Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 11, 1865, Image 2

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JACKNoaiLLi: di;i:(.(N.
MV. 11. W."i.
wtarliHii iiirwi'
I. 1'. I'l.htr. l.l.KnllHii tonHd
W, II.Tr.ilcrll.liicae:iil rar iii
I'ranrl.rn. lal.
i:. K. l'lili. nilxillilhR agent rr
Sarmmciilu, Cult
I.ltt of Ajrcnts for lb Oaaoox Stvnvtu
K. F. Roll. general ?at for Oregon..
aad Idaho Territory.
I. 1. Fi.bcr JanrranelseoCol.
J-1. Knowlton Co. ... do do
Thome IMw Appi-tate. Osn.
rr.R. uui jyi'T. , l
P. 0 nirdwste. .U'Kk Point do
Theme. CtovUni Crtoo Ihttitt do
Wm. Spleer Jump-lHWo
Oot. GIhb Portland do
I. Jl Thompson Albany do
W. Jl. Kvan Althons do
Thorn Carr do
Thorn F. Floyd Ktrbyvlll do
S. W. !-y do
I). P. Aaderou PboeoU do
D.M.C.Oault do do
A. lr!ad MyrtleCr; do
Geo. I-Venn WIoho do
Theodne Ceci-ron I'oloo Town do
Jatn L Wivs Itosebur do
Jit. Haul- Huater RP- Hlrtr do
1,. W sull.a Fori Klasaath do
Blnr Human, of Canysavllle, ytMml
Arat fcr Icu,tU Count;
uwiuiw j
It it a moit rtmarkab'i. tact that the ha
tan miad u o cooitnatrd that an action
itone at cm time, aad aedtr ttrtaio cir
saw later, tai to artttt the ieat atten
tions whbile at toother tint the Ir.ditidual
prow, .J with Mcitemrot. aad language
faU to exprew hi di.aprtob.tion of O. i
iLl. ak.a a..1 ' - uaaaaauitarj l
.l,..L. L . L.- .l -.... LJ
imsg i. u w p - .-".
Such leern to be the case with tbe Ibi-
ocratle press tbrrtg Vat pc cematry. Act '
performed by the OTerrtrtot ard the loy-
at people, for thfr own preierTatias. are
dncuceed at eatragecut. wdi.s we ox
tblB?i. and worn, dote by the rebel and
tMltor a fhort tlm ikce were character-
izt&M rtirc'cwi aellermrnt exefinf
(Ac mrurfrr onrf rroifer from their glorious j
CoWaderacy. From the tenor of Democratic J
orator sod aw)apr.. It I th. d4tyof th-
GorernuHnt oot ouly t parjia eh humil
iating urm) all clawt of irjlwr. aed to
receive thm again In!" lb arm of It
power, but that they ihcald cw partleu
hrhr under it BMieeiluc r.U. Tbase a-
ble aad tlf-crltk!og Individual ar n I
fotlllT. that they should be particularly i
pmrded aod tbltldtd from U malleiou
taraiuaf.'-Vrthern L'aion men aad southern i
exIVs. The tiUm4 eU Sute of vlrjlota
k wloyiMd for lb. part wkUh waehaiukn
... '
is the great rebellion. i
ilr. Surratt ha fallen a martyr U the
cauos, aad tb Oorernmcot U about to per
rwtraia another outra.-v la th executloo Of
the immaculate Wiu.
While Union bmu were belag drltta from
their home, or murdered y drmoa In hu
taan shape i while ibo-ja.iJ or Colon pria.
ooer were being ttarvtd to death, and shot
without the shadow of cauc ; not au Isolated
toss wa heard Irom tin lumocralk pr
denouncing or in aay way dicv!ialnauciag
the aforesaid act, itat wlwu violeal baud
ar laid oo tbt.' perpuraioriof all these hor
rors. cry of agony gov up frora the ym
paibetl bosom of their Pvmocratle friend
all over the Xortb a-.d West, sufficlsatly
dtotreodog to bring tsars to th ys of
Ob what a pity TTlrz could not have bean
tried by tbe civil court? What a pity he
should be objected to tbe lnconvaicce of
furnishing hi own wltne and money to
dsfray their espenaei. Why doe not the
Government give bin th benefit f u
tlnaoclal resource, so that he may Iw waa
Ided to conduct hi samluatlon In a Incom
ing maoaer? Thi eem to b th burclen
cf Democratic lamentation. It emi to u
that It would t a benevolent frbeme for
eemo really lnterled party to elrcubtt a
Dberlptioo among tbe emaciated lor an of
priaooer rclvawd at Am'ersoaiill, for th
purpose of raitiog fundi to defray the i
pA4t of Win' trial.
r-urely taoe men coiW aSbrd to be ry
iHHimwt after their flight difficulty ultfa
tbelr frk-ad Win ; surely thoM Southern
aica nbe bnve been driven from lhir homes,
aaj Tiboie familist bare been rcductd to the
erge of HirvaUon, uhov proriy ba
been deitroyeil aad ttoleo, tbM laen o.n
sSord to be mguaaitsoui, and rt-ceire tbelr
old rebel neighbor m loot eitraugrd
lrotbtrr. Tbv negroes nbo arc in toitw
places buntvd liko ild Udiis and tbot
doHn "lltiuut uitrcj by tne.r furwer uuiU-r-
can certiinly Lu m4gaditiiut, and ttilt
ton bigb tbe ready cap in ait ' and -lilt
up tbelr loiee In terrile sbouu" at tight of
their former mailer. So long a mua -nimlty
tbonldbaicouielrow the rebel, n
lougwailt a rlitueof mull proportion1!;
bat rbn tbey becawv tbe recipient of. or
the ones n!.o uwJtl mercy, tbeu it wu that
niagaaiiiinily began tu dupUiy iu guut
It li au old adage th it It U more gloriou
to give tbin to receive. Tbii, it nkiui, bat
been loit tight ol b) Ibv rebels goaerallv,
aud Wiu in patticuUr , but If tbe tame
wa applied to their cruelty it wimU nould j
W soite nppllea' le I
.uj mum pmfL.'n l 'J uliLl'wj.
Tiir Lirr. '! ri;u ir- r. or auka-
Together with lilt Stnl Paper. Ineludlof
hi Speech. A iWme. .Message, ISttr.
and ProelatoutiesM; sNo a history of tbe
tragical awl mournful scene eouoected
with the clow of hi woble ami eventful
life, by Ho. HKXKY J. RAYMONDS.
M I'.. Chairman of the National Union
(Vmmllte.aed editor of tbt New York
To wb.ch U added afioecdotct and per
Anal if tain iser.ee of Abraham Lincoln. by
Frank H. Carpenter, ibe artist who paint
ed - The Fir.'t Heading o( the 'l'roeiaina
t.cn of Emancipation " before the Cabiaet,"
and while painting it at the White Hsosc.
enjoyed $te months' Ismlllier intercourse
with our bite President.
Governor UaymoooV it it well known,
hae been the continent aad trotted sup
porter, tbrrugb his popular journal. "The
New York Timet." ol the Administration
of the lute President. No writer, there
fore, could be better adapted than the ao
tbor to prepare ucb a nork. and the pub
inter are cooaueat that it win an lane
i.i .. M ...Li ifcft.i
acd (Uindard Ukyiupfc.T and tilaturj. A I
...;..m liwUr will mlA la tu rain m a I
. jr-. -. - -m .w,,-,.-.,, ..-...
Itook of reference.
The book will al be embellished witb
ere ral llmlrotio; will bv printed in the
bet jtyle. Io cloth and leather binding,
will contain about 730 page, and can eoly
be obtained l Doocla oouotr throurb the
astnt, who r now caaraflaf there.
Imbar Omma YiNcrt. The troth
thU prorttb wm forcibly bronchi to
mind a rre were I troll in j up .Tacktoo
crtV la at Tbaredty morning. When in
i;ht cf the fork of the cttek, a tertlbU
tbumpia; aad poneding sUri!d the ear
accustomed only to the wrroun.lir.g still
net. We looked up and taw Jet of Mean
urnlng from the team-pipe of the old
.. w.... vi if. i.v .....;
acetierateo ay ibi net. un arriTing in
the Interior of the mill, wc !our.d C'oiont!
Drew, ibarel In band, fetding the hongry-
lAlItl MMHlll a Ik hff '11 Mi.
mm 0 wofk ,, ' Tb
M u . Wfl frcB , )sJon
,,-,.. rf-fc. ..n., colcmal to maniac a
,,, 0 ed oo Jackon crttk. known
M tM) Harenpcil toad. Tbe tunocliag i ;
totiJf M B very lubs'aatiai auaoer.
nBj f foimer triaN arc uken asa eriteriea.
w houM judgo that it will by so mean
, ubor last. Tbey ar ruaning tbe tun-
al so a to strike this lead below tbe wa-
,tr Ho,, Nine men are at work at it at
pr,0:. The tailings from Ibv mdl art
Mog prtmTed aatll tbe campaay can pro.
amalwrnator Irom Sao Fraactoco.
which tbey bar already ordered.
1'nu fiocrj 1'mrLaas. The Orrron
Cavalry Ilge is a fl .uribiog lodge of. at
promt, only eighteen member, and wvik.
log aoder a charier granted by the Grand
f 1 L. C?a. -. .ls..l. fa -
organised at Kagroe Cy. under the dire.
tioos of .Mr. Taylor, District Deputy, io
7 b- !'' 'I- '
asLyMtat&iAawaallu AOJJiMa ti it a. hainai aviai
--.---. - -
pweu oi memoers uciuof iof io a oeiaca
mentof C. A, lit Oregon Cavalry, doing
duty during the Summer at escort for sur
reying party, under tbe direction of 1'eo
gra, "mr-eyor of Military road frutn Eu
iteae City to tk Owyhee Country, biuce
i,. i.,ii. , iku ii it v.. u..t..
i Tit Vi . i "-
,,un, w.. ... iw invviHiiiwpiiiiv
nosII aotortoty.
Th follow log to a list of Officers e!ect
of Oregon Cavalry Iodge, No. 6, of
tbe I. 0. of ti'jwl Templar.
il,inual Uerniao. W. C. T.; S. B. Latb
oart. W. V. T i Henry Conn, W. 8.; Jas
U. Pullerioo. W. P. S.; Phiatas Uaaiey.
W. T i Henry Nick. W. il.i J tirnob.
W. I. C; Marion Parker W 0. G.: W.
Iler. V. II. II. S.: 1 reck (.'alley, W.
II. S. J. K. Fowlbb,
W. S. 'io frai, Or. fur. Lodge.
No. 6 I. 0. U. T.
Fort KLtraatb, Nov. 2d.
A Sckniib. (iuite a ttir oai ocosiloo
nl in tairn, tbe fint of tbe neck, by ibe
Hading of a keg in a iked, formerly owned
by an old man named llotaun. The keg
li opposed to have been uaearlbed by
lorae camper;, who. rem day floe, ilon
d over night Ibere. It is thought by roiue
there nai n la rye inm of mooey In it.
The old man's former life, tbe fwjcv ob-
mved io .be diggmg up od open-ng of
tbe keg. togstber with all the surrousd-
Ciacvrr Covirr nill be in reiien next
week. There are tnenly-foar ciiilosfss
on lb dookt, tow of them very import
ant. Tbe nest two necks will be my
busy OEtJ for the lawyer.
The WuTiiKit U all I kit couM be with
ed for, now. 1 ho road icem to be in ex
cellent condition, l'jrmvrs are plowing
in place'
Dim mot' Dk. WoKctsTKU. Tlio death or
tbe emiueiit Uiicojfrupber, Jojiph i:. U'or
oe.ter, occurrtd at hU rvritivuw in Cam
bildge (Ma.), Octotwr iltit. lit- hm born
in lirdford (N. II ). AiiKUt 211b. 17tl . and
u.i tome ovir eiKbtr.uuc eiraf an at
Uiifdecvare. He gradualwl ut Yalu Collide
nn 1S11. Iletldcs bl famous dictionary LV
mil tbe author of ft fjioxr.iMilcalcllctiou.try
or L'mverral (iaalteer. (.aaetteer ot Ibv
L'nikil Maw KleiuvuUof (ieoxrupby, An
cieut aud Mvderu ; Dptloiuc of (iroitniphy,
gketcbv ol tbe llttlb uud it IiiUaUtaut.,
HleuiMil ot llinorj. Ancient awl .Moilun ;
SJUvlllllK-liooK ol lue liulltfi Laiuu-tKe
laiulub I.4U;
,. , f. .....!.. I . ...I..17-
. .1.. .li.. -,.,i- ii,. ,u,.i,.,ni.,i.....,r
itt, ) frum Uartuiuiitb College aud lironu .
Unlvenliy - &". Vivn
li l " HJ'
Nurse and Spy-
SEWBoi-kirt a"m Ai-iiii-i:
Nurre and Spy in the lVn Army js
the title af tw book, comprniajt the a
Tentarwaad pe?lnpo of a
tloinal camp and rUlll'-Vdi. w "
Wt and Py. .b ihiK'w dfipn
of battle.. atafM. exploit. '' PI whoK whpMe partolu or wclal ae
charm, march, o8erl(r and artww-1 ' . , tow ,d brilliancy
.." tw.t ...t k.- i l.rr.
It i laterpetaed with toaeh (f nw
ia camp, bwpital. nd BeH. rrwni-r a
nai rlcll Inner nittare oi i '
Aavrican War atia'ij:" '"" n,-'n'
mor thrlltieur tp MnMe.
8. KMt !!. KDMOVTH,
. embel-
ti It a bmntlfd' MtaTO T.Vamt'
liehed with a fin: Stc.l Portrait aad twelee
A a "Spy," on cf the mmx hrtardoo
aed d'Mcoll undertaking of any wldler.
he pewtrated Ibe eatmy line i
d,sroie. nioB the lieneraw,
their foriiflcatloa and at their own camp
re. ao le than ele een time, with wm-
nfetr iummi and without detection. He-
- 1 fMff ff MhMMfn(r uhor io onmerou
. .. . ,j .m,,, -!-,
""P"""-"" "-""- -"" ---"-
.... -. . . bandate. na-
leal. etc.. ailnMttrtOk
w u viumniwi,
famiiblnff and' dying co the battle fcM,
The work 1 richly embellihed. very at-
traetiec. ia lllaatrated with a great raritty
, of i,,,,,,, ,& tB ea:guihtnr of the bet
j w w niigiwu 0ilw (bieB to w lr!y
i BttrjJ)erR w,j, ttt mareelcu) render it
worthy of a place in erery family. It J
already rectind the warmert commenda
Of lloet of the pre, to cirruy. toe army,
and men of inflame in ail itctioof of tie
The agent for Douglas county is now
canrawlag for the aborework.
1. 0. Q. T. The fbllowlog named pr
ot were totalled a Oflker of Alpha
Iodge No 1. I. 0. U. T-. on Tueeday
i ereaing wit. for Ibe rowing ttrm. J. M.
j p0M
W. C.T.; Hi Hatlle Thcmpstw.
W. K. H. S.; Mia Mollie Kilcorc. W. I.
II. B.; 511s Reuell Short. W. V. T.s
Frank H. Stuart. W ? : MiaiKmm Hoff.
matt, W. A. 8.i C F. Wiln. W. F. S.:
Wm. Boyer. W. T.; P. I). Paroo. W.
M ; Mr. II. Koudebash. W. A. M.; Mi
Florence lloflaue, W. I. 0 ; J. Makwr.
W. O. .
Nnr Hritr. M-r. Plymale k
Hats bare t treat ly added literal more bug
j gtos and boms to their Hibto.aod now
j lovlt their frtond. requiring anything In
their line, to call round and give tic new
- turn outt" a trial.
PtvntTHT. Irr. lltarn baa opened hi. ,
cbV- on itresi. on door west of Mr ,
CroMhr. All baiioK bad ttb. shvuid now ,
have them rpalrtd at Dr. llearn'. a h-
U prrtarul tr do a good a job aci. bv '
I x(cntl synhm,
, Thk Good Ttmplar. propose to eomnic
ifce pui4:cai!oa ol au Urgj at Corralli.
tm. j... 1 il.u .I ...At I .
. to w.rr... the uulcuUag. th.
aril number will appear in January txi.
I'ibo ramBsoir ha bsio lodleted at ' "- and preseatiog tbniUw lor ad
Idaho City for th murder of Sumoer , ioo into that circle, must brief voucl .
Pinkham, aod the trial appointed for the i " for ,uir worthiaess. or tbtir dviaaod
30th of October. We have aot kwratd lb.
result of tbt trial.
RlTt'MlD. ilr.
a. lecorootc, on oi
i tb early pioseers of this t alley, returacd
...i. .
L .. i. .. i , .
"p weeawieraoaoeenceoi iwoaoo
iwintn. wuriog tnai time u Oil oete
in the Korehem Mine.
1Ujj Ri.sthkjiit, (Vmmsndsnt at Ft
Kiamaik. paid Jackaoaville a flying visit
ibe grit of tbe week. He report vry
tbir. gettiee !opg Inely at the pott.
Wajrflrri. IU. fK. A little boy. son ' have formerly lieid. walk right into the or
of John Ileal: rolovr In the Pavage rn'oe J diasry circle of society, unrestrained by
at Virgins. Nevada, fell into a shaft ISO , the aeoouatahility atltiebrd rerywbere
toel deep, October 27lh. aed was discover- e'se to aa introiluetioo. In fact tbe fadl
ed, almost unhurt, two day after, by hi j ty with which iatroductioos may be ob
distractcd father. Tbe tUltini my j j talned into respectable families, u a uwt-
"Witb a faint lultfi; ite hope that hi j ter of lurpriss to every cl!-bred ilmagor.
boy might yt be found, he shouted mn , In other portion of the United Sutes. a
th shaft as be bad done many others in his ' etrlain rotpootiMlity atticbes to un Intro
weary search, and to his indescribable Joy jdaction. The oo who ioirudacat to rs
a little voice awwercd from th depths t j ipontible to the or to bom he ialrudooa
"Oh. Pa !" 1 be lost wa foood ! Wildly ' a friend for that friend' coodeei. ad In
the food parent rushed out for assbmo, ! relaro holds tout friend retpoosible toAiw
aod in a very few moments a doaen willing The obiervance of that tu!e pruvtots in
bands were with blm In the tunnel. A diserimlnat iatroductUus, nod bars the
rope was procured, aad ilartln Xeeio vol-' my of dirputable churae.,. t ,i.
, uo,wed 0 aU wouW . rpeu tTac. of Z 2,., u ,
,. . .i-diM.-. tu.u. , , , , J7 """ "'J to',n
nooemng nones down the shaft. Tbeiaueueo to wsetoei h,,i h...k. i
bmre Nevin mtdc a loop at tbeetdef tbe ,
rope, and placing hi foot io it, was lower
ed don a hand over hand by Collin. Coreo
ran aod others whose name we did not
leuro. When be reached the bottom, there
Uy tbe little boy. and beside him bis faith
ful dog, wooderful to relate both alive. He
look the HUM) fellow under bis arm and
wai holiied to the Hrfaec. The child w a
carried at once to tbe aims of hi mother,
"boss joy at th recovery of her darling
can bo but faintly imagined. Hut the dog
Tbe faithful Newfouullaod pon, who had
thered tbe falling fortune of his little lat
ter; Wov fared be? He, too was soon
brought to the surface, and to tbe surpriae
of every one was apparent ly a'oout as
sound ai ever ;a little bruised, pernapi, but
aW to Irot around, m wsll as Tr. U to
ccrutnly a ery reamrkabl croam
stoBcc turly uuparalkded in thu oointiy
lbs falling of n litti boy and a dog Into
i sualt an baud red and ik n r. .i..
ul,J ca"ng with tbeir hvw, ulJ ,'
fact aliaost otburt
Ol K f'OC lll'V.
T, . . p- ' .i.r" o'her -.-i n i f
eo-pirrln A.na.ca where Ihf I . ca bi-
!. ktn-lury arUtaeracy jrbo
here ioaerlted a reeog'.' i9' Plli0,,f
vj.w k.a we a ante BOinwr " -
i Z ,,. tate. wraith and li-
t "!""
.. .l. .I! in which tbe wow
, M(r u , wbo e,,mbBe coliarr
, fc teUqfc fca, ,, thf
i,;w .ociot owdc. It h the. who
' . ,,,, i lba rtforcmcnt ofcoo-
.v u. -- J-.IU-
ntwnal rue. " - "-
ami nfioement. mere wealth b noqaalMeH.
linn tn (octal wMtderBtiou. ntm arm
moral congeniality b be owe haJpwlaWe
rrqiiremeat or eleirani wcie.y. tr
wealth af an Aw cannot fit a beat for a
entleman'i drawlne-room. Neither wn
) teotleawn hate drawiwtrnoma le they
katr wealth. Foclety. in II eaoTOHKHtui
mm. therefore. mat be comprMed mainly
ol indieidoah who have moaey, and wh
' bare enjoyed the adeantae of fduwlion,
It ant. therefore, a mailer or surprwe
thai we hate little foclety. xrietly peak.
ribk' - mm Home of thaw cltclw
which coaititute otcnlbly our beat oek
ty, are ytliow from the dropplatt of ibe
mint. Tbey reel on a solid bau of jroM.
! The tp by which the member aceml to
,heir ocial throne are of gold. Their
thought, language, ambition, are of goW.
, They vorrblp. if tbey wnrhtp at an. at)
mage of gn!d. The key which apeae the
jooroi taeir Mnciaary ip oi goiy. aaw
whoeeer can forge one to at liberty to en
ter. Hryond that measure of rejpeeilMli
ty which I required by all deeent ienple.
on qualiflcatlon to needtil. mtc that deriv
ed from the book of the Awnwor. The
consequence are. that Mch circlet hare no
charm lor people aecntiomed to the re
fleement of a society nvrr iralooily guar
Jed. The almphere I bard, the tone uo
congenial. The serrile eonaitltTatloo ae
ccrdrd to wealth It repultire to those tsko
place a higher ralue oo mental culture awJ
moral worth. The homage paid to grent
intellect and coopicuno virtue to alike
honorablr to him who glees and to him
who receife; but that pecuniary ycnpban
cy which eolrore a vulgar mlllioimlrs to
leesprewlbly eff ntire to those whose soul
rise in the lrat drgree above the almihty
dollar. The lociety of all young, speca
uliva communities i tinctured more or
less by tbe same sordid matetiallam. .Motv
' ey to tbe repreKoMtlve f success; sneoss.
j an evidence of ability. TU iron ruling
biods th bust minds to th service f
wealth, as raccess io that portou win tbe
blgbtst boner accorded by or social law.
The very word, Kliy, (apposes a pte
cinct which eaonot be invaditl. Jl is guar
ded by oo law sav that mutual observ
ance to which oath cocforms. aod whkh
each reiilie of ntrf other. The Individ
ulecmpoine it are endorsed bylbeso-
. " " "m4 by the
saiuv Irlbqual io case of soy grave lafrur.
lioo of Its tales. Persons cuMinr frum
will be uahevded. Tbe iccgaiiioo praoi
ed, It to courteous, siacere amd conlial.
Tbe itraMfV it at once welennni .-. ia
u,,. ...i m-sjvmI . .. i ,i..i.
I ' " " . .wi
I M..ii. i.t-...i .. ,w i, ..,.
"i v "" '"wi ia sue
uiaof tbe hoBot of tht tU
the Pacific coast ba families carefully ob
i servsnt of these social rules, forming little
I coterie in themselve. there is no wide m-
ial orgaubmtioM by which the olaima of
visitor or aspirants in our mbjsl are totted.
A a result, brawn, putbing fellows, of ao
socal recognition ia the plans where thay
---"" swTurv
eil-an oecMional -. which mniT
soi-m a great deal or than wliat wc an.
GoU$n Era.
Uiuuio An editor in Iowa but been
flood twohundrtd dollars for hugging n girl
io church. Excumgt.
Cboap eoougli ! We one hnggod a girl
m church some ten years ago, and it hm
con a tbouauud a year ever ilow. Young
That's nothing! W huggad a girl In
Wbool iojne tweoly.flve urs uuo. aad
I biive bad to mpport Ut and tbe fhmily
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Umpqua Academy!
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F. F.HOYAL, Principal.
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