n,,
so dth0aU(,lt,lceillahor '
,.T7tM-c.anru,, thispro!
cinct without any advice fro,,, ,...,'
n::: r.
.,-. iMilil IUIH IllL-n, i,, .. - II LMfHUrtllliniB. WW.".
!uuoyucnuraiiw,r '"'k,"immi 1 ;:;: :v,B.,.. Oad
"w fun. No morn ;" "! hurrah if"" '". ' l ' J
nt Present from 1 everywhere. .,t.f,
.M'ifAu March Bntli, 1M6. " '
of the Hlnte or On-irnn. , "Ijfii m
Ibe court Hint pul.llculli'n M",,
' wwk In the OitKU.ix Sbstim!'- JJ,n
ncoiirt .Mnnilnr In Junfi a. ",'"" unu
Ami you nre iintlfM har. If JM " a,
ser fUl complaint l" M " &l
pUlnllirwIII iipplv to lite com! '" (i-rf
ilrinnii(l..l tbiiiclii. to ttlt 1 7,!jl,tfli
Die bonds nf iinilrliiionj. "1,'?j
Mrti.Qh ?0lh, 1868. J-- "