Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 04, 1865, Image 4

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Squandered lives.
The fidiennan vadca In lie surges 5
The sailor satis over tbo eca 5
The soldier stepi bravely lo battle ;
The woodman lays ax to Ue lrec
The are each of the breed of the heroes,
Tbe manhood allempcrcd in strife i
Strong hand that go lightly to lalwr,
True heart that take comfort in lire.
In each Is the seed to replenish
The world with the vigor It needs
The center of honeit affection?,
The Impulse U geacrous deeds.
Bnt the shark drlnki the Wood or the risk-en4.
The sailor U drowned In the sea
The roldler lies cold by bts eonnon
The woodman It cruhcd by hli tree,
Each preJIgnl life that Is wasted
In manljr achievement unseen,
But lengthens the day of tbe coward,
And strengthens Ih'e crafty and mean.
The blood of the noblest Is lavIiheJ
That the sclfl-b a profit may find;
Ilut Cod sees the lives that lire squandered,
And wc ts hie wisdom arc blind.
Kcbcl Cabinet Resigned.
Rebel Congress withdrawing
and going home.
Heavy guns being mounted at
City Point.
Dispatches from Colonel Liv
ingston. Advices from Little Rock.
nuflilo 26th.Tlic fire only ecajed tut
olgbt by burning Itself out. AH tbe bnild
logs on Maine and Court Street were con
sumed. Three firemen were killed by rail
ing walls.
Detroit, 2Glli. Firo in Knit Saginaw
this morning destroytd properly valued at
75.000 dollars.
Hamilton, Canada West, 2Cth. A pork
packing establishment was destroyed this
moraine br fire. Lost is over n hundred
thousand dollars.
New York, 2Ctb. TimM special says:
Every member of the rebel Cublnct except
nae resigned. Congrcwmeu ore withdraw
ing homeward. Johnston refused to takt
command of Benurtgard'a department.
Lee declines to take command of ncy nrciy
but bis own.
Qucobtc, 2Ctb. Id rarliamcnt last
nlgbt, Attorney Gen. brought in a bill
providing for the lapprtwlon of outrages
on the frontier, tbe manufacture and slilj
wentofarms for unlawful purpocee, and
providing for the seizure and examination
of inspected vessel.
St. Louis, 2Gtb. Lfcte advices from
East rail, Mitsiuippl, confirm tbe report
that the lBtb Tennessee regiment, 600
itrocg, encamped at Clifton, Teen., bad
sent word over tbe lines that they wished
to surrender, take the oath and return
borne. In the Louiinca Senate, tie 17tb,
. molntloDf paMcd to Ike tbird reading, re
questing that delegation In Congress to
vote for tbe eoMtltutlocal amendment
prohibiting slavery, pledging the General
Assembly to ratify the amendment.
Tjrtress Monroe, 241b. The gunboat
Advance arrived from Fort Fisher this A.
Mm with a portion of tbe crews of the
blockade runners, Stage and Charlotte,
captured on tbe 21st. while endeavoring to
run into Wilmington with a cargo of ri
fles nuil blinked, being ignorant of tbe fact
thai Fort FUher was occupied by ou,r
Headquarters, Army of the Potomac,
34tb. Quiet reigns along tbe lines of this
army. Had weather prevails the last few
days, making it Impracticable to carry on
Military operations. Deserters are coming
Into our lines In squads of from 12 to SO,
who tell most doleful stories of tbu hard
ships they have endured, of tbe scarcity of
provisions, and predict the end of the re
bellion near.
New York, 27lh The Herald's ;7ash
logton special sayi tbe Indian Department
has determined to take prompt action io
regard to tbe Indian interference with tbe
overland mails.
"Washington, 26th. Admirat Porler i
in his report to tbe Secretary of tba Navy
says we picked op a telegram from Lee to
hU subordinates bere.eoying IfFisherand
Caswell are not held, be will have to evac
uate Ricbmeed.
New York, 27th. Heralds special dis
patch says It Is reported that Inconsequence
of the readiness manifested by the Canadi
an authorities to refund the mouey stolen
by the St. Allan raiders, and their Inten
tion of taking efficient mearares to prevent
raids In the futur , the Secretary or State
will soon rescind his passport order. .
CoL North, JStale agent of New York,
tried for fraud on the soldiers, baa been un
conditionally released.
Fortress Monroe, 2Sth. Heavy guns are
being mounted at City l'olnt and other
places, to oppose the rebel Qeet should it
again attempt to pass that point. Tbe ram
Atlanta was ordered op the James river
lost sight.
Torotito, 271b. Tbe Burleigh case was
decided this morning. The Judges were
.unanimously of tbe opinion that the prison
en should be given up.
New York, JIttu Tribune's Fort Fieber
eorrcsfoadent says the rebel bave construc
ted bteottworks nearly from the ocean to
the river above our Uses, and are evidently
preparing to contest our advance as bct
Si. Louis. 27lh. Dlsralch from Col.Ltv-
Ingston, dated Tort Rcamcy.sayi he bas
been np Republican Tlrer nearly to Raccoon
Fork, searching for Initans; thence to
where Col. Cblvlnglon had his tight. Their
main tratl was weft along the Republican
river. It Is believed they crossed the riatlc
25 miles west of Juleaburg. There It still
a rear-guard of Indians around Jnlcdmrg,
watching Livingston's movements. Col.
Livingston says the overland stage should
ran, aul he will protect them.
Little Rock, Ark., advices to the 17th,
ay Ehclbywa blockading the Arkansas
river fifteen miles above that City, tn pre
vent vessels passing to Fort Smith with sup
plies. A detachment of troop has been
sunt, which attacked Shelby on .Saturday.
The particular arc not kaowu, further than
that we lost MO killed, and that Shelby
evacuated the place after n scrtons fight.
New York, 27th. Jeff Davis ba Iwucd a
proclamation, appointing Friday, the inih
or March next, as a day of public ratlnp,
humilltatlon. prayer and thank-giving, ani!
Tor Invoking the favor and guidance of
Almighty Ged. lie carurotly Invite told
tcrs and citizens to observo the tame with
snlrlt or rcvereiiee.repenlaaee and prayer.
New York. 27th.-Late advices have
been received from Texa. It Is reported
that the commander Mimii permit
ted the rebel press rung to crow from
nrnnrnsTllle and conscript Union refugees.
Several ladj refugees have arrived at New
Orleans from Gaivwlnn. They report
great suffering there for want of fuel. In
anlnteivlew under a flag of truce, Capt.
Scott, In a verr dcpondlng manner, said be
and many otben bad drlerninrd to Join
a corps which Maxtmllllan Is forming.
New York, !8lh. Panama advice state
that treat offence has been taken by Sn
Salvador and Nlearangn liy Cosla Klca glv-
lng Gen. ltnrryes, off San Sahndor.nn axy-,
liim. Tbty bad Ifsued a protest against
the act. C.uatamalla and Honduras were i
likely to rollow the example. Sau Salva-;
dor has prohibited all co.nmimieatiou with
Costa R ca. so long as Col. llsrryes remains !
SS S; eo.o;erop In cfnd Amerl-
ca Is turning out veil. I
Cairo, 28th The Steamer Kcl!pe ox-
L" "LSUl w
yesiemay. i. .... i-v-i-.- .
Mofwhom were klltrtl and mlMlag, and I
C) wounded. All tLt guns or the 90tb Jnd.
battery wwe lost.
Toronto, 2ttth. In Burleigh coij it Isun
dentood no further action can be taken.
San Franclico.-30th. Saturday gold was
2:12. Some telegrams report It at 2:15
grceuWks, 46x48.
Drnnowo tup. ItoxANrt:. A story If
(old or a young fellow who, one Sunday,
trolled Into a church In West Philadelphia,
and, during the service, wni clectrifitd by
the sparkle of a pair of black eyes which
were riveted on his fucc. After tbe service
he saw tba possessor of the witching orbs
lave the church alone j and embolden
ed by her-glanoes he ventured to follow ber
hie beart aching with rapture. Ho saw
ber look behind, and fancied she evinced
some emotion at recognising him. He then
quickened Ills jiocc, came up with bcr ; bui
we will pcfruit the young gentleman to toll
the rest bis owu way :
Noble young creature," thought 1. 1
" Iter artless and warm heart ii superior to
tbe bounds of custom.
u I reached within a stones throw of
Iter she suddenly bulled, and threw her
face towards mc. My beart swelled to
bursting. I reached the spot where fie
stood. She began to speak, end I took eff
my bat at If doing reverence to an angel.
"Are yon a pedlar?"
' No, my dear, that Is not my present
MVell, I don't know," continued .b-,
not very bashiHliy, eyeing me sternly. M 1
thought wbtu I saw you iu tbe ineitlig
bouse that you lookrd like tie (ndler that
nnrml a nwtir half rlollnr on me aLont a
week ago, and io i wa determined to keep
my eye on you. llrother John has gd
home now and be says that if be ever catch
es the fellow he will wring bia neck for
him; and I aim sure but you nre the good
for nothing rascal after all."
Savsu. There U a world of Jy shut up
tn that little word navcd. How ronny a
dawn or rich nnd golden beauty ror tbe
soul bos It ushered lu after a gloomy n'gtit
ordrrred hopus and anxious watcilng
It Is always a snect word to bear a sweet'
er word to apeak,
So full of happy music
when the Hw utter It. So full of lianpkr
meanlug wbeu tbe beart feels it. The vo!e
never brcathts it but the face becomes radi
ant with joy, and tbe eyes sparkle with de
light. Et cry chord vibrates with luexpress
Ible pleasure, as tbe musle falls upon tbe
ear, long waiting In anxious expectation.
It has a history or its own, written lu the t
mingled experience of joy and orr w of
many a soul. Few there are who have ut
tered it with more or less a meaning,
through whose soul It has not sent a thrill
of delight, filling too full for utterance.
Sound it out on tbe still of night, and some j
aching heart will take it up and send It
back upon tbe gloom and darkness. It is
tbe avenue through which the soul breathes
out its overflowing gratitude. Its whole
expression Is that of thankfulness.
Saved 1 nnd from vbat ! Ah ! from a
life of lntempereoce, misery, or crime, or
degradation, or shame, or Infamy and from
death. If you have known, klud reader,
what it is to have the object of your heart's
best affections snatched from any of these
calamities, you would Cad no word that
would so fitly express the outgushlog thauk
falluess of your heart, as tbo little word
Saved 1
Ekcob loves to walk arm in arm with
truth, lo make Itself thought respectable.
Be pare bat not stern : have moral excel
lence, but doat bristle with It.
Opposite thcMcCully Buildings,
Jacksonville Oregon.
Madame Jeanne Be Koboam.
The Madame takes this method of tendering her thanks
to the public, for the patronage which has hitherto boon ex
tended to her; and would respectfully solicit a continuance.
Her Ttil,
are always tinder her Imme
diate control; and by her long
experience In tbe business sbo
feols conBdcnt that sb will
give siitlrw satisfaction to all
Jnvkronvillc, Oregon, January 14 th, 3SC5.
The latest wrlcs of School book will be
found on the shelves; to which udJitlons
arc IkIhc constantly mail-'.
STATIONRK1 M mr nrwr wauji.,
Consisting of llnncrons Oelubrated I.luea
Writing Tapi" " " 0,1"-'r ,n,,,1 ,
KNT.LOl'Wornll kiiidn. sor: and U.
Copy UwiU Ked. Mm. blek. cwylns
t'i... i.i.t. l..L S'iiw-1 nrn. rocket.
cmm, ,j de,i, inUiai,,!., li.l nuA pcnc:i
!.,, i'en Knifcd. rl-r Folders. I.fl
,.niclls. Curpentlr rnelK Kmwiug pencils
a.'d Drawing! .Ac Ac.
Bancrofts Disrics for iBO
Containing list or stamp dut es. and other
&i W'SR- K
hlhll cvcr KOl ,,.
a gwd supply orTaw books, I oeket and
latluTKt'ignand cmle
k ,, urtanlly on Kami.
' V miiri.A1IN(; l.lltlt K of new
nml select Sovil", In will aiwmuus aro
made by every steamer ninll.
Orders Tor any Iwofc or books not on hand,
promptlr filbd In tin days notion
CALlI nud git a Iettirr,taiid If there 1
none, buy material and write one. tbtrelry
natrouUuiug boihl'liele Sum nud
1 . V. llAIMvS.
Bo turf nml Stiliscrllip for .T.
T. llvnillry'k lliwour or tub
fiitKAT lt:m:i.t.ios ; lhu most antUrntte and
Impartial work mi Ike prcscut war In the
t'nlWd State ; showing tbe rau-i'. rise aud
progress of the Rebellion ; the upridn: aud
entbuilatm of the 1'enpU, the l'alriotlc lib
erality and cheerful olunteerIne at the
North and West.lba Immense military and
lluancial resourees of the Gomnmciit t the
raising, organizing, ncd rurntrblng both
Armies and Naviiri ele etc.
IT Is KmbeltUUwl llb airr sixty flrst
claw steel engravlngn. and over forty Per
traits or ofltavr', prominent in tbe war
liotb North and South.
This work Is sold by Sulicrlptlon. only.
Canvassing Agent ror Soutbevii Oregon.
N B.Thls work can be bad In either tivr
man or L'nglUh.
Jaeksonvllle. icSHtnr 2I. I64; U
Administrator's Salo
XTVriCE In heribv clven. that by virtue
i i' of on ordor. md' by the Oount Court
I will svll for easli. In tue niglwK iwiqrr ai
auction at tbeeouit beue doorju thecunty j
orJackson andSlate or Oiegnn.on Saturday, j
tbe 3ll-!nt., bctwevil tbe hours of uluu
o'clock A. M., and lour r. iU, nil me real
property belonging to the enlnte or the late
INv. J. F- Gray, dtas.il, situati-d In the
aforesaid county and Mate, being plana o,
j 74 In township 37, south of I!. 2, wet, be-
' $ & & ft
iuc rouia
eKce south
20A0 chains, thence east 80:00 chains
thence north 20:42 chains, thence wet79:9U
chains, to tbe place, cf Ugtunmg ; contain
Ini- 1G1 C4-1P0 acres.
- ....... r... . .. .J .
Liitucu. i uuiic flam r
deelOwi 1'liicnlx Hire 8lh. iMit.
Slandard Scvriiig Mncliiuc
or ths
From which all others derive llelr illality.
All others pay license to Howt. Jr., tbt
. C m mven o r ru j-h-u c. jv
',,, ,. ,.,i,.,. .,, m .. .,,!.,
,11k or thread with ciiual facility from Uie
tblckneu of One inutllu lo barneu lealliirj
stitches; will gather aud sew on at the s.ue
time. They are very simple, easily undtr
stood and managed; are durable, Ulog of
great strength and of rfct inecbanbm,
upon correct a&d Klentltle mechanical prla-
Family machine bos no euual. It does lbs
entire range of work In lbs most aparovsd
manner. Price SjsUO 00, with fu'.nrn
complete: and with cap to cover tbe ma.
cblno patt, locking securely, fU5 OO.idUaolvlmr the bonds of marriage existing
Price or the "A." oearl-Oaithed maoblue.
in.-A " ihAri-nntnfi mHtitiiu
with cap, 975 00; Letter "I)'' light manu
facturing machine, SG5 03, and with cap.
$70 00;.Letter '-O," heavy manufacturing,
price $83 00; "D," cylander machine, 91 15; i
"." large cylander machine, JU0. j
We aUo have for sale the Improved Little
Giant machine 920; the New England ma-.
cnine ia.
No. 3, Montgomery .Street,
San FancUeo,
Sole agents for tbe Pacific Coast,
Ean Francisco, Oct. 8, 18CL octl&mt
JacksoHTlltc, OgH.
SUPERB rfeotograph Albnms can be
bad cheap, for cash, at J. How's, next
I door above Bradbary k Wade.
. ... nPAV.nn.uT
LI 5 MM KfrXlilKlnl !
IIUILL Hill HiiUiKuiiniii 1
Iter ItrtU anil Ilonm,
arc fltrd tip In lbs mot com
fortable style; suited to tha
accommodation or single oc
cupants, or families. Her
btds arc always kept clean
PoT Ornra DLr'T. Wxmiinotos Cnv,
October lith. 18C4. t
I'nnrrmM will Ihj recelied at the Con-
trac t onico of this Dipartmwit until 3 p. i
nr Man-It Clh. 1FM, (to bo decided by the
1.1th.) lor cum eying the Malls or the nil
tnl Slati. In tbe .State tl Oregon, Trom
July lt. 1SC6. to June 30th. 1Mb, mi the !
roitlen ntid by the fchnlulfii of di-pitltiin? '
ami arris ai Herein spcineti ; nctng nnin
r-tiibll-bMl bv Act or t'onsres, npprocd
Jiiik :iuth. lwl, (and others.)
lIMWfi From Tortland, by Ta.vlor'o Ferry
ami Cbrbalem Gap, to Lalayvllc. 30 mile- .v
tmek. onec a wek ; leave 1'ortUtid Monday
nt nam: arrtieai i.ai5i-iii' ov o i in
I,h Ijifntiitr To..t,iv at b a in l arrlic '
.lIN.rtlaii.fl.ytei.ni. .
......... M ..- ... mn, l. --l
I.ilizii i rom l.ainjeue io i uinmiwii t i
lev. 411 inilii nnd bulk, once nwk i li-ave
I.Hraytte Mouday nt C a in ; urrlvi- ul Till-1
ainook Valley by 0 p m ; leave Tillamook '
VnlWy at 0 a in j srriie at Lafayette by C i
p in. ,
1A017 From Tbe I)allc. by Canjon Ulty
nnd liideneod'-uo Io IlaK- City. Idaho,
380 miles and back, once a k. Hidden
lo nniiHMv a schedule or departures and
..Mill f iiu.i... i.. Tn.Miu i
om Itowburg. by Ten-Mllc I
in. Valley, Jm.cllou ol Middle t
Forks of Cotinlllti. lflbarrFu !
Six Mines, lo Fort Orlord. IJ0
Cm k. Canin
and i'oMtli Fi
I'rulrle. nnd
mlti aed hark, onet n link, lllddirs will
prutore rehetluie of departures and nrrlialr,
1.MC9 From Jackonville. by llnck l'olnt,
Dutiluiii'llf, Lrland. (Julcvttli-. North Can
ornilIc Myrile Crc k. ltorbure, Wilbur
Oakland, ftipene City. Cotlaji- Grove, Cor
valll. Albnoy, Salem. JeRirron, UelMl.
Aurora Mills. Oregon City, and MIlwnuLic.
to 1'nrtlnud, H0 tu lis and -back, dally,
leave Jock.utivllle daily at 2 a m i arritc at
1'orlliHil. frnm tut A 111 lu !t Ilcortnlier
In tbrc dy ri-innliider Sf tlie, enr -, ;
,. , --or mm..,,., .--.-. , -- i
teal jacKionviiir, ironi j i - -
leo-n.Ur. lu n.e days. If service on tbl-1
.,!. ...t unu r!ilf..riil. hB let. that on
roiite'l 1913. Cullforula. will not be.
ISM mnst provide for the conveyance of
UtiMiII wHli-ceriaiiiiy.enieniyanuMwri-
ty-'uslng the terms of the law. ,
For form of proposal, guarnntee and cer
Illtenir, and for luitruetion. rviulrmrtj'.
.(r Xr . blildrn are mftirrrd lo tUe liaiu-
itlilrl Bittirtbement of this date, at the
principle Fost Oniees
1 ' W. DBN'NISOy,
l'oftmniti-r General.
A few Young men of good character to
nil up I'imtMiiiy C. of the First Iteglment,
Oregon Volunteers.
(loverimiciit liountj',8300;
Stfito XXoixxxty. $100.
C'lolliln allmrmiKi ir luuiuti. Jo.
Horse and hore equipment!, arms and
accoutrement, will be furnlihcd by Govern
ment, giilhurnt j.'"d "d wholesome l'ro
vMons, M dlclnci a d Medical alteudanee
will nIo tw provid'd Fur further particu
lars apply lo LI. 1). '. I'nderwood, or Ser
gennt L. 1). Morse, at Jaekmuvllle. Oregou.
Wit. KF4.LY.
Capt 1st Cav., Ogn. Vol., Com Company.
Fort Klamath. Oregon. Snijaull.
Veterans &, Recruits.
milE last Leslslature elves a bounty of
1 X 6150 to each recruit la tbe reglmeut
now being raised. It also voted
- Five Uullars
per month extra pay to eaeh person belong
ng to the caralry regiment enlisted three
VL-ursaco. ibew amounts are to ue pais
lu Statu lloudi. Those wishing these Londd
I JackK.nvllle.Jau. 12. '61. .JanUtr
TN the
Circuit Court of the State of Ore-
eon, for tbe County of Jackton,
' Hannah D. McComber plalutla, vs. Henry
I II. McComber defendant
I Kill fur Ulroice.
1 To II. U. McComber : you are hereby
summoned ti appear in tdd court, on tbe
13th day or February, A. V. lbCi, to aua-
wer a complaint on tile agalnet you In said
i court, lu the above entitled caute, aud you
i are hereby notified that If you fall to aut
, wcr said complalut, as above required, tbe
plaiotltr win apply lo me court lor a decree,
i.t.. it.. hm m.iiu. ..i r... ..( .nH
Ut:itn: iuc iu jmt,ic u iwi bwHw
nrih,a r.f Ittfft lull til k tsvp.1.
. .,,... . ......, .- ....
lly order of 1. 1. Prim, Judge of eald
Attorneys for plaintiff.
Jacksonville, Jan. 12th 18C5. wCM.
OIIYIL DODGE would announce to tbe
Lad leu and Gentle-men of Jacksonville
and vicinity, that he has permanently loca
ted in Jacksonville, for the purpose of tak
ing pictures In all the imprortd art of Pho
tography, and would respectfully solicit a
share of the public patronage.
ROOMS opposite P. J. Hyau's New Drlck.
Jacksonville, December 23d, 16C1. If.
NBwDeidensnaBoUoBetdlM.nBh.rg ;;
and Remember.
emiv tnri at.
; S1uaai'iv
Wholesale Xcws-l)calcr,
Pack, .and forwards all the Dally and
Weekly Newspapers, Macailncs. etc., to all
parts of the country, whu ure ,.,.-....
That Defy Competition 1 I
Every New Novel receUod as soon
as published.
I have special arrangements with all the
different publishers, stationers, etc., and
furnish the trade with
Books, Stationery,
IJIauk Docks Music,
TsTnlainotVDOS. et&.
9M r :mb. it 3tDkn
1 kavo uneiinaled facilities and guatoutce
.i... i. lit- rl.trit ltrnttnn.
rScnd for a price list, and give mt a t
(IIH1VI" nasi. -'.-- , .
American Flags!
With full complement or Stars 1 printed on
MuHn do l.lne, Im.Utlon of Bunting
In Fast Colors at the
Site, Uoot $1 OOp-nloxen.
rfite 2 reet 2 it) jwr doxrit.
ci. J ii.,i 9 00 lie r dnxetl.
SIM; Inches 10 OOperdoxen. J
" " I j
or all lz-. Irotn sixty cents to
one dollar per looi
lu Urt Vailfty.
Mulnr Tint Caliromla Artillery.
t.v"... . ti...t .sarittst'ttit nrnrr nf '
.w'1P,r i,r"". i'ri "' " .. "'7. c.. v...- '
WMhtBgnm !'- '.-
KfJiKtlon in Trim lo Suhtrlbtn.
. TTF.NT10N Is
A .,, of Anierlci
, f vlllcu l
i Is called to me ronowinc
erlcan and Foreign I'eriodi-
receive ru!cripllon.
ivrmaneiit arrangements iaie ueen maue
the Fulli-d Slntrf uoverumeui lor uc
cnrrvlnir or the Mails from me Aiiansw
i stales by steamer, llirsc limrs a inosm. i
j aln enabled Io receive sulcrlplloiis at a
Un.hlmrr ml lhan formerly. Ihe same
ran. and attention will be paid to tbe Tor-
care and attention will be pal
warding or all packages, fur '
taldUhment has gained fucli
reputation throughout the I ai
which this es-
an enviable
cine Coast.
1 Aliunde TcrloUIcuH.
' fax TX1R.
IlarperV Mnnlblv Magixlne 3 50
; Gtnley'a Lady's (look .-. 3 iO
Atlantic Monthly 3 .10
Uslie's Family Magazine 3 50
Knickerbocker Mxiine 1 50
Continental Monthly
l'ett noil's Ladlei' Magazine...
Arthur's Home Magaxlue.
L ," 'j ;ht'itltj
.., So-ll.Ue.
p.riT.f f,f,t.
He " 'Xnt'V ila'iufrV
Hunts Merchant s Magixitu
!'nkrr MagZlns
(jr.iihnalte Ketroi-ct.
llrf,Mtt (yearly). .
UbUou'i Magazine
Yankee Noilous (comic)
Lrslies Uudt of Fun (eouile).
NleNax (comic)
Comic Mouthly
rbuiiny Fellow leomlo)
New York Weekly Herald
" rolloeOaxciie
CllPtier S 60
Home Jotirnsl 3 50
Weekly Tribune 3 50
" Sunday Alias 3 50
' Times 3 50
Di.patcti 3 50
, Mercury 3 50
Coutler 3 50
Weekly Times 3 50
- World 3 50
Journal of Commerce 3 SO
' Independent 3 50
" Luder 3 50
11 Ledger -. . . 3 00
" Leslie's tectorial 3 50
Harper's Weekly 3 50
IlluntratedNews 3 50
Leslie's Zletung (.German). 3 50
" Demokrat 3 50
" Criminal .letung 3 5U
Family Waller 3 60
Vanity Fair 3 60
" Irish American '. 3 60
" Sclenliflo American 3 60
Wilkes' Spirit of the Times 3 50
3 50
3 60
Country Gentleman
Herald or Progress.
Scottish American Journal.
Eco d'ltalla (Italian)
3 60
3 60
3 50
6 00
, 6 00
8 00
12 00
3 60
3 50
3 50
. 3 60
3 50
La Crouica (Spanish)
I jjton Weekly Journal.
Flag or our Union,
'I iUs
" Waverly Magaxlne.
llaoner of Light
" True Flag
Investigator 3 60
" Literary Companion 3 60
" Llttell's Living Age 7 00
Philadelphia Forney's War Press. ... 3 50
Dollar Newspaper 3 00
Saturday Evcuiug Post 3 60
Baltimore Weekly Sun 3 50
Louisville Weekly Journal 3 50
Cincinnati Weekly Commercial 3 00
St. Louis Republican 3 SO
Foreigu Periodicals.
London Illustrated News with trap-
plements $11 00
' Weekly Dispatch 13 00
" Illustrated News of tbe
World 14 00
' Illustrated Times. .
12 00
Weekly Time 10 00
Belle's Life... 13 00
" Athcncum 12 00
" Punch 8 00
" Once a Week..... '8 00
Liverpool Wilmer A-Smith's Times., 15 00
DublluNstlon 13 00
Cornblll Magazine C 00
Temple Bar Magozlue ,, C 00
St. Janus Magazine C 00
London Lancet C 00
" World of Fashion C 00
Chambers' Journal , 4 00
All the Year Round.DIckens...... . C 00
London Art Journal 12 00
Blackwood's Magazine 4 00
Westlmer Quarterly Bevlew 3 00
North British ' " 3 00
3 00
S 00
13 00
Tthe four Reviews and Ulacknood
r-Snlferlptton received for all th
Sau Francisco dallies, at Publlrftcra price.
Any Newspaper, Magazine or Review, not
mentioned In ths above IM will lw furnish
ed to order. Onlers for Honks. Muic V an-
I cy Articles, etc filled promptly al the low
lct markst raUt, Subscriptions pajabls
j Invariably lu advance. ..,..,
I Address, J.STRATMAN,
I tnviJtr News Afft'nt. San bmnclc.
California Strut, JscVscniiIl,
TTAVE Just received from tbt Atlantis
! atock of eiervtblnglti tl.elr line, and will
keep coiwtauilv on nami an nirunin i
the tiest Tin, 'Shettlriiit nml Coplfrwara.
Ilrans I'lpcs. llydrnntle Noxxles, J ore
or all sizes:
r.nr. Plate and aborted Iron
Faints. Oils, Sizes and GUu:
All qualities or I'ovrder ;
Shot or all numler:
llrusbcs or every variety. to., a to.
Stoves. r i
Also, alwuv mi hand, a lnrgi lot orstevrs
or aborted sixes. HucU l'ntotit Cook' e
1 Stove," and the " New World .tove." the
! two vcrv ln-t nml approviil tattern In the
world. Tarlor, Oillco and Cnbln Stoves,
Taney and plain, constructed on Utst futl
ivlns ulan. lUilli-m. Kettl'. IVils, Fans.
t"' ercrvtlilngcoiintl with these slovw,
WArwn(e,i .jural,, BHa .rftcL
All nrtloH' sum "y then or manuiss-
Inrrd. WAIMt ASTRO. Their work Is mail
f llio bet material and ot cnolcet patterns.
ailed acconllng to direction. In erery
tldng, their stock Is thu largwt and l-il
ever bronght to Jacksonville, and tbty art
determined to sell at utw pmccs for. caw.
Call and examine t&eir nocx iieiore pur-
M,.lnr ,1
elewhere. June 23. i6tws.
-ABent. &r lUMId7'& CuV Wire Hop.,
"Watt's Nervous
Tha mot Remarkable Medicine yet
Ditcovcrcd I
orixwss of 77: c.u.tronsiA
One or the grealwl chetnloal discoveries
or modern times U Wutt's Nervous Anti
dote, The im-dicUie l erroctly bsrmliM
In lt edicts, but at (be same lime acts
IKiwerrully upon the nrrvotia system that
tbe worst cak- or nervous dlsordirt are
completely eimd lu a ery short time
NeiadTranse 1 .1.
It In not like the thousand and one reme
dies ofTervd to the public tbut cum every
thing, built Is a specific remedy ror nil
easet arlslmr rrom ntrvom derangitnsnt.
j II merU.bac,bso.rnaftl' l'krniJKs'ciusf'!,
I ....i ...., . IumI r'.t.Un InvnllJ tins been ri-
stored to health. I'ollce Gazette.
This la ouc or the pateut articles or tbe
day which Is really well worthy or tbe con
fidence of tbe public, and Jully entitled to
tbe popularity It enjoys.-IS. V. llirald.
1i t. il. 11 thlniF ml- Lave el foil ml lo
3 00 ' produeeaiiulilBmlrlrehliiglei. Nenr
3 00 ' ou. persons should try It by all Mimas j It
' UH I will hurt no one, and Is good fur all.
. Amerioan Bagle-
Inn If ibe idilors or the Exslern n-wspaprs
? ,,t are to be bvll-vid. this Is bm ejiraordmarr
, oJ compound. It Is said that it will euro tbt
, n1 wortteaKS of Khettmatlsm, N.uralU, and
I ou ' lldlsaiesarl.logrroiP.adel-B-meotoflli
7. . . ii.rii.ni iTttcm. f.S'an Jofe Patriot.
Watt's Nervous Antidote bw tb reputa
tion of Irlug one or Ibe woodm or the age.
f lia.ldn fTiimlM-rliinil l'lfvt.ti-lluM..
It has been known to cur Kbtumat'sm of
long standing, even nrier the eac had Ien
glittl over S born lew.- Oaklaud N-ws
It Is a gr-al dlsravery, as tbotuands tbst
have been irlU-ud by il can bear U-sl'.mouy.
Napa K-port- r.
It la a spK-tdld preparation. Amador
Dlspa'eli. ., ,
It Is uminestlonsbly the greatest medical
discovers r the age. Nonierey Gurelte.
Dr. Wati'a Ntrvous Antidote cures
more lien on s dlcaes Iban all Ike pb ysciatis
on the Pacific Coa't. Jackson (.Oregon)
ItuxnuTim. This tmlble and pabfnl
dlwaM 1 ery readily cured by tba use of
Wall's nervous Anuaote,- u ar.orus i
mediate relief and ceres completely la a few
weeks.- Sao Joe Patriot.
This reinarkablo mt-dlelne does not cod
tain anythlujf Injurious to the system, being
coinpaatd of vegetable substance entirely
It coutalaa no mercury cr opium, and )tt
Us lT-t are like magic ; uud ? tbe InfJa
enee or It, the palieut'e uene's Ucums
qultlaud befalls asleep. Solano Press.
Pcrsous who have tunvred for yeais with
physical dsblllly are rIIed at once by lis
use of tbls medicine, sud In a short lime are
compfiU'ly restored to health and vigor- -
rOiilnrv I nloll.
The Antidote will cure Rheumatism neu-
r.lU. aud lu fact ill OUtateS arlclllg from
derangementvof tne nerrout system. 1.1'la
cervllle Democrat.
Ten dropi of Watt's Nervous Antidote will
quiet a crying child In two mijutee, Tba
Medicine is perfectly bsnulu, and mothers
need uot be afraid to try it. Sauta Crux
It is the greatest remedy yet d!covered
for the euro of all diseases arising from a
deranaement of the nervous system.--Wood
land News;
CIlANRi imiGHAM. Agents,
Corner C'ay and Front ste, San braucUco.
For tale at retail by all Druggists. dccl7uJ
ros t xix xt TUB
City Drug sStore,
Jselupusllle, Orrgoti.
Pinal Settlement.
TN' the County Court, Jackson
x Jan, lerm ieto.
Iu tbe matter of the estate of Geerge aud
Margaret Long, deciated.
Notice la hereby given, that Herman
Helms, Public Admlolstrutor, has filed- bis
account for Dual settlement ef said eMate,
and that Wcd.ieday, Ibe 8th day of Fibru
ary, Ibii, boa beau ttt apart for said ttal
settlement of ld estate.
By order of Hon. J. C. Tolmao, County
January 7th. 1865. JjJ
KKSIRMUr.U IIAINr.8 Ktr.v a eiiictrtiTWfl