Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, June 24, 1865, Image 2

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! na BTKici B r muuxtNcr or TOO
Uxrox. a Gorwar sy, ro, TBS wnoU tg
UBWT.?4IIUL, lT.tS.li.ytal.
I-i- Flher, J. J.Kiiowln.u A;-0Mml
W.H.Tlir,,(lTtrlWi.jB.,1i forBa.,
rraiirlw. Cat.
K. K. PIiIjtjw. UTtrtto,ng P6tn, roP
MTmmtH'- ...
LUt of Agents for lb Obxcon Scvtistl,
Ki-F. Itttrvll. (federal agent for Oregon,,
and tsbdio Territory.
L. r. Fisher San Francisco Cal.
J.J. Knowltou &Co.. . ... do lo
Thomas Dbvi, Applcgatc. Ocn.
FT. It Hill Wiluer do
F. G. Hlrdcyc Kock Point do
Thomas CrbxUn, ... Croxtons Uipglns do
TTni. K nicer, ..Jump-Off-Jo do
GoTiGilte, Portland do
D. M. Thompson,. ....(.Albany do
W. M. Evan Allhouse do
Thomas Carr.. ,.?: do do
Tbomaa F. Flovtl
..Kerbyvllle do
B. W. ijawjcr , do
D. 1. AtiilTron....". 1'uocntx
D. M. C. Gaolt do
A. Ireland Wrrllc Creek
ueoifc ncnn tnenwirg
Theodrle Cameron Union Town do
Jam I.. Walnon tlotcburg do
Misa-JIattic Hunter. ,,.It(tue lliur do
L. fluSulIlns Fort KUnuth do
Ilinger Herman, of Canyonrlltc, general t
Age lit lor iiougias Lou 1117.
A flrst class Wheeler fc Wil-
ScwIhc; Macliiac for sale
at tkis esBce, Jar cast and
It h) said Ut ne have no light to go'ulc
la th future, bat the tight of the past.
Tbt only sure indication of the principles
of bkb and of parties. U their utleranees,
deliberately made acd put oa record bv
tbtntelvci . Under this general itatenKut
we propose to reproduce some of the decla
rations of Democratic editors aod speakers,
Bails during the fearful struggle for action
al unity and territorial integrity. First,
then, we present an extract fion the eul- j
1 oi ijemocraiic jonroat wlltd Me
trepolilan Mttortt, a faithful and able ex
peamt af Democratic principles, pabllsltcd
la tbt city or New York:
As to the freedom and Independence of
tbt Stvlb rr Aow no tpprtitiuiont. litr
people ep never be couijuered. and, If that
were possible, Abraham Lincoln is not the
rreTta!! VirgtaMSly J'1 I
proof that tkcresolutloo which auiniated
Irgtui all through this war is is unbruk
en at ever; that there I no faltering, no
wavering. la tLe eleqnent word o this
(treat document. -Virpmia lain ro tttp
ttukwmrdt." Grand old eiiair. m m
cTrr wn. ute uay wiku you snail i.ave 10 ,
LeV Wwnth llio mkl nf ll nn.n..r,.l
- ' ..-- j w.. w. ,.. viiiiiimui . .
A.M.U -..- . 1..:. -in .1...1
Mas atKl manhood, mourn over the rad fate !
of a irreat people, tr.o ftll xchitt figtitiHg 1
Jor lihtrty and mdtptmltntt lell on ihe
same son mat gave birltt to Washington,
to om whose name shonld have bren sufll
etat ta save tbt grrnt Coaimonwcallb from
rt triad of thi litartUu mruier.
B.-aatiful. is it not, to bear a leading
Deaweratic jourost speoktog of the mad
attempt to overthrow this government as
wt would ptk of the tflort of our rev
olaliosary, forefather to esiubli.h iheir 1st-
indtftndmu X
cy refardrd
tab Desaacrat
tkt Ittartlrtt
tbe triumphant march of our armies, uud
their patriotic devotion lo the principles of
eoastitutional goterr.ruent.
This model Democrat Lad noopprthtn
sioa of tbe "fritrdom and Rdrpi.dcnce ol
tbe Sooth." 0, 110 1 Wohder what k
thinks about it bow T Wonder it JifTDa
via' skedaddling to petticoats bus weaken
d bl faltb aay in Iht "frttdum acd iudc
pendente f 1 tbe Koutb."
Uow strictly io .accord with the infa
saoosKattaKSt quoted above, is the decia
ratioa ofFeiuaudo Wood, io the Autum
oflBC3. He laid:
There iaoo such thing as rebellion under
tbe havtitBtittM upou which the gurvctu
sacai of tbU eouutry is luuuded. b'upjioss;
Xcw-Ya cbcae lu sevttie, who date ul-
M 18; prevent tier 7 . irgmla has th?
r rif sjt a Nest Yoik. Jt u lire duly
at tat people now tu refin; to.glre miou'.?.'
or auoiaer oaiwr lor Jiu purpose of,
arafrBg'iiti tat .war.
ksaatXlbe teaseatbertd that Hit Ker
msso Vftsod is ese of Ihe recognized lead.
tntflBsj jOeaweratie'BMi;.-! A man of
tlssjredcjfltellrtt.aail as iotamabdieg to-.
ftNMB it!s party. yjiidHssMfaBK-tMriy,
at aMr ssatioaal .ssaawsjrtooisasriioated
smasi fcc Tli PiajitJeirf-w bo always rru
ssi WTOtaa saaa ar a dolkr so carry oa
Ike' ym if tbe soppseMtofiof tke rtUllioo,
aai lat aaiataiaaac of tbe rigbtruf bu
laarKy tbe fsjssiat' VavemiBent.'' Sap
psasssaa j jsfla a4. asattweut of these
sasa aa tlM'ay bass UeBusfeessTul,
aassi'wsasa.aa aaW' iW; iMkstllyutb-
T f.'UJJl.g-'f "f -y. w " 1
W MsVlsW'aalTiiBi la" w vawni
blsisy Hum rf aaai,r-: ;r-M
f .1 AH - 4k
ffiurSS.anh"Iil,'''"M by the Mowing t.us from
'xigaimg jot (duty and who did tint bear them we would say. von wnL.on.til.i-r. miwuiio ,.- ..1,.,. ..n
" Twas thus thai Deinocra. itiUieil s fine treat. I ..... ...t .. 1 -. i,. . . .... . .
treason' Then, again, htur For all that pjca.lng is tolhlngcar. ,' iTcrv tal.!e. ..nl,,t,o,t 'fi,.'-
babble of tht trcad of ' rc comorlcd in one barmony." , ,,,',.:....,,..,"
...mJerj" meaning ihercby When the concert was over, the roon, . .
"""fij" MTICT-
m.y hum .!'csiiteK!
of me great qurs'.ton, wl.nt will be the.
lumrc w,me 'oonth"--oi.d rroMWrt
we nrcn In ludnv. Biaal..i.r.rcHL.'...
lotion thc wfcple prob&n. f I3 ''
The renegades one traitors,- -who !fiave
ibHowca thetertnneS-of one that was wil.
ling, mean, and cowardly enough, fits boas
ted chivalry to the contrary, to appropri
ate the habiliments of woman, have been
decimated bv the fell rsvara nfitnmml hr
HlCrllt In MTII-A flMll Mtttnt. rrt..t.. .... '
These thing bare caused a vacuum in those
Stoles visited by the ravages of.wnr which,
must by tome means be filled. This J,0nd
will still continue ,n '- accomplished bv
tho hardy yer-.n-mry nf the North. They
will lake wilh.thcni Xnrtliern manner ami
o".hera princple. Tho New Cnglandcr
will take bis enslnea ond hi knowledge of
mitmjracturc. The middle States will mid
their modes of commerce, and' the Western
man will retain bis knowledge of Improvrtl
agriculture and agricultural implement,
while the miner will delrc Into Southern
mines with nil the knowledge nnd rkiil
trained by so many long years of toil nnd
privation in California, Urcgnn, Idaho and
Hand In band with llioe. will go Dial I kountlnunse bri'enz up ez, he ikikljmz
trreat balwatk of nallonal frtnlom, thej''l,n,,y penny."
Northern system ef free school; by which ' ''"e li'sll.'h lnntwagc iz wrltin bl lu
I the youths of nil clajjes, whtlher Northern
nr bnuthern, rich or poor, will receive nn , '"T ,l:n' wii ever be iiduid tn n fiimt
etlucallnn the absence of wliich, prcdictrd I lw hnt it 2 U be hopd tlmt the time
Gen. Francis Marion, would be the canc
j of the ruin ofmerlen and her institutions.
When the North shall have en( Dtmanr'
of her sons as she can spare, Ktiropc will be
compelled to let her over populated com-'
munltie setk their fortunes in this new
arena of industry. ' enl novi ho lias not lernd to pel unli tz
Then will we sec the sunny fields nf the j the sound ov the werds Indicate.
South white with the bursting kkU uf ;IC ' The leters C, X nnd (J. with ther prrz
cntlon plant, or green with tint lofty talk ' '' fonetil: pownz. nr cnllrele netc nhll
tn inemaurennu sugur cane, T!te cry ol
worn outfields will, o-,se unow t,c supe
nor (ism di me truer JiuOoJirfman. The
Isnd will be gLddem.d by the petl of the
hilU wilt be covered by the countliM herils
grazing tiiercon, while her inouutulns will
be pierced by the sturdy miner.
Micn this sliall have lakeu place, then
,.. .. . , .. ,. .. ,,, , ,
Ihe resources of the booth will be develop
..I... 1 .. , , 1 , .
etl as Itir ntver wiro lwriiri. nml (nti.
lotions" be established that will be as firm
rf .. ... ....., nHM IHnn
and cndurlnz as her eternal hll!s. Thru
will thtr nation be bound In one strong
band ef Union, of North nnd South. Kasl
nnd West and woe betide ll.e power that
tries lo make headway ogaiitittbu great and
glorious American Nation.
ITatwabd i- Hau On the ldh Inst..
the people of Juckioovllle were favoied
t.'ith a visit of genuine musical talent oi.v
f l,0,c "" ' w icMem vouched
lo on inland town
Hayw.rd, althoogh
laborii.? under a severe indisposition, prov.
etl ItimKi ' a .'Inger of uncommon powers,
both tn sentimental ai.d comic performance.
Hull ur.d his .Mag'c Ilugle were the
. .. '
wonuer nnu uumiration 01 a.'' prneni. 1 lie 1
!... r .1 , . . I ... I .
iiiriuiiY in iiimn mnnn. ,tn.' .uii imxl nr- .
.'..." """" V "
1 bat strain again; It had ft dying fall
O, It came o'er my ear like lbvsivcituuth
That breath upon a hunk of violet,
Stealing uinlyu log odour.
Xul the Irast phasing of their perform
ance, was that ol Hull on his wondeiful
'tin whistle." Il proved without n doubt,
that there is yet music In some of the uM
timm:r at the fo'gc, ond the merry rattle lis tru leaic onto oz the Intthet leter in
of the loom. Her bays and harbors will ' silablel.ns In veld, ynro. etc. Itlsnhuti ozid
1 whitened by the sails of numerous ves-) hnwcvr at the l.egining ov n werd, with
ncls, nr.O her cities tkroogtd by the buy j nut giving tu the werd eneor Its one sound
thousands cngaced in commerce, and her i os In youth, young; in both iiwtanies ihe
nir. isrncially FulnrV Hornpit. Theling Wghtcned at his ereJl slrengih ol
jviiviiiiyvrc ui uuilllll uevue Oil IMC VIUIIII
and comet i olio (xeellenl. To ilitv
was cU'ired out for a socio! dauce, and
when "JJmIc nroie with It voluptuous
swell, all wri.'t merry as a marriage bell."
At hair past twelve the paily partook of
the excellml sujipcr prepurul by Mr.
Home, (ought llttlr homes, much jileuud
with tie evcalng's enttitulument.
Inoiaxs ARnKSTKl. I'Voni a soldier, In
rrom Ft. Klamath, we h'n.'n that lust wetk
Capt. Kelly had arrested six .'"'linns and
was holding them as hostagis for the rafe
keeping of two Indian slave. The laCl?
Ib the case are something as follows: A
Lrtsnnaw owuli.r tLe .lurm ,t:..l ,! ..,. '
cording to Indian custom the slave, lo
gether with some hone, were lo be kilhd
and buried with the squaw, dipt. Kelly,
being Informed of the proceiding, sent
,,ltm "o"1 ,,mt " thej- killed the slaves he
woufu f.oid them responsible. -Next morn
ing a squad ol men were sent to the icet;e
of action,, where Ihey round four hones
missing. They imoiedialely nrre.tfd six Ir
diB and infornitd llfcir companions Hint
unlets the rnfslng ilavc.be produced by Ihe
next morning, ihe'hostsge wouM,be shot.
"When our informant left, the slave had not
been, produced.
AThru txDi'oi-s.Exrr.oMox of firework
ta anticipated onthe Fourth of'July; raid
firewoiks-fo be bought at ilen. Jlow'
store, as Indicated by advertisement else
sibcre io tbi paptr.
Ruiocs.-.KaT.JLq1,Hcj1oajRal, of
nMhr.J,nrM j '. il, u. jb. obat'tO..
,u , .- i V .
:ttw,otHBastaTJ Ja.lytJOj
:7T. V" " ,
Conot umrnfr..
f xtraraaameics mt BnUiH
He who redes the Icglish huipwngcfiu
en He, scldum notifcs the tnenlnplcs maucr in
hwfch a lorg proporsbua ov the werd nr
spcld. In fiict, befor he kttu redo and rile
the htngwogc korrrktlc,'nkording to eslnb-
lishd usage, It is itcsisurc tlmt hctliud take
It up almost werd by werd, ond Km that
"coo git" spcl kof, "slough" spelt
slu, "r o n g h" spcls ruf, etc. He dart not
prononnsc n werd by onnlogc after Laving
made a fu ridiculos ruluiz. A torlnor. or
ter leri.'jg cnut ov the langwngo to inuk
himself understnd, bile a spcling book.
lerns the alphabet, and sun terns to kI
ba ba, bob, bi bl, bo bo, etc. Km
kourngrd bi lib: vnckscs so fur, he pursnz
the itiulc vigorujle, willmut crn 'U nmtr
I After n fu tveks nplikarhun, he fitters him
selftliut If lie ktint speke the Iniigwnge
i vcy wel I'C kan at leste fpelkorrtktle.niid
solitltsiDin frind to lest tils ukamplUh
mcnls in llmt, line. His Trend, a little wng
i.'li purhap, propczts I lie weid "uny;" he
triumphanlle replizc, "c n c ony." j, ,iz
, mortlfikafhun he lerns the vc,j Izspth
j " " $'' The werd ,,jv"jni. , m)i8 phn.
fronting bl the ..n ulrdle leri.d, hlz
mene mltur.z ofpepul fer us tit cntertane
w" knm vlien niulih ov the usles ili'plaov
I lelers fw Itd w ,c dun nua with.
''"tie first iuipreshnii nz the eiegtur.KS
1 ''er n fonttlk pepc iz. llmt it iz n suljtkt
ov burlesk or rldkiilt ; the stile nv sjnliiig
I helng muth the same cz that ov ll.e wiltt-
titer Iz no li. thin tin loundz In the leg
lih langwage iintrpiiznitid by ere dif
link! kurukltr. 1'hc Irter Y iz seldom
. nzetl in it lonclik kurakter, Iter
czed in
I leters yo have the louctl ov en sz cuth 1
j nnu enny.
i . Z -
n m ,,,. j , , , ., . ,, ,
During tie ncminislraticn nf Grnera
' m- if . .1 ,, .
1 "uililnglnn llurewasa paper pnb .bed.
. c 111
ofestrtme cnwervatlvelfm. called the .fu
om. ond tdiltd by one, Ilaelic. The follow,
ing U what this ancient Copperhead" said
of Washington on his retiring frnm the
Presidency: -The men who is the source
nf the mljfortur.es of our connlrv is this
djy reduced lo a level iih his fellow elth
I z:n. The name of Washington from Ibis
I day ceases lo give currency In political in
iquity and to h-gals-corruption." It n 111
j he readily perceived, by comparing this ex- j
' tract will, the maudlin ulirranevs ofmrMl
, crn copperhead., that the prnns Is the
same, but that the utterance of ll.e ancient "
species are fur more respectful than tho.
of the modern The fume of Washington
rests untarnished and secure tn the annals
. .....
"' "".. m -(nc 01 nit ineiuoris 01 lliese !
Imljnl nt...I 1. I.L.I. ,. .... ... 1
'iimifti ii: lu uuE.nl 11. n irn ni I
.... '' ... .. . .. .'"-'
uc me core witu Aiiralmnt Lincoln, the po-1
lilieal saviour of hi country. Cuiiiier- '
I heads may vent their spleen nud huil their 1
I poUnnous shafls of calumny ond ubue. !
hut thclrrnge is tntpolenl. nnd Iheir blows
loo wt.ik to reach their obj.-ct.
STAurzDr; and Smami it. A team,
standing in the real of the enclosure over
which Maltese nresfJe. ami Uemn.
lung, slarltd up street. The dorses be
dime dclachtd from nil rrogmnits nf ll.e I
'I UK Statue or h'eimtor llenton, of Mi
soar!, which was ordered six year ogo by
this cltizuit or St. Louis, of Mils Hurriet
Hosmer, urrivid tn that city on the 2d or
May. Ill ol bronzp, un Teet high, and
w! cast at Ihe royal foundry In Munich.
Its weight ii over flOOO thousand pnur.il.
A letter came with II from the sculptor
(j'ibion, who examined il in liurope and
pronounced It a splendid work.
SiSTEn'd AcAUAMr. We learn fiom
Ul'v Ku,,,cr U,a,lvlH:l ,l,at IhieeSislers of
Ulc.'ny Jm w reuuy 10 open a scliool in
Jaeksont.'.'le, on the "lb ol September next.
e will ptiblisii ot tlie prnjier time the
terms ofudmlision. 1'ulinT Hlancliet alio
tell us that he would be very gld lo re.
celve Ihe remaining subjcripiiutt, in order
lo give u general uccouiti or his ndminis
trulion of the Academv's fund.
Willi Ihe Issue nr Hie 17ih, Ihe Pioixtr
stops its pubheutiou io Copper Uny. TLe
pacer will be removed lo Shasta. We
sviili it gieat success Io its wider field ol
labor, aud shall ever welcome il to our ta
ble. Tuk Wkatiiko. During the latter part
oflasl-wctk cod the early part of the pres
ent, Ihe weather was exceedingly warm.
Por the lust few days, however, it bus
greully modified, and is at present nnusally
pleasant.' '
.MWOiots Bemces at Ashland and
I'hosalx-arepoiipoDedontil JuTrOih; at
MOXIOB.,BliUCth. J. W. MtlLSiU.
.Taeksonvilfr, Jane Qlb, tfifiS,
iitrriuiiu nriL- bluiiisstii 111 ilii-ji .. i-iviiiiiiv u
Fivmthi GolJtn Em.
Who talks of rcsioring the pampered
nristocrals and fiendish lender, of the re
bellion bgnin to cltinhlp. iherhy Insult-'
ing Ihe nation's sense of Justice, nud its
terribly outraged humanity, otter having
read the following:
He was home at last t II was for three
years he had enlisted. When his term was
nearly out, nnd just as his heart letpcd at
the thought or going Imnic, he was taken
prisoner. We nil know what the word
means in connection with "Andewonvtlle"
ttnd "Llbby." No shelter rrom rain, or
sun, or nisht dew; stung by vermin; de
voured by thirs t nml hunger. Sodiy nf
ter day dragged by, nnd f'wer and fewer
c.iine Ihouuhts of Imnte; for the light was
fmling cml from the sulr.-rvr's eyes, and one
only thought, any nnd night, pursntd hint
fid 1 foid! At Inst enme the order for
exe'iimee, nnd .Tnliti was taken with the
rrsi. n lie could bnr the rtmoval slowly
hemt ' Oh, how joyful they ull were r.s
tiny walltd fur Ills ciinitng ! llmv lender
ly he should be cared fur and nurt ed Ili-w
soon Ins ntlemmted furm should ! clothed
with flesh, nnd the old spnrkl of fire come
back tn his tided eves. Iluir they won't!
love him ten tliou.tjnd times better for his
rotititry's sake. A i.d when lie got better,
how Ihcy would have the neighbors come
in and lUlcn In his storiis tibout the wnr.
Oh, ye5 ihey would soon make Jnhii nill
niruin. Nine ten eleven n'eluek It was
Hlmnst time tor htm to be llierc. Sny uml
Jenny were quite wild with j'tyj mid .Mull
er kept wyiiig, "girls, now be quiet;" but
all the time she kept smoothing the wsy
clulrby the fire and fidgeting ubnul worn
ilun any nt them. Then there wus .Wi it
sliont ncnt up when .Susy, wlio wn looking
down the tout! Iron) ihe end window, lie's
entiling 1 father' coming ! uml as fast us
her frrt cnutd curry her thrnuh the dour
and down the i-ntd she Q.mv; nnd Jenny
followed, nud Mnther ? Well, sir rtund
there, with beuting heurt nnd briminitig
eye nf jy nn the ihrelm!:l. IJnt wlmt
uiukes tlie girls so quiet ns they reach the
wugnn wttir 'fuiher" Is sitting t Why
don't f.tthcr kMsand liuj litem. autl he thne
long years away ? lie is olive, thank Gml,
il'e It" cmiM tint be silling there why
don't lie kks hlsglrb? He don't ki.M 'Item,
he don't sjieuk to litem; he don't evtn
know Susy uml Jenny, ni Ihey stand there
l III white lips nnd young fuevs fruzeii
with terror. It is father but look ! lie is
only n cruzy skeleton. And when ihey
came to hint, he only stretclted nut lit
long, bony fingers, ond muttered, feebly
tlreud! bread! Oh, give me some Itrciui!" ,
A ltd when Ihey brought him tn, crowded
round and kiiird him, and carried him to
the warm fire, and, with strenmiirg ryr
of pity, showed lilm the pleniifitl table, he
only looked vacantly in their fuces and
muttered, '-llrv-ad! bread! Oh, give me
some bread!" And to every body H10
mm trttn 1ia !.io till fl.A l..k... I. .If. I
I tt,kh wn. tvrr ,nnB. U ..,1.1 ..111 .......'
,lrM1t... ,, .. . ... 1 ..1 ., '
cvcr ,irori, fim ..,, .,
OiMgtATiHTKP Got up nml dusted, or
Iiy tume niher mean, left the cntinlvmn nr
. ..... . . Illljr"ll nr
. ah, ih. v.i ii.i. ti..i .
... ,.j , ,.i ,,. Ono news.
per proprietor. Solicitor nnd Attorney at
'. Troclur In Adiiilntliir, I'roHcullii" At-
,orn.v t the Fir.t JuJIolttl Diuriet of Ore-
8"' "'
id newspaper proprietor. Solioltnr, etc..
etc., itc. Is u joints mm, not cc.-.liiig nr
Ivvtom or age, inl.MIu s.z-il. om tubal
lld. pltMlo voice, eaiiwd by bntiielill r.
rojtion in youth, had on, when he left, n
pair uf Iwots, Im not visibly UinS bid by
hi nnU; he ulso wor.- mmI, h uml va H
" carisd a wnteli. n burnlte r IdlN for cup
,,c"on-',r""t'iiro,s.)oo quill tooth-pick'
(tic lias in'tiiT clothe nt home); he dot.
not carry wciacle nor wear a enne.
When lal heard from he was making Ids
way through her MnJty' dominion. In
the direction ortho north pole, and It l
llinught If he don't hold up orgt htihd up.
he will eventually nnch llmt lutereillng
spot, tthero he will lw pulittid nt by every
coniian 011 the lerretttal ephere.
Should any perron or tvrrous kc such nu
I1nllvld11.1l. thpy ll plmtc lei him jmm un.
mile their name tlioiild npHaraniuiix that
bundle of hills for collixllon. in ,vjch ca-c
they had belter buy lit' pnptr that coiitalits
It. Tor !io It on the sell, and wilt sIm ibtm n
great denl or trouble if they don't, Tor ho .
a regular bore In n legal way, and ten elm: .
cc In titte, will make it nccctiary for you tu
come to hit terms at last.
Statk IVin Kxlenslve tHcnarM!'
are being made '
Tlhcineiti-- ,,. ...
nut Stule F,.lr of Or.gon, It. be htld , Su
(em, on the 3.1. .H,. 5,, ou, CI( 0 0co
lr. From tlie list or premiums and the
gem-ia, plun 01 11 nrrat.gtm.nli.. we ,1VJ
tin l...ll.t I ...III 'V .
::""" " "'" ""le anything ,lf ..
kind yet held it, Oregon. We ,no .0 ir
J-cksnn county tuken hadllimnm
Z b. . 'C """'''fill. State
lha.ul ,,ouB1 remote from ,hc mal,, bdy
of he Slate, both In loeali.y and (n.ere ,
and dependent for l most part onr
"".-.v ... ,nns, nranclK of industry that
will be on l.lblilon at Ike FIr.
nrr1 H0,8' K' ,Iai,,f'0, cpt
Onii-e,flndWm.n..rrum0.t theKxpres
UIice, have each just received a fitf 8,otk
orncwtelionl book.
"To Bu ItEovr.D.T)(e fl,g.gofr
Kxprtss corner has been- t,rn.,n..,i .!.
nk by the Uo,.d of'l'Wm, and I to be
Four yrnrs ngo JifTerson DVia left the
Senate of the United Stntcs w'ilh ,nn au
dttuclous swngcer; nn Insulting nml trcM'1
enable farewell speeelt, to set up a slave'
Kmptrc In the South of which ho'should
be chief. Xo i ffort was mado on .the part
of President Iluehannn to slop him or Ills
associate, hut he wno nllowtd to depart
In ponce, while the old traitor, with the
consummate cunning nf a hypocrite, sal
down und ptetcmlid lo weep over Ihe woes
which were threatened to the country; but
wliich his own treason had conlribrled to
Invlir. He did nothing lo avert the blow
which he taw dent tiding, Tor his own itrm
hud uddtd rorce to Ihe Btrnke. The heart
or the Nation siord Hill. Abraham I.111.
coin lell Ids home in the West. Chitrpe.l
with Ihe mighty purpose of the lb-public;
reeling the uwful nspoiisibiliiy ni bis liu-l
in that drend hour, he said told iieighbni
at parting. "Pray for me I" mid ullulni'i!
the line nf Itis journey to the C'upilul. I.e
itpieuhd lo the people 10 nfk Oftl In Mt
litin himntid Ihtin. The lightnings look
up Ihe siiltinu rtqii'Sl; ten lliuusitiitl press
es lluew it forlli, courier look It frm
city to town 11 ml hum lit, neighbor n prat
ed il to neighbor till, trout the St. Jdin lo
the Citluinbitt, from the Imzollie ellfls if
liltie Superior lo the buiilts of th( Ohio nud
rri'wtitt ttp.iilike rrt.m the pit
ioiiiifwinllhitiidll.ehilt.rilit -
Ktinsa, there
lu'.lal iiiansion
pittmtr; rrom the grnitlle cltiitcliis 01 me
Hust tied the slub-wullrd lemph (fllc
Wtst. (ri nt ihe pule ticeoutiliiiil, the sun
burnt farmir. fiuin the mine nnd timeline
li.ip, 11 pmycr to Uod for the nutlun und
Its Prcslthnt.
Tin.- world langheJ in derision nt our si
lence, und did nut hesitate lo ray thnt cow
tirdice wits its chuh; tlmt we would xlehl
tn tfccs'lnn without striking u blow. Hut
the people cume eat of the suiicliinrie
nlilelt Ihe Irowds of pence hud ilteorntiil.
iirnnd for buttle. The turning Monuicli
its took 1111 a look of nimtzrinviit wher liny
saw the flag of the lit pulioe imihd to ee
try Protestant ftispte in the North; nhen
liny saw the Itinguts of iheir btus'it tirll
tliuintd bulk, uud wouhiptrs tuiutmimt)
lo Iheir dcxuliiit by lie lull id the drum
and I lie ror nf artillery nt Ihe door ul
their teniph. These wnrhiper pmyed
for Abruham Lincoln ! The buttle wns
set in urruy, uid whin blond bicun In
pour in siiroius, whin the plains nlMissnu
ri smi'hid like a itrlltirg cuutdinn, whm
the ltitpldan and Itiippalaiinoe!: grew nd.
it ml curivt ihnked the swuiup tiriieho
before Itieluipml, the
laliiius ixchitiiiid:
"Oh! the ruthless butihiry! Oh! the
useless cot.llict , li t us interim- lo put nn
crd to this caunlns rcri'ige. this awful
mutuality of murder."
lint Justice wu returning lo America;
It swoid was bathid in Heaven and mutt
come down lu jtidcmint. For tie mon
strous sin nf the natien, (lie calico met!
make atftxmrnt.
Lincoln is born back to til nc'ghhnr
of Springfield, ileuil. nrd the Hi public en-
sht'iKs his mtmory in its urn.
His assassination was the nposalypic nf
the Hehcllion. All I hut there was iTIlr
utlcr hiuVfimrsess of osptcl, that Jeitl nl
damnable IreJchery revtruhtl. Justice lus
ritttrnul u mcoi.' captive wear eliuins in
the piiion of the city he lell lour years ago
bmiidiililng hi sword, ni 'wnggcrlns
ubnul ns ho went, like Cuinh.'i' in tin
slriel nf Home. Like Earduitanc'ui nl
old, oho he put on tlw dress ot' n vtim.M-
whin he gac up the empire. Wlittl n
wretch, 10 hove it far lost the fii-liitf nf
n mun ns tn rennuncd nnd tibaniloii hl cx
Heroic Justice sliull swing him rrim lh
Ihiiiii, whntn Inrlurc nl sh tine will nick
him I Theie I one mlitr di'uuise undi
wh'ch he mlulil enneinl hi uljicHrs. I
(nd would bestow tlie curse nr Ihe Kme
r Habylon upon him; drive him forth
rrom ttninng men until his Imlr should trow
like the ingle' fenthcr. nnd he ivnu'd enl .1
-rnis like nn ox. He is being irlul now
for Ins life, and what I 11 worth. 6'.
" ANTr.D. Till' lllSl I Vlllrlll-.. nfn ,.,.,
try's pnicrly is the iimiippliid demand
for winking men. S-ieh i ll.e case w hit
pirts. nt h-asl, or Souihern Onxnn. In
support ornnr premle. we nfer our rnl
its lo thendvertiwrnent of S. A. Hillnrr.
.Minrr Itavti.g in view northern fit-Id tiMa.
bnr can find iinploymi-nt nearer homo l.r
"I'plylng nt the hdge of the Knterprlc
.iiining compitny, n Jntp,ir Cnnniy.
Hrrri,-nxi.D.We nre glad to see the c..
j nTnl face nf TJ. 6- Ilny.len j:i , nrcc more
in our midst, ne reiumed ,, ',,,.,.. .
eveiihm r,mn e. n. ..." v
....... ..,. t .nuv.Mo wiierp lie
bad been for soma wriks past on biwine
-I'MtKingulllhubelttr Inr'n sliglit Huge
nf Klln.ltin . 1.I..1.
-- M.vu pervaues his counten
ance. Tttr Gni.or KnA ti,c pc;fi0 Cnai
hs long had tho reputation or rurt.Ishtt.g
Ihe bt newspajiers extant. , n lriClly
literary and iiewspnrcr Ihe Got,hn V... 1.
elder among i,c best. It cnrfcspon.lence
nnd ediintlul ore of that or!r.lni;ir
i !c to peculiur to thLs coait.
Not Gor YCT.-Orvil Dodge, who.
wennntiuncid some time since, was trolii"
Jo Fort Klamath, wislim in ...... ......
, - ' ..- IIIUI
he has posiponed-his visit fttr a fcw-'wroki.
and ts still prepured to render iifi -Ihe hu
mnn face divine," at his roonVln tills
Bej,-, Uow.desires to sse.vm. .1 t.t. c...
beforo July 41b, "!
ItrAM-s. iir TT"-
"iw 1 : .4 - '-WitJraseiifci
o In aliiatl-fc.ijs
( Vs.,,
" v 'rmers ol this valW Ua Jj:
.. rarmer. tn,ed Skwl
01 ini'tr uitni.t... 1. . o ""
l.r rl,l- ":;."' ' B"1 nP bk
. """ "'I una not .:.
lice with mnv hrrM.r' bMn P
fnnny heretofore,
livrnr nation Im n day ,0 ,.. , .
nml ull should ret,.:-. .f :KM
occasion. n..r Z "."" " ?M tWt
necoshm. Our notlnnt ,1.. r., .. ,Ml
.ftily HIi. Those .!!,:-
vm iiuiiuiini Ma vf !
N't 1 . . ' ' "JO'CUW it
I llOJC det r hw . . ..
Innlinor bI..I.1 u .
, n'"F l0 undf BillrDarW-b,
"r ewny.rn.dhisndrertWcment,
f A Kumr-A womsn (,trl
"f '""."l-lc ''Went one evrn'Ust
'rik, bad her house rnlered td robbed el
ver I wo huitdnd and fitly dollars This
led within ll.e Inst Tew weeks.
I)n. HKAnx.-Thme wishing to disMMi
..in, i.i.i . ""pens.
... - ..u....,i-,niC moi.r, or to tvfUt,
their stock nr Incisors, would do well lot,
mrinlirr that Dr. Hrnrn is sipW U
Jal',''onilc rW a short time only, 4S
govern lliemsclres accordingly.
Joti.v C. IlnrxKisniDOB. -The ftfe
grtth niinnnnces that (lib demnre-n(J
' l',u'r r m'lors has mado his esetipeto
l - ",,"'oml hu iheatid the gallows of
1,111111 w jartiy unp.
Xr.w Potatoia The r.rrrcr of tbrs
valley me daily enjoying their dkhes of"
new pointont. Whvn they have Ihon.ugh
lystilbfied tlcirowntippellies,einpfot
Ihey will lutnj n few to market.
XJ nl Hit; TuiiMiry. the iiiiilir.lgiml bn
unuinv-il the neiteptl SitlrJnplioii Acenej
lor the Mile of Unilt-d Stitra T...
I N'nti-. iH-ntlitg seven mid thriT-tciiIWi ptt
I cent, iulerert, nr ntiiium. kttuwnas iba
These 'oteftr Iuetl under dale Just
l.'lli. 181 A. oThI are myaUe three year
I10111 tlmt tint", in currency, or ore courtr
lillv, ul the option oT tltu holder, luto
U. S. 5-20 Six per cent
There bond nrc now worth a prfrninet of
nino m r cut. including gold Interest trom
NiiieinlHr. which makes the actual profit
it the 3iyMjii at current ratef. Including
liit.-fct.aljum ll'irpsrcTlir. per oonunu.bi.'
fltleii ti KXKSirnirx raov rrATKAxn jrract-'
rti. taxation, wiiiui ami imm OMC TU
iTHHi.i. i-li; cent. Mom:, atcwrOlii? to tbo
title lex lid 1111 oilier prupsTty, Tle lakr
vt I (KtjabK- In currency, Mini-aunutllr,
by cotiputit nltaehtil to each note, which
nnt v Ik: cut ol!' autl tuld tu aay bunk or
Thu interest amounts to
One cent per day an a t SO not.
TmocciiU " SlD'J
Ten - 5U3 "
2U $1,0(10 "
Note of Ml dritnntlnatiou named win I
promptly lurtiithid ujiou receipt orut:rif
littits. TliUis
now oflertil by the Guveruineut. and It Is
u-jiiUU'iilly ti.el' d thul it superior adrac
lugei will make it lb
b3c.it rorrun loan cr tiic rnoru.
Less than S30O.O0O.O00 1 Ihe loan n.
thori.ul by the Itt L'ougrvis, are now oa
lite market.
Tbi- amount, nt the rale nt wlleh It !
bvlng nUurUil. will all be -ib.crIId for
ullliln limr ,nr.iilli. nliell tliO liotm will
J ttodonbudly contui.iiid a prvuiluin. t hu
, iniihiriiily l-ii Ibecne oiicloi.'off the ittb-
i rlitlii:i to sillier l.uuns.
In inlr that cit zetts or every totrn ss!
etit'il "f tin' country timy l ntranliil fa
ellllltv for Inking the hmu, tltv Nttl.oc.il,
Haul.-, tjiul" JIaul. und I'riiale lUtlrri
tliioiigliuut lite couiilry haie geuenlly
aurwil lo receive mUerlplIuBi st wr.
.-ulicrilK.r will imlecl lln-lr uu s;eoW, a
nhiiiti Iht-y liue conlldeiic.', mid "kQ ly
aiv 10 be rifHtiilblo lor Hie dcllisry ot tlrt
tiutes Tor which Ihey leeelve order.
Sulcrlpllou Agent, I'hIUdclpbU.
ilpy 2U, Ihl4
Pru OvcmaiNU 'J'.utoiirii :
I'muDixriiu, May 17th. 18C3.
I 2d Serits ull old. Commenced on 3d
lu-riis. Two Jlundml and Thirty Mil-
Ht.n(230,llliO,OtiO) prieisely Ik. other two
S.-rit,ixuildatid ISth July, ond Gov.
erimieiil rwno the light ' luy ,ix Pr
J cent, to Gold iuitcud ol 7 30 Currency.
' Subscription A ireiit. I'liiladelplds.
O UA LKD Pioposal lo furnWi the (roops
ilt.ri.g in. lcai yntr, , smi ., -- "-;
1 8UU, will oe received uy lite js-"
U..iiniii-ty ofMibsii-ii ncc ot that post or
,.i t-t .. .tniv vniL tfiiia.
The Us-I in be or u good onJ iwrksl ,
We ituality. tu Kpial n.porllqnj oj lore
Mini Itiiid iiuurlera J necks, shutiks OBd W-,
u.-v talluw 10'be i-xcludetl, und bn-osllrirs-iii'd
ti.1p.11; lo be delivertsl in feb qoaBll
tirt us iilav be rnm time I" '" mjowW'
1.11.I 011 Mich day mi shall be deslgaated 7
the Muiiiiaudii'g ifliver. .
I'uiiiiLiit lol mode monlWy "r"
1p1.1l.111y of InrriicceiHi-d, or .asooa &'
..a luitil limy lw reeviv.d f.lloit ?$
Propisul to neniricieu-iiiiiic-v-.Giiniii'aryurButsMaci,-Ii:Klsw'
i.i Jae'.son,vill.-1Orr4Jr r,lu."'
doritl no Ihejeiivelone. "I'rojat 10 lttf.
nisi. rrh bAT." ' , .rt
Propo'ul to he accompanied by a costs
nunc of two uood and suflicleitl surities lor-
jllie iierriirninhixvir-lhoeoqlratt. '
Tlie riglilrio're-l-.uny or ufiop rp, y
sals U roerw-d. '
WM. KKLLY. Capl. ll Car..
Ongon VoJunteeiijAvUo,- Jt ,
. Tort Klamath OregoiT, June ICIb, '
Js-I7aft 4