Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, May 21, 1864, Image 7

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trtlnsHc.,,,,n,,S,,1P , ,
r" mn. iiiinim "'"-
' . A.hiinff rebels.
u,tfll.vat the camion's mouth
rf iMr CMnlryU right n.l
fkTa,rlonotn-o'v,.imi hit,
',, enM too! Ah ccntl-
.iu. ir.Mt run neither cover
"!"... litm-nmnir your liypocrl-
-.. far Mr, Far. Mr. Owns
I, tan-lym! are endeavoring to
fMertIi1Wn,l,,"'r"rru- ..
rttWWMjwnntliliw.ln order
Oh, tote rr peace Hemocrnlfc
-,,, I ihreMler nil If
jHK'nJk"n County yon
,r.U UnMatt,'ht of that windy rc-
tw ffwrniw Copperhead
.4 ,k,t to In-linn War scrip for
lbepaal In lu '" P"'"'
.,v4pfwllft,'nn" ny,,1,nK n,",ul
.... Wiwnlo know that they
LjU the iw-mhers of Oh!
L,jUjBtratlnn for year, nm!
iliwiliftly ly Ilaclianaii 1 Innl
XI ,.- I.-M.1 M..t ..It, itlftiP
ir ie nrtiiiw imi-" i" '
..tit tin nutter, they can charge
keaartlly Iti-mncratic Admin
iJiw lliiehanan.
In Breaking- Appointments.
Fbhscf Wishing t niuke the ap
mil iinwnnil in jour paper ol
r,x hsrmnnixe with the tipioiot-
Uuellon.A.COibni. Thccan-
umipcskat Jacksonville on the
i' PMlx. nn the HOili i at Awi-
mV'lit. auJat Iostnwnnn the
iue. CANIHllATrS.
Jisioivhxk, May 18ih, 1804.
W Ittmti I have the pleasure of re-
f'ifn, thut one gentleman a good
m. bum ponded to the proposition
wq cwn, published last week, of
ate one of trn, contributing 61(10
nmnry. to the Sanitary Commit-
diss acteally deposited the money
k u local treasurer of the Commlj
Cwtributflrs name will be publish-
stt parte fat nude up. Who nrc
flttjtt to take stock In this propo-
Oregon Railroad" Survey.
We nrc Informed by Col. Harry that he
has Ills party nearly ready, and will stnrt
Tor the Colnpooln Mniintnlns within the
'next ten d.iy, where he will cnmtnrnce
' ncntn on the Ilailrnnd survey, for nn Ore-
1 iron brnneli nf the Pacific Ilailrnnd. lie
ha secured the services; of .Tarn M Cnrlev
' ,., - i i .t . ...
r,q , us chum in engineers una rnpnni-ptit-r,
who will Imve charge of the opera
lion In the field and note the tnpngniphy
of the cmntry. Mr. Cnrlcy is tli.iln.
iruiflu-d in his profession, nnd his well,
known scientific nbillilca la n sufficient
guurrnnty that the result nf the survey
will be reliable.
The party will be cnmpocd nf eight
men. the name of all or whom we d.i nut
now remember. W. ,1. I'lymate Kq., will
nccntnpany Col. Hirry us nn assistant, nnd
bin will known cnenry.nnd extensive 'nc
tpialntnncu In the Willamette Valley will
render lit service valuable. If lime and
cireumstBncv permit it I the intention to
push the survey thrnnch to Pnpet Hound,
tht Kcunnn. It i unnecipiiry fur us to
notice tht'praiiewnrihy ilnilertukinc fur
ther at present. Kfiirly every one Is fa.
miliar with it object unil piirpiinrs. Tlic
pMipIo of Oreirim innct inuve In earnest
nnn, If they ever expect to derive any
benefit fnim the prent l'aclflc llallrnail.
We nm! Imve n branch mad to Oregon,
TIiitc are now two bills liefure (.'npri-,
each pmvidlnp for a branch lo'Orepon. It
is not probable that both will becomu laws,
prnntlng ntd to two brnnclx- to Orrpiin
Which theii shall the Itifluence of (eir
Stale !m oist Tor 7 Tlie one rtinntiig from
Salt Lnkc to the navlirable waters of the
Columbia liver, or the one runiilni from
Murysvllle. Cat., to Portland, Oregon; or
hall a compromise line be advocated run
ning from Ibsen's Meadow to Portland.
These are question which are now engag.
luir the attention nf thixe who look ahead
to a glorniw future for Oregon ; ntid Col
Harry' survey Is Intended to call ottcntlon
to them nnd uid In settling them.
KuGclcii, May 20,1804.
I i What hat become uf the
lwwlalcription, martyr Vnllan.
I: 1 bare not heard a democrat
4tjTiecut patriot' namo for
r ! In sxxithj J h he still under the
act Qurn Victoria' crinoline!
PwbtMne situation for a martyr
iVrt it uood dital of Andrew
MatWmutloo Isn't there? Mr.
r CUttm hduee lliR rinnnrnier
ItJiJiCKiiajfor mrTcring Vat ?
" I
'I!l'o.htliiriTin fiivni,i
-- wvk , , i luff,
iJsotwtoMi; Democratic Con-
14th. The follow!,...
'""""lei Uepreseutativei,
'"tytfftT Sanger, ThM.Ucll;
,rff IltiJ Lin. , IV,,.,. nj.i
B p " t"d K''"! 5 Assessor,
ttEwti0orooer1Jiio, McUugh.
rw,il!S Attornev. W. O T'V-i.tf .
" tre made fur County
"w oaivrynr.
;MM. Cut -Mrs. Luerelta
! M of tlw III,.. .:. ii
'i . r hiu usury
tLesfagtoo, Ky., April Git.,
. uer Kin, Jolin M.Clay,
ymiMmn. Bhewa.
SrofL'ol. II.,i r rt
... ' ! UCAHIglUII,
tr Looored liusbapd eleven
" ""Snwj, four of whom ur.
JInreTl,rettrefourart,c,cs ,n
d .""""is-H., which should be
, u.uu, mm carried
tllad In l.i. .! .
irafv "e'gifor. "The
JCoa.pronusc" and Dongh.
' J W bo beg the War." on
,fttoo eoodi,. i i.
!ib. m '" be made by the
The President' Gun.
Tho following pMin, by W. I. Cntla
ghcr, K"i., wo read at the meeting held In
St. Ijut to ratify tho l'rcaldenl' Procla
mation :
Uatlfy' ratify J ratify what!
The President' Proclamation t
The hcuvicf t gun that has yet been fired
At the enemk' of the natlou,
"DablBrcns," or "Uulons" are nothing
llku It,
I i iiom) ciicmie to uomor ;
It range und carries ucrosi the whole land,
From ono extreme to the other.
Hurrah I hurrah I for tho President' gun
Welt named "The Proclamation J"
Twi made of tho metal of stern resolve,
And run hi the heart of the nation.
Already the cheeks of the traitors host
Are white as their staple cotton,
For they tlud that their boasted "corner
stonu" Was tuado of rock that I rotten.
Ilcncforth let the President's gun advance
With the armies uf the nation ;
And ruurulng and cveulng they'll alt salute
The "rifled" Proclamation.
And In future year as the Stars and Stripes,
In peace float out above It,
Wu'll rtrivo to teach lb erring host,
Who hate It now, to lovu It,
Xlrorvu. QixxxfTt
Itwotmr, Dtmlcnw,
Fine Huppw, Turn Vlrclnlis
Ciktm !lAtpe. KitcliltnrhM,
Amfilran (lfntlf man, C..-lilii;".
Te'ollo'cv JSlxxxxxXi
Raitrh, Itnnfj IVw donlch,
lllijti Tix.l SVkIcH, 'rrli tlutiry Hew Scotch,
ltlli llteh Trawt, t'rnh Avtcti.
or l4inUjfi.4.
Attention Is called In the larpc retliicllon
In price of flue-cut chewing nnd smoklnir
Tolmccos, which will be found ofn U)H.rlor
Tobnooo t
tmtmai niKit rittwivat osiat
Ionc, P. A. Ior flJn, p. Jjs
1, Oif mlMi, ,v Hwrl, CpanUti.
No. 2, Swwt-fc'Milrrt Onmo, tn.l.r,
Km. 1 X 2 mltcl, Tin I'uil CkMmll.h, Tiilkt.li
N II. A circular of prices will be sent
on application. Nov. 2f . '63 y I
Tlic'Cnmlltlntcs rtt Allmiiy.
The Albany Journal makes the following
notice, of the Congressional discussion nl
On Monday. 2d InM., Col. Kelly, nnd Mr. I Sllllff 311(1 TODaCCO
Henderson uddrcs'ul n targe Miidiiiirt' nt
this place. The Colonel led ifT In speech
of two hours, showing up in the iivinl Dc.
mocniey stjle, the wrongs nnd outrages
practical upon the South, driving them, n
tt were, inlo recession as n measure of de
fene nr.d self presi rvntion. The burden of
Id speech win to prove, that the wiir wa
liroiiL'ht nboiil, becnue the rrpnMlrnns te
fucil to susinin tlie Crittenden Comprom.
I"". lie suciiYiled oilmiratily in showing
the bent of his own sympithle and thoe
of his p.trty. He has a way of hovering
over the reliel comp until one would ui
e him jitl ready to light down, when lie
flaps his wnns auil is iifTfor Wnshlngton
again, lie tins u Imnl road to travel, nnd
he evidently reel it. It require nil h
skill and lael to io just fur enough to tuke
In the wur l)-mocrat, and not loo fur to
leave out the unconditional ciice howlers.
His smtterini; remaiks went to show that
the South Imd cause to secede; that the
Government ouirlit to Imve coniprnmiwd ;
that it ought imt in Imve iiiiiupurnifd
war ; tlmt lie nihil linn must put down ;
that Iloiiirlas opposed the war, tlmt
the rebels Imve yi t ii'l the riehls they ever
bud meter the Constitution : tlmt huct
must lie miide to save the Nation from ru
in; that Lincoln violutid the CouMitu.
linn by tniirfrrinir Willi shivery ; thai the
tho war must tie rigorously pnmccutcd J
that when it closes, the right or slave hut
iters, a such, miint tie held mend. etc.
We are not disposed to do Cot". ICelly any
Injustice. We belleic lie has erred, and
that he will soon, If lm doe 'not already,
sec It. Delia accepted a position, nnd
ha taken upon himself Issue, in which he
fall ; nnd Is which he cannot but continue
to Tad throuirh the chiivumi. The reason is
found in the fact that he I fundamentally
wronp. Hi party were much elated al lit
nomination nnd acceptance. They reposed
all confidence In hi talent nnd ubilliy at a
camasser. They bnaitin;rly proclaimed
that he would make "that old preacher get;"
but the table arc turned, and the "old
preacher" ha got Mm, nnd will continue
to administer to him.nt he has commenced,
In wholesome doctrine. It wa plain to be
seen, that thu Colonel chagrined tits friends,
and fell far below the expectation of the. And with one accord give It thtlr unqualified
it , approbation. W'u now add rem ourn ti to
union men. , Jail who are uiiacinalutcd with this, thu
.nr. iicnucrson, un inc vuiumi, i
lilt argument nn the principals that under
lie the republican government. lie traced
secession into the rank of the Democratic
party where it belong; pointed out the
Inconslssenclet of modern Domocracy, nnd
thowrd the complete untenablenes of the
position taken by the Cotoncl. In short.
Id speech wa a complete success, a graf.
fylng to the Uulon men a it was annoying
to the Copticihcad. Mr. Henderson I the
right man in the .light place.
Spring & Summer
Jruus-t R.eoeiv'd.
IG nnd IS Clittiiiticr St., X. Y.i
(Formerly 42 Chatham street, New ork )
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articles of his manufacture, vtr. : vrVVnu DrVV'U
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Complete ami Attractive Stock.
SOMI5 or you can't, and wo pity you.
Von haio tried eury remedy but the
ON'K destined by lis Intrinsic merit to sit
pi'ix do nil simitar prepirntlnus. It Is not
surprislii)! that vou should be reliiclaut to
try Miiuethliii; lire, aftir the many t'Xierl
nientsyoii have inndo or the trifhy com
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Jacksonville, dan. "J.1, lh(! I. :ini
Express Safoon,
John Woland Fropriotor.
uLr;ratof lUv ,broat ttua ,uUK'' u"ur-. - sssws; f$& t
PiifHSMX. May 13th, 18C4.
Kd. Seiitititlt I write this, tlmt you may
put Union voter on their guard against
Copperhead tricks, ou the day of tlie elec
tion. One of their plans Is, that on the day of
the election, they will circulate the slory
at the different precincts, that some of the i
Union nomlurc (and having a different
mime Tor each precinct) i going to vote
lor Owen, or ome other of the Copperhead
candidates, whereby they hope that strictly
Union men will refrain from voting for
uch candidate. I have not heard of uny
other plan, but If I do, will let you know.
Yours truly, Sk.stisu-
Candidate ox tiik Stumi. Don't fall
tn turn out tn matt. We presume that
Messrs. Jacobs and Fay will make the prin
cipal speeches; and If Jacob don't hold up
our end of the cause In h satisfactory man
uer, we will give up bat.
IIox. I. D. Haink-Thl gentlemen ha
declined to run a an Independait Candi
date lor the Legislature. A Card will ap
pear next wctk.
Wilww Snuxoo-A good letter for
Union men to read, written by a gentleman
lug you that
Pulmonary Syrup
lias cured thousands, and will cure YOU,
If you try it.
ItKIMKGTOX i CO.. So'e Agents,
110 and -118 Front street, fc'au Prsuclco,
and lor sale by nil Drugl'ts. niiniii
Atliiiiiiltrator'H Sule.
TN ntir.tinnf,, of nil nrflr of thu ITountv
'oiirt, of JackMiu county, Oregon, I will
, I pledge myself to keep a
And giro the best of
April, 2M.1KJ1.
inv i
Kit at public outcry.on tV.duelay, the; Hj I II m H M PL If I II lljt
I Bin uay ol May, al inn larm o' Joimi ll l ll it J. Ill 11 It X 11 11 11 ill l'J
Mataou, on Hear creik, tlie rollowlni; Oe-.
u-rtlMl ,.rii,i...lv lik.ullt 11.111 v.uli liuil
scrlU-d proierty. to-wit: Twenty-one head
of mures and cults, as the pron-riy or the
estate or W. II. Mnwutl, deeeuM-d.
JackKHlv)te. April 16, '(it. ptU!w:t
Adnsiiiistrator'a iS'otlcc.
NOT1UK Is hcriby );lven to ull whom
It may concern, that letter or ndiiilu-
lutratl-jn have been t;raiite.l, by thu County
nt the above named place, will appear next i Court or Jackson county, at the January
i- i, ..,a i i, fn, it, t. tn i Terra tliereuf, to KmerMjii 12. (Jure, lo ail-
week. It came: too late for thl Issue. u,r u (,(() wlul(j )f Jo,(l Ui0totu
'decvuM-d, late of said county. All (h-imjii
jliailug claims aiiainsl fum e.uie, uiu re
410 anil 4IH fl.y HC, Nai. KritiirlKu,
Importers and Dealers
Drj Goods,
,tu r TiTMir nT I oueMid to preunt them, with their proper L, . .,,, , .. ., AM,
SSOO REWARD l.ouclOTllrJnJr-ul.to.nr,alyK.. C'Ul'IlCUi, OIlClOillK, Mil IllttrJ,
iltJJ O-fciJ I I Xl-xsvjv s ,dllCe, near Phaulx. within six month.; audi mtiiw um.imiv iwio
, ,, ir not presenkd within one yeur Iromdatu, Ji iiuinii,iiy liiiuijfj,
Uslraycd from my ranch, on Colonwoo.) i , ,u,mlIcei ,lty wl u, furt.vt.r )lirrtHi - - ami
UrecK. Laliluru a, in April, iu,ure ueuu B, prtwlw u,ebitd to said islatoarw pAptin TT ATO"r"'TTSi,.a
or hure- thelat heard or them was at , n t,J ttLj uollllfd .,. Iiav , ., , X-LX-XjXX XaZXlN UrXJN U-fcJ,
,....111.. .---.---- ---.-. .r - . v i
Tiik Whoso JIvx. A private letter
Trom .Alabama, saya: Our mlnistej
nearly got lilmseif into a scrape the other
day ; and whether he I bit of u wag, or
a very cureless fellow, or on abolition trai
tor, U now the topic of discussion with us.
At the meeting on the fast day he gac
out Dr. Wall' hymn, commenciog
"And nrc we wretche yet alive,
And do we yet reU-l ?
Ti woudrous.'ti sniaziog grace,
That we are out of hell."
.Mr. ijlimius.iour mum irum jwiu.uimiie, i uf-y,
Il.t..., ilm. Unlit Lnv linr... k.-t .,l or. '
eight year old, with collar mark plain,
my heavy inane and tall, J a little thy
about thu head to struugern; one bay mare,
Mien or eight ytars old, with saddle marks,
one off fore uud otr hind foot white, mull
i lay nil
JDJKIISON Ii. 001(11
Public Adiuluitrtiir.
January, 7. Ififlt, Janttw 1
ktutu uf HI argil ret Long, Dtc'U
Notice Is hereby given that the under.
T . T ...a. .. B B.nu B....ft .lilIU UUhnlllfl ! bllll oilkll.
white spot on ueur fria root, wlilly slriH) f'B "' "" "'. " -ri'-". ... un.
down the face, had on. when la.t sum, B.-d as Adinlulstra tor ol the estate or Mr,
cast Ull with nothing but a wire ror u clap-1 .Margaret Long, lately deceased, of Jackson
lw, .ll ll.pim 1x.iiri niil i LUUIIlIi tyiVKViis ".ivh uhtiiik VioiUSf
.'..,.. i.. ,i. r.....i!.i ...,f i.i. rii,t Biralukt the Said estate are requested to nru-
foot white up to hi pastor joint, and wh'to sent them, with their proper vouchers, ror
oa the nose; oiio brow u or Uy horse colt.Jmlg". to me, at my residence near
one year old. with fore white tect and u Plioeulx. within six mould, and ir no pre-
while stripe n the face; oue light bay or JfUd will lo one 1":
.orrel horiu colt onevearold. lice, they will bo lorever barred ; also, all
The ataX va?d wfll be pa d to any one riu. Ubtcd to said estate are miuc.ted
that wltl send to in at Henly. Si.klyo.f Co , and nolined yl''.
California. ri.Uiumcx. KMhHHON K. OOKh, Adinr.
lleuly, Siskiyou Co. Cat., May lath, Ml Jackwu co., Ogu., March IS, BCi. 4w
Fur sule In iiuantitlea to suit.
. "I2 ani3pl
County of Jueksoii, I"''
You nru hereby notified that a writ of at
tachment ha been Itsuid agaluvt you and
your propel tv ulluchtd, to salltfy (he de
mand or S. P. Tuylor, amounting to oi.u
hundred and elghty-ilght dollar ud ninety
tlvecnUi5ltl8"4)j uow, uulesa oi shall
appear bt fore U. H. Ha)dvu, a Justice or
thu Peace Its and ror said couuty;t ono
o'clock on tho 21st day or May, Ustli,Judn.
incut will be lend red ugalusi you and your
properly sold to pay the debt.
Dated thl ith day of March, 18U.
iin H.l'.VAYLOUJ'tiloilfl.