Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 11, 1865, Image 4

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H 1111
I'out Ornrr DerinTMrvr.
rcijAmgcii .lulu ill, lPHS.
I'rrpoMU will I recelvtif nt the Con
tract Offlceuf this I)cp.ttment until 3 p.
tii ol Wednesday. February 28, lWrt. lor
convrvlng lire mull of the United State
from "July 1.18('6 to Jong 30. 180. In
tin State of Oregon, on the ronte and by
chc-inle of ricrMrture ami arrival herein
lh-cilon ntimHiueed by March 14. ISJ6.
(Urammt tht lam, fomt, and mttrut
tions mutiltii.)
Ifil 01 From Portland, by Vancouver
nnd Hunt IKI-n. to MonlU-Ito, 80 mi e.
nnd bck, Ihrri' time nwttk. lo Meant
boat. I-avc Portland M.m.l.y. Wnlnn.
day. nnd Friday at it m ; A invent Mon
llcello mim day by 12 in t I-ve Month
cello Tucfday, Thumlny, m I Saturday at
I p in ; Arrive at Portland by "pm.
13102 From I'orllami by r-prlngville.
Footle' Ilam). Vancouver. Fadicr' Land
Ids. Handy. Vabouga', Caaeade, ami
II ocl ltlvcr, to The Palle. Usm; nd'a
nnl bnck, ix time a wcik. Ltavc Tort
lunil itiiilr. nrvtil Snnil.iv. at Jinii Ar.
rlie at ' he Dalit next day by 10 p m :
lveThe lUIli il.illy. exept Sunday, at
f a in ; Arrive at Portland next day by
10 p m.
lolOU From l'.rilnr.l. by Taylor' Fer
ry In. (. ) and Clul ikm (lap. (n. o . ) in
La layette. 30 mile, and back. once, fink.
Ietuc I'ortland Mondiy at fi a m : A r Hu
nt Iifaicttc by fi p m i leave Lafuyelle
Tnetday nt Caw; Artlvo at Poniard
by 0 p m.
1S104 From Portland, by niIIborough.
Fom-t Urovi. ard ,vint(o, to Lafayette.
13 m'le, nnd buck, once week. Leave
I'ortland Miduy at Gamt Arrive at
Limyittc b; Up mi Leave J.tfayettc
U'ednCf.lay at C n m s Arrive at I'ortland
by 8 pm.
1.1105 From Oakland, by Co'iiq
drove. ICuger City. or.d Fredom lo Cor
vallk 90 mile, ami bark, di ly.
Sthtilule I torn Xpnl l ' X'itt!.'ti l.
Ixive Oakland dally at 4 p in j Arrive at
Cotvulli next day by 5 p m. (in 25
liour i) Iaie Coivalli 6a 1 1) at lo a m
Arrive at Oakland atxtdayaby 11 am.
(la 23 bourn.)
1 1 etn Aorembtr 1 to April 1,
Leavo Oakland dally at C n m ; Arrlva at
CorTiilln next day by C p m ; J.ave L'or
ihIII dally at fi a m ; Arrive at Oakland
next day by t p tn.
If ten ice on ibi route be let, that on
Xo. l-ITs'.'. California, will not bv.
l.MOrt From Corvalli. by Albanv. Jef.
ferwo. .Salem, IMpani. Aurora Mill. Or
rjfon City, ami Milwiukic, to Portland.
107 mile, and back, dally,
ScJitJuk f,om u JprU lo l$l Kovmbtr.
Leave CVvulll daily at G p m t Arrive at
I'ortland next day by 11 p m. (In 39
liwir;) ve l'orllaid ilally at 0 4 t
Arrive at Corvallli next iltv bv 9 am, (in
-'ilheurt) l
7Voin Uf ArynSrr to ! April.
Iv L'orvalli dullyat 6 a m Arilvr at
1'ortUnd ncund di by ti p m; J.uir
IVrtlouil daily atbau; Amu; ut Lor
Vtt'lw pccoimI dure b G p m ;
If ervicu on ibm route be M. tbat on
Xo. JITS-., C'al'lotiiid, will net be.
15107 From Balcm by Ka. Jtdfpen.
iirucv. ami .Mor.moain i im.ik, sj milra,
and buck, twice a Wtik. Uw Hkm
.Monday aid 'I'h'irtda at 1 p tn Arrive
at Italia by 7 p in ; Uavt It.. I la- Mm.u
and 'I'linrrduy at 9 a m ; Arrive at Ailcni
by Vi m.
ISlOtt Sakm, by .!..! n, IaIwooii
llruwiiaedle, lliauiorul lt.i. 1'iw, Wiliam
k'lte Fork, and Kuih- llit). to I'lrumnl
Hill, -'.", ml w. ail batk. tmeua wfek
Iamtc ftalviu Tutki.ii a Vi ut Ariivt-at
I'liatant 1 1 ill Friday byitpmi Ioure
neaaut mil Watunlny at n a m ; Airlvi'
tuii:i 'rnij:im, aronte;, to JfAy
cite, 22 mile, ami bacti. once a wet.
IHre alem .Monday at ft a in i Arrive at
Jlaivtle by 12 ni j Utile Ufayritv ion
d iy at 1 p ui ; Arrive at Hal?m'bv 8pm
Jlkln to ton by a fluwt-r wkdole, tu be
i jieciHtd in the I'd. invited.
16110 Hrwn Ulijett., Iir McMinnvllle.
Modih. and Willani.nt. tu Uruudc Kouile.
Ill) inllea, and uu-k, ouck a weik. Iove
Ulayctle Wedi,eul.iy t Dam; Anlie at
(iraude lloi de h ' p ui j levi' Ciruode
Hondo 'I m Miay at b a in ; Arritu at la
l.iytlle by 6 p to.
15111 From Ut lyette, by Dayton, Am
ity, lklliel, Ktua. liaila, Undgeporl. and
lAckemute, to Curralli, Co , miit, ui.il
baek, one a week, lavc Laiayette't'ttea
day ut 2 pm; Arrive at ( 'urvallU next
d iy at 7 p ni ; I -euro CorvalU iloud.v at
Cam; Ariiie ut Laf.vtie next day by
11 a id.
15112 From Ufayelto lo Tillamook
(n. a.) .10 mile, and back, onoeawtik
Ine Lifayetie Mondayat6am; Ar
riie nt Tillamook by p in ; Leave Tilla
mook Tuteday at 0 a m ; At rive at Lafay
Ifilia l'rom Albany, by Peoria, liar
lingtoD. Ilatruburc and WilUmette.
Forks, to Kutfenc C'ny. 15 wlle,auii back,
oncv a wik. Iie Albany Thursday nt
li a in ; Arrive nt Lugi-nc City by 7 p m
Irfave Ivuireoe City Friday at C u m j Ar
rim at Albany by 7 a in.
I'llli l)!!BC!)'
jjiu iur twice a mk mi ice milled.
1511 1 From Corvalir, by Siarr'a Pulut,
Loin; Tom, SjuUlaw.aud Vuucalla, to Oak
iatid, DO nubs, and back, once a wetk.
Leaie Corvallli cdnedy at U u ui ; Ar
liie ut Oakland next day by fl p ui
Ltnie Oakland FilJuy ul ii a w ; Ainu
ut Con ullii next day by 5 p ui.
15115 From Oakliud, hy Keliojrij',
Klktou, Seotuburj. uud tJanbiier, to Uum
iua Oily, 7;i'.iulle. and back, once u
week. Jeoie Oakland Satuidav at la m ;
Arrive at Umpipu City .Moi day by 5
p ui ; Leave Uupquu City Wuiotwjuy at
12 ui j Arrive at Oakluud Friday by 5
13UG From UiaiM)uu tJHy. by Umpire
City and ltiudolpli, ., Von Oi'unl, b2
miles, nod back, ouci u vtuk. Iuvi
UiiijMjun Oily Wediitiuy ut Cam; Ar
,'he ut Port Orfonl Friday by 0 p m t
IMve Purl Orfonl Sulunlay at G u in i
An 'vo ul Uiiiu'jua Oily next 'lutwlay by
J i) ui
Froir Uc.vburjr. by Ttn-inllo
i (
.. ) I. .
.Mil", (m
in d ti 1 1;
I i
1 r. i.i t
.H li l
- I'l , I li")
. ) to I'orl I), -id.
it nub. II il.l i
i i .i
r i'.
on'ii -clirduli ol tlipiiltir. mill nr
1.M1S Fmrn ,T.u':nvilli'. by Apple
irate. Hlrttc ('riil;. mi'l Cirby, to li .iUIo,
C t milca, nnd liack. twicr u wpk. luvi
dacktonvllle Monday ami Tbatnilny nt (I
n m ; Arrive at Waldo next dav by 12
m t Iwvc Waldo 'I'iicmI iy nnd Friday nt
2pm; Arrive at Jacksonville hy 7 pm.
2'119 I'rrttrt Antorln, by Cithlamct.
Wwlpoti, Onk Point, nr.d Rainier, In
Montitvllo, 55. mill, nnd back, twice h
tvri k, in tciinihoat. t-,e Atorla Tues
day nnd Hatniday nt 7 n m ( Ariivc ni
Monticfiin by (I p m Leave Montlctll-i
Monday and Friilny at 1 p m Arrive ut
ivpii'im uj i p in.
15120 From Auburn, by Pocahontan.
UipKMrllle, (n. o., ) and P,al' Hiution.
(. n ) In Umatilla, with n branch to
(irunlir Creik llmw (n. ..) nrd lndi-pen
di nci- t'ity. (n. o.. from Uuiiy" Station,--mile,
ami back, onon a week.
Itiddrr to etntr distance, and propow
acbedule of dcoarinrri ami arrival.
1.M21 From Mambuli in Umatilla. 32
mile, and back, once a week. Iavi Mar
Miali Monday at C a ui ( Arrive at Unn
(ilia hy b" p m i Leave Umitill.i Tmliy
at fi a m ; Arrive at Mnr-hnll by fi p ni
fixe Irllrr 'n 01 lnllM iImi n 4i1orini itn.
l.ll IUJI1-1 l liiiMli,of thUuiiilll.rliKiil.
t'nrm of PmiiMMtl, Otiitt-Mittee.
Ullll (Jut'tliiL'Htt.
Hie nnilcrnlgneil , whow poet oBc
addrcM la , county of .. 8tat" of
Sropoae to convey Ibe jnull of the Uiiltel
tstw, irom duly 1, IHfiG. to June 30, !
16,0. on mute No , belireen at d
. nmlcr the ailcef tin ment of the Pout
OtaMKr tic ,eral. dit.d July 31, 16, with
Celerity, ccrtointy.ai.il Kcuiity.'f r Ibe
umiual ram of didlare.
7im jnm I i' marirtnth full kwl
flit of l'if 'Itt'ciite of , innfe. tht tri'it'ii
l of Hit ml' to It rnrrifl i,t nil dhtr p,i,:
tiailnri ui if ft if ft to t'i' route ami ti rirr
tlnd nltn iilltr tiirtut rowtiiiitnn v) the
!' lttraiul lutirutl ,, ,"; 'ml to i',e nJiti
t mint 1 1.
IUd (f ;nrd.)
f7iit u Iff
. The ULoVr-k-, id, nci i at -., fitati
'of, itnliilulu' tbat, II the fort'joiiu'
bid for curyn? the nmll on mnte No.
In- neri'piid by ih 1'iwlrc "ter tl n
era!, the b ilder ha(l, prmr in the lt dm
of July, lf.;. crter Into II nqui.-ed obli
gallon or contract to frlnrm tin rvie.'
prnpoted, with good ami tiflkicnt tart'tie.
? i ilo, wMrHnftlmg JntmtHti tht
oUigalnm am) ImMiliti otiimttl hy gwir.
nnhii uuJtr tht 27M ttttion of thtuttvf
DaUd (Signed by two (saraalor )
'ITio MdcnlffoedT puninwiter at ,
Stale of , o-riioe. i noaa mm ojitii or
orrn-R, that he i aequaintad with the
above auarantor and know ilum to be
men of property, and able lo make guid
their pnnrantec."
Dated (Hiynrd)
liiKtttvtliMis tu HlUilfia
i'minustf n.
Contiln'ifr aleii i-nditloni to he Inc rK.r
al in tie contract to tl, istuit lU
Kartnunt may deem proper.
I. Btieo minatoa are allowed to each
iulHmnliate erlice, wbtn not oiberwiw
ptvirlul, fur a". tinff tin- mail, but on
rallroud and Mtamboat rrnin thtre i to
be no more delay than I cuflkii-nt for an
exebanjf" of Ike mall ponchoa.
9. On railroad and tteambm in,
aad other matt wtere ih- mh ol convey
am adwta l it. tlto pii-lal Mg itt ifi,
Pot Ofllec Ibiiartiiiettl, a!o Ht iflui
blank, mill bafT. l.-ck- md k i, are to
be ceuv. ,ied niihont extra eburgr,
S. On reilnittl and "mboat :im- thi
route agent of Ibe buiimnt, hIm tlH
llritikh and C'anu.U uil'. when otf.rnl,
and the nu''it accompaniing lliem. ate to
beeonveycil without cUiy-, ami fvr ll.e
ue of the United Stale nyi-nt a cnimo
(lion car. or apartnnnt in lb culer ol a
ear, properly liithted, warawd.aml fmnh
eil. an-l adapt, d lo the ntriii-ni mpim
lion ami ilne ninty n lit. iiwik U to Ih
prii'ltd by the eoniiuelor, uudvr the di-rvH-tiiHi
of the ib-partuiwit.
Railroad ai.il netiiulmit eompinir an
required to lake iIm- mail from ami deliver
it into the putt ofleo at Ibe beffioninv
ami end Cf tin it loule, and to an I fiom u I
ffiits not more than eighty roil om a
s'ulioii or laiiiimg. ProixMuU nine U
aibmilied by the companies far the per
forwaiiee of all oll.ee Hide reiiice-ibai i
lor office over elshty rod from a ktalion
or landing.
There will be way-bill" prepared by
poMniaaier. or other aft niauf ie lAptrt
meal, to accompany Hn- mall eonwyed en
iumuu'j Biui Biijiuer, vcuyn W
number ami dot in.it Ion of the aevrral
bag. On otlK-r prinoipal ronlw. likewiw
receipt will lie rq'llrd and w.iy-billa
lorwarded ; the lall.r to be exammed hy
the aeverul p iimaler. to Insure regulari
ty ill the delivery ol mail.
4. No pay will be mud.- for trip not
performed and for each olsqeli omifoion.,
not nalUfueiMily explaiotd, Ihrtc tiirn tin
pay of the It Ip may be dtdueted. For ar
rival to far behind time a to break con
nexion with depending mull, ami not
ufllclcntly excumd, oncfonrlh of tin
eoniiiemallon for the Inn I niildet-i to for.
A-liHio. Fnrrtpeiiid deliiqwnele of the
Bum uercin picino, eoiargeu iieuallii.
proportloth-d to ilio n.itura tlu-reof, and the
Imporlunco of the nmll may be made.
fi. For lenvlug behind or throwing oil
the mall, or an. orn'ii of il'.m, lor tht
udiiiiiin of pM Hirer, or fin bein-r con
cerned ill celling up or runi'lng nil ev
pux eonvivinif iiilelllt-i'iiei' in advuue, ui
the mail, u (juuiitr'i pay nwy bo iltiluctid.
6. Fuiea will be impMd. iinle the
delmqutuc-y be promplly ami ntifactonly
explained by cerllfloutea of pnalinadcr or
the atUduviu of other ciedible ierM, tor
fiiiling to mrho in contract time ; furneg
leellug tn luke the mail from, or diliveilng
into, n pan nDloe ; far tnUering It to lie
wet, Injurtil, dirn)ed, lobbed, or luat ;
and for Hluinir. alter demand, to eonvey
tbe niiiil e Iriiiueutly a the contract run,
or M ooneerntd In running, n coaeb, car,
or iteuiaboai on n route
i. i in i-uiiaaier uenewi inae annul
lie ('miliar! f.,r top ilul luiluriM lo rm
Tli' l i
fllP-KM ulauiji
i i i !.( .lilt. ) i il
lllll. K l lWt(! IUfc
'i I"
- I .x
JIW'IJPM,KIU'U iiiwiwuw urn ii'U'wt
i c
i on o tn-
ill"! I IIIJI' r
epjrim nt
i. inrlnii i! . I ' r "'
; t"
r.nrii r l ti I 'I'l '' ''
hi tilt
to iln .'i ; lor iiitiniii.
n i ix-
pi il lllull Jl"
I or lur Irnii imrni'Jt r-
p i-MtH r pnel. ii'.i" conjr iir ut
m ill' r oui oftlre mini.
8. 'I ho Potm idler Oi ncrnl may order
an incrcfti' or nervia- on n route by allow
ing tlnnfor n tiro rata inercaw on the
contract pay. lie may c!iti(t whcdnle
of ilerwrtttreaaml arrival In all ee. nml
ttartlcularly to wake them confirm lo
connexion with railroad, without increase
of pay, provided the running time be not
nbridjjuh He may nl-o order an increase
irpeed. allowing, within lire rclrletlin
o' the hiw. a pro rata infrriio of nay lor
the additional lock or carrier, il nm
I h contractor may. howevrr, in the r.ie
of inerea'C of prel nllnqnl'h lhvtonlnn-1.
by mvinjj pro-npt n-.llre to the depirtment
. .... ...... I., 1,1.
t hut he pre ! m ilolns . io enrriin-r ine
oidi r tnto eflWt, The Potma'cr Uener
al may alo diiwonliniie or curtail the rer
vice, in whole or in pi rt. in order lo place
on the mute a greater h ?ree of rrviee, nr
whenever the public Inn n t. In hi judg
ment, bl! require neh dicontlnnco or
curtailment for any cihfr caue ; he allow
ing a a full InderRiiif to eon tractor one
month' extrn puy on the amount of aervlce
riwprnavd with, aid pro rata compensation
for the amount of mice rvtalnol and con
9. PaymBi will he tiwde by tolkellon
from or draft n purtmmter, or other wle,
after the expiration of each quarterMy,
in rcoruary, jiuy, Auaoai, ami i.oriin-
10. The dittanee are glvt n according to
the bett informatiun but no imreawl pay
will be olioHid bould I hey bf greater than
advertteeil. if tbe point to be pplinl art
C'rncily tated. lliildcr mnt inform
themtelve on tbi point, ami alto In tU r
eiice to the weight uf I he null, the omdi
lion ol road, bill., trraui', ate, and all toll
bridge, ferric, or obiiruclion of any kind
by wtilcn exptMc may be iccurred. No
claim Wor aitditimial pny. ba'td on ueh
gronul. can be conld-rrf s nor fnr'nridge
d utrojcl. forth diwMntiitUid. or other ob.
urnetoun iticrcattng dinunce. ocenrlng
durb'ij ihr contract term. Offlct et
iM.ul after this adverllaemi nt I iml,
ami li during Ibe nuiiriet term, are to
tv vi- ltd Without extra uy, il the di
i tai.ci' ' not lienamd,
11. Hiidcf are ranti'm'il to miil tli'i
I proK(i in liin lo n-uch the ihpirlm, ni
' by tm day ami hour mmifl. (il p m F b-
rit,, .f i,,r oui- rte-'ivifi biiit ma nue
will li-it bv1 coitileird in e mp Hlion with
a bid ol rc.i'iiiubte am unit iceiul in
time. Xvilhtr can ImI b ronderd
which are witln.m liie guirauice r. ipurid
bylaw aid a nriiBcale ol the tuSeuiM
ol uch guarantee.
12. 11 ddcr hmtM flrtt propnte lor rr
vlee Ifiolly neeording to the udverline
menl, and then, II they de're, earairl
d Uvtent (crvice ; and II tbe regular bid be
lae Hwct offend for tbeadverlwiretriee,
tht other propmition may be cooaid, red.
IS. 'Cheta ahoahl ha but one mutt bid
fat lo n propowil. ComolidaiHl or com
bfnatron huh ( uropning one nm for iwe
or more route.. 1 are fufdiden by law, and
cannot b conaiaered.
14. Tbe route, the aerviee, the yearly
piy. Hi- name ai.die-uknn' of the bidder,
(that m, hw unial pol iBia aiklre-,) and
tliote of eeh mrmlter of uflim. where a
n'mpany i tlr, hou!d U-diiiincily tied.
15. 11 dde are reqitMl to an; a far
o pra'tiraMe, the prinnd piopotal furn
l-hvd by th depaniii') -i, tn wriie out in
lull I he um of their b.d. and retain conic
ol them. r
Alttrril bid boold not he nbmilted i
nor thould bl once nubtmtled be with
drawn. No withdrawal ,.f a b;dh r or gur
aolor will be a lowid nule thu wilh
drunal I daH1.! ami m.iveil Ufore the
day hr reeeiv ng promnil.
K-ieh bid tnnt I g mi i-iii,, hy two re-tx-IKibk
p muim. 'I lie b d and guarantee
ih-uiid be gueil plainly with the full name
of inch (R-rni-u.
The di par I men! ref rre the right lo
njeet any bid which Way be deem- d ex
travagant, and alo to ili-regard the bid
or failing contractor aM bidikr.
16. Tbe bid ehould be am!,.! .,
ctlbd ".Mail ProiMwl. .wiutt- ol .
," t!difed "r-eeomil Ai tant Pimi.
matter (lioeral, Ci niruet OBiee." ami iit
bj mail, not by or to an ng ni ; m d i n -muier
will mil iicl.-' pioMw,,, i, i,.t
Hi of any kiml) In their quarterly return
11. Ilw Cixiiel n Ul be e.eculrd
and rciutMil to iht- J) parinnm hi or be
fore the 11 day of July. lsUfl ; but tht
ervke wittl be begun on that day. or on
II MMil day nexi alter it. whether the con.
tract be executed or nni,
Tra.if.i of iH.inrucl. or of Iniere-t in
euairaeia, are hrbiddtn by ln. uial con
Kqnently Miinol be alhiwul JSidd.r will
Ihenl'ure lake milieu tbut thuy will be ex
peeled to perform the rvier aeeepml to
Hem though tb whole turn of the con
tract. 18.
IVnlmaler at nllln m a. .......
,.,mw.i. mil more man eighty rod fiin u
ailon, will, Immediately alter tin 301 li ol
March next, report Iheir exact 11,110111
fi.un Ike m-wrui Malum, awl bw they aie
oilwrwhw wipplied with the amii. lo enahh
the Poaima.ier Ui-mral tu direct a iiw.l
meengir mpply from the l.i 0f Jv
19. 8.CII011 clehtern of an act of Con.
gre. appioi.d March 3, IMV pio.i.l. .11,-1
n i. ... .. . . Hem
raainfilfhlP hit rane.,..!...:.. ..
.1...1I i. !.. "" " Mi'- inn I
-'- . w iiuiniiiniiiHi III . a u...i
: ;.w tsvsrietr;,;;
.r. .... ..... - -.'
eueo lo Iho mode or weh lraa,iorlallon
may be neoery to provido It ih- due T
M. y eiHalnty auil eeuriy of ,cbT.,nl
iwlallou." Uin.-rlhllaw l.t.1, n7,. . 1
'V,,,,I ,1,(11,,',.. ullll,.,,, ..,,.... . i .
poi lo tranport II... m ill
. . mil
lartr. mid wbaui-r in ,. ,.. ..A. '
cnveya.ee n, c,.n id .imn.i,..c,i. , '
eertalat, and cur ,'y, ,,, ,,",. g"1.
STd? tt" ul,,u ",!'--
0. A miNt'Oeailon of a biu in aui-i.rit.
wenilal .uu,. , m,,Uu,o,,,u to UV M
ami eanuo Im. IWi.,,mIi w JJjd
with tegular eonipemiou. alter the w
hour art fur ivcelvluu i-ut. u'v ,.. ,m
bkl l,h tUnlXuT
only hw u, modity a pi.elou. uT ' ""
, I 1,'0,B"-"r are to tw careful i,i .
--.Illy b. ...flk'i,.c.v i, giiauu',, " , " ,10
I .ee without know mi thai IM arc ir
" loaliucliuu by woluu.ter in ,V1T
'oiiollhnroalh i,aie. iuli'.,.
lllllll Out ii ,, ,1 111 , " -
ut I I ,
It' li -III I
'(that on a MIiuiv to mtu liito w p.'r'u
.1 I
wo.i -
1 (. r In
tjf' th " rvn
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Ladies' Hat, Cloth
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Art" Chrthing lliMie. Afl of -Va
Stir which will lie oM nt tya
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Am Ii.i.umisi! H.oi'k
Of Gt-rocrica, Liquora,
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Favor u with a cull ami emvince youi-
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laving had eMi.. .-xwrlncc In laith
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lUiu.t'to the Union Ilo.
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day or wek at .nmlerule ehaiB,,' ' ""
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llrw hiok, tolhe.a.Mloorlwiiiewi.
, WU Bourrht HUlt Sold.
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News Hcnlcr nntl HooktolcrB, Kcntl
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part-Mif tin coiiiiiiy with flreut Dl'pntib.
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TJiat Pcfy Competition !
l'.ury New Novel received n won
11 piililllnil.
I liuvr pii'!il nrrniigetni-iil ivlth nil liie
illtl'i r. nl pnlili'ln't" flnlloiier". etc, 11ml
lurul-h lit Hail'' Willi
Books, Si nlionory,
IllllliU IllioUu, llHic,
SSclainotypos, etc.,
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rtSimil lorn price llt.imil (ilie men trial.
American Flags!
With full complement of Slur! print. d on
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ill I'll'l tailor ul the
S .", I loot 91 "Ml per ih-xoii,
,. 2 I..I 2 fin ji 1 do 11,
,... :i l"t y no p. 1 d ''ii,
1-17.-, 12 inche Ill IIU iK-rdi-ii.
Oi all U-. Iiom nlM.i cent to
on- dollar p"i IimiI.
In ll.nl I'l.il.t).
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1'mplr-N p. miI ttrlli.nt rone r of
Wahiugton and naio-otne tr.-vt. .San Kran
i.eii. Ktiliifllmi in I'rirra It) Kilbrrlbfrv
ATTI.'NTI'IS 1. ,-tlt.il to th- following
lil ol Anier ran iinil Kur.-mn IVrlmli
.il-. lor which 1 r't'i.u Milweripibun..
I'ermniieiil urrnnemelit have levn mad"
li the t'ull.il MiAl'V (iovi-rnnieiit foi tin
i-'irmiiir nt the Mull Irnm Ibe Allanlle
-inli- 1. kieuiiier, three litm- a inoiitri. I
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niiuliliirriite!lian lornii-rly. The mini.
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wardltiK o' all utekaa.-.. lor which till e
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Alluntht Pi'iliiiliciiN.
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Harper' Mnnlhlv Magaxlm t.'t ."ill
(i.Nly'k Lady' (look; :i An
Atlanlle Monthly n in
l.i b-'a Family .Vlagiuine St Alt
Kiiickerimehi r M ijaaine 3 An
Omtiuerilal Mmilhlv it An
PcterMHi' lnliex' Magaaiiu' S no
ApIIi.m llMtau. VIawm1.. ft ,u.
l.ailivolluiMMltory U Au '
Tule- of Ib'-lhi) S .Ml
Monthly Nov. Iletie 3 ihi
Keh-eliv Vhigaxine , mi
Hunt' .Mi reliant' Ala-Maiue ; mi
Hanker' Mngualne t IMI
1- lion Ton .1 IHI
HrowiiHin'a Mevlw ,. H IKI
lirailhwuile llulrwp. el IW
Turl II gilro.-.irly) J iw
II.1II011V Muiniiirn' t Au
Vank .i' Notion (emtio) 2 au
L- lie Ibnlget ol l'uu icowlt) 8 UU
.ic itx (comle) S AU
Comlo jl.mihtv.
... sail
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. . . .1 fill
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, . . 3 All
, , . 3 AU
. . . 3 .it)
lltuiiiiy Kello (eiimicl
Now York Weekly Herald ..
" Police (inutile,. ..
" Clwr
" llniiH' .liHirtnil . . . .
Witkly Trllaim. . .
' bund.y Ailm
" " Time.
ii-p,ilcb .1 .'0
ileieury ,'l All
" Courier 3 All
Weekly Tlhw S AU
World A 3U
Journal l UimiMMMW 3 Au
Iil.l-IHiMjent a au
leader 3 an
l.etlger 3 i hi
leik'a I'iolorUI 3 Au
llnrper'a Wi-ekl 3 .Ml
lllulraiitt Ni'n s flu
U'lie' .iiluug ((ioriu.iii). 3 All
Ik molt nil 3 au
C run mil .leliui 3 Au
I'umily llluller 3 AU
Vuiuty I'uir 3 AU
lrlb AiiHirieau 3 flu
fcehntilic Auiiciiii 3 AU
Willxa'Miiril ol Ibe 'Hum Ail
" Tablet An
" Country lieiillcmiiii 3 ,-,u
" W.ukly 3 au
" ilereury 3 au
" llrrulilut I'liidreM 3 Atl
' Scoiti'h Aiui.-rkiiu-Jiiiiiii.il. A uu
" Albiui 0 no
" lieiiil'lialia(liulluu) 8 uu
" 1 41 Cionltm (HihiiiIi) IS uu
inwioii netKiy.iouui.il 3,10
I lug ul uur lii.oii 3 flu
" I'llut 3 au
" Water ly ilugiuino 3 All
" It.iiiunol Light 3 au
True 1 lug 3 au
" luvwliyuior 3 All
l.lUl.uy Uoiiikiiiioii 3 Ail
1.111". . ,,?.' ,.,"K " 7 "
rnllwlclphlu luuiiy'a W.ir I'u-., . .. 3 AU
Doll.ir Nt-wKtKr 3 iu
" JMitutdiy 1. veiling I'oit.,.. 3 AU
IhllliUloru Weekly Mm ;j 3U
Louiv iltu Weekly .loiuiml 3 au
Cliiuinuuii Weekly OuiiiiiKtohil 3 uu
at, I. oui Iiuutliii9iiu 3 au
Kot-oiKii PfilotUcali.
Loudon IlliiMitiiUil Ntn. rtiih nip-
I'l-iutut. $n no
vVeikly llitimlch
IJ Ul)
" Illu.11.ti1d Nuiv ol ihu
vim Id
ill uu
13 uu
li uu
h Ut)
13 UU
(i 01)
' lllulrule Titm-a
" Meekly I'liin
" Allituia-uiu
" I'unch
" tliiuu u Wo'lc .' "
11 'i pool ttilmvi .tSiiilih'a rime
lliililiu Niiiioii
Out uhlll Miifrulnw ',
Ttlinik ll.ir AUtfiioi,,
Ol. J.IUIM Jlimaliiu (! (U
1 .. "r -
1: uu
l.-i.,ijl l4IK.(.l
World ol 1 u.i.,,'.,'. ' ' " ' ' ,1
Chau-i'ii. luutual.. a
All th ..u UUI1. iJmKJuV.'.'.V,'.'.' (;
4 UU
o UU
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t UU
3 UU
3 DO
1." 111111 .111 ,l,, ,
ItlicUrti nil , , , 1n1 " " "
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13 M
j --iioicriitin,
fnii I r.iticlco ihllh
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tilionrihr. 0nlr, rr L J." tl"
ey Arm I,.,, cttl( ,, " Mu-ic Yn.
ct mirket Mb. .iC1PJ,7nu'lo'v.
InwrlnMylnmlunee t,pUo!M P;Ni
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A LLper-nmlmH,,,!,,,
il Cull, or Imvhu dennih.li ,.,, ,. .. .. Ic'
'r'Ui..e1.ill.icnini.orardfn 3.T
nml in ilie tellteiiMit.
W'AIINIllt.t- tn,t.
MilKJuly l,,lgC3. "u
pni:A.ltiaii.1Millaarrnriw mrnd bt
1 ''iC'iltWuan.rtii.dCliirlwK Klom
...ii ,.11 bu.l, ,,-., Itl c,nniB,to ".
will be conduriiil bv
i it 1.V,IN,:il;ia
A-dlllHllI .Mill. July 1, IfcC.
I .'1.1 l- ol mhwii Krwae. 111.
fn 1 can tlml him wub ihc
In town. In ibe
Next il.Mir wi
one rotne nil
(h-lolr I'J
t ol V. J Hyoi,' Sterr Ceae
IH'.". Mimr
T& n2 CLT HE B2'ieN
IVt'.l Dour In Sarin llroi.
J NIX'!i:i! ha ttotlod IU ntw Hop
.1. with a l.r'ii'iil v.ilu.tlih u-'ortm-nt 0.
I.lle.1 lyh- nml n!trilof tj?
SPltlNti AMiWKIlillT faQ
CLOCK.". H.-J-5
tsiLvnu wATcm.rf. i&sia
im:aul. lmi.kalii. camloscts
1 oK.'llier mill a pl. Ii'l.il lot of other
3 .H2,a,'ir E2 BLt.aTaT,
llreMt-Piiu. llroitehv,
LuiUiiiji. Finger ltiBfi,
Locl.el. Iluckle. l.'lnl'',
llmeeltil. Skeve llutteo,
ind ,S';
Al. cmnplrle i-ti of incomMtaij e
Ci.tivtBi Tnwolry,
iniiiiur.ieliii.il hum Ilie rifbert nml twill
linvilliliil KvltinM of OoU lllll JoJ '
Ivr qiiitta
In addition In Ilie iiIkic, rmjr U feiiJ
ul lit -.lure the lust qualillM ol
Ami. in hort. a .emral larirlj of
McU-NiH'Kh i. Knur) Ailiclti
All nl uhich ulll be sold t tow tKCU
uml iittrninteil. ... ,
ui:paiuino ciocki. witkM
Jewelry 1, pii,e,l with pronipiiu. w u
a 111111111.T to giLiruulee ratulacliou.
.MAL'FACTL'ULP lo wdr, an;'!"
ole id Jewelry, with iiiiitnn and dupHji.
D--i. Culluiid mi- In liew.l-Klf.atM
iH-w Mou- Culiloriilu street, urJt '
lo a'ucln Urns.. .Inckroiiville, OrXi"- .
,1m h,uiv Ilie. Ihc-17. 18M- L
Umpqua Academy!
rii:Tinlee orUinprjua A";'''',
J lhor.iUKl.ly ieiuii.il Hi talklmg.wj
It I. now u.uly lor rchonl The ltllt
.1 cud. into ytar will cuiumfuce SxfU"
Mill. lM.A.
I'rliiury lhp.iriim.ut ( w
Siooudiry do .0
lllhur liiglUh '
l)o-.l LaiiiSiMge. Iliiiwingaud I alill-
lug. each, extra ,0 w
.Miilc ,- 300
lliNlld In plivate lauillie
F. F. 1IUYAL, FfjJ!iL
niuar j au JJttFA'JCU J.l
.- IL'tueell --
' I MIK following oew mid Br.t dw w-1
1 will run legularlyiulhoutaviiui.
Sehuoner, W I'- llowue
SeliiKMi. r. I'..tliic
Bohuoiier, Noyo... - 1
We oil', r .lli"nr ii
. ILijjO ilaittr.
.Allcu M-ttr.
p ! o Miiilhirn Ourfou.
j-ur irt.ou"-
IhlM-uge apply 10
ni-n t- U'KIU Hi
Sewing Machine.
.". l."l nllllOllllCO I1."1
1011N ni uiii.u !",;, ,hJ(
Ju.0,,1': Of J""' .nr filial-"8 U';
.Hiueil (ill iiM'"" ". . e ,iV',lw
-imiil v 011 hand
ik ' rrr akbi
ii. in-, iinoio.M"
ml wakw
hiiMl-ol .lium.
Jacksouvlllo, Jauwr.'
11 .. S!
1, -
iiiutiiul cniieiit uf .i.. .,, . .
WeeiiJaenh Vi.Acr n,l ,f KJf
,,w,''y )iv.ii,exc..t.r :,Hi