Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, September 02, 1865, Image 2

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ToTiiKKrni-u'v ANor-kiiuiMAii 01 torn
IMHWJCXMUM:."-- tiarkinfton.
.lAtK-itiNvii.i.i:, outturn .
! !' I'l.l.ti, .I.il.Knim I Intuit n., mill
V. ll.Tuliy. mtlrllMll); illicit ImMiu
I'nmrlitii. I'nl.
I'.. IC. l'lilpin, ntltci tltlut; ncrnl tor
!iriiimriili, Col.
l.tit of Agents for the Urxoon Sentinm..
I!. I". Itii"ell. jrcneral agent for Oregon,,
nnd Idaho Territory.
I.. 1. I'Mier San francisco ("nl.
.I..I. Kmwlton .V Co..'. do la
Thnmt I)i ptdeimto. Oun.
I'T. II. Hill "liber tin
V. 0. lllnlo Hock Point do
Thomas Crwcion Crotton ltltf Ins do
Win, Spice r Jmnp-OiWi ilo
Cnv. (illilc Portland Jo
I). M. Thompson Alhsny ilo
W. M. Krarw MUioum do
'I liomtn 0rr do ilo
Thntni" lU'lojril Ketbvvlllc ilo
S. V. Sawxw.I no do
I). I'. Anderson l'hoonlx ilo
1. M. C. uault do do
A. Ireland Hvrtlo Creek ilo
(5w. I.. Dmn Kilmfaurir do
1 heodrlc Csmervd Union Town do
limn f.. Watsot Kou'lmtif do
Ml" Ililll" Hunter Itoptr ltlrr do
I,. V. Nilluu Fort Klamath do
IHiucr IletMin, of Uanyontille, general
Ajpjnt lor Douglas Coiiuty,
lawMMmmnLti'jgjuiwil jiijbi iujiji
There it a great ileal more evidence in
btlalf of Ike prosecution, and a long eroii
examination of .Mr. Hill, by Mr. Valland
Injjlhim ami Meral otber ltici, lend
ing to show Ikut tbii ;pcc!i of Mr. VjI
laHiiligliii)'i trai intended to discourage
enlistment, and to give aid and comfort to
th enemy, but it U too long for oar col
uiiim . The court found kim guilty of the
chug mblibtd In our last tour. If the
speech of tbt neciiMil Undid to ahl tbt
rebellion, ami rM intended to aid tbt pub
lic enteny mil dtsifraed and entered into
with the purpose of niiiinf tbr enemy in
the ttnto of war, Im it guilty of a military
oflftict, awl Ihs ought to bare bein punished
liy military law. Tbo Copperhead in
Ohio, ufttrurard in leOJ, com.'natcd Mr.
Valluodlnghiini for Coreroor, tad thtrtky
they nude tbtmtlvei rnpooilblt for the
crime of Mr. Valltodionliam. The whole
Utttion wai distasted iu Ohio by jaJjjtf.
lawyer, pettifogger, ttatrmtn tu 1 farm
er. Tbt lieMoeraoy justiflvd tt.o act, and
Mr. Vallandingbdm and the I'aiou party
JuttlQctl tiMattof tbt Coveiuw.ct in the
urratt, tolely on tbo ground that Mr. Vul
laixllngbarn made the ipecch with latest to
u id tlie rebellioo. Ohio gave a vcrdiot of
01,002 majority on tbt borne vote, and
.'I9,l7i majority on the soMicrt' vote
naiuit Mr. ValUmlinjiitm, uukin;; 101,
009 votN majority in Ohio in favor of
Martial Lw, and ogaloil tbt act of Vab
landing bam.
The lurrounding clreoustancei show a
riot had apron;; up In the county of
1 lolniN, in tbt Hutt of Ohio. Tbo militia
were called out to suppress the riot. Toe
men eag.igeri tn it were arretted ami in
dicted by tbo civil authorities acd were
then held arraigned for trial for the crunc
of treaion. for open retbtasc.' to the law
of Hit Uolttil Slate. There, In the prei
eneo of tbt men ubo were under iudiet
iDent lor trtawn, bt wed language, tbe
plain tendency of vrhlcii, although cunningly
covered up with pretended dalirolioo of
Inuiliy. wai in truth and in faet, adelco to
engine io arweil rwUUnce to the authori
ty of the United Slute. Tbli language
wsxi uieil iu tbe preacuec al best lug of
o.xi'tHil, ignorant tnen who had been en
afd in tbii reeUlanccand who were iheo
ninUr ladietment tbo very language th.it
n dt-muogua would uk to itlr up a civil
war in n community. Vet Mr. Heverdy
Jobrwoii in III dffrnce of Mra Surratt,
add tbe whole Democratic preia say in
time of nor we have do ontr Io prevent
these thlsgf. Tlere world bare been no
olijrolioii to .Mr. Vullundlngham, or auy
democrat or copperhead CDgaing in tlie
ordinary political dijoiHion of I lie Uy.
lie had ued free tpeecli In L'ongrett, nnd
he liad btcn all over the country, oppotcd
the war, cnsaxJ in all lilikU of oppoiiiioo
to the war, denounced tbt eonttituted an
lliorilivf, denouncul every man engaged In
npliolditij; the authority of the d'avcritroent,
nml no one moleited him ; but when lie
went one tcp farther and uied lauguagc
which i intended and well calculated to
encourage armed reiUtance to the Ouvern
ment, then, and not till then, did Martial
Tnv nnd tlie military Uuih dm from
Ohio to the Houlh, within the line or the
rebellion where all were at duloyal ai him
rell, and where hi speech could do no
He wagjuilly and legally binUkod, We
liavo shown that tho military authorities
have n right to feize upon any oue who i
(n'3j;ed in resUlauco to lliem; thu prmci
j laid down by tho Kngbtli aLd Amer-ii-in
hw boohs it Is I ltd down In book?
on ltitrrnatlon.il htwj was ni plainly .tntcd , fufjncntlydiclarnl nnd ci'omd Mi' "'
I , . ui In In l . ,rr m I .11 1 ni'i
by Ciitirjl It.i!loc!; in hU hwa of war
lo!w befoto the commencement ol llila re-
bMllon j It is laid down lit every booh on
tin? law of war. Any man who throm
obtach3 in the way of the comtitttted
authorities In projfctillnpr war, cither civil
or foreign, is liable to lie nrrested, tried
coin ii'tcd, nnd pttnithed for the ouVncc by
1 tlie military nuthorlty.
t'ndirthew circnmlance Gen. ltiirn
idi'. hivlns tho report of C'apt. Ilall who
ittidnlol the mfcting, nml took down nl
tho time hort hand note of tlie fieech of
.Mr Vnllandihtm, ordered hU nrrt, and
to prevent any disturbance, the nrret wn
made nt nilit. He wni brought to Unicln
natl. The Democratic pre complain of
the nrreM being mndo nt nltflit, Wn not
tbnt ndviiuble, under the circumitanced, to
prevent n mob, a riot, era civil war in
Ohio! The ery mub that Mr. Vnlhind
Ingham had Mlrrcd up tu rctUl the cnnti
tuted authorities, mUjhtlmve exKMd their
live In the unholy nnd unrightroui cnnu
of preventing n legal arreit by the, military
authoritiei of the Government. ,
Mr. Valland Inibani wai tnken to Cin
cinnutl. There he was kept, nml a com
mi.loi was organised. comweil of thirteen
rnnifer5, every one ol whom had Irtlonged
tu the Democratic party under its old or
an'xtllon. Not one of them ever lie-
longed to the Republican tmrtv. They
H0' '
v Ok
,nll HI I' 'I''
i. r.,ni m In ' t.ii1
and uncetloiu of the poplr of lh. c Cnd"! b"" ,'1'1 '' ' , ,fl! Md of fmit
State, when Vnllmulingham. Mr,.S..rrttt, are "S J " klllr, ,,
LTBCB"i'"-w-- . - ,
and their ympithlfCM shall have been for-
gotten. (ItnentU llurnjide. Memit. Hner'
mm, Grant, .Tnehson, Vahlngtw. afd
1'reiK-nt Lincoln, In declaring an! eiifnrc-
Ing Martial Liw. have (bowed their j'"1
ment and patrlotlim. They been like
Alexander, great ; like HanniMI. vlallaut
nml netiw ; like C'n?ar, llrm ; like Solon.
pr'uJint i like (!ato, wgaeioii" ( like Oipio,
uccorul j like ArUlklei, jli ann" l'l,,
I'abiom, magnnnlmoui.
si:ci:ssiox"i)ins iiahd.
Recenlon U In 114 dying throe?. It i
lifltting forth lM lt otnvuhUodltrU be
fort lis filial involution. It dir hard. It
U nt tonicimu of life ni a rat. Hut It
muM die, nnd It l fittlnir and mrt that
it ilintiM die. It lm trnnre4cd grlev
oniy. and mueh. It. f n vile thing, ron
eelvnl In fin nnd brought forth In Iniquity.
Itt father ii Falun and In mnlher S-outh
fJnrollra. Like iti paternal It ein Mutne
any shape, put en any dlitfiiler to mil lt
purpo'P for'the time being. Dnpellc ami
brutal when In power, eiinnlngaDd treach
erous when out. It ii tbe me ileadly lee
under nil clreumtnnew.nnd with whatever
garb Itmny put on the Itel'tr to conceal
its renl deelgne, to the peace, unity, nml
born nnd rnled in tho cradle of ' prosperity of this country, ami richly de
er-w the execrntloo of the prwrnt awl
of all cowlttg time. Defeated by billots
In 1840, it retorted to bullet to staltitaln
itself nod keep In ofike. Defentnl again
overwhelmed, ami nllerlf rroditd on it
cboaeti flvld of watfnre, it tetnrns t tbe
charge ami seek to renew the oembat
throiuli the Hgeney of U old m(Kvw
Jiuptu, fmud, ami hypocricy. iturivglt
and crawl ami hair-splits, ami hair splits
and crawl and wriggler. It falsitWs and
garbles. It I one thing here aed another
there. Now It fawns hIkI whines and now
blusters and bullies. It i trueuk-nt aal
Mvnee where it date to be, fluttering and
dtetltful where It mul be. It fangs and
and venom are like tbt serpent's and tbe
Art that are burning in it black heart art
the fires of hell. It it manifesting to-day
tbt saint malignant and destructive spirit
that it has tbown for the last thirty vmis,
and It U reswrlirg to the satoe taetlrs to
accomplish its objetta that It rabibited at
demoeracy with Mr. Vallandlngham. Tho
only ditTtrcuct bctneen them and Mr. Val
lamlinghnm In political sentiment, ithl:
When A'alUnilinglMm joined tho tecelon
copperhead party, the Commissioners joined
tbt Union kirty, ami assistol tn prosecute
tho war acainst seccsion and treason.
Many of Ibem wert onletra of high rank
in the regular army, of unblemished char
acter, ami unblemished reputation ; men
who had no party feelings In the matter,
or if they had any it was aguliHt what
was colled the republican party. Mr
Vallandiwrham was tried b-.'fort this earn
mieslon. lie wa asked ll he bad any objt
Hon to any of tbt tommiMhMtrs, and he
mhlbt had not. lie crocd examinetl tbe
witnesses for tbt Government, ami Intro
dueid witnesses for ldmtelf. .Mr. l'agb,
an able lawyer, defended him. Tbe com
mission gave him a fair nml Itnpirllul trial
and they eonvloltd him of the charge and
.Mr. Valhndlngbam bmnght tbe cate an lu "W I ' ""'
bv n writ of kabtw eoqmt befort .llge j ""PW I" t J 'y balleting rant
Leavltt, who wat Hit Judge of tbt dhtrlet , " " f " fctt. 'I be
cowt ftr tbe northtro ditlriel of Ohio, tbe w" WM bf0"bt li M ,fcc r' '
dUtriet in which .Mr. Valiandiogmim we!0'0" U'Ut '? hl".
tricil. Jndgt iAivltt. after u careful e.x wUreprtJMtatiosi, and their emitsuikt nnd
amlnatlon of tbt law and faet. dismissed t nprteeotalivtt art practicing the m di.
tin writ of AoeVeu rorptM, and left Mr ' P"b, . and, if tbtir power for
Vallandingbam in the euitode wf tbt n'li m,thw Wtr ,I'm1 ,u lWr PPe. lby
Ur ' i would reproduce tbt same terrible and
JJgo Lravltt dvllrercl an able opinion IP"I 'l'Mr ; Hwy would bring
on tbo oewwloo In fnw of IbejtriaJIction "! bat tbtrt I led tf the firtli:ld.and
of n military commikw oo wob on oeea- . M,,il of " Sw
lion. All, or tbo nrinelwl part of this i Wor "" "? dewlnth.
opinion, shall appear la oor column. t(om Blch " . ''? bew '
There a a nothing In tbe antecedent or WCJWr- (iwJ ('''T ,u- d"1 'r ''w IP'"
charactvr of Judgt leavltt that woo'd ' ll,M " llw P"-nd I hey aw
make him host Ilo to Mr. Vallandlngham. ""kia "ttMsewtely for ll-lo involve her
aod friendly lo tbt admlnhtnition of Mr. ' lu mw complication, to biing upon hr
Lincoln. Judge Leavltt wai tppolnted by o awl bluer woe. Forewarned, kt lit
l'resldent dackton i he bad served hi , "' lw forearmed. Lt tbem
country faithfully u a judge for opwards ' M I1"" '" tafl"iwil wily
of Ibirtv year : he wa of tbe old demo ! "wWonthMM of stiai eeeeieion pohliciaM
crallc school ; he had no office for life, be I -,h J,, 8Bd 'b " hi dbuo
yond tbt power or tontrol of the Adoiiuii I rty-owong tbent. The sirtn come
,, ' elutbtd In n new garb, and ing Luion
,wlion- ' ong. She Is bednbj, lfUrbelwid. and
Mr. allandlogham, then and there, had b-leweled anew, but she U the same dttcii.
a mlr Irbil befort a judge of hi own party ! ab'e. diagnsling eld liarlot toe ever wat.
ami of hi own telecllon j nn old, able, ami and will twinler ker vitimii as ouoly abd
MiMMd uun liavol tko mirar of lh i J ',,M,'lU'' M ,.fl m ,!,J " ,b e,,n Kl
exptMeneert man, utjosui too powtr o lue R cbi0W (o M) )TO, fil, f
I'fctldent, beyooil tbt power of tbt people ; fm. lteware of her. Her touch I oollu
a man who, from hit ioiitit nnd frorn his iin, eofliiii;ion, dath ; and her uiihmut
antecedent, was at free from prejudlpeor "",,M "'" ff"n P'Hon. Ilr glititrinir
. ., i iii roliet nre ileeeiiml Kilimpsesi. In which
party tie, a. any human being can be. iteeomiUltte b Jl of S ilomhi
According to tbe Ciuclnuatl paper at tbe i 0f Hughtercd men ami tbo tear ol myriailt
time, counsel was heitnl for and against i of women and children. Hbeivaiamur
him. Mr. I'errv. an able kwrer. luoku in ' " M? ', and the is the mtm
iji. r ik. r:....-,;i . . m, i-.. Monster ofeorruption anderime now. Sit
, , " , ., 7, .. ,. . , " obansed Mthing but her drew. Un
made in behalf of Mr. ollandinglum. uvitlt Juumul.
an eloquent peecn, in wntcn he rt i - -
viewed the KuglUh and Amtrieau nutbori-1 .Stump.
lie on tbt subject, l.very tnlng wai eon-1
ducteii in a fair nod impartial mtnotr. '
lit was found guilty by tbt military com
mission, and imprisoned. The imprison
ment was held to bs kgal by one of tbe
Judge of tbe United States. His o&uoe
was decided to be a military offence by
able and learned men. Upon (hi iut
w have the judguitHt, tint of General ,
There art a ooupk of Uopierhead nU
iwaeya in I'trtland who have but little
praelke, and let notoriety, who hive oon
fwlcrated tugttbtr and commtnceil a inock
action, iu whieh they ralee Ihn ipiwtloo an
to tbo eomtilutioinlity of the uct of Gun
grea In placlngn tax ora rerenueslmnp on
n Ugol f rotas. The objcl of the precetd
o I two-lold. lit, For the purpwe of
HurtHide, who thought It was a military i lviu . MrlaIn o,.., Ln,.,in. lvKn ,,,.
oUsnot; iml, wo h.vt the Judgment or an ,irw tn 0 ,0 Coogrcif, an opportunity to
impartial military tribu.nl. who thought it I S)rwa hilimr on ft StUo UlJhu u
wa tt military oence, and w found him ' ,Jforo tlw yJf,)r8mo (j,lrti l0 provc b1.
guilty; ne.xt, wo Iwve tbe judgmsnt of , M a tlmic0 sj,1IMri,Ml, i,vmocfal.
2l, To nuke n little political capital gen
erally. Judge Sluttock lu decided tho
Judn'e Invitt. one of the purost and
ablest of the Judge ol our eountry ; u
man. who haj uevt." denouaotd by any
p.uiy until after tali event! aimn who
took his sent on the judicial ncoeli, ami
performed the judicial function wit!) a
purity of character, and with ludependauee,
like General Jucksou, who uppoiuU-il him
In addition to this, we hive tho opinio-) ol
the Attorney General of the United SU'ca,
awl ol l'cMidcut Liueolu, that Mr. A'al
landinham wa9 guilty of n military of
fence, committed in time of war, to aid the
rebellion. W'c have nothing ogainit it, ex
ocpt the party clamor of secMiionlits.
copperheads and traitors. The nun that
sympathise with, or praise Vallandln
bam under these fads nud circumstance,
U cither a sccosslonijts.ceppoihtad, traitor,
n parly demagonge, or a lool, Wo opine
lliat Generals llarniide, iieaj,', Hlitrman,
Grant, and tlio l'KSidu)b, Washington,
Jackson Lincoln and lohnoii. who have
question In (avor of the constitutionally of
the law, doubtlejjly, not knowing th.it the
citation wa9ufieliciouiarrauge:utnt,ns the
A Home) j engaged attempted tu pass it
oll'a a g'tnuiuQ lawtult; and iinlci a mo
tion U made to distnUj the case becautc it
U tlclitioiu, we shall have a genulue decis
ion of tho Supreme Court on the subject.
Wo arc satisfied tho whole thing is a
grow contempt of court, nnd the only ob
jects of the parties were to get n chance to
make a Secession speech, to gho these ob
seurc attorneys a lit t to notoriety, and to cl
evate tho ainkiog, sickly, dying caure of
Copperhead Democracy.
Vatkmm.. Wc are Indebted Io Gran
ville Sear for a meKm. Mr. Sears ul.iM
tome lino wattrmelous this summer ami It
n-enu to us as though thi-j arc liucr llivond
tliju utual. - '
- . 1........1 i,i
. ... -.-......I imm AM nillCII UOiiragi" .v
... k.i ni, We immured
licit nnu ui"'" "i- , , ,
peach In I!. 1'. Unwell" garden lln week
Ihieh was ten ami a half loebH In clfcuin
(erer.ee, ami bid fair Io make twelve In-
okw' .,---"-
To wniw t lWw.-Tkoe .itsltlig
hforiMtlrn ol the newrnnlto inamnth.
are directed Io dpi. I Ppmgiie. W
first Jiag. W ow " r-v to'"1'1
diterlptitn from Ibe wmt lu, on tl
great sunken lake.
.-, - ,
Xt Yok, Aupu't L'Al
The rrt.rs.laek.on ( M k),""? '
ence. daifil AuguU SUi. : 'I " l''
intlonal Amendment h;' l"' t
(.mention by a te of-l " 1-, ' " '",
slltntion of slavery having b-en ties mwd
talMflaieoT MlMlMlppl. riillh-r slavery
nar Invnlnntiry ser Itnde. olbsnTl H" "
Ike punbthment of erlme. ill hewlti r X
l.t In lliis Mil"- The lgisliitnrt, at IU
nt 'nii'i, me pniuic wtiinm ;
nnlrv, hall r" M' '? 'w f"r '!"' I"n,rtl,',;
Iml nciirli) of lh.- ronawl pmp'fty
ihrrvi-dmin or th.-Sil'. and gnatd them
and th Mute nnlnj any evil that may
uri fiom tli'lr Hidden emmelpit ln.
:uuaui viieuiMiM ' i,wi'i
.;,;:,;:,: FBHCO-J.MERICA. HOTEL MmfiS!
The tree? , .. ., " '"-WIHU Dn
Opposite llicWcCully Buil(lis '
Madame Jeanne BeRoboam,
The iMH(l.uiK;inUe8 this molliud or tendon,,,, l10r ,
io tho piililif, lot- tho i)iitmmiu wliiuh 1ms uL 11 mii
UMidutl tt. her; unci would ivnmy nolidt u co,.,"
. Ill-' 'lillltia.
nri nlMay tmiler her iiiiino.
illate eotitinl; ami b) lnr long
ixirltuco In Iht bntliintilni
(Mils cutiRdeul dhut iIiii will
givi eutlie intismotlou to all
IOMnl.lt M,t, M.HM ,X
iMini., or rimtlsv.. "J!,
Ud. are always UV ci"
. tttte ,
ilnckHonvill Orugun, .Timtiitry .th, ISCo.
-On the STih. insl., nt the rwiderwtinf
tin-brides latin r nrnr TnWe Ibck, by I.
M Wngnrr, J. P.. Mr. AnnviuM Lah
to Alii Airrnii 1". Mvans.
At the trsldMW iT Ida son (Ml. JitJm
i;. Jt. acur ilarksonville. on I he SHUi ;
day o( August. Amu lto-a, aged tH yea,
10 moolli ami 2Gdays.
At tbe residence of John Topper, si.
mile, frnm dack'nnvil'e. on the 'JUth ihty
of Ancnt. K wiintxA M, wife of An
ton llrttM, agnl 3H eare, 'i months am!
i" das.
luiuiwwiimii n.ui.ui jiimiiw-h-'-
T,OZ,33.1S3. j
Ilonl ami inltl-u (rail, nuner,myaMe
in mlian.o U"U ml
Kitraktu fn-. pn mimim i
I'lano. d.i M wi
Dmwlntr and palniitiR d ft
I'ortagt- ehargid lu (Nirmts.
Prlmarr ! i.aiiu.uit. inr .iiiartir, (pajraU
lu 'U una i f l! 0U
Junior l I no
sudor du 10 00
N'n iliduetlmi 'ur tt. ilt,ilral ul a pu '
pll U-fi'iv Ui expiration of tbt term, exce t '
iucae of U-kueN. '
The Khvlatlic year commeact on the
llth lift. I
.3 a:
Z. g -
I o
en A
w I I
? .
V, ,S.?-S MhliS.
uNUMrd im ( ural pulwcr.pllun A '
lr IU" sab- of I'uliid Malm TruMiin
N'.ili- Iwnrliif -,cii and lhre.tiiilh p.'r
cut. iiiirct. p-r milium, known th
Thisc Nolns ar bud uml-rdtle Juae
l.ltti. Im.'.. m .1 un .i)4l.i- Ibritt !!
tmui Dial Urn' . In turn iw . ur uri- rg'iiur
libit-, at th upilon uf l In- tolilvr, into
I'. S. ."-SO M iipr coul
Thi-n- lnd are nnw worth a pr-mlum of
tilui- i-r oi.il. lueludinv; gi.kl InstreM Iruni
N'HUiili-r. mtiloli umki llm mluul (.rujit
on tbi 1-SO lean nl mmiil rale, luciudium
fall rwi. aliOHi Imi ier c ni prr annum l-
i44s IU SOtMSfttOlt HOM VAT. JUS. Ml MM
tiiiikk nn nT. sol.i:. uieurdluir lu lh
rate UvM on other rrnp-rt-. 'ifc Isst. r
est I. wyabU- In turrnaiy, Huii.iwuully,
uy tuuiou attacbtd lu tach uuiv, whuh
may be cut on' aad U to any bulk or
TW Inttresl amount to
Out cunt r iky un a M not.
T 1
ID i-i
w i...i
C II 13 A F
Iwuttol " a l no
Ten ' jigjj
W ' ' $,oo0
$1 .. ri Wow)
Holes of all diHmilnalloe uiimed will lw
lwuipilir furuldsid upon rtwiiA ei w)haerii.
un otlWvd by the (iunnmwnt. and it U
ivuAlvully euretnl that lu superior adieu
UtgM Milt iiwku it thu
niiKAT run mi i.m. of tiii: mini:.
Less tlun jaoOUO.OOO r the- lu,,, ,,.
UoriAd by the last Cougrew, uru now un
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Jacksonville. Jim. D, Ml. Juilltf
20ifasolution oi'Pnrtnorship.
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l'lHUiiKu-iiu, .May 17th, 1605.
2d reriM all sold. Commenced on 3d
ferics. To Hundred and Tliltly Mil.
liom('.'3D,000,00O) precisely like other two
eriw, except ditul 1.1th July, and (!ov
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rent, in o!d inttvad ol 7 !I0 Currency.
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5"mN ciweor.VunllpoT In this counly Julyl'j.27 MAAMIJLLIIK'S
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notes for which lhy r.elvu onllr"
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May 55,TtS MV ' W,""uWl',l- I Ud- il.i, distidnd, c. pt m far at it m y cunler nnd f g Mf
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UJJJ.xNJJLM. mm thereof, WAONLK.t MuUALL. u"'1 ,"' ?. vHnrlosflMf-
Ashland .Mill, July 1st, 18115,
ALL iivrjuiiii iiuleliteil to Wugner .t Mo
Cull, or liaviii;,' deinuials ii'iiiint llifin
are rcipiuled tu como forwiud iinmuliatel)
uud iniiko tetllcimnt.
Ashland Mills, July U, 16G&.
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fjAHP. Athland .Mills are nniv owned by
X ilacnli Wnjfmr nnd Cliatle lv. Klnui
uud all busmen in cumicctlun ihiiowilli
ft 111 be coiiduclid by
Ashland Mill, July 1st, 180.1.
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